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Part 06: A favour and a surprise

When I woke up the next day, it took me a while to remember what had happened the day before, and I smiled to myself.

Suddenly I noticed a soft breathing behind me, and I looked over my shoulder and was the face of my lovely sister sleeping tight.
Stephanie must had snuck in sometime during the night.

She was sleeping totally naked as I had previously ordered her, and she looked fucking sexy.
I could not help but turn around, and start playing with her nipples a bit.
They quickly went hard, and she started to moan softly in her sleep.

Before I knew what got into me, I leaned forward and sucked on both her nipples, teasing them with my tongue.
Stephanie’s eyes suddenly opened, and she looked into my eyes for a few moments.
Then she smiled, and I felt her hand grab my cock, and she started to stroke me softly as I continued to caress her breasts and nipples.

I started to move one of my hands down towards her pussy, and I quickly one of my fingers were inside, slowly moving in and out of her surprisingly wet tunnel.

After a few moments with me sucking on her tits while finger-fucking her pussy, and her stroking my cock, Stephanie guided my now hard cock to the entrance of her pussy.
I did not need any invitations, and quickly showed my cock inside her.

Stephanie could not hold back a gasp, as my cock bottomed out in the first push.
She wrapped her arms and legs around me, and pulled as far inside her is I possibly could.
I slowly started to thrust gently in and out of her pussy, and she breathed heavier by every minute.

Before I could even start to appreciate the entire situation, I felt my balls boiling, and my cock swelled, as I shot a nice thick load inside Stephanie’s pussy for the third time ever.

I grunted a bit as the last drops of cum found their new home inside my sister, and was nearly scared to death as I heard a voice.

“Gee, you guys are at it early.”
I pulled my softening cock out of Stephanie and turned around.

Standing in the door was Jennifer, wearing only a thong and panties, and she looked at us with great curiosity.

I started to fumble for words, but for some reason I did not know what to say.
Stephanie just smiled, and said:
“What are you doing up so early yourself Jen?”

Jennifer shrugged.
I always wake up early, you just never notice because you always sleep for so long.
It is something I have done for years, in order to get ready and leave for school before my dad is awake.”

She looked a bit more at us, as we were lying there naked in each others arms, while my cum started to leak out of Stephanie’s pussy.

Jennifer spoke again.
“You know, at first when Stephanie told me that you guys had sex I really thought it was weird and a bit gross. But seeing you now… it is weird, but I can see that you really love each other. It is strange for a brother and a sister to be that close, but it is very beautiful I must admit.”

I found my voice again.

“I have always loved Stephanie. In the past few months I have longed to show her just how much I loved her, but I felt it was wrong. But then Stephanie came to me a few days ago, and it all kind of snowballed from there.”

Stephanie kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you so much too Trent.”

I looked at my cum leaking out from her pussy.

“You will be pregnant very soon at this rate Steph.” I said, as I silently thought just how much I would love to see that flat tummy of hers swell with my child.

Stephanie didn’t resist the idea anymore, and just said:
“Well if I get pregnant, then I know that my child will have a great father.”

Jennifer looked at us with a look I could not identify, as me and Stephanie hugged each other tightly.
After we got up, Stephanie went for a shower and I started to put on my clothes.

Suddenly I heard sniffing, and I realised that Jennifer was still there, sitting on my chair sobbing silently.

I felt very uncomfortable trying to comfort a girl, as I was not the best person with feelings, but I felt that I had to try and comfort her in some way, and find out what was wrong.

“Jennifer?” I asked in a nervous voice. “Is there anything wrong?”

She raised her head, and her eyes were red with tears.
“It is the love you and Stephanie share with each other.” She sobbed.

Oh boy, I guess she was a bit offended by out incestuous activities after all.

“Look Jennifer, I know it is a bit wrong and weird that I fuck my own sister…” I started, but Jennifer cut me off.

“That is not what I meant. I see how much you guys care for each other, I can see it when you look at each other, or when you touch each other. The feelings you emit are so powerful, and I long so much to feel that way for someone myself, or for someone to feel that way about me. I want to know love.”

She was talking faster and faster with each word, like she had to get it of her chest as fast as possible.

