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Part 02: Family Fun Time

I awoke early the next day.
I could hear splashing, and went to look outside the window.
Stephanie was in the pool again. Guess she really did love water.
My cock grew at the thought that my seed was probably still inside her stomach.
That little slut.

I went down for breakfast, and saw my mother in the kitchen.
She was wearing a new bikini today, and I guessed she was going to hit the pool soon.
“Hi Trent, what do you think? Could I wear this at a public pool?”

“I told you mom, you look great in anything. Of course you can wear it at a public pool, but mind that there is a great chance of men drooling at the sight of you.”
She smiled at me, and chuckled.

She really did look amazing. At 35 even after having 2 children, she had a perfectly shaped figure. She was kinda like an older version of Stephanie, which of course made sense.
She was 5.8 ft, and about 125 lbs.
She had dark black hair, which reached her shoulders, and a pair of nice 36C breasts.
And like Stephanie, she also worked out a lot to keep in shape.
She would be any mans dream.

Or perhaps….
My mother had turned around to look for something in the bottom cupboard.
As I stared at her ass, I decided that I had found my next test subject.
My cock grew at the very thought of abusing my own mother.

I knew school was going to start in about 2 hours, and I decided to pretend being sick to stay home.
I faked starting to feel ill during the breakfast, and my mother was worried that I might be having a mild sunstroke, and called the school letting them know I was staying home today.

After Stephanie had left for school, my mother came in to check on me.
“How are you feeling Trent, still a bit dizzy?”
“Yeah, but I am very thirsty. Could you get me something to drink?”
She smiled, and went to the kitchen.

She returned a few minutes later with a glass of lemonade.
I took a few sips, and she left again.
Quickly I found another pill, and put it into the glass.
After a few minutes I called my mother.

“What’s wrong Trent?”
“It might just be me, but the lemonade tastes a bit funny. Not bad, but funny.”
She grabbed the glass, and took a sip.
“I don’t taste anything.”
“Are you sure? Try again.”
She took another and bigger sip.
“Sorry Trent, but it tastes like lemonade always does.”

I tried to hide a smile.
“Must be something I imagine then. I am going to get some sleep.”
I awoke 2 hours later.
I had not planned on sleeping this long, but in a way it was actually a good thing.
Now I would get to test if the pills took about an hour or so to start working, or if UV light really was the trigger.

I went into the kitchen, but there was nobody there.
I called out “Mom, are you here?”
Her answer came from somewhere outside the house.
“I am by the pool Trent.”

I went out to the pool, and saw my mother lying on a pool-chair next to the pool.
“Are you feeling better sweetie?”
“Yeah” I grinned, “Guess that nap really helped.”
“Well, that’s good. But remember to keep drinking a lot of fluid.”

I went over to the pool, and jumped in.
My mother got splashed by the water, and laughingly called out:
“Hey watch it a bit there honey, I am trying to work on my tan here.”

“Why don’t you just jump in with me then?”
“No thanks Trent, I don’t feel like it just right now.”
I looked at her. Time to test if UV light really were required for a reaction.

I teased her:
“Come on mom, I order you to jump in the pool.”
She just laughed at me, and shook her head.

It now seemed clear to me that UV light was the trigger.
After about half an hour in the pool, I got up and went inside.
I looked at the clock. 11 AM.
I had about 3 hours before Stephanie would be home from school.

With a rising heartbeat, I turned towards my mother.
“Mom could you come into my room quickly, there is something I want to show you?”
“Sure Trent, what is it?”
“I can’t tell you, but I would like you to see it.”

We went inside my room.
I went over to my lamp, and turned it towards her.
“Mom look at the light from this, it gives off a weird pattern.”
With those words I turned on the lamp, and directed the light directly at my mother.
“I can’t see any patterns Trent, are you sure you are not hallucinating?”
“It is there mom look closer.”

She looked a bit uneasy.
“I am not sure Trent, this light is giving me a headache….. I feel weird…”

And suddenly she had the same blank expression that Stephanie had shown after being exposed to the UV light yesterday.
I was thrilled that I had figured out how to make the pills work.

“Mom, listen closely to my voice. You now obey my every command. Only I can give you orders and control you in this way. When I give an order you obey it, understood?”

She looked half asleep when she answered.
“Yes Trent, I understand.”
“Great, now get naked mom.”

