Mitch and Izzy share some intimate fantasies.
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Getting home close to eight pm, Izzy dropped me off after spending the last twenty-six hours with her. On the drive home, she told me about her and Randy's lost summer, getting stoned with wake-&-bakes, then spending the day doing nothing. She also said that this past summer was different because Randy ran away with his girlfriend when she got pregnant. Randy still emails saying he and Shelley were doing great, he moved to Colorado and works for a medical marijuana farm, plus he said he's saving to start his own farm with a couple friends. Izzy said her summer was spent mostly helping her grandma and mom with the business, but since her mom's death, "Grams has been trying to find someone qualified to handle the day to day things needed to run the business, something mom was intending to do."

Our last kiss of the evening was probably our longest yet, the feel of her lips pressed to mine made me wish it would last, that it could last forever, as I knew I would die the moment it broke. We just seemed to linger in each others arms as time stretched on, just one long moment of us pressing our mouths together and playfully using our tongues to spar. Needless to say, I didn't actually die, but my heart did skip a beat or two as we opened our eyes. The sight of her beautiful face filed me with a warmth I've never experienced before.

Afterwards, maybe fifteen minutes of being home, Izzy called me. I answered with, "Thank you for such a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed just being with you. And meeting everyone was great, too!"

"Thank you! It was heaven sleeping in your arms last night. I really hope we can do that again soon. Real soon!", I could almost hear her smile. "Then again, after your breakfast, I'm looking forward to eating a real dinner you cook. Do you take requests?" I half chuckled, but she then told me that her grandma's favorite is Beef Burgandy with garlic mashed potatoes. I told her I could find a recipe and figure something out.

We made small talk the rest of her drive home. I could hear the screen door slam shut over the phone as she entered the house. Then I could hear her say hello to her grandmother, who then asked, "Are you talking to Mitch? Tell him I expect to meet him sooner than later. I'm also looking forward to meeting his family, especially his father, at Elaine's on Saturday."

"OK, Grams!", talking to me, "Did you get that, Mitch?"

"She expects to meet me soon, and something about meeting dad this Saturday." I recounted. I wasn't quite sure what the comment on Saturday was about, but my mind just glossed over it and put it out of my head.

"OK, Grams, he heard you." She paused before talking more. I was sort of self-conscience that I was scared to meet "Old Lady Izzy". Some people at the party last night offered their opinions about Izzy's grandma, but not in front of her. All of them seemed very respectful, but a couple of them kind of made her sound intimidating. Others warned me that for as beautiful as my Izzy is, her grandma is equally as beautiful, especially given her age of eighty-seven. One guy compared grandma's beauty to Rachel Welch, who at seventy-three was someone I had never heard of. He then showed me a picture off the internet on his phone. I will not soon forget.

Hearing the sound of a door closing, "So, I'm thinkin', we both spend some time dreaming of each other, then we sleep together in different beds, and in the morning we can share our thoughts." I told her how much I looked forward to thinking of her, then after a few more exchanges we said goodnight again.

I was still kind of on an adrenaline high from everything, so I did some exercising to wear myself out for a good nights sleep. I couldn't get the picture of John and Elaine having sex... no, making love... out of my head. I'm not sure what words to attach to these images playing in my head, but I know that none of it bothered me like I thought it might. At the same time, the thought of watching Izzy with another guy still messed with my head. I'm not sure how I will react.

Before going to bed I put some music on, I put on a play lists of Cake shuffled in a random order. After three songs, the fourth was "Let me go" and my mind instantly went to Izzy. "Let me go, she said, and I will want you more!", the lead singer sang. The thought of Izzy fucking the Coach crossed my mind, then it was a string of other guys, each one made me feel both self conscience as well as exhilarated. Just thinking about Izzy brought a smile to my face. Thinking of how she enjoys sex made me wonder why she would need a boyfriend, but she has told me several times how she wants to be with me because she feels she can say almost anything, not having to self-sensor her words. To think of how much I loved her brought a flush of tingles throughout my body, but to think she was in love with me, well that brought a feeling of peace and contentment to my soul. It was unimaginable a week ago to think i would ever be this happy and content. That night I imagined I was holding her in my sleep while I dreamt of us. When I woke up Monday morning, I was quite ready for practice.

Upon getting to school I was surprised to see Tony had two black eyes, he only looked down, not making eye contact with anyone. Not even the Gumba's! There were rumors of Diane breaking up with him, as well as a few stories of how he got the black eyes.

Coach Jones gave us the full rundown of what he expected of us, as well as his rules for conduct on and off the field. He also let us know his expectations for our grades, while the school may require us to only get C's, Coach said he expects nothing less than B's. "I want you to know that for as much effort I expect from you on the field, I expect at least the same in your classes. While you may think you're here for football, you will find that an education will get you further in life when you leave Janaeville. Football only lasts a few short years for those who might make a go of it, and that's a big "might". But an education will last a lifetime. So, if any of you have need of some extra help, do not feel inadequate or hesitant to ask. I know a lot of teachers that actually like me here and because of that they will help you. Also, there are some of the smarter students who are willing to be tutors, but please check to see if they are on the tutors list before you ask their help just to make sure they actually do know what they are talking about.", he told us in plain and simple terms. The rest of the morning consisted of warm-up drills and exercises to build comradery.

After morning practice, when I saw Izzy for the first time that morning, she looked none too happy. She almost ran into my arms, holding me close, her head resting on my shoulder. We just stood and held each other for a few moments before we said anything... not even a "Hello". It was me that finally broke our silence.

"And can I assume that", holding my words for a moment. "...that you are not feeling happy?", almost as if I were reading her face, her mind. "I mean, well... I just couldn't wait to see you this morning. I had a dream... well...", stopping to think, "of you. Of us, our family... our lives."

"Really? Me too. Only mine...", Izzy stopped to hold her breath, pulling me closer, and then maybe a tear. "Mine, included my mother. Only...", stopping once more. I couldn't break her silence. "Only...", she stopped again, that she was choking up was very obvious.

"Only, what?", I said sofly after waiting maybe thirty seconds. I didn't mind, holding her was heaven to me. At the same time, seeing her like this, I wanted to help her feel better.

It was clear that Izzy was upset by what she was trying to tell me. "Please, Mitch, just hold me for a bit...", and she just sank into my arms, pushing me down into the bench we were now sitting on. Whatever was in her head, it felt serious. We sat for several moments, I was just enjoying holding my best friend. When she was ready...

"Last night... in my dream of you, of us... everything. I was recalling our date on Friday at Vito's. My mother walked up to our table in the middle of it all." Holding a moment. "Looking specifically and only... at you...", Izzy gasped for breath, holding it for several moments. "Looking... she asked if you were willing to take care of... her daughter... of... of me.", Izzy said softly, then choked again. "She then said that she wouldn't be around...", pausing for several moments. " help like she had hoped... but...", stopping again to clear her eyes with her hands, then her throat.

