Will Marla deal with the issuse at hand?
Jen awoke spitting out the water that was splashed on her face.

“Waking up, Jen,” I asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“Got some questions for you, and I believe you going to give them to me with a problem. Right?”

“OK,” Jen said.

“So what were you trying to do with me?”

“I was asked to break you and to get to work for Dr. Johnson and be Mrs. Johnson sex slave.”

“What, why would you do that,” I asked.

“Well the 10 grand was the primary reason, and I really wanted to teach you a lesson, you know. The one that goes beware of what you wish for.”
I wanted more than anything to wring her neck, but she had more information she needed. The drug that Jen had given her and she had dose her back with acted like a truth serum as well as a hypnotic drug, for about 12 hours or so Jen will do anything anyone tells her and she will be able to lie to anyone. In Columbia tourist that given this drug will freely give away their cash and empty their account and not remember anything afterwards.

“So why did you set up me up in that gangbang?”

“So you husband would not be an issue when he see it he see what a slut you are and divorce you when the paper are served.”

“Why would I serve him, and when,” I asked?

“Once you were broken you do it so you would be able to serve your Mistress of course and when is when I get the papers from the lawyers. I then would send both to your husband via courier.”

“So you have yet to send them out? Has anyone have a copy of it and if so then who?”

“No Robert has to still draw up the papers and make so it could be fast tracked through the courts. Well I have, Rachelle and Mark all do. Mark cleaning it up so you are the only one identifiable.”

“Can you get them all back?”

“Mark knows to bring them all of them back when he is done. Rachelle, I doubt would return them.”

I was relieved to know that the video of it was limited to a very small group. “Jen, I going to have to call Mark to have to bring it here fast later today can you do that?”

“Yes, but I have to do that upstairs no way to call from down here it very well shielded.”

“Why is that,” Marla continued question Jen.

“Andrew, my husband and master had it made so. He trained men’s wives to be submissive slaves down here. He did not want an accidental cell call to 911.”

Looking up to where she thought the camera was, “What happen to Andrew, where is he?”

“He dead, died here of a heart attack. Trying to break a woman for his client,” Jen said.

“Why did you report him missing then and not that he died of natural causes then?”

“Oh yes, we have the police and medic show up as we have a man’s wife being whipped because she does not want to be her husband sex slave.” Jen answered. “He dead, the client and I in jail the wife watching from the outside.”

“How did you take care of it then?”

“Simple we drove Andrew to the cliff at the lake and sent him in. The wife and I actually turn the table on her husband and now he is her slave.” Jen said, “she had enough on him so we convinced him to do what we said or he be destroyed. Lose his license and go to jail or be her bitch for life it wasn’t hard for him to deicide.”

“His license for what,” I asked with interest.

“Medical of course,” Jen said with a smile.

I looked down at her, “Dr. Samuel Johnson and his wife Rachelle, right?”


“So how did Sam get you to try and train me then,” I really wanted to know?

“Not him, Rachelle, see saw me drop you off when your car was in the shop,” Jen said. “She called later and wondered if I could do her a favor; it seems that Sam likes you and wanted you to be on his staff. Rachelle didn’t like the idea of a woman being so high on Sam’s mind but she likes the way you looked so she wanted you too.”

“So that why Rachelle has the video so she can use it against me?”

“Yes, so you know that when I call her she can use it to show dominance over you.”

“Well I going to teach that bitch something but for right now, it you I going get first. Tell me what you’re going to do if someone finds Andrews body?”

“That simple play the victim, the poor little wife of course. While he missing I am in control of his money, and if he found before Jeromy 21st birthday I will be the executor of his estate.”

“And if after his 21st,” I asked?

“Jeromy, Will either had sign over everything over me or be my well, boy-toy.”

“Is that why you chase off of his girls?”

“Yep, after the first date I scare them off, I send them packet of info on them or their parents. I get whatever I need to do to make them understand their lives will be ruin if they see him again.”

“What about Jeromy do you care how it effecting him,” I asked with interest?

“Of course I care, that why when it time he be putty in my hands and I will be his mistress and he be my sex slave.”

“Oh, are you so sure of that? What if I decide to ruin you grand plans?”

“I going to break you I have not failed yet.” Jen said with an air of confidence.

