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Nayla takes Nina and Lucius for some play time
Pleasure Spirit

This story contains loads of paranormal stuff as well as magic and (gasp) a plot. I will try to have as many sections start with sex as possible, but the first section will require background. Sex scene is towards the end of this chapter.

Chapter 4: Next Friday Night (MF, mc, oral, 1st, shower play)

The week dragged on, Lucius asked his parents, a few teachers and Nayla if any of them knew of job opportunities. Nayla suggested Birmingham (but didn't elaborate). Nina and he didn't want to go to a football game again (she didn't care for the sport), so they went to a dinner [movie] theater but the health department did a snap inspection about 3:30 that day and closed them down for violations. Nayla rolled up in a 26 year old 15 passenger van ('antique car' tags but very little nostalgia-appeal). She offered to put her vespa in the back and the three of them team lifted the motorbike.

Nina asked Nayla, "So what are your plans for tonight?"

"Fun and profit."

About 2 hours or so, they rolled onto the Reservation near Philadelphia (the Philadelphia nearest Cuba, Alabama). In the parking lot, Nayla asked them how much each had. When they told it, it handed the same amount. "If you double that, you owe me 1.5 times what I gave you, else I don't care if you pay me back or not." She also told them to hold their IDs as if they were printed landscape (i.e. the way 21 or older are printed) not letter (as ones made when the owner was under 21). "They will think your birthday is the same, but barely legal."


"Would you believe, Jedi mind trick?" Nayla said with a laugh.

"We're going to get caught."

"Then by the agreement, you don't have to pay me back."

"Fine, I'll try it." Nina shrugged.

"I've seen this shit before. If this were a sequal to Anansi Boys, I'd think she's Spider's sister."

"Never heard of it."

Nayla laughed, "Thank you, I try to make life interesting. Never READ the book..." She pulled out a cardboard sleeve mostly blue-black and red with several CDs in it and the title Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman in large, but unemotional, letters (a different book had large friendly letters on the cover).

Nina said, "I'm not sure how much I remember for your gaming course."

"Simplest game to play is blackjack." Nayla clarified.

"Let's sit at the same table." Lucius suggested.

This was an Indian Casino, so the lowest table game with 3 seats available was $15 per hand. They sat and within about an hour, Nina had turned her 20 and Nayla's 20 combined into 250 (or 220 after she realized it and gave Nayla the 30 she owed). Lucius had only the 20 Nayla gave him then the 20 she leant him but turned that into 330 (thanks to the side bet that only he tried and others would have lost on). Nayla was doing even better: started with $100 and was up to $1313 (not including either companion's repayment). Nayla was helping herself and friends by telling them what the next card in the shoe and the hole card via telepathy. This gave Nina and Lucius to wave off additional cards when they had 13 or 14, knowing the dealer had a 9 and 6 (even when the next card in the shoe was a 7). Nina was beginning to believe she was psychic and not even known it.

They wanted to try other card games and this eventually got them the Mississippi Stud table. Nina thought about her mother and how unlike her it was to not call her when she was around Lucius (or anyone else for whom Caridad had only uncharitable comments). Nina asked Nayla about this. Nayla said, "Your mother got very sleepy. She's asleep at the moment and will remain so until 8:30 tomorrow morning... sorry this morning (another 7 hours). You could call and still not wake her."

Nina was torn, if she didn't call in, she'd be scolded and perhaps grounded for this, but she wondered if letting sleeping mothers lie would be better course of action. Nayla added, "Chose one course of action and I'll make it the better one."

Nina left, rang her mother (and got the answering machine), left a message and hope she didn't call back.

"She stayed asleep." Nayla stated (not asked).

"Sí." Nina said numbly.

By the time they were ready to color up, they had each had increased their piles and had slightly over $3000 among them (with Nayla still owning the majority, albeit smaller majority). Nayla accepted a comp room and Nayla Lucius and Nina there. "Nayla, who are you?"

Nayla replied, "I'm an alien from a different dimension. My species has no body in any sense your biologists would perceive the term. Since I lack mass, I can travel faster than the speed of light."

"Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light." Nina objected.

