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In a different time, a boy’s world is turned upside down
Creatures of the night.

Marshal John Harris was doing his evening round through town. He could almost taste the anxiety in the air, as he knew the whole town was dreading to face another night with the creatures. It was getting dark; the boys and girls ought to be already locked up in their cribs. He was the only one outside alone, but even in this gloom the marshal didn’t need to be worried about the creatures; he was a grown man and had sex lots of times, the creatures wouldn’t want him anymore.

It was a full moon tonight and in the nearby forest, the restless creatures could already be heard. Their ominous howling and excited yapping was very distinct in the eerie silence and traveled far in the crisp cold winter night. Lately the creatures were growing in number and getting more and more audacious, venturing deeper inside the villages at night, sniffing and scratching at the doors and windows. That’s why the Marshal was especially watchful and why he made sure every youngling was safely indoors and locked up. It had been over six months since they last snatched away one of the kids in this town and John Harris was determined to keep it that way.

At the moment, the isolated village counted two hundred and thirty-six nonsperming boys and hundred and ninety-three unspermed girls. It was a higher number than normal, and a lot higher than Marshal Harris would like it to be. The problem was that there had not emerged a new cherrypicker for some years now and Will, the youngest boy to produce sperm, was now considered too big to inseminate the virgin girls. The whole town was anxiously waiting for a new boy to start shooting.

The marshal was waiting too, he himself being a father of three. He had one boy and two girls, all virgins. He knew they were safely locked up and being guarded by an armed Mrs. Harris, but just to be sure, he quickened his stride.
As he walked by the blacksmith, a gleam of light caught his eye. On the house behind the smithy, one of the window shutters wasn’t closed properly. It was a careless act like this that would allow the creatures to get into the house and seize one of the kids. John walked around the workplace and knocked on the door. It wasn’t long before the door opened and a burly man appeared to answer the late night visitor.

“Good evening Burt, excuse me for knocking on your door at this ungodly hour, but it’s getting dark and I saw your window shutters aren’t bolted shut. We wouldn’t want little Jenny get caught tonight, would we?”
“No, we don’t, we don’t want that to happen. I’ll close them right away, thank you sir” the smith muttered.
“How’s junior doing, is he shooting yet?”
“I wish, but sadly no, he’s not shooting yet, no.”
“That’s too bad, we could use a younger picker”
“That, we could, yes”
“Well good night then, and keep those windows closed”
“Good night Marshal, I will do that, sir”

The marshal stepped off the coal-stained porch and continued his round. The town was quiet and everything looked as peaceful as could be. Behind the locked doors and windows, the people of the village were getting themselves ready for the night. There wasn’t a single soul left outdoors, neither human nor beast. John Harris’ duty was done for today. He was contented and assured this night would be another uneventful night.

For one family, the marshal could not have been more wrong.

Inside the home behind the bakery, Mrs. Milson was sitting on her knees in front of her sixteen year old son. The boy was standing on his bare feet, wearing only his nightgown which he had hoisted up so he was naked from the waist down. His mother had her lips wrapped around his shaft and moved her head back and forth in a steady pace while she sucked on Jimmy’s young hard cock.
Jimmy was still a virgin, too young to be sperming and become a man. He was therefore still at risk, and would be every night, until he had deposited his first seed inside the fertile pussy of a spermed female. That was why the baker’s wife, like every other mother in town, regularly sucked off her son, hopeful she’d soon taste his first ejaculate.

Performing fellatio on the boys was considered common practice in the few isolated villages surrounded by the dense, dark woodlands that harbored the dreaded creatures. It wasn’t frowned upon by anyone; it was simply regarded as part of a mother’s duties. Since ages before anyone could remember, mothers sucked off their virgin sons and each boy lost his virginity to his mother the day after he first shot sperm. The tradition also created a special bond between the mothers and boys and the oral sex often would continue for years after the boy’s first ejaculation, but always ended before the boy got married.
The vaginal sex was considered a one-off event, a rite of passage, although it was rumored that not all mothers shared that opinion and allowed their sons to sleep with them whenever they wanted. Of course there was always the risk of unplanned pregnancies, even if the sexual intercourse happened only once. Everybody knew it happened, but nobody talked about it.

For almost a year now, the baker’s wife has been using her mouth on her son to make him come. She knew he was probably not producing sperm for some time, but she dutifully sucked him off two or three times a week. It was part of her routine and for the boy definitely something to look forward to.

The evening had started off like many before. After supper, the children had taken their bath and were sent off to bed. Jimmy was the last of the kids to get in the tub and he quickly washed and dried off, knowing that after his bath, his mother would come and suck his cock.
After he put on his nightgown, he sat down on his bed and waited for his mother. His cock was already standing to attention, pointing straight up in the cold night air. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait long before she came into the bedroom and dutifully knelt in front of the bed. The boy got on his feet, pulled up his gown and she started sucking immediately. The baker’s wife knew well what Jimmy liked and soon she had the boy close to climaxing. Moments later Jimmy began to gasp and his body went rigid as an extraordinarily strong orgasm coursed through his body

As the boy was getting his relief, his penis suddenly twitched and a tiny jet of sweet cum erupted into his mother’s sucking mouth. The unsuspecting mother suddenly felt a hot liquid spurt from the throbbing head and wash over her tongue. There was no doubt that what she tasted was cum. Thin, watery boycum, but cum nonetheless.
Her heart pounded in her chest, her boy was becoming a man!

