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Part 04: Teasing and playing

I woke late the next Saturday morning.
Stephanie and I were still lying naked in a spoon, but my cock had popped out of her ass sometime during the night.
It was covered in dried shit and blood.

I peaked at my clock, which showed 10 AM.
I got up, and went to the bathroom for a shower.

After the shower I returned to my room, where Stephanie was still sleeping.

She was so beautiful as she was lying there, naked, covered in shit, blood and cum.
I loved my sister so much, but in much more than the normal way for a brother to love his sister.
I wondered if she would be mad or grateful to me when she woke up.

I decided to give Stephanie some new rules to follow.
I tapped her on her shoulder, and she opened her eyes slowly.
“Stephanie, I have some new orders for you, so listen closely.”
She looked tired, but she was listening.

“You will be very sad that you made me upset yesterday morning, and you will feel an enormous amount of affection for me, for fucking you even though I didn’t want to do it.
You will start to fear that the feeling might return sometime, and that I might not be interested in helping you again.
You will remember that I only fucked you to show how much I loved you.
Therefore you will start being to be nice to me again.
You will see me as a protector and a nice brother.
Do you understand your orders?”

“Yes Trent.”
“Good, now when I count to 3, you will fall asleep again, and you will not remember me waking you up, or remember me giving you these orders. But the orders will remain in your mind. 1, 2 and 3.”
Stephanie’s head fell down again, and she was once more fast asleep.

I went back to sleep as well.

I woke again about an hour later, and felt Stephanie’s arms around me.
She was still sleeping tight, and she was snuggled against me.
Guess my orders were already starting to take affect.

I tapped her gently on her shoulder, and she opened her eyes.
“Stephanie, are you alright?” I asked her with a genuinely interested voice.
She closed her eyes, and then smiled.
“Yes, thanks to you I am alright now. I thought I was going to go mad. I really feared that you would refuse to help me, especially since I was such a bitch to you at breakfast.”

She hugged me tightly again, and then said:
“Please don’t ever leave me alone again Trent.”

I kissed her forehead.
“I will never leave you alone Steph, I was just sad because you said that you hated me.”
Stephanie looked genuinely sad.
“I am very sorry Trent. I don’t know what came over me.
You only wanted to show your huge love for me, and I just snapped at you for it.
And you still helped me when I so desperately needed your help, even though you clearly didn’t want to.
You are the best brother in the whole world.”

She stopped, and started to sob a bit.
“I love you so much Trent, I will never be mad at you again. I promise.”

And with that, I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth.
She kissed me back, and I knew I would not be the first to break the connection between our lips.
We kissed like that for a while.
It could have been a few seconds, or perhaps hours, I didn’t know and I didn’t care.
Stephanie was mine forever now, and I loved it.

Finally we broke our kiss, and just held each other.
After that, we got out of bed.
I got dressed, and Stephanie went for a bath.

I was sitting at my desk, with my UV lamp, and updated the journal with my new insights into the drug.
These wonderful pills, that had been marked as a failure.
This amazing piece of science, which had finally given me access to the girl of my dreams.
And I felt there was surely a lot more fun to come soon.

And how little did I know that “soon” was a hell of a lot closer than I thought.

After going down to get some lunch (we had slept for so long that breakfast was long over), I saw that both my mother and Stephanie were in the kitchen, talking about something.

I was about to join them, when I heard the subject they talked about, and quickly hid behind the kitchen door.

Unaware that I was there, listening, my mother and Stephanie continued talking.

“…was a bit worried about you yesterday, because you seemed very uncomfortable during dinner, but I must say that you seem much more like yourself today.”

I smiled to myself as I heard Stephanie’s answer.

“Yeah, I had a bit of a…. problem. But everything is fine now. Trent was nice enough to help me.”

My mother sounded relieved when she spoke next.

“He did? Well that was good. I must admit I was worrying a bit about…. But that’s not important. I am very glad that the 2 of you are getting along well, I was starting to think we might have to cancel your agreement with Jennifer.”

Stephanie asked in a surprised voice:
“That was today? Oh no, I totally forgot that. What time is it….. oh damn she will be here in an hour. “

My mother spoke again.
“Well, you still have time to cancel if you don’t want her over.”
“No no, it’s not like that, I just completely forgot about her coming over today. You know that she is my best friend mom, and I love hanging out with her. I just need to get myself ready.”

I quickly moved myself away from the door, and pretended I was just arriving at the kitchen, as Stephanie appeared in front of me, looking a bit desperate again.
When she noticed me, she stopped up and looked at me.