“I only have my father and Stephanie. But my father hates me, and just sees me as a burden, and a source of expanses. And while I love Stephanie more then any other person on the planet, it is nothing compared to your love for her. I felt emotions that I had never even dreamed of yesterday, and now I don’t know what to do.”

She lowered her head and started sobbing even more, making her words a bit hard to hear.

“I don’t want to go home again. I never want to go home again. I don’t want to go home and get beat up by my dad.
I want a home where people care about me. Like you and Stephanie cared about me yesterday.”

When she raised her head again, her eyes were flooded with tears.

“I will kill myself if I have to endure my father drunk again. I can’t handle it anymore!”

And with the last words she collapsed on the floor in a hulking pile of skin and hair.

I went over and put one of my arms around her.

“Then move away from him. You are 18 years old, you are legally old enough to make you own decisions in life.”

She didn’t move at all as she just sobbed.

“He will never let me move. I am doing all his dirty housework, and cooking his meals. He sees me as a non-cost slave. I once said I wanted to move away from him, and he said he would kill me if I ever tried it. You see know? I can’t get away from him, and I can’t keep enduring the beatings and mental torture. I JUST WANT IT TO END!”

She yelled the last six words, and then went completely silent.

I put a hand under her chin, and lifted her head.

“Jennifer look at me” I ordered her.
She looked at me, but I was not sure she could even see me with all the tears in her eyes.

“You are not going back to father. I promise you that. You will stay here, with me and Stephanie. I will talk with my mom, we will figure it out.”

Jennifer smiled weakly, but then, with a voice robbed of hope, she just said:
“You are so sweet Trent, but it will not happen. You don’t know my father. He will never let me leave. I am his forever.”

I looked into her eyes, and said with a surprisingly calm voice:
“No Jennifer. You are mine now. And he will let you leave, I promise you.”

I heard steps running up the stairs, and the my mother came running in, followed by Stephanie, only wearing a towel and dripping wet hair following her half-completed shower.
They stopped at the sight of us.
Jennifer half naked on the floor, sobbing, and me in my boxers with an arm around her.

My mom looked at me.
“What is going on here? I heard raised voices.”

I looked at my mom.

“Jennifer does not want to go home. She is too afraid of her father. I told her she could stay here. We got plenty of room.”

My mother looked at me, while Stephanie knelt beside her best friend, and tried to comfort her.

I started to tell my mother about the entire situation, and also told her about Jennifer’s threat to kill herself.

“My mother looked at the sobbing Jennifer.
“Is it true honey? Are things really that bad?”

Jennifer nodded.

My mother sighed.
“I always knew your father was not a very good man, but I never thought things were this bad. We need to call the police.

Jennifer went into panic.

“No, if you call the police he will walk free, I just know it. I have no proof of my story, and even if they send him to prison, he will get a few years at most, and then he will find me and kill me when he gets out!” Her eyes were wide and horrified.

I looked at my mother.
“Mom, can we talk in private?”

We went into the kitchen.

“We can’t send her back to him.” I said in a matter-of-fact voice.
“I know Trent, but we can’t keep her here forever as things are right now. We need to get him to allow Jennifer to leave.”

I knew she was right.

“Yeah, but how?” I asked her.
My mother looked very thoughtful, and when she spoke again she sounded like she had to fight herself to utter every word.

“Can’t you make him? You did something to me and Stephanie, would it work on him as well?”

I was surprised that I had not thought of this myself.

“It might, but I need to get some extra materials if I am to control someone that far away from our house.” I said.
“Alright, how much time would you need Trent?”

I had to order a UV-flashlight over the internet, as I could not really use my regular UV-lamp in Jennifer’s house.

“If I order now, the materials I need would probably be able to be here on Tuesday” I said.

My mother looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Okay, I will call Jennifer’s father, and tell him that Jennifer has gotten ill while being here, and that she will need to stay here a few more days. That will give you enough time to..... do whatever it is you are going to do.” She finished.

“Alright mom, that’s the plan then. You tell Jennifer that she is staying for a few days, and I will order what I need.”

I went straight into my room, where both Jennifer and Stephanie were still sitting.
I told them that we had a plan to get Jennifer away from her father, and to go join my mother in the kitchen.

As they left, I locked the door.

I was furious. I was boiling at the thought of Jennifer’s father taking control of another person’s life, and making her do things she did not want to do.

