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Spirits in the material world... change things for the better? maybe/maybe not, but at least a few more won't die virgins
Pleasure Spirit

This story contains loads of paranormal stuff as well as magic and (gasp) a plot. I will try to have as many sections start with sex as possible, but the first section will require background.
Chapter 1: I Have Become Sex, Destroyer of Worlds. (slow, MF, 1st, oral, cum swallowing, body modification, magic)

It floated among its fellow spirits. No body in any form that 20th century scientific humanity could conceive. This was a pleasure spirit, but not just any pleasure spirit. It was the pleasure spirit that was more embarrassing to be associated with its fellows than the American Revolutionaries of the 1770's and 80's felt about Thomas Paine counting himself among them. A majority of pleasure spirits had caused enabled of their members to hide this spirit's link with the dimension that contained earth in a place they thought would be undisturbed for the rest of humanity's existence. During the DC earthquake, the wall in which this link was hid, cracked open and spilled it (a small necklace) and other contents. This was at a bed and breakfast that 6 members of 10th and 11th grade classes and 2 others (the parent of the triplets among the 6 and their history teacher from the previous year) were occupying 3 rooms.

Lucius, the least loved among his fellow students at his high school, was in the basement when the earthquake hit and watched the wall split several inches wide and the necklace slide on the top before covered by the gavel- to sand grain-sized debris. He quickly unburied it and examined it out of curiosity, then sanity came over him and left the 6' high basement before the level above dropped enough to club on the head if not crush him outright. They were supposed to be flying out that evening (an evening flight to ATL, then to Gulfport-Biloxi, International and then an hour to 2 drive). Their flight was delayed and they were given 2 groups of 4 tickets to their destination with the mother and triplets being the second group (by internal agreement).

Lucius was one of a 200 to 250 students at a Rural Alabama. Lucius was an incoming junior and had been a good student who's hopelessness about high school caused his grades to dive at the end of the year, but still pulled out a high enough history grade to be added to the tour. Once he was home, he just wanted to be alone and, using the excuse of no good sleep the previous night, got his parents to leave him alone. Once he was alone in a room big enough for 2 to stand and no video cameras, the necklace he had taken and put around his neck activated and the spirit linked to it exited. It formed a shape that would please Lucius: it became a composite of 6 main-stream actresses, 4 porn starlets and 10 women who pose naked on amateur websites (among others, 24 women total).

It (she?) stood nude, she was 5' 4" tall (an inch shorter than the 16 year old boy she was with), measurements were 32A/B-24-30. Her skin was darkly tanned with long red-brown hair on her scalp, slight amount of red-brown hair under her arm, and no hair below her tits save for a red-brown treasure trail stopping just in time to leave her clit hood denuded of hair. "I've been in there forever, or so it feels."

"Who are you?"

"I am a pleasure spirit. I live on pleasure and joy. I have no body, but I can simulate one with a little effort and if my link to this world is worn by someone who desires to have joy or pleasure or my company, specifically." This was a half truth, but she delivered the line with utter believability.

She opened the closet door while he sat on his bed and tried not to faint. She looked in at his clothes and a weapons box from the US army... "Ooh what's this?"

"Huh." He tried to look around her, but she was bending over with straight legs with her flower on full display and he had eyes for only that until she pulled out the most dangerous 'science project' he ever attempted: a black powder pipe bomb in a foot-or-so length of white PVC pipe threaded on both ends with white endcaps and a single hole into which was a primer cord snaking out, taped to the side, ready for the detonator to be attached. She had pulled out the two trays on mundane items until she got to the explosives, a 9mm Pistol made by Beretta and 2 tec-9's.

This bomb was one of 10 identical items in this box. "Why these?" She shook the black powder bomb until he sat wetting the bed in fear. She noticed his fear and correctly assumed the causal link (and stopped shaking it). "It's delicate and dangerous?"

He nodded. "Shit how can I explain this." He pointed, not to his semi-hard penis but the puddle of piss.

"The puddle causes you displeasure?"

He nodded.

"It's removal would please you?"


She stared at the mess and every bit of it disappeared, even the smell. "Fucking A!"

"What's this for?"

"I parting gift for my whole fucking school."

"They wouldn't like it."

"They'd be dead. What would they care?"

"You'd not live through that day."

"Really, no one would care."

"They would." She pointed through the floor at two locations (he didn't know it but she pointed directly at his parents). "Vengeance versus your fellow students would bring you pleasure, just like this not exploding when I shook it?"