“Trent, Jennifer is coming over for the weekend, and I totally forgot about it. Do you mind if I hang out with her in the weekend? I think she really needs this. She said that her father had one of his very bad days the other night, and I am a bit worried about her.”

Stephanie had never asked me for permission to have friends over before, but then again, much had changed in the last 72 hours.

I tried to hide the fact that my mind was dancing the conga, at the thought that Jennifer was coming over for the weekend.
“Yeah, I guess that is fine, I could use a break anyway, these past days have drained all my energy.” I said in a causal voice.

Stephanie looked very happy, and kissed me on the cheek.
“Thanks Trent, I love you”.

I knew she did. I had pretty much ordered her to love me unconditionally.

As soon as Stephanie had left to prepare for Jennifer’s arrival, I started to hatch a million ideas.

Jennifer was Stephanie’s best friend.
She was 18 years old, and they often hung out with each other.
She lived alone with her father, who had a huge drinking problem, and pretty much hated his own daughter, resulting in him beating her up quite often.

When not covered in bruises, Jennifer was a stunning girl on her own though.
She was about 5.4 ft, and weighed about 115 lbs.
Her blonde hair was always flawless and reached her waist.
She also had an hourglass figure, which were perfected by a pair of 34C breasts.

It was not unusual to see guys walk straight into a lamppost, or getting scolded by their girlfriends/wives for looking at them a bit too long, when they walked around in the city.

I always liked when Jennifer was visiting my sister.
Especially during the summer time, when they often wore bikini’s at our pool.

And today, I was happier than ever that she was coming over.
I felt like I had won the grand prize in the lottery.
I now had the chance to control another sexy young girl, and I was going take full advantage of that chance.

I started to wonder about how I was going to fuck her.
Taking control over mind was not an issue, since I already controlled both my mother and Stephanie to help me with that if needed.
But how was I going to fuck Jennifer?

I could just force her to fuck me of course, but on the other hand I had already done that with my mother and Stephanie, and I wanted something more this time.
Something fun.

After thinking for about 10 minutes about how to give her the pills, and what orders to give her, I had decided on a plan.

Jennifer arrived about 1 PM.
As she and Stephanie went to Stephanie’s room to unpack her things, I made 2 glasses of lemonade, and popped one of my small miracle pills in Jennifer’s glass.
I then called my mother.

When she appeared, I gave her a couple of instructions.
“Mom, would you bring these to the girls, and make sure that Jennifer gets the glass on the right.
After doing that you will no longer remember any of it.”

She quickly took the glasses, and went to the girls.

First phase was completed, now it was time to take control over Jennifer.
I still was not entirely sure how long the pills were to effect.
The shortest I had tried was an hour, but I decided to test Jennifer at 30 minutes.

30 minutes after instructing my mother to give the girls the lemonade, I went to Stephanie’s room.

I knocked, and asked if Stephanie could spare a few seconds to talk with me.
As Stephanie closed the door after her, I quickly ordered her inside my room.

“Stephanie, I will go to the bathroom to take a shower in a few moments.
When I do that, you are to return to your room.
You will tell Jennifer that you have seen that I use my UV lamp, and that I am probably writing some stuff I want to hide.
You will ask her to join you in trying to find out what it is, and when you are inside my room you will turn on the UV lamp, and make sure that Jennifer looks at the light for about 5-10 seconds.
After that you will come to the bathroom, and tell me that Jennifer is ready.”

“Sure Trent.” She just noted, like I had asked her if I could borrow a pen.

I picked up some clothes, and went to the bathroom.
As I turned of the water, I heard Stephanie outside the door.

“Trent, Jennifer is ready now.”

I was thrilled, as I quickly got dressed.

Sure enough, Jennifer was standing in front of my UV lamp, and did not make any movements at all.

“Well done sis.” I told Stephanie with a smile.

I then turned my attention to Jennifer.

I gave her the usual order about obeying my every command, and never being able to be controlled by anyone else.
I also told her never tell anyone about this.

I then addressed them both.

“Alright girls, when you return to your room you will quickly start talking about sex.”

I turned to Jennifer.

“Are you a virgin Jennifer?” I asked.
“How come such a sweet and sexy girl is still a virgin?” I asked in genuine curiosity.
“My father have beaten me up as long as I can remember, I don’t trust guys.” She answered, with a little nervous voice.

I was thrilled at the thought of taking another sexy girls innocence away from her.

I looked at Stephanie.

“Stephanie, when you start talking about sex, you will admit that you are no longer a virgin.
You will tell her that we have had sex once, and that I was super sweet and gentle.”

