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Part 07: Mom must know her place

The next day I could not keep my eyes of the girls.
Both of them were so sweet and beautiful.
One might be pregnant already, and the other was thinking about letting me do the same to her.

We were all sitting by the pool, and enjoying ourselves.
Just a few hours earlier, my mother had rented a van to pick up all of Jennifer’s things from her father’s house, and she had also notified city hall about Jennifer’s relocation.

Everything worked out like a charm, and within less than 3 hours from Jennifer’s things arriving, we had transformed 1 of the 2 spare bedrooms, into a very nice room for Jennifer.

To think that a beautiful and sweet girl like that had been on the very bring of killing herself was almost impossible to imagine.

Jennifer flashed me a smile that made my knees weak and my boner rise.
I jumped into the pool to hide it, and were quickly joined by Stephanie.

I felt like kissing her, but my mother was watching.
This was an issue that had to be dealt with.

She knew I had control over Stephanie and that I had fucked her precious little daughter at least 2 times.
She didn’t know I had fucked Jennifer yet though, or not to my knowledge at least.

But if I were to have the most fun with this, then I needed to make my mother much more…. Involved in out little adventures.
I had already fucked her once, and it had certainly not been unpleasant (for me at least), and the idea of impregnating my own mother suddenly popped back into my mind.

I had kind of forgotten about my mother in the middle of fucking these 2 stunning young girls, but now I looked at my mother with lust in my eyes once again.

My cock got even harder, and I decided there was no time like the present to make things happen.

I pulled in Stephanie and we quickly ended up tangled all up in each other’s arms, and were French kissing like mad.
After a good long while, I broke of the kiss and looked at the others.

Jennifer was smiling with a sly smile, but my mother certainly did not look all too happy seeing this.
She quickly got up from her chair, and went inside the house.
I ordered the girls to stay at the pool until I got back to get them, and then went inside after her.

She was standing in the living room, looking at a photo of herself, my father, Stephanie and myself, taken when I had turned one year old.
She hugged the photo like it was an old friend long gone.

“Mom?” I asked her quietly, as I approached her.

She placed down the photograph, and turned to face me.

“Trent, we need to talk about this. What you are doing to Stephanie is wrong. What you are doing to all of us is wrong.” She sounded as if she had been waiting for an opportunity to speak with me about this issue, which was probably true.

“And Jennifer? Was that wrong as well? I pretty much saved her from doing something desperate, and you know it deep down.” I said in a challenging tone.

“Yes Trent, and I think that was a great thing to do. But what you are doing to your own family is still wrong, what would you do if Stephanie really got pregnant? Could you care for the child you think? You are only 15 Trent, you have no idea what you are doing. And society would not look with understanding eyes at this either, you would both be shunned if this ever came out in the open.” She was speaking quicker now.

“Well mom, I take things one step at a time, and there is only one thing here that truly matters: I love Stephanie, and she loves me as well. It would only be natural for us to have a child, it’s the ultimate sign of love.
And as for society: I did not plan on revealing this to society, I am not an idiot.” I looked at her, waiting for her next move.

“Trent, please listen to me. Just stop this now, or I will find some way to tell the police about what you are doing. I love both of you, but I can’t let this continue.” She looked very tired as she spoke the last words.

She was threatening me with the police now?
It was about high time, that I showed my mother that she was no longer in charge of this house.

“You will not tell the police, or authorities, or even your friends about this, is that understood mother?” I asked her in a silent but cold voice.

She looked surprised at my sudden change of attitude, but nodded after a short while anyway.

“Since you seem so concerned about me and Stephanie, I guess I will have to distract you a bit.
Do you remember that day where I fucked you? Well, I took Stephanie’s virginity the same night, and shot a nice load of sperm inside her little tight pussy. Anyway, that day I told you that I might be knocking you up as well, and I think that is just what is required, for fixing your attitude problem towards me.” I told her with a smile.

She looked at me in utter shock.

“B….but Trent, you can’t, I AM YOUR MOTHER FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!” She yelled in an attempt to reason with me.

“Indeed you are mom, but you are also a fucking hot piece of ass, and now that I think of it, I never really did get to experience that ass the last time right?” I was grinning at her obvious horror when she looked at me.

“Trent, don’t even think of that. It has been way to long since I did that with your dad, and we only tried it once because I could not withstand the pain.” She pleaded with me.
“Well, if things get too hard to handle, then I will just get Stephanie to teach you.
She takes a cock up her ass very nicely.”

She took a deep breath, and then spoke slowly.
“Trent, I am telling you to….” She started, but I cut her of.
“No, you are not telling me anything. Your permission to speak has hereby been removed. That is an order. Are we clear?” I looked her into the eyes, and she slowly nodded.

“Good, now let us get started mom, we don’t want Stephanie and Jennifer to wait for us too long now do we?” I said with a laugh, as I dropped my swimming trunks to the floor, letting my boner loose.

