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I was having a wonderful dream
Cat: Chapter II.

I was having the most wonderful dream. I was dancing with the prettiest girl on campus and she as telling me how much she loved me.
I awoke to Cat feeding me her cock, slowly fucking my face. When she saw that my eyes were open she grinned and sheathed her cock down my throat and started cumming, filling my stomach with her seed. After she was done dropping her load she pulled her cock out of my throat and bent down to kiss me as I gasped for breath.
“Good morning darling I need good fuck now.”
How could I refuse I rolled from my side to my back and she quickly mounted me sliding my now rock hard cock on her sopping wet silky snatch.
Cat started to ride me hard and fast and after a few moments grasped my head and pulled my willing mouth to her cock, which was again rock, hard. Soon she was spewing a ton of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as fast and as much as I could. I could not keep up with her output and some seeped past my lips. At that point I started cumming deep in to her pussy.
After I stopped cumming, she quickly got up off my softening cock and planted her cum filled snatch squarely on my face so I could clean her up. I used my tongue to clean my cum and her juices out of her snatch and then quickly moved to play with her clit. Cat loved this and was squealing with joy at the sensation.
Soon she orgasmed and her pussy pumped squirt after squirt of juice into my mouth. She quickly moved and pointed her again rock hard cock at my mouth and shoved it in.
Again she fucked my face fast and hard for what seemed like a half hour. There was nothing subtle about how she was using my mouth to get herself off. She just kept ramming her cock down my throat till she eventually blasted another load into my stomach.
When she was done she got off the bed and stood up.
“My god that’s the fastest I have gotten off three time in the morning. Your are the best Keith.”
She then bounced off to the bathroom to take a shower. I just lay there basking in the after glow of sex and realizing I had become her cum slut.
‘Oh well,’ I thought to myself, ‘she’s still the sexiest girl on campus and her cum is tasty.’
I got up and went to the bathroom to pee.
“Hey Cat would don’t mind if I pee while you are in the shower do you?”
“Go right ahead dear it won’t bother me in the least,” she replied.
I lifted the toilet lid and sat down and started to pee sighing in relief as I emptied my bladder. I was lost in thought when I heard an “ahem,” and opened my eyes to see a rock hard cock looking me in the eye.
“I don’t know what has come over me Keith. Three times in the morning is my usual routine. You must bring out the best in me.”
This she said as she forced her cock into my mouth and started to face fuck me for the third time today. It didn’t take long, her cock quickly swelled and started dumping another massive load down my throat.
“Fuck yes you are the best I have ever had, well truthfully the only one I’ve had like this”
After she was spent she pulled her cock out of my mouth and gave me a big kiss.
“Why don’t you take a shower and since it’s the weekend we can go out and get some breakfast.”
“Sure why not,” was my reply.
I quickly showered and toweled off while walking back into the bedroom. Cat was already dressed wearing a pretty peach colored sun dress that did nothing hide her chest just the opposite in fact. She saw me walk in and twirled around to show me the dress.
“Do you like?”
“Yes I like but how do you hide that huge snake of yours?”
She lifted her skirt and I saw what looked like a pair of modified panties/spanks.
“You see when I am not aroused I’m only about two inches so it’s pretty easy to tuck.”
“Ah I see now, but what happens if you get excited?”
“If it happens and it hardly does, why do you think I cum so much in the mornings I am draining the tank so to speak, I simply go to the bathroom and rub out a load.”
‘God what a woman,’ I thought.
“Kewl, now let get dressed. I’ll just have to wear what I had on yesterday.”
I went over to my cloths and pulled on my shirt and decided to forgo my underwear, as I have always hated wearing the same shorts for more than one day. I tossed them aside.
“I guess its commando for me.”
Cat tossed me a pair of her boy shorts. “You can wear a pair of mine to hold every thing in place.”
“I don’t know about that.”
“Just try them on there black and no one will notice, and I bet you will be a lot more comfortable.”
“Ok I really hate not having underwear on.”
I reluctantly pulled them on but to my surprise I found them to be very comfortable. I loved the silky feel of the fabric against my cock and balls.
