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Lust and Horny
Heather slowly approachs the closed dark basement door with trepidation and caution; what lies beyond is a world that is messy and dangerous. It is John's private workshop full of sharp tools, dirty workbenches, vise clamps, and all sizes of scrap wood. She has not seen me in four hours, and she is wondering what creation I'm working on down here. Peering into the brightly lit small room, she got a strong whiff of freshly cut sawdust which thickly blankets the tiled floor. The aroma is a huge turn on acting as a manly cologne permeating the air teasing her feminine brain with intense, inviting pheromones. Its opaque and powerful earthy fragrance wafts up off the floor surrounding her senses producing lustful thoughts and creating in her mind a sensual atmosphere in this rough solid tooled world.

I look so hot and sexy, standing there in my blue jeans beside the tall turning lathe. I'm working on a bowl, woven with grains of light and dark wood throughout its texture. It is clamped sideways on the large machine slowly rotating. I'm supervising its construction as I manually sand the oak vase in my hands with sandpaper. She imagines the feel of the smooth, silky round wood coated with a dusting of sawdust slipping around in my fingers. I turn around to look at her; the front of my old black shirt covered with shavings of wood. Switching off the lathe; I smile.

Wandering over to me in her flats trying not to slip on the course wood-chip covered floor. She is looking at the chisels, hand saws, screwdrivers, and hammers all neatly organized on the walls. From the look of the mess under the table-mounted circular saw, I must be working on other projects too. She softly kisses my seductive lips. " I'm so horny this afternoon," She says with a hungry wide grin.

Putting down the vase and sandpaper pulling her closer I press her short see-through pink tee-shirt up against my dirty chest; Heather is helpless in my strong arms. I pick her up carring her over to the beat up old wooden workbench lying against the side wall of my shop. The block countertop is at least eight inches thick and has been in the shop for a couple of generations. Nicks, holes, and knots give it character like an old man with laugh wrinkles. Her butt settles down on the top near the edge; I spread her legs to straddle me.

Our tongues intertwine in unison as we kiss with deep passion. Her hands gently stroke the sides of my face fingering my week old abrasive dark stubble. I go unshaven looking rugged and beautiful to her, manly as ever. Pushing aside the pencils, square sheets of sandpaper of various grits, a ruler, and my half empty coffee cup I prepare a temporary fucking bed. Heather lies back alongside the lengthy bench managing to rest a foot up on one of the vise clamps that is hanging off the edge of the countertop. My long blonde hair falls into sawdust on the table. I kiss her before unzipping her pants.

Heather lifts her butt as I pull down her jeans and little transparent lace panties dropping them on the dusty slivery floor; she loves me to undress her. The rough grooves and dents in the wooden workbench feel like hard mountains and valleys against the soft skin of her butt cheeks. She is so turned on thinking about having sex in my machined and dirty world. Smells of heavenly cedar and sweet pine filling her nostrils, from the depths of the workshop floor, as strong as pure essential oils fresh from the bottle. A sharp splinter of wood penetrates her butt, she whimpiers in pain, I roll her over and using a pair of pliers I extract the sliver of wood. With a sharp slap on her ass she whimpiers again, this time with pleasure as I roll her back.

My lips descend onto her clean shaved pussy. With closed eyes her legs open further resting one foot up on my shoulder. She moans " oooohhhh..aaaahhhhh,"
with excited anticipation. Being spread open here on top of the workbench in the basement is titillating. Heather starts to writhe, while my hot wet mouth sucks her sensitive swollen clit. I reach to her tee-shirt, while licking, and grabbing a knife from the bench cutting up the length of it between her nice-round breasts, ripping it apart to lay either side of her on the bench. Pinching her nipples between my fingers, she submits her body for my pleasure.

Her nipples turn hard and pointy under my control, never ever getting quite enough attention. Her clit dances and quivers as I continue to eat. She imagines the big fat baseball bat penetrating her cunt, as she is drugged on the wooden fragrance swirling around the room. Her hips pump wanting more. I lick faster. She feels my tongue flicking back and forth over her excited bulb sweeping her further upward into ecstasy. Opening her eyes she sees a variety of drills, planes of all sizes, belt sanders, a jig-saw table, and near her head sorted boxes of nails and screws.

