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A petite, gorgeous 19-year-old blonde American gets lured into working for an escorting agency in Dubai. Once there, she is quickly sold into slavery and forced to serve and pleasure her owner in the most terrible of ways.
Chapter 8: Rimming Training and Pleasuring the Guests

Samantha Brunner was once again on her knees and her arms were pulled up high above her and tied to the steel bar. It was almost 10:00 in the morning and the 19-year-old American had been awake for hours. In fact she’d hardly gotten any sleep throughout the night. Zafir, the retarded nephew of her owner, had raped her well into the early morning hours. He’d fucked the tiny blonde four times—twice anally and twice vaginally—and had spent close to ten hours doing so. In between those hours, he’d forced Samantha to lick him in every possible area of his filthy, hairy body. Once he was finally through with her, Jalil had carried the girl’s lifeless body back down to the dungeon and tied her in her customary spot before leaving.
Samantha’s eyes were dull as she stared unblinkingly at the floor. She’d spent hours weeping after Jalil had dropped her off, but now she was too full of trauma to cry anymore. Her anus and pussy burned worse than anyone could imagine, and both openings were ripped, stretched, and severely swollen. Samantha could not believe what the retard had done to her, or how she possibly was able to get through the night with him. Just the thought of being at his mercy again was enough to strike terror into her heart and bring tears again to her eyes.
“No!! No!!! No!!! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha cried over and over again, a look of dread on her face as the basement door opened and Jalil walked in with the retard by his side.
The two mountainous Arabs both laughed as they watched the petite, mortified blonde. Her eyes were about to pop out of her skull and she began tugging at the leather cuffs on her wrists the instant they walked in. The way her small breasts with their silver rings on them jiggled was so arousing, and immediately made Jalil want to start beating them. He walked right past the American and retrieved a long wooden cane from the cabinet. He then made his way back over to the crank and began turning it.
“Aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Nooooooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha screamed, kicking her legs around as she was lifted into the air.
“Zafir told me you were not a good girl last night,” Jalil declared, standing before the petrified blonde.
“Wh—what??? What do you mean??? What are you talking about???” Samantha blurted in shock. “I didn’t—I didn’t even do anything!! Please, what are you talking about??”
“He said you did not lick him good, you did not lick his asshole well enough,” the guard elaborated. “And, he said you call him many bad names. He said you have no respect for him.”
“No please!! He’s—he’s lying!! Please I didn’t—I didn’t do any of that,” Samantha replied, her voice trembling. “I—I licked him, I licked him everywhere he wanted. I licked his asshole and his—I licked everything he told me to I swear. Please, I swear to God I did.”
“You are calling Zafir a liar?!” Jalil shouted furiously, stepping forward and slashing the cane across Samantha’s breasts.
“AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The little blonde screamed, thrashing around in total agony and disbelief.
“Answer me!! Are you saying he is a liar?!” Jalil demanded, ripping the wooden cane into the girl’s defenseless tits once again.
“AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Samantha screamed, flailing her legs around and yanking at her bonds. “NO!!! PLEASE!! HE’S NOT!!! HE’S NOT A LIAR!! HE’S NOT A LIAR!!!”
“So it is true then? You did not lick him good??” Jalil questioned the terrified American.
“Yes!!! Yes it’s true!!! I’m—I’m sorry!! Please I’m sorry!!! Please don’t hit me!!!” Samantha responded, pleading with all of her heart for mercy.
“Then you must be punished,” the guard proclaimed, before viciously striking Samantha’s breasts a third time.
“AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha shrieked in agony, writhing around in the air like she was being burned alive.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The tiny American screeched, trying to twist her body away as Jalil thrashed her breasts once more.
Long, searing red lines were already beginning to form on Samantha’s A-Cup tits, covering the welts that already existed from the earlier whippings. Jalil gave the blonde five more savage lashes, causing her to scream her lungs out. Samantha did not think anything could be as bad as the braided whip, but she realized how wrong she was now as Jalil torched her breasts with the cane. Every single time the thin piece of wood sliced into her flesh she thought she was going to faint, and the times the cane struck her pierced nipples she thought she was going to die.
“Zafir, would you like to take over for me?” Jalil offered, after striking the girl’s chest over a dozen times now.
“Sure Jalil!” The retard replied anxiously, taking the cane from his idol.
“NO!!!” Samantha cried, shaking her head as she stared at the young Arab. “PLEASE!! PLEASE I’M SORRY!! I’M SORRY!! DON’T HIT ME!!! PLEASE DON’T HIT ME!! I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT I SWEAR!!!”
Zafir completely ignored the little American, as he stood before her and delivered an excruciatingly awul lash on her left breast. The sound of the cane slamming against slamming into Samantha’s chest sounded like a small explosion, and it made Jalil cringe. Samantha, meanwhile, screamed so loud that the room seemed to tremble. While Jalil had only been beating her at about half of his power, the retard had just swung the cane with all of his force.
“AAAAAAAOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Samantha screamed, tears running down her cheeks now as Zafir savagely beat her tits again.