And then as I was starting up my computer, I realised that it was exactly the same thing as I was doing to several people at the moment.

But, as my inner reason told me, Jennifer had said that she had enjoyed having sex with me.
And she also said she wanted to stay with me and Stephanie.
I had not ordered her to say any of those things.
It was her own will uttering those words.

With that mind, I thought to myself that I was not nearly as bad as her father, and went back to the task at hand.

I quickly found a site with special deliveries for custom tools, and ordered a UV-flashlight with express delivery.
The package was promised to arrive early on Tuesday, fitting the plan perfectly.

I went down into the kitchen where Jennifer, no longer sobbing but with very red eyes, was sitting in a chair with a cup of tea, while Stephanie was standing behind her, stroking her long blond hair softly.

“Don’t worry Jennifer. Me and mom will go talk with your father on Tuesday, and everything will work out, just wait and see.” I told her.

She didn’t answer, and just nodded weakly.

During the rest of the Sunday and the Monday, I left Stephanie and Jennifer alone.
I felt that Jennifer needed Stephanie more than anything at this moment, and I did not want to trouble her.

I was starting to feel horny though.
These past few days had been so full of sex, that my cock had started to crave sex daily.
It would have to wait until Tuesday though.
Besides; absent makes the heart grow fonder right?

Luckily last week had been the last week of school before summer break, so none of us had to worry about school at least.

Tuesday arrived, and 10 AM the doorbell rung.
My mother knocked on the door, and placed a package on my bed.

“This just arrived for you.” She said and left.

Quickly, I locked the door, and unpacked the flashlight.
Wanting to make sure, I turned it on, and sure enough, the light looked totally similar to the light from my regular UV-lamp.
I took the glass of Hypnocil pills and put them in my pocket, and stuffed the flashlight into another pocket.

I then went down to my mother.

“Mom, I am ready. Do you have 500$?” I asked her.
Yes I do, but why do you need them?” she answered.
“You don’t need to know, but they will make the plan easier.”

She found her purse, and gave me five 100$ bills.

“Alright, let’s go talk with that old bastard.” I said in a serious voice.
“And one more thing mom: When we get inside, you need to earn his full attention for about 10 seconds any way you can.”

She looked confused, but promised to do as I asked.

We left without telling Stephanie and Jennifer, as we did not want them to worry about us.
We arrived at Jennifer’s house 20 minutes later.

It was a dirty, poorly kept place, with a broken fence out front, and a neglected garden.
My heart was racing as I rung the doorbell.

Jennifer’s father opened the door.
He was about 45 years old, and was a bit overweight.
He was a wreck. You could see he had not changed clothes for days, perhaps even weeks, and it smelled like he had never heard about a shower.

“Yes?” He asked in a hostile tone.
I could smell the distinct smell of alcohol from his mouth.

“We are Stephanie’s mother and brother.” My mother told.
He looked confused.

“Stephanie? Who the hell is that?”
“She is your daughter Jennifer’s best friend.”

He looked like a part of his brain only just started working now.

“Oh right, the little bitch, that my own little bitch went over to stay at for a couple of days right? So where is my fucking little princess anyway, I am starting to run out of food here.”

His voice made it clear that Jennifer meant nothing to him at all. There was no trace of affection in his voice.

My mother clearly sensed it too, as her voice was colder in her next words.

“She is still at out place. Could we come in, there is something we would like to talk to you about?”

Jennifer’s father looked like he would rather puke all over himself, and to be frank, he both looked and smelled like that had already happened recently.

“Yeah why the hell not, its not like you seem willing to go away anyway.”
He went inside, and we followed.

The entire house smelled of sweat, alcohol and general neglect.

Jennifer’s father went over to a couch, and sat down with an open beer in front of him, and he took a few gulps very quickly.

My mother and I sat down in a couple of chairs across from him.

“Well, I ask again: What do you want?” He asked in a renewed hostile tone.

My mother looked at him.
“Well your daughter is 18 years old, and she has said that she would like to move in with my daughter Stephanie at our house. We came over to ask your permission to let her leave.”

His started laughing. He laughed so hard that I could have sworn I could hear the alcohol slosh around in his belly.

