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John continues to punish his wife, Lucius' attention is beginning to wonder
Pleasure Spirit

This story contains loads of paranormal stuff as well as magic and (gasp) a plot. I will try to have as many sections start with sex as possible, but the first section will require background.

Chapter 3: Baring all at Breakfast (humiliation, MF, oral, exhib)

"What if Lucius comes down while I'm here?"

"Hopefully that'll stir him into taking a woman lover."

"Aw, I have a good gaydar and our boy is a lot of things but playing on the all-boys team isn't one of them. I don't even think he's a switchhitter."

"I wish he'd grow a pair, his lack of even trying for women is an embarrassment. So what if he fails his first 20 to 30 times. Only one woman even spoke to me in 22 times."

"That's only because I used all my social capital to get my fellow students to let me be the first one who said 'yes' to you."

"Really? Girls would do that then?"


* * *

Meanwhile, in Lucius' room: Nayla decided that alarms were overrated, she unplugged his clock radio using psychokinesis and slipped under the covers. She took his erection into her mouth and began giving what she intended as a quick blow job. What she didn't know was he was already deep into a wet dream and he popped seconds after she sealed her lips. She gulped loudly as she tried to keep up with his cum. She licked his penis and kissed his head, then slid up and planted her lips on his, then penetrated his mouth with her tongue.

Nayla's face broke into a smile: good morning.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome; and I thank you because I get nourishment from all pleasure experienced near me."

"Then I should correct what I said earlier... thank you and you're welcome."

"You're welcome and thank you, too. What was happening in your sleeping mind just before you came?"

"I was having a wet dream. What time is it?"

"It's 0606 give or take 6 minutes, to borrow your father's timetelling."

"Yup, Marine or guard at a military contractor, he still uses the same 24-hour time." He hated to admit it, but he thought in 24-hour time rather than 12-hour time. If 12:00 and 12:00 were close to dawn and dusk, 12-hour time would make sense and be more usable to him, but 12:00 and 12:00 were about as far from sunrise and sunset as possible, so one cycle of 24 per day made more sense, even if it started nowhere near dusk or dawn.

He got dressed and went down the stairs. He ordered Nayla to follow but be invisible. As he dressed, she put her amulet around his neck and he put it under his shirt. At the bottom of the stairs, he got a shock: full frontal of his mother from crown to the top of her bush. "Mom, you realize you forgot your clothes."

"It's your father's idea. He's embarrassed that you're a virgin. Don't let others pressure you on when to lose your virginity."

"Dad, What, just because I haven't fucked two women submissively, you think me a faggot?"

He paused more for effect than anything and said, "Yes."

"D&S as well as B&D are torment or torture, not sex. I don't have problem having friend or friends who love shagging their own gender, but that to me is about as disgusting as B&D... okay, getting head is getting head as long as I don't suck a cock and put mine in an asshole, I don't see at as homosexual sex. Well, I'll need to add circle jerk to complete my definition of homosexual sex."


"There are 3 sexes when it comes to having sex. Men, women and the mouth that's giving you head. If you're not returning the favor than what matter is whatever is attached to the aforementioned mouth?"

John muttered, "My son the half-faggot."

He ignored his fathers remark. He ate his breakfast and took no looks at his naked mother.

"Look at your mother and tell her what looks good and bad on her at least two of each."

"Very well. I know that many of my fellow students think of her as one of the hottest Moms and while I wouldn't go as far as calling her a MILF, she looks very good when compared to most 33 year olds." His mother was in her late-40's and all 3 of them knew this. "Your legs and belly are very toned. To paraphrase a character, Costas, on one movie that I caught almost everything the title: stretch marks are not ugly, they show a woman that has loved children enough to have her own." He deliberately went beyond Costas' intent in Shirley Valentine, but neither of his parents had seen this movie.

John said, "At least two bad things."

"Mom, your hair is a mess. It'd look much better in a psyche knot or a pair of braids one by each ear. Also, women, in general, look better with no hair below the tits, except for the hair that has roots in the scalp and is long enough to hang below the tits." He thought as loudly as he could to let his mother know that he wasn't trying to be cruel.

Nayla could only grant wishes that gave someone pleasure (or reduced pain). Despite the not-always paralleling of these two things, a pleasure spirit could do both of these. Note: that sex need not be a part of the wish for a pleasure spirit to make it so, only increasing pleasure or reducing pain for SOMEONE (even if it increases pain or eliminates pleasure for another).