The baker’s wife kept massaging her son’s prick and balls, keeping him aroused for a visual conformation of his ejaculation. Jimmy’s dick remained hard and she took him in her mouth again. It was unusual for his mother to keep sucking after he had already climaxed, but Jimmy wasn’t going to stop her. He just let her suck and bob until she felt his muscles tense up again as the boy again came close to orgasm.
This time, she let him slip from her mouth before he came and used her hands to bring him off. She pulled the tight foreskin back and rubbed the sensitive pink head between her thumb and index finger. Suddenly another little squirt of whitish fluid shot from the little opening in the tip. It sailed a few inches through the air before it landed onto her hand. She kept milking him and a few more cloudy drops oozed from the opening which she also collected in her hand. There was no mistaking it: this was sperm, little Jimmy’s first sperm. She turned up the oil lamp and beheld the little gooey droplets as if they were the most precious things in the world.

To the delighted mother, the droplets were nothing less than that. They meant her oldest son would soon pass the perilous period of virginity and be forever safe from the dreaded creatures. Tomorrow evening, she would let Jimmy fuck her and make him cum in her pussy. After that, she would take him to the village elders, to have him confirmed.
She knew that Jimmy would be by far the youngest boy in town to be shooting, and if he passed the elders’ tests, they would surely pronounce him the next cherrypicker. All the unspermed girls would be his to deflower, a huge honor and a highly coveted job.

She showed her cum splattered hand to her son and pointed at the slimy droplets.
“Do you see that, Jimmy? That’s your seed!” she cried excited.
Jimmy could hardly believe his eyes. “My seed? Did I make seed?”
“Yes, dear boy, that is all yours! Look at those lovely little drops!”
“Do you know what this means?” she asked.
“You mean that the creatures won’t eat me anymore?”
“That too, but you’re the town’s youngest shooter now! You might become the new cherrypicker” she explained, with unconcealed pride.
“Me? I can’t be, I’m way too young! I can’t be a picker!”
“Well, you’re it not yet, son. We’ll have to have you confirmed by the elders first”
“Confirmed? What’s that?”
“It means they’ll have to test your seed first and if it’s good, then they will pronounce you the new cherrypicker”
“And then I’ll have to sperm all the girls?” he asked with fear in his voice. “I don’t know how to sperm a girl”
“Don’t panic, Jimmy. I’ll teach you first and when the time comes, you’ll know what to do, you’ll see. But before we can get you confirmed, we’ll have to make a man of you. Tomorrow night, you will have sex with me. You’re going to put your sperm in my pussy and then you’re no virgin anymore”
Jimmy took a moment to digest all this new information. He had never heard of a picker as young as him, but nonetheless, he looked forward to having real sex with his mom.
“Are you sure mommy?”
“Don’t be afraid, it’s all right. You’ll love it. Now you get some sleep, it will be an important day tomorrow”
She kissed him on the lips and tucked him in. In a few minutes the boy was in a deep and blissful sleep.

The next day, jimmy and his best friend Gerald went fishing in the pond behind the mill. They were all alone and finally Jimmy informed his friend of his fortune.
“You can’t tell anyone yet, but I shot my first seed last night” he whispered excitedly.
“You’re kidding me. You? You’re two months younger than me!” Gerald said amazed.
“Yeah, I know, I can’t believe it myself”
“So.., you will be the new picker then?”
“I guess so, but first I have to be confirmed by the elders”
“And then you have to sperm all the overdue girls? Eww!”
“It’s not ‘Eww’, some are really nice and fun to be with.”
“Yes, but girls are icky and they have cooties”
“I don’t know. Mom is a girl and I always liked it when she sucked me”
“Well… yes, but mothers are different” he replied weak.
“Different how?” his friend asked
“I don’t know, it’s just… Well I’m glad I’m not the new picker” Gerald said, but something in his demeanor made his statement sound a bit phony.
“You’re just jealous!” Jimmy snapped.
“No I’m not!” he yelled and walked away angry.
Jimmy ran after him and quickly overtook his friend.
“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that”
“No, you’re right. I am a bit jealous of you” he admitted “Did you know my sister is one of the overdue girls?”
“She is? She’s cute”
“And your own sister… Man, I would have loved to pick her.”
“You’re right, she’s almost as cute as your sister.”
“Just promise you’ll be gentle with them”
“I promise. Friends?”
The two boys shook hands and concentrated on their fishing. After ten minutes, Gerald started talking again.
“So, have you put it in your mom yet?”
“No, she wants me to do that this evening”
“Will said it felt really good when he did it, even better than when his mom sucks it”
“Wow, that must be really good”
“Yes, imagine that”

That night, instead of sending him to bed at nightfall, the Mrs. Milson allowed her son to stay up with her and her husband. She poured them all a glass of wine as they sat around the fireplace and celebrated the special evening. As the fire began to dwindle, she took her son’s hand and led him to the bedroom. The big marital bed would be theirs tonight, while her husband had to share the other bed with the remaining kids.
As she stood before her son, she began to take off her dress. She had blown out the candles, but left the oil lamp burning so the boy would be able to see what she was doing. More anxious than he had ever been before, Jimmy stood almost paralyzed, watching his mother as she untied the laces of her bodice and dropped her frocks. Next she unfastened her undergarments and let them fall to the floor as well, so her son could see and admire her body in all its naked glory. The woman was proud of her body, and was right to do so. She was one of the most beautiful women in the village and working hard in the bakery every day gave her a lean and well-toned body. The years of nursing babies made her breast swell and stand out firm.
Jimmy had seen his sisters nude lots of times, but his mother was the first grown woman he saw naked. He was stupefied by the beauty of her firm breasts, topped with big dark nipples and her feminine rounded belly, slightly pouchy from multiple pregnancies. But most of all, he was intrigued by the triangular patch of dark curly hair that grew below her belly. Somewhere in that forest would be the hole that would make him a man. A hole that supposedly would feel so good around your cock you’d do anything to feel it again and again.

