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Raasa again from Chennai
Hi all! Raasa again from Chennai I am going to narrate a surprising treat I had in the recent past, during my visit to Mumbai recently on a personal trip, with an ex colleague of mine. She is 44, working in Mumbai, but is from the interior Maharashtra. A typical Maharashtra woman, she is tan brown in colour with huge assets. Of course, she has her hip folds, which look damn sexy, which is a characteristic of a woman in her mid forties. As I always mention, I am 54, but I always have a flair for women and surprisingly I have been getting encounters only after I touched 50.

I love to have a woman who loves to have me, despite my age and the fact that I have slowed down in sex due to my age. I am soft and caring during an encounter and I am so proud of my tongue massage, which I always use to ensure that a woman never leaves unsatisfied. In fact, I have found that most of the women whom I have come across, love to make a man lick them, particularly in their sexy treasures

Well, It was a wedding of one of my close colleagues (who is also an ex colleague) in Mumbai and having worked together for 5 years, we were close even after we were separated due to switching of jobs. This woman was a colleague of us, when we were in Mumbai. I was, in my mid forties when I was in Mumbai and never did I know that I had a charm of taking a woman to bed. Probably, if I had had even the slightest idea, I would have for sure made use of my stay there during that period.

I took a hotel room and refreshed myself for the function. In fact, I had planned to stay for a day or two more, since I was planning to meet some close friends and relatives there. I did not want to stay with them, since I thought that I would run into their privacy and I was also in need of privacy for myself. I reached the hall and my friend was very happy to see me, since I had made it despite that I had to travel from Chennai. His daughter (who was to be married) and wife also were really happy to see me, since they know the bond we had.

I looked around for known faces, but I did not find anyone. I had my tiffin and came back to the main hall. They were organising things for the evening and I slipped into a novel which I was carrying. Suddenly I felt my face being covered by someone’s hands. I was shocked, since I could feel it was a woman. Find out who it is? She said. The voice was familiar for me and I said “Is it Swarna?” Wow she said, you are able to recognise my voice after nearly 8 years Raasa. She took her hands and came and stood before me. She was in a chiffon saree, which was adding to her glamour.

She sat near me and we started to talk about us after our last meet. She said that she is I the same place and that she was doing fine. I could feel her nearness and also the urge in me. I noticed that she had put on some weight and I told her my observation. Yes she said, I am not the young Swarna you have seen when you were in Mumbai Raasa, I am in my mid forties. I smiled and she continued to talk about her family and asked me about what I am doing. We were talking happily and I noticed that she sat close to me and that our bodies were in constant touch. She did not mind it and in fact, she was pressing herself against me. I was finding it difficult to control my senses.

So where are you staying? She asked me. I told her that I have booked a room in the nearby hotel and that I plan to stay for two or three days more so that I can visit people. “You could have come home” she said. “I am alone as my hubby has gone to Gulf on a business visit” she said. I told her that I did not want to disturb anyone and so I chose to take a room. “Well, now that we have met, please vacate the room and come with me” she said. I tried explaining to her but she was particular that I be with her. In the meanwhile, other friends also started to come and we parted into different groups.

It was a pleasant evening as I could meet many friends and share happenings and we all had dinner together happily. I was about to leave when Swarna came from nowhere and said “So shall we go to the hotel and vacate your room and go home now?” I tried to explain but she was particular that I heed to her request (or rather order) and so I had no choice left. She had come in her car and so we she drove me home after vacating the room. I had been to her flat earlier when I was in Mumbai. It is a cute two bedroom flat with all amenities.

The house was well furnished, since her hubby was a businessman and they had to maintain a level in their society. I sat on the big sofa (a real huge cushiony couch) in the living room and she sat near me. “So”, she said “I am happy that you are there with me”. “I never expected this Swarna” I told her. She put her hand on me and said “I too. But I have always wanted you to come home when you were working here. I am glad that you are her that too when I am alone” she said. She gave me the remote and I switched on the television. It was a news channel and I started to watch the current news.

“I’ll change and come Raasa and you can also get into casuals if you want” she said. I opened my traveller bag and slipped into a lungi (coloured dhoti). I was with my T shirt on. She went into the bedroom for a change and I started to watch the news channel again. She came back, with a water bottle in her hand. I was surprised and shocked, as she had changed to a nightie, which was made of a flimsy material and was looking gorgeous. She had removed everything but for the nightie and I could see her boobs very clearly now. She came and sat near me. Noticing my looks said “How do I look Raasa?”

