My wife helps me molest her friend
The dream of abducting an attractive woman and inflicting my wildest sexual desires on her started in my early teens soon after I began to masturbate. I'm now in my forties and have yet to succumb to this perversity. My 23 year old wife (Vicki) and I have indulged in a lot of role playing in this area but often she is the one subduing me and living out her dreams of humiliation and violation.

While this adds to the excitement, as I don't mind my parts being prodded, pinched and pulled or having my face drenched in hot urine it has not fulfilled my life long fantasy and often leaves me with a lingering pain in the posterior.

Vicki has a strap-on rigid V shaped double ended dildo she delights in brutalizing my rectum with. Each leg of the V is about 8 inches long. When she walks about with her half inserted it fills her with a large diameter cock and leaves her looking like a feminine transvestite boy with an excellent set of small tits and a raging bull hard on. She delights in using the protruding eight inch cock to ram brutally into by bowels with great enthusiasm and an evil glint in her eye.

Vicki is a petite vixen with short raven hair and a voracious sexual appetite. She is bi-sexual and has continued to have female lovers through our four years of marriage. I have never felt jealous of her being with women so she often confides in detail her intimate infidelities. I don't know if she has other male lovers and never ask for fear of what I might learn. Until now she had never offered or broached the subject of bringing one of her female lovers into our life.

My favorite sexual scenario is where I sneak into the house, subdue her and carry her away gagged and bound over my shoulder to my lair. I have a separate building on the back of our rural secluded property. It was originally a two story rental house with a full basement. I have converted the basement into a dungeon of pleasure with kitchen and living on the main floor, bedrooms upstairs and a workshop attached to the back.

We spend many lust filled hours with me tying her in the most revealing positions as I tease and titillate her every orifice, driving her to mind and body shaking orgasms. I have built and modified several pieces of equipment she can be tied over and onto that leave me easy access to all her most intimate places.

I love having her with her legs pulled up and spread wide leaving her dainty bald pussy pooching out and begging to be caressed. With her eyes blindfolded, each soft caress of a finger or tickle of a tongue causes her lovely puffy vagina lips to quiver with desire and beg for the friction of touch and penetration that will bring her to the long awaited orgasmic release.

My skills in wood and metal working have given me the means to build equipment to aid in exploring her ability to endure longer, harder and ever increasing violations. I have managed to incorporate a stationary bike into a fucking machine she can peddle herself and with some innovative gearing give herself slow deep strokes from a large ramrod mounted dildo.

It can be set to start at a one inch stroke and increased up to twelve inches. So far Vicki can only take a little over eight inch strokes before the pounding into her cervix causes to much pain to continue.

Another favorite is an ab machine chair I modified to alternately insert two large dildos into her vagina and anus. As one is being inserted the other is being extracted. The sexual stimulation from it is so intense Vicki can only last four or five minutes before she climaxes so violently she will at times pass out. I had to construct a frame and harness to hold her in place when this happens to prevent injury.

In the center of the room is a padded table shaped like a large X with a stretched center. It's actually a wide padded plank to hold a persons torso with narrow projections for their arms and legs. The leg extensions are capable of being spread to the point the person is doing the splits. The subject can be positioned laying on their back or front. Each projection has straps to secure wrist and ankles, leaving all holes exposed for easy probing or deep exploration.

The basement has a large bathroom, modified into a water sport room. It has a standard toilet with a bidet and an open stall shower. The center of the room has a drain in the floor for any bothersome fluids that might be released during the height of passion.

A medium sized round lazy Susan table sits above the drain and allows a subject to be secured in a down on all fours position with their butt high in the air. The restraints are at elbows and knees, with the knees spread and the head down. The table can be lowered to almost ground level or raised to waist height. The position is perfect to administer enemas or just to hold them in place for a good hard fucking. Unfortunately Vicki discovered the table could be adjusted for just the height she needs to administer her own version of ass fucking.