Jimmy’s mother sat down on the bed and pulled her son close. She began to undress the nervous boy by removing his tunic and shirt. Next she loosened his girdle and dropped his hose. She was pleased to see that in spite of his anxiety, his prick was fully hard and pushing out his breeches. With one smooth movement, she pulled down his underwear. Jimmy’s penis jumped up at its newfound freedom, proudly pointing towards the roof of the house, eager to penetrate its first pussy.

“Would you like me to suck it first?” she asked him once she was finished undressing him.
Jimmy’s throat was suddenly to dry to speak, so he simply nodded. His mother got on her knees and bent forward to take him in her mouth. Soon he felt the familiar feeling of her soft lips closing around his cock and the warm wet suction of her mouth as she began to blow him. She sucked him for only a short while, making sure her son would not waste any of his precious seed in her mouth. It did seem to relax him a bit and get him ready for what would happen next.

She smiled and made him lie down in the big bed. In the other bed he could see his father and his twin sister, Miriam. She was awake too and observing the action between her brother and her mom closely, not wanting to miss any of it. Being an overdue virgin herself, she knew he would soon sperm her too and was keen to learn as much as possible. Behind her was his father, also watching his oldest son’s passage into manhood.

Jimmy’s mom got into the bed too and lied down next to him. She grabbed his erect cock and rubbed its foreskin up and down a few times. A drop of slick precum oozed from the cock’s little opening, which she spread over the pointed pink tip.
“Are you ready to become a man?”
Jimmy nodded again and whispered a husky “Yes”
She spread her legs and pulled the boy on top of her and between her spread legs. Instinctively he supported himself with his arms so his face was above his mother’s upper body and his pelvis rested between her thighs. He could feel the soft curls of her bush against his cock and stomach, causing him to make slow, instinctive humping movements by rubbing his dick against her belly.
She knew her son was more than ready to go, so she grabbed his stiff cock and lined it up with her vaginal entrance. She tilted her hips up and with his next involuntary push, the pointed pink head parted her slick inner lips and the tip slid inside. The ring of muscles grabbed the boy’ penis and sucked it in, swallowing him. She clutched her son’s slim butt and pulled him up against her body, taking his cock all the way inside her pussy until she felt his balls kiss her butt.

The boy gasped as new and unknown pleasures washed over him. The moist heat of his mother’s vagina enveloped his prick like her mouth had done so many times before, but a thousand times better. Softer, wetter, hotter and tighter; indescribably good she felt as he slid completely inside his mother until her soft curls were mashed against his flat belly once more.
While his brain was still trying to comprehend everything that was happening, his body began to move again. Guided by the woman’s hands he pumped his ass up and down, sliding his cock in and out her wet pussy. With every thrust Jimmy discovered a new level of pleasure and already he knew he wouldn’t last long. Faster and faster the boy fucked his mother, panting and grunting, wildly humping his way towards heavenly bliss.

In the next bed, Miriam was watching with large eyes and open mouth how her brother was fucking their mother like a madman. Her hand had crept down her nightgown and pushed between her legs where it encountered her own dripping pussy. She was aroused, and she knew she wasn’t the only one, as she felt her father’s swollen cock nudge her back. She had seen her father’s cock many times before, touched it once and even felt it poking against her pussy as it tried to pry open her tight hole.
At her mother’s insistence, her father had attempted to sperm her a few weeks ago, but the fat adult cock was too big for her little virgin pussy. She had spread her legs as far as she could, splitting the tiny pink lips wide apart. Then he had wet her cunny and his cock with a little saliva and tried to push it in. She could feel her pussy open up and it had really hurt as he pushed and pushed. After a few minutes, her dad had to give up, having gotten no more than the very tip inside.
If Jimmy had not started shooting, maybe her dad would have tried again soon. She vividly remembered the pain when the big head had pressed into her and was glad her twin brother would be the one to pick her and not her father. But even though it had hurt a lot, she remembered also how nice it felt when he was rubbing her. A cock would probably feel really good if it wasn’t so huge.
She did still love her father, and although his big, hard cock was throbbing against her butt right now, she felt safe and comfortable lying in his strong arms.

Jimmy felt an orgasm approaching fast, which incited him to hump even quicker. His hips were almost a blur as he fucked his mother’s pussy like crazy. The rapid slapping sounds of his slim hips colliding with her spread legs and the squishing noises her wet vagina made as it was pounded by the boy’s cock filled the bedroom. Less than a minute had passed since the baker’s wife first felt her son’s cock nuzzle against the lips of her pussy, but she too recognized the signs of his imminent orgasm. It was no use trying to slow him down so she just let him go.
“Oh, mommy! I think I’m going to shoot!” he groaned and she felt him go rigid.
At that moment his cock began to twitch and a warmth spread deep inside her. With motherly pride she realized her son was sperming her pussy. The boy was yet oblivious to his achievement, as he was in a world of delight. Blissful feelings coursed through his body as he thrust a few more times, each time squeezing another few drops from his balls.

