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Part 05: Truth or fuck me

Later that evening, I heard a soft knock on my door.
I glanced at my clock, which showed 9:30 pm.
“Come in” I said, wondering who it was at this late hour.

Stephanie and Jennifer came in, both wearing only t-shirts and panties.

“Hi Trent, we are bored. Want to play a game with us?” Stephanie asked in a lightly nervous voice.

I looked at them.

“What game? Its 9:30, should you not be on your way to bed or something?”

Stephanie just laughed.

“No way, Jennifer is here to have fun, and we are not sleepy at all.”

“What game do you have in mind?” I asked in a very suspicious voice.

“Truth or dare.” Stephanie answered, with a smirk on her face.
“Unless you are afraid of course.” Jennifer added.

Truth or dare…. these two girls were both geniuses.
I looked at Stephanie.

“Alright, but you may not like my dares after all you have put me through tonight.” I told her.

Both of them sat down on my floor, and I joined them.
Both looked sexy as hell, and I could not help but stare at their panties from time to time.

“Should you not have a bit more clothes on?” I asked, in a voice that did not sound as casual as I had hoped.

Both girls giggled.
“Nah, its fine. You have seen more of us when we wear our bikini’s I think.” Stephanie just said.
“And I have heard that you have seen quite a bit more of Jennifer as well.” She quickly added.

Jennifer blushed, but could not hide a little smile nonetheless.

“Who should start?” I asked.
“Jennifer starts, since she is our guest.” Stephanie answered.

“Alright. Trent: Truth or dare?” Jennifer asked.
“Do you have a crush on a girl at the moment?”
“Yes, but I am not saying who.”

It was Stephanie’s turn now.
“Jennifer: Truth or dare?” she asked.
“Do you think Trent is good looking?”

Jennifer looked at me.
“Yes, he certainly has some pretty good looks.” She said, and her cheeks got a bit red.

My turn.
“Stephanie: Truth or dare?”
Stephanie looked at me.
“Dare.” she said in a confident voice.

I was thinking for a few seconds, and then said:
“Give Jennifer a kiss.”

The girls looked at each other, and after a moment, their lips met, and they exchanged a good long kiss.

My cock went semi-hard again, and the girls noticed.

Jennifer’s turn again.
“Stephanie: Truth or dare?”
“How often do you masturbate?”

Stephanie blushed.
“About once a week I think.”

It was Stephanie’s turn again.
“Trent: Truth or dare?”
“Have you ever had a sexual fantasy involving either me or Jennifer?”

I swallowed a load of spit.
“Yes.” I admitted.

Both girls giggled.

My turn once more.
“Jennifer: Truth or dare?”
“Have you ever wanted to run away from home?”

Jennifer lowered her head a bit, and whispered:

Jennifer’s turn.
“Trent: Truth or dare?”

I decided to get risky.

Jennifer looked at me.
“Kiss your sister.”

I looked at Stephanie.
We were frozen for a few moments, and then I leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Not like that you cheater. Kiss her on the mouth.” Jennifer demanded.

I leaned forward again, and this time gave my sister a solid kiss on the lips.
Stephanie gave a silent sigh, and Jennifer looked at her with curiosity.

It was Stephanie’s turn now.
“Jennifer: Truth or dare?”

Stephanie looked at Jennifer.
“Show Trent your new underwear.”

Jennifer looked surprised at Stephanie.
She seemed to thinking a lot, but after about 30 seconds she left the room.

“Where is she going?” I asked Stephanie.
“She is getting her new underwear. I think you will like it.” she answered with an unsettling smile.

Jennifer returned about 5 minutes later, and upon seeing her my jaw dropped.

Jennifer was wearing a black tight fitting corset, which had straps attached to her stockings.
Under the corset was a pair of very sexy black panties.

She looked stunning, and I was sure my jaw would never be able to find its normal position again.

Jennifer saw my expression, smiled and sat down again.

After a few seconds, Stephanie reminded me that it was my turn now.