She tossed the pipe bomb over her shoulder and it landed without setting off anything right where she got it from. She manually placed the two trays back over the arsenal and said, "I know what it means to be picked upon by one's fellows. I was confined in our native dimension for ages because that locket was not touched by a being with with enough brain power to summon me. You have more than enough brain power. You can only wish for something that you honestly believe would cause someone pleasure."

"I wish to know what a kiss feels like."

She pushed his thighs together, straddled them, sat on them and grappled him (squeezing her tits to his chest then kissed his lips with closed lips. She felt his raging hard on against her labia. It had gone from limp when he expected the bombs to go off by her rough handling, but became fully inflated moments after she touched his lips with hers (or her lips to his cock, whichever way one cares to mention). He whispered, "I want to try touching tongues as we kiss."

They touched tongues, his for the first time ever and her for so long she forgot the pleasure in the act. Her pussy salivated for more and salivated so much his penis was steadily going from damp to soaked. He penetrated her and she wasn't as turned on, but moaned when she experienced his pleasure. He broke the kiss and worried about his mother interrupting them, "I want to have you naked and with me until I must leave for school, but I don't want Mom to see us."

"Then she won't. I'll remain visible to everyone but your mother. She'll not see me not any affect that I'd leave on reality."

"How do you mean?"

"My feet are on the carpet, there'd be foot prints the approximately the size of feet that would fit in 6 men's shoes. If you want me to accompany you without manifesting a body, you'll need to have my necklace so it touches your flesh. If she came in now, she wouldn't see the imprints from my feet."

"Oh, okay."

"Anything else I can do for you before we go to bed?"

"We can wash each other." He wanted to ask her for a blow job, but he didn't want to ruin it with the first woman that would spent time with him (especially when she'd be naked in front of him by her own free will and look very beautiful in nothing).

She expected another answer from him (she even expected him to use the word fellatio as part of his request), but accompanied him as he walked naked from his room, across the hall to the bathroom. He treated her as gentlemanly as possible as he could treat a young woman who was openly naked and had a body he couldn't not look at. He lathered up a washcloth with shower gel and she with bar soap. She deliberately squeezed the green bar out the folds of her washcloth and when the sound of the bar's impact on the floor of the shower, said gleefully, "You know what happens when one drops the soap and is not showering alone?"

"I'm not sure if anal sex would please me, not even if I brought the cock but not the asshole to such a union."

She giggled, bent over, and rubbed her 'flower packing only a pistil' against his 'stamen'. "What about this instead?"

"Not in the shower; they'd wonder what would take so long." He reached around, ground his cock against her pussy, but didn't insert. He washed her breasts as an excuse to feel her up.

"Tell me, is hiding your sausage in my pussy what you most want to do with a woman?"

"Promise not to reject me if you don't like the idea."

"I do."

"I want to put him in your mouth."

"Just to get you hard or all the way until orgasm?"

"I'd love for you to swallow every drop. I don't want to see cum on your tongue. You won't show me your mouth until it's empty. I'd love for you to help me arrange a woman to do that for me."

"Must she be human? or would you let me?"

"You'd be willing?"


"Would you require anything from me?"

"I feed on pleasure. If you'd enjoy it, I'd benefit from doing it for you."

"What about the vengeance we talked of earlier?"

"That'd be pleasurable to you, too, right?"

"Yes. I want to reward anyone who decides to be my friend this year, so we hold off hurting anyone but the few that really deserve it until a late September."

He wrapped himself with a thick terrycloth robe and strode to his room. The pleasure spirit in human form walked in front of him, fully naked and already dry (she let him grope her with a towel between his hands and her body, but she willed herself dry anyway). His parents ascended the stairs and his mother didn't see a thing but his father got an erection despite running out of blue pills a few weeks ago (and too proud to fill the despite using the samples his physician gave him). He blinked just before she entered his room and by the time his eyes reopened, she was beyond of his line of sight. Lucius' mother noticed his father's erection and needed it too much to stop herself from reaching into his pajama pants and lead him to bed by his erection. After they passed their son's room, she said, "Eat me until I squirt and I'll be your personal whore for the next 24 hours, nothing is too depraved to do to me or with me." John-Bob's and Carrie-Anne's (Lucius' parents) sex scene is another chapter.

Lucius asked, "What is your name?"

"Try giving me one."

"Ignatia... just to give us a sort of common theme for names."

"I'm not sure. What about Carolina?"

"That's mom's name."