“ARE YOU RETARDED!?” He suddenly yelled, and both me and my mother got a shock.
“I will NEVER let that little bitch leave. She takes care of the house, and makes me my food.
I should have known that she would start getting ideas like this. I bet it is that little bitch of your who’s giving her those ideas. But no more! From now on my daughter is forbidden from seeing your daughter, and if she does I will fucking rape that little bitch of yours, until she won’t be able to ever piss from the intended opening again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!”

His eyes were bulging in anger, as he slowly sat down in the chair again.

“If there was nothing more I would like you to leave, and ask my little princess to return home to her loving daddy.”

I looked at my mom, trying to get her to know that I needed her to get his attention tight now.
She seemed to understand my silent request, because after a few seconds, she turned her attention back to the angry man in front of her.

“Would these make any change in the negotiations?” My mother asked the angry man in front of her, as she pulled her shirt over her head, and then unclasped her bra.

Jennifer’s dad was staring at my mother’s tits as if he had not seen any for years.
With his looks, it would not surprise me if that was true.
I could not understand how that man could have ever fathered such a beautiful and sweet daughter.
Guess she had it all from her mother.
And thank god for that.

I pulled myself out of my thoughts, as time was running.
I found my glass of Hypnocil, and popped one into the open beer bottle on the table.

Jennifer’s dad did not notice anything, he was almost drooling over my mothers tits.
“That’s some mighty nice twins you got there miss.” He said with a slight grin.
“Perhaps we should send away the kid, and talk a bit more about this situation in private?”
He sat back in the couch, and took a few deep gulps of the beer.

I knew it was time to set the plan into motion.
I had never tried testing the pills right away, but there was no choice here.
“I don’t think you are man enough to handle my mom. I think even I am more man than you.” I said in a cocky voice.”

He started laughing again, and this time it was a real one.

“More man than me? HA, that was a good one kid. Seriously how old are you 12 or something? I was more man than you even before I left my mother’s womb.” He said still laughing.

“Oh yeah?” I said.
“I bet you can’t look into this light for as long as I can.” I said, as I pulled out the UV-flashlight.
He looked at me like I was crazy.

“A flashlight? Are you kidding me kid, this is just too fucking stupid to discuss any further.” He said, while taking another sip of his beer.
“This is no ordinary flashlight, this is UV light, and looking into this is kind of like staring at the sun. But if you are too scared then of course you can just say so.” I looked at him, awaiting his answer.

“Why would I even waste time proving anything to you kid? I would much rather show your mother how much of a man I truly am.” He said, still looking lustfully at my mother.

“Alright, I will throw in my entire year’s allowance. 500$. I was going to spend them on a new bike, but I know you can’t beat me, so they are not going anywhere anyway.”

Now I had caught his interest.
He turned his head towards me, as I pulled out the 500$ and placed them on the table.

“500$ all yours if you can look into the light for longer than me.” I said in a confident voice.

He laughed again.

“Jesus kid, you really are a stupid one. Do you think I will go soft on you when I when? Perhaps you think I will be nice and let you keep the money if I win? Well I got news for you kid, you will have to wait another year for that bike of yours.” He looked at me like I was an irritating fly.

“So you are in old man?” I asked him in a provoking tone.

“Lets get on with this silly thing, so I can take my 500$ away from you. If I was not down to my last case of beer, and needed some quick cash for more, then I would never have wasted my precious time on something as utterly stupid as this.” He said, while getting up from the couch.

I looked at my mom.
“Mom, will you keep the time for us?”

She found her phone, and chose the stopwatch.

“3-2-1-GO!” she said, and I turned on the light.

I counted to about 20 in my head, and pretended that I had to look away.

“22 seconds” my mother announced.

“Alright kid, time to crush your silly little imaginations.”
He tore the flashlight out of my grip, and my mother counted down.

“3-2-1-GO!” she said once more.

Jennifer’s father looked into the light.
I counted the seconds in head.

As I reached 30 seconds, I became worried.
What if it wouldn’t work this time?

I had never tried the pills this quickly, and I had never tried with the flashlight before either.
My heart started to beat faster and faster.

When I reached 45 in my head, Jennifer’s dad spoke.

“See, I already lasted longer than you, and it has no effect on me at all. That is what happens when a boy tries to upstage a REAL man. Tell me when I have reached a minute woman.” He ordered my mother.