"Mitch, I've never felt", she continued, "so close to anyone other than my... my mother. We were best of friends. Not my only friend, as I'm sure you have noticed.", half-chuckling at her candor, "But she was...", looking me in the eye, "my dearest friend. And I really miss her." She waited again for another few moments, not breaking eye contact, to clear her mind and throat. After a few more moments, leaning in and holding me close. "I know that my mother loved me, but she asked you, not me.... She never even addressed me... never looked at me.", sitting up and waving her hands in front of her horizontal to the floor, "Never even said a word." Izzy paused again, looking down at our clasped hands. I didn't have anything to say yet. I didn't want to tell her about how my dream of her... of us... was just being with her, but I knew I would have to tell her. Just not yet.

"Last night, my mother came to me in a dream, but never once talked to me. This was my first dream of her when she didn't talk to me." Izzy seemed a bit more settled and ready to talk, wiping her eyes clear of tears. "Mom spoke to you for quite a while. I don't remember everything, but you both seemed to get along. Different, but understanding. I'm not sure she would have liked you", half-chuckling, "if she were still alive, but... she seemed to approve of you in my... head. In my dream!" Once again Izzy paused to catch a breath.

"Mom was a little different.", she laughed in irony. Sitting up from me, "A little difficult!", cocking her head to look at me. "If she didn't like you, she wouldn't talk to you. It was hard to break down those... her walls. I don't know why. But, in my dream mom seemed to... it was at that moment...", she waited. "at that moment, I realized that... I belong with you... to you... and...", she looked me directly in the eye. "And you for me... to me." Her lips pressed softly against mine, her hands enveloping my head, pulling me closer.

Finishing this kiss, we sat holding each other for several moments, many moments... in consummate silence.

Passing several more minutes, "So... can I tell you my dream?", I slowly whispered.

Waiting a moment, she replied, "Please, I would love to hear it.", lifting her legs to cover mine, she nestled into my left arm resting her head on my shoulder, her nose just below my neck, her hands holding my right.

"So we... were married for eight and a half years," I started, "I had just turned twenty-seven. Two children... a girl then a boy, ... and you were eight months pregnant with our third. I loved to rub your belly and feel our child moving inside you. I specifically remember caressing your belly, almost feeling our child growing inside you."

"Hum," she sighed, "I think I'd really love to have your children." And she clenches my hand tighter then kisses my neck.

Continuing on, "Our first, Rachel Suzanne, six and a half, and Michael, our second, Michael Friedman at four. Our third? We didn't want to know the sex like we did with the first two. We already had names for both a boy and a girl, James Leon and Leona Magdalyn. It didn't matter what the names would be, we would love them none the less."

"Wow, you even remember their names." I smile at her.

"I also remember you had been working as a bartender and were making plans to open your own place. I was running a catering business for Elaine since graduating high school." I stopped for a moment.

"I just got the feeling that we were happy. I was happy, at peace with myself. We spent many happy moments together... and with our children." Again I stopped, only this time I hesitated my next words...

"It was what I dreamed my life might be... not because it was a dream... I mean, since I met you, I gradually came to realize this was going to be my life. Before, during, and after... since this dream... hell, since last week... last night... even this morning. Is this even making sense?", I was getting a little animated.

"Like I said", looking me in the eyes with a huge smile, "and you for me." She kissed me once more.

I rested my hand on the side of her cheek, just looking in her eyes. The smile on her face was all I needed.

"Hum, ok, so... what's for lunch?", wiping her eyes clear. "That is what we were supposed to be doing here anyway. Right? I mean, I know what I want to do," the corner of her mouth turned up, "but I don't think we should do that here at school!" She kissed me deeply, I could feel this pleasure tingling throughout my body.

We started in on lunch, while she told me about her morning of tutoring, especially her time with Ralphie, and how she thinks she found a way to get through with him. "I think he is really a bright kid, just a bit on the rambunctious side. And for a kid his age, a wicked sense of humor.", laughing and telling me a few things he said.

She wanted to know how practice had gone. I told her about how Tony had two black eyes, and in return she excitedly told me the story of the break up between Diane and Tony. How Tony's dad broke his nose in one punch. She also mentioned that according to Diane, from the way Tony's dad was talking, he was more upset with Tony using Izzy in his bet on the pool game and not so much Diane. I suspected that no one else on the team knows the real reason for the black eyes, but there was a lot of speculation, and none of it was even close to what Izzy just told me. Maybe some did know, as it seemed there were several guys that said nothing when the rumors started, seeming to walk away from any conversations about the subject. I can only assume that Izzy got her info first hand from Diane, and considering how close they are, I can't imagine that there was any need for them to mince words.

Diane, or Dee as Izzy calls her from time to time, told her that she knew about Tony's advances. At first Diane denied it, but with everything that happened over the weekend, she finally realized she couldn't deny these 'rumors' were true, begging Izzy to forgive her. Izzy couldn't find anything to forgive her for, as it was Tony that was the culprit. Diane reminded Izzy that she told her what Tony was doing six months ago, if not sooner, and it was that doubt that she was asking forgiveness over. Diane was feeling guilty trusting Tony over Izzy.

We finished the last bites of our tuna sandwiches in silence. Izzy offered to walk with me back to practice, as she didn't have anything else to do until Jen, Lynn, and her were going to the tattoo parlor. She then asked if I would mind her watching practice for a little, saying "I just don't want to make you nervous, you know, my obsession with you and all." Giving me a sly smile with an upturned eyebrow. I kind of liked that she likes to watch me, but I didn't really tell her that, maybe the look on my face gave me away, but not my words.

On the walk back to the locker rooms, we ran into Rick, he told us how he and Ella had a date that night. He was going to take her to a movie she wanted to see, it had just come out, he whispered that it was a movie about two women, a french film. "'Blue is the...' something something... I don't really remember the name of it.", he said in a absent minded state.

It sounded like Izzy had heard about the movie as well, "'... the warmest color'... 'Blue is the warmest color.' Maybe I could find a way to get Mitch to take me for my birthday. I hear the sex in the movie, while faked, it was pretty hot." Rick was surprised to hear there would be sex scenes in he movie. He also told us that Ella kissed him, and it wasn't just a quick peck either. He looked at Izzy and thanked her for telling him to go slow, as it was always his fantasy to meet a woman that makes the first move. "Well, Rick, I can assure you that Ella is finding a part of herself, and I can tell that she's happy and feels comfortable being with you. We had a long talk last night. I know she likes you. I've never seen her talk to any guy the way you were by the pool yesterday." Rick thanked her again, hugged her, and then went into the locker room.