I turned my attention to Jennifer again.

“Jennifer, when you hear her speak about our sex, you will feel start to feel jealous of the bond me and Stephanie shared.
You will start to wish that you could feel that yourself.
After a bit, you will ask Stephanie a favour.
You will ask Stephanie to help you have sex with me, so that you can feel what having sex with a caring and loving person such as me would feel like.”

I looked at them both.
“You can use whatever way to try and seduce as you like, but remember that Jennifer is due to be home tomorrow evening, so time is short.
Do you understand your orders?”

“Yes.” They both said in unison.

“Good. As soon as I leave this room, you will both forget this entire conversation has ever happened, but your orders will remain.”

I left the room, and went out into the garden.

I wanted to hear their conversation about sex, and about me, so once again I climbed the tree next to my sister’s window.

I saw them both enter the room, and close the door.
The window was open, so I could pretty easily hear their conversation, and decided to duck to avoid being spotted.

After about 5 minutes, Stephanie suddenly noted how beautiful Jennifer looked in her outfit, and said that she could get any man to fall for her wearing that.

“Stephanie, you know I don’t really trust guys. It’s very hard for me to trust any man.
But I really hope that someday I will meet someone nice.
Someone who could perhaps be my first, you know.”

I listened closely, as Jennifer continued.

“It is a bit weird actually. Many men would probably never believe that none of us have ever had sex yet.”

I could hear the deafening silence in the seconds after she was finished.
And then, I heard my sister’s nervous voice.

“Well, you know Jen, I am actually not really…. I mean, I kind of….” Her voice faded away.

Jennifer sounded very surprised.

“Are you serious Steph? You actually went all the way with someone?”

I could almost hear my blood rushing to my cock, as I listened in on the conversation.

“Yes, I went all the way, a few days ago.”
“Well, then don’t keep me in suspense here, who was it?”
“I…. I don’t know if telling you is a good idea.”
“Come on, we are best friends right? Tell me, come on.”
“You have to promise to not think I am a freak or something.”
“Come on Steph, you know I would never do that.”
“Promise me.”
“Okay, I promise.”

I could almost visualise Stephanie biting her lip, as I heard her next words.

“It was….. it was Trent.”

Total silence followed for about 10 seconds.

I risked lifting my head, and watched the 2 girls.

Stephanie was looking very nervously at Jennifer, who had dropped her jaw.
They both just looked at each other.

“Your brother?” Jennifer finally managed to ask.

Stephanie bit her lip.

Jennifer looked to be in shock.
“But isn’t that illegal? What happened?”

Stephanie bent over her head, as she started explaining.

“Well, I had sort of had a rough day.
I had had an argument with Trent earlier that morning, and left for school in a rage.
After getting to school, I suddenly started to feel horny as hell, and I started to think a lot about Trent for some reason.
I came home, and tried to masturbate, but it did not help. I just got hornier, my pants were soaked.
For some reason, I realised that I had to actually have sex in order to make it go away, and Trent were the only one who I could imagine doing it.”

I listened in awe, as I realised that Stephanie was actually mixing our 2 last sex sessions together, to make me appear in a nicer way.
She had her orders to never make me upset again, and were probably afraid to tell Jennifer about how cruel I had been, due to her fear of me not wanting to fuck her again.

“Well, what happened then?” Jennifer sounded very interested now.
“Well, I asked him to fuck me, but he said it was not right. He refused.
I tried to persuade him, but he turned me away.
I kept pleading with him, swearing that I would go nuts of he didn’t do it.
Eventually he agreed to take away my virginity, and…. well.. we had sex.”

Jennifer was quiet for a few seconds, and then asked in a silent voice:
“How was it? Did you like it?”

Stephanie closed her eyes, as she remembered my imaginary gentleness.

“Yes, I did like it. He was very sweet and gentle, and I felt a bond between us that I had never felt before.
It was like we became one.
He even fucked me in the ass.”

I once again saw Jennifer’s jaw drop.
“He fucked you, in your ass?”
“Yes, I asked him to do it. I really felt like trying it.”
“Didn’t it hurt?”
“Yeah at first, but then it felt amazing. I have never felt anything remotely close to the orgasm I had.”

Jennifer looked at her in awe.
“That sounds amazing.” She said with a sigh.

Stephanie looked at her, and blushed.
“It was more than amazing. When you try it one day, you will understand.”

Jennifer looked very thoughtful the next few moments.
After a while she spoke.

“Steph, can I ask you something?”
“Sure, what is it?”

Jennifer was now biting her lip like Stephanie often did.