The fat, hideous Arab tore the cane into Samantha’s breasts over and over again. After about ten strokes the terrible instrument finally broke through the girl’s skin, and thin lines of blood began decorating her chest. By this point Samantha was so besieged with agony that her body began convulsing and she began peeing on the floor without even realizing it.
“That’s good enough Zafir,” Jalil stated in Arabic, after watching the retard batter Samantha’s tits for a couple of minutes. “Why don’t you go ahead and work on her ass next?”
“Oh yeah!! Okay!!” Zafir hollered, stepping around so he was behind the weeping American.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha squealed, shaking her head in torture as the Arab ripped the cane across her lovely firm ass. “PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!!!”
Samantha danced, screamed, and begged for forgiveness as the retard flayed her tender buttocks. In just a few minutes her ass looked every bit as horrible as her breasts, and was starting to bleed like them as well. Zafir was in such a frenzied state that he slashed the cane against the squealing blonde’s ass again and again with no remorse. After awhile, Jalil finally had to stop the retard, as he did not want to cause too much damage to the blonde or have her die from too much pain.
“Did you learn lesson now???” The guard asked, staring up at the 19-year-old. “Are you going to lick Zafir better??”
“Yes!! Yes!!” Samantha sniveled, looking back at Jalil with teary eyes.
“We will see,” Jalil replied, before turning to Zafir and saying something in Arabic.
The retard nodded his head and suddenly disappeared out of the room. About two minutes passed by as Samantha continued hanging in the air and weeping. Suddenly, the door opened again and Zafir reemerged with Vivian by his side. The Korean was completely naked like Samantha and noticeably scared as Zafir held her by the arm and led her down the stairs.
“You are busy?” Jalil asked, looking down at the gorgeous tanned Asian.
“No sir,” Vivian answered quietly.
“Good, you will teach her how to lick,” the guard stated, pointing at the dangling American. “Teach her how to lick asshole.”
“Yes sir,” Vivian replied, looking down at the floor.
“Zafir, get down on the ground and spread your ass so this whore can lick you clean,” Jalil told Hassan’s nephew in Arabic.
“Sure Jalil, okay,” the retard mumbled, removing his shorts and boxers before dropping to his knees.
Samantha watched in astonishment as the Korean immediately knelt down directly behind the disgusting giant. Vivian’s hands were shaking as she dug her fingers into the retard’s hairy butt-crack and spread his buttocks apart. The 20-year-old then stuffed her face deep into the crevice of Zafir’s ass and began fervently running her tongue up and down his anus. Samantha could see by the Asian’s tensed shoulders and other body language that she was disgusted and miserable, but she nevertheless kept her face buried between Zafir’s hairy buttocks and licked his asshole like she could not get enough of it.
“Do you see?” Jalil asked, looking at Samantha with a grin. “That is how you lick Zafir. That is how you lick Hassan too.”
Samantha was wincing in sheer revulsion as she watched the beautiful Korean continue to service the retard’s anus with her tongue. It truly was nauseating just to watch, as the girl swiftly and repeatedly pressed her tongue against Zafir’s asshole and lapped away at it like a dehydrated dog would a bowl of water. The level of obedience and passion from Vivian was simply incredible, and she was licking the retard’s anus like her life truly depended on it. With no instructions to stop, the Korean continued to slurp Zafir’s asshole for over five minutes, not pausing even one time. Eventually she began crying, but did not dare stop avidly licking Zafir’s anus.
“Okay enough,” Jalil stated, finally putting an end to the Korean’s misery and turning to Zafir. “Take her back to the bathroom and chain her up.”
Vivian was visibly depressed and sick as Zafir grabbed her skinny bicep and led her back up the stairs and out of the room. Jalil stood and inspected Samantha’s badly beaten chest and buttocks. He should have stopped Zafir sooner, as the two areas on the girl’s body were red and purple and speckled with blood. As soon as the retard returned, Jalil turned the crank on the wall and lowered Samantha back to the floor. He unlocked the leather restraints on the American’s wrists.
“Go, start licking him,” the guard commanded, before telling Zafir to kneel down and turn around.
Samantha quickly scurried forward on her hands and knees toward the retard. When she reached him, she dug her skinny fingers into his ass-crack and pulled his hairy buttocks apart. The little blonde hesitated for a moment as she looked at Zafir’s puckered anus in utter dismay. After a few seconds, she closed her eyes, pressed her head forward and put the tip of her tongue against the disgusting wrinkled opening.
“Yessssssssssss!!” Zafir exclaimed, looking back at the American as she began lapping away at his asshole just like the Korean had done.
Samantha continued to keep her eyes closed as she ardently scraped her tongue back and forth against the retard’s anus. Her entire body was shuddering in revulsion and she was barely able to keep from gagging. Even though the Korean, Vivian, had serviced the filthy orifice for more than five minutes straight, Samantha could still taste shit on the Arab’s sphincter every single time she licked it. She also got plenty of his sweat too, as she ran her tongue back and forth his hairy butt-crack.
Five minutes passed by and then ten as Samantha continued to clean every possible part of the retard’s backside. Because Jalil did not tell her to stop, she didn’t dare do so. As terrible as licking Zafir’s anus was, the American wanted no part of getting her body caned anymore. There were a few times where she had to pause for an instant to compose herself and keep from puking all over the floor, but other than that Samantha slurped the Arab’s shit-hole the entire time, and with a surprising amount of energy as well.