"Not quite true. Nothing WITH MASS can travel faster than light's speed. I have no mass. I can create a body to interact with corporeal creatures. I'm young for my kind, but I'm the oldest one on this planet (well there are some trees older than I, but I'm older than the two oldest humans put together). Most of my species think you muggles... in the meaning that shortly predates a story in many volumes that added another definition to the term."

Nina looked to Lucius.

"Uninteresting, inept or boring." Lucius gave the correct definition and some incorrect ones.

"How can you nourish yourself without a body?" Nina asked.

Nayla said, "A very intelligent question. Emotions among some animal species on your planet, cause... there's no word in your languages, vibrations is the closest, but I loathe paranormalists and their terms."

Nina looked confused, "¿Esta non sequitur?"

"Sorry, I got side tracked, the upshot from this reality is that pleasure, joy and everything similar nourishes me."


"I'm weakened right now and I could use a little nourishment. The casino is making too much money right now to dig through the shit for the morsels."

Nina asked, "What do you want from me?" She wasn't sure she wanted the answer.

"Experience pleasure of some sort."

"You mean have sex with Lucius."

"Or me, or someone."

Lucius said, "Nina, I'm willing--"

"You planned this?"

"No." Nayla pushed the concept that she was dead serious into Nina's mind and Nina was too inexperienced around it to know the difference between her and its thoughts (thus her mistaken belief she was psychic).

"I'm not on anything. I haven't decided who'd have my virginity. I don't even know how to suck a dick."

"Nina, relax." Lucius was already on kneeling on a pillow with his side against her left leg (her thighs were closed. "One act that I saved doing for someone I felt a real emotional connection for. I swear you can't get pregnant from it. I'll even keep penis in my boxers (although I'll be removing my pants)."


"Ever hear the term Cunnilingus?"

"No idea what that means."

"It's... in Spanish, I suppose: boca por el placer de la dama."

"Why remove your pants?" Nina now suspected her mother was right about Lucius.

"My erection is making keeping them on, uncomfortable."

He stood, removed them slowly, hiked the boxers back as was and the head of his penis barely peaked out his boxer's left leg, "Now for your pants and nickers... if you don't want this, you don't have to."

Nayla nodded, "You could just try necking or something."

Lucius crawled over her and Nina laid back almost like a pair of dancers. Lucius kissed her lips gently and repeatedly. Then Nina grabbed the back of his head, pulled him to her and stuck her tongue into his mouth. Lucius got even harder (he was discovering he liked it better when the woman penetrated his mouth). He caressed her breasts though her sweater vest, cardigan shirt, sleeveless undershirt and full-cup bra. "Nayla, please buy me a razor and shaving gel." Nina begged.


"I need to shave under my shoulders and legs."

"I won't hold that against you."

"If you're not teasing about... 'mamas su'." touching her crotch as she spoke the Spanish words, "You might want me to shave."

"Would you permit me to look?"

Nina barely held back tears when she said, "Please don't hate me." After a few moment, you remove them, I can't bring myself."

Lucius unbuckled her belt. She put all her weight on her soles and shoulders as she lifted her ass off the bed. He removed her jeans and panties as a unit. Before she could let herself down, he pulled her jeans off her feet and sent her Birkenstock knock offs bouncing off a wall. He tossed her jeans onto the other bed, then put his nose into her crotch, inhaled and gave a two word assessment, "Muy delicioso." (most delicious).

She smiled nervously. He slid his hands over her thighs. The did feel something like sandpaper and said, "Nayla, please hurry on that razor and cream; Will I need to use that too?"

She felt his cheeks, smiled and nodded. They continued to fondle and French kiss as Nayla literally ran into the empty stairwell, then appeared at the ground floor, exited the stairs, picked up the hair removal tools and ran up the stairs as fast as her current form allowed (she picked up her wad of cash and room key card when she got back to her floor... nothing that she didn't create could make the 'instant trip'). She stuffed it in her pocket as she left the stairwell.

Once back in her room, she handed the blue razor named after an olympian and women's unscented shaving cream. From the purse it had created, it removed a small pair of scissors (these were very sharp and while they existed from because of it's desire to, they were still real at this moment and therefore usable). "¿Por qué?"

"Would you like me to remove just your leg hair?"

"Or what?"

"Want to find if bald is beautiful feeling?"

"You want 'mi coño sin rizados'?"

"Yes, but feel free to veto it."