I laugh at her, “we going up stairs and you going to call the Johnsons and arrange for them to come here in two days, you tell them I should be all theirs by then and I am almost ready.”

Walking her out of the room, “wait a minute how were you going to contact them to let them know?”

“You were actually going to beg them to have you.”

“So if you make the call they would what?”

Jen smiled, “Oh just a bunch of guy would come over to make sure that you did indeed get broken.”

“Then I think we wait on that then leading back to the basement, I think you need to sleep then because your training will begin and you will serve your new master.” Marla tells her.

“Mmm, I might just love being your sex slave, how about it Mistress Marla?”

“I let you know,” I said as the entered the playroom. Leading Jen to the bathroom, “You better use if you can it may be a while.”

Jen used the commode then I led her to the mat and cuffed her to the mat. “Sleep well, I have to go and talk to someone.”

I turned off the lights and secured the door from the outside. She had no doubt that Jen may have set up an escape if something like this would happen.

I walked up stairs to Jen’s bedroom and saw that Jeromy was still there tied to the bed as she left him. His eyes were red from all of the crying, but the looks in his eyes were of a mad man. “Jeromy, I sorry I did that but I had to. You need to know the truth about what is happening here, I hope you can forgive me,’ I pleaded softly.

Jeromy just stared at her, if it was what he learned from his step-mom or that I was still naked but his dick was fully hard. “Marla, please untie me, I need to talk to my fucking slut of a stepmother.” His voice was calm but Marla could hear the rage in his tone.

“Jeromy, I think I better let you cool down first.”

“How can you be so calm right now, she admitted to kidnapping you and having you raped and killing my father.”

“Well, yes she did kidnapped and had me raped but I don’t remember most of it, as for your father she did not kill him, he died a natural death, more than likely an heart attack, she just did not report it.”

Jeromy looked at me with an intensity that slightly freighting , “Jeromy, I am not defending her; she should pay for all of it but right now is not the time.”

“Yea when, you was just with her talking to her as if nothing was the matter,” he said as he was pulling the rope at his wrist.

“It would not matter how I talked to her just then, she would have said the same things to me, she was drugged and had no control to lie or miss lead me. Hell she will not remember it either. That is why it not the right time to do anything.”

Jeromy, still struggling with the rope, “Marla, tell what should I do, allow her to make me a sex slave to her so she can take all of dads money,” he asked?

“No, but until she comes out of her drug induced state that not much you can do.”

“I can make her tell me everything,” Jeromy said.

“Like what,” I asked?

Jeromy looked at Me and open his mouth then stop, then he did it again.

“Yea, see, I got enough from her to work. I got enough to get even, with her and the others for what they did. I fully plan to help you to get her for your father.”

He looked at Marla and finally began to cool off. Jeromy temper might be cooling off but his raging boner was now hard as steel and the head was turning a dark red. He was now seeing more than red he let his eyes wonder down her deep chocolate body, her exposed breast that seem heavy but defied gravity by only hanging slightly. He had seen pictures of naked women on the internet and in magazines but to see Marla naked sitting on the bed next to him was incredible. It was hard to concentrate on the events that he learn in the past hour while being softly talked to be a hot naked woman even if she is older.

“Jeromy, I told you that I would give you a grand slam if you trusted me, I need to ask you do you trust me?”

“I do, I don’t know why but I do. Marla you don’t have to after what mom did, I will understand.” He said smiling.

I reached over and brushed his hair out from over his face, leaning down my breast now on his chest and gave him a kiss on his lips. This was not a quick peck on his lip but a deep passionate with me sucking on Jeromy tongue. Just before I broke the kiss she felt something hot and wet land on my back. Looking around I see no one in the room but Jeromy. Wondering what was on my back until I see Jeromy prick still hard but with a string of cum running from the head to the base some puddles of cum on his stomach going to his chest.

Looking at the monitor and seeing Jen still asleep on the cot, “Jeromy we have a couple of hours before you mother wakes up, and you don’t look like you are going soft. The question I need to know is do you want me to untie you before are after you hit the ball?”

“Oh shit, Marla I don’t care I can’t stand it anymore, Throw the ball and I try not to strikeout.”