“Okay enough,” Jalil said, tapping the end of the wooden cane against Samantha’s ass. “Good. You do like this to Zafir always, and Hassan and me and everyone. Okay?”
“Yes,” Samantha sniveled, wiping her lips with her forearm after pulling her head far away from the retard’s fat, hairy buttocks.
“You can go back to your room now Zafir,” Jalil said to the young moron in Arabic.
“Okay Jalil,” Zafir replied. “Can I fuck her again later if she’s not busy?”
“We’ll see, it depends what your father says,” Jalil answered. “But this one will be busy for awhile.”
“That sucks, I like fucking her,” the retard stated in disappointment, as he put his shorts back on and left the basement.
“Please!! Just—please just leave me alone!!” Samantha begged, as her trainer grabbed a clump of her hair and began hauling her off toward the fucking-table.
Jalil swiftly and roughly placed the tiny American atop the T-shaped table on her back. He spread her legs out wide and tied them to the ends of the cross section of the wooden station. After watching the little blonde suck Zafir’s asshole on her hands and knees for the past 15 minutes, Jalil was simply dying to give her another long, hard fucking. As soon as he finished tying her hands together behind her back, Jalil stripped naked and got between the American’s legs.
“AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, agony and hate in her voice as the enormous guard ripped his penis deep into her raw pussy.
Jalil let out a long groan of absolute pleasure as the petite American gripped his cock so incredibly with her battered cunt. It was still unbelievable to him how tight her pussy was, even after the many poundings it had taken from him and Zafir and all of the other guards. At this point he was completely addicted to Samantha’s vagina, and had to fuck it at least once a day otherwise he could not focus on anything else.
“AAAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, rearing her head back and closing her eyes as Jalil rammed the rest of his penis into her and quickly began clobbering her poor twat.
Several minutes passed by as Jalil continued to stand between Samantha’s legs and put a beating on her vagina. He gripped the 19-year-old’s tiny waist with both hands and used his hips to tear his cock in and out of her pussy again and again. The sight and sounds of Samantha’s tears and begging and squeals only made the hulking Arab fuck her even harder. For him, it simply wasn’t enough to rape poor Samantha. Each time he fucked her, Jalil felt it was his duty to destroy the American’s spirit and show her that over here, in this land, her only purpose was to get her holes stuffed full of dicks all day and night.
“AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!! OH MY GOD!!!” Samantha shrieked in agony and shock as Jalil slammed his entire 9” cock into her with one thrust and paused for a moment to enjoy the feeling of her tight cunt.
“Your pussy, it feels good,” Jalil grunted down at the sobbing young blonde. “Please!! Stop it—stop raping me!!” Samantha begged, looking up at the giant guard hopelessly. “Please stop!! I’m—I can’t take this anymore!! Please just leave me alone I’m begging you!!!”
The little American wailed in misery as Jalil began ferociously fucking her again, holding her skinny 22” waist in his hands while he slammed the entire length of his dick into her over and over. Of everyone inside the mansion, Samantha hated Jalil by far the most. It wasn’t just the fact that he was the one she spent most of her days with and the numerous times he’d whipped her. What she despised about the guard the most was how insanely vicious he was when it came to fucking her. He clearly did not give even the slightest damn about her physical or mental well being, and each time he raped her it seemed like he was literally trying to shred her vagina with his enormous cock.
“PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha screeched, shaking her head madly as the guard continued to pound away at her cunt.
A few more minutes passed by before Jalil finally reached a climax. He sank his cock balls-deep inside the poor American and gladly emptied his warm sperm inside her womb. Jalil was out of breath and glistening with sweat as he gazed down at the sobbing little blonde. A victorious grin was on the Arab’s face. He absolutely loved ejaculating inside Samantha and the idea of filling her with his jizz. Samantha, of course, absolutely detested it, but the one saving grace about it was that the violent brute was at least finished for the time being.
“Eeeeeuuuugggghhhhhh,” Samantha moaned, as Jalil slowly pulled his huge cock out of her and began untying her.
Jalil looked over at the clock and was disappointed to see it was already almost noon. He was hoping he had a bit of time to string Samantha up and whip her breasts. She hadn’t done anything in particular to warrant it, he simply felt like beating her some more. But Hassan had instructed him to clean the American up and bring her to his room by noon. The Sheikh had a few male guests coming by the palace today to discuss business. He was interested in partnering with them in a major investment opportunity. They were all old and extremely wealthy like him, and he planned on using Samantha to win them over.
Samantha groaned woefully as Jalil untied her from the table and pulled her off it. He forced the girl to her knees before retrieving the leather leash and attaching the clips of it to Samantha’s nipple rings. The guard gave a harsh tug on the leash, causing Samantha to cry out in pain. She got down on all fours and crawled after Jalil as he led her up the stairs and into the ground level of Hassan’s sprawling palace.