"I'm keeping this hair tonight. Does that make me less desirable?"

"I love your independent mien."

"I'm not mean."

"No, independent mien, that's mien spelled m-i-e-n, is a mind not always yielding to others'."

"Why not say things more simply?"

"Two reasons, you're more than smart enough to understand, and learn if needed, what I'm saying, and second: I'm something of a braggart. I love it when others realize that I'm intelligent and I have talents."

During this time, Nina briefly forgot she was stripped from her waist to her soles save for dirty socks. "Would your mother freak if you came home without pussy hair?"

"No, mom doesn't look at me naked normally. She's so modest, she doesn't like to see anyone with little clothing. The last two times she saw me without panties was the time in first grade I couldn't hold my water long enough (she helped me clean up). And when I was 16... Mama noticed the number of pads and tampons for me remained unchanged for 7 weeks. Without telling me she bought a pregnancy test and watched as she made me piss on it. In case your sex ed teacher never told you, every woman misses a period or two over the first 5 to 7 years of having periods."

She let him shave her her legs. Then stood behind him and shaved the beard, not the beginnings of the mustache, face. When he asked, she replied innocently, "How can you possibly give me a mustache ride without a mustache?" She then pulled off his boxers and shaved his legs (he didn't object too hard). She almost took him into her mouth but lacked the courage to do this. She removed her sweater vest and laid back. "I've read some about this, but I've never done this and I know enough that one woman might like something another dislikes. I'm going to try several things, let me know when I do something you like."

She nodded and he began by putting his face between her thighs and French kissing her lips. Nayla sat on the toilet on Nina's request, but Nayla moved herself instantly to laying on the floor close to the bed 'above and behind' Nina's head (had Nina been standing up). Neither he nor she knew it had moved. Lucius continued his French kissing and noted her lack of reaction. In Spanish he asked, "Pleasure?"

She shook her head, "No, neither displeasure nor pleasure."

He tried licking her inner thighs from halfway to her knees to her labia. This got her to smile. "May I put my fingers in you?"

"Uno." and held up one finger.

He slid gave her pussy the left hand finger as it were (well penetrated her with his longest finger). He licked her clit hood and she shuttered in pleasure when he licked. He felt her damped too. He pulled out his finger and used his left hand to remove a curly hair from his tongue. "No stopping." She didn't sound desperate, just whispered sharply.

He looked in her eyes as he fucked her with the longest finger of his left hand.

She asked, "What did you do with your tongue as you did that to me?" indicating the finger fucking. "Don't stop that... feels good, just do the other again."

"This?" He feigned innocence. Then licked her clit hood, this time his tongue slipped under the hood.

She threw her head back and whispered, "Madre del Dios."

He smiled. He knew what a woman could to make him cum, now he is going to start to learn how to return the favor. It wasn't that he was submissive (except for preferring penetrated in French kissing nothing submissive was preferred over it's opposite or counterpart). He pulled his finger, now dripping wet. He licked his finger clean of her juice. "I think I lied earlier... Muy delicioso doesn't begin to do justice to your taste." He put his nose deep into her forest of curls and drove his tongue as deeply as he could and touching everything with his tongue as he could when he did.

This got her very self-conscious and unnerved. She was very reluctant to let him continue and nearly pushed him off her until she realized this felt good. She then relaxed and got into the pleasure. When the tongue deep in her twat started to lose some of its pleasure, she said, "Try some other things. Let's find out what else feels good."

He licked her outer lips, then carefully and slowly licked only the inside of her outer lips and outside of her inner lips (this was done at the same time, more from how thick his tongue was than anything else). He then lick the inside of her inner lips. This evoked, "Madre del Dios" again, but this time at a loud conversation volume and spoken like a porn queen overacting her lines. "Mi pipita, no le hagas caso." (in context: my clit, don't ignore her). By this time her clitoris had risen above the forest of her hair.

"esta pipote?" (pipote = (lit.) big sunflower seed (in context) clit).

He knew more than enough biology to know why the clit and the penis seemed similar and pushed her hair down and away from her clit and licked her like Nayla licked his penis last month. She closed her eyes, loudly mewled in pleasure and spread her legs wider. She then began to alternate, "Más a me" (more to me) and "Gracias." (thanks). After a few times, she went quiet, shoved his head down and said, "¡Mamame pipita!" With his mouth around her clitoris, he sucked (thus obeyed her) the only thing he could. She threw her head back and let out a long moan for over 12 seconds then panted, "¡Esta orgasmo!" as her hands went slack. She was almost paralyzed below the waist.