After the first time she violated me on the lazy Susan table I retaliated the following weekend by tying her blindfolded in the same position. After an hour of teasing and light probing I brought in the neighbors Rottweiler (a beast called Bear) to have his way with her.

When he growled and began licking her exposed crotch and ass she realized what was about to happen. She yelled and pleaded with me to stop him as he continued to roughly tongue lap her sensitive pussy. Her pleas were interjected with moans of pleasure from the tonguing she was getting. I almost stopped at one point as she sounded truly terrified of what was about to take place.

The growls and yips of the large dog as he was starting to mount her and was about to make entry was making me nervous. She never did use our safe word so I assumed she was not really as frightened as she appeared and really wanted to continue to have her first animal sex. I was so turned on by the thought of her being fucked by a large dog that as we proceeded I don't know if I would have stopped it.

The process of getting his large cock into her appeared very painful as she screamed with each thrust but the way she was secured allowed Bear easy access. His first attempts at penetration resulted in his punching her both in the vagina and the anus. Each time he poked her asshole she would scream in a much higher pitch but soon the sloppy wet pussy was penetrated, filling her with red hot dog dick. As he plunged the entire length into her she let out a loud garbled groan.

As the pain of his forced entry was eased, his swelling knot tied them together for the duration. She could hardly take a breath until the knot was fully swollen. Vicki relaxed a bit but kept a pained grimace on her face. She quieted to the point of just light sobbing and graduated to moaning loudly with each thrust. That assured me she was now enjoying the brutal fucking he administered. I think the two or three orgasms she experienced with the dog were some of the most intense I had seen her experience.

She had endured more physically stimulating things but the mental aspect of being fuck by a dog turned her on like nothing we had tried so far. She had never talked of being screwed by an animal before but once I had him do her she has brought up the subject many times of us getting a dog or pony of our own.

Before that experience was half over she was screaming with passion and forcing her ass back to meet his rapid thrusts. The dog only lasted about fifteen minutes before he was filling her with his hot load of semen and after his knot subsided enough for him to pull out a geyser of dog cum squirted from her overstretched pussy as she moaned in relief and sated fulfillment. At that point I rapidly raised the table she was on and rammed my stiff cock in her now oversized hole.

There was no resistance and little friction but the steaming hot hole felt like heaven as I pounded away. After twenty or thirty strokes I pulled out and rammed viciously into her tight little asshole, bringing out a scream from her. She was soon beginning another orgasm as I squirted my load deep inside her bowels. We stayed joined for a good twenty minutes enjoying the waves of pleasure from both of our post fucking spasmic muscle contractions. I think that last orgasm was fueled by her mentally reliving the violations she had just experienced from Bear.

Most weekends we spend out in the back playing and sometimes are so carried away we forget to stop and eat. Needless to say we both stay in great shape and maintain slim muscular bodies.

Some time back Vicki mentioned she had been talking to an older woman at work and as the conversation drifted to sex the woman complained of not getting any satisfaction from her mate. The woman's name is Linda and Vicki’s idea of older was 43. She described her as tall with extremely long legs and a small upper body. Not muscular but firm giving her a softer lewd look that Vicki called being all legs and pussy.

Linda's husband is my age and has from the beginning of their marriage, initiated intercourse with little or no foreplay. The last few years he apparently has almost no desire for even that. She had become more and more frustrated and had to rely on masturbation as her only outlet until Vicki introduced her to the sexual pleasure another woman could provide. She told in detail of her increasing desire to experience new things.

Vicki bragged to me about how she and Linda had slipping off to the women’s restroom the first time to grope and fondle each other. Also of them both shaking with lust and anticipation as they started their first tryst. She was startled by the woman’s ability to orgasm within minutes of her pussy being touched and the volume of sexual fluids she emitted. Also of how sexy the women looked when stripped naked with her pleasantly shaped body shaking from passion and any sexual stimulation Vicki inflicted on her. I was mesmerized with the vision Vicki was creating of this woman writhing in ecstasy in a toilet stall.

