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it starts as a game, but then a monster is created...
Vickie came up behind her husband as he sat at the computer. She placed her hand on his shoulder and asked "What are you doing, George?"
"Oh, hi, honey. I'm just starting to work on tomorrow's issue of Stunners, number 200 to be exact."
"Can I help you pick the girls for it?"
"Even better, I'll just let you pick all of them." He typed a quick intro for the e-zine-- " 'In honor of this being the 200th issue of Stunners, we'll have a guest to pick out the pictures for today, my wife Vickie.' Now remember the basic premise of the e-zine, honey...Pick out the girls who would make your heart pound, who would take your breath away."
"Oh, are you implying I could be attracted to women?" Vickie asked as she gave George a playful poke in the side.
"No, honey, but it is the way I pick them, it's the whole premise for the e-zine."
"I'm just kidding, George, now let's get started." She sat down on his lap and leaned back against him as he started bringing up pictures of nude and semi-nude women from various websites. She chose a few to be added to the e-zine and rejected others. After about 30 minutes she had selected 9 pictures.
"Okay, Vickie, one more and we'll have this issue finished." He clicked on another link and a picture popped up on the screen. Vickie stiffened against him as she realized it was a picture of a woman using a strap-on on another women who was bent over a bed. An involuntary moan came from her lips, "Noooooo" and then she pushed herself from George's lap and fled from the room. Seconds later George heard their bedroom door slam. Baffled, he clicked the picture closed then saved the e-zine before going to the bedroom to find out what was wrong.
He knocked on the door gently, "Vickie, are you okay?" He could hear the muffled sounds of her sobs through the door, then opened it to see her face down on their bed. She was shaking as she cried hysterically. He sat down on the bed and put an arm around her, "What's wrong, honey?" She wailed out even louder, "Oh God, I had forgotten about it, and now it's all back again." She rolled over and sat up, then threw her arms around him. "Just hold me close, baby....I need to be held." He held her close and stroked her hair, murmuring words of love to her until she finally started to calm down.
"Are you going to be okay, honey? Do you want to talk about it?"
"Yes, but give me a few minutes to get myself ready. I've only talked to one other person about this, a couple of years after it happened, and then only because I was forced to face it....I couldn't even talk to my mother about it."
"Are you sure you want to? You don't have to tell me anything, you know..."
"No, the only way I can get past it is to talk about it, and if I can't talk to the man I love, then who can I talk to? Just hold me, because this is going to be hard for me."
"If you're sure, Vickie...."
"I'm sure, now hold me tight because this is going to be really hard and I'm sure I will cry a lot. The story starts 14 years ago, when I was at college...."

At 11 PM, the car pulled into the almost-empty parking lot outside the dorm, and the two drunk and giggling girls got out. They presented quite a contrast, Vickie Rogers being only 5'1" tall, with brown hair and a well-rounded figure that invariably brought comparisons of Dolly Parton to the mind of anyone who saw her. Terri Thomas, on the other hand, was 6' tall and could be mistaken for a slender boy, except for the pair of 34C breasts jutting firmly from her chest. They had been roommates for about 6 weeks now, since the start of their freshman year. They looked around, and Vickie said, "It looks like almost everyone went home for the weekend." Terri replied, "Yes, I think so. I know Susan was at the same party we were at, but she looked like she was going to be there for awhile, from the way she was chatting up that one guy. Who knows, maybe she'll get lucky and she won't come back either. After all, we don't want her to bust us for drinking." They both laughed before heading for the dorm.
They wobbled up the sidewalk, trying to appear sober when they got to the lobby. To their surprise, the house mother was waiting for them. She studied them quietly for a moment before asking,"Terri, Vickie, it looks like you've had a pretty good time tonight. You haven't been drinking, have you?"
"No, Mrs. Jackson, we're just fine. We've only had cokes." They looked at each other and giggled. Beth Jackson looked at the two of them and sighed to herself. These freshman girls always thought they could pass as sober, but she was only a few years removed from her own graduation and she could remember very well what it was like when she got away from home and tasted complete freedom for the first time. For the first few months, they would party hard, then most of them would settle down. Well, she would let them slide for now, but she'd crack down hard later if necessary.
