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It was seven o’clock in the evening, and Rachel was, as they say, “ready for some football.” She had been going to her high school’s football games since she was a freshman, and she had come to enjoy the Friday evenings spent with her friends.
“What’s up Rachel? You seem stressed,” asked Rachel’s friend Jen.
“It’s this bullshit with the school paper. I don’t know why I even got roped into writing for them, but I’m really starting to regret it.”
“So screw it: just hand in some poorly-written crap for the next three months, graduate, and never hear from them again.”
“It’s not that it’s too much work. It’s that every time I try to write something serious, they tell me it sucks. They loved that interview I did with that local doctor who used to play football here, but that was kind of a joke: he’s friends with my family, so I talked to him when he came over for dinner and wrote down what I remembered from that conversation afterwards.”
“Well I don’t know what to tell you then, just suck it up and find something to write about.”
A voice came over the stadium loudspeaker “GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! HERE THEY ARE, YOUR WOLVERINES!” The football team took the field to the cheers of the home fans.
Rachel didn’t recognize the voice that had come over the loudspeaker. She looked up to the public address booth, and saw Mr. Wilson (the teacher who usually called the games). But sitting next to Mr. Wilson was a man she had never seen before. He looked to be a few years older than her: college age, or maybe just out of college. “Who is that?” she asked Jen.
Jen looked up, and smiled when she saw the unknown man in the booth. “That’s Will. He graduated from here a few years back.”
“So what’s he doing here now?”
“Meredith told me he was just drafted by some baseball team after graduating from Wake Forest. I’m guessing the school asked him to come back so they could congratulate him.”
“How did Meredith know all of that?”
“Will used to date her older sister.”
“Anna?” Rachel remembered that Anna had gotten caught having sex in the parking lot her senior year of high school; Meredith always complained about it. “He wasn’t the one who—“
“Got caught fucking Anna in the school parking lot? Yeah, he’s the one. Anna always told Meredith that she would understand what had happened if she knew what Will was like. She said it was impossible to say no to him if he wanted something. She also said he was hung like a horse, but that’s probably just her exaggerating.”
Rachel laughed in disbelief: there was no way any guy could be that persuasive.
On the field, the game had started. Rachel watched the game, but as she did she kept sneaking glances at the public address booth. An image entered her head: an image of Will standing naked on a baseball field with a bat in one hand and his cock in the other. It was fairly ridiculous, but if it was truly ridiculous then why did she keep thinking about it?


Monday night rolled around, and Rachel found herself in the bleachers beside her school’s baseball stadium for the first time in her life. She had decided to write a story about Will for her school paper: if the paper wanted her to interview alumni, then that’s what she’d do until she got better ideas for columns. But she was starting to regret her decision, as she was sitting next to a group of sophomore girls who could only be described as baseball groupies. Seeing these girls staring at the varsity players like they were sizing up cuts of meat at a butcher shop was half-amusing, half-nauseating.
Will was playing third base for the alumni, so he spent most of his time over by the bleachers where Rachel was sitting. He looked over at the bleachers and saw the groupies: he smiled, thinking how nothing had changed since he’d left school. He also saw a girl sitting next to the groupies, but who was clearly not one of them. She had a pad of paper in her hand like she was taking notes. She was taller than the other girls, and looked to be older as well. But she also had a serious air about her: she was clearly there for a reason. The girl got up and walked to the bathroom. Will was briefly distracted from the action on the field: he was watching this girl’s ass, barely concealed by the shorts she was wearing, as she walked away.
After seven long innings, the game finally ended. The other girls in the bleachers left after waving one final good-bye to the varsity players. The varsity players started emerging from the locker room after changing into their street clothes, and went home as well. But Will hadn’t yet left the locker room. Rachel was slightly annoyed: she was hoping this interview wouldn’t take too long. She wasn’t sure how she was going to conduct the interview: was she going to ambush him as he left, or was she going to get his number and interview him later? Finally, she got tired of waiting and went into the locker room. If Will was still there, she could talk to him. She doubted that he was naked, but if he was, she wouldn’t mind seeing that.
