First time be nice
I pull my cock out flipping it in hand it was hard and stood straight up James was on my bed waiting for me he laid their naked his manhood glisten from the pre cum sipping through his hole o my the breast was ready to unlashed. I walked over to him playing with myself. HE was now on his knees with his mouth opened up to take me in. James was around 15 ten years younger than me. The pale skin boy had already found himself sexually. He was no virgin and has been fucking since he was 12. His face flush with anticipation and blonde hair stick to his forehead he was like a bitch in heat dying to be fucked. The moment I was in front of him he swallowed me whole all 8 inch of me. His tongue skilled as he worked my cock up and down his head went sucking it like it was his last supper. I was so surprise here I though he could handle a really man, my cock wasn’t only long but thick too. He treated everything with care from the tip to the shaft to the one ball that hanged between my legs. I could feel my peek was coming my juices seeping through 5 minutes after I fill his mouth up with sweet nectar and like whore he was he swallowed it all up spilling no drop. I push him from my cock turning him around he stick his ass up in their begging for a fuck. My cock still hard teases the tip of his wet asshole.
“Please fuck me” he continued begging the little fuck was now drenched with wetness. So I thrust in with such force the bitch yelled out in exotic. Then I began fucking him hard raw and rough none of that shitty slow and sensual shit just raw fuck. Pounding away his cries encouraging me to go on even faster and harder. He wasn’t a human just a bitch for my pleasure. After 10 minutes of fucking I filled up with my juices load after load. I didn’t care if I had hurt or not his cries were completely ignore. I pulled out still partially hard.
“Now my little cunt clean me up.” I ordered his face red and swollen he had a mixture of fear and pleasure in his blue eyes. He quick obeyed swallowing my cock in his mouth again. He was jerking me off when he spoke
“ Do you mind if I asked you how you lost it?” his question rattled me and brought back memories that had been forgotten long ago pain and angry came rushing back and soon my hands were covered in blood James blood. His head was bashed in to a blood mess the lamp smash besides his life less body .
I was therefore hours lost in my childhood memories.
I was around ten when I saw my parents got killed. It really mess me up the nightmare and self blame washed over me for must of my younger years and life didn’t improved after that I had to live with my witch of a Grandmother. O Sweet granny put the icing on the cake with all her beatings and belittling. The old hag was devoted catholic and had a twisted out look on life. Granny Dally was my mothers mother she believe that males were evil as suck she punished me for being a boy. Her punishments were harsh and unforgiving. The scar she left was both emotional and physical. She denied me any real feeling of love just constant reminder that I was dirty. I was 11 the first time she washed me paying special attention to down their, the water was boiling hot that left blisters. She never refers to it by its name but rather the sin or it. She washed me raw every day to point I fear it might fall off. Every night she would make me pray and take it out in the open holding it with my hand and praying so I do not commit a sin. When I was going through puberty and the wet dreams hold me in the night in the morning she beats me, rubbing the mess I made in my face. But the worst of her punishments were yet to come. It was a bright summer morning when I met her, Alura , a sweet little black girl around two years my junior . She moved next door in the old Victorian home. I couldn’t forget her beauty dark brown skin, her black hair wild and kinky. She stood around 4,5 her black hair cascaded down her shoulders and always wore a smile on her face at the end of each a deep set of dimples appears; Eyes as dark as charcoal and a small button nose. Her beauty so vivid that she taunts my dreams I couldn’t help it my teenage body was a slave to her beauty and every night I ensure I had tissues to clean up the mess that I’ve expelled. How could I have not jerk off I could see through her bedroom window. She was my safe heaven from all the abuse and torched I have endured. The day after she had moved in her mother and her came over with an apple pie greeting the witch. Granny Delly was so delighted and immediately took a liking. The pure innocents that she wanted, she insisted that she came for a visit as much as she came. While off these greetings were going on I was lock up in the room under the stairs spying through a hole. Granny was careful took keep me away from her fearing I would rob her innocence’s ever visit she made before she would arrive I was locked under the stairs. But her enough soon became futile. The Sunday I was attending to the gardens, I didn’t hear the foot steps they were light.
“Hello.’ She greeted me; I was startled lost for words
“Can’t you talk” she said looking worried
“Yes” I answered lost in her beauty
“Your Mrs. Kessler grandson I thought you were at boarding school she said so”
I didn’t answered of course my grandmother would say something like this, I stopped going to school since my parents died and my granny took up dealing with my studies.
“Your weird “her chuckle o her laughter was that of an angel bless the lord
“I’m here for a visit.”
After that day we met in the garden every day, until the old hag found out about it. She waited until she left and pulled me into the house. Filled with furry the bitch stabbing me in one of my balls. I lost too much blood so it had to be amputee the scar was long extending from my lower abdomen to my cock.
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