The first day in his Junior year, he avoided getting tripped by several jocks (some accidental, some deliberate attempts) and clotheslined by an inattentive freshman nerd over 10 inches taller than him, but his weight (133 to 140 pounds) if not less, while he pointed out a new-to-him-sight to a fellow freshman. This was just between arriving on campus and getting to his first period: History (run by a severe-looking, blue-gray haired lady). He saw Beth and 2 other women that got him fantasizing about them.

He long ago came to believe Beth was uninterested in romantic relationships (she he'd not waste his time). He decided to chat with both new women, trying not to do anything to make either think he wanted in their pants right then (but he was talking to them and each assumed he wanted her). Nina was a slightly overweight hispanic immigrant with the tits that were somewhere between a D or 2 each. She was 5 inches taller than him when they were both standing, but he made the ultimately successful effort to look her in her face, not near her covered areolae. Shui was 5 inches shorter than him, daughter of a democracy advocate in People Republic of Chinese. She took one route, her mother and unborn brother took a second and her father took a third route to the United States. Alabama's newest US Senator had eeked out an upset win but harping on his opponent's uncaring attitude towards persecuted democracy advocates. Her mother and brother were in Taiwan (and for political reasons the Taiwanese would neither let her leave the country nor transport her back to red china). News coverage told Lucius this much but he had the grace not to bring these things up. He thought to Nayla, "I want you to give both those women wet dreams tonight. They get passionately loved by a faceless man with my body and they have orgasms, squirting orgasms if they can."

Nayla replied, "Nina can... she was born on Valentine's day, that makes sense in a way. Shui cannot, she lacks the biology to do it."


Nayla knew it was Nina he was asking about, "She's an Aquarius: she gives water easily. Strange, the China doll's name means water; la Slavadora's name is based on the Spanish word for girl." Nayla's assessment didn't do Shui's appearance justice: she was hotter than most from the Orient part of Asian to those who have an Oriental fetish. The hispanic teen plus her mother and siblings were legal immigrants from El Salvador.

He would have been successfully blindsided once by the back up quarterback for the football team, had Nayla not interfered (tripping him). When he fell, his bookbag fell against the base of a tall, narrow bookcase. She then caused a large trophy on the top of that bookcase fall and slammed on the small of his back, narrowly missing his spine, but shattering 2 ribs and bludgeoning one kidney so bad doctors had to remove the shredded pieces or he'd die.

Later that day, several girls taunted Nina (calling her a wetback among other things). She wanted to act, but didn't, so Nayla acted on his wishes and the battery in one of their android phones shorted and spurt acid against her hand. In a panic she face planted into the boys' room door, screamed in frustration, cried in her panic and washed her hands. Lucius was in that bathroom at the time. Urinating at the urinal whose 'privacy panel' nearer the sinks was mostly broken off. Lucius looked at the near-woman and said in a faked Cambridge University accent, "I do believe one of us is in the wrong W.C. Would you agree?"

She looked him up and down, then blushed.

"My dear, nothing about your figure is embarrassing," he continued to use the faked accent, "so, no need to blush... by the by, see anything you like?"

She fled the bathroom. In the end she had no permanent damage, although their plans to put an embarrassing clip on youtube was implemented by another (recording her, not Nina's, misfortune). The next few weeks, he had lunch with Nina several times, no date, no kiss, but she accepted a sympathy hug from Lucius when her cat got crushed by a garbage truck. Nayla decided to bar the pair in a storage closet: Their wheelchair-bound mathematics and computer teacher sent the pair into the classroom's supply closet to get the solar powered calculators for a computer lesson (demonstrating the formula they were supposed to use in the program itself). Nayla caused two jocks who had hated each other for years and now wanted the same girl to each hear the other question the other's heterosexuality. Not unexpectedly, this quickly attacked each other in their struggles, they hit a wide steel bookcase, which Nayla helpfully sent into the outward opening door, slamming the door sheering off the door knob and causing the interior half to fall into the closet. Nina yelped with the slamming door spanked her. Nina was no fan of enclosed spaces: Bullshit, she was a claustrophobe and could only stand a school bus or other non-motorcycle because of all the clear windows. However, she quickly calmed between Lucius' soothing words in American English and Spanish Spanish and Nayla's ability to increase pleasure/reduce pain (and abject and potentially breath-stopping terror are types of pain).