My heart fell deep into my stomach.
It had failed.
Either it was too soon for the pills to have effect, or the flashlight worked different than my regular UV-lamp.
In the end it did not matter.
Jennifer would be forced back to this abusive, evil and despicable man, and I would lose my newest fuck-toy.
I actually despised myself for called Jennifer a fuck-toy.

I had really started to like her. She had started to feel like another sister.
And now I had failed her.

“And…… one minute.” My mother informed.

I just kept staring into the floor.
I did not want to see the stupid grin on his face.
Nor did I want to see into the eyes of the man who would soon be tormenting his own daughter again.

“The one minute had passed, you can stop now.” I heard my mother say.
I lifted my head, and saw Jennifer’s dad, still staring into the light.
But now his eyes were empty, and his smile had faded.

My heart slowly rose back up to my chest, and my hopes were re-awoken.
He was under my spell.

But I had to make sure.
“Sir, if you can hear me then say *beer*.” I told him.
“Beer.” He answered in a toneless voice.

My brain was dancing flamingo, as I gave him the usual speech about following my orders, and my mother put her clothes back on.

Once I had him set up, I looked at him.

“Sir, will you follow my orders?” I asked him.
“Yes.” He answered back, still in the same toneless voice.

“When I say the word *Flamingo*, you will carry on the following orders:

First, you will allow Jennifer to move in with me and my family. You will suddenly realise that she is more trouble that she is worth keeping. She is only costing you money after all, and with the money you save from her, you can use on fast food instead, which solves your food issue.

Second, you will start regretting your life, and enter a rehab clinic to solve your drinking problem.

Third, after Jennifer has moved out, you will never contact Jennifer again, or attempt to seek her out in any way. You will feel happy knowing that you got rid of her, and you will move to another state.

Do you understand your orders?”

“Yes.” He said, with a voice that sounded like I had asked him if he liked drinking a cold beer.

“Flamingo.” I commanded.

Jennifer’s dad blinked with his eyes.
“What were we talking about again?” He looked confused.

My mother looked at him like he was a filthy bug.
“We were discussing if your daughter could move in with us.” She said with a voice cold as ice.

He looked like he remembered a conversation that happened years earlier.

“Oh yeah. Well, if you really want her staying at you house, then you can have her for all I care. She is just extra money out of my pocket anyway. You can tell her that if she wants, then she can move in permanently with you guys.”

My mother picked up her bag.
“Alright, then it is settled. We will deal with the needed paperwork. We will arrive to pick up Jennifer’s stuff tomorrow.” She finished.

And with that we left the house.

“Well, that went about as well as it could have.” I said with a grin, when we were outside again.
“Yes, but I still do not like how you suddenly had control over him, how did you do that?”

I looked at her.
“You did not notice?” I asked in a surprised voice.
“No, I guess you did something when I showed him my breasts, but I couldn’t see what it was, since I did not dare turn his attention to you, by looking at you.”

“Well, guess it is just my boyish charm.” I grinned.
“Anyway, you don’t need to worry about how I do it, and you will forget everything that happened with the flashlight, that is an order, am I clear?”
My mother looked both worried and relieved at once.
“Yes, it is none of my business.”

We arrived back at the house at about 11:30 AM.

As we entered the kitchen, we saw that both Jennifer and Stephanie were there.
Jennifer had obviously been crying again, her eyes were very swollen and red.

Stephanie looked at us.
“We did not even notice you guys left. Why did you sneak of like that?
We have been worried.”

I looked at Jennifer.

“Jennifer, we asked your father to let you move in with us.” I started.
Jennifer looked at me.

“But he said no. He even threatened us. I guess you were right about him being a bad man.”
Jennifer nodded as she lowered her head.
I could feel that she was about to break down.

“But….” I continued in a cheerful voice.
“We were able to convince him. He agreed to let you move in with us for good, if you agree yourself.” I finished, looking closely at Jennifer’s reaction.

At first there was no reaction.

Then, slowly, she lifted her head.

Fresh tear were visible in her blue eyes, but they looked more alive than I had ever seen them.
I knew what caused it.
For the first time in years, they were showing hope.

“He….. he did what?” She asked in a very shaky voice.