"Her middle name and a sister's first name."

"Where are your sisters?"

"My half-sister is copilot on a Navy spy plane, for lack of a better term. My full-blood sister is a Freshman at UAB."

"And you're tail end Charlie?"

"Yup, Lucius Charles Flaubert." He pronounced his family name like the interjection ow with an 'fl' sound in front of it (first syllable) and the second syllable, bert, was pronounced like Ernie's best friend on Sesame Street. "What about Bethany?"

"Definitely not. I know a Bethany at school. She was preggers towoards the end of last year. I don't know if I want to pursue her."

"Fuck, I need a name to which we can agree, so we can do more than make out and stare at each others' naked bodies."


"Sounds like a spice girl with a footballer fetish..." she sighed resignedly, "maybe, throw a few other names to me."

He laughed, not knowing there was a pun there, just laughed the lunacy of the word choice. "Daniella, Anastasia, Luna, Anabeth... forget Anabeth."

"Pull other girls' names from books. Don't think just react. Which series you liked?"

"Dune, Riverworld series are among my favorites."

"Major characters you liked?"

"From Dune: Alia and Jessica. There weren't that many from the first book. Alia was a lot less likable until she died. Second book, Chani became more likable as did Irulan. Third book, Ganima was a character I liked even more than her twin Leto two. Siona and Nayla I liked from the 4th book."

She started to like Nayla Siona or Nayla Victoria. But she decided to ask, "From Riverworld?"

"Too few names there I liked, Gwenafra sounds unique with a common enough nickname, but who'd name their girl Gwenafra?"


"Sure... you have more of a Siona comfort-level with vendetta, but Nayla was driven and you are driven."

"Last chance to object to Nayla."

"No objection."

"Put your penis in me and call me Nayla."

"Could I get a blow job first, I'd rather pop quickly in your mouth than your pussy?"

"Yes, think of how you'd like us, then let me read that thought."

"You can read minds."

"I can't read your mind unless you let me in and I can only go as far in as you let me."

"Know my sexual fantasies at your leisure."

She read his mind about a blow job video where a woman knelt in front of her seated man. He was on a bed leaning back on a triangular pile of pillows so he was half-way from vertical and horizontal. With a moment's worth of will projection, she recreated this pile (down the the size and shape of the pillows, except scaled to be relative to him as the pillows were to the man getting head; every detail was accurate, down to the color of the pillowcases and lack of pillow cases on a few).

"End it the same way, please."

She sucked his 5 inches into her mouth and 'deep throated' him easily. His head didn't extend all the way to the throat even when she pushed her lips against where his torso met his cock. She took him out, locked him from head to base and base to head. She kept her hands clasped behind her back, almost 'parade rest' pose for the hands. She began to moan seductively and he tensed as he tried to warn her (albeit incoherently). She grinned with her mouth fill and just sucked, then swallowed all 6 loads he shot. She sighed contentedly after she swallowed every drop but still had her mouth full of cock. She opened her mouth wide and pulled herself backwards, letting his dick, slide along her tongue.

"If Beth is anywhere close to as skilled as you, I can see why Dad is giving her a Benji per bj."

"Why not paint my face with cum?"

"That's insulting. As far as painting your tits white, I might want to try that if there was more color contrast between your tits' color and my cum."

Nayla changed her appearance to Nicki Minaj (still kneeling and still with her face close his shrinking dick), "Like this much contrast."

He heard Nicki Minaj songs (even liked some of them), but was never one for music videos (that was something in his parents that he never took to) and therefore had no idea what she looked like. He didn't reject everything of his parents generation. He had no hatred of his parents and he used proper English; loved his father's Frank Herbert and Philip José Farmer novels and found that some firearms almost as old as he were quite useful (his tec-9 were among the youngest in existence and it was no longer being made before he entered kindergarden).

"You like this form."

"Yes, but be your first form. Then I'll put my penis in you."

"You have already. We have a link, now. Neither has much power over the other and neither can force the other to do much the other doesn't want to do, putting your penis in me was in any of my holes." She shuttered in pleasure. "You're parents are making love. I love receiving energy from two sources. She focused herself to breathe deeply and closed her eyes with her face a mask of pure pleasure. Then shifted from Nicki to 'Nayla'. "Fuck me, please. She begged with a childlike pleading edge to her voice."