"Terri, I was waiting for you. This young man came by and left a package for you. He said it was a going-away gift."
Terri and Vickie looked at each other, then each made a disgusted face. Terri took the package reluctantly from Beth, then they headed for the stairs to go up to their room. Beth watched them walk away, then shook her head before going back into her apartment.
When they got up to their room, Terri threw the package on her bed. "I don't know if I even want to open it. You know Bill took it hard when I told him I didn't want to see him again."
"Let's get dressed for bed, then we can decide what to do." The two girls stripped off their outer clothes, then pulled on tee shirts over their bras and panties. Vickie sprawled out on her bed as Terri sat down on her bed and picked up the package. She studied it carefully, then slowly started to open it. As she did, a note fell out. She picked it up and read it aloud, "Since you said you aren't attracted to me, maybe this will help you with what you must be attracted to." She had a puzzled look on her face, then opened the package the rest of the way.
Both girls looked at the object in the package, then as Vickie burst into laughter, Terri blurted out, "That son-of-a-bitch. He thinks I'm a lesbian just because I told him I didn't want to keep sleeping with him." In her hands was a strap-on dildo, about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. "I'll kill that arrogant bastard if I ever see him again." Vickie laughed even harder as Terri cursed him roundly. Terri turned angrily toward her, "It's not funny, damn it."
Vickie laughed even harder....."Come on, Terri, look at it. From what you told me about him, it must be twice as big as he is. You'd be a helluva lot better hung than he is if you wore it."
Terri glared at her, then the absurdity of the situation struck her and she burst into laughter too. "You're right, I'd be twice the man he is." The two of them were laughing hysterically as she waved it around in the air. "Look out girls, I can do twice as much for you as Bill Allen can..." The two girls collapsed in laughter on their beds until they finally laughed themselves out.
"Put it on, Terri...I want to see what you'd look like as a man," Vickie called out teasingly.
"No way!!!!!! I'm not going to do that."
"Why not? You afraid you might start thinking with your prick, just like a man?" The two girls broke into another long laugh.
"Okay, you smart-ass, you asked for it. Just let me see if I can figure this thing out. What the hell is this?" as she held it up by a plastic piece that was on the inside of the belt. It was about 4 inches long and 1 inch thick and mounted directly opposite the dildo. Vickie looked at it carefully, then burst out laughing again. "It goes inside you, I think."
"Ohhhhhh gross."
"Well, you need to get some enjoyment with the pleasure you'd be giving. Go ahead, put it on...I dare you."
"No way, I'm no lesbian."
"Ahhhh, go on and do it. What can it hurt?"
"Not in front of you, I'd be too embarrassed."
"Then go in the bathroom and put it on. Come on, I want to see what kind of man you'd be..." as she laughed again.
"Okay, okay, but you've got to promise you'll never tell anyone about this."
"Cross my heart and hope to die...besides, who would ever believe it? Just go try it on, and then we can get rid of it...if you want to" with another laugh.
"That does it, you're asking for it." She grabbed up the strap-on and went into the bathroom, closing the door sharply behind her. She turned it over in her hands, studying it carefully. She ran her fingertip over a bump on the inside of the harness, about 2 inches above the rod. She wondered what it was, then shrugged her shoulders before reluctantly pulling her panties down and off. "Here goes nothing," she thought to herself as she pulled the strap-on up her slender but shapely legs. She stopped with it at mid-thigh, still not sure if she wanted to go all the way with it.
"Hey, hurry it up in there. I want to see you as a man, unless you're a chicken instead...bawwwwwwk bawwwwwk bawwwwk."
Vickie's teasing made up Terri's mind for her. She reached over to the sink, picked up a jar of vaseline, then rubbed a generous handful up and down the length of the inner rod, before coating a finger and pushing it slowly into her pussy to lubricate herself. She took the rod in her hand, then placed it against the entrance to her pussy and began pushing it in while she pulled the strap-on the rest of the way up with her other hand. When the rod was all the way in her, she reached behind herself and tightened the straps around her waist and legs so that they were snug, then looked at herself in the mirror. Despite her misgivings about what she was doing, she couldn't help but smile as she looked at the reflection of herself sporting a huge erection. She slowly stroked her hand down the length of it and was surprised at the way it made the rod inside her pussy quiver. Unaware she was even doing it, she picked up the jar of vaseline in her left hand and reached for the door handle with her right...