He laid next to her, grabbed her and pulled her on top of him. He was still in socks, boxers and a t-shirt. His legs felt unusually cold to him and he wondered at it, until he remembered the 'foreplay with a razor' between the two of them. Her pussy still dripped natural lubricants drenching his boxers as he laid there with 12 to 13 stones of hot mamacita spread out on his body. He stroked her back as he held her and whispered in her ear, "Quiero te." (quierer was verb that could mean to want [polite phrasing], to like or to love). He continued in Spanish, "I want to thank you for opening yourself up to me. I want to be worthy of receiving such a gift."

She pushed up kissed him, made a face on tasting herself and said, "You are worthy." She was thinking straight enough to use English.

"I love palming your chichis."

"You want to see them?"

"If you're willing to show, I'm willing to look."

"Take your shirt off first."

He obeyed (working his shirt front between her body on his). He tossed the shirt on top of Nayla. Nayla decided to sit up. "Thank you, that was a delicious experience."

"Agreed." Lucius said.

"You think..." She couldn't imagine anyone loving eating pussy (although she was beginning to see how some people experiment with lesbianism just to receive that).

"You taste wonderful."

"Thanks." She had no idea what to say and that seemed the safest option.

She was uneasy but couldn't put hands to snaps while pushing herself up. "Would you like to strip me the rest of the way?" He struggled to unbutton a snap for almost 20 seconds before he realized his error and pulled the shirt open.

"Lower yourself. You're not heavy, you're my lover." Nayla groaned but Nina had no reaction to Lucius' pun.

She felt his hands on her naked back, when he slid his hands up the undershirt and moaned in pleasure. Lucius wasn't going to mention his needs (he'd masturbate to memories of tonight regardless). Nayla (despite knowing Lucius' desires to the contrary) asked, "Want to learn how to suck his dick?"

"You don't need to do anything you don't want." Lucius said.

"I do want to try but I don't think I can finish." She said.

It added, "I can finish if you need me to."

"No, Nayla. I turned down your offers of blow jobs because I want Nina as my lover, not one of my lovers."

Nina was shocked at the level of loyalty he gave her and never told her, "If I watched her and I gave my permission on an act-by-act basis, would you still object?"

"No, but know this... I don't want to force a change in you. If you want to make a change, I'll do what I can to help."

"Was what he said true? Did he turn down a blow job?"

"Twice." It said with 2 fingers of her right hand in the air (like a peace sign from the 1960's).

"One of us will finish him with a mouth." She looked Nayla in the eyes.

She took corner of the comforter soaked with her juices and tossed it away. He retrieved it and put that corner on the side of his head so he could smell her.

Nina knelt on the pillow. She was very nervous and fights nervous nausea as she put his dick in her mouth. After a moment of licking and psyching herself up, the head goes in her mouth and her warm wet mouth sucks him. Lucius tries positive reinforcement. His praise had the opposite effect (scaring her off his cock). Nayla fetches a washcloth and both wash him off.

Nina tries again and gets maybe 2 inches in. She finds herself salivating like a Saint Bernard and decides to spread this extra spit around using her tongue. He laid back and moaned in pleasure. Nina pauses in fear, but Nayla speaks up, "Nina, that's a moan of pleasure. Keep it up girl and he'll agree to anything."

Nina gulps (but did so with his head in her mouth) which evoked a smile and sigh. Nina tries to get more in and gets 3 inches (successfully holding back her panic but not even reaching her gag reflex). She didn't move her mouth for more than a minute. She hummed tunelessly then sucked him hard and alternated.

Nayla piped up, "Not a bad idea. Remember 50% of the nerve endings on the typical dick are in the purple . You get that in your mouth and you're half way to deep throat. You put the dead into your throat and you can squeeze that head as you suck and gulp."

Lucius adds, "Just don't bite and you can't give bad head."

Nina emptied her mouth suddenly, "Sorry, this is a bit new to me. I'll get better, I promise."

