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A middle school boy discovers the power of freezing time and uses it to his advantage.
He woke up in the morning like he always did. It was 7:00 a.m. when he got out of bed. Crawling out of his bed, he picked up his phone from the charger and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

Following his daily routine, he used the toilet while checking his social media before turning on the shower. As always, he thought of the day ahead of him. He had thought of what the next day of school would bring him as he scrubbed shampoo through his wavy brown hair. Stepping out of the shower, he dried his tall, muscular body with a towel before heading to his room to get dressed.

Everything seemed normal for Jack today. Nothing had happened any differently than usual. He followed his routine down to the minute. He didn't really care that he was stuck in a rut, he only cared about what happened later in the day. Today, he had plans to go to the gym later in the day with a couple of friends. He didn't usually get the opportunity to play basketball with other people aside from his team. He was excited for the day ahead, until he heard his Mom yell, "Remember, you've got an orthodontist appointment at 4:00 after school!" . 

Just like that, his day had gone from bright to dank. His mood was liable to shifting frequently due to the hormones in his eighth grade body. He noticed when he had them too. For whatever reason, he became ticked off at the fact that he wasn't told about his orthodontist appointment until today. His left hand shaped into a fist before slamming down onto his desk. 

Jack finished getting dressed by grabbing a shirt and jeans to wear with his favorite pair of Jordans. He looked at the clock as it showed 7:30. He decided he had enough time for breakfast before the bus would arrive at 7:45. As he entered his kitchen, he peeled a banana and ate it, throwing away the peel. He sat down and organized his bag quickly. The process took about ten minutes. He checked the clock again. To his surprise, it still showed 7:30.

Needless to say, Jack was confused. He had taken at least five minutes to eat and ready himself, but the clock showed no movement. He decided to count through a minute while watching the digital clock on his stovetop to check what was going on. *1, 2, 3... As he counted through his mind was racing. "Why won't this clock work? What is going on?". He got up to 100 before giving up. He called to his mom to tell her that the stove clock needed replacement. Again to his surprise, his mom didn't respond. He went upstairs calling, "Mom? You there?".

He got upstairs and entered his moms room where she had been talking on the phone. Upon entering, he noticed his mother was sitting still in the corner of the room with the phone held up to her ear. "Hey mom," he asked again. "Hello?" He called, shaking his arms in front of her face. There was still no response from his mom. He tried other things to get her to move. He shook her by the shoulders, but to no avail. He poked her cheek, but his mother still wasn't responding. "Well, if she really won't move, I suppose there's no harm," he thought to himself.

Jack began to explore his curiosity. He began by putting his hand on his moms face, just to make sure one last time that she was out for good. He slowly trailed his hand down her face and down her neck before reaching the neck of her shirt. His mother still wasn't moving. He stuck his hand down her shirt and felt her large, D cup breasts inside her bra. He could gel her nipples gently poking through her bra. He decided to pull her shirt up to get a better view. He then pulled his moms black bra down and saw his mother's giant boobs in full view. While curious, he tucked his moms tits back into her shirt, deciding that he had better things to do with his apparent freezing of time. First, however, he wanted to know how to control it.

It was easy for Jack to think back on what he did to stop time because of his daily schedule. The only thing different today than other days was his mom telling him about his orthodontist appointment. He thought to himself, "What did I do that was so special?". He reenacted the scene. His mom would've called out to him, and he stood up and brought his left hand into a tight fist. Before he had the opportunity to slam his fist down, he heard his mom continue to talk on the phone. He tested this theory out again. He clenched his left fist and again, everything went silent. He closed his hand one more time, and heard his mom again. He checked the clock in his room, which read 7:31. He knew what he was dealing with, and he immediately grew ideas. 

For the beginning of the day he just thought of all of the things he could do. Most of the ideas were sexual, but he couldn't really complain because he enjoyed the thoughts. After first period was over, he realized what second period was - gym. Many a boy had had thoughts of what they could do if they had the opportunity to enter the girls' locker room. Now, Jack had that opportunity. As soon as he walked into the boys locker room, he clenched his left fist, beginning the process.