We stood by the wall about 15 feet from the door. I turned Izzy's back to the wall and held her against it, pressing my lips to hers, we explored each others mouths for several moments when Coach Jones shouts, "Hey, you two, take that shit off school grounds." We both knew at that instant that while John was only doing his job, his tone sounding quite pleasant, but we also understood his real meaning. Izzy looked at me and smiled, brushing her hand over my cheek.

"I'll see you out on the field.", I fought the urge to kiss her again, squeezed her hand instead, then broke off to the locker room, not looking back.

During the locker room huddle, Coach reminded us of one of his rules, about how we are not to speak to our girlfriends while out on the field for practices or games, making a particular note to look at me as he spoke. "It is also encouraged to not even look at them. Just to make my point, I catch you looking, it's an extra thirty laps after practice. Your focus should be completely on the game of football... and to start off with, just so everyone understands, the first guy to finish thirty laps after practice tonight gets to clean the locker room by himself for the next week. The last guy to cross the line gets to clean the toilets with his toothbrush. If you all seem to cross the line at the same time, then you all will share in those same tasks. I want you all, each and everyone, to think of yourselves as one team with a singular focus. Not a group of individuals or superstars."

Seems even Coach has a reputation of even ignoring Elaine while dealing directly with the team from a few comments made in the locker room, he gives one hundred percent to the team during practices and games. After watching how they made love just last night, it was obvious that he gave Elaine one hundred percent of his attention when dealing with her. "I'm sure that if she really knows who you are, as a girlfriend, she will understand. If she doesn't, then that is not your problem. Make her understand, or find a new girlfriend who will."

On getting out on the field, I took a peek into the stands to see Izzy sitting in the middle of the stands, almost seeming she knew about the "no talk" rule. To have gotten to her, I would have to go out of my way five minutes. When our eyes met, she raised her hand a little to wave, a smile bright even at this distance on her face. Funny how it was her that broke eye contact, almost seeming to acknowledge that I was there to play football, not see her.

We went through several team drills, then broke down into some backfield and linemen groups for other more specific drills. I was impressed with how focused Tony was, knowing what actually happened. If he was broken up over losing Diane, he didn't seem to show it. Everyone was right about his arm, during some of the drills, we were demonstrating our pass reception abilities. When he was passing to me, Tony seemed to put a little extra on his throws, forcing me to jump to catch them. Out of the five or so bombs he threw, I only missed one, but the others did require extra effort. Of course, this was all without any defensemen bearing down on our asses.

I didn't notice exactly when Izzy had left, mostly because I caught myself being distracted by looking at her, so I was forcing myself to pay attention to practice. It was maybe forty-five minutes in that I noticed she had gone, almost relieved I wouldn't be distracted by her anymore. But now it kind of distracted me that she wasn't there, but playing quickly helped me forget that.

After practice, Coach pulled me aside and told me how he thought I might also make a good receiver, but he was also impressed by my passing abilities. "While Tony's arm is better, I want to see what happens during a scrimmage later this week. But while I know Tony doesn't like you very much, you both seem to have a connection on the field. Might be interesting to watch you two exchange quarterback over several plays. I think you both make the other play better, or at least you both are rising to the occasion."

That night, at about sevenish, Izzy called me when she dropped off Jen and Lynn, and asked if she could stop by on her way home to show me some of the stuff they saw today. "Well, I don't want to keep you up too late, plus I am tired. But, I would love to see you before going to sleep.", she said.

"Mitch, Izzy's here.", mom shouted from the living room. Just as I was getting to the door, Izzy walked up the porch. I stepped outside, we smiled and just stared at each other, took each others hand and sat on the swing bench.

Without really saying anything, Izzy pulls out her phone, "So, these are some examples of Warren's work. I really like some of his designs, too. He said that not all of the work was original, mostly to show that he could reproduce any artwork someone might want." Most of the stuff was pretty elaborate, but there were some things that were kind of like Celtic Knots and just complex geometric designs. "He even made a quick sketch of a rose for me.", showing me the pic of it on her phone. "I really like Warren. He has been doing this for the past twenty-five years, and he is only forty-five, so he found what he wanted to do quite early. He's also a painter, pointing to much of the artwork on his walls. He showed me pictures of his kids, all five of them. His wife was pregnant with their sixth. He joked that he had to do at least 4 tats every day to make enough, that doesn't include the three other tattoo artists in his studio. He estimated that it would take maybe an hour and a half to do both the outline and any shading and coloring. And all for $150. He even let us watch while he gave a woman a tat on her ass. She didn't mind that we were watching, so it was cool with Warren."

I looked at her left shoulder where she was planning to put the rose. She also told me why a rose when I asked, it was her mother's favorite flower, and she always grew them in the yard. "I did tell Warren that I might have a photo that I'd like to reproduce. A photo of one of mom's flowers. It has a single flower, with a leaf on the stem, and a thorn on it as well."

She asked me how the rest of practice went, "Well, I'm not really sure when you left, but the Coach pulled me aside afterwards and said he wanted to try a few things during scrimmages this week. As the first game is in two weeks, he wants to get in as much game time, and keep drills for warm-ups. He also said that Tony and I seem to have a connection, I pushed him and vice versa."

"Maybe knowing what really happened to him gave you some empathy for him. I don't know, but while I can't stand him, I think this might be something he learns from. You didn't tell anyone, did you?", she asked.

"No, I was thinking about mentioning it to Rick, but didn't let the words come out. I mean, I feel sorry for Tony, but he still is an ass. A Big Fucking Ass, to boot. I don't need to attract any negative attention from him, at least no more than I already have. I'm sure that he now feels he lost two girls to me, or because of me."

"No fucking way, it was because of him."

"You're right, but would Tony see it that way?"

"Ok, you're right... too!", she kisses me, her tongue flicking at my lips. I do enjoy how she kisses me.

"So, if we were married for eight and a half years at twenty-seven, that means we get married in a little under two years. That sounds like a respectable engagement period. And then in four years we have a kid, a girl, Rachel Susan."

"Suzanne. Rachel Suzanne."

"Oh, sorry. What do you say...", looking a bit sheepish, "we change our Facebook status to dating? You know, 'in a relationship'! You know, some shit like that.", knowing that she was joking about the Facebook part, but not the status of dating. We both used the internet for limited things, preferring to have real friends rather than virtual ones. We both had Facebook pages, but we put very little info up. We found we both liked email much better.

We fell into a kiss, as we both leaned back against the swing, our feet off the ground. I felt like we were being suspended in mid air. My right hand was cupping the side of her head, her left wrapped around my torso, her hand rubbing my spine muscles.

