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I hooked up with my ex boyfriends best friend, I loved it(:
Last month, I was sitting in my apartment studying when I became too bored to continue. I went on Facebook, reading the stories like an internet news paper. I stumbled across my ex-boyfriends best friend, Jose. He had posted that he was sitting in the college Recreation room alone and bored. I also went to that college, I was a freshman and he was a junior. Even though I dated his friend, Nick, I never really hung out with Jose while we were together. To be honest I had even dated his younger brother when we were younger, but you know how young relationships go.
Anyways, Jose was an extremely attractive guy. He was Hispanic so his dark skin complexion and bad boy personality, and tattoos lol, that combination was sexy to me. I was in the same graduating class as Jose's ex girlfriend and I know that Jose wasn't always faithful to her. He was a serious player, but that turned me on. The only problem was that I dated his best friend and he wouldn't even talk to me.
Nonetheless, I decided I was going to go to the Rec Center anyways and just go for a run on the track. I put on my tightest pair of yoga pants, hoping he may notice lol, and put on a sports bra and drove there.
When I arrived I saw Jose by himself on the basketball court. The track runs around the court so I began jogging around where he was playing. I could feel him staring at my ass and thighs as I ran by him each time. After a few laps I slowed down and he started walking towards me. We both smiled at each other and he told me I was looking great. I laughed and said thank you. We chatted for about a half an hour and he said he was probably going to head out. I asked him if he wanted to stop by my apartment and continue talking for awhile and he reluctantly said yes.
During the car ride to my place in brought up Nick and said how that was a thing of the past and that we haven't talked in over a year. Jose seemed to want to avoid that conversation but I could tell he was feeling more comfortable with me and began giving me compliments in a sexual form. He kept saying how he always knew I had a nice ass but that it was looking even better now and that my lips were so sexy. I loved it(:
When we got to my place I told Jose to come in my room since my roommates would be home soon. I told him I needed to change and to just cover his eyes. He pretended to as I removed my sports bra and then he took his hands down and said "damn girl". I lunged towards him laughing trying to cover his eyes when he grabbed my bare boobs and started caressing them so softly. Immediately I became weak and stopped the play fight, letting him continue. He began sucking on my nipples and squeezing my breasts more. Then he took his hands and started pulling down my yoga pants from the back, his large hands grabbing my ass. Ugh it felt amazing. When I was completely naked laying on top of him, he layed me on my back and got undressed himself, revealing his large brown cock and tattooed torso. It was so sexy. I sat up and pulled him close to me and grabbed his half hard dick and began sucking it with a passion. So much spit and jacking fast I gave him some very sloppy head. I could tell he loved it by the way he was groaning.
After about 15 minutes of giving him head he told me he needed my pussy right now. I loved the way he was dirty talking to me.
He first picked me up and I wrapped my arms around his neck and he slammed his cock deep inside my tight soaking pussy. He started swinging my body on his cock and bouncing me on it. It was incredible, I had never been fucked that way, let alone to get it started that way. I told him I couldn't take it anymore and he put me down and Bent me over doggystyle, my favorite(: (I told you I had a big ass and I know how to use it haha)
He entered me doggy and slapped my ass, he grabbed my hips and began pounding away I could hear our bodies slapping against each other and feel the tingling of his balls swinging and hitting my inner thighs and my pussy. I couldn't even scream he was fucking me so good and hard. I was out of breath and he just pounded away, smacking my ass an asking me if Nick fucked me like this. I kept screaming no daddy no he never fucked me he was a scared little bitch. Keep fucking me daddy give me that big brown cock I fucking love it! I think that took him over the edge because within 10 seconds he pulled out and came all over my ass. I sucked up the remaining cum from his dick and we both layed there for awhile exhausted and extremely satisfied.

Sorry for the short character count! I tried to make it longer but I was in a bit of a rush towards the end and wanted to get it posted! Thanks for reading!!!!






2014-03-03 19:51:00
Very fine writing but way/way too short. Lets hear about him bringing along a friend for a DP ?? Nice hot chick ! (countrycadillac)

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