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Part 03: Your ass is mine

I woke to the sound of my alarm clock.
It was a bummer that I had to go to school, I would much rather stay home and fuck my mother again, and perhaps try some anal sex with her, just as a warm up for fucking Stephanie’s ass later.

Then I realised that going to school could actually be fun.
Stephanie and I were attending the same school, and we often bumped into each other in the hallways or the cafeteria.

Today Stephanie had been ordered to get increasingly hornier by the minute though, and she would know that only I could free her from that feeling, even though she had no idea how she knew that.
I was thrilled, and wondered if I could resist teasing Stephanie if we bumped into each other today.

I went down to breakfast, were Stephanie were already eating.
I sat down and looked at Stephanie, who was dressed in some very short black shorts, and a white shirt.

“So sis, how are we feeling today?”
She did not answer me.
“Stephanie, tell me how you are feeling.” I ordered her.
She raised her head, and her eyes met mine.
They were full of disgust.

“How I feel?” Her voice was shaking.
“You have proven that you care nothing about what I feel! You raped me, you took away my virginity, something that was meant for a nice guy someday, and you are trying to make me pregnant, and I can do nothing about it. I am toy for you. I thought you actually cared about our family, and that you cared about me. I don’t know how you make me do these things, but it has changed you somehow. You are not my brother. You are a maniac in my brother’s body. I hate you, and if I could I would turn you in to the police!”
She started crying.

I looked at her, as tears once again streamed down her cheeks.
Her reaction was nothing less than I had expected, but it gave me an idea of how to make her orders of trying to get me to fuck her later more difficult.

“You hate me Stephanie? Really? I am your brother, and I was just trying to show my ultimate love for you. But if you really disliked it that much, then I will promise you this: I will not fuck you again ever.”

Her eyes looked into mine.
“For real?” She asked in a silent voice.
I tried hard to conceal my smile as I answered her.
“Yes. I will never fuck you again. No matter what.”
Her voice was almost soundless when she said:
“Thanks Trent.”

And then she picked up her bag and left for school.
I picked up my own bag, and left for school as well, but I made sure to take a detour, to allow Stephanie some time for herself.

I met Stephanie twice in school that day.

The first time was in the hallway after the first class.
She didn’t greet me or even look at me, but I knew that wouldn’t last very long.

The second time was in the cafeteria a few hours later, and sure enough now she was looking at me with a certain interest.
I only snuck a few peeks towards her, but I could see that she was definitely staring to get aroused, and I bet she was now starting to have problems concentrating during class.

My school day ended an hour before Stephanie’s did, and I decided to relax by the pool for a bit.

After a while I heard Stephanie get home, and heard her run up the stairs.
Curious to see what she was up to, I decided to pick up an old habit of mine.
I climbed up a tree that was just next to Stephanie’s window.
This tree had given me a few good peeks at Stephanie’s body before, at least until she started to close the blinds that is.

This time the blinds were luckily open, and I peeked inside.
Stephanie had taken off her shorts and panties, and was now lying on her bed, masturbating furiously.
I knew for a fact that was not going help her.
She would only be feeling increasingly hornier as the day progressed, and only I could help her.
And after her words this morning, I would make her work hard to get it.

I climbed down the tree, and went to my room.

About an hour before dinner I heard a knock on my door.
I turned around
“Come in.”
Stephanie opened the door, and she looked slightly desperate.
She bit her lip as she always did when she was nervous or scared.
“Trent, I really need to talk to you.”

I knew what it was that she probably wanted to talk about (There was a definite wet spot at the crotch of her shorts), but I decided to let her suffer a bit more first.

“But I don’t want to talk to you sis, you really hurt my feelings this morning you know? Get out. Perhaps we can talk after dinner, if I am in a better mood that is.”
She looked as if I had just told her, that she was going to be tortured for the next several hours.
And as she left, I knew that torture was probably a pretty good word to describe the lust my sister were surely experiencing.

At dinner, Stephanie was wearing a white bikini, which barely covered anything important.
Even though it made her look sexy as hell, I was more focused on her face.
She was having huge problems eating her food, and she looked like she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

My mother looked at her.
“Stephanie, is anything wrong sweetie?”
I had to pretend I had dropped my fork to hide my smile, as I heard Stephanie’s shaking voice.
“Y-y-yes, I am feeling just fi-i-ne.”
My mother did not really look she believed her, but asked no more questions about it.