"Want to go for a drive?", she asks with an upturned lip. "I think we need to go for a drive.", whispering. She got up and pulled my arm to follow. I got up.

Into the screen door, "Mom, Izzy and I are going for a drive, I'll be back in an hour or so, OK?"

"Mitch, while you're out, could you pick up some ice cream? I'll pay you when you get back."

"Mrs. Nielsen, I know of an amazing ice cream shop on the other side of town, they make everything from scratch. I will pick up two half gallons, my treat.", Izzy offered.

"That would be nice, Izzy, thank you.", mom replies.

Looking at me, "While we're there, you can sample what they currently have out for sale and decide which ones to get. They close at ten, so we can stop there in about an hour, and then get you home before you turn into a pumpkin.", her sarcastic smile lighting up her face, her blues gazing heavily into my hazel eyes.

"Don't you mean before you turn me into a pumpkin?", I shot back with a grin.

"Same fucking difference!", her upturned devilish snicker was something I've come to relish, grabbing me by the collar and kissing me quick.

We hop into her car, and we're off to wherever she was planning to take me. On the way we were listening to the radio, and every song Izzy was singing to, she has a very beautiful voice, but I could also be hearing it through a 'boyfriend' filter. A Cake song came on, "Short Skirt/Long Jacket", and Izzy really seemed to be into it. "I think I like this girl, she's a load of contradictions. I think I see why guys like this song. If I were lesbian, I'd be into her, too!" Her smile told me she was being honest about being into this girl. It was kind of turning me on to hear her talk like this.

"So, do you sing much with other people? You have a nice voice.", I inquired.

"No, mostly for myself. I have sung harmony with Ella. We used to play piano duets together as kids. We both had the same piano teacher. I didn't continue much after sixth grade, but Ella has and she even has written some of her own songs. She asked me if I could sing a harmony line on a few of them."

"Have you performed them yet?"

"No, just recorded some mp3's. I'll ask Ella if she minds you hearing them. She's kind of possessive with her music. I like her stuff, but she still isn't ready to share them with everyone. I think I might be the only one who has heard all of them."

I waited for a moment, "So... would you...?", I hesitated.

"Would I what?", Izzy insisted, waiting half a heart beat.

"Would you sing for me? ...with me?", not knowing exactly what I was saying. "I mean, I like to play the piano, but I'm no expert... no virtuoso. I just like to play, to bang. I've played with Becks, but that was with the understanding of being forgiven to miss as many notes as I did. I'm good at music theory, and enough piano, that I can fake much of what I play. I'm much better at reading chord charts than at sight reading music. My voice... you'll need to get used to."

"That would be fun.", she says as she turns down an unpaved road.

"So where you taking me?"

"You'll just have to wait and see.", giving me her sly, sexy smile. I run my fingers through her dark hair, just playing with its full length, occasionally massaging her head. "Hum, that feels nice.", she coos. I have to admit that I was really kind of turned on playing with her hair.

After another five minutes, she pulls to the side of the road into a make-shift lot and parks the car. "We're here. Come on, follow me.", as she gets out.

"Where are we?", the surrounding area devoid of any man-made light, but everything was lit up by the almost full moon.

"It's a place I like to come to be alone. Not many people know about it." Taking my hand, she leads me down a narrow path under the dim moonlight. The night sky has a few clouds, some of which partially obscured the full moon. Walking in silence, after several minutes we get to a small clearing. Turning to me she stops me with a kiss, our hands holding the others. "So, would you make love to me?"

I slide my hands around her waist, pulling her close to me. "I can think of nothing I would like more." Our lips make contact as I push her up against a tree. Her hands wrap around my neck, pulling me closer, while our tongues teased each others lips.

She pulls me down to the ground into a bed of leaves. Laying on our sides we just look into each others eyes, smiling for several moments while she runs her fingers through my hair. She pulls at the back of my head for a kiss. I move my hand down her back slowly and upon reaching her ass I hold it firmly and pull her up while we kiss.

She continues holding my head while her tongue darts inside my mouth. The feeling of this moment make it appear that time is standing still, almost as if the whole world disappeared leaving the two of us to fully enjoy these sensations of pleasure.

I pulled her leg up over mine and pushed mine between hers, using it to massage her pussy. Still kissing me, I can feel her hips begin thrusting gently, as she started to dry-hump my leg. My hand moves up from her ass, making the journey to her breast, never breaking contact from Izzy's body. As my hand wraps around her breast, she pulls back from me, releasing a sigh, her eyes opening slowly to mine. A smile comes to her face, "I do love how you make me feel, Mitch. My body just tingles all over." She closes her eyes as her lips return to mine, her hips making slow, deep strokes over my leg.

My hand descends to her skirt, pulling it up, after which I push it between my leg and her pussy. She offers another audible sigh, as her hands wrap my head. She sighs deeply as her hips undulate more forcefully into my hand.

"God, Mitch, I love how you fuckin' make me feel.", pulling me tight against her body. "Push your fingers... over my clit.", her eyes closed as she seems to drink in these sensations. Of course, I was feeling equally charged. I pulled her closer, if that were possible. Her hips were undulating, making circular motions against my hand.

She pushed me onto my back, using my chest as her spring board pushing herself to a squating position, straddling my stomach. Lifting her skirt up, wearing her devious smile, her eyes boring holes into my skull, she threads her thumbs under her panties. Standing slowly, she pulls down her panties half way to her knees. Still locking her eyes on mine, she stands up beginning to finger her obscured pussy. "You told me you wanted to watch me masturbate. How about now?"

All I could do was muster a feeble nod of consent, my breath shallow and faster. As I was mesmerized just watching her hand pull in and out of her pussy from behind her purple panties, and just behind them her eyes watching me intently as I drank in her dance. I watched her intently and I found that my hands had started traveling up her legs on their own, I wasn't quite certain of their destination, I just wanted to remove the obstruction. My breathe halted, then jumped in fits, my pulse coarsing through my body.

When my hands finally reached her obstruction and began to bend it out of the way, her hand came down on mine with a loud crack followed by a sudden realization of pain. She laughed at my sudden awakening to being caught with my hand near her honey pot. I jerked my hands away. Still laughing, she raised one leg, leaning to the other. She dropped her panties onto my face. I could smell her musk already on them. I pulled them from my face to see Izzy standing above me holding her skirt just high enough for me to see her naked pussy.

"You smell divine." inhaling them as my right hand gathered them to my nose.