Exhausted, the boy collapsed on top of his mother, his sweaty body flat on top of hers and his head resting on her bosom. She smiled pleased as she let the boy gather his breath. His cock was still hard, still deeply embedded in her pussy, twitching every now and then. They remained coupled like that for a while before Jimmy found the strength to move again and roll off his mom. A bit disappointed she felt his cock slip from her unsatisfied pussy. Jimmy still had to learn a lot, but she had to be prudent.
She softly spoke to him as she stroked his hair.
“You did really well, son” she praised his mediocre achievement like only a loving parent could.
Jimmy smiled. “I liked it, too”
“Do you believe you will be ready to be the next picker now?”
“Maybe I could.. ehm.. practice.. one time more?” he asked sheepish but hopeful.
His mother chuckled at his request. It was too easy. The night was still young and she would make sure she would get some relief as well. She spread her legs again and let Jimmy get between them once more.
“This time you’ll have to do most of the work” she said. “If you have to pick those girls, they’ll expect you to know what to do”
He moved forward a bit, so his cock was again nuzzling between the soft wet curls.
She nodded and gave him an encouraging smile. “Just grab your penis, Jimmy, and put it in me. Yes, a little lower… yes, now push!”
They both groaned as the boy entered his mother and immediately started humping again.
This time she closed her legs again, locking her son between her thighs.
“Now slow down a bit, so you’ll last longer. You’ll like it better and it’s much nicer for the girl if you take your time a bit and make her feel good too”
She released her hold on him and allowed him to resume his humping, a bit slower now.

As she was watching how Jimmy mounted their mom a second time, Miriam slowly raised her gown, inch by inch, until her pussy was freely accessible. It felt like her pussy was burning with desire, a burning deep inside, that could only be doused by a male. Imagining it was not her finger but her brother’s cock, she rubbed between her slippery lips and dipped the tip in her tight hole. As she pulled her finger back, it slipped over her little nubbin and a shiver ran through her body.
The pleasures her body could give her were not unknown to her. Sometimes, late at night, she liked to rub her little nubbin until her body started to shake and wonderful feelings surged through her. Right now, she was imagining what I must feel like to have her brother’s dick rub her nubbin instead of her finger. Judging from the look on her mother’s face, it must be awesome.
As she lustfully rolled her hips back and forth while she rubbed her pussy, she felt her father’s erection push between her naked buttocks. She liked the way his strong manly body felt and moved firmer against him. Her father groaned softly as she pushed into him and unknowingly massaged his cock with her bare butt. As the sensations in her virgin pussy increased, so did the movements of her hips and she felt her father push rhythmically against her backside.

While they observed the lovemaking in the other bed, their own bodies writhed and undulated. For a moment the man detached himself from his daughter, but before she could ask why, she felt his warm body behind her again. As he rolled back against her, she could feel his now naked cock nuzzle between her cheeks. There was no denying now that they both knew what they were doing and Miriam pushed her butt back to indicate her consent. On a whim she then grabbed her father’s hand and pressed it between her legs. His fingers immediately started exploring her soaked pussy and she gasped as he expertly found all the good spots. It wasn’t long before her body started to tremble and waves of bliss spread through her body.

Suddenly she heard her father groan, just like he did when he was making love with his wife. His arm closed around her and he pushed his dick against her butt and she felt a warm wetness spread on her butt and back. She understood that her movements had caused her father to sperm. She had made her father squirt a load of seed over her round butt and lower back, just like Jimmy had done in her mother’s pussy. It was an incredibly arousing thought and she felt her body start to shake and another orgasm washed over her.

Oblivious to whatever happened between his sister and his father, Jimmy happily kept fucking his mom. He had already lasted much longer than the first time and he must admit he did enjoy it even more this way. He was trying out different movements, varying shallow thrusts with deep ones, slow movements and quick. He rolled his hips and made twisting motions as he pushed in and out. He was a quick learner and while his second orgasm was still far away, he was about to make his partner cum for the first time.
“Keep pushing it like that, Jimmy. You’re doing great!” she encouraged her son. “Yes, do it faster now, that feels so good! Keep going like this and you’ll make mommy come!”
Jimmy felt proud that his mother loved it as much as he did and, for the first time, he wasn’t frightened anymore to become the new picker. He knew he could do it. He would make his mother orgasm. It would be like passing a test; if he could making her come, he would prove he was as good a lover as his father was, and while he had not yet achieved this goal, he had already performed much better than he could have hoped for.
As he sped up his movements, his mother’s moans grew louder and higher and her movements became increasingly erratic. He had seen these signs before, when she was making love with her husband and he knew they were signs that indicated she was really enjoying their fucking and would be cumming soon. Sure enough, a few moments later she reached between their bodies and he felt her rubbing where their bodies connected. He knew what she was doing, as he had seen Miriam rub herself that way to make her come. Sure enough, his mother’s high pitched moans blended into one long squeal and he felt her pussy contract around his cock as her body began to tremble.
Her mouth pressed against his and she kissed him deeply while her entire body convulsed.