Her description of their first oral interlude blew my mind. She described Linda standing totally nude on one leg with the other raised and placed on the toilet paper roller. The image of Vicki sitting on the toilet seat eagerly devouring her wide spread pussy was enough to make me almost shoot my load. When she finished by saying Linda climaxed within two minutes and lost bladder control soaking Vicki’s face and body I did shoot my load.

I wanted to see this woman first hand and was already thinking about what it would be like to have her when Vicky started talking of what we might do to her together. She kept talking about using and abusing Linda all through our love making that weekend. She said she had told Linda just enough of our uninhibited sexual exploits to keep her interested and she could tell Linda was secretly wanting to meet me from the intimate questions she kept asking. She added “Linda will probably try to initiate a secret affair with you if she has the chance.” I would have been happy to start an affair or have Linda join us but Vicki had other ideas.

She wanted us to have a day or more to use and abuse Linda to the maximum. As we discussed the things we might do, Vicki kept talking of really abducting and subjecting her to a real rape and humiliation. I was afraid of the possible consequences, but Vicki said she had an idea that would keep us out of trouble and let us use Linda completely. She said she wanted to work on her plan for a while and would fill me in later.

About three weeks later as we were having a post sex Saturday afternoon nap, Vicki rolled over and said “well sweetie, get ready for an interesting weekend. Next week you and I are going to abduct Linda and bring her back to the basement for a couple days of the hottest fucking either of us have ever had.”

I was speechless and sat there looking at her wide eyed. She continued “Linda's husband is going out of town for a week. He and some friends are supposedly going hunting. She says he does this every couple of years and they do a little hunting but mostly spend their time in the Nevada whore houses. The ex-sister in law of one of his hunting friends told Linda all about their pussy hunting trips.”

When I asked how we were going to get away with a real rape she said “ I have been recording my sessions with Linda in the restroom and in the back of our van before and after work. She has talked about her darkest thoughts and the things she would like to do, including being abducted and forced to have kinky sex with both men and women. When I brought up the subject of bestiality she admitted she would like to try intercourse with a large animal. I told her about the sex show you saw in Tijuana where the woman fucked a donkey and she just about flipped. She was intrigued with the idea of taking an animal cock that big.”

“I have more than enough on tape to blackmail her afterward into keeping her mouth shut. If she is pissed after we finish with her I think a threat to send her husband a copy will shut her up. She has made so many derogatory comments about him and his tiny dick, he would probably leave her anyway. If we were to wind up in court she has out right stated her desire to be abducted and ravaged, leaving us an out.”

I was excited but really scared of going through with this. I had wanted to ravish a woman my whole life but didn't want to face the prospect of prison. Vicki could tell I was having doubts, so she talked me into taking a secret look at Linda. That was a big mistake on my part. They were to have lunch at a local restaurant the next day, so Vickie talked me into being there by my self so I could covertly check out Linda from a near by table.

Vicki reserved tables for both of us, with mine strategically placed to view them. As soon as they came in I knew I was lost. Linda was about 5'8”and was all legs as described. Her body trunk was small and her short skirt exposed the lengthy bare legs that turned everyone’s head as she walked by. As she came down the restaurant isle her strides were twice that of Vicki's and were exaggerated by the high heals. I was sitting across form them and Vicki made sure I saw her slide her hand up and down the woman's inner thigh as soon as they sat down. While they talked and had lunch she raised Linda’s short skirt high enough for me to see she wore no panties.

I could see why Vicki was attracted to her. Linda was even more desirable and fuckable than described. She had a pleasant face and even with her cloths on I could tell she was shapely with a nice set of small tits and her overall look was of being a bit disproportionate and a little awkward.

I was sitting with a rock hard painful erection I could do nothing about. Vicki kept stroking Linda's inner leg all through lunch and would occasionally slide a finger into the exposed slit, causing Linda to close her eyes in an attempt to disguise the waves of passion she was forced to endure. I had to sit and drink coffee for fifteen minutes after they left to let my erection recede.