Lucius held her and said, "If you want me to let go, please tell me."

Embarrassedly she murmured and trembled, "Debo usar baño."

"The small trashcan got batted into here, I heard it get hit." He swept his foot around the 8 by 8 room with 2 foot deep shelves built in walls flanking the door. He found it, dug it out of the corner and said, "I won't close my eyes, but with the light levels here it won't make a difference."

"You know, I'd let you look, but that's only because I know you won't try to rape me or anything."

"I am fond of you."

"¿Me quieres?"

He replied in Spanish, "Yes and no would both be lies, because I do not know if 'love' defines what I feel for you. Unlike many men, I'd say, 'yes' if 'yes' were the answer."

"Hold me up, por favor." She was over the trashcan with jeans and panties at her ankles in a seated pose with Lucius behind her holding under her arms with his hands along the outside of her D/DD-cups. Even as she gave into her panic piss, she noticed his erection. "¿Crees que soy fea?"

He shook his head (although between darkness and being behind her eyes, this was unseen), "No, you are a lovely woman. I'm not sure if I told you, but centerfolds models are not as beautiful as they can be for two reasons: because they are too thin and they usually appear to have no self-worth. While some weight is good for a woman's appearance, too much of a good thing is possible." He added in Spanish, "You are quite beautiful."

"No bullshit?"

"Correct, no bullshit."

"I need to wipe."

"Let me pull off my shirts, I'll give you my undershirt to wipe with."

"Stand me up." He pulled off his shirts, "Blot me, please, no wipe." He reached in and gently blotted. Through the hole in the door and where they now stood, a shaft of dim light spotlighted her clit and about an inch or two in every direction.

His reaction was whispered, spontaneous, honest and spoken in an awed tone of voice, "¡Que Hermosa!"


"Tú y ella."

She looked down and blushed, just realizing her pussy was spotlighted. She began to cry and would have had a panic evacuation too, except she emptied one way just before boarding the schoolbus and the other less than a minute earlier. "What makes her beautiful?" She said in Spanish then English as she moved her panties and jeans to where they were before she pissed.

He returned his outer shirt to his body and tucked it in. His undershirt, which had a humorous slogan about FEMA's inability to restore New Orleans (Fix Everything My Ass) was ruled inappropriate for school, was underneath a blue polo shirt. The school had a dress code, not a uniform, per se. But one or both of the school colors (blue and red) must be worn. His shirt was too far off the shade of blue in the school logo to count, but he got a sticker to wear that meant this was his first offense and no instructor should scold him for it.

By the time the maintenance man came around with a hammer and flat bladed screw driver to tap the the doornails out of the hinges, his father and her mother have been informed. John didn't bother to move from his desk nor to tell his mother about this until after Lucius did. In contrast, Caridad, Nina's mother, did arrive with an pill bottle with 20 adult doses of Xanax's generic version and was waiting as the pair was sent to the school nurse.

Nina, for the first time after half-an-hour confined in a small room has neither piss-stains on her panties nor a turd in her panties nor ever a heart rate of over 120. Nina took his hand for the walk to the office (the school nurse section was a 3 room suite within the office). Once in the office, Caridad offered her the pills. Not letting go of Lucius' right hand, she pushed the pill bottle away and addressed Caridad in Spanish, "No thanks. Mama, I would like to date Lucius."


They continued speaking in Spanish, "Why, Mama?"

"He just wants to fuck you and forget you."

"Your rules entirely until I'm 18." She turned to Lucius and, forgetting to switch to English, said, "Lucius, would you like to go out with me in about 5 months, on saint Valentine's day?"

He spoke a single Spanish word, "Accepto." Then went on, "I am happy that you want this. I almost gave up."

"Why?" She switched to English.

"Because, you seemed to want to but turned me down every time. It seemed schizophrenic, in the unscientific sense." He repeated this in the Spanish of Spain (Spanish Spanish was only dialect of the language with with he was comfortable). He was skilled enough in Spanish to say these two sentences with ease.

Caridad regarded him and stuck with Spanish, "I suppose you'd deny why I told her she couldn't go out with you."