“He agreed to let you leave, and move in with us if you want to stay here.” I repeated.
Jennifer looked like she had just seen a flying elephant.

She slowly looked at my mother.
“Is it….. is it true? Did he really say that?” I could hear the hidden desperation in her voice.

My mother smiled.
“Yes Jennifer, he really did say that. You are now a part of our family.”

Jennifer started to cry, and sob even worse than ever before.
Streams of tears started to flow from her eyes again, while her entire body was shaking, and she collapsed onto the kitchen floor.

Since I was stronger than my mother and Stephanie, I picked Jennifer up, and carried her into Stephanie’s room.
Stephanie lied down beside her, and Jennifer fell into a deep sleep, mentally exhausted from 3 days (or perhaps more likely a whole lifetime) of worrying about her father.

As I was feeling happiness about Jennifer’s freedom, I suddenly realised, that we could thank Hypnocil for it all. I felt good about myself. I had used Hypnocil to improve a persons life. Perhaps I had even prevented the death of a beautiful young girl.

I went to sleep as well, as I was pretty drained myself.

Several hours later, I suddenly woke up.
Something wet had touched my neck.

I turned around, and saw both Stephanie and Jennifer stand next to me, again only wearing t-shirts and panties.
I realised that it had been a kiss on my neck that had woke me up.

“Yes girls, what can I do for you?” I asked in a half-asleep voice.

Jennifer spoke, and she looked happier than I ever remembered seeing her.
“Well, both Stephanie and your mom says that it was you who convinced my father to let me leave. I just wanted to thank you.”

She leaned down and kissed my deeply on the mouth.

We broke the kiss.

“Well, you are welcome.” I said with a smile.
“But why are you both half naked?”

Both girls gave me an unsettling smile.
“well, we both wanted to show you how much we appreciate what you have done for Jennifer.” Stephanie started.

“So, we decided to come and offer you to fuck both of us.” Jennifer carried on.

My jaw dropped.
I had never expected this.
I had fantasised about a threesome with these two girls at some point of course, but now they had planned it themselves.
I knew my luck would end at some point of course, it was a universal law.

But I would push my luck for a long as I could, and then go out with a bang.

“Alright, if both of you are fine with it.” I told them.

Stephanie looked at me and smiled even more.

“We are both fine with it. When you fucked Jennifer the other day I wanted to join you guys really bad, and when we fucked the night after, Jennifer says she would have loved to join us as well.
So in the end, this is the perfect idea.” She concluded with a matter-of-fact voice.

“Well then, why are we all still dressed?” I asked with a grin, dropping my boxers to the floor.

Both girls got naked faster than you could say *Strip*, and soon we were all lying on my bed.
We kissed, and played a lot with each others genitals.

After a while, Stephanie grabbed my cock and guided it towards Jennifer’s pussy.
I did not need further encouragement, as I pushed my cock inside the hole offered to it.

I fucked Jennifer, while Stephanie went over and started to kiss her deeply, using tongues and everything. I don’t know what was most exciting: The fact that I was in bed with 2 stunning hot girls, who were both asking me to fuck them, or that I might end up making them both pregnant.
The thought of these girl’s smooth and flat bellies, both swelling with my children at the same time, made me explode inside Jennifer, shooting a very good load inside her.

I still needed (and more than wanted) to fuck Stephanie’s pussy, but my cock was pretty limp now.
As I was thinking about asking Stephanie to suck me of, I felt a pair of lips close around my sensitive cockhead.

I looked down, and saw to my amazement that Jennifer was giving me a blowjob.
And she was good at it too.
“Stephanie, did you teach Jennifer this? I can feel a similar technique here I think.” I asked my sister.
Stephanie didn’t answer, but just gave me a smile.
And a few seconds later I gave a damn in where Jennifer had her skills from, as long as kept doing exactly what she was doing.

Within amazingly short time, I was rock hard again.

Jennifer took my cock out of her mouth, and addressed Stephanie.
“I think he is ready for you now.” She said with a cheerful voice.

Stephanie came over, and my cock knew exactly where to go, and soon it was again buried inside Stephanie’s pussy.
As I started to fuck her, Jennifer straddled Stephanie’s face, and Stephanie started to lick away at her pussy.