“Oh yeah right.” I tried to get my head straight.
“Stephanie: Truth or dare?”

I looked at my sister.
“Did you enjoy kissing Jennifer earlier?”
“Yes, she is a very good kisser.”

It was Jennifer’s turn again.
“Stephanie: Truth or dare?”

Jennifer looked closely at Stephanie as she asked:
“Have you ever dressed sexy in order to tease Trent?”

Stephanie looked shocked by this question.
I guessed that Stephanie had not expected a sort of question like that.
“Yes, but only when he was either really annoying to irritate him, or when he was really nice to sort of reward him.” She answered, her entire face turning red.

It was now Stephanie’s turn again.

She looked at me and then looked at Jennifer.
“Jennifer: Truth or dare?”

Jennifer seemed to be thinking a bit.
“Dare.” she said, with a lightly nervous voice.

Stephanie looked at me.
“Give Trent a lap dance.”

We all sat like we were frozen in place following her words.

After what seemed like at least 10 minutes, Jennifer looked at me, as if to silently ask if the idea was okay with me.

After looking into her eyes for about 10 seconds, I gave her a big smile.

We all got up in silence, and Stephanie pulled out my chair and placed me on it.

Now my full attention was on Jennifer, who started to slowly wiggle her ass in seductive moves.
She looked nervous, but I was not going to let her stop.

After a few moments, Jennifer came over to me and started to slide her ass up and down across my lap.
The sight of her amazing ass made my cock starting to swell.
Jennifer quickly turned around, and straddled me, giving me a perfect view at her breasts.
At 34C Jennifer had a bit bigger breasts than Stephanie, and I had a hard time removing my eyes from them.

As Jennifer noticed my obvious attraction towards her, she seemed to gain more confidence.

She slid of me, and started to unhook the straps to her stockings.

I watched with a rapidly rising heartbeat as she slowly slid down first one, and then the other, exposing her smooth and sexy legs.

She caught me eye, and while still holding eyes contact she began to unfasten her corset.

At the moment the corset fell to the ground, I would have sworn my heart stopped beating.
I just looked at Jennifer, who was now standing in only her panties.

Jennifer then slowly turned around, and bent over giving a very good look at her ass.
I watched, breathless, as Jennifer slowly slid her panties down her long smooth legs, and watched them end piled up between her feet.

She then stepped out of them, and straightened up.
She was now fully naked, and every bit as sexy as she had been in the shower.

My cock was now an iron spear, begging me to let it impale Jennifer’s pussy.

As I looked over every bit of Jennifer’s naked body, I felt a warm breath in my ear, and heard Stephanie whisper:

“Trent, I dare you to have sex with Jennifer.”

I tore my eyes away from Jennifer, and looked Stephanie in the eyes.

“Are you girls for real?” I asked in a legit breathless voice.
Stephanie looked at me with a very determined look.

“Yes Trent, we are sure. I told Jenifer about us, and she said she wanted you to be her first. Please Trent, her father has threatened to take away her virginity himself, and I know him enough that he might actually be for real. Jennifer wants her first time to be with someone who is gentle with her, and not her own drunk angry father.”

Stephanie looked truly concerned.
“Please Trent, I know it is a huge favour to ask, but I know you are the best one for this. I would not recommend any guy to be the first sexual partner for my best friend you know?”

I sat still for about 20 seconds or so, and then turned my eyes back to Jennifer, who had not moved at all.

“If Jennifer really wants this, then I will do it. But she has to ask me herself. I want to hear it from her own mouth.” I said with a determined voice.

Jennifer bit her lip again (I think she had picked this habit up from Stephanie), and then said very slowly:

“It is true Trent. Stephanie told me about the two of you, and even though I thought it was weird in the beginning, hearing her tell me about made me want to try it. My father will rape me soon unless you help me, I know it. His eyes did not lie when he told me that. He might rape me anyway, but I want to make sure that at least my first time is special, and Stephanie is certain you can help me with that.
So, if you are not too freaked out by this entire situation, I would like you to be the first guy to ever fuck me.”