Samantha continued to crawl after the Arab as he made his way into the same bathroom where he’d given her an enema twice already. After detaching the leash from her breasts, he gave Samantha five minutes to shower herself in one of the stalls. During this time Samantha simply sat on her ass and wept while the warm water washed over her, somewhat cleansing the sweat of Jalil, the retarded nephew, and the other Arabs who’d raped her.
Once time was up, Jalil grabbed the little American and forced her to relieve herself on the toilet. He stood by and laughed as Samantha took a shit and piss right before his eyes. She was blushing and sobbing as her anus was so raw and tortured that merely pooping was extremely painful. After a few more minutes of this indignity, Jalil finished his duties by giving the 19-year-old yet another enema. Like the others, it was incredibly painful and degrading for poor Samantha, and she cried and complained nonstop during the entire process. When he was finally finished, Jalil reattached the clips of the leash to Samantha’s nipple-rings and led her back into the hallway.
The American crawled along after Jalil up the stairs of the lobby and down a corridor before coming to a stop in front of Hassan’s bedroom. Samantha quivered as she heard the Sheikh grunting as well as the muffled screams from a female behind the door. Jalil gave a hard knock on the door and entered as soon as Hassan gave him permission to do so. Samantha let out a gasp as she saw the same young brunette from yesterday. She was naked and in the exact same position Samantha had been in when Hassan had raped her anally for the first time, bent over the footboard of the bed with her wrists tied to the posts and her full, round ass perched up high. The brown-haired beauty had a large ball-gag stuffed between her lips and was screaming in pain as Hassan drilled her anus from behind.
The girl’s name was Kelly Carlton and like Samantha she was an absolutely beautiful young American. She was 5’6” tall and 115 lbs, with a very shapely and athletic body toned from running several miles daily. She had long brown hair that hung near her firm, medium-sized breasts. She had a perfectly ovular face, stunningly elegant features, hazel eyes and a smile that could light up a room. Her best asset, however, were her plump, round ass and her long, well sculpted legs.
Kelly was an 18-year-old freshman at Northwestern University. She’d taken a trip to India only a couple of weeks ago to study abroad. Unfortunately, after a long evening of partying and drinking with a friend of hers at a nightclub, she’d gotten separated from her companion and boarded the wrong bus. The bus operator, who was rather accustomed to seeing vulnerable girls like Kelly, had taken her straight to an isolated part of town where he’d instructed several sex traffickers to meet him. Once there, he’d traded the American for the equivalent of just $5,000. Within hours Kelly was on a private plane and headed for Hassan’s mansion.
“MMMMMMMMGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Kelly screeched, pulling at her bonds frantically while her owner brutally sodomized her.
“I’m almost done Jalil!! Just give me a moment!!” Hassan shouted in Arabic, clutching the weeping brunette’s hips while he thumped his cock into her rapidly.
Samantha turned away as the old Arab neared a climax and slammed into the shrieking brunette like a pig in heat. It was truly a heart-wrenching scene and she could not bear to watch it. Finally, she heard the disgusting brute bellow in triumph as he gave one final thrust before emptying his balls inside the poor 18-year-old. Hassan was grunting in ecstasy and kept his cock buried deep inside Kelly until he had no more sperm left to shoot, and only then did he pull out of her bloody, gaping asshole.
“Ah hello Samantha!” Hassan greeted the kneeling blonde. “Did you enjoy watching that? I’m sure you remember all too well what it feels like.”
Samantha avoided eye contact with the elderly Sheikh as he smiled down at her. He was so repulsive and she could not stand even looking at his face. Hassan walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a fresh, expensive pair of pants and underwear. After donning them, he grabbed a silk dress shirt and put that on also.
“Her name is Kelly,” the Arab stated, noticing Samantha as she stared at the weeping brunette. “She’s an American, like you. She was picked up just yesterday in Mumbai.”
“Aaaaannnnnnggggggggggg!!” Kelly sobbed, squirming around as Hassan gave her bubbly ass a nice hard slap.
“Apparently young Kelly here was practically a virgin, up until last night that is,” Hassan declared. “I’ve been introducing her to womanhood ever since she arrived. I think I’ve fucked her half a dozen times already, isn’t that right you little whore?”
“MMMMMMRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” The brunette wailed, squeezing her legs together as Hassan plunged his index and middle finger deep inside her cunt.
“I’ll have more time for you later, I promise you that,” Hassan warned, before pulling his fingers back out of the girl’s snatch.
“As for you my little Samantha, I have a job for you today,” the Arab declared, turning his attention back to the tiny blonde. “I have several business associates coming by in just a few hours. This meeting is very important and I stand to gain a lot if it goes well. I’ve chosen you to accommodate these men and give them a good time. Like me they are very fond of blonde Americans, and I am sure they will love you very much.”
“No, please, I—I can’t, I’m so—I’m so sore,” Samantha pleaded. “Please, I can’t take anymore sex.”
“You don’t have a choice my dear,” Hassan shot back. “You will do what I tell you or I can have Jalil take you back to the basement and whip you all day. Which would you prefer?”
“No! Please no, I’ll do it—I’ll do what you want,” the little blonde replied quickly.