Lucius opened his arms, hugged her and kissed her lips, "Thanks for everything you've done. You're doing good. You might not have used those muscles before, at least not like that, so lay back and relax." Lucius gave her a chest massage that he enjoyed more than she. She felt guilty she couldn't give better head.

"Nayla, could you take over... but don't let him cum, I want to finish... if you don't mind?"

Lucius replied, "Anything that'd make you comfortable."

"Nayla... suck him, please."

"My pleasure."

Nayla deep throats him easily, Nina's jaw drops, "How the suck?"

Nayla paused gave a lurid deion of what she should do. She returns the blow job to Nina's mouth. Nayla dematerialized, then rematerialized, on its back, hands on Nina's ass and face between Nina's legs. "No, I don't want les--" She closed her eyes and gulped, "Thanks, Nayla, that makes me breathe easier." Nayla had become a 19 to 21 year old nerdy caucasian with a small-to-average dick and too light skin. She smiled and licked his head and spoke each word separated by a lick, "Lucius! you've GOT to try giving and getting at the same time." She moaned in pleasure as she bobbed on his dick with gusto (never more than 2 inches pass the outside of her lips, but the frequency of her moans just hit his nerve endings the right way).

"I'm not going to last much longer, swallow, just let me cum in your mouth or let me paint your tits white."

She pulled out, "Give me a last second warning."

He sat up and gasped, "That's it." and she felt the first load splatter across her tongue and drops hit her throat. She removed him, and he grabbed his and his semen coated her big tits.

Lucius asked Nayla to share what its doing and experiencing. He wanted this knowledge because he knew Nayla was doing a better job on her pussy than he did. From earlier conversations, he knew it had tens of thousands of sexual encounters with humans (of both genders and ages from 12 or 13 to someone estimated to be 99 years old). Ironically its early-pubescent lovers explicitly wanted and sometimes demanded it (while they were mostly virgins, they had given a relatively informed consent), but its oldest lover neither asked nor made any effort to stop the lesbian experience that ended prematurely due to the last cardiac arrest of her lifetime.

It didn't leave her hanging. Raging hard on (all 5.9 inches) clearly visible, it made her cum soon after he painted her tits white. As she came, it painted her back white (aimed blind and hit the target quite perfectly). This was a being that had more 12,000 sexual experiences as each gender along with more than 700 as an intersex individual (almost always the more subservient partner when doing oral sex, since, barring the completely sexually submissive, one tends to get more pleasure when receiving than giving oral sex). This meant it would get even more nourishment from the sex-acts.

"What time is it?" Nina wondered aloud.

"zero-1-2-3." Lucius looked at his phone.

"How late is that?"

"Just under 1.4 hours into Saturday." Nayla spoke (still in its white-and-nerdy male body) but sounding as it had always sounded when speaking.

"Are you able to change your voice?" Nina asked (shocked enough at hearing a woman's voice from a man's body to lapse into Spanish).

It nodded, "Sí." It used the same voice she used for Father David Sanchez, but Nina didn't have enough of a memory for voices, especially from a 1-conversation, to recognize this from one word. "You have enough time for a shower, just don't play together too much."

Nina blushed at this suggestion, but after a moment's contemplation, muttered, "I'm going to hell anyway." in Spanish and took gentle hold of his penis to lead him to the shower. In the shower, they embraced and kissed for about 10 minutes then she got her hands very soapy and washed his penis which turned into wanking him and let him leave his seed on the underside of her tits. He played with her tits as she wanked.

After he came, she blinked in surprise at her success at getting him to cum with no help from Nayla for the first time as well as a small drop hitting her in the dead center of her left cheek (the one just beneath her eye). He kissed her on both cheeks then her lips having no idea he removed a drop of his cum from her face when he did so. He embraced her, smearing his cum on both their chests. "Thanks, I think you might have needed that more than I."

"Why say that?"

"I'd imagine sharing fellatio with Nayla made you feel less skilled of a lover."

She stared at him then nodded numbly.

"She isn't you. I'd be lying if she means absolutely nothing to me. She's a friend; you're my only lover." In spanish, he said, "She's a rare individual; you are unique."

She silently cried (more happy than anything else) but also said, guilty and just having a delayed reaction to the weirdness of the evening.