Stephanie tried hard to hide her obvious discomfort during the rest of the dinner, but she was now so horny that her nipples were clearly seen through the fabric of her bikini top.

After dinner I went into the kitchen to talk to my mother.
Seeing as how she could not object, I decided to tell her exactly what I was thinking.

“Mom, no matter what you hear tonight, you will not disturb me and Stephanie. I plan on fucking my sweet sister’s ass tonight, and I don’t want to be interrupted!”

She looked at me.
“Yes Trent. Did you already fuck Stephanie’s pussy?”
I could clearly hear the hint of fear in her voice.

I smiled wide.
“Yes I did. I shot a nice load of cum deep inside her pussy as well, so she might be pregnant already.

My mother sounded tired when she said:
“I don’t think this is right Trent, but for some reason I can’t stop you from doing this.”
I just smiled at her with an evil smile.
“I know you can’t mom, that’s what makes this so fun.”

I returned to my room, and waited.
I only had to wait for about 2 minutes before I heard a knock on the door.
With a growing smile, I said:
“Come in.”

Stephanie opened the door and stepped inside.
“Close the door behind you Steph.”

She closed the door, and turned towards me with a desperate look in her eyes.
“I… I really need to talk to you Trent, I need your help.”
Enjoying the entire situation, I just asked her:
“Oh, and what might that be?”

She did not answer immediately, and I could see that her mind was torn right now, one half wanted relief from her immense desire, and the other half wanting nothing to do with me at all.
But I could see that one of the sides was weakening fast.

Her voice was almost a whisper when she spoke.
“I want you to fuck me again.”
“Sorry Steph, I didn’t get that, what exactly do you need from me?”
She looked at me, and said louder:
“I want you to fuck me.”
Her eyes were pleading, and I could see she was desperate for relief.

I teased her a bit more.
“But I made a promise never to fuck you again. I would not want to break a promise to my sweet sister.”
She bit her lip.
“But I really need you to fuck me Trent. I have been feeling horny all day, and I will lose my mind if you don’t fuck me right now.”
“You want me to fuck you? You actually want to fuck me without me forcing you to do it?”

Again with a voice barely a whisper she said:
“I can’t hear you sis.”
“Yes, I want you to fuck me now. I am sorry I acted like a bitch this morning. I need you. I need your cock, and…. and….”
She took a deep breath.
“I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

I could not hide my smile.
“You want me to fuck your ass? Are you sure?”
“I am sure. I need to be fucked in the ass, and I want you to do it.”
“And the promise I gave you?” I asked her.
“Fuck the promise. Or at least just fuck me.” She just said, looking like a lost puppy.

I looked at her, as her eyes were once again starting to fill up with tears.
“Please Trent?” She added, and lowered her head.

I made a cruel move.
“Nope, sorry sis, but you are on your own.”
She looked as if I was threatening her with a gun.
“Trent, I beg you. I plead with you. I will do anything, whatever you ask. Don’t leave me like this!”

I loved the power I had over her in her desperate state.
“Yes anything.”
She raised her head, and then whispered:
“I will let you try to knock me up if you do it. I will let you shoot your seed inside my pussy.”
I decided to keep the tension going.

“Tell you what Stephanie. I’ll make you a deal.”
She looked into my eyes.
“Here is the deal sis: I will fuck your pussy, and if you do a good job, and make me feel really horny, then I will fuck your ass after that.”

Stephanie looked at me with desperation.
“But I can’t wait that long! Fuck me in the ass now, PLEASE! I will let you do anything you want with me after that.”
She was now whimpering.
“Sorry Steph, but that is not good enough.
You are the one asking for MY help here, and as such we play by MY rules.”

With a defeated look, she just bent over her head and nodded.

“Alright Stephanie, get naked.” I ordered her.
She quickly followed my command, dropping her bikini top, and her soaking wet bikini bottom to the floor.
Her nipples were standing straight out from her breasts.

I dropped my pants to the floor.
“Alright sis, get over here and lie down, and spread your legs for your loving brothers cock.”
She almost ran over to my bed, and spread her legs wide.