"Hey, what's the hold-up in there? Are you using it on yourself?" Vickie teased her friend, but she fell silent for a moment as the door swung open and Terri stepped out. She looked at the dildo bouncing up and down with every step Terri took and she couldn't help but laugh. "Oh God, it looks so real, just like my last boyfriend only bigger. How does it feel?"
Terri shrugged, "It feels very strange, not exactly uncomfortable, just different. Okay, you've seen it, now let me go take it off."
"In a minute...come here so I can get a better look. Maybe I'll even give you a hand job," as she laughed again.
"That's not funny, Vickie, I feel really weird doing this..."
"Oh lighten up, Terri, maybe I'll put it on after you're done and let you see how I'd look as a man too...Now come here and let me get a good look."
Terri reluctantly walked over to Vickie and stopped about a foot away. "That's it, I'm not getting any closer...."
Vickie laughed again, "What's the matter? You afraid I'm going to rape you??" Before Terri could answer, she reached out with her right hand and gave the dildo a little tug. Terri was stunned at the feeling that flooded through her as the small rod moved inside her. To her surprise, she heard a deep voice say, "Don't stop, baby, that felt good."
Vickie looked up, surprised but with a smile on her face too. "Oh, does that bring out the man in you? Well, two of us can play that game." She raised her voice to a higher pitch, "No way, mister, I'm not that kind of girl." She gave a tinkly laugh and took a step back.
Terri took another step forward, a pleading tone creeping into the deep voice, "Come on baby, you'd do it if you love me."
"No, I don't want to get a reputation. I know how you guys talk." as she took another step back.
"I promise, Vickie, I won't tell anyone. Just touch my cock, it's so hard and hot for you," as she stepped forward again.
Vickie took another step backwards, then felt her butt bump against the dresser. Laughing aloud again, she stretched out her hand again, "Okay, but only for a minute, and only because I love you, Terri." She wrapped her fingers around the dildo and ran her hand up and down the length of it.
Terri groaned aloud as the rod moved inside her, "Ohhhhhhhh yehhhhhhh baby, that feels so good. Don't stop...."
Vickie stroked her hand up and down the dildo a few more times, then pulled her hand away. Terri moaned, "Please, baby, don't stop."
Vickie laughed again, "I think you might like this more," and she dropped to her knees in front of Terri. "I think my man might like a little of this," as she wrapped her fingers lightly around the dildo and lowered her mouth to give the head of the fake cock a long lick. Terri moaned again as the rod quivered inside her pussy. Vickie ran her tongue lovingly around the cock head, sending shivers all through Terri. Terri stretched out her left hand and set the jar of vaseline on the dresser, then gripped the edge of the dresser with both hands to support her suddenly weak legs as Vickie continued to swirl her tongue around the head, wetting it thoroughly. She opened her mouth wider, then lightly gripped it with her teeth behind the crown. As she did, she bobbed her head up and down, making the dildo move up and down and causing the rod to move back and forth in Terri's pussy. The intensity of the sensations these movements sent through Terri almost made her collapse. Terri's clit was fully exposed now and rubbing against the bump on the inside of the harness, making her soar to new heights. She could feel her orgasm starting to build and she moaned out, "OHHHHHH GODDDDDDDD DON"T STOPPPP!!!!!"
Vickie opened her mouth wider to let the cock slip deeper in. As she did, she ran her hands behind Terri to grasp her buttocks and pull her closer. As her fingers dug into Terri's crack, a fingertip brushed Terri's pussy. She realized that Terri was dripping wet and that it wasn't a game to Terri anymore. Shocked, she pushed Terri away, "NO! No more.....We've got to stop now!!"
"Please, Vickie, I'm almost there..." Terri pleaded.