She undid her bikini top, and then her bikini bottom.
I looked in amazement at my mother.
She had a totally flat stomach, well trimmed by her many hours in the local gym.
I was amazed by her hourglass figure, even after having 2 children.
Poor dad, and poor Steve. They had no idea what they were missing.
She was truly sexy.

With a surprisingly calm voice I ordered:
“Mom, suck my cock.”
She went over to me, and dropped to her knees.

As I felt her lips closing around my cock, I once again thought that the entire situation had to somehow be a dream.
To my surprise, my mother turned out to be an expert cock sucker.
I would guess that she had practised on dad and Steve.
She took my entire cock inside her mouth, without much trouble.

I made a mental note, that she had to give Stephanie a few pointers sometime.

As I felt my orgasm drawing nearer, I pushed her head away from my cock.

“Mom, lie down on my bed, I am going to fuck your pussy.” I said with a grin.

“But Trent we can’t….”
She stopped halfway through her sentence, and went over to lie down on the bed.
I approached her, with my hard cock in my hand.

I placed the tip at my mother’s pussy, and started to push inside.
My mother moaned a bit, it had been a while since she had a date.

I pushed until my entire cock was inside her pussy.
“Christ mom, you are fucking sexy. Steve and dad have no idea what they are missing.”
I kept ramming my cock inside my mother, and grabbed her wonderful tits as well.
They felt warm and soft, and I played with her nipples as I continued to ram her pussy.
“Tell me to pound your pussy mom.” I moaned.
“Trent, pound my pussy.”
“Say please.”
“Trent, pound my pussy please.”
I rammed her pussy even harder, excited by hearing her talk like that.

After a few minutes I felt my orgasm nearing, and pulled out my cock in time to shoot a nice load of cum all over her wonderful tits.

“There mom, have a little token of my love for you.”
She looked at me with a very confused look in her eyes.
“If you want to say something, then go ahead and say it” I told her.

She looked at me with a stern look.
“Trent, why did you do that? I am your mother. I did not want to…. How did you control me like that. Why would you do that to your own mother?”
I laughed at her confusion.

“Well how I did it is my little secret, but I can tell you this much: I already control your precious little Stephanie as well, and her stomach is filled with my seed. She gives a nice blowjob I must say, although I think you should definitely give her a few tips. And this is only the beginning, I have big plans for our family.”

She looked afraid.
“Trent, I beg you to stop this right now. This is not you, this is not the Trent I know. You are hurting your own family, and you laugh about it. Please Trent, just stop.”

I had no mercy at this point, I had gone way too far to stop already, and I didn’t have any desire to stop either.

“Sorry mom, but this is not going to stop. Tonight I will take Stephanie’s virginity, and shoot a nice load of cum inside her pussy as well.”
“But you might get her pregnant Trent, you can’t do that!”
“I know she might get pregnant, that’s part of the plan.
I might even make you pregnant at some point as well.”
She started again.
“But Trent…..”

I quickly cut her off this time.
“Enough! As I said, you will do what you are told, and obey my orders. Your time to talk is over. You will not talk about this incident with anyone, or tell anyone about my new abilities. Is that clear?”

“Yes Trent.”
“Good. Now you can go do whatever you want, but remember to not break the rules.”
My mother put on her bikini again, and then left the room.

Smiling, I went over to my journal.


Test two: Mom. Given in glass of lemonade. 2 hours later responding to commands. UV light confirmed as cause of the reaction.

I was happy. I were the one in power now. I had the control.
Tonight, I would make sure Stephanie was not a virgin anymore.
A girl that fucking sexy, did not deserve to be a virgin.
She was only going to leave my room, with her pussy filled with my seed.
I wanted to make Stephanie pregnant. It would be the ultimate proof of my control over her.
My cock throbbed at the mere thought.

A few hours later, Stephanie had returned home.
When it was time for dinner, I sat down quickly, along with my mother.
A few minutes later Stephanie arrived, and true to my orders she was wearing a silver bikini.
Stephanie looked nervously at our mother, who opened her mouth to say something.

“Wauw, you look gorgeous Stephanie. You also think she looks gorgeous right mom?”
I caught my mothers gaze.
After a few seconds, she smiled.

“Of course she can, I think she looks gorgeous.”
Stephanie looked relieved, and started to eat.