When Vicki got home that night she was smirking as she innocently covered my mouth with her hand to let me get a whiff of Linda’s scent. From the aroma of her unwashed hand I could tell where those fingers had spent most of the afternoon. She jabbed the fragrant fingers into my mouth while snaking my rising cock from my pants.

I was squirting a load onto the front of her skirt and down her leg before she stroked me more than a half dozen times. Later she played the recordings she had made of Linda while slowly sucking me off. We listened as we sucked, fucked and devoured each other for over two hours.

She had arranged to meet Linda the following Friday evening at a vacant house that was for sale in the neighborhood. Vicki has a key as the house belongs to a friend of hers who has since moved back east. She told Linda they were to meet a realtor there as she wanted to check it out and maybe purchase it later. The plan was to meet on Friday after Linda’s husband had left town and they would fool around at the vacant house after the real estate agent left.

I was to be in the house wearing a mask when they arrived. I would chloroform Linda and we would take her out thru the garage and bring her back to our place. I was to wear the mask when Linda was not blindfolded so she never would see my face.

After we prepare and transport Linda to our place I will tie up Vicki also, making it look like they have both been abducted. She wanted me to rape and sodomize her first with Linda watching it happen. As this goes along I'm to force Vicki to have sex with Linda and make them do every demented thing I can think of to each other as I take my pleasure any way I want.

Vicki knows how much I want to do something like this and that I will be so turned on I will be up for multiple climaxes and a whole lot of fucking. She kept talking about the fun we would have all through the week so I won't start to think how crazy it was and back out.

The week seemed to fly by. I had thought it would drag on but my fear turned the tables on me. It's Friday night and here I sit with an absurd disguise while I wait for them to arrive. In the depressed real estate market the overpriced house has had little traffic from potential buyers so we are safe in that way. Our van is in the attached closed garage and Vicki is bringing Linda in our other car.

I hear them slamming the doors as they get out of the car and I have doused a cloth with chloroform. I'm standing just behind the open front door and the plan is for Vicki to enter the dimly lit room first. As she walks swiftly into the room Linda steps into view behind her. Before she can react I have the cloth over her face and my arm around her. Vicki kept walking through the room, calling for the non existent relator. Linda was hardly struggling as the chloroform took effect.

I eased her down onto the floor and left the cloth over her mouth and nose. She was quite attractive and I could see she had dressed and prepared her self for a night of intimate fun. Being the pervert I am I raised her skirt to inspect the goodies. She was wearing no panties and I was greeted by the lovely shaved pussy I had a glimpse of early that week. I looked up and saw Vicki's leering smile. She said “we've done it. We can do anything we want to her for the next two days.”

I was feeling a little light headed from the chloroform and my hands were shaking from nervousness and fear but I was exhilarated and turned on. Vicki said “strip her naked so you can see the whole package.” I jumped in and started removing her clothes when Vicki growled “ don't be gentle. Ripe her cloths off so she knows later she was violated.”

I pulled out a knife and started ripping and cutting until she was totally nude and what a package she was. Her body was as Vicki said, a little out of proportion but with a small waist and a little flat belly. Her skin was very light with no blemishes except the red marks from my man handling her. She had a great set of small tits that were still pointed up with no sag and long hard nipples. The very long large legs looked almost disproportionate but made her that much more desirable.

Vicki threw me a blanket and said “roll her up in it and put her in the van while I gather up her cloths.” After pinching and pulling her nipples and sliding my finger in and out of her moist tight pussy a few times I rolling her up, put her over my shoulder and carried her through the kitchen into the garage, laying her in the back of the van. I had removed the chloroform and kept it in a plastic bag in case we needed it later.

I backed out of the garage and Vicki closed everything up. A short drive later I pulled up next to the back house and had her inside before Vicki arrived. When she came in she put her finger over her mouth and whispered “give her another shot of chloroform before we continue.” I slipped my mask back on and pulled the blanket away from her face. Her eyes were open and showed she was in a fearful confused state. She tried to talk but I gave her another dose and she was out again.