“That is what I thought,” Hassan smiled. “You will serve them alcohol during dinner. You will refill their glass whenever they tell you. After we are finished eating you will take them into a special room I have prepared for you, and you will fuck them until Jalil comes and tells you to stop. You will do everything they ask of you. If you do not—if I get a complaint from anyone of them—I will have Jalil take you away immediately and beat you until you have no skin left on your body. Is this clear?”
“Yes,” Samantha said, nodding her head up and down.
“Good,” the Sheikh stated. “Jalil will show you what you will be wearing for the rest of the day. I will see you in a few hours.”
Hassan said a few words to the guard in Arabic, and he quickly acknowledged his understanding before tugging on the leash. Samantha cried out in pain and shuffled after the giant Arab as he left the room. Just before the door closed she heard Kelly squeal into the gag in her mouth as Hassan began smacking her ass with his palm. He was laughing as he promised to give the hysterical brunette a long and excruciating beating in just a short moment.
Samantha, meanwhile, continued to crawl after Jalil as he led her down the hallway before entering another spacious bedroom. Inside it were several cabinets, dressers, and racks filled with all kinds of skimpy lingerie and other lewd garments. It was basically a dressing room made fit for strippers. Hassan had already picked out Samantha’s outfit and it was resting on a small table near the door. It consisted of a white silk g-string, matching sheer white pantyhose and a pair of ridiculously high 8” stilettos.
“Put that on,” the guard commanded, pointing at the garments while he temporarily removed the leash from the silver rings on Samantha’s chest.
Samantha rose to her feet and grabbed the items. She slid the stockings up her long, skinny legs one by one, and then did the same with the g-string. The latter was by far the skimpiest underwear she had ever donned, as it was literally just three pieces of elastic string attached to a triangular patch of silk. None of the three sides of the patch were even 2” in length. When it came time to attach the heels to her feet, Samantha put one of them on and had to sit down to strap on the other, as she simply could not remain balanced on the ridiculously high heels.
“You look like fucking whore,” Jalil declared with a grin, before reaching down and attaching the leash to the American’s nipple-rings once again.
Samantha’s cheeks were starting to turn red as she meekly followed Jalil back out into the hallway. He guided the tiny American straight back down into the basement. They passed by a couple of other guards on the way, and each one gave Samantha a crude whistle or remark. When they were back in the cellar, Jalil forced the blonde to continue following him until he was back at the whipping area. He tied Samantha’s wrists back into the leather cuffs and left her alone inside the room. He still wanted to whip and fuck her but he decided to grant her a small bit of rest, so he went upstairs to fix himself lunch.
The next few hours crawled by slowly for Samantha. Not long after he was finished eating, Jalil could not control himself any longer and went back down to the basement. He stripped naked and gave Samantha another long, excruciating fucking. This time, instead of tying her to the wooden table, he simply turned the crank so that she was lifted about a foot off the floor. Then he pushed her g-string aside and spent the next 20 minutes raping the American in the air, keeping her long legs wrapped around his hips while he slammed his 9” cock up into her pussy nonstop.
Once he was finished with the weeping blonde, Jalil lowered her back to the floor and left the room. Samantha continued to cry as her gaping pussy once again burned so terribly. Over the next several hours she drifted in and out of sleep, as she was overcome by fatigue and depression. Even now, after a couple of days spent inside Hassan’s mansion, the 19-year-old American still hadn’t fully accepted what had become of her life. The reality that she was never going back home to the US or seeing her friends/family again was simply too terrible to entertain.
“Hello again Samantha, are you ready for tonight?” Hassan asked, startling the half-awake girl. “My guests are upstairs as we speak and I don’t want to keep them waiting.”
Jalil was standing next to the Sheikh, and Samantha flinched nervously as he reached down and unlocked the leather bindings on her wrists. He attached the leash to the blonde’s nipple-rings and led the crawling American up the stairs and out of the dungeon. Samantha struggled to keep up as her owner and trainer walked through a long hallway before entering a fancy dining room through a pair of double-doors.
Seated around a cozy 4-person dining table were three Arab men, all in their 50s and 60s. They had been conversing together but as soon as Hassan, Jalil and Samantha entered a hush fell over the room. The trio of Arabs stared in wide-eyed disbelief as Jalil led the petite American toward their table. The admiration and lust on their faces were clearly obvious as they gazed at Samantha’s petite, slender, and virtually naked body.
“Gentlemen I apologize for keeping you waiting,” Hassan declared in Arabic, as he pulled the fourth dining chair out and took a seat atop it.
“Shit Hassan, I think I speak for us all when I say no apology is needed,” Basim, the eldest of the three men, responded.
“Agreed,” the other two—Talib and Malik—stated in unison.
“By the way let me introduce you all to my lovely slave Samantha,” Hassan said, motioning toward the dejected little blonde. “I acquired her just a couple of days ago. She’s from New York.”
“She’s lovely Hassan, congratulations my friend,” Basim lauded the Sheikh.
“Thank you,” Hassan replied. “Samantha has agreed to kindly serve us tonight. Then, once we are through discussing business, she has also agreed to serve the three of you in much more intimate ways.”