After dinner, I went to my room and played video games for a few hours.
Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around, and there was Stephanie, dressed in a skirt, and a t-shirt.
I looked at her.
“Stephanie, can I help you with something?”
She bit her lip, and then said “Trent, I would like you to fuck me.”
Of course she would, it was part of the orders I had given yesterday, but I decided to tease her a bit.

“Well Stephanie, I could not hear you. Was there something you wanted from me?”
She looked at me with a pleading look.
“Please fuck me Trent. I need you to fuck me.”

I smiled at her, with an evil grin.
“Of course Stephanie, but such a thing is not for free you know. If you really want me to fuck you, then I will. I will take away your virginity, but I will not stop there.
I will knock you up Stephanie. I will make a child grow inside your belly.
That is my prize, so what do you say Stephanie?”

She looked to be in horror, and were unable to speak for several seconds.
Her eyes were full of tears when she answered me.
“Please fuck me Trent. Make a baby inside me. Knock me up, just fuck me please?”

She was mine, and she knew it.
“Take off your clothes sis.”
She pulled the t-shirt over her head, and unzipped her skirt which fell to the floor.
She was not wearing any underwear.
“You were not wearing panties under that skirt Steph? You really have become a little slut.
If I had known that, then I would have had a boner all day.”
She did not answer.

“Get on the bed Steph.”
She complied, lying down on her back.

I placed my throbbing cock in front of her virgin pussy.
“Time for little brother to make his sweet big sister pregnant.” I said in a teasing voice.
She did not respond, and I did not care.

Slowly, I pushed my cock inside Stephanie’s virgin pussy, and quickly the entire cockhead was inside her.
Stephanie whimpered, but that only added to my excitement.
Soon I felt a resistance of some sort, and knew it was probably her hymen.
“Here it goes, say goodbye to being a virgin sis.” I said, and pushed forward with a hard thrust, feeling the tear of flesh as her virginity was taken away from her.
She opened her mouth in a beginning scream, and I quickly told her to stay silent.
She did as told, but I could see she was in pain, and even more tears formed in her eyes.
Not that I cared though.

I kept on pushing more of my cock inside my sister’s no-longer-virgin pussy.
I still had about 2 inches of cock outside, and it was hard to push now, my cock felt like it was being gripped by a vice.
I pulled my cock a bit further out, and then pushed hard back inside.
It did help, but not much. I tried again, and again, every time getting a bit more of cock inside Stephanie.

After 2 minutes or so, my entire cock was buried inside, what had been my sister’s virgin pussy 5 minutes ago.
Stephanie moaned and sobbed a bit at the same time.
I started to thrust in and out of her pussy.
“Fuck Stephanie, you are so fucking tight. I can hardly move at all inside you.”
As the minutes passed it became easier to move my cock inside Stephanie’s pussy, but not by much.

I soon felt my orgasm nearing.
“Here it goes Steph, here comes your brothers baby-load.” I said in a cheerful voice.

As I felt my cum staring to build, I slammed my cock as far inside my sister as I could.
I grunted as I felt my cum flowing through my cock and flooding my sisters pussy.
It was my most intense orgasm ever, and I knew that every throbbing pulse in my cock, meant another wave of cum being pumped into Stephanie’s fertile pussy, perhaps making her pregnant.
The thought made me very happy, and I kept my cock firmly placed inside Stephanie’s pussy, until my entire load had gone inside her.
I pulled out, and saw my cum slowly beginning to leak out.

I grinned at her.
“There you go sis, you might be knocked up now. And just to be sure we will fuck a lot more in the coming weeks.
And from now on, you are forbidden from taking any form of birth-control, or try to douche my seed from your pussy. Understood?”

“Yes Trent.”
“Good, now here are your orders for tomorrow. As soon as you leave the house for school, you will start to feel horny. You will have a burning desire to be fucked in the ass. You will not recall us having this conversation, but you will know that your desire can only be fulfilled by me. As the day progresses the urge to be fucked will be like an itch getting worse and worse. When the urge begins to be too much for you to bear, you will seek me out and somehow try to make me fuck you, and only if you succeed will I fuck your ass. Are my orders clear?”

“Yes Trent.”

“Good, now you can go to bed.”
Stephanie began to bend over to pick up her clothes.
“Whoa sis, did I tell you to get dressed? I think I like you without clothes on, so from now on, you will always sleep naked.”
She picked up her clothes, and left my room.

I felt very tired suddenly, and with the thrilling thought that my child might be growing inside Stephanie’s belly right next door, I fell asleep.


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