Vicki then sauntered over to me and said “now as soon as she starts to wake again I want you to rape me like you never have before. I'm going to fight you all the way but you have to make it look brutal. Hit me a few times and slap me around but do a good job of tearing my cloths and leave some marks. Turn her so she can see us and pull the blanket off her face a little.” I positioned her and we both waited for her to start to waken. As she awoke we began.

This was nothing new for the two us but this time I hauled off and slapped her as I began tearing off her clothing. She fought me all the way as she had done many times before. I would tear something off then grab a breast, squeezing until she yelled in pain. It took me about five minutes to get her stripped and we were both sweating from the excitement and exertion.

When I had her nude I picked her up in a fireman carry and slammed her down onto the X-am table. I call it that because it's in the shape of an X and her arms and legs can be bound in place. She fought me at each step but I soon had her bound hand and foot. The leg portion of the X is movable so I now had her legs spread almost to the point of doing the splits laying on her back.

Vicki had been screaming at me from the start and to anyone else it would seem she was being brutally molested. Between screams she would beg me not to rape her and with the tears that were streaming down her face she should have won an Oscar.

At that point she winked at me and with her chin indicated I should look over at Linda. I could see she was still covered but she was moving around trying to get loose and fully aware of what was happening to Vicki. She was wedged and could not roll over to undo the blanket but had an unobstructed view of the action.

I dropped my pants and held my rigid cock in a menacing manner telling Vicki she was going to get the fucking she was begging for. As I rammed it into her she let out a wail of pain that almost shocked me. I could hear and see the sobs Linda was making in response to my attack on her friend and lover. I continued to ram my cock viciously into her as she pleaded. When she got quiet I pulled out and said “ you are enjoying this too much so I think it's time I got some of that virgin asshole.”

I drove my cock into her ass and she screamed like I had used a hot poker. I could see Linda shudder so I continued to ram into Vicki. I had to slow down as I had brought myself to the brink of orgasm twice and wanted to save the first one for Linda. Vicki gave me the thumbs up and signaled it was time to start in on Linda.

My cock got even harder and longer as I pulled out of Vicki. I left her tied to the table whimpering with juice running out of both her holes. I unwrapped Linda who was trembling with fear and pulled her up to stand in front of Vicki's open legs. She continued to sob and Vicki kept up the mournful crying as if she were in pain. I pushed Linda over to look at Vicki and she shuddered with fear at seeing her in such an exposed and violated condition. I yelled at Linda to look at the mess her friends pussy was in, then pushed her head down, forcing her mouth into the sloppy quivering vulva.

Vicki smiled up at me and winked as Linda's mouth covered her pussy. I could see her swoon silently with the waves of pleasure as I pressed Linda''s face into her crotch and said “eat it bitch. Lick up all that mess. I want to see that tongue deep in her. If you do a good enough job I will have her do the same for you when I finish reaming your ass and pussy.”

Linda let out a sob and quiver but quickly began cleaning the leaking pussy and Vicki was not doing much of a job disguising her lustful spasms. I had Linda bent over and I was admiring her exposed bare bottom and long shapely legs. She had moved her feet together so I stepped back and smacked her on the ass with the flat of my hand. The pain and loud pop startled them both as I yelled “spread those legs wide. I want to check out those holes. Now let me see, which one first.”

Linda sobbed again as she spread her legs and started to sink as her knees got weak. I grabbed her hips and held he up until she regained control which pushed my cock in contact with the length of her butt crack. “Oh I see you want it up the ass first.”

I started my cock into her asshole and got only slight resistance. It was obvious her asshole had been used many times before. Since Vicki said she was not getting screwed much I figured she was plowing her anal canal with a pretty big dildo on a regular basis. Vicki and I have anal sex about once a week and her hole is still tight enough that it's painful for both of us every time until I have worked it over for ten minutes or so.