Lucius began with the French loan word, 'Madame', but then stuck to technically and syntactically correct Spanish, "Madame, I don't know of your past experiences with men. I won't deny there are men in this school who'd use charm and kindness to bed a woman then brag about it. I'm not someone who needs to bend another to my will, I have too much self-esteem and too little arrogance for such actions. I accept that I cannot date her because of your rules. You will either change your mind or you will not. She's 17 as am I."

"When was your birthday?"

"It's become a day synonymous with an anthropogenic disaster, although that happened when I was beginning my final year of primary school." He used 'anthropogénico' not 'origen humano' for anthropogenic.

"When 11 September?" Being trapped in the closet together was was Thursday 15 September.

"No, 29 August... Katrina. The storm itself was more-or-less a natural phenomenon, at worst global warming increased it's power, but the anthropogenic disaster was corps of engineer work that could have been called, fairly: dereliction of duty, voluntary (NOT involuntary) manslaughter, destruction of property among other violations of UCMJ and federal law."

Nayla sent a perception into Nina's brain. Nina could have easily rejected this perception, but, instead, she voiced it (although she phrased it for the best potential reception to her intended audience), "Mama, how can you object to me, dating a man 6 months younger than myself. Even at my age, this isn't a gulf at all."

"His age isn't an issue. His intentions are. You want him? Have him, when he fucks you over don't cry to me."

Their first date wasn't Valentine's Day (or "dia del San Valentino" as Nina tended to call it), but the very next day: leaving school on her vespa at about 2:45 (watching the 3:30 football game the next town over) and then off to dinner. During the pre-game, the starting quarterback for the away team (their school) ridiculed Nina for choosing him and Lucius for dating a Mexican. He told her in Spanish, "Peace, let fate hurt them... you avoid charges and being deported if you let fate handle the punishment." The home team won the toss, to the starting running back was on the kick cover team. He knocked knees with the ball carrier and howled loud enough to be heard in the stands, but despite this he grabbed the ball after the freshman returner, who'd never been hit by an opponent before, let go of it. First and 10, Lucius' school at the home team's 31 yard line. First play from scrimmage, the running back who recovered the fumble was one of 3 behind or beside the quarterback (the other 2 eligible receivers were two tight ends on the left side of the formation). Everyone saw these tight ends as larger-than-the-center players, but their receiving skills among receivers their age were akin a to Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez (#80 on the saints and Saints and #88 on the Falcons) were to their fellow NFL receivers. The defense rushed 9, leaving 2 linemen (who were identical twin powerlifters bullied into football jerseys) to single cover the two tight ends with a slower wide receiver's sprinting speed. The tight ends quickly out paced their coverage and both raised their dominant hands to call for the touchdown catch, but the quarterback received a blindside tackle and a helmet that practically rendered his T-1 and C-7 vertebrae to powder (where his neck met his torso).

This hit happened because the running back with the injured knee got enough extra damage to never play football again (and not able to put weight on it until after he graduated high school... he was a sophomore during this game). The team from Lucius' school played with venom after that. Twenty-seven personal fouls, 6 tripping, 5 offsides where each would have been cheep shots on the opposing quarterback had the rest of the team not grappled and sent to the ground this premature rushers. A total of 8 players and 2 coaches (but neither head coach) were sent off during this game [5 from each side: 3 & 2 and 5 & 0 for away and home, respectfully]. In the end, away team won by 4 at the end of double overtime (overtime was line up 20 yards from the endzone and try to score). The first overtime: the away team missed a field goal when it was 4th down on the 41 yard line... kick went above the crossbar 15 yards behind it, but 25 yards to the left of the left upright when it was passing the uprights. The home gained 19 yards during the first plays and failed to gain 1 yard over the next 4 plays. Second overtime, the away team scored a touchdown and went for 2 (and gained it). They could have kicked the extra point, but didn't. The home team matched the score on a 20 yard run, but on the 2 point conversion, the quarterback got hit as he released (atypically for the night, this hit was executed in a manor couldn't have been more legal, and one of their two receiving tight ends was doing defensive back duty because 2 of his teams' defensive backs were 'disqualified' (to use the football officials' term), and 2 others had been concussed and being a talented receiver, 7 inches taller than their opponent's average receiver and eyes level to the eyebrows of the other guys' tallest receiver was an added bonus. The interceptor ran the ball 106 yards to score 2 more for his team.