“How very generous of your slave!” Talib exclaimed, holding up his glass of champagne.
The four Arabs toasted their good fortune and proceeded to devour the plates of delicious food in front of them. Jalil, meanwhile, took Samantha to a nearby alcohol station. There were various bottles of liquor inside the little cabinet but the only two she was instructed to concern herself with were a pitcher of spring water and a bottle of unbelievably expensive champagne. Jalil unclipped the leash from the American’s breasts and forced her to stand.
“When their water or champagne is almost finished, go and fill them again,” the massive guard commanded. “If you do not I will whip you very bad, okay?”
Samantha nodded her head in agreement and carefully inspected all of the glasses on the table. As soon as she saw one even begin to approach empty she walked awkwardly over to the group of men and refilled it with champagne. As she did, the man to whom the glass belonged smiled at the 19-year-old American and caressed her ass. Samantha gave him a very faint and generic smile back as he said something to her in Arabic. When she was through topping off his glass she walked back over to the portable alcohol cabinet, being very careful not to stumble on her 8” heels.
Over the next two hours Samantha travelled back and forth between the dining table and the liquor station dozens of times. During this time Hassan and his guests discussed business and the prospect of joining together in an investment that could yield them huge profits. Even before inviting the men to his home, Hassan had virtually secured a commitment from all of them, and really only needed to convince Talib who had some minor reservations. However, as the night drew on the three Arabs became increasingly drunk—and horny—and wanted to conclude their discussions and begin their ravaging of Samantha. This desire was only heightened when, after spilling just a few drops of champagne, Jalil marched over to the American and brutally slapped her across the cheek. He twisted the girl to her knees and made her apologize to the men, all the while squeezing her small breasts in his hands and threatening to whip them until she began to cry.
“Well gentlemen, if we have nothing more to discuss then I will let you get on with the rest of your night,” Hassan declared. “I’m sure you are all very eager to get more acquainted with little Samantha here.”
“Certainly,” Basim replied quickly, staring at the gorgeous American with pure lust.
Hassan gave a signal to Jalil, who then secured the two clips back onto Samantha’s nipple-rings and made her get down on all fours. The guard then instructed the trio of anxious Arabs to follow him as he led the tiny blonde out of the dining room. All three men were chattering jubilantly as they followed behind Jalil, and none of them were able to take their eyes off of Samantha’s lovely bruised, welt-covered ass. Jalil took the American down a hallway on the same floor before entering into one of the many bedrooms along the side.
“You spend rest of the night here,” the guard stated, detaching the leash from Samantha’s chest. “You will fuck them. You will fuck them until they do not want to fuck anymore. You will do what they say. If you do not I will beat you very bad tomorrow.”
Once the blonde nodded her understanding Jalil exited the room. As soon as he did the three mature Arabs immediately began undressing all at once. Samantha remained on her knees and shivered in fear as the three men formed a semicircle in front of her once they were all naked. While they were not quite as menacing as Jalil or some of the other guards, they still stood roughly a foot taller than her and outweighed her by 100-150 lbs, with Talib being the largest of the three. And though none of them were as freakishly endowed as Jalil, their fully stiffened cocks were still huge and guaranteed to cause Samantha a lot of misery.
“Well my friends, how shall we begin?” Basim asked in Arabic, licking his lips as he gazed down at the 19-year-old American.
“Well, she has three holes, and there’s three of us,” Malik chuckled. “I say we just pick a hole and go from there.”
“Agree with Malik,” Talib chimed in. “If you two don’t mind I would love to fuck her American pussy first.”
“Fine by me,” Malik responded. “What about you Basim? Which hole do you want to start with? Her asshole or mouth?”
“I shall take her mouth,” Basim declared. “I want to look this little American whore in the eyes while I’m choking her with my dick.”
“Excellent, I wanted her asshole anyway,” Malik stated.
Samantha whimpered in terror as the three despicable Middle Eastern men all reached for her at the same time. She did not resist as they pulled her onto a large mattress in the corner of the room. Talib clasped his fingers around the blonde’s g-string and roughly jerked it down her legs before discarding it. In an instant he had Samantha pinned beneath him on her back and got into position between her legs.
“No!! Wait!! Please!!!” Samantha begged, squirming around as soon as she felt the bulging tip of Talib’s penis against her aching cunt.
“Rrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” The huge Arab growled, holding Samantha’s wrists against the bed while he crammed more than half his cock into her with one shove.
Malik and Basim watched in appreciation as the petite American instantly stopped struggling the moment their companion brutally speared his cock into her. It was as if she had but just a tiny amount of resistance in her which was snuffed out by one deep, hard thrust. All three of the men had a good idea of how much the girl had been fucked by now. They’d been acquainted with Hassan for many years, and knew very well not only of his insatiable sexual appetite but also his penchant for sharing his slaves with his bodyguards. But because he’d acquired her so recently, they all assumed that Hassan had been enjoying the American strictly for himself for the time being. Needless to say, they would all have been shocked if they knew of the savage and horrendous train Hassan’s entire security team had ran through Samantha just the other night.
“Aaaaaaaaooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!” Samantha squealed, closing her eyes in misery as the massive Arab atop her finished stuffing his disgusting penis inside her pussy.