“I… I would like to fuck Trent too. Can you help me?”

Stephanie looked surprised.

“Are you sure Jen? There is only one first time you know.”
“I am sure. The way you describe him makes me want to try it.
And since he is a gentle and nice person, then he would be a perfect choice don’t you think? Besides….”

She lowered her head, and carried on in a much lower voice.

“My father has started talking about doing something about my virginity himself soon. He said a hot piece of ass like me, should not be allowed to stay a virgin.
And if I am going to choose between my father and your brother for my first time, then I will take your brother any day.”

Stephanie went over and they hugged each other.

“Your dad is not a good person Jen. I know it’s cruel to say that, but he is just so…. evil.
The way he looks at me when I am over at your place, it makes chills run down my back.”

Stephanie looked at Jennifer, who still had her head lowered.

“Alright, I will help you Jen, but it is not going to be easy. Trent was pretty hesitant to fuck me the first time, and I don’t think this time will be much easier. We should probably try to get him aroused somehow, and see if you can seduce him later.”

Jennifer looked to be thinking about the idea for a bit, and then said:
“Alright, that is a pretty good plan Steph. Just remember that I am due to be home”

I climbed down the tree with a smile on my face.
Now I just had to wait, and let the fun come to me.

About one hour later I heard the sound of the two girls splashing around in the pool.
They were not hard to hear actually, they made lots of splashes and giggled and laughed a lot.

They often hung out at the pool of course, but most time they would just swim around, or getting tanned next to the pool
They had never made this much noise before, I was pretty certain of that.
It was almost liked they hoped something or someone would notice them.

I decided to sneak out of my room, and into Stephanie’s room.
I peaked out of the window, making sure not to get spotted.

Stephanie and Jennifer were both in the pool, wearing very small, but VERY sexy bikini’s.
Stephanie was wearing a green bikini, while Jennifer was wearing a yellow one.
They were playing around with a ball, and I noticed that between all their laughs and splashing, they would sometimes sneak quick peaks towards my open window.

It seemed very clear that they were already trying to get my attention.

I went back to my room, and stuck my head out of the window.

“Hey could you keep it down girls, I can hardly hear myself think here.” I yelled, with a little smile.

Both Stephanie and Jennifer looked at me and smiled as well.

“Sorry bro, we did not mean to disturb you.” Stephanie said, still smiling.
“If we are making it so hard for you to concentrate, then why don’t you just come down and join us?” Jennifer added, with a face that looked both hopeful and nervous at the same time.

I just smiled a bit wider.
“Nah, I don’t feel like getting wet right now. Maybe later.”
They were not going to get me that easy.

Both girls looked a bit disappointed.

“Come on Trent, you use way to much time at that computer. Come down and have some fun!” Stephanie tried to tease.

“I am sorry, but you girls never seem to need my company much anyway, so I am going to focus on my new computer game. Enjoy yourselves girls, and watch out for them sunburns.”

I sat down at my computer, and tried to focus on my game, which was not easy.
The sight of both girls in those sexy bikini’s had given me a raging hard-on, but I was eager to see how else they would try to get my attention, so I was determined not to give in this soon.

After about 20 minutes, I heard Stephanie call from the pool.

“Trent, can you give us a hand here quick?”

My curiosity got the better of me, and I went down to the pool.

Each girl was lying on a towel on their belly.

The sight of their tight asses made my boner rise again.

With a voice that fought hard to sound normal, I asked:
“Yes sis, what is it?”

Stephanie turned her head and looked at me.

“Trent, could you please rub some sun lotion on Jennifer’s back? I would do it, but I am really comfortable here, and I really don’t want to move.”

“So, you think I am your servant or something? Why would I do that? A few days ago you refused to get me some water, and now you expect me to rub lotion onto Jennifer’s back, just because you are too comfortable.”

Before Stephanie could respond, Jennifer interfered.

“Trent, I would really appreciate if you would help me here. After all you are the one who warned us not to get sunburned. Please Trent?”

I looked down at her ass, and I was dying to touch it.
I caught a glimpse of Stephanie in the corner of my eye, and she smiled as she saw me staring at Jennifer’s ass.

“Alright, but don’t expect this to happen every time Stephanie gets too lazy to help you.”

I knelt down next to Jennifer, and picked up the sun lotion.
As I poured it on her back, I could hear a soft moan.

I started to work the lotion all over her back, and I could feel Jennifer tense up a bit.
After a few minutes, Jennifer spoke again.

“Trent, could you untie my top please, I don’t want any tan lines.”

“Sure.” I heard myself say.