She lowered her head.

I looked at Stephanie again, but she had also lowered her head.
Both girls were now waiting for my decision.

“Ok I will help you Jennifer.” I said after a moment of silence.
Both girls looked at me, and Stephanie gave me a big hug.

“Thank you Trent, you really are the best brother in the world!”

I turned my attention towards Jennifer.

“Okay Jennifer, go over and lie down on the bed please.”
She did as told.

“Now spread your legs please.” I ordered her.
She hesitated, but complied.

Hearing Jennifer’s story had actually had a big effect on me.
Originally my plan was just to let them tease me and then fuck Jennifer’s brains out, to punish her for that teasing.
Now however, I actually wanted to have her enjoy this first time.

I decided to warm her up.
Although I had not ever tried licking a pussy, I had plenty of theoretical experience, having watched countless hours of porn of the web, and I decided to give it a go.

I placed my head between Jennifer’s legs, and could smell the scent of both urine, perfume and female arousal.
It made me very excited, and like I had seen on the movies, I started to lick on the fold just above the pussy opening.

The effect was instant, as I heard Jennifer start to moan, and rock her hips slightly.
As I kept licking, her moans became higher, and the scent of female arousal became stronger.

I raised my head, asking her if she wanted me to stop.
“NO! Go on please, this is amazing!” She almost begged.
I kept on licking away, and a few minutes later Jennifer bucked and thrashed in an intense orgasm.

As she was lying there I pulled of my pants, releasing my 7 inch cock.

“Are you certain you want this Jennifer?” I asked as I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy.
“Yes, please go on Trent.” Her voice sounded weak.

I slowly pushed the head of my cock inside the pussy of my sister’s best friend.
After a few inches, I could feel the resistance of her hymen.

I started to massage the fold of pussy with my thumb, and she started to moan and whimper at the same time, as I slowly pushed my cock through her virgin barrier.
As I broke it, I could feel her entire body tremble, but it quickly stopped.

“Are you alright Jennifer?” I asked with true concern.
“Yes, the pain was not too bad, and it is starting to feel better. Please go on.”

Her eyes were closed, but I could see she was starting to rock her hips again.
This assured me that I could go on, and I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her no-longer-virgin pussy.

I snuck a peak at Stephanie, who was sitting without panties on, and masturbating furiously.

After what could have been seconds or hours, Jennifer started to buckle and thrash as she had another and much more intense orgasm than the last.

The walls of her pussy started to grip and massage my cock, causing me to explode inside her pussy, shooting stream after stream of hot fertile seed inside her.

I collapsed on top of Jennifer, and heard Stephanie give a large moan as she also climaxed.

After regaining some strength, I got up and slowly pulled out my cock from Jennifer’s pussy.
I grabbed some paper which I mostly used for cleaning up after I masturbated, and wiped the worst blood away from both me and Jennifer.

I was about to get up from the bed, when Jennifer’s hand grabbed my shoulder.
Our eyes met, and she said.

“I want what you did to Stephanie as well. I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

Looking at her, she started to smile.
“Please Trent, take all of me tonight.”

I could not help but smile myself.
She was asking me to fuck her in the ass without me even ordering it.
I had found myself a little goldmine.

“I would like to Jennifer, but I have wiped my cock dry, it would be painful for both of us to fuck your ass while it is dry.”

We looked at each other, when suddenly Stephanie said:

“Well I can take care of that.”
And with those words, she went over, dropped on her knees and took my cock inside her mouth.

I tried to not moan, but it was impossible.
Stephanie was a quick learner, and her technique improved with every blowjob she gave me.

Soon, I was both wet and hard as a rock.

Stephanie took my cock out of her mouth, and gave me a sexy look, as she said:
“Now fuck her ass stud.”

I could not argue with such logic, so I just smiled, and turned towards Jennifer again.