"That's just an appetizer, and when you taste the main course, you'll realize that I've been thinking of you all day.", her hips swaying gently above me. "Thinking of you out on the football field, sweating and running. I contemplated masturbating in my car while waiting for Jen and Lynn. I've never been impressed with a guy who plays football before but watching you practice this afternoon, wow!" Waving her hand in front of her face in a fanning motion. "Maybe I just find you sexy and the football thing is an added bonus." Her smile beamed brightly as her hands massaged her enclosed breasts.

She kneeled down over my chest, lifted her skirt to show me her naked cunt, her eyes gazing down at me. Her fingers began lightly tracing small circle around her clit, her other hand was parting her lips. After several minutes, I noticed she would inhale deeply, release her breath suddenly, then hold for several seconds, and repeat. Our eyes still locked on each other, Izzy halted for a quick moment, kneeling down and moving her knees along side my ears.

She resumed her pleasuring and would from time to time run her finger down between her lips the full length of her pussy. After a few iterations she dipped her finger tips inside, pulsing them deep, her palm rubbing her clit. She leaned back a bit still gazing down at me.

Another few moments passed with Izzy's fingers moving in and out and around her pussy. I witnessed her breathing become deeper and more forceful, her exhales more like sighs releasing her breath in sudden bursts. I turned my head to kiss her thigh, my eyes still on her. "No, I just...", her hand on my cheek pulling my head back forward, "want you to watch... me. Look in my eyes!"

Her hands resumed their ministrations, her two middle fingers embedded inside her pussy, her index and pinky fingers were gripping her lips while she guided her hand in and out of her cunt. I was torn between watching her hand and looking in her eyes. The sight of her two fingers disappearing into her was turning me on like nothing else. I was amazed at how turned on I was, feeling her lust as her fingers pulsed into her pussy. My breath was coming in fits and spurts. Suddenly, she stops and removed her fingers, then guided them into my mouth. I sucked greedily on them, savoring her faintly tart flavor. Just as she had thrust them into her pussy, she was now fucking my mouth, I was turned on by the display of lust in her eyes.

Returning her fingers to her cunt, she vigorously thrust them deep inside. Still gazing down on me, her hips began to move slowly, her hand still doing most of the work. Being totally lost in this moment, her moment, it took me by surprise when she grunted and her body shook hard. At that moment, I also felt a warmth raining down on me, running over my neck and chin. I tried to catch some in my mouth. Izzy had clenched her eyes shut, and threw her head back, as her hips bucked harder against her hand. My mind was frozen on taking in what was happening, thrilled at the thought that she was lost in her pleasures.

My hands then cupped her ass and pulled her forward to my lips. She seemed to regain consciousness as my tongue flicked at the lower point of her pussy. Slowly she removed her fingers then lifted them to her mouth as I licked her lips. When my tongue made contact with her clitoris, her body convulsed several times. "Oh, fuck, I guess I can only stand... so much pleasure at once.", and she lifted her cunt from my lips.

She lifted her leg up and over my body, then laid down next to me. "Oh, Jesus! Your collar is soaked.", she laughed. "I'm sorry." and she kissed me softly.

"I really don't mind at all, it was worth it just watching you make yourself cum." I pulled her to my lips, kissing her deeply, our tongues slowly teasing, my hand holding her head firmly. When we finally came up for air, "God, Izzy, I just... I love you." She just smiled and returning her lips to mine.

With our lips still engaged, I felt her hand covering my clothed cock. Breaking the kiss, "So, before I make you cum in your pants again, how about we get your pants open so I can have you in my mouth?" I really like how she teases me with her sarcastic wit and charm, I just smile as she sits up to undo my pants.

I lifted my hips as she pushed my pant and shorts down. The cool evening air contrasted the warmth of her hand as she wrapped my cock. She looked into my eyes as she lowered her head to my phallus. She extend her tongue to tease the head. "Oh, I can see you're ready!", gliding her tongue through the slippery pre-cum, tracing the tip around the head. It took every ounce of will to not blow my load at first contact.

Breaking eye contact, she wrapped her lips around me, then slowly took more and more of me inside her mouth. I thought she would stop maybe half way down, but much to my surprise she continued further down. When she had about three-quarters in her mouth, I could hear her gag just a bit, but that didn't stop her, and soon she had me completely in her mouth, my head in her throat.

She held me there for several moments, bobbing her head ever so slightly up and down. Then just as slowly as she took me in, she extracted my cock from her throat. Upon reaching my head, she began fucking her mouth with my cock, descending half way, then back up again. She gave me maybe twenty-five or thirty thrusts, and pulled her mouth from me with a pop. I could see some spit on her lips as she looked in my eyes and swallowed the remainder, her hand wrapping the head of my cock and caressing me.

She returned to me, this time thrusting her mouth maybe forty or fifty time over me, while her hand massage my balls. When her mouth left my cock, it surprised me when she lowered her head to my balls and gently sucked them into her mouth. She tugged them, pulling them away from my body, eliciting another pop as she released them. It was another surprise to feel her finger pressing against my asshole, softly circling around the edge. She sucked on my balls a few more times before gazing back at me as I watched her.

Her lips returned to my erection with a determination. She thrust me in and out of her mouth, each time taking more deeper into her throat. I could hear her gag a bit, but she seemed turned on by it all. Soon she was fucking her throat with long, slow strokes followed by some shorter ones. "God, Izzy, you're going to make me cum!" And that seemed to fuel her lust, as she picked up her speed.

It wasn't long before my first stream of cum left my cock and entered her mouth. I thought maybe she was upset with me cumming in her mouth, but she just held me close to her face, as I ejaculated again, this time it hit her on the nose. It was then I notice her staring me in the eye. My third stream hit her on the cheek, the sight of which just emptied my mind of thought, a fourth stream landed directly on her outstretched tongue. She took me back in her mouth as I came one last stream.

I just laid there, looking into her face, my cum on her nose and cheek, her lips wrapping me as she bobbed her head up and down a few last times. I know I've never experienced such an orgasm before, but what fuelled my lust even more was seeing Izzy's cum-covered face, and the smile on her lips. Her hand was still holding my now shrinking erection close to her face.

I could not find a single word to express myself, so I just sat up and took her in my arms and kissed her lips, I didn't care that my cum was still on her face, my lust controlled my actions now. I kissed her hard for many moments, our tongue lapping at each others.

We kissed like this until the moment when I changed positions and a stick poked into my exposed butt cheek. "Ouch!"

"You OK?", Izzy responded.

"Yeah, but I just sat on a stick or something." Izzy chuckled and leaned back. She picked up her panties, stood up, and offered me her hand. When I got to my feet, I pulled up my pants, and Izzy put on her panties. She also finished wiping my cum from her face, she then leaned over and licked my face in several spots.

She whispered in my ear, "You had some cum on your cheeks.", then snickered. She looked down at my shirt, "And you got some on your shirt.", wiping it off and lifting it to her lips.