Tools and machines how manly, how dominating; the excitement throughout her groin is soaring to an ultimate climax. She pretends the big baseball bat is plunging deeper into her aching and wanting cunt over and over. Her butt cheeks clench and her thighs squeeze tight lifting her lower back off the hard cool bench. My hot mouth covering her clit licking her frantically. Breathing and panting from her dry lips, she lets slip out a few moans of pleasure.

Heather yells, " Yes, yes!" A spiral path of direct sharp burning suddenly travels from her sensitive clit into the very center of her being. Wild thunderous contractions rip through her body from head to toe, as she howls and thrashes as the wave of strong orgasm crashs. She is heaving and bucking her hips, I grab her ass and thighs preventing her from falling off the workbench.
Her clit irregularly pulsates with short stings at the top of each peak until the waves of after-shock subside. I gently, lovingly, plant little kisses on her pussy.

She raises her head up to look into my green eyes; my gray wavy hair is messy and full of fine sawdust. " Thank you, that was a big one!" She whispers drained of energy. She is surrounded by extra testosterone levels from my workshop ambiance and tool-driven surroundings. She is lying on the workbench with its flaws, marks and cracks. She is still very aroused. It is a dirty appealing world, one she hungers for, full of the erotic pleasant odors of earthy soiled wood and sweat.

" I see you liked the monster dildo in the shape of a baseball bat," I said holding up the handle dripping with her sweet juice. " It was real?" Heather asks. " The real thing is yet to come" I reach down unzipping my jeans to release the hard straining monster bulge that's been trying to burst its own way out. She leans back on the large workbench behind her as I return to ravishing her breasts with kisses. her chest, and her neck. I pull at her ears, grabbing her head in my hands and tipped it back. I fasten my lips on her throat and swabbing it with my tongue. She begins to moan " ooooooohhhhhhh....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh..ooooohhhhhh."

Suddenly, one hand on her breast, pulling it into my mouth, my other hand rubbing her pussy. She is so wet, the dildo has made her soaking wet. My middle finger roughly penetrates her. I continue sucking on her breast as I roughly rub her clit over and over. Heather involuntarily lifts one leg allowing me to pull out my finger and insert my thumb. My diddling finger is coated liberally with her juicess as I rim her ass as my thumb continues to plunder her cunt. I thrust my finger in her tight anus and she shudders. She has not gotten comfortable being attacked this way.

A million thoughts race through her head but in front of them all is a flashing red sign that said, " Relax, let it happen. Go ahead and come. He's making you hum like a tuning fork. Give in and let it all go." She relaxes as she humps her pelvis forward into his hand. " Oh God," she cries out. " Don't stop whatever you do." My lips abandon her breast, I lower myself to the floor. Suddenly, my thumb is replaced by my tongue. My tongue is long that thrashes violently in her cunt. I lift one leg over my shoulder then attack her pussy again. I grab her hips, sucking her clit into my mouth along with the upper lips of her pussy. I suck hard on it, while lashing it with the tip of my tongue.

I'm a master at the art of pleasing a woman. She sucks in her breath and grabs my head. She pulls me into her pussy so tightly that I can hardly breathe. She cries out in her orgasm and releases me. I suddenly stand up turning her so her butt is on the edge of the work bench. I grab her legs pushing them up into her chest. The bottom of her spine pinched as she leans back against the pegboard, hung with tools. They dig into her back but she is oblivious. She feels my cock pushing at her cunt, then I'm inside her. I roughly shove my hard cock inside her. I'm slamming hard in and out of her with all my strength. The tools on the pegboard rattling in rhythm with my thrusts. Her eyes are closed, her mouth open. I'm grunting as each stroke is hard and deep inside her.

Her orgasm had only briefly subsided, now is raging again within her. Heather is feeling rippling sensations of my cock driving deep inside her, slamming against her cervix. I hear her moaning a deep long soulful moan " oooooohhhhhh! oooooooohhhhhhh! aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" as I push in deeper and hold there with my hairy balls laying against her little bud of a clitoris. " ooooooooooo” turn to grunts “ ugh, ugh, ugh” as I grind against her womb. I pull out only leaving the head of my cock in her, then slam all the way back in. I did this over and over again. She looks at me with her mouth and eyes wide open gasping each time I slam into her unprotected pussy. I continue this for the next ten minutes.