Jimmy knew his mother was orgasming. He had incited the same ecstatic sensations in her as she had given him with her mouth scores of times over the last year. He was making her feel this good just by fucking her. It was just his second attempt and he already made his mother come!
Not knowing exactly what to do, he kept humping while she came, extending her orgasm until she could handle no more and closed her strong legs behind his back, locking him in place, unable to move.
“Stop Jim, I need you to stop and pull out before you sperm again” she told him when she got her breath again “Can you do that?”
Jimmy nodded and when his mother released him he reluctantly pulled his penis from its wonderful confines. “Why mom? Don’t you want me to sperm in you again?”
“That’s okay, Jimmy, you can sperm inside me all night if you want, but first I want to show you something else.”
“Oh, what’s that?” he asked, eager to learn more.
“You know how dad and I do it sometimes when he’s behind me?”
“Don’t you want to try that too?”
“Yes, sure”
“Then get off me, so I can get in position”
Mrs. Milson got on her hands and knees and her son got behind her. Confident with his newfound sexual skills, he pointed his dick towards the center of the wet patch of hair and pushed. His slippery cock easily slid back inside his horny mother’s welcoming vagina. Once again he was amazed with the wonderful snug and wet feeling surrounding his cock. Instinctively, he grabbed his mother’s curved hips and pulled himself against her butt, so he was once again completely embedded inside her wonderful pussy. This new position gave him a tremendous view of her gorgeous body. Every time he thrust his slender hips against her perfect round ass, shockwaves spread through her entire body and made her firm breasts sway like ripe fruit in a summer storm.
In this position, his mother was unable to control his pace and while he tried to keep his pace, his anxiety overtook his willpower and soon he was fucking her with all his might. His hips slammed into her faster and with more force every time. He could hear his mother groan into the pillow and her hands clutched the sheets, defenseless against this delightful assault on her pussy. Once again she reached between her legs, rubbing frantically to push her over the edge. A few thrusts later Jimmy felt her pussy squeeze again, drawing him deeper and suck the sperm from his balls.
His whole young body shuddered and with a groan he also came. With one final mighty thrust he pushed in as far as he could and he felt the now familiar sensation of his cock spewing another load deep inside his mother’s sweltering vagina. Mother and son were cumming together, amplifying and prolonging the wonderful sensations that flowed through their bodies from where they met.

An earth shattering minute later, they fell exhausted on the mattress, sweaty and panting. Rolling over, Mrs. Milson clutched her young lover in her arms, pressing him against her heaving chest and covering him in hot kisses.
“Oh my, the girls are going to love you! If my picker had been only half as good as you, I would never have let him get out of my bed”
She kissed him again and the incestuous couple fell asleep in each other’s arms. During the night they woke two more times and fucked in the dark like long-lost lovers.

When Jimmy woke up the next morning, he felt like a changed boy. As the events of last night came back to him, his confidence grew. He had spermed his mother four times and he had made her come even more. He had passed his test and proved he was an adequate mate. He knew he was ready now to face the elders and become the next picker.
His mother was already out of bed and the scent of breakfast floated into the bedroom. But, as he tried to get up, he suddenly was feeling feverish, every muscle in his body ached and he felt light-headed. Afraid he might faint, he quickly sat down again.

Alerted by the noise, his mother entered the bedroom.
“How’s my young man feeling today?” she asked, beaming with motherly pride.
“Mom, I think I’m sick” he groaned.
“Don’t worry, that’s normal after you sperm a girl for the first time. You’ll feel much better after a few more hours of sleep”
“Do you think so?” he asked weak.
“Trust me. Now, you get just back in your own bed, so I can wash these sheets. Try to get some more sleep and I’ll be back later and bring you something to eat”
She helped her son into the other bed and a minute later he was quietly snoring again. A few hours later, he was awakened again by his mother.
“Are you feeling better now?” she asked after he had emptied his bowl of soup.
Jimmy had to admit, the fever and dizziness were almost gone, but his muscles were still complaining every time he moved.
“Yes mom, I’m much better, but it still hurts when I move”
“Yes, I can imagine that, you’ve used muscles you never used before” she chuckled. “Here, eat some more, get dressed and meet me in the bakery. We have to see the elders”

Later that day, the proud mother and the anxious boy knocked on the door of the town’s elders. A servant girl opened the door and let them in. Mrs. Milson briefly spoke with her, after which they were told to sit down and wait while the girl would notify the elders. The servant girl disappeared and returned some time later to lead them to a large, stuffy room in the back of the building. She closed the door behind them and left the mother and son in the darkness.
As their eyes adjusted to the darkness, they became aware of a haggard old woman who was rocking her chair while she silently smoked a pipe by a smoldering fire. She gestured for them to approach her and told Jimmy to sit down at the table while she talked with his mother.

An unfamiliar odor filled Jimmy’s nostrils. Dust and smoke, spice and old people. It was also very dark. Not only because of the room’s lack of windows, which gave it a guise of eternal nighttime, but also because every object had a brown color, darkened from years in a smoky room. The few, strategically placed candles were no match against this perpetual darkness, and they probably weren’t supposed to. Things that happened here were supposed to happen in the dark. Daylight would destroy its mystery and mystique.

As his eyes explored the room and all the strange trinkets, he became aware of the conversation the women were having.
“So you say he’s not a virgin anymore?”
His mother nodded.
The old woman looked at the boy, sizing him up. “He’s a bit young, isn’t he?”
Her raspy voice made Jimmy’s skin crawl. He didn’t know if he was supposed to answer or not. Luckily his mother answered before the silence would become really painful.
“Well he may be young, but he shot his first seed two days ago and I let him come inside me last night”
“That usually does the trick” she giggled. “Do you think it worked?”
“Well, he was sick all morning”
The haggard old woman nodded and quietly smoked her pipe for a while before she finally aimed her attention at Jimmy. It was the first time she seemed even aware of his presence since she told him to sit down and again he was startled by her voice.
“Come here boy, so I can take a look at you”
Jimmy got up and walked towards the two women. The old woman grabbed his hands and studied them. Next she felt his face and made him stick out his tongue. All this time, she remained quiet, and remained so for a few more minutes while she was thinking.
When she finally opened her mouth to speak again, she sounded a lot softer and almost relieved.
“Well, he’ll do. There have been pickers younger than him, and we could definitely use a new one”
Jimmy’s heart skipped a beat. Was he confirmed now? Was he the new picker?