She took my hands and wrapped them around her waist, then put hers arms over my shoulders. "Thank you!"

"I should be thanking you, you pretty much did all the work for both of us.", I retorted in surprise.

"Well, you're welcome, too, but this was kind of fantasy fulfilled for me!" She kissed my cheek. "I've seen some videos of guys cumming on a girl's face and was wondering how much I'd like that to happen."

"And how'd that work out for you? I know I was turned on."

"Well, that's why I think I don't mind it. You enjoyed it, and if you haven't noticed, I like turning you on... but only just a little,", she laughed, "so don't let it go to your head.", snickering at me.

"Jeez, Izzy, I can't begin to tell you how much I just love being with you. Elaine was right, you are a lot of fun, and I ain't taking about the sex." She looked at me with one brow raised. "OK, I like the sex... I fucking love the sex, but... I do love just being with you. You do know I'm in love with the most beautiful woman in the world?" And before she could say anything sarcastic, I locked my lips to hers and just kissed her into silence.

When we finished, she looked down at my chest, "You know something, Mitch, for as much as I love you,", she looked back into my eyes, "I also know that you love me, I can't say how I know that, but I do. You remember the first time we saw each other, I sensed something in how you looked at me. I felt something in my stomach."

I stood there just looking into her eyes for several moments, then pulled her lips to mine. This kiss was just our lips touching, no tongue left our mouths. The electricity of the moment kept us there, our arms holding the other, our lips enjoying this one single elongated kiss.

We walked back to the car hand in hand, not saying a word. Once we reached the car, I pulled her to me for another kiss. "You know, the day I stop enjoying your kisses will be the day I die!", I know, it was a silly thing to say, but I meant it.

We made the trip to the ice cream shop and picked up two half gallons, one of Caramel Pralines and Cream, the other Rocky Roads. The first for mom, the second for dad. We got home almost an hour and a half after we left. Mom was pleasantly surprised by the choices, "Mitch, you do pay attention to what others like!" What is it with Janeaville? It bring out everyone's sarcasm.

Practice went like clockwork the next day, the Coach told us that we would play the first scrimmage on Wednesday afternoon, saying that practice would go a little longer.

When I got home, I told mom that I wanted to cook dinner, and she readily agreed. I also asked if I could invite Izzy for dinner, "That would be fine.", mom said in a happy tone. I called Izzy to tell her that she was OK for her to come over. I asked Izzy to pick up something with a large amount of chocolate in it for dessert on her way.

I was told that there was chicken already thawed. So I decided on Roasted Chicken with rosemary, garlic, and lemon, roasted veggies, and potatoes au gratin.

Dad came home early with both Julia and Becky in tow. After exchanging our hello's, I told them dinner would be ready in about half an hour, and we would eat when Izzy arrived.

"So, we finally get to meet this love goddess of yours.", Julia said with a snicker. "I've heard a few rumors about the two of you."

Dad injects, "Cut it out, Julia. And no lewd or rude comments while she's here, either."

Becks walks over to me, whispering, "I can't wait to meet her. Dad says she's really smart. That would be a nice addition, some of the women in this family might learn something from her.", tilting her head in Julia's direction.

Izzy arrived a little earlier than I expected, and she was greeted by dad and Becks. Thankfully, Julia was still in the shower. Mom was still working on some sewing.

"Hey!", Izzy walks into the kitchen as I'm taking everything out of the oven. "What's cooking?", setting a large white box on the counter.

"Lemon, Rosemary, and Garlic Chicken, Au Gratin Potatoes, and Roasted Root Vegetables." Pulling me into her arms as I set the veggies down to cool. Dad and Becks standing in the entrance way to the kitchen, as Izzy and I share a short but sweet kiss. Returning to the oven, I take out the potatoes.

Mom walks in, "Hi, Izzy, it's so nice to see you again." The two of them sharing a tentative hug.

"Izzy, Mitch tells me you're a senior this year. Do you have any plans for college after?", mom asks.

"Well, Mr. Neilsen, my plans kind of changed when my mother passed last month."

"Oh, Izzy, I'm so...", mom started.

"It's OK, Mrs. Neilsen. Mitch has really given me a new perspective on things. We've talked about a lot of things, including my mother.", as she reached for my hand, which holds the pot handle, my other stirring it's contents. While her words were saying one thing, her tone told me she was still dealing with her mom's death.

Julia walks in, "So hey what's goin' on? Hey, you must be Izzy. I watched you the other day but we didn't get a chance to meet."

Instantly, it dawned on me what she referred to, one big pulse of blood throughout my body, then nothing. I was afraid of her next words.

Extending her arms, Izzy hugs Julia, "It's nice to meet you, Julia. Some friends of mine told me they met you at Bohemian the other day, on Friday night, getting some coffee. It sounds like you hit it off with them, and Cassie in particular. She particularly enjoyed giving you a ride afterwards."

This surprisingly made Julia blush, "Yeah, Cassie... and Ella, right?" Seems Izzy found something on her, it usually isn't easy to see Julia go quiet like this, but Izzy seemed to find her off switch.

"That's the two. Cassie suggested I introduce you to Jenny and Lynn, which we could", becoming more animated, "do on Saturday at Elaine and John's. I totally forgot to mention, it was almost your idea anyway Mr. Neilsen, but Elaine asked me to invite you all to her place for their labor day bash. Every year she invites a bunch of people out for a barbecue and bon fire. There's usually a band and later in the night, there's a drum circle."

"Hey, Jamie, I can get my djembe and doumbek out. So yeah, Izzy, sign me up.", says dad, hoping to relive his days in college, or at least the stories he tells. Dad may be where we got our musical gifts from, but he hasn't played in years. I bet he'll have a blast no matter.

"Also, Mitch, Eliane asked me to see if you would be the chef. She even wants to see what you would do for the menu." This sounds really exciting, but freaking time consuming. My brain starts to figure out what things have to be there, and then what other additions I would make. But then, back to now...

"Dinner's ready, so if everyone wants to sit down, Izzy and I will bring everything out." After everyone was gone, she pushed me into the corner for a much needed hug and kiss. The way she pressed her lips to me was proof enough for me to believe she really missed me, too. Her tongue sweeping shallow passes against mine.

"So, you up for it?", and I clear my thoughts, open my eyes and find her staring back at me waiting for my answer.

"Um, yeah, does she have a clue what she wants me to make?"

"Well, it is traditional for them to have pulled beef and pork, but I think everything else is open to interpretation. Elaine said that if you could get her a list of what you will need, she will go shopping for those things on Friday."

"Alright, we will have to talk after dinner before I can give a full answer. I mean, I know I can help, just not sure if I can do all the menu planning. So... then?"