I placed the tip of my rock hard cock at her pussy opening.
“Last chance to back out sis.” I told her.
Instead of answering, she wrapped her legs around my ass, and forced my cock inside her.

For the second time in less than 24 hours, my cock started to work its way inside the girl who had so long been a forbidden and impossible fantasy for me.
To my amazement, her pussy was so soaking wet that I managed to bury my entire cock inside her in my first push.

“Christ Stephanie, you are wet as a fucking ocean. You really want me that bad huh?”
“Yy-y-es. But I really need to be fucked in the ass, please Trent!”
“Nope, sorry sis, but you know the deal. Make me feel horny enough and then I will fuck your ass.”

She started to whimper again, and then started to moan.
“Trent, please fuck me. Fuck your slutty sister. Fill my pussy with your cum and make me pregnant. I want to feel your child growing inside my belly.
Get me knocked up PLEASE TRENT!” She shouted the last part.

I smiled at her desperation, and told her to lower her voice a bit, although a part of me actually wanted my mother to hear her daughter’s desperation.

Stephanie’s words worked perfectly however.
Hearing my own sister begging me to knock her up, and make my child grow inside her, made my cock rock hard, and I soon found myself ready to burst.
Again I pushed my cock as far inside her pussy as I possibly could, and groaned as I felt every wave of potential baby-juice shoot deep inside her.

“Thanks Steph, that was truly wonderful.”
She was sobbing now.
“Fuck my ass now Trent, please you promised!”
I was certainly going to do that, but she still needed to do one last thing for me.

“I said that if I got horny enough, then I would fuck your ass.
I felt good fucking you, but I don’t feel very horny right now.”
Stephanie broke down crying, tears flowing from her face.

“But seeing as how you seem to be in some form of discomfort, I will give you a chance.
If you can suck my cock hard again, then I will fuck your ass.”

She quickly threw herself of the bed, and dropped to her knees in front of my cock, and before I knew what happened my entire cock was inside her throat, as she sucked me of like her life depended on it.

Her surprising aggressiveness, and the sensation of my cock hitting the back of her throat, made me rock hard in mere moments.
I quickly thought that perhaps it was Stephanie who needed to teach my mother a few pointers, before Stephanie brought me back to reality.

She took my cock out of her mouth, looked at me, and just said:
“Trent, please. I BEG YOU!”

I laughed.
“Yes Steph, I think you have earned it now. Turn around for me.”
She turned around, and lifted her ass in the air for me, offering me her virgin anal opening.

It was time to take my sister’s last virginity.
I placed my cock at her asshole, and pushed.
Nothing happened so I pushed harder, and after a couple of seconds my cockhead vanished inside Stephanie’s ass.

Christ was her ass tight. This made her pussy seem like nothing.
In her pussy I had trouble moving, but in her ass I didn’t think I would be able to move at all.
“Fuuck Stephanie, you ass is so tight, I don’t know if I can even move in there.” I groaned.
She started the thrust her ass back towards me, catching me of guard and burying another inch of cock inside her.
“I need all of this cock inside me!” She gasped.

She started to rock her ass back and forth, easing my cock slowly inside her ass.
After about 5 minutes, there was still about 1 or 2 inches outside her.
When she saw it, she shifted into reverse cowgirl position with me underneath, still with most of my cock buried inside her ass, and then dropped herself down on my cock with all her weight, impaling her ass completely on my cock.

She made a mix between a scream and a moan, as she finally felt my entire cock inside her ass.
It felt like nothing I could have ever imagined.
It felt so tight, I actually was not sure we would ever be able to separate again, her ass muscles were grabbing my cock, and almost massaging it.

She started to move up and down slowly on my pole, making a small fucking motion going.
After a few minutes the going got easier, and my entire cock would almost be out of her ass, before she would slam back down on it again.

The sensation felt amazing, and I only lasted this long due to having cum only a few minutes earlier.
Despite this, I soon felt another load of cum building in my balls, and I grunted as I shot a pretty good load deep inside Stephanie’s ass.

Despite my orders to keep quiet, Stephanie screamed out load:
And then she collapsed on top of me, we tipped sideways ending up spooning, and like that with my cock still lodged inside her ass, we fell asleep.

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