Her knees were outside his hips (her right against his left and vice versa). He still reclined against the pile of pillows against which he had leaned for his first blow job. He slid into her (intended to put only the head in). She was so wet he slid in to the hilt. She had a content, contemplative look on her face except with a capital o-shaped mouth. She was silent, but took one hand and used it to place his left hand on her right tit and rub her the right way (or rather, a right way).

"I want to make you cum." He was being honest (it was the least he could for her giving him so much.

"I'd love that, but what I need more in companionship and the ability to bask in the pleasure of orgasms, no matter who has them. Your mother just had an orgasm... they're doing the DP thing with her vibrator and his dick."

"I don't want to know the blow by blow about my parents lovemaking."

"Really? You don't think your mother is hot?"

"I know some my classmates think she's hot, but she falls short of MILF for me, even if she wasn't Mom. Drop it, I don't think I could survive the embarrassment of my dick shrinking inside you before I cum."

She rode him and after a few syllables of shouting (and him starting to shrink in panic), she kept to soft encouragement and begging requests to have his cum.

"You can't get pregnant?"

"No." This wasn't true, but she couldn't get pregnant from sex with a human as they were having sex now.

"It won't be long."

"Don't hold back. I get pleasure from you having pleasure. I feed on pleasure, so feed me your cum." She moaned this last sentence as if she was a porn starlet. He came; she shuttered in ecstasy (not only from his orgasm by his mother's and father's). Who hit her within 20 seconds of each other.

She laid back not wanting to cover herself in sheets. She disassembled the pillow stack, selecting one rather firm pillow to use but chucking most pell-mell across his room.

He had too many questions to sleep, "What else did you just do when you changed back to you?"

"Back to me?" She shook her head, "I was always me. I have no physical form of my own and can change them more easily than you changing clothes."

"From the hot black girl to this form." He caressed her left tit and side.

"I gave your father more endurance. You're father was injured years ago, this caused a 'plumbing problem', the euphemism is. He still produces fertile sperm, almost the same number the year you began, IF you count single cell zygote as the beginning of a man, but less cum and harder to gain an erection in the first place (although a blow job will always inflate him)."

Lucius was too shocked to say 'TMI!' sooner. He was slightly curious how, "Tell me how he got injured in the least lewd way possible."

When you were 2 months, your mother was not yet fully mobile, delivering you would have killed her as little as 5 years earlier, even if she had the highest quality medical care then. He took you up swaddled him and ordered your mother to save herself (by going through the door, down to the grand staircase to ground floor). Your father went out the window on a 4 by 4 that was to be added to and become a sky bridge between two towers with a single new owner (they would have been the last guest in that hotel room even if the shorter, more grandly-appointed tower been severely damaged then). His intention was to cross the 4-by-4 as if it were a very wide tight rope. He slipped on the rainsoaked board and one heel was on each side of the board. He fell feet first into a swimming pool from 5 meters above the waterline. Managed the jack knife dive, unlike his last day in Recon Training (not too bad for guy who rang the bell shortly before he left the Marines)."


"Yes, he barely made into the 4 foot deep section of the pool, left a blood smear at the edge of the pool, you got free of your covers and swam to the far end and he only survived floating for 8 minutes because you were crying to get out as you blundered to the steps and he stayed on his back. You're father isn't that smart, but six concussions and no real decrease in his wits... he's pretty tough."

"Well, hard headed. At least I didn't have Willur Meecham incarnate as a father."


"Great Santini by Pat Conroy."

She couldn't read anything this in his mind (nothing sexual about this story to him).

He mistakenly assumed she was uninterested in this thread of conversation. She he asked, "How old is this form supposed to be?"

"The calends of March, the same year you were born."

"So, tuesday, 1 March 1994?"

"Very good. How?"

"My sister was born on Tuesday, 25 February 1992... the count 3 days backwards for a tuesday in 1994 because of leap day, that leaves 22 Feb as a tuesday, in 1994, February had 28 days, so the tuesday after 22 Feb was 1 March. In the novel Mark of Athena, it's mentioned that Jason Grace was born on the Calends of July and it had to be explained to Percy that Calends was the Roman way of saying first of the month. After that I had all the information to--"

"That's a marvelous talent. A good memory and fast recall."

"You're the first person to appreciate it." He said darkly.

"Relax, does this feel nice? You laying back having left two loads of cum in a beautiful nubile teen. Her naked body next to yours, snuggling up after the long flights and the exertions of travel catching up with you. Isn't that relaxing?" She shuttered as she drank in emotions from his father's latest orgasm.

"Let me keep you warm." He pulled the covers up but stayed naked.
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