“Now mom, get your little sweet boy all wet and slick.” I teased her, as I presented my cock to her lips.
She dropped to her knees, and slowly opened her mouth.

I pushed inside, and told her to get to work.
She started to suck and lick my cock with great experience, and I knew that Stephanie really did have a lot to learn yet as I felt the way she teased the head of my cock, and sensation of her tongue licking the underside of my shaft, which made it throb with excitement.

I pushed her head away as I felt my orgasm nearing.
“Easy mom, or you will waste a good load of your son’s sperm that would much rather go inside your sweet little pussy.” I licked my lips in anticipation of what was about to come, or rather *cum*.

“Take of your bikini mom.” I ordered her, and it quickly ended up on the floor.

I once again admired her beauty.

She really did have a perfectly shaped figure.
She was 5.8 ft, and about 125 lbs.
She had dark black hair, which reached her shoulders, and a pair of nice 36C breasts.
And like Stephanie, she also worked out a lot to keep in shape.

It was easy to see where Stephanie had her looks from.

“Alright mom, lets get you worked up a bit as well, that’s only fair right?” I asked with a grin, and quickly pushed her down on the floor.

As she was lying on her back, I started to lick away at her pussy, which was much wetter than I would have thought.
I could hear her starting to moan softly, and picked up the pace a bit.
Soon she was rocking her hips, moaning even louder.

When I estimated that her climax was nearing I stopped, and the effect was nothing less than I had expected.
My mother raised her hear, and looked at me with a pleading look.

She couldn’t speak as per my orders, so she whimpered instead, showing her obvious displeasure at my sudden end of oral work.

“Well, would you look at that, I would almost guess that you liked that mommy? Did you enjoy what your little boy just did to you?” I asked in a teasing voice.

She slowly shook her head, still shaking.

“I don’t believe that. Tell me the truth, did you enjoy it?” I asked with a clear voice.
Slowly the shake turned into a nod.

“Good, then I guess you would like me to finish?” I asked her again.
She nodded again, looking both sad and frustrated.

“Well then, it will have to be the old fashioned way then. Are you ready for your little loving boy’s big cock?” I teased her, as I placed my cock in front of her pussy.

No response.
I decided to force her to answer me, but not by verbal commands.

I pulled back, and went back down to her pussy, and started licking away again.
I could her surprised pleasure, and soon she was rocking her hips again, and I stopped once more.

She looked very frustrated now.

“I can do this all day mom. I will keep bringing you to the edge, and leave you there until you give in.” I told her, and let her cool of for a minute or so, before I went back to work again.

After 5 minutes she pushed my head back, and grabbed my cock, which she guided toward her pussy, as she breathed heavily.

I didn’t not need more encouragement, and pushed inside in one hard push.

We both moaned, as I started to thrust into her pussy at a steady pace.

I picked up speed when I felt my orgasm near, and then buried myself deep inside my mother’s pussy, where I delivered a nice big load of cum, which would do a nice job of knocking her up.

The thought of my own mother, giving birth to her own son’s child, made me tease her about it.

“Oh yes mom, take your boy’s cum, let it soak nice and deep inside you. You always said you wanted grandchildren, and now you are a part of the process.” I teased her, as the last of my cum found its way inside her.

She looked at me, with a very concerned look.
“I know what you are thinking mom, and you are forbidden from trying to stop my seed knocking you up. No pills or douching yourself or anything like that, are we clear?”

She looked at me for a long time, as if trying to find a way out, but after a while she lowered her head and nodded.

I smiled, knowing a lot of fun was still to come.
“Good, but we are not done yet. I still need that ass of yours remember?” I told her, as her face turned pale.

I needed to make myself hard again first though, and I suddenly got an idea.

“Stephanie, could you and Jennifer get in here for a sec?” I called out.

Shortly after both of them were in the room with us, smiling at the sight of us.
“They are having a party without us, that is not fair.” Stephanie laughed.

My mother looked embarrassed, and tried to cover herself up.
I ordered her to stop it.

“Yeah we had a party, but now I need a refueling, and just thought of a great idea.
Stephanie and Jennifer, both of you give very good blowjobs, but this woman right here has both of you beat hands down.
Therefore, I thought it could be fun to make some family time, by letting her teach you girls some pointers.
And after that, Stephanie can give her some tips about anal sex.” I said with a smile, as everybody in the room laughed, with the exception of my mother.

“Mom, you have permission to speak during this lesson. Teach the girls how to really suck a cock.” I sat down in the couch, and waited.

My mother slowly got to her feet, and turned towards the girls.

“Jennifer, get over here.” She asked, in a tired voice.

Jennifer got over in front of me, and dropped to her knees, looking at my mother with an expecting look.

“Alright, you start by taking to head inside. Tease the head, as that is the most sensitive part of a man’s cock. You also need to pay attention to the underside of it, and give that a few good licks as well.” As she spoke, Jennifer converted her words into action, as she licked at the head and underside of my cock.