“Yeah!! Do you like it you white whore?!” Talib shouted, relishing the amazing tightness of Samantha’s vagina. “I bet you do! I bet you like every fucking hole of yours filled with dicks!! So that’s what you will get!”
Samantha yelped in surprise as the Arab hugged her tiny body and rolled over so that he was now on his back and the American atop him. He said something to the other two men and in just seconds Samantha felt the bed compress as one of them hopped aboard. Malik could barely contain his excitement as he situated himself behind Samantha and gave her small, firm ass a very hard slap.
“Ooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!! Don’t!!!” Samantha wailed, involuntarily grinding her twat on Talib’s cock as the Arab behind her smacked her ass several more times.
“I see you’ve been a bad slave!” Malik laughed, slapping the American’s buttocks so fiercely that she began to weep. “Look at all these marks! I’m sure you deserved every one of them though, you filthy white whore!”
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha screamed, struggling wildly as the Arab pried her little ass-cheeks apart and began cramming his meaty cock inside her inflamed anus.
“Shit it feels fucking good!!!” The old Arab exclaimed, pushing down on Samantha’s lower back so that her thighs were splayed wide.
“AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!” Samantha squealed, gritting her teeth as Malik forced his penis deeper and deeper into her anus.
Samantha closed her eyes and felt her cheeks burning as the two old Arab men sandwiching her both groaned in pleasure. The feeling of being trapped between their fat, hairy, wrinkly bodies and with their big, disgusting dicks stuffed inside her pussy and asshole was just too shameful to describe. The pair hadn’t even started fucking her yet, and already the blonde was going crazy.
“Come on, open your mouth white whore,” Basim, the oldest of the three men, said in Arabic as he knelt down next to Samantha and grabbed a fistful of her hair.
“AAAAAAOOOOWWWWWWWW!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Samantha screamed, writhing in pain as the man behind her gripped her waist and began plunging his cock in and out of her asshole.
The American’s cries were swiftly cut off as Basim shoved his cock deep into her mouth. Samantha’s eyes opened wide with shock at the sudden invasion, and she had to quell her first instinct to bite down on the disgusting penis. She knew all too well the kind of terrible consequences she would suffer if she were to do something so foolish. As the 60-something year old Arab grabbed her hair and began working her mouth up and down his cock, she reluctantly serviced him with her lips and tongue.
“Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!! This white whore’s asshole is so tight!!” Malik grunted, shaking in pleasure while he pounded into Samantha’s anus with deep, passionate thrusts.
“Her pussy is fucking nice too!!!” Talib called out, as he used his hips and began slamming his own penis up into the blonde’s cunt.
Tears of misery were cascading down Samantha’s face as the trio of Arabs brutally assaulted her with their cocks. The two who were sandwiching her were really starting to hammer her asshole and vagina, and the feeling of both cocks smashing into her at the same time was both sickening and excruciating. The tiny American groaned in pain and continued to suck Basim’s dick while the other Arabs pummeled her pussy and sphincter.
The three old, wealthy, Middle Eastern men fucked little Samantha for about five minutes. Although none of them were as violent and ruthless as Hassan or his guards, they were still very rough themselves, and really gave the American all she could handle. For Samantha, the feeling of their dirty hands all over her body began driving her insane. The man beneath her kept grabbing and pinching her small breasts while Malik—the one fucking her ass—constantly slapped her buttocks with his palm. The third Arab, meanwhile, had one hand around Samantha’s hair while he used his other to cup her chin while she sucked him off.
“Oh fuck!! Here it comes!!” Talib shouted, quickening his thrusts as he neared climax.
Samantha was weeping openly now as the ugly Arab beneath her rammed his entire dick up into her cunt and began dumping his semen inside her. The man behind her, meanwhile, continued to pump his cock in and out of her burning anus. Samantha tried not to think about either of them as she gave the third Arab a magnificent blowjob, caressing his penis with her tongue and taking his entire shaft inside her throat every time he forced her to. When Talib was finished emptying his balls inside the American, he laid still and kept his penis buried deep inside her snatch while he waited for his friends to finish. In a few minutes, Malik gave one last thrust himself before also dumping his cum inside the blonde’s asshole.
“Basim you’re always the slowest!!” Talib teased, smiling while he watched the old man continue to assault Samantha’s throat.
Basim ignored the man and concentrated on the blonde sucking him. And after a few minutes he too reached a climax. He clamped Samantha’s jaws closed and happily dumped all of his cum inside her mouth before forcing her to swallow it. He savored the girl’s moans of disgust as she tried in vain to pull her head away from his grip.
“Thanks whore that was amazing,” Malik whispered into Samantha’s ear in Arabic, before slowly removing his cock from her anus.
With all three of the men finished, Samantha was granted a moment of respite. Two of the Arabs pulled out cigars and went over to the patio to smoke. The third, Malik, sat next to the crying American and caressed her ass while he turned on the television. Samantha wanted to move away but she was too fatigued and dejected. She remained on her belly, with her face pressed against the sheets and cried.