“Oh I see you get it up the ass a lot. That's good cause after I’m done with you I have a donkey out in the back that will enjoy fucking you till you scream.” she groaned and almost fell again but I had her impaled with my dick and was holding her hips as I pounded into her bottom. This time I think her weak knees were caused by a lustful visualization of having an animal inside her.

I could see Vicki was on the verge of an orgasm as Linda had not slowed down on devouring her pussy. As she started to buck and spasm I slid my dick out of Linda's ass and rammed it home in her vagina to the hilt. Her vagina was much tighter than Vicki's and she shrieked when I bottomed out. As I plunged into her again and again, her sounds were the conflicted cries of fear and moans of pleasure.

She kept her mouth glued to Vicki’s crotch never stopping her muffled slurping. I could hold back no longer and started squirting just after Vicki’s climax. I wasn't sure but it felt like Linda was getting off also as her pussy clinched rhythmically like a strong hand milking my cock, with her body jerking from what appeared to be orgasmic contractions.

There was an evil glint in Vicki's glazed eyes and realized she had loosed a stream of urine directly into Linda's mouth as she finished cumming. Vicki said with a contrite look on her face “oh god I’m so sorry . I just couldn't hold it back.” Linda was choking on the steaming hot piss and could not swallow fast enough as most of it gushed out around her lips. The act was so degrading it renewed my orgasm and I began to squirt again. It only lasted another ten of fifteen seconds but it left me with a pain of depletion deep inside. I slowed the stroking and swapped holes again, easily ramming into her rectum.

Vicki’s depraved act gave me an idea. I had tried many times in the past to urinate into Vicki's ass but because of the tightness was unable to get the flow started. Linda’s well used rectum was not restricting me so I relaxed and soon could feel the flow of hot piss filling her bowels. I said “great idea bitch. Lets fill her up from both ends. Linda was immediately moaning as her insides were expanded by the hot geyser of piss as my bladder was emptied. She was immediately lost in the rapture of a massive orgasm. I was holding her tight against me so the entire piss enema was contained in her bucking gyrating body.

As she finished with shivers of the pleasure she had just been forced to experience she spoke in a quiet subservient voice saying “may I please be allowed to use the bathroom. I'm afraid I will have an accident if I don't get there soon.” I pulled out slowly and helped her pinch her ass cheeks together to contain the contents. I was masked so I led her to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet.

She was embarrassed and did not look up as she emptied her bowels. I was standing in front facing her with my semi erect cock rubbing against the top of her bowed head. I reached over and wet a wash cloth, then had her move over to sit on the bidet. The rush of warm water on her vagina and ass surprised her and she moaned with the pleasant sensation. I handed her the warm washcloth and growled for her to clean me up.

She gently began washing my cock and scrotum. I pulled her head forward pressing my cock against her closed lips. She finally opened with a small whimper as I pressed it against her lips while I pulling her head toward me by her hair. I got weak in the knees as her warm moist mouth enveloped my shaft with slow delicacy. Her lips pursed out around me as if they were made for no other purpose.

As I began to stroke I looked over at the door way to see Vicki peaking around watching us. I felt a moment of guilt as she had never seen me with another woman. The restraints on the X-am table have quick releases if one knows how to unfasten them. Vicki was just out of Linda’s line of sight and was staring at us wide eyed while she slid her middle finger up and down the length of her slit. The feeling of shame I felt quickly passed as the sight of Linda sucking me off while sitting on the bidet was prime masturbation material for Vicki.

The two gentle jets of warm water against Linda's bottom and pussy was having a profound effect on her. Her head was bobbing back and forth on my cock in a slow rhythm and she was moaning in pleasure. Vicki continued to masturbate with a quickening pace and was becoming impatient as she wanted to participate. I looked down to see Linda had her legs parted wide and was rapidly giving her own pussy a hard drubbing.