"What are you feeling bad about?" After a pregnant pause, he said, "Nayla gave better head than I." A statement, not question. "Nayla in various bodies, has gone down on hundreds, if not thousands of pussies over the centuries, perhaps given 10,000 or more muff dives. I'd not believe you if you said I gave the better muff dive. Nayla is fond of you, pero yo QUIERO te." (he used the Spanish verb quierer because it was ambiguous meaning 'want', 'like' or 'love' and he either didn't know or couldn't admit to himself, which this was).

She smiled, "He did, I'm tired. I'll fall if I try to wash my legs."

He used a washcloth and gently fondled her firm legs as he washed, taking more than one glance between her legs as he did so.

"What is pretty about her?" She said as she tapped a finger pad against her left outer labia.

"I love the taste, the symmetry, the mystery: she's so rarely seen in public, among other things. Even when you're wearing a bra, in your case especially, one can practically see a woman's tits, no matter how high the neck line. But this girl, I wasn't nearly as willing to look until I've smelled and tasting has made me even more of a fan."

She cringed for a moment. "What's so good about the taste of mí pussy?"

"I can't put it in words, but anytime you want to get eaten again, let me know and I will."

"Better stop before we're in here past 2 p.m."

He continued to wash her up (her pussy, then her ass cheeks). He took the time fondling the largest ass cheeks he'd ever seen in person up to that point (okay, he'd only seen 3 + 2 cousins when they were toddlers and/or infants). He embraced her with one arm and washed her back with the other (all while French kissing with her penetrating him). She put her elbows about as far behind her back as she could with hands on her ass. "You put the cum there, you'll wash the cum off. I enjoy you painting my tits white, but every time you do that, you'll clean it up or you'll never do it again." She smiled.

"Yes, ma'am." He slipped the cloth deep into her cleavage and 'polished' the deepest inside of each breast. Then he moved the cloth out 'polishing' the insides of both breasts (one at a time, but both breasts each increment he moved his cloth out). He then enveloped her right tit and rubbed it through the cloth. He repeated this with her left. He moved to wipe her belly, then gently washed her throat and face (holding the showercap on the same side as the cheek and jaw he was washing).

She smiled and let herself be rinsed. He rubbed his naked hand to help remove the soap. "Are you awake now?"

She nodded.

"Wash me, please."

She crouched before him and washed his lower legs as she kissed his foreskin and smiled up at him. He got hard again (he might have been shorter than 5' 6", but he was a teenager with no health problems). She slid her body up and washed his ass while his dick was squeezed between her almost-DD's. She washed his back while she held him and tribbed her clit against his cock. She washed his neck quickly, but lingered on his chest and belly. "Don't last long."

She rinsed him, squatted in front and got less than half his 7.5 inches into her mouth. She sucked, moaned and put a very slippery finger up his ass and rubbed his prostate. Without Nina realizing it, Nayla gave her this idea. Nayla increased his arousal and he exploded into her mouth while he was warning her. Nina had decided she'd let him finish in her mouth and expected she wouldn't swallow any of it (a few drops got swallowed on reflex, but most joined the water from shower as one large off-white mass). She took a mouthful of water intending to spit, but Lucius thanked her and Frenched her. The water was split between their mouths and she was surprised that Lucius either didn't notice his cum, didn't care or both. Nina wondered overactively whether she had a bisexual in her arms. She smiled, despite that possibility, she liked this.

Nayla (back in what Lucius thought was its normal appearance) reached in, turned off the shower, pulled back the curtain. "Thanks for the extra meal. We might have to leave in the morning (so I can rest)." Nayla was naked.

Nina said, "To quote a Melissa: You sleep, I drive." She wasn't sure how to pronounce Etheridge.

"Ever drove a 15-passenger van before?"

"No, I've driven a 1997 suburban with a 2 megagram trailer, 2 brothers, a sister and a mother part way from La Libertad to Guatemala City, then from just outside Cuidad de México to Nuevo Laredo and San Jacinto to Pascagoula." She struggled to pronounce the final (and most alien to her) city name.

"Then you drive, I sleep." It smiled, then shifted to a French accent, "You two look good enough to eat... encore."

As soon as they got to the highway, he started the audiobook playing. "It's a story with a large amount of humor and some drama."