As Rachel entered the locker room, she heard the water running in one of the showers. She quietly walked over to the area around the shower, and saw a pile of clothes that she recognized as Will’s: Will was clearly still using the shower. She found a vantage point from which she could see Will without him seeing her. When she finally saw Will in the shower, she was disappointed. He was cute and everything: he clearly kept himself in shape. But the cock swinging between his legs was not the monster she had been hoping to see: it was just a few inches. As Rachel was thinking about what to do next, she saw Will smirk, turn off the shower, and start to stroke his cock. His cock began to grow until it finally reached its full proportions: now it resembled the stories. If Rachel had to guess, she’d say it was close to eight inches long. But what really surprised her was the thickness: how Anna ever fit that thing inside her was beyond Rachel’s comprehension.
Having heard Rachel enter the locker room and walk over to where he was, Will knew that someone was behind the wall. Will looked over to the wall that Rachel had hid herself behind and called out, “You can come take a closer look if you like.”
Blushing, Rachel came out from behind the wall and continued to stare at Will’s cock. “I guess Anna wasn’t lying.”
“Anna? You’ve been talking to Anna?”
“No, but word gets around. Did you really fuck her with this thing?” She grabbed Will’s cock for emphasis.
An amused look crossed Will’s face. “Yeah, but getting caught in the parking lot wasn’t my fault. She was the one who always wanted to get crazy.”
Rachel was confused. “But I thought she would do anything you wanted her to?”
“That’s true. But she got to the point where just fucking me wasn’t enough: she had to add risk to it. So tell me, who are you and why are you here? Are you just here to see my cock?”
Rachel didn’t blush this time. “For your information, I came here on a serious journalistic mission. I write for the school paper and wanted to interview you.” She paused before adding, “Seeing you naked is just a bonus.”
“Oh, so that’s what the notepad is for. Tell you what, you can interview me if you want. But right now, I’m the only one naked: we should fix that.” Will lowered his head to Rachel’s and gave her a long full kiss. When she responded eagerly by locking her tongue with his, he knew he had made the right choice.
He reached his hands down to Rachel’s breasts, cupping them and lightly squeezing them through her shirt. Wanting to see what he had so far only imagined, he lifted her shirt, unclasped her bra, slid it off her and threw it to the ground. He lightly pinched her nipples with his fingers as he sucked on her neck. As she moaned in pleasure, he moved his lips down to her breasts, suckling her right breast. He reached behind her and slid her shorts and underwear off: they were now both completely naked.
“Get down on your knees, Rachel.” It wasn’t a suggestion; it was a command. But Rachel didn’t need to be told twice: she got down on her knees and grabbed Will’s cock, watching a drop of pre-cum leak out from the tip. She looked at his cock and tried to figure out how exactly she was going to fit it into her mouth. It had been tough enough to learn to fit any boy’s cock in her mouth without gagging, but Will’s cock was a different proposition entirely.
Realizing Rachel’s dilemma, Will laughed. “You should probably lick the tip,” he told her. She licked the tip, going from the base of the head to the top and back again, occasionally putting the whole head in her mouth. She had always gotten boys to cum in a few minutes from this technique, and was hoping to get similar results with Will.
Will was thoroughly enjoying Rachel’s amateur attempts. But at this rate, he knew that he would never cum: he wasn’t particularly sensitive to blowjobs. Still, he was going to enjoy this one. “Move lower,” he instructed. “You should try licking the whole cock, not just the tip.” Rachel continued down his cock, spending the next few minutes licking up and down his shaft. She quickly realized that sucking off a grown man was a different proposition from sucking off a horny teenager: she would have to find Will’s weak spot and exploit it.
“What do you want, Will?” she asked in a sultry voice as she stroked his cock.
“Exactly what you’re doing.”
“What I’m doing isn’t making you cum.”
“Well then you’ll have to move lower, won’t you?” Rachel hesitated for a moment before licking Will’s balls. She gave his balls a thorough licking before taking them in her mouth one at a time. She had never tried this before, but she was willing to lick Will’s balls if that’s what it would take to get him off. After a few minutes, Rachel still hadn’t gotten Will to cum.
“What more can I do, Will?” she asked with a hint of impatience in her voice.
“Move lower”
“Lower? There’s nothing lower: just some skin.”
“Then lick that.” Will turned around and put his hands on the lockers, allowing Rachel access to his taint from behind. Rachel was grossed out at first, but realized that licking Will’s taint was probably not as gross as licking his balls. If that’s what got Will to cum, she would do it. She just hoped he wouldn’t make her go any further: she absolutely refused to lick his ass. She started licking Will’s taint while stroking his cock, and was pleased to see Will start to breathe faster.
Will was worried. Rachel was going to get him to cum, and we wasn’t ready to give her that satisfaction just yet. He had to do something.