As Jennifer took more of my cock inside she started to gag a bit.
“You need to be quicker when going for a deep-throat Jennifer. If you try to ease it inside you will just end up gagging and being unable to do anything.” She told her.

Jennifer tried and failed a few times again.
“I am sorry, I have only done it a few times with Stephanie, where we practiced on cucumbers, and they are a bit different. And well, one time with Trent yesterday, but I didn’t take it all the way there.” She said with a blush.

“Cucumbers, as in the ones I eat every day?” my mother asked, raising an eyebrow.
Both girls blushed, as they confessed.

Jennifer went back to work, and gagged again several times.
After a few minutes my mother pulled her away.

“Watch and learn Jennifer.” She said, as she took my cock inside her mouth.
I was already hard again from Jennifer’s failed attempts at deep-throating me, and my entire cock was quickly inside my mother’s waiting mouth, without a single gag.
She was good.

She withdrew again, and looked at the girls, who were both looking at her in amazement.
“Like I said, the trick is to be fast, and not allow yourself the time to gag. Now try again.” She said.

Jennifer went back down, and after a couple more failed attempts, my cock suddenly hit the backside of her throat.
Jennifer’s eyes turned wide, as she found herself completely unable to breathe, and after a few seconds she pulled away, coughing a bit as the pulled air back down her lungs.

My mother smiled.
“That’s was much better. You will get the hang of it soon enough. Now if we are finished here…” She started, but I cut her off again.

“We are not finished, Stephanie still needs to try as well.” I told her.

I could see that my mother had tried to avoid it coming to this, and looked in silent defiance, as Stephanie dropped down to her knees, and took me inside.

Surprisingly, she took me all way with a few tries.
As she was sitting there, my entire cock buries inside her mouth, I caught my mother looking at her, like she was not able to believe what she was seeing.

After a about 20 amazing seconds, Stephanie pulled out and gave me a smile.
“How was that bro?” She laughed.

“Amazing sis, but now it is mom who might need your guidance, because I am about to ram my cock inside her ass.” I laughed back at her.
“Well, that is certainly something I can tell her a bit about.” She answered with a sly smile.

I ordered everyone into my mothers bedroom, as her bed would be better suited for this.
We entered the room, and I ordered her onto the bed lying on her back.

As my slick and hard cock approached her anal opening, her eyes became even wider.
“Don’t worry mom, just do as Stephanie tells you.” I told her.

I felt my cockhead make contact and started to push.
My mother whimpered a bit.

“Mom, you need to relax. Let Trent do the work, and start to allow your muscles to ease back.” Stephanie told her.
I felt the resistance lift a bit, and it gave me the chance I needed to push about 3 inches inside her, making give a surprised yell in surprise.

“Trent STOP, that hurts. This is not going to wor….” she was cut of again.
“Mom, I told you that you could speak during the other lesson, not this one. Keep quiet.” I told her, as I pushed further inside.

Stephanie sat down next to her, and started to stroke her hair.
“It is ok mom, just push slightly, and as soon as you feel him push back you relax and let go forward. Kind of like taking a poop but in reverse.” She told her in a comforting voice.

With Stephanie’s guidance and my excitement, I soon bottomed out inside my mother’s tight ass.
It was clear to me that she had been honest when she said that she had only tried it once.

Poor dad, how much he must had been longing to do this to her every night.
But now she did not have a choice.

I started to move my cock in and out of her ass, but only very slowly.
After a few minutes I managed to pick up my speed a bit.
My mother started to moan a bit again, but did not rock her hips this time.

I could not decide if she was enjoying this or not, and then decided that I didn’t really care.

Suddenly I felt my mother’s ass spasm and grip my cock hard, as she obviously had an orgasm again.
The sensation of her climax, made me shoot my own load inside her within seconds, coating her insides with even more of her own offspring’s cum.

I pulled out my cock, and looked at the cum mixed with a bit of blood that was visible on it.

“Well mom, now you are truly a part of our little family.” I told her in a grin.

She just looked at us and said nothing.
I looked her in the eyes.

“Mom, whenever you see any of us fuck, you will be fine with. You will accept that your son’s fertile seed needs to be implanted into as many girls as it can. After all you want grandchildren really badly. If someone calls or visits us, you will pretend that everything is normal.
As for your final order: Every time you see me kiss either Stephanie, Jennifer, or any other girl you will immediately start to feel very horny. Your only desire will be to feel your son’s fertile sperm shoot inside your pussy and making a baby grow inside. Are your orders clear? I looked at her with a very thorough look.

“Yes Trent, your orders are understood.” She said silently.

“Good, I think we have a lot of great family moments ahead of us.” I laughed.
As we left and closed the door, leaving my mother alone, I felt a couple of arms around my neck, pulling me into a hug.

“I hope I will get a boy that is just like his daddy” I heard Stephanie whisper, after which she and Jennifer quickly went inside her room.

I would certainly not mind a girl just like Stephanie either I thought to myself, as I went into my room to play some computer.

My mother would get a lot of grandchildren no matter what, that was the only thing that was for sure.

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