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Girl captured for party finds herself in dark captivity
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(School girl is taken for a gang member’s birthday party to be used for their entertainment.]. Her abuse continues and then she is held captive for the needs of the gang.)
Hector’s cock was deep in her throat while Miguel pushed himself deep inside her pussy.

Brutally Hector held her head down on his dick while more slime dripped from her mouth.
He pulled her head up. “Look at me!!!” He was shooting photos and a video of her.”
He pushed her head back down and began to pump her mouth harder and harder.

Miguel grabbed her ass and leaned into her screaming as he pumped his cock inside her
Hector jerked her head up and down as his cum filled her gut. She choked up his cum
and slime even as Miguel continued to pound her pussy.

Jenna jerked back and forth as Miguel held her hips pumping her cunt.
Hector Screamed. “Fuck her to Death. Jenna screamed for mercy but
she shook violently as Miguel grabbed her hips, smacked her ass and screamed while
he filled her pussy with his cum.

Jenna lay sobbing, crying. Hector grabbed one of the belts and pulled her by the neck.
“Oh Please no more Please.” Hector laughed and slapped her red swollen face with his cock.
He shoved her head down on the slime and cum on the floor and smeared her face around it.

Hector pulled her head up by the belt. She could see he was already hard again.
He pushed her head back down on the mess. “Lick it up PIG.”
Jenna licked some up and then began to puke. “Look what the Pig did.
Now you have more mess to clean up.” Hector was relentless and brutal.
“Please don’t make me do this, Please I can’t.”
“Clean up the mess, lick it up.”
Her face was down in her own slop. Jenna licked up the cum, slime and vomit.
Hector and Miguel laughed. “You missed some over her pig.” Jenna didn’t see
anymore until Miguel spit on the floor. “There it is, lick it up.”

Jenna’s neck was red and bleeding from the belts choking her. He body was bruised and beaten from the abuse and fucking. Her face was raw and swollen. Her holes were torn and ragged from the thug cock fucking.

The young teen was helpless against the two gang thugs. She looked up at Hector in panic.
She could see the hate in his eyes. He pulled her up by the neck to her knees, and retied behind her back. Miguel pulled tight with his belt. The teen bitch’s face got even redder as she struggled for air. Jenna collapsed as they let loose of their belts.

Jenna curled in a ball hoping they had enough, they would go away. She had barely got her breathing back when she felt the rope noose slide over her neck. She did not even have time to beg as she was pulled to her feet by the neck. The noose kept getting tighter until she was almost in her toes.

Jenna felt herself in a never-land , strung by her neck, on the balls of her feet, struggling for air. They were close to her. Hands prodded and squeezed her torture body. Hector sucked a battered tit into his
mouth. Miguel had his fingers inside her. Struggling to breathe, Jenna moaned, not from pleasure but from pain. Hector squeezed one breast and sucked on the other while Miguel viscously fingered her pussy.

Hanging by her neck there was nothing she could do as the balls of her feet were all that was keeping from death by hanging. “You like it bitch?” “Bet you want our cocks again.” “Lets hear you moan
like the little American whore you are.” Her already raw cunt was savaged by his brutal hand.
Jenna moaned, but now even she could not tell for what reason. Her mind was going blank
Hardly able to breathe she was screaming.

The men were laughing. Her groans reached a fevered pitch.

They stopped listening to her pathetic moaning. Hector grabbed her mouth.
“Don’t worry bitch there is more coming. “ Jenna could barely get out a mumbled plea. Hector spit in
her face and laughed. They both sat back drinking beers laughing and joking at the tortured teen.

Hector walked in front of her waving his belt back and forth. Jenna shuddered as he waved in the air.
Miguel grabbed her head and took a mouthful of beer. He spit his mouthful over her face. He poured the beer slowly over her face.

“Beer for the Bitch” He laughed as he kept pouring.

Gasping for air as the beer made it even harder to breathe, Jenna shook
as Hectors belt caught across her ass. Double up with the belt buckle end use the slashing belt
shoot Jenna. SMAAAAACK. Again the belt crossed her raw ass. Hector took his belt and whipped her
across the belly.

In a slow deliberate manner they alternated whipping the pathetic bitch hanging helpless. The listed to her moans and whimpers. As her body shook the rope around her neck would tighten. They gave her time to get her breath back. Hector and Miguel slowly worked their belts up and down her body. Skin started to give away to patches of torn flesh.

They could see Jenna fading away but it was too soon for her to go. In a horrible thud Jenna flee to the ground as Hector had released the rope around her neck. They cut the ropes keeping her arms behind her back and let her lay there, while they sat and drank beers a corner away from her. Unable to see them and desperate Jenna started crawl toward the door. Every movement was painful. They let the stupid bitch go let her crawl like the pathetic piece of crap.

After the longest time Jenna was at the door. She got up on all fours summoning all her strength to get up. “AGGHHHHHHH” Jenna screamed as Hector smashed his boot down on her hand.
“Where the FUCK you think you are going. Stupid Pig.” “We are not done with you.”Miguel sent her sprawling away from the door pushing her with his boot. Filled with beer they aimed their cocks at her
laying on the floor covering her with two heavy streams of piss.

“That’s what the Anglo bitch has coming.” They aimed their piss over her body taking a perverse pleasure in a type of target practice. Laying in the piss, the teen looked up, helpless, begging.
Hector pushed her with his boot. Get over to the sink, we got to clean you up before we get
some serious fun. “Move it Bitch.” Jenna groaned as Hector kicked her sorry ass to get her moving.

To Be Continued

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