In less than an hour Samantha was getting double-teamed again. Basim, the one who’d fucked her mouth, was now on top of her and between her legs. He had the girl’s long legs wrapped around his fat waist while he pounded into her aching vagina. Malik, meanwhile, was hovering above the American’s head, which upside-down dangled over the edge of the mattress. He had his own cock stuffed inside Samantha’s throat and was giving it an absolute wrecking. A mixture of drool and pre-cum was running down the blonde’s face as she gagged horribly on the Arab’s thick cock.
“Uuuuuuuaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh!!! Stop no more!!” Samantha begged, taking a deep breath as Malik pulled his dick out of her mouth for the first time in several minutes.
“Dirty American whore,” Malik stated in disdain, as he rubbed the slimy tip of his penis all over the blonde’s face.
“Noooooooooooooooo,” Samantha objected, turning away as the Arab tried to jam his dick back between her lips.
“Open your mouth whore!” Malik shouted in Arabic, slapping Samantha hard across her cheek.
The American stopped resisting and spread her lips wide for the old Arab. With her head hanging upside-down, Malik positioned the 19-year-old’s mouth so that it was lined up nice and evenly with her neck. This way, he was able to insert his entire penis, which was nearly 8” in length, inside Samantha’s throat. As he began clobbering her gullet, Samantha closed her eyes shut, not wanting to see the Arab’s huge, hairy testicles that hovered an inch from her face.
After a couple of minutes of bashing the American’s mouth, Malik pulled out of her and crudely shot his load of sperm all over Samantha’s face. Samantha kept her eyes closed and continued to cry out as Basim rammed into her vagina again and again. After he was finished coating the girl’s face with his seed, Malik stepped away and Talib immediately got off the bedroom couch for his turn with the girl.
“Basim, let me stuff her asshole,” Talib requested, tapping his friend on the shoulder.
“Sure that’s fine,” the old man replied, burying his whole cock inside the American before grabbing her 22” waist and lifting her in the air.
Talib immediately took a seat on the side of the bed while his friend positioned Samantha so that her asshole was hovering directly above Talib’s cock. Basim then lowered the blonde down so that her anus was slowly and excruciatingly impaled by his friend’s penis. Samantha yelped in pain and squirmed around as her asshole was packed full of Arab cock. Once Talib’s entire dick was crammed inside the girl’s sphincter, Basim leaned forward and began eagerly pounding into Samantha’s vagina once again.
“Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Samantha shrieked, clawing at the bed sheets while the old, hideous Arab battered her pussy with his cock.
Malik, who’d already finished cumming all over the American’s face, stared at her in great admiration while she was double-teamed by his associates. With the way they had the tiny blonde pinned between their beefy, hairy bodies it was difficult for Malik to see much of Samantha. However, the sight of her long, slender legs in their pantyhose and 8” heels jerking in the air as she was roughly fucked was simply amazing.
“OH GOD PLEASE!!!” Samantha begged, wrapping her legs around Basim’s hips while he and Talib pounded her holes in unison.
The two old men raped Samantha for a few more minutes before Basim finally came inside the girl’s cunt. Shortly after pulling out of her, Talib also deposited his jizz inside the blonde’s asshole. When he too removed his cock from her Samantha rolled over onto her side and began sobbing uncontrollably. Her anus and vagina were in excruciating pain. After all of the repeated rapes they had endured—especially her pussy at the hands of Hassan, Jalil and the other guards—both holes felt like they’d been torn to shreds. At this point Samantha thought she would die if she were to get raped just one more time, and just the thought of it happening made her weep even harder.
Unfortunately for Samantha, in two hours she was once again getting gang-banged by all three of the Arabs. She was wedged between two of them on her back, with Malik fucking her cunt from above while her asshole was anchored to Basim’s cock. Talib, meanwhile, had the American’s head pulled to the side as far as possible while he pumped his dick in and out of her mouth. Nearly 20 minutes passed by before all three men climaxed in whichever orifice of Samantha’s they were using. When they were all finished, they congratulated one another and spoke triumphantly about the fact that they’d each been able to enjoy all three of Samantha’s holes. By this point all of the old men were tired, and they each had different planes to catch in a couple hours. They quickly pulled their swanky suits back on and thanked Samantha before leaving the room.
“Good job,” Jalil stated to the blonde, who was curled up on the mattress and crying.
The guard grabbed Samantha’s hair and dragged her off the bed and onto the floor. He forced her to kneel before attaching the leash and clips to the silver rings in her nipples. Samantha sighed in misery and began crawling after the giant Arab as he led her out of the bedroom. She continued creeping along like a bitch as Jalil made his way down several unfamiliar corridors. Eventually he walked through a pair of glass doors that led into a locker room, with clay tile floors and shower stalls. As the two continued past this area and toward another door, Samantha felt a huge sense of dread as she heard the laughter and rowdy chatter of many other men from behind that door.
“We have very fun thing planned for you tonight,” Jalil declared, with a huge grin on his face when he reached the foggy glass door.
“Please, what—what do you mean?” Samantha asked, clear terror in her voice.
“You will see, it is very fun, at least for us,” Jalil replied, before opening the door and dragging the tiny blonde inside the mysterious room.

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