Before he could ask, the elder woman kneeled down in front of Jimmy and unbuckled his belt. She pulled down his hose and breeches so he was dressed only in his linen tunic and his limp cock dangled naked between his legs. The woman took him in her hands and started to massage it. Although it was a little sore, his cock responded immediately and in a few seconds he had a full hard-on.
The elder woman was visibly pleased. “That’s a handsome cock you’ve got” she said approvingly, “Nice and hard and not too big.”

She stood back up again and walked to a small door behind the fireplace. She opened the door and walked into a small shady courtyard where, locked in a heavy iron cage, was one of the demonic creatures. It was a terrifying animal, sturdy and doglike with a head that seemed to be all teeth. He growled angrily as the old woman approached him and bared even more of his sharp white teeth. Fury glowed in his little red eyes and if he wasn’t chained tightly in his cage he’d probably bite her face off.
The woman took out a small sharp knife and quickly jabbed the animal’s leg. A trickle of blood oozed from the wound, which she collected in a little clay bowl. She walked back into the room where Jimmy and his mother were waiting, put the bowl on the floor and sat down in front of the boy.

“Well now, let’s have you tested then, shall we? Let’s see if we can make it squirt”
She opened her lips and took him in her toothless mouth. Even though she was an ugly and very old woman, Jimmy had to admit she was terrific at sucking cock. She had only the tip of his prick in her mouth now and sucked on it as hard as she could, while she ran her thumb and two fingers up and down the steel hard tube. At the same time her other hand cupped and gently massaged his balls. Only his mother’s pussy surpassed the amount of pleasure the woman was giving him right now.
Fortunately, there was no need to hold back and soon he felt the pressure rise in his balls. As Jimmy warned the old woman that he was about to shoot, she let him slip from her mouth and she jacked him off over the little bowl with the creature’s blood. A few moments later two small jets of cum shot from his prick and splashed into the bowl.

Happy with the result the old woman got on her feet again and proceeded to mix the fluids in the bowl.
“Watch this, it is happening” she crowed.
Jimmy and his mother watched intently as the contents of the bowl began to bubble and fizz. Slowly, as the woman kept stirring, the mixture turned into a dark, tar-like goo.
“Look, it’s dead. Your seed killed it.” She said as she tossed the bowl with blackened goop into the creature’s cage. The animal cowered back from the noxious substance and growled again, gnashing its teeth.
“See, he’s afraid of it. It means you’ll be safe from the creatures from now on, and what’s more important, your seed is powerful enough to make you the new cherrypicker!”
With those words, she opened a hidden door and entered another, even darker room.
“You get dressed again, I will be back soon” she said and closed the door, leaving the mother and son alone.

Half an hour later, the servant girl came for them and led them back outside, into the town square. The sudden sunlight hurt Jimmy’s eyes and when his sight finally returned, he saw all the elders had gathered round him. Behind them, a growing group of spectators gathered and watched the proceedings.
The elder chief stepped forward and started to speak in a clear voice, loud enough for all the people to hear.
“Good citizens, in our moment of need, the Gods have answered our prayers! Two nights ago, they gifted this boy with their powers of life!”
Then he turned towards Jimmy and fastened round his neck a silver embroidered white cape, the symbol of his new status in the community. The man spoke again, this time addressing the boy.
“James Benedict Milson, I hereby entrust you with the task of liberating our younglings. May your seed deliver the virgins from the horrors of the woods. I now pronounce you the new town picker. Let it be known to all!”
There were cheers and applause from the crowd and Jimmy felt his cheeks glow, overcome with the attention and many different emotions, ranging from pride to fear and, in no lesser extent, excitement. There were scores of girls waiting for him to sperm their pussies. At one girl every other day, there were enough virgins too keep him occupied for months. If it would only be half as pleasant as it had been with his mom, he was looking forward to an awesome time.

As the elders retreated into their house, it was still a bit unreal for Jimmy. Everything looked the same, even though he knew his life had changed completely. Yesterday, he was just an ordinary boy, and now he was the new town cherrypicker. As he scanned the streets, he suddenly noticed the girls that walked and played on the sidewalk and the square. Most of them were still unaware of what their future would bring. Over the following months, he would gain intimate knowledge of their bodies; he would see them, taste and feel them, be the first to kiss them and the first to enter their bodies. His seed would free them from peril, but what most excited him was the pleasure he would have with them in the process.
As he was contemplating his future, he was roused from his musings as his mother shook his arm.
“Let’s go home Jimmy. It’s been a tiring day, and you will need your strength”

The news spread quickly in the town. Word of the new picker was hot news and suddenly Jimmy was the most important boy in town, the most beloved and also the most envied. Boys whispered and girls giggled. Within the hour, the bakery was overrun with mothers with overdue daughters, all demanding the use of the new picker’s services.
The girls would have to wait a few more days though. For today, Jimmy was already spent, and then there was an overdue girl in his own house that needed to be spermed first.