Cat giggled, “They really make you ass and cock stand out.”
“I have to admit the fit pretty well.”
I pulled on my pants picked up my socks took a quick sniff and decided they were not that bad and pulled them on. I walked out into the living room and there was Cat sundress, purse, and a cute hat already to go.
I put on my shoes and said, “Ready to go,” holding out my arm.
“You bet Tiger lets go have some fun!”
It was about 10AM when we left the house. We went to the Saturday Market and hit some of the stores down town getting a light breakfast in the process.
It was a little after one and we were walking arm and arm around the market when Cat stopped as if startled by something.
“Remember when I told you if I got excited I usually had to go to the nearest bathroom and rub one out?”
“Well it looks like I’m going to have to take care of that soon.”
“What do you want to do?” I asked.
She looked around and saw that we stopped in front of the adult bookstore and that it was open. She pulled me inside and pulled out five dollars and gave it to the girl behind the counter. The girl handed her some tokens with a smile. Cat then led me towards the back arcade rooms.
She looked for a door at the end of the hall saw that it was unlocked and pulled me inside. She dropped the tokens into the video player and chose a shemale video. She then quickly shed her skirt and panties, presenting me with a rapidly hardening cock. I simply squatted down in front of her and opened my mouth. She then without a word shoved her meat into my mouth. I knew this would be quick as all I was to her at the moment was a cum dumpster.
She quickly started to face fuck me while I used my tongue on her shaft to help stimulate her. She started to use savage and brutal deep strokes trying to get off as quickly as possible and get on with her day. I understood right then and there that having to get a nut off in the middle of the day was inconvenient for her.
She picked up her pace fucking my face faster and harder reaching a frenzied pace. Finally she gasped rammed her cock down my throat one more time and came.
This time she just held my head in place not saying a word and pumped shot after of shot of cum down my throat. When she was done she made sure I licked her clean and then tucked everything back into place.
“God hate when that happens but you were a life saver, you made me cum extra fast.”
Cat then gave me a big kiss then helped me to my feet. Then headed towards the door.
“Uh Cat there’s a cock sticking through the wall.” I said.
“Damit I don’t need this I’m just not dressed for this. Could you be a dear and take care of that mans cock for me?” she said smiling.
What could I say, so I squatted down and started to suck a stranger’s cock. It didn’t take long before he dumped his load into my mouth and pulled out.
“OK let’s go while the grind is good.”
She opened the door and we headed out the front of the store. The clerk gave us a knowing smile and winked at me as we waved while walking out the door.
“Cat what am I turning into?” I asked.
“My guess dear is my lover and a huge come slut.”
“But I still like fucking girls especially you.”
That brought a smile to her face.
“I’m happy to hear that but it does seem that you have a knack for swallowing cock and cum.”
I shrugged and grinned, “You just bring out the best in me.”
Laughing Cat took my arm and we headed back into the market. We ended up shopping at a few more stores, I bought her a sexy nighty and she bought a surprise for me. We laughed had fun and just enjoyed the day.
We ended our day out by having a quiet early dinner at a nice little sushi bar talking about various sci-fi books. On the way back to her apartment we stopped at my dorm for some cloths as it was a three-day holiday weekend and I would need more than one set of cloths.
When we got back to her place we put everything away and then Cat shed all her cloths.
“I love walking around the place naked especially after having my cock tucked away all day.”
At this pint it was semi erect at about 6-7 inches long and hanging between her legs. I could not help but stare at the beauty standing before me and my cock started to stir in my pants.
“Like what you see don’t ya?” she asked.
“I can’t help it you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”
You know just what to say to a girl. Come here you need to get rid of those cloths.”
I walked over to her and she helped me remove my cloths. W stood facing each other in our birthday suits.
“You seem ready to go Tiger.” She said referring to my now stiff cock.
“You have that affect on me.”
“Well I know something you can do.” With that she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the couch. She sat down and lifted her ass in the air and said.
“Eat me bitch.”