"NOOOO!!!! Let me up!" But to her horror, Terri grabbed her hair with both hands and started pulling her head back to the bobbing cock in front of her. Vickie struggled frantically to free herself, but she couldn't get any leverage. She opened her mouth to beg Terri to let her go, but as she did, Terri rammed the cock into her mouth. Horrified, she tried to fight back, but as the cock was forced into her throat again and again she soon weakened from a lack of air. A feeling of violation swept through her as Terri fucked her mouth and throat with the dildo. For what seemed an eternity to the helpless girl, Terri rammed into her mouth, her head smacking the dresser with every stroke. She was just about to pass out when she felt Terri start convulsing against her, "Ohhhhhhhh yehhhhhh baby, I'm commmming in your mouth. Take it all, bitch.....swallow every bit of it." A tiny part of her mind realized that Terri really thought she was a man, and she shuddered in revulsion. Then Terri pulled the cock out her mouth and she could breathe freely again. She hung her head down, gasping for breath through her battered throat and crying as Terri leaned against the dresser, breathing hard. Vickie wailed, "Terri, how could you do that to me?" as she continued to cry.
Terri was filled with two conflicting emotions: regret that she had raped her friend, but also with a curious exhilaration at the power she had felt while she was doing it. She was opening her mouth to beg for Vickie's forgiveness when her eye spied the vaseline on the dresser. Without a conscious idea of what she was doing, she reached out and picked it up. She scooped out a big glob and swabbed it up and down the length of the dildo, shivering again at the sensations that welled up in her again. She set it back on the dresser, then reached down and grabbed Vickie by her shoulders. Before Vickie could react, she pulled her up, spun her around and pushed her down onto the bed.
"Noooooo, what are you doing?" spilled from her mouth as Terri placed a hand between her shoulders to hold her down. She wriggled around, trying to get up as Terri yanked her tee shirt up. She grabbed Vickie's panties and tore them from her, then stuffed them into her mouth as Vickie begged her to stop.
Vickie managed to wiggle an arm around to pull the panties from her mouth as Terri rubbed her slickened fingers against her pussy. Terri grunted when she realized that Vickie was wet...until Vickie had realized what was happening and tried to stop their little game, she had been getting aroused too. She took the cock in her right hand and placed the head against the tight little hole, then pushed against it hard. The delicate lips parted and the head slid into Vickie's pussy.
"TERRI, NOOOOOO!!!" Vickie moaned out as the cock slipped into her. She could feel her muscles stretching to allow the intruder in, and she moaned in despair as Terri pushed deeper and deeper into her. "Please, don't...." She started crying again as she pleaded with Terri to stop. She shuddered at the touch of Terri's crotch smacking into her legs as the cock bottomed out in her. "No no no no..." spilled from her lips as Terri started a slow rhythmic stroking in and out of her. Then to her deepening horror, she realized that her body was reacting positively to Terri's strokes, that she was pushing back to meet Terri's forward thrusts and that her pussy was grabbing at the cock as it slipped outwards. She wept bitter tears as her no's turned into yes'es, as she heard her voice, like the voice of a stranger, begging Terri to fuck her harder. Terri smiled broadly as she heard Vickie begging, the power rushing through her and making her feel like a god as she continued to fuck Vickie harder and faster.
Even as her mind retreated to a safe place, Vickie was swept along towards a powerful orgasm. As it swept over and through her, she shuddered and shook as the intensity of it filled her senses to over-flowing. Her hands drummed at the bed as she bucked under the battering cock and shrieked aloud, then collapsed.
Terri stroked in and out of the soaked pussy a few more times before realizing that Vickie had fainted. She stopped, then slowly pulled the cock out, Vickie's pussy still grabbing at it. She looked down at Vickie, her smile the equal of any power-mad smile of any madman in history. She started to reach up and shake Vickie's shoulder to wake her, then stopped as another thought struck her. Her face twisted into a leering grin, she turned back to the dresser again. She picked up the vaseline again, then scooped out another glob. She applied it to the dildo again, covering it thickly and leaving an extra smear at the head. She scooped another glob up, then stretched her left hand out and spread Vickie's buttocks apart as she smeared the vaseline around and into Vickie's puckered anus. She took her cock...yes, it was hers now...and placed the head against the tiny hole, then began to push.