She smiled and held his hand until the drifted. "Two hands baby. You'd think I'm giving you road head how you swerved."

She laughed at that. He drifted off to sleep but she punched his shoulder after a few minutes. "Keep me up, this story alone ain't doing it."

They switched off the story after the first CD and chatted about their classes, teachers and she disliked how the students view her. She also admonished him to never tell anyone at school he wasn't a virgin, because they'd assume it was her who put out and her brother or sister would hear and then Mama would know. She made it plain that Mama knowing was the thing she didn't want to have happen.

"I want to show you how big of a change for the better you've given this community. Come to my room, 30 minutes tops, no clothing removed, nothing sexual at all." He already mapped out what he'd do before he got there.

Once at his room (Nayla seemingly asleep in the van) in the driveway. He walked her up to his room, pulled a 100 liter clear plastic bin with a blue top from the top shelf. Made his bed (or at least pulled the covers relatively taught), inverted the papers that had partially filled it, inspected it for cracks (none seen). Then took the plastic bag from his purple tulip trashcan (a gag gift from his half-sister, but too practical not to use in a location he'd never thought he'd ever invite anyone). He filled the trashcan 3 times from the tub, then emptied it into the 100 liter bin. He then dug out his black power pipe bombs (carefully and one at a time). The first one he pulled the fuse then immersed (and cursed himself for the potential for a spark). For each of the others he immersed, then pulled the fuse. He said, "I had been so disgusted by the way I was treated I was planning to duct tape these at 10 critical points. I'd likely not have collapsed the building, but even opening or slamming a door might have been enough to finish the job (assuming I did the load bearing calculations correctly). I should have done this weeks ago, but to misapply a Rilke quote." He switched to German (and deliberately misquoted), "It is not inertia alone that is responsible for relationships repeating themselves, monotonous and not renewed." He went back to English, "the original goes on bemoaning neophobia in himself and humanity in general."

"How many languages do you know?"

"Five real languages and 2 contrived ones, not counting computer languages. These are, not mentioning the obvious: German, Arabic and French with the contrived languages: Klingon and Vulcan."

"Aren't all languages contrived?"

"The 5 I know evolved over time. They changed organically in a very real sense. Contrived languages such as Esperanto and aliens' in science-fiction milieu are written by writers and/or scientists and not by an ethnicity or sub-ethnicity for everyday use."

"How did you learn them?"

"I learned Spanish from a boy from Toledo." He pronounced this city's name toe-lay-doe. "He was an exchange student when we were in fifth grade and my parents hosted him. This room had bunk beds for a while, even after he crossed the Atlantic for the second time in his life."

"Why ever make these?"

"I was sick of being rejected and taunted."

"And these? She indicated the three 9mm guns (2 submachine guns and 1 clip-fed pistol).

"Obtained legally for cash. The ammo was made in July and I have it stored in conditions as ideal as could be managed on a shoestring." Which is very good, if one does the research and can control temperature and humidity to a high-enough degree of precision.

"That's safe?"

"Maybe not entirely yet, but getting the black powder saturated will neutralize it, just that the individual munitions have 2 end caps, with rubber cement painted on the threads right before I screwed the end caps on. Rubber cement and PVC pipes are both water insoluble."

"And those?"

"Are fuses," He pulled off the blasting caps and added them to the water (as an afterthought), "Now, these are flammable and burn hotly, but they don't go boom, not even softly. They burn hot enough to make one of these pop maybe even underwater," indicating the blasting caps "but they don't go boom. These blasting caps will pop forcefully enough to cause black powder to ignite. And, unlike smokeless powder, black power never burns, only explodes.

"And that black stuff?"

"Grains of black powder. Grains very similar to how geologists use the term, not the unit of measure."

"Of all things tonight, what was the most unexpectantly pleasant?"

"Shaving your legs. I'm not submissive in the typical sense. I love the taste of pussy, but prefer to get to giving head. I'm smart enough to know that most women would not give head to someone who'd only take head. But I there are several things I love doing for you and shaving your legs was one thing I'd do for you anytime."

"And if I only said you could if I got to shave yours again?"

"I'd offer you the opportunity to shave my face again. I have already bared my throat to you in two ways in the past 10 hours."

"I know when I stood behind and scraped stubble from your neck with the same safety razor we used for our legs, but... you mean physically and metaphorically."