Smiling I lean down and licked up the puddles and swallowing all I collected. I place my hand on his thigh and started to knead his inner thigh. I worked my way down his tight abs to his groin where I licked the base of his shaft. Working my tongue up and down his prick shaft I could feel it pulsating. My one hand playing with his nipples, rubbing then pinching them and my other running up and down his inner thigh, I was driving him mad.

“Oh, Marla that feel so good, oh fuck yes,” Jeromy was jerking around it was getting hard for me to hold him down. I switch to the underside of his penis and worked my way down to his balls. Sucking in one I made sure it was heavily coated with my saliva before work the other, I have to admit I am not use to hairy ball since JT shaves his, it did not prevent me from doing a good job on them. I left only long enough to lick the perineum, the area between the balls and his anus.

“Marla, what you doing to me, oh fuck, I never knew it could feel this great,” he moaned.

Just smiling I worked my way back up balls and underside until I reached the tip. Swirling my tongue around his head and licking his slit, just before I open up and started to suck on his head. I at first worked the head and the tender spot under it. I brought my hand down from his chest by lightly running my fingernail across his chest and abs. I then circle around his dick at the base gently pushing down. I start to taste some of his pre-cum and take it out and rub the index finger to coat it. I take a quick look up at Jeromy’s face his head is back in the pillow and his mouth is open, he lightly moaning and his breathing is heavy. I return to sucking his cock only this time I start to go deeper on him. As I take more of his hard cock in my mouth index finger is gently rubbing his perineum as I finally feel him at my throat I swallowed and felt it enter. I drove down taking his member all the way in. I slipped my index finger into his ass. I could feel the sphincter squeeze my finger as I entered. My thumb continued to massage the prostate at the base of his ball from the outside as my index began to from the inside.

I begin to hum the alphabet as I bob on his cock slowly from the base to the head and back down to the base. Jeromy began humping my face I took a moment but I got his rhythm down.

“Oh god, I cumming, oh shit I going to blow,” I heard him yell. I rammed his cock down my throat as he came; I felt it expand releasing his goo. As I pulled away I could taste him filling my mouth as I swallowed, only to have him fill my mouth again and again.

“Oh, my, that was, was better than the last one, I never felt anything so, so, I never came that hard in my life.”

I pulled away from his now softening prick looking up at him I kiss my way up to his chest pausing only to lick and suck on his hard nipples. First the right then the left one then to his neck and jaw line finally his lips. I gave him another deep kiss. I look at him our eyes made contact I can see smiles in his eyes, I lean in kiss his forehead, only to pull up and offer him my left nipple which he kissed, then licked and finally sucked. I could feel my already soaking pussy tingle as he sucked and nibbled the nipple. After an eternity, I offer him my other one which he took the same way. I was leaving a small puddle of cum from my drench pussy on his abs. When I could take no more I work my way up and squatted over his face. Spreading my leg I reach in between them and lead to Jeromy mouth, “Your turn.”

Jeromy reach up and kissed my pussy, lips to lips. I was about to tell to use his tongue when I felt enter me. The feel of his tongue running up and down my slit was driving me insane. His nose was constantly bumping into my clit, I push my cunt down on his face, “oh baby eat my cunt juice, Make fill your mouth with my honey.” Jeromy may not have the skill of JT tongue but he a touch better than his mom, but what he did not have in skill he made up for in enthusiasm. I have a feeling he make any woman happy with just a little help. I pulled up a little, pointing to my clit, “here, suck it here, oh yes, yes.” I could feel Jeromy sucking on my clit rolling it with his tongue. “Yes, oh Fuck, Yes, oh yes suck my clit, make me cum, Oh god I need it.”

When I come down from I see his cock is hard again, I slide down, “Baby here come home,” I guide his cock into my pussy and ride him for all of his worth, watching his ivory pole slide up into my dark chocolate hole was almost more than I could take, I came and as I continued to ride him I had lost count of my organisms. My lips found his and we began open mouth kissing. At time I was yelling in to his mouth as I came. I ran my arm up his and undid the cuffs; he just wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer. I don’t know how long we going at it and don’t care It been a long time since my pussy been filled by a real cock and it felt good.

“Oh, god I’m cumming, Marla, Oh fuck.”