I could not take my eyes of her. Her clean shave armpits were visible in the sleeveless apparel and I could see her vaginal mound as she sat close to me. She noticed my dick suffering inside my lungi and smiled. I knew that I would be a fool to miss this chance. I took her hand and pulled her to me. I took her lips and she came readily. We switched off the Television and it was the soft sexy sound of our hungry kiss now which was filling the room. “Swarna, I moaned” “I am really lucky”. Hmmmm… she said say that we are and we continued the kiss. She slowly came on me now and we continued to kiss as we slid out of our dress. She had massive juicy tits which had sagged a bit due to her age, but her nipples were like big grapes and were ripe to feast on.

Her hands were caressing my body and I was massaging her tits as she pressed herself on me. I lifted her up slowly and now her tits were inline with my mouth. She understood and pressed her right nipple into my mouth. “Take it and start making me happy” she said. I started to first lick, then chew slowly and then started to munch her monstrous tits as she moaned in pleasure, letting out a big Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, as she started to press my head on her tits. I held her hips and moved her up as my tongue traversed thro her belly. She adjusted herself to enable me to bite her hip folds. She was moaning as I slowly bit her hip folds and massaged her tits simultaneously.

“Swarna, Shall I have the treasure now?” I asked her. She bent down and kissed my and stood up on the couch. She spread her legs and positioned herself to fix her wet pussy on my mouth. “Enjoy” she said as I started to lick her labia. She arched back in pleasure and started to make slow movements up and down as I started to massage her beautiful cunt with my tongue. It was big and I could feel her salty juices as I started munching her cunt. Ummmmmmmmmmm she moaned in pleasure as she pushed her puss tight on my open mouth. Though I was gasping for breath, I was thoroughly enjoying the treat and I left my tongue deep inside. My dick was erect and was throbbing free now.

We were both in heaven as I licked, chewed and munched Swarna’s pussy delightfully. I knew that she was about to come, as her juices started to flow. I held her hips and slowly brought her down on me. I positioned her in such a way that her cunt slid into my waiting erection and she was on me now. She was surprised. “Wow I have never been fucked like this” she bent a little and kissed me as her tits were now in line with my mouth. I asked her to start fucking me now. She understood and started to ride on me slowly as I took her hard boobs into my mouth. The movement became faster and frenzied as we both lost control of ourselves. I lifted her arms and started licking her smooth and soft armpits as she was moving up and down, fucking me. Ooooohhh she cried out in pleasure. “Its marvellous Raasa” she said and took my lips now into her. Our hot tongues were twining against each other as we fucked to a satisfying climax. She fell on me and we both held each other, kissing with love and relaxing after a wonderful opening

We had a long rest, lying on the couch, with Swarna on me like a soft pillow. In between our rest, she kept pressing her vital parts on my body during her moves, which was like being in heaven. We got up, refreshed, after about two hours. It was around mid night. She kissed me and I could feel sex in it. My senses started to heat up for another session. We went to the bathroom and had a wash. We then went to the bed room and I took her on me. She kissed me hungrily as we hugged each other like new lovers. I asked her whether she would like to have a 69. “Why not?” she said and I positioned her on me, her pussy folds right on my open waiting mouth. She took my half erect dick and took it in her mouth. It was warm and I could feel my dick growing. She did a wonderful blow job and she drained my dick out into her mouth and filled my mouth with her juices. She got up and came over me. She pushed her mouth on mine and we rolled our tongues and mixed our juices together. We moaned without shame and we were in our peak now. She gave me her tits to feast again.

She ensured that my dick was up again and slid on the bed now. Come on me Raasa, she smiled, fuck me darling. I climbed on her and she opened her legs to invite my dick in. She took it in her hand and positioned it on her warm pussy. I just gave a small push and slid inside happily. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. she moaned as I pushed my dick in and started to fuck her. She lifted her legs and closed them around my hip, so that we were tightly bound now. “Fuck me honey” she moaned as I started to fuck her, first in slow strokes and then with increased speed. I bent on her and she made me eat her tits as we kissed and fucked with love. We reached the climax. I released my dick and fell on her, grinding my body on the soft fleshy body of her. “I am so happy today Swarna” I said, I have never had sex like this for long. She smiled and pulled me tightly on her and we kissed. We rolled over each other, hugging tightly and kissing each other.

We again took sufficient rest, hugging each other. We got up early in the morning, and we both went to the bathroom and had a shower together, rubbing each other, kissing and enjoying sex as the water flowered on us. We dried ourselves and she made tea and poha ( a Maharashtra delight) for us. She left for office, and I went out to meet my friends and relatives. She called me in the afternoon and I told her that we can go out for dinner. We enjoyed our dinner and once we reached home, we undressed and had a repeat of previous day with more spice. We had the taste of passionate, soft, rugged, erotic sex for three nights. I thanked her for the wonderful stay and she was equally happy with me staying with her as per her wish. We do talk over phone now, but we are waiting for another chance to meet, as we are still fresh in memories of our encounter. Kindly let me have your views to
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