Lucius was pleased with the game's results. Lucius and Nina started to be feared or suspected: too many people who taunted or ridiculed Lucius and/or Nina got severe injuries or in the case of the junior quarterback, die from complications of his broken neck after 8 days near death. That evening, Nina called her mother from her flip phone with the results of the game (as soon as the game ended). Then called her from the restaurant shortly before they finished. The battery died in mid-conversation. "Mierda! I'm supposed to call her after I drop you off."

"Call her from my house."

"I'll give you two classical reference, albeit, 2 different meanings of classical: how did Geffen sign John Lennon? How did Orpheus almost get Eurydice back?"

She had no idea for either reference.

"There are times you never talk to the man of the house. These are the times that talking to his wife is most helpful. David talked to Yoko; Orpheus impressed a flowery goddess, both got their way in a fashion. As cruel as it is to state this, it's true: Neither Double Fantasy's financial success nor Orpheus' story's staying power would have been nearly as strong without a permanently dead body at the end."

"And this means?"

"Ask mom to use the phone. Hopefully, we can have my father and your mother never meet... he's a kind of man your mother would warn you of, if she was really thinking long term. I don't want to be like that."


"Mom is his bitch. I mean when Dad decided to highlight his shame in my continued virginity he had my Mom make breakfast of us in the nude. I wasn't a virgin then, I just don't brag about it. She is a friend whom I don't go to school with, friend with benefits, I believe is the best way to describe Nayla and I, but she and I know that we'll eventually have a real significant other and agreed to step aside for him or her."

She smiled, "I want to meet Nayla."

"Fine, I'll set up a time."

"What have you told her about me?"

"I've been trying to get you to notice me as something other than annoying since day one of the school year. I told her most of being in the closet with you."

"What didn't you tell her?"

"Well, I told her everything except you using the trashcan as a pissdale substitute."



"I dislike enclosed placed."

"I noticed. I didn't tell her that, but I did tell her you were unnerved when the door slammed shut and it took more than a moment for me to assure you I wasn't a predator or at least not one that meant you ill."

"What do you mean?"

"My father has a vile perception of manhood. Men should dominate, men should get at least some of his meat through his own spear (or bow or firearm). I loathe fishing and with the exception of catfish, dislike freshwater seafood. I can't say I'm displeased with everything my father is and wants me to be. I've taken 4 eight point bucks in my life (a Western count method, averaging points on each side of an asymmetrical rack). I downed one with a single shot from a 357 magnum, one from a 30-aught-8 (finished with a knife), one with a crossbow bolt (also finished with a knife) and one with a double tap from a Beretta."

"Why hunt with pistols?"

"Challenge. That being said, the Beretta kill was mere happenstance. A buck fled another hunter, ran among up, he took my hat in his antlers, cut my scalp with his antlers and threw my rifle into the mud. After reading this one story about an Englishman in india going on a big game hunt with just a rifle and a hunting knife, then barely surviving being tackled by an enraged tiger (stabbed it repeatedly in the neck and finally hit it's jugular while keeping it's face turned enough to prevent it from doing the same, I always carried a pistol as a backup). I pulled my pistol when it disarmed and decapped me and by the time he was no longer between myself and the other 2 in my hunting party, I had drawn a bead on him and tracked with his movement relative to me, then double tapped the back of its head from 6 to 8 meters."

He did NOT tell her the story to protect his mother from the resulting legal trouble for his father, and the necessity to protect his father was the inconvenient result of his choice. The hunter tried to claim my kill and had a rechambered deer slugs in his shotgun, but I was 10 and immortal and tried to bully him into backing down (and felt even better because I could smell strong whiskey fumes on the other guy's breath). When he threatened to kill me if I didn't back down I challenged him to a duel with guns in hand, Dad preempted this by bashing the guy's head with a rock, then staging the rock and the guy so the rock was where his head was when he slipped after he hit him. The third guy in our team was a lawyer who knew and hated the guy Dad attacked. Dad called the cops and said he watched a drunk hunter run after a deer, slip and hit his head. "...He smells like a shattered whiskey barrel and isn't moving..." The drunkard survived, but didn't remember meeting us, much less arguing with us. We cleaned my kill, split it and I've been even more fond of venison since.