"OK, we'll talk." And she returns her lips to mine for a short reminder of how she makes me feel.

Batteries recharged, we take out the food. The dinner topic revolved around the mundane details of the day. Becky said the first rehearsal for the quintet were really good. "We mostly sight-read through a bunch of simple things, some folk song arrangements, and even did some improvisational pieces which were a lot of fun. If today is any indication, we might even be ready to play some background music this Saturday.", dropping a hint to Izzy.

"That's a great idea. I know Jon will be there anyway, I'm sure the others could bring their families as well. Elaine usually tells everyone to show up around one. If you guys want to play from like two, 'til when you finish, I'm sure people would enjoy it. There will be a band, but not 'til later around eight." Addressing mom and dad, "I think you'll like them, Mr. and Mrs. Neilsen.They play a lot of classic rock, especially The Stones. Mitch told me you've seen them a number of times."

"They were actually our first concert back in '79, and yes, we do like them a lot.", mom squeezed dad's hand. "We got back stage passes to a show back in '96, and got to meet both Mick and Keith."

"Wow, now I'm sure Elaine and John will be jealous. They've seen them at least a dozen times, but never got backstage."

Izzy didn't tell me until she started cutting the cake she brought, "It's a chocolate cake with strawberry custard filling and chocolate ganache. I got it because you said strawberries were your favorite.", looking at me with a smile. It made me smile about what we were doing when I told her that. I kissed her neck, my arms enveloping her body from behind, all to say thank you for everything.

Sitting a bit longer at the table, we talked about the party on Saturday, everyone seemed very excited. When we cleared the table, Julia asked Izzy something in private, but I have no clue what they talked about. It almost seems like they bonded over something.

Izzy and I went out into the backyard to sit in the swing together. The sweet scent of wild mint that grew in the alley behind the house filled our noses. "So, hey... that was some amazing food, and I have a feeling that chef's job you dreamt about might be coming your way soon enough... well, maybe sooner than you think." She sounded very cryptic, but I didn't really think to press it. I would rather kiss her instead. She let me do so for several moments.

"OK, um, what were you thinking of doing for Saturday?", Izzy seems a bit distracted.

"Well, if you say they do pulled meats, I know of a way to slow cook the meat so it is really tender, and we can do a little smoking of the meat too. I don't know, do we really need to talk about this at this moment? I mean, I would like to just kiss you for a while. I've missed you." She smiled and really seemed to like that idea at this particular moment. We just melted into each others arms.

Izzy stopped our kiss after several minutes, "So... mind if I... share something with... you?" She seemed a bit hesitant.

"Sure! Anything. What's on your mind?"

She looked at me with sheepish eyes, "Well, it's something I found a few months ago at the beginning of the summer. And... well, it's kind of...", pausing a bit, "it's kind of a fantasy of mine." She held her head down a bit, her eyes still on mine, almost looking for some approval. That she said it was a fantasy of hers it made my mind race thinking what it could be.

"OK... what is it?", I said quietly.

"You're sure?", and I nod my approval. She pulls out her phone and taps the screen a few times. She holds it out in front of her and taps the screen one more time, then places it in my hand to hold.

The screen illuminates to a scene of a brunette woman, she almost looks like Izzy, but not quite. She is kneeling in front of a man with only his pants on, caressing him and outlining his erection through his pants. Her hands begin undoing his buckle. She pulls down his pants leaving him in his boxers. She begins to trace the outline of his erection through his shorts softly with just her first tips, looking up at him, a smile on her face.

She wraps her hands around his enclosed penis and caresses him. She presses her face to his member, rubbing it over her cheeks and lips. She then kisses the cloth covered head, and laces her fingers into the waistband, pulling his boxers to the floor, his erection hits her forehead, her extended tongue starts at the base, and slowly traces a line towards the head. With her hands on his thighs, once her mouth reaches the head, she forcefully thrusts her mouth down over his cock taking him completely into her mouth and holding him there. She then twists and turns her head around his cock without taking any of it out of her throat. It was then I realized that my cock was hard and Izzy's hand was fondling me in my pants from the outside.

For the next ten minutes I watch this Izzy-doppelganger as she used this man's penis to fuck her mouth. It wasn't until about half-way through that I realized during the whole time her hands never once touched anything other than his thighs. At one point, she is thrusting her mouth from the tip to the base, taking his entire length into her throat. I can't deny that I was turned on seeing this, and given that I was aroused at that moment, I could only sit and watch the video with Izzy, wondering why she was showing it to me. Was she sharing something that she wanted to do with me, or was I intended to be just a spectator? While Izzy said she didn't want to be in a video, watching her with another man was probably something she wanted of me. After last night's moments in the light of the full moon my mind couldn't help wondering what was actually on her mind, at the same time I couldn't bring myself to ask. I wasn't sure if I wanted to know the answer.

The video finished with the guy cumming in her mouth and on her face. She looked up at her lover as the thick deposits of seed ran down her cheeks. Izzy finally broke the silence, "So... what sorts things do you... fantasize about?"

"Well... I'm sure that... OK really, you want to know?" She nodded her acknowledgement. "Alright... um, I'm not really sure how to describe it, but you remember last night!"

"How could anyone forget!", she smiled widely.

"Well, maybe it would be easier to... to show you. Can I borrow... your phone? I left mine in the house."

"Sure. Here.", handing it to me.

I was feeling a little hesitant because in doing this, I would effectively be admitting that I know a porn site well enough to search for something, as well as what this act is called. My heart was thumping hard in my chest. I took her phone, "Great, we both have an Android. That should make it easy for me." I loaded the browser and typed in the web address. The site loaded with little delay. I typed in the search term "Queening".

"Oh, I think I'm gonna fucking like this!", she says in a dark sardonic voice. It would seem Izzy knows the word, and she smiles in anticipation.

The first few videos I didn't know, maybe they got some new videos under this category recently, but the video I was looking for was maybe the nineth or tenth result returned. This whole time I was feeling weird sharing this, but because it was Izzy, I didn't hesitate... much. No one else couldn't drag this out of me.

"You don't really want... to see this, do you?", knowing full well I already knew the answer.

"You can't chicken out now... come on just fucking show me."

"Alright then... here!", and I clicked the play link and waited for it to load.

When it started, the scene was of a dark bedroom with enough light to see a man laying prone on a bed, he's fully nude with his arms and legs stretched and tied up to the corners of the bed. "Oh, Mitch, I like this already!", in an excitedly hushed voice. I'm still self-conscience about watching this with Izzy, or anyone else for that matter.