I was wishing I had taken Vicki up on the request to buy a pony. I wanted to sit back and watch Linda be fucked in both holes by a rutting out of control animal. When I thought back and picture Vicki's encounter with Bear the Rottweiler I almost shot another load. I was thankful I had enough foresight to tie a leash around the neighbors dog Bear and secure him behind the house earlier. I made myself a promise to find some suitable animals at my earliest opportunity.

I motioned for Vicki to step out of sight and pulled my dick from Linda’s mouth. I told Linda to stay where she was and went in to Vicki. There is only one exit from the basement so Linda had no where to go. Vicki was frantic with excitement and wanted me to stop right there and fuck her. I slid two fingers into her slick twat, hooking her and used it to pull her close as I massaged deep. We stayed there for a minute or so and I told Vicki I wanted to try something else.

I moved Vicki to a narrow saw horse with two dildos attached in a line across the top. Earlier I had installed two 8” semi rigid brutes (one slender and the other fat) with about a two inch space between them. The height of the sawhorse is usually set so Vicki has to stand on her toes to reach the ground when both dildos are fully inserted leaving her impaled balancing on quivering toes.

We have used it before and she cannot get on or get off without help at that height. Each time she squirms or lowers herself it brings on enough painful pleasure to make her groan and renew her effort to hold herself up. I had lowered the height this time so she could enjoy herself by doing slow knee bends.

I retrieved Linda and had her sit on the floor to watch Vicki's ordeal. She cried out in anguish and grief for Vicki as she watched me lowered her down on the two dildos. Vicki was screaming in mock pain and begging for help. I had Linda on her knees in front of Vicki, secured to the floor at her wrists.

Vicki being the consummate actress was moaning and writhing in pain causing tears of compassion to leak down Linda's face. I walked out side and brought in the neighbors dog from where I had secured him earlier. When Bear saw the naked woman on the floor he let out a low growl and sniffed at her exposed backside. I think he knew he was in for another treat.

Linda turned her head and saw the large mean looking dog as it strained against the leash to get at her. She let out a shriek and looked as if she were going to faint. I gave Bear enough slack that his nose and tongue contacted her anus and pussy. Her moans became more wanton sounding as he continued to lap at her dripping pussy. She began to shake and her breathing became deep and labored.

Bear had pushed his muzzle part way into her ass as her continued to rasp his rough tongue along her sensitive vagina lips. His large cock was already beginning to grow in anticipation of savaging her. I released him before he became any harder or his knot started to expand as I wanted him to be able to enter her pussy without rendering her unconscious.

As tight as she was I knew entry was going to be quite a problem. I threw a thick towel over her back so he wouldn't mark her up when he mounted. Bear was up in a flash and frantically humping against her. I reached down with one hand and pulled her pussy lips to one side and with the other helped guide Bears fat dick into her small opening. It took him about three strokes to get the head into her. On the fifth or sixth stroke he managed to plunge into her depths which started his fast jackhammer pounding.

After her first loud prolonged scream she became quiet and kept repeating “oh oh oh oh oh oh” in time to his thrusts. Linda had a continuous stream of saliva running from her mouth. I looked up see Vicki stroking and squirming on top of the two dildos. I had lowered the saw horse enough so she could stroke up and down by bending her knees. She was transfixed on the image of Linda being so brutally fucked by the dog. I could tell she was wishing it was her but was equally enjoying watching Linda's ordeal.

Vicki suddenly pushed up and lifted off the dildos, then precariously stepped over and off the saw horse. She came over to where Linda was and knelt down on all fours beside her to watch the dogs large cock piston in and out of her pussy. I dropped down behind her and slid my cock into her sloppy vagina. We were in the same position as Linda and Bear and the feeling was exquisite as we both reveled in the vision of their coupling.

From the angle we had we could see his huge knot stretch her vagina as he pulled back. She would flinch with each back stroke and expel air with each in stroke. Large sloppy globs of their mixed juices were leaking onto the floor beneath them.

As Bear finally started to cum he quit the long stroking and just wiggled quickly as he poured his seed into her. Linda began to quiver and let out a low pitched moan that went on for about 30 seconds as she climaxed. I was so caught up in the scene I didn't realize I was squirting my load into Vicki's clenching pussy.