She parked the vespa where the front met the side on the three-quarters wrap-around screened porch. This house had been a 2-bed 1 bath 2 story house with the bedrooms upstairs and a wrap around porch. Later additions added a 2 car carport and a first floor wing with 2 other bedrooms and 1 baths added. The carport was later enclosed into a garage with the lockable door, standard exterior house door size just opposite the side door with just the porch between these two exterior doors. She parked where the front walkway came off the drive and moved in front of the house before making a right turn and up to the main entrance. We went around on the porch to the side door. I unlocked it and we were in the kitchen. My mother was naked and was instantly ashamed. "Your father left on an errand."

"If you have no objections, Nina's phone died and she promised to call her after she dropped me off."

"Of course."

"Mom, don't hate me, but I'll be moving out as soon after my 18th as I can manage. When I do, I will shelter you and protect you if you with. You've given me so much. Keeping you under my roof with nothing given on your part would only be an inadequate repayment for what you have given me." He delivered this not without emotion but with very little of gentle emotions. He actually felt more rage than anything else, but he wasn't angry at any woman.

Nina spoke for less than 2 minutes, mostly saying her cel died, then asked to speak to his parents. When Caridad learned only his mother was present, she told Nina to put her on. Caridad didn't speak more than 10 words of English and Carrie-Anne less than 3 words of Spanish. So, they used the speakerphone setting and Lucius translated (except for Nina correcting twice when Caridad used Central American euphemisms that he never heard before). Lucius needed only one correction per euphemism. His accent using Spanish sounded very 'foreign' and increased her distrust of him and Lucius clearly heard the last thing Nina saying was, "He translated everything to the best of his ability. The only mistakes he made were ones of ignorance not malice or deception."

She was leaving his drive as John returned. His father demanded details on his date and when not even one kiss was given he berated Lucius. Lucius needed all his willpower not to lock his father in the lower floor bedroom with the reverse doorknob (lock on the outside) with only one of his pipe bombs with a timer fuse set to 2 minutes for company. Lucius told him, he intended to get a job. This muted his father's verbal abuse. "Why?"

"I want to go on more and better dates, but that will take cash. I want to drive her on the date, so that will take a paycheck to get the car loan. No matter who her turns out to be."

John was more pleased at this revelation. John told his son, "Go to your room or not. I don't care. Stay and learn something." To his wife he said, "Bend over and take it, my bitch."

Lucius has no qualms about having sex. He had strong feelings against humiliating a lover or making her give pleasure without receiving any in return. Once in his room, Nayla became visible as completely naked in the form Lucius thinks of as hers, "Nina will likely not see you again."

"I couldn't put off telling her indefinitely, now if I need to see you for a matter, she don't have to see you as a threat."

"But she does. She's sad."

"How can she be cheered?"

"I'll do it. Tomorrow, me and a broken bike will on the roadside as she rides by with her fully charged phone in her pocket."

"Okay. You heard what I said?"

"I was eavesdropping. I'm a pleasure spirit with you owning my link. You're pleasure is important to me."

"Where will you get a bike?"

"Already obtained it (pulled it from someone's trash can), near when I plan to stage the accident, the bike is obscured by high grass. Next afternoon, I'll become visible before she arrives and appeal to her nurturing desires."

"Let me know how it works out."

"Will do. What now?" She slid her hands along his chest. He got hard but he turned her down. "Why?"

"I wasn't kidding. You said you feasted on the pleasure of others."


"Then feast on her and my relationship."

"You know she'll likely not swallow."

"Not many women do."

"Boo... but they have their reasons and I do swallow. Are you sure you won't change your mind?"


"I think your underestimating how likable she can be, but why turn me down."

"To borrow a star trek reference: I'd prefer to lie less than a Syrranite."

She couldn't detect the thought because it wasn't sexual. She frowned, "Okay, I give, what's a Syrranite?"

"Surrak was the founder of philosophy to which almost all Vulcans adhere. During the time of Star Trek: Enterprise, Surrok died about 1800 earlier, but when his original writings disappeared, there were disagreements about what he wrote. Syrran was a pacifist who somehow got hold of Surrak's katra. Katra isn't exactly a soul, it's more an echo of the deepest desires and many memories of the person.--"

"And lying?"

"As a general rule, they don't and live lives that prevent the need to lie (not the most important part of their philosophy but you asked me to focus on lying and Syrranites)."