Vickie's eyelids began to flutter as Terri's finger poked into her ass, then opened fully as she realized what was about to happen to her. "No, not there, not my ass," she moaned. "I'll do anything you want, just don't..." but Terri was beyond caring about anything. She pushed harder and her cock head forced its way through the tight ring of muscles guarding the virginal passage. Vickie shrieked as a bolt of pain shot through her, then mercifully fainted again as Terri worked her cock ever deeper into her ass. As Vickie's ass loosened under her assault, she fell into a slow rhythm of full-length strokes that grew shorter and quicker as another orgasm built in her. When she felt it break over her, she gave another hard full-length stroke that made both girls grunt with the strength of it, then she collapsed onto Vickie's back, spent. After a short time, she pushed herself back up, then drew back until her cock pulled out of Vickie's ass with a hollow popping sound. She took a staggering step backwards, then another...then collapsed on her own bed and passed out.
Vickie awoke, her body wracked with pain from Terri's assault. She lay quietly with her eyes closed, afraid to move, afraid she might start Terri up again. Then she heard a long snore, followed by another and another, and she realized Terri was asleep. She gingerly lifted her head and looked behind her, yes, there she was, asleep on her bed. She got shakily to her feet, a rage filling her as he looked at her rapist. She looked around, wanting to find something to hit her with, but then a new thought flooded into her mind. "What if she wakes up when I hit her? She'll just hurt me again." She knew she could never overpower Terri if she was awake, so her thoughts turned to flight. She hurriedly dressed and grabbed her purse and car keys. As she went out the door, she stopped for one last look at Terri, knowing she would never return to face her again. Then she closed the door and started for the stairs to leave.
At the first landing, she bumped into Susan, the resident assistant for her floor. She was holding onto the railing as she navigated her way back up to her room. Susan blurted out, "Damn I'm fucked up...can you help me up to my room?" but Vickie just shook her head silently. Susan focused her eyes on Vickie's tear-streaked face, then asked, "Are you okay?"
"I gotta go," Vickie answered, and she fled on down the stairs and out into the night as Susan stared after her, wondering if she should try to catch up to her. Then she shook her head and turned back to the stairs again....


"...And that was it, George. I never returned to the college again. My parents ended up getting my stuff the next weekend, since they were going up for homecoming anyway. When they asked me the next day why I had come home, I just told them that I wanted to work for awhile, that I wasn't ready for college yet. They asked me a few more times during the week, but stopped asking me after they picked up my stuff when they could see I was not going back. I got a job and tried to put it all behind me, although I had endless nightmares for the next two years, until my visit with the woman who freed me from the nightmare."
"Who was she? A therapist?"
"Oh no, just someone who understood my situation very well and came to see me. With her help, I was able to forget about it all, well, at least until I saw that picture earlier. Now it's your turn to help me....just keep holding me and showing me you love me and I'll be able to put this behind me. Not now, but later, I'll tell you about the woman and the rest of the story, but for now I just want you to hold me and tell me you love me."
George hugged Vickie tight, "You know I love you, Vickie, with all my heart and soul and I want to help you get through this again."
"I know you do, George, and we'll make it through this together. Now just hold me and let's try to get some sleep." She dropped her head to his chest, then closed her eyes. George lay there holding her, his mind whirling as he tried to grasp the horror of all she had endured....


2006-02-18 09:06:42
yeh oogman no-one gives a fuck, stupid fucking faggot, dont even bother giving points out of 10 fuckhead


2005-12-11 00:42:26
it's good if you want criticism on how ot make it beter id just sya , it's easy to maybe make htings more realistic diolog wise, it woudl help some flow a bit andm ake it seme natural , just an easy way to improve it. good job.


2005-12-03 09:05:31
who gives a fuck what you think oogman


2005-12-03 08:05:58
I didn't see it as any better than a 4/10


2005-12-02 23:32:44
That was actually very good first installment. It wasn't a slow start at all. Ready for the next one.

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