I didn’t need any more encouragement. I kneeled down and attacked her snatch with my mouth and tongue. She started wiggling around and clamped her legs around my head and I could her saying.”
“Fuck that’s right eat my cunt, get your fucking tongue in there. Fuck me with you tongue you fucking little sissy whore. God that feels fucking incredible.”
I did as she commanded and ate her out for all I was worth, working her clit with my tongue.
The suddenly she released my head and said the words.
“God dammit get the fuck up here and fuck the shit out of me.”
I stood up and rammed my rigid member balls deep into her pussy. She gasped then started to thrust back. Her cock was not rock hard. I leaned over to lick her nipples and she hissed with pleasure.
After a few moments of my working her nipples she pushed my head away with a smile and I knew what she wanted.
“Baby please make me cum,” she said in a soft voice.
I started to fuck her harder and took her cock into my mouth and she started to stroke it in time with my thrusts. I was able to take about 5 inches into my mouth without her help. I let my tongue play with her head twirling it around and flicking it across her pee slit. She started to moan and I continued to let my tongue run along the shaft in my mouth.
“Oh baby just like that don’t stop.”
I kept working my mouth on her meat when I started to feel my balls tighten. Taking her cock out of my mouth I cried.
“Baby I’m gonna cum,” then quickly went back to sucking her cock.
“Yes,” she hissed, “fill my cunt with you cream.”
Suddenly I felt it cumming and could not hold it back any longer. I didn’t say a thing just thrust in deep and took another two inches of her cock into my mouth and down my throat and blew my load into her snatch.
“Oh yes baby Ahhhh,” then she grasped my head to hold it in place and she blew her load into my mouth and down my throat as she started to orgasm. Her pussy milked my cock as my mouth and throat milked hers.
I swallowed all of her cum then licked her cock clean. I then pulled my softening cock from her snatch and started to clean her out.
She gasped as my tongue worked its way into her to get every drop of my cum. She started shaking as my tongue began to work her clit and she had another orgasm her pussy cumming all over my face as she quivered and ground her snatch into my face. She again wrapped her legs around my head to hold it in place to get the most out of my mouth and tongue.
I could taste her pussy juice mixed with my cum and it was a heady mix. I worked harder on her clit and she shook even more sawing her hips back and forth grinding even harder against my mouth.
“You are a fucking cunt licking god. Don’t stop you little bitch make me cum some more. Oh god don’t stop don’t fucking stop.”
We kept that up for at least twenty minutes when she pushed. My head from her snatch stood up and pushed her rock hard cock past my lips and down my throat.
She started fucking my throat like some one possessed by a demon. Her eyes were half lidded with lust and she was talking to me with every savage thrust.
“Take my cock you little cum slut, take it all. Your mine now and you better get used to being fed my cum morning, noon, and night. Fuck your throat is so silky smooth. Take it all slut.”
She was in a frenzy slamming all 11 ½ inches down my throat with no mercy. I barley had time to catch my breath each time she pulled out before her balls were once again bouncing off my chin. She kept it up for about ten minutes when she slammed her cock home and came. I could feel her fuck stick swell then pump shot after shot of cum directly into my stomach. She came so much this time I wondered if she would ever stop. When she finally pulled out she lift the tip resting on my lips and she still filled my mouth with her dribble.
When she was done she kneeled down and kissed me so she could have some of her cum. We made out hot and heavy for a while before breaking apart.
“Oh my god Keith that was intense.”
“Whew, you can say that again I’m spent. Hey Cat did you mean all those things you said about me being you bitch and dirty cum slut?”
She blushed and smiled at me.
“Well at least when we are having sex. Is that ok?”
I looked at her and knew I could deny her nothing.
“If that’s what makes you happy the yes it’s just fine.”
Cat squealed with joy and pulled my head to her chest hugging me close.
“Keith I can’t tell you how happy you have made me.”
“I’m glad, oh do you still want to watch some anime?”
“Sure but first lets finish taking care of this.”
She grabbed her rock hard cock and pointed it directly at my mouth. What could I say I was her cum slut and lowered my mouth onto her member and went to town.

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