“That’s it, Will,” cooed Rachel as she jerked his cock and licked his taint, “Cum for me. Show me how much cum is in these big balls.” She licked his balls for emphasis.
“Rachel, you’re going to have to be a lot more humble than that
“I’m sucking your dick! How much more humble do you want me?”
“A lot more,” said Will. He grabbed Rachel’s head and pushed it up until her tongue was even with his ass. “Lick my ass, Rachel,” he commanded. Rachel tried to pull away, but Will held her head to his ass. She tried to keep her mouth closed, but Will pinched her nose, forcing her mouth open. Finally, she gave in. She stuck her tongue out, licking around his ass at first, and then put her tongue on the entrance to his ass. It wasn’t quite as bad as she feared it would be. Rachel moved her tongue up and down, and slid her tongue further into him.
“That’s it, baby,” said Will as Rachel stuck her tongue as deep into his ass as it would go. “Lick my fucking ass, baby.” Rachel saw that Will was on the edge of cumming. Pleased that she had found his weak spot, Rachel pulled up for air before returning to give Will a hearty rimjob. She slipped a finger into his ass, massaging his prostate as she stroked his cock.
“Come on, come for me Will. I’ve been such a good girl for you. Come for the girl who knows how to get you off.” Will started thrashing violently about, and turned to face Rachel.
“TAKE IT ALL RACHEL!” Rachel put Will’s cock in her mouth and felt the first warm jet of cum shoot into her mouth. She barely had time to swallow the first massive jet before the second one shot out, followed by a third and a fourth. Will twitched a few more times and then was still. Rachel was proud to have finally gotten Will off, but now that she had done so she was ready to interview him without any further interruptions.


Rachel looked up at Will. “So are we going to do that interview now?” she asked.
“That’s not really what you want, is it?”
“What do you mean? You said you’d let me interview you after I sucked you off.”
“I never said that. I said that I would let you interview me. Then I told you to suck my cock. But I never suggested that one would follow the other. Now get up against the wall so I can see this ass of yours.”
Rachel was beginning to realize what Jen had meant when she said that Will was impossible to say no to. She put her hands on the lockers and spread her legs. Will sat down underneath her and buried his face in her crotch. He smacked her ass repeatedly as he flicked his tongue across her clit. Finally, he stood up and positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt. “Are you ready for this?”
“I’m never going to be ready for this. But do it.” Rachel gasped as Will shoved his entire length inside her, bottoming out as he hit her cervix. “Holy shit is he thick,” she thought, “I’m going to be sore tomorrow for sure.” She heard the rhythmic *thwack* of his balls slapping against her as he continued his thrusts. Slowly they worked up a rhythm, with Rachel thrusting her hips down to meet Will’s bucking thrusts into her.
As pleased as Will was that Rachel had been so receptive to his advances, he wanted to push her boundaries. He wanted to show her that he was completely in control. He moved his left hand to her neck and started gently squeezing her throat. “I want you to be only able to feel this cock. I want you to know that you belong to me now; that me and my cock own you.”
Rachel got the message, but she worried that Will didn’t really know his own strength, that he might actually hurt her. She moved his hand down to her breast, but when she did so he started scratching her, leaving deep red marks down her chest. “What the fuck is that for?”
“That’s for moving my hand away from your neck. I’m going to leave my mark on you one way”— he smacked her ass hard for emphasis, leaving another red mark— “or another.”
After a few more minutes of thrusting, Will started breathing heavier and thrusting faster. Rachel saw that he was going to cum soon. Not wanting to risk pregnancy, Rachel pushed Will’s cock out of her pussy before he could cum inside her.
“What the fuck, Rachel! I was gonna cum soon!”
“I know; that’s why I pushed you out. As much as I love this cock I’m not about to take any chances.” She started stroking his cock, trying to get him to cum that way. But Will wasn’t going to let her get away with that. He spun her back around to face the lockers. He moved his cock back to her pussy, but rather than slide back into her pussy he lined the head of his cock up with the entrance to her ass.
Rachel slapped his cock away. “No way am I going to let that cock in my ass: it’s already torn up my pussy.”
“You’re saying the pain would be too much?”
“Yes; that’s exactly what I’m saying.”
Will considered his options for a moment. To get his cock in her ass, he would have to cause her even greater pain than being fucked in the ass would cause. He lowered his mouth to her ear like he was going to whisper in her ear. Instead, he bit down hard on her shoulder. When she screamed out in pain, he slid his cock