"Fine. So I don't get any from you tonight. I was hoping to get fed from two sources (your parents love is too bitter tasting to take on its own. I'm going to elsewhere but close by."

"Mind if I ask where?"

"To paraphrase Cummings: There's a hell of a party over the back fence; I'll be there."

"What kind of party?"

"Sex party. I'm not sure you'd like it. Most are 30 to 45 with the oldest over 50."

"You know my tastes in women."

"I know you and your father have different definitions of sodomy. The party has no women, but much of something you two would both call sodomy."

"I'd rather not accompany you. And I thought those 4 men who lived there were just friends with alimony and other bills and lived together for economic as well as amicitiary reasons." The 'c' in amicitiary was pronounced like a 'k' just like Latin (Latin is phonetic, not one sight word in the whole language).


"Of or pertaining to friendship from amacitia, a Latin word for friendship."

"See you later."

The morning after next he headed off to school without doing any 'talking' to Nayla except to grope for her existence and notice that she was none-the-worse-for-wear. Nina and Lucius had 4 classes together (including both and each other's their native languages). Nina was less comfortable around him, but accepted everything from him that could be friendship but declined hugs and kisses. Nina left without saying goodbye. She went out and as planned Nayla in her 'standard' form as far as Lucius was concerned, walked out of the treeline, adjusting her slacks as if she had recently had lowered them. Her pants leg was ripped and a few minor injuries one might associate with falling off a damaged bike. She had dug not only a severely dented bike but the ruined brain bucket that had been used when the 26 inch 10-speed took the damage. She held a destroyed mobile phone in her right hand as she faced the traffic on her side of the street and waved for someone to stop. Yesterday, Nayla impersonated a visiting priest that Nina asked guidance of. Nayla had advised her to clear her mind and ask herself what passages of kindness could she perceive and which was the first to enter her mind. Nina had been surprised, but Nayla sent her the entire chapter 10 of the Gospel of Saint Luke (NIV Spanish translation, Nina was Catholic afterall). Nayla didn't say anything else, "Follow this and your heart will know who your better friends are." Before it even finished this final sentence, its simulated cel phone began playing the William Tell Overture and, still in the 'priest suit', it pretended to talk on the cel as it moved out of view and disappeared.

Now, with the priest's divinely inspired (or seemingly so to Nina) fresh in her mind, she saw an injured woman on the side of the road... not badly injured. No head injury (unless one counted helmet hair). Nina pulled over and asked if she was okay. Nayla said, "Worst injury is my pride, mind if I get a lift to a phone. I saw one next to a coffee shop a quarter mile that way." Pointing to the opposite direction. This was the coffee shop kitty corner from the school. "I need to do one quick thing first." Nayla walked over (rolling the bike on the back wheel as the front wheel was bent) with the brain bucket hanging on a handlebar. She flipped open the trashcan lid from which she took the bike last night. She chucked it and the brain bucket in with feigned anger and unintelligible word that might have been of a Romance language then a clearly uttered, "Merde!"

Nina had moved her bike to the shoulder near Nayla, stared for a moment, then said, "Mount up."

"Kinda like that templar symbol, 2 riders 1 horse?"

"No, I'm not like that... I love men too much. Ever heard of Padre David Sanchez?" She pronounced David like the French, not English version of the name.

"No..." Nayla drew the word out in a very Gallic way, "the only David I know is a cousin, and 'e is a distant one."

Nayla seemed very eager to on the crash helmet. They rode the third mile in silence (as it was a third mile, not the quarter mile Nayla thought). Once they dismounted, Nina said, "I thought I had found a good boyfriend, but..."

"I've had boyfriends and girlfriends and don't mind comparing notes on what went well and what didn't." Nayla spoke easily, this time with less of an accent. "But one thing I must know before we talk about something so intimate is your name. As for me, Nayla Poisson am I."

"I'm Nina Santa Rita."

"I'm new to the area... well, new to this continent." Her French accent increased some. "We both know a man... Lucius Charles Flaubert." She pronounced his full name like a Frenchwoman would. "I'm still getting used to being in an area where everyone knows everyone or at least there's less than two persons to go through to know practically everyone else here.

"But it's a lovely, usually."

"Lucius is a good man. He's not what I need in a man, but he's a good friend, trustworthy and is very much into mutual consent although if eager he might forget to ask. If he ever does tell him and he'll stop. Where do you think you'll go for a second date?"