"Yes, if the authorities learn about this, I'd have a sentence worse than death."

She nodded. "Walk me to my bike, please."

John had woken up and was listening to the conversation. He was wearing nothing but a bathrobe almost the exact color beige as the carpet. He went to the floor softly and turned his back to them, partially curling into the fetal position and relied on teenaged self-absorption and their lack of awareness during this time of day (the 2 hour stretch nicknamed hour of assassins for the tendency of humans' reflexes and awarenesses to be at a low ebb during this time). He looked and picked up one of the plastic-encased bombs, but never let it fully breach the surface. He estimated the weight, costs in both plumbing supplies and the much more heavily regulated components. He didn't doubt his son's calculations but began to fear his son.

While Lucius helped Nina unpack her bike. "What is your first name?"


"Your license has your name as C. Nina Santa Rita."


"Must must be more embarrassing than Gertrude Gretel's given names put together. She was a kid from primary school who insisted on being called Gretchen always signed her name 'G. G. Rammsteiner'. She was about as blonde and blue but darker-skinned than either her self-given first and last name or her birth name made her out to be. She had some good features, most invisible, but there was a 'je ne sais quoi' about her that made me uneasy at the prospect of being alone with her." He said with a shutter.

"Family Guy made me never want to use my first name ever again." Nina said perturbedly.

"I saw two episodes than wished I could have that hour back, and my TV show selection reflects that assessment and others I've made for other shows, both positive and negative."

"Consuela." Like she hated to admit this.

"Pretty name. I like it better than Nina. How about going by 'Connie'?"

"Not in high school. After we're out, maybe."

He kissed her cheek, embraced her and said, "Bon voyage." tracked her with his eyes and ears until her vespa couldn't be distinguished from other internal combustion engines, then went inside.

Back inside, he saw his father in the bathroom (pissing without bothering to close the door). "Father, you were listening in and you've had more than enough time to snoop through my room and see what I was soaking in water. There are more opportunities for you to be healthy, long-lived and wise, if you don't remember what I did tonight."

"She really shaved her legs?"

"Yes. I asked if I could shave hers. She wanted to shave me... legs then noticed stubble on my face. You do realize the Venus and Mach 3 are the same razor, just with a different color scheme, product label and one with a head shape optimized to shave a woman's body and the other a human face."

"Why shave?"

"It seemed like some harmless fun. After her legs and my jaws were bald, I ate her pussy and after getting over some nerves, she let me cum in her mouth. All-in-all an exceptional date."

"Why risk showing the wetback explosives?"

"I was letting her know how much she had changed me for the better. She was sad or perhaps Catholic guilt. She's not a wetback, she's here legally. I wanted to show her something positive she's done for the community as a whole."

"You really planned to kill them all?"

"You had always pushed me never to let a slight go unavenged. That was the reason behind the plan. And, unless she happened to be sick that day, your teenaged cocksucker would have been among the crushed-slaughtered." Lucius said this with all the emotion of reading aloud his answer to a question in recent math test: 'in several full, correctly punctuated sentences, describe the first fundamental theorem of calculus and at least one practical use.' "The military would only make me a more efficient killer even less restrained by emotions or conscience. Even I knew I'd never go into uniform, no matter how far above 95, I got on the ASVAB or AFQT or whateverthefuck the Defense Department is calling it this week." He tried to smile winningly. All John saw in those teeth was the teeth of a hungry predator.

John realized he underestimated his son. He decided to help his son move out as soon as possible.

"Mr. Flaubert, I have stopped caring about your opinion of me for months. It's one of the reasons I'm still alive. Remember, I was held back in 6th grade because I spent from 11 September to 11 June in the summer after that school year at M.D. Anderson and two other institutions trying to figure out how to get rid of my Astrocytima without damaging the rest of the organ." Astrocytima is a type of brain cancer.

John was about to rebuke Lucius for being disrespectful, but Lucius pre-empted him, "Mr. Flaubert, how have I shown disrespect in addressing you. I'm not psychic, but you have 'tells' to borrow a poker term and I noticed you act as though you're about to accuse me of disrespect. I do not disrespect you, I simply dislike you." Lucius soft-pedaled only part of the truth: he loved and hated his father.
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