I pulled the strings of the knot, and Jennifer’s bikini top fell to the floor.
I continued, making sure to get the lotion all over her back.

After a few minutes, Jennifer was pretty well covered, and I knew that she might try to get me to do more soon.
But it was still too soon.

Even though I was dying to grab Jennifer’s tight ass, I really wanted to give them a challenge here.
That was part of making the reward so much sweeter.

I got up, just as Jennifer opened her mouth.

“That’s it Jennifer, you are done. I am going back to my computer game, and next time tell Stephanie to stop being so lazy.”

And with those words I left, leaving the girls looking obviously disappointed.

I went back to my room, having *saved* Jennifer from the horrible sunlight, and the violent UV rays it contained.
As I sat down, I started to wonder about something.

Since there was also ultra-violet light in the rays of the sun, then why didn’t it affect Stephanie or my mother? After taking the pills, they had both been exposed to the UV rays of the sun, and still didn’t show any effect before I used the UV light from my lamp.

I based a theory that a highly concentrated source of UV rays were needed to jumpstart the effect, and that the UV light from sunlight was simply not concentrated enough.
Kind of like the pen which I used for the journal: Everything written with it could not be seen, even in sunlight, but showed under the UV light from my lamp.

I wasn’t sure whether it was true or not, but then again: I was happy as long as it worked.
I always loved practice over theory anyway.
After making a note in the journal about the sunlight, I sat down and played a bit more video games.

Everything was quiet for the next few hours, and I did not hear anything more from the girls before dinner.
Dinner itself though, turned out to be quite pleasant.

I joined my mother at dinner before the girls, and when they showed I was stunned.

Stephanie and Jennifer were both wearing the bikini’s they had worn at the pool, but they had switched them around.
Stephanie was now wearing Jennifer’s green bikini, and Jennifer was wearing Stephanie’s yellow one.

They both smiled when they saw my reaction, and I could see that they knew I had noticed what they had done.

My mother was in her usual cheerful state, as she always were when Jennifer was there.
She knew that Jennifer was not used to much love from her own father, so she was always trying to be nice to her.

“That’s a nice bikini Jennifer, Stephanie has one just like it I think.” She noted, as she looked at Jennifer.
“Yup mom, I have one EXACTLY like that one.” Stephanie said with a smile.
“Yeah, and I have a bikini JUST like Stephanie’s as well.” Jennifer added with a smile of her own.

My mother did not notice anything, and just kept on chatting with the girls about anything and nothing.

After dinner, I settled down in my room with a good movie.

About 30 minutes into the movie, I heard a knock on the door. Stephanie entered.

“Trent, I have lost my earrings, and mom has just told me that I have to do the dishes. Could you try and see if you can find them?” She asked.
“Your earrings? You were not wearing any earrings at dinner. In fact I have not seen you wear any all day.”
“I was wearing them early this morning, after I took a shower. Perhaps I left them in the bathroom, could you check for me? Please Trent, they are my favourite earrings.”

I sighed.

“Alright, if you stop bugging me, I will go and check the bathroom for your stupid earrings.”
“Thanks Trent, you are the best brother ever.” She said, left the room.

I went to the bathroom, and as soon as I stepped inside, I knew that something was odd.
Then I noticed that the water in the shower was running.

Seconds later, the curtain were pulled aside, and Jennifer stepped out of the shower.

She looked at me, and I looked at her.

She was looking so fucking sexy.
Water drops running down over her breasts, and those delicious long legs.
Her pussy was completely shaven like Stephanie’s.

After a few seconds, her hand darted for a towel.

“Sorry Trent, I forgot to lock the door.” A hint of a smile could be seen on her face.
“Its ok, I should have knocked first. I was just looked for Stephanie’s earrings.” I said, in a half-legit nervous voice.
“They are over on the counter. I noticed them before I went in the shower.”
“Oh, thanks.”

I went over and picked up the earrings, and quickly left.

I went down into the kitchen, and handed Stephanie her earrings.
She thanked me, again claiming I was the best brother in the world.

I was now certain that I had fallen into a trap they had made.
It all seemed a bit too perfect to be a coincidence.

Stephanie hardly ever used earrings, and certainly not in the morning.
And then they just happened to be in the bathroom, where Jennifer had *forgotten* to lock the door.
I had never seen Jennifer forget to lock the door to the bathroom before (and believe me I had checked more than once).

I could not deny the fact that it had had a huge effect on me.
My cock was getting hard as a rock at the thought of the sight of Jennifer naked.
I was not sure, if I could resist their next attempt at seducing me.
I was not even sure I was going to try to resist at all.

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