I grasp her legs as I slam her back aganist the wall. Grinding my cock in as deep as possible scraping against the opening of her cervix. She keeps groaning and moaning, " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!! "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW" " OHHH! OHHH!! UUHHH! OHHH! UH-UH-UH-UUUHHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!! "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWW" like a whore with every thrust! The excitement of cumming inside her unprotected pussy drives me to the edge of insanity and my cock grows harder and bigger. I'm slamming her cervix, hitting the entrance to her womb! Heather is turning her head from side to side moaning “ yes, yes, yes, oh God yes,oh please, yes." I feel her muscles twitch, tighten and spasm around my rock hard cock.

She gasps as her body is shuddering. She is orgasming again! Her body is shaking in the thros of her orgasm. The walls of her pussy clamping down on my cock and squeezing. My cock head forces her cervix to open wide! I used the opportunity to push through the opening of her cervix and into her open womb! There is a loud popping noise as the head of my cock enters her womanhood! She wails “oh, oh, oh my God, what are you doing to meeeee!!!”

The thought of cumming inside Heather's pussy, sends me into a frenzy as I grab her hips with all of my strength, driving my cock another inch inside her cervix. “ aaaahhhhh! Oh God, Oh God, Oh my God! Please take it out, its too deep, I can’t take it!” The head of my cock inside of her womb is so engorged it feels like it is going to pop off and explode. Her cervix is convulsing around the head of my cock so strong it feels like a mouth sucking my cum out! Then I feel my balls tighten. My cock grows bigger inside of her and starts twitching. She feels this too, her eyes grow wide with a
look of panic and fear of what she knows is coming.

Her uterus is convulsing as her cervix is clamping down on the head of my cock! With a new look of panic on her face she screams, “ YES, CUM INSIDE ME, I’m all yours John." It seems like slow motion as I feel my sperm leaving my balls and traveling up my long shaft and finally exploding out of the engorged head of my throbbing cock into her open waiting womb! Spurt after spurt of thick white cum fills her belly as I push in and grind deep into
her. She looks into my eyes with her beautiful tear filled eyes whispering now, “ Oh God, John. You make me a complete woman.” I hold my rock hard cock deep inside her as her womb convulses, sucks, and drains every drop of cum from me. As I finish cumming inside of her I start to pull my cock out, there is a loud pop as her cervix reluctantly releases the head of my cock. She sighs and looks at me. She knew now that I owned her and her life would never be the same. As my cock slides back out of her a long string of my thick sticky semen trails down her inner thigh.

I lift Heather off the workbench taking her to a mattress in the corner of basement. She goes down on her hands and knees, I spread her legs apart sliding between them on my knees. My hands are all over her ass as I rub some spit down her crack. Then casually I slip my finger along it until I get to her ass and I push the tip inside. I hear her gasp a little, she doesn't protest so I push the finger in deeper. Another gasp and her ass clenches a little but nothing I can't handle so a bit deeper.

This time she sighs. I grin. I add a second finger.
Now she is getting into it. Heather was born for anal, I swear to you! Her hips start pressing up off the mattress into my fingers. She starts to whimper and moan sounding like a cat in heat. I pull my fingers out, pushing the thick head against her lubed hole. I groan as it pops in it feels so fine.

" Damn John, your so big," she says as she feels me inside her tight ass for the fourth time. " Baby, we are just getting started," I say as I lean into her, sliding myself further inside her tight ass inch by inch.
" Fuck, John, it hurts!" she cries as I continue to shove it inside her.
" Shhh, baby, it's all good," I say as I reach around with one hand to cover her mouth in case she starts screaming. I ain't stopping. Fucking cock tease is getting all of it.

Finally, I've worked myself in, she is calm, getting used to the feel of my thick cock up her ass. She starts to wiggle, just a bit, liking the feeling. I start to ease in and out as she starts to moan, guttural moans of " oh yeah, John." " fuck my ass, John." I move my hand away. Hot little anal lover.

I put my hands on her hips and pull her back against me, pushing every inch of my cock inside her, as I am whispering in her ear, " I fucking your ass Heather. You have a gorgeous ass. Like getting your ass fucked, Heather?"

She whimpers and hisses a bit then I hear a low "yesssssss."
So I said to her, " Well, that's good, Heather, I plan on fucking it a lot."
She lets out some kind of screech at that and slams back hard against me, her body cumming loads and loads of sweet juice as my cock continues to rip her hot ass apart. So fucking hot, feeling her body letting loose underneath me. I can't hold back shooting a huge load into her ass. We collapse on the mattress, our bodies covered with sweat. After a few minutes I raise up pulling my cock out of her ass.
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