The sight and actions of these 2 girls were driving me crazy.
I started to slam in and out of my sister with more force than ever before, and I could her muffled moaning increasing, despite Jennifer’s pussy being a pretty good gag-ball.

After a while I shot another load of baby making juice deep inside my sister’s pussy, and the girls had orgasms of their own.
We all collapsed on the bed, and fell asleep all tangled up.

I awoke later to the sound of Stephanie and Jennifer talking silently with each other.
As I was lying right between them, I made a huge effort to not let them know I was awake.

“I have never felt so happy and….. free before.” I heard Jennifer say.
“And I am so happy that you are away from that creep. You are like the Jennifer I remember from when we were kids. Before he started to beat you at a weekly basis, you always were a lot more cheerful, and I feared that part of you had been ruined over the past many years.” I heard Stephanie answer.

“It almost was. I can thank you for the fact that I kept my hope up. And I can thank Trent that I am no longer thinking about killing myself.” Jennifer continued.
“Yeah, Trent is a good person. He always tries to help when he can, and I am so happy for the love he and I share.” Stephanie noted.

There was a little pause, and then I heard Jennifer’s voice ask in a lower tone:

“Are you really not on the pill? He came pretty deep inside you, and at this rate you will end up being pregnant before the end of the week.” She sounded both frightened and (was it possible) a bit exited.

I was waiting eagerly for Stephanie’s answer.

“Nope, I am not on the pill. And if I really do get pregnant, then what is the big deal? I love Trent and he loves me. I always wanted to have a baby with someone I loved very much at some point in my life, it is just a bit earlier than I expected. In fact yesterday I could almost have sworn I felt something move inside my belly. It was probably nothing, but the very idea that Trent might have knocked me up, made me hornier than I ever remember being. I masturbated for almost an hour at that thought.” I could hear Stephanie sigh.

Jennifer spoke again.
“Well, I can see what you mean. Trent is a nice guy, and he was really so nice and gentle with me that night. I would lie if I said that I did not envy you a bit. I have been on the pill for over 2 years myself, out of fear that my dad might suddenly rape me or something, but I almost feel like trying to get knocked up myself now. I would love to have child someday. Do you think I would make a good mother Stephanie?”

“Yes, I am certain than you would be an amazing mother Jennifer. Your father has taught everything that a parent should NOT be, and with that experience, you would be a great parent.”

There was silence once more, and then Stephanie spoke again.

“You know, if you really want it then do it. I am sure Trent would love it, and I have to admit the thought of both of us being knocked up by my brother turns me on. It would also make it easier for me, knowing that I was not the only one.”

Jennifer’s voice rose a bit as she answered.

“Do you think he would do it? I mean, don’t you think that it would be a bit weird, if I told him that I would like him to knock me up? Besides YOU are the one he loves.”
“He likes you very much as well, I can tell.” Stephanie answered.

“He might like ME, but he LOVES you. I have watched the both of you. You always smile when you see each other, and it is very hard to pull you away from each other. I might not have much knowledge about love from home, but I know that both you guys love each other.” Jennifer’s voice was steady. She knew she was telling the truth.

The silence seemed to go on forever.

Then Stephanie broke the silence with one word.
“Yes.” She sounded like she was on the verge of crying.

Jennifer seemed satisfied.
“One day I really hope I will get to experience love as strong as yours.”

Both girls lied back down on the bed, and then I heard Jennifer’s voice, almost too silent to pick up:
“Still, I think I might actually *Forget* to take my birth controls next time.”

Both girls went back to sleep, and I was smiling at the ceiling.
Stephanie was utterly and fully mine, as I had expected, and now Jennifer was starting to think about letting me impregnate her.

I had never imagined that she was on the pill when she was still a virgin, so I really thought that I might already had placed my offspring inside her, but I could of course follow her logic.
After all, I could not blame for not wanting her father to make a child inside her.
With the way HE looked, I would certainly do everything I could to avoid it myself, if I were a chick.

But now she was thinking about letting ME knock her up instead. I was really thrilled at the thought, and the fact that I didn’t even have anything to do with this recent development, made me even happier.

The girls were evolving it seemed, getting hornier, more confident and more tied to me with each passing day.

With this pace I had no idea where it would all end.
But I sure as hell was eager to find out.

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