I stopped and sat back pulling Vicki with me as we all gasped for air. Linda was still on all fours with Bear mounted dog style above her. She lowered her head and turned it to the side to look at us. Her pinched expression changed to a strained smile as she gazed up at us and said in a soft voice “ thank you both. This has been the most intense pleasure I have ever had. You can take off that stupid mask John. I figured out who you were when we were in the bathroom. Up until then I only suspected.”

I removed the mask as she continued. “ I saw Vicki watching us from the door way and last weekend in the restaurant I recognized you sitting watching us from the table across from our booth.” just then Bear pulled back and uncoupled from her. She let out a low pitched coughing growl and I thought she was going to puke. Bear wandered off to the door where I later let him out.

About a pint of dog cum drained from her. She stayed in the head down position for a few moments and then pushed her self up so she was sitting on her butt with her legs spread wide open facing us. She was quit a sight with her bent legs looking awkward as she laid back supporting herself with her arms behind.

I was still on my knees with my cock in Vicki and her ass on my lap. Vicki motioned for Linda to come to her and when she scooted slowly to us Vicki guided her until she had Linda's pussy inches from her face. Linda looked down at Vicki and said “are you sure you want to do that.” as Vicki lowered her mouth to the slimy vagina she grunted “ more than you could know.”

She glued her mouth around Linda's pussy and began to suck and lick. Linda let out a purr of delight and continued, directing her words down to Vicki. “ I have been following you around for almost six months and have seen the two of you together many times. I guess you could say I was your stalker. An old friend of yours told me a lot about you last year and I have worked to get us involved ever since. To my great pleasure you took an interest some time back and changed my life.

“I hope this will not alter our relationship ?” Vicki lifted her head and said “ not in the least. I wouldn't be surprised if it got even better.” she then dropped her head back down and continues to slurp away at the stretched pussy. Linda lifted her head and looked at me with a smoking hot expression and smiled with her lips pursed in a kiss.

After Linda's revelation we led her to an upstairs bedroom so we could all relax for awhile. As I sat in the king size bed between the women lazily toying with nipples and clits Linda began to ramble on about her life.


“My marriage was a disaster from the beginning as my husband has never had any

use for me sexually. Your comment earlier about my vagina being so tight and my

anus being so large really hit home. The truth is my husbands penis is hardly larger

than my middle finger. He stated early on that if I were ever to cheat on him he

would know. Since he thought the idea of anal intercourse was weird I started

enjoying using mine for masturbation as I was afraid even a small dildo would

stretch out my vagina and he would know. After what has happened this weekend I

have decided to leave him and enjoy whats left of my life. I hope the two of you

will be a part of that for a long time. I have never suspected or even dreamed I

could have such fulfilling sex. When you brought that dog in I almost fainted with

the rush of excitement that went through my pelvis. The only time my husband

touches me is after one of these trips, to see if I have cheated on him and boy is he

going to get a big surprise. Between you and the dog I think you have stretched

my pussy about ten times bigger than it was. I could lie to him and say I was raped

(actually I guess I really was) but I think I will enjoy telling him I have taken a

dog and a woman as my lovers. I have been fantasizing about being raped for

years. It was the only way I could think I would ever have satisfying intercourse.

I even almost let it happen a few times but would chicken out when I thought

about someone beating me or killing me afterward. If you keep pulling on my clit

and nipples you will have to go out and bring that dog back in.”

Linda moved into the spare bedroom out back that weekend. She left her husband and dates discreetly but spends most of her time with us. We all three alternate with two fucking and molesting the other one. Everyone has to take a turn being the victim. Linda loves that roll the most and Vicki still prefers to administer the punishment. I often just stand by and watch as the women ravish each other with anything they can insert into each other or themselves.

We now have two large male dogs and are looking around for a small donkey. The girls still work together and are in the process of selecting a candidate for our next violation. Life couldn't be better

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