That evening, there was a great feast in the town, with Jimmy in his pearly white cape sitting at the head of the table. There was plenty of food and beer for everyone, and music and dancing until sundown. Then it was time to go home and lock the doors and windows. Even the arrival of the new picker could not change that.
As the baker and his family walked home, Miriam whispered to her brother “When you spermed mom last night, it really looked like fun”
“Actually, it was good fun. Really good fun” he admitted truthfully.
“Well, I know you’re supposed to sperm me tomorrow, but maybe we could, sort of, practice tonight?”
“Sure, I would like that, but maybe we should ask mom first”
Miriam darted towards her mom and asked if she could be spermed tonight. After all, it would be for her safety and all. Mom was not as excited and denied her daughter’s request.
“Please mom?”
“No Miriam, you really should wait at least a day, so Jimmy can make enough seed for your body to absorb”
“Aww mom, please?”
“No, I won’t have it. You will go straight to bed, and no fooling around!”
They knew better than to keep pressing the issue. Even though Jimmy had had the best night of his life between her legs, she was still their mother and if she said ‘no’, she meant ‘no’. They would have to wait until tomorrow before Jimmy could sample his cute twin sister’s pussy. They dropped the issue and walked home quietly.

At home, Jimmy hung his white cloak on a hook and proceeded to strip down to his underwear and climbed into the bed. Miriam was already in there, wearing nothing but her nightgown. He crawled behind her and she moved against him, just like she had done with her dad the night before. Just like with her dad, she felt his hard cock press against her butt. This time she made sure to keep her hips frozen, as she didn’t want to wait another day if she made him shoot.
Dead tired, Jimmy was out within seconds and slept like a log.

The next day he was awakened by his sister, who had climbed atop his sleeping body. In the early morning light he could see her sitting astride his hips, her hot pussy pressed on his morning erection. She had discarded her nightgown and all she was wearing was a big smile.
“Good morning Mr. Picker!” she greeted her twin brother.
Jimmy was still a bit sleepy, but at least his cock was fully awake and was swelling fast.
He was taking in the sexy young body of his sister. If there was a word that would describe his sister it would be ‘cute’. She had wavy blond hair that framed a cheerful face with deep blue eyes, a little nose and deep red lips that begged to be kissed.
The smiling face was supported by an equally gorgeous body, with beautiful perky breasts, that were firm and round with small pink nipples. His mother’s breasts had been much larger and he loved the way they jiggled when he fucked her, but he had to admit he liked the firmness and size of his sister’s just as much, if not more. He couldn’t help but imagine how they would move when he would slam his hips into hers.
As he lowered his gaze, he studied her supple body and slim waist, her perfect hour glass model. The belly was flat and muscular, never been stretched by pregnancy. She had a cute innie belly button, and a gorgeous cunny. She had a thinly haired pussy, with little curls that were as blond as the hair on her head.
In his head he heard his friend’s request to be gentle with her, and his mother’s decree that they should wait at least a day. He had to restrain himself form rolling her on her back and taking her right away. He bucked his hips and threw her off his body.
Miriam squealed and laughed and this drew the attention of their mother who immediately stepped into the bedroom. She grabbed the naked girl and decisively pulled her out of the bed. She scolded her daughter for her impatience and told her to get dressed.

Despite her mother’s repeated warnings, Miriam kept teasing her brother every chance she got. She would bend forward to give him an eyeful of her cleavage, or lift her frock to flash her naked pussy. On many occasions she accidentally bumped into him and made sure she rubbed her breasts against his shoulders or her butt against his crotch.
“Miriam, stop teasing your brother” Mrs. Milson admonished her daughter, after she caught her flashing her brother again.
“But mom, I’m only making sure he doesn’t forget to produce enough seed”
“He can do that perfectly well on his own, and if you keep doing that you’ll make him shoot in his pants and you will have to wait another day”
After that threatening, the girl backed off a little. Another day of waiting was the last thing she needed. But, to make sure she wouldn’t tease Jimmy any more, her mother had Miriam help her clean the shop, while Jimmy helped his dad in the bakery.

All day long Mrs. Milson kept her busy in the shop or sent her on errands in town. But, finally there came an end to the longest day of her life. The sun began to set and dinner was served. Finally, after the meal was finished and the dishes were done, their mother spoke the words they had been waiting for all day:
“Well Jimmy, are you ready to do your duty?”
Miriam’s eyes lit up and she yelled “Thank you mom!” as she grabbed her brother’s wrist and dragged him to the bedroom. Ten seconds later her clothes were strewn all over the floor and she was sitting on the bed, naked as the day she was born and waiting impatiently for Jimmy, who was still struggling with the buttons on his tunic. Less than a minute later he was naked too and began his sexy assault on his horny twin.
She squealed and fled to the middle of the bed, where she rolled onto her back and spread her legs for Jimmy, giving him free access to her virgin flower. The boy crawled towards her and between her legs so his face was mere inches from her heated cunny. An incredibly erotic scent entered his nose and suddenly he felt the urge to kiss his sisters pussy.

The only naked pussy he had ever seen this close was his mother’s and hers was covered with dense, dark curly hair that obscured everything but the fat outer lips. Now he was admiring his sister’s downy cunny. When she had been sitting in his lap this morning, it looked little more than a deep crease beneath her sparsely haired mound. But now, as Miriam was lying on her back with her legs spread and her knees raised, the puffy outer lips parted and revealed the delicate pink tissues inside. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
He saw her tiny delicate inner lips and the little bump that was her nubbin, barely covered by its fleshy hood. A little lower was a partially closed little hole, all glossy and sticky from her abundant juices. Jimmy quickly understood that that was the hole where his mother had guided his prick into when they were having sex. It didn’t look like Miriam’s hole was big enough for even his young penis. According to his mother, most girls had to be opened first, and sometimes this would hurt her and make her bleed a little. He hoped Miriam wouldn’t have to be opened much.