Jack left the boys locker room and entered the girls locker room. He was amazed at his timing. He walked in just as the girls had been changing their clothes. 

He was amazed at the variety in the crowd of about 50 girls. He saw each and every one of them in their underwear. There was tall girls, short girls, skinny girls, fat girls, blonde girls, brunette girls and every type of girl there was. Best of all, they couldn't stop him. He had looked around at the many candidates for his usage. His curiosity grew as he took peeks beneath what they had been wearing.

First he stopped at Dana. Dana was a girl whom he had had a crush on for a little while. She wasn't the hottest out of the girls, but she was up there. She had long, dirty blonde hair that extended down to her waist. She was only 5'1" and didn't have a lot in the way of boobs, but she had a decent ass. Jack grabbed her panties and pulled them down to see what lie underneath. When he pulled down, he was greeted by a magnificent, shaved pussy. She had little pink lips and no hair. Jack didn't want to spend too much time so he kissed her ass as he went to grab her panties. Without realizing it, he grabbed her panties with his left hand.

He tightly grabbed Dana's panties and as soon as he gripped them, he heard the noise of the girls locker room. Luckily, before Dana noticed, he tightened his left fist again, freezing time. He remembered he needed to be careful.

Instead of wasting time, he went straight to the girl he wanted most that day, and that was Ally. Ally was 5'6" and was very tan. She had b or c cup breasts and the most perfect ass Jack had ever seen. She was naturally tan with long, dark brown hair. Jack spent no time hesitating. He grabbed her lacy, pink panties and pulled them down, revealing Ally's trimmed pussy. 

The hair over the mound was trimmed short, so there was some there, but not much. However, the hair on the underside was shaved so she had nothing there. Without hesitation, Jack began to lick her pussy. He stopped after just a few licks, wondering why he was doing it, as Ally wasn't gaining anything from it either. Jack moved around to Ally's butt.

He kissed it while squeezing it with the other hand, noting it's perfect firmness. He squeezed in both hands a few times before spanking her. He loved the way her ass jiggled while he spanked it. He could sit there for hours if he wanted to hand just spank Ally over and over again. He lowered Ally down onto a bench after removing her bra, so she was laying on her back. He squeezed her boobs a few times before taking out his own 7 inch cock. He first shoved it in Ally's pussy. 

Jack's cock was being shoved into the unaware Ally. He felt how tight and wet the obvious virgin was. Her juices flowing onto Jacks dick. He fucked her slowly at first, building more speed and power as he continued. He pumped in and out feeling her ass slap against his upper thighs. He noted her tits bouncing up and down to his rhythm. He used his fingers to close her eyelids, so her face was more realistic. Soon, he felt an urge in balls. He pulled out and sprayed cum all over her torso and tits. He sat for a moment, contemplating the act he had just done.

Quickly Jack cleaned up the situation and put everything and everybody back where they were. Jack clenched his fist again and began to continue his day.

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2015-04-21 16:12:31
hope to see more of this story

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2014-03-10 09:56:46
hey the method doesn't matter because every guy has had the same fantasy of stopping time and being sexual

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2014-03-08 12:27:30
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2014-03-07 19:37:41
I'm in with the first few commenters, in that I just found the whole premise of clinching his fist to stop time being dumb as hell. I do like mind control type stories, which is why I clicked and started reading. No I don't come here to 'fuck off', I come here for entertainment and the story has to be somewhat believable to be entertaining to me.
As for the commenter who said,'"if you don't like it, just leave" well, I didn't read much of it to find out I didn't like it, so I'm leaving dumbass, but if no one tells they don't like it or why, then the writer doesn't know. I doubt you're smart enough to realize that tho, you're too busy having to find stories on the internet to jack off to.

Back to the writer, I will give you credit that the grammar and spelling issues usually prevalent in these stories wasn't there, so I wouldn't go so far to say stop writing, but make it a little more realistic if you want to hold most peoples attention

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2014-03-07 13:13:11
He can control time by clenching his left fist? Then, while time is suspended, he fucks an with grader and she's wet? How the fuck did that happen if she's frozen?

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