“Jennifer, it would probably be best if you are on top this time, that way you can better control the pace, and stop if needed.” I told her.

She got up, and I took her place.
She placed her small ass directly over my cock, and started to slowly drop down on it.

As the head of my cock stretched her tiny anal opening, she whimpered a bit.
She stopped when I had about 2 inches inside her, and moaned a bit.
Jennifer was a bit easier to enter than Stephanie had been, but it was still pretty tight.

Before I could ask her if she wanted to continue, she lowered herself even further onto my cock.
I watched in amazement as another 2 inches of cock vanished inside Jennifer’s tight ass.

She then started to slowly pull away from my cock, almost letting it droop out, before she would impale herself on it again, making just a bit more get inside her.
After a few minutes with this technique she was finally fully impaled on my cock.

I looked over at Stephanie, who was watching us intensely.
She looked at Jennifer and asked:
“Jennifer, how does it feel?”

I didn’t think Jennifer had heard Stephanie at all, she seemed to be in a world of her own, but she answered nonetheless.

“It feels like nothing I have ever felt before. Both more pain, and more pleasure than I have ever tried before.
But the pleasure is soo much stronger, it feels like it is taking over my mind.” She finished with a sigh.

She picked up the pace, and soon my cock was sliding in and out of her ass like a piston.
“Fuck Stephanie, you were right. This feels fucking incredible. I am going to CUUUM!”
And she started to thrash when she uttered to last words, having yet another orgasm.

The thought that I had just made a girl 3 years older than me come 3 times in less than 30 minutes made me have an intense climax of my own, and I shot another load inside Jennifer’s ass.

I was completely spent, and it seemed Jennifer was as well, as she collapsed on top me.
Our sweaty bodies were still connected by my cock, as she gave me a big kiss.

“Thanks Trent, that was truly wonderful.” She said with a smile.
I smiled back at her.

“You are welcome, but I think we both need a bath now. You should probably go first.”
She gave me a weak smile, and then left the room.

I looked at Stephanie.

“I hope I did okay?” I asked her.
She looked at me, with a serious look.

“You did Trent, believe me, I know Jennifer and I know she enjoyed it.”
She looked a bit unhappy though.

“Steph is there something wrong?” I asked her.
“No, it is nothing.” She answered, in a not very convincing tone.

“Look sis, we have gotten so close the past few days, and now you want to hide things from me?”
Her answer surprised me a bit.

“It is just…. I saw Jennifer lie there, with your cock inside her, and I suddenly felt jealous. I felt like you were mine, and that she was taking you away from me. I just couldn’t bear the thought that you might…” Her voice faded away.

“That I might start neglecting you, and focus my attention towards her?” I finished her sentence.
“Yes.” She whispered as she lowered her head.

I went over and put a finger under her chin, lifting up her face.
“Look me in the eyes Stephanie” I told her.
Our eyes met.

“Nobody will ever replace you, or be able to ruin the special bond we share.
When I am with you I feel like…. I feel like I am complete.
And when you are not there, I feel hollow and sad.
I promised you that I would never leave you, I love you more than you could ever imagine.”

There was silence for a long time.

Then Stephanie whispered:
“You really love me?” Her eyes were full of tears.

“Much more than any person could ever begin to understand.” I told her.

And as I said the words, I knew they were true.
I had always had a crush on Stephanie, but now I was beginning to develop a much deeper bond with her.
A bond, which I did not even know the extent of myself.
I just knew, that even though I had forced Stephanie to do some things she would never otherwise had done, and even though I still hoped to make her pregnant no matter if she wanted to or not, I would never be able to bear if something were to happen to her.

As I tried to make some sense in all these weird feelings, Stephanie leaned forward without a word, and kissed me deeply.
I kissed her back, and we hugged each other very tightly.

“You are mine right Stephanie?” I asked without even knowing why.
She looked into my eyes.
“Yes Trent, I am yours.”

And without knowing how, I knew that Stephanie’s last barriers towards me had fallen.
She was now mine both in body and mind.

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