“Oh yes fill my cunt with your cum, yes, I need it, fill me, yes, I’m going to,” I was going say cum but at this time Jeromy holding my ass rammed it in ball deep and came as I exploded.

Next thing I remember was Jeromy, shaking me, calling my name. “I thought you were hurt, Marla, please tell you ok. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
I looked around I was still on top of Jeromy, his hard body under me only his cock was soft. The mattress was soaked and I could feel my heart beat a mile a minute. “Jeromy, JT better watch out, I just might keep you,” I say smiling. “Oh shit what time is it?”

“6:45 why,” he asks?

“Ok, need to get on skpe. I have a lot of explaining to do,” I look at Jeromy, Do you cook?”

“I can.”

“Well I don’t know about you but I starving. I can’t remember when I last ate.”

“Well I don’t what to cook how about I order something like pizza or Chinese?”

“Ok, anything on pizza and General Tso Chicken or Pepper and broccoli I trust you on that while I set up a call.

Lucky that Jen’s computer already had the program so I sign in under my account. I looked over to the basement monitor and Saw Jen waking up her hand and feet still in restraints. I went quietly downstairs and I heard Jeromy order diner. I got money out of my purse and got my clothes on. I took forty five dollars and gave it to Jeromy that should take care of diner. He waved me off don’t worry about it, I have mom Credit Card. I gave his a kiss on his cheek, “you better go wash your face I still taste me.”

“So should you, my umm cum is on your chin.”

“I guess I better.” I went to the bathroom and fix myself, I going to come clean to JT but I should at least look clean about it.

I got back to Jen’s room when the call came in I answered it. I see JT, he was a mess, “Honey, You ok?”

“Nothing to worry about, what about you, What the hell is going on, No word from for four days except a text claim you filing for divorce, then a second one say it a hoax. Please tell me what the fuck is up.” I can tell JT pissed and it will not be easy to explain.

“JT, you remember me telling you about little sweet prudish Jen,” I asked?

“Yea, what about her?”

“Well she is not sweet and not a prude.” I took a deep breath, “Saturday Morning she drugged me and had me gang rapped, then tried to make me a fuck sex slave for another.”

“What, the fuck, where are you?”

“Well right now I in Jen’s bedroom.”

“What, are you pulling my leg?”

“No, I got away from her and well I turn the table on her.” I shifted the camera to view the basement monitor which shown a naked woman tied to a black mat. “I have her now. You taught me well. Sorry I forgot about handling my own drinks.”
“Marla why don’t you call the police,” JT asks?

“I could but I don’t want any of this out. One they have a tape of my being gangbanged and it would appear that I am asking of it. She slipped me a Colombian Micky, you know that it make you willing to do almost anything. It could ruin me, us.” Tears running down my face as I told him everything.

I had no trouble telling him what Jen did, what was done to me, What Jen was hired to do, but I could not almost tell the part about Jeromy, I begged for forgiveness even As I told how I seduced and basically raped him. I did not hear Jeromy walk in to the room as I said, “I had him tied down, and I rapped him, I just used him to get off, but damn it was great, he may be inexperienced but he, I fucked him good.”

“Wait a minute Marla, if I remember right I wanted to have you too, and you gave me choice to get up or not, and fuck or not, you did not rape me, I might have been tied down but I wanted you too.”

“What who is that”, JT said over the computer.

“JT this is Jeromy, Jen’s son, Jeromy this JT my husband.” I say.

“She my stepmom and she a fucking slut,” Jeromy said in a firm voice, “Hello JT, Yes I had sex with your wife, She a very beautiful woman that need a man, I was here,” Jeromy stood tall, “I would do it again, too, she is worth every moment of it even if it might be my last.”

JT, sized him up over the computer screen, “You know what kid, you right but don’t you think I won’t kick your ass for it.” JT broke into a smile. “I am requesting emergency leave today; I should be home in about 24 to 30 hours depending of the flight schedule.”

JT, I plan on breaking Jen, you know do on to other as they do on to you. I may or may not be done and the room is shielded, so I text you the address please be careful. oh yea, The cat is out.”

“I understand,” JT said. “I love you, see you soon, and you,” to Jer.

Jeromy hear the doorbell, he went and got the door, then he and I had Chinese for diner.
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