After a moment, in walks a woman with long dark hair pulled back into a pony tail. While she is still wearing a snug t-shirt that hugs her ample bosom, she is otherwise nude. Taking his face in her hand, clasped firmly between her fingers and thumb, "Is pet ready to please mistress?", she asks in her throaty voice.

"Yes, mistress." Kneeling on the bed, she positions her knees on either side of his head.

"Pet knows to use his tongue, to thrust it deep into mistress?"

"Yes, mistress."

She starts by just placing her cunt over his mouth, holding it there while he begins to softly lick her. After he sufficiently licks her lips, her hands find his head and gently pull him closer into her. Each of them gaze into the others eyes, as she slowly rocks her hips over his mouth, her lips enveloping his.

After several thrusts, her hips begin to move further up over his face. From the bottom we see his tongue in contact with her clitoris where she rubs him several times circling herself around his tongue. To the top where his nose is in contact with her nub, "Push your tongue deep inside your goddess, my pet. Oh yes, you do know how mistress likes it. Keep up your good work and mistress will reward your efforts, my pet." We see his head tilt back as he attempts to thrust his tongue inside her cunt. After many thrusts, she removes her clit from his nose. "Pet" gasps for air.

She repeats these acts a few times, each time her "pet" willingly provides her the pleasures she craves.

To change things up a bit, she moves her hips in a large circle over his mouth, "Hold your tongue inside while mistress fucks it. Yes, you are such a good pet, and mistress is quite pleased with you. Very pleased." She takes hold of a strap above her head, appearently there for her balance, and thrusts her whole pussy deeply over her pet's mouth. "Mistress is happy to have found such a pretty pet that loves pussy pressed over his lips." She continues to fuck his mouth, each moment builds her heightened pleasures.

Holding his head to her, she thrusts her pussy up and over his nose, lingering long enough to rub her clit there a few times. With both hands now holding his head, her hips undulate over his mouth slowly, pet working his tongue deep inside her folds.

I had not noticed that my cock was at full mast until I realized that Izzy had her hand resting on top of me. She was also snuggling close to me, purring her approval in my ear of my fantasy. Or maybe she was as turned on as I was.

"Hold your tongue out, pet!", mistress commanded, while she slid it in and out of her cunt, his tongue becoming visible as she lifted up off his face. She soon made circles with her hips, using the end of his extended tongue to tweak her clit. Her hips began thrusting over his tongue, the tip of which was buried between her lips. "Oh, whatever did mistress do to find such a pleasing pet. You really know how mistress likes this. Mistress could do this all day."

Over the next several moments the mistress rubbed her cunt over her pet's face, their gaze locked on the others. Mistress then abruptly stopped, placed her right foot to the mattress! then stood up on her other knee, reaching for something off camera. She returned with an egg shaped object with a string attached to it. "I have a surprise for my patient pet.", and with that, she gave the egg a twist and it emitted a faint buzzing noise. "Mistress wants pet to hold this between his lips until mistress give further instructions." Not waiting for his reply, she held the egg to his lips as he wrapped them around it to hold it. The attached string dangled out the side of his mouth.

She returned her cunt to his mouth, only now she was rubbing it over the egg. "Oh god... the sight of pet pleasuring mistress has mistress excited and turned on. Pet is going to make mistress cum. Does pet want mistress to cum on pet's face?" Holding the egg firmly between his lips, he nods his head in acknowledgement.

It was obvious that the woman in the video was turned on as her pussy glistened with her juices. She continued to rub her cunt over the egg, occasionally pushing herself down onto the egg with it disappearing inside her. "Alright, my lovely pet, mistress wants you to push the vibrator up inside mistresses cunt." It was obvious how much the man in the video wanted to please his lover because he was attempting to force the egg up inside as deep as her could. "Oh. gawd, pet is going to make mistress cum.", and she started thrusting her cunt over his face much faster than before.

I only know what happened next because I've seen the video before, but because Izzy was gently squeezing my cock in my pants, it was just to much for me. I just came. My body was trebling with small tremors and the pleasure was coarsing throughout my body. Izzy began kissing my neck when she realized I was cumming in my pants, again! Her hand pressed harder against my erection. Still in my hand, the phone fell to my lap, the video still playing.

When I settled down enough to realize what was going on, Izzy had her phone in her hand, stopping the video. She pressed a few more buttons on the screen, then turned her attention back to me. "Mitch, I guess you liked that a lot!", smiling and laughing with me. She wrapped her her hands around my face and kissed my lips for many long moments.

"Actually, sharing with you... God, Izzy, thank you! I wasn't expecting this at all, especially not here in my backyard with my family just inside the house." Izzy laughed again, looking down at my pants.

"This time it might be more difficult to hide." I looked down at my crotch and found a noticable stain growing. I was mortified to go back into the house, but it was getting dark and Izzy needed to get home. "I can stand in front of you inside until we get to the bathroom.", again she laughed with me.

Once we got inside, the only person between us and the bathroom was mom. Izzy stopped to talk with her as I went to clean up. When I finished, I pretended to spill a cup of water on myself and walked out to Izzy.

"So how long have you been crocheting?", Izzy asked Mom.

"I started after Becky was born. It was something my mother did, and she bought me a few books telling me that she stated right after I was born." She looked up at me, "Mitch, what did you do? Did you pee you pants or something?"

Feeling a little embarrassed, "I spilled some water on myself in the bathroom." Mom seemed to chuckle under her breath as if she knew what happened. Izzy just stood there smiling.

"Mrs. Neilsen, thank you very much for inviting me over for dinner, and I'm looking forward to Saturday at the Jones'. It should be a lot of fun, and maybe a hundred people or so."

"Izzy, it was very nice to see you again, and yes, I'm sure everyone is looking forward to the party. I'm sure Ron will love to bang on his drums, too." While it sounds like mom was mocking dad, I'm quite certain he will be in his element come Saturday.

Izzy and I walked out to the car holding hands. She turned to me as we got to the door. "Mitch, dinner was wonderful. Thank you very much."

"You're very welcome!", and pulled her in for a kiss. I could feel her arms wrap around my waist, just loving being in her arms.

"So... if you're up for it, what would you say I bring you out to meet my grandma on Thursday? Would you like to make dinner for us? Maybe you could make the Beef Burgundy we talked about."

"Well, I won't deny that I'm a bit intimidated to meet your grandma. Some of the things people at Saturday's party told me just made me feel... well, it made me feel weird."

"Oh, come on, Grams is good people, and she doesn't bite.", she smiled. "So don't get all worked up over nothing. Besides, I'll be there to protect you.", giving me a short peck. "So, lunch tomorrow?", she beamed a bright smile at me.

I just pulled her close for one long lasting kiss. "Yes, lunch!" I just stood there and watched her drive away until I couldn't see her tail lights anymore.
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