"No... no second date?"

"Pourquoi?... why?"

"You are in his life."

"In his life, yes; not his wife, not even in his bed... well not this month anyway. It's true, I was desperate for sex and Lucius was willing. He is a good man, but not compatible as a lover long term. Friendship... I doubt I could do much better, and if I can purge myself of what little mysandry? I have, I might think of him as my bestie, although I must confess I can't think of anyone without ovaries as having potential for my best friend."

"What have you done together?"

"We've talked, of course. We took a trip to a few islands south of us, just to be elsewhere. Just a 20-hour or so day trip."

"Which ones?"

"Ship Island and Dauphin Island."


"Ship Island is off the coast of Gulfport. Dauphin Island is off the coast of Mobile."

"Is that where-- nevermind, none of my business."

"No, you and he should be a couple and if you were it is your business. We never had sex on that trip. It was a sweaty July day and I stripped naked except for a pair of... quel est le mot?...crocs! to cool myself. The only reason we didn't wreck was it was I with the steering wheel in he was in the passenger seat panting like an overheated son of a bitch and staring at me. I was flattered that he was so enthralled, but I later found out, I was the first woman he saw naked in the flesh. He stressed that he never found me anything but beautiful but was embarrassed to admit that you were more beautiful, to Lucius, at least."

"I can't believe that?"

"I can and do. Although a man that was far too romantic for me to believe he was of a cold, drafty and unromantic country to not have been at least part French. I think him thinking you more beautiful is in part by one of his more famous quotes: 'It is not with mine eyes that I see, for they a thousand errors see, but with my heart.' or something along those lines."

"You think he loves me?"

"Did you turn him down today?"


"Quel Dommage! How did he react?"

"Muted. I could tell he wasn't happy."

"Call him."

"I don't--"

Nayla deftly lifted Nina's phone from her front pocket, brushing her clitoris as it did so, "2-zero-5," she spoke the beginning of his number, then silently dialed the rest of Lucius' home number. "Do you have unlimited calling?" Nayla had switched to a southern Mexican dialect of Spanish.

Nina didn't notice and replied in her native language (nodding to reinforce part of the answer), "Sí, pero sólo en Estados Unidos."

"Just calling down the road a piece." She switched her French accent for a Coastal Alabama accent. His father was leaving for work when the phone rang. Nayla imitated Nina's voice so perfectly, computer analysis of any recording made even 15 years later (or a human listening) would both swear that Nina, not Nayla was speaking. "May I speak to Lucius please?"

Carrie-Anne was the one who answered, "It's for Lucius, his date from last weekend." John grunted and left. After she called Lucius she stayed on the line just long enough to hear Lucius say 'hello.'

Nayla switched to its normal voice for this body, "Lucius this is Nayla and Nina. Let me hand you over to Nina."

"I met Nayla; not what I expected."

"I hope she was a pleasant surprise."


"I suppose you'll never believe I think you're more beautiful than her, but I think you are."

"I don't think--; what do I have that she doesn't that makes me more beautiful or what does she have that I don't that makes her less so?"

"You are you. All the body and mind of you that I've seen is beautiful. I can make a few estimations on the rest."

"How can you see a mind?"

"One acts in and reacts to the world in part because of how we perceive it. One's mind does the perceiving. Therefore one's actions reveals one's mind. You have a beautiful way of looking at the world. I see this and grow optimistic."

Nina nodded, "We'll talk tomorrow." She hung up. "I don't know if I'll tell him goodbye or plan next weekend's date with him tomorrow. Come off, I'm leaving and can drop you off at Lucius' if you wish."

"No, I saw the work schedule when I was fetching coffee. An acquaintance was listed and she starts work at the top of the hour."

"That was 3 or 4 minutes ago."

She shook her head, "Closer to 56 minutes from now." She had shared her conversation with Lucius as it happened. Lucius found it hard to concentrate when hearing Nina's voice from 2 directions (only one of which he could point towards).

After Nina left, Nayla went to the bathroom, disappeared, then reappeared into Lucius' room. She smiled, she was first wearing the tattered outfit and injuries she had around Nina, but then the injuries and clothes disappeared. "So, now you know some things we did, fictionally."

"I'm glad you chose Ship Island and Dauphin Island."

"You've been to both." It was stating a fact, not asking Lucius.
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