He crawled further between her spread legs and kissed her softly on the mouth. He could feel her trembling with anxiety, just as he had done two nights ago. As he pressed his lips on his twin’s, she moaned softly and clasped her arms around his back. Now she had her brother firmly locked in her arms, there was nothing that would make her let him go before he had spermed her hungry pussy.
Jimmy had no intention of going anywhere. He had a wonderful time kissing his sister and exploring her nubile body
His hands had found her soft firm breasts and were playing with the sensuous flesh that pressed against his chest. Her nipples were swollen and hard. He felt her gasp as he pinched the erect nubs and made a mental note to pay special attention to them later. Right now his mind was set on exploring that other special place. His wandering hand had at last reached the soft curls below her belly.
His heart was pounding in his throat as he crossed the last few inches and his hand slid between her legs and he felt the moist heat of her pussy. He touched the pink little gem with his finger. He was surprised by how soft and yielding the female tissues were. He had never felt anything this delicate and slick. Or anything this hot.
Jimmy liked the feel of his twin sister’s cunny on his fingers. It was so soft and delicate and also glowing hot. He loved how Miriam squirmed when he poked at the hole or rubbed the little bump.

Instinctively she humped her pussy up at his cock. Her whole body was begging to be penetrated. Jimmy understood this and decided it was time to act. Remembering the lessons from his mother, he grabbed his stiff cock and guided it towards his sister’s pussy. Looking down between their bodies, he pointed the tip of his cock between his Miriam’s soft lips and down towards her little hole. She was all set and tilted her hips up at his body in anticipation of his entry.
As he moved his cock head between the delicate lips, he felt the heat of her sex and positioned his cock against his sister’s tight slot. She was unbelievably tight and his cockhead kept slipping out every time he tried to push it in. After a dozen fruitless attempts he knew he had to try something else.
He wet his finger and rubbed her little hole. The combined wetness from his saliva and her abundant fluids made her little pussy really slick and Jimmy felt her tight hole open up a bit. He pushed his finger a little harder and the tip disappeared into her vagina.
He pushed his finger deeper into her pussy a few times. If there was any discomfort, Miriam didn’t show. When the delicate tissues started to give a little, Jimmy judged her cunny to be opened enough for him to try penetrating her again. He crawled back up between her legs and pointed his cock at her vagina again. This time when he pushed, the little head popped in.

Miriam’s virgin pussy was very slippery, but incredibly tight. Had his mother’s vagina easily accepted his invading cock, he had to force his way in with his sister. Slowly he pushed in and withdrew again, to push in a little deeper with the next thrust. As he drove his penis into the tight sheath, he halted every now and then. Mainly to let his sister get used to having her pussy stretched, but pausing for a few seconds gave him some time to cool his nerves and prevent himself from shooting before he was fully inside. The sensation of her tight little pussy was indescribable, every bit as good as his mom’s had been, but much more intense. Hotter, softer and tighter.
Finally their bellies kissed and Jimmy felt his sister’s lips squeeze around the base of his cock. He was all the way inside her now. He looked at her face and saw her smiling, despite her obvious discomfort. She knew he was fully inside her and the pain of her pussy being stretched was fading quickly. The feeling of being stuffed remained, but it was no unpleasant feeling. Definitely a feeling she could get used to.
Then Jimmy slowly pulled out an inch and pushed back in. Both kids gasped again. There was no discomfort this time, only pure pleasure that radiated outward from their fused loins to every part of their bodies. Instinctively the girl grasped her partner, folding her arms and legs behind his back, pulling his body close to hers as she pressed her mouth against his. Their tongues danced in their mouths as the kids kissed passionately while their bodies began to move as one. They learned to anticipate and react to every move, sensuous and smooth.

As lust overtook his brain, his lovemaking gradually became less gentle and a minute later he was fucking his sister almost as hard as he had fucked his mother only two nights ago. Miriam wasn’t complaining, she enjoyed it every bit as much as her brother. Lying on her back, her arms around his waist, she pulled him against and into her body. Breaking away from her kisses, sat up a little, so he could look at her while they fucked. Her little round breasts shook even more beautiful than they had in his fantasies. Her nubile body moved in a way that boggled his mind.
Jimmy knew he would not last long that first time with his sister, her snug pussy simply felt too good. His mother had taught him he should slow down and last longer, but the night was still young and there would be plenty chance to enjoy each other’s body some more. His sister was close too, despite it being her first time. Although he was still very inexperienced, he recognized the signs of her impending orgasm and did his utmost to delay his own some more. Before he felt his seed rush from his balls, the girl went rigid and with a loud squeal, she came.
She mashed her lips against his and kissed her lover aggressively; her tongue wrestled with his as she was moaning and panting in his mouth. Her legs and arms clasped him tight as if she was afraid he would pull out before he had flooded her insides. With one final thrust her brother came too and gave her what she craved for.

“I always hoped you’d start shooting first, so you’d be the one to pick my cherry”
“I’m glad too, I really enjoyed sperming your pussy and I’m glad I was the one” Jimmy said
As she felt her brother’s creamy sperm ooze from her pussy, she closed her eyes. She felt satisfied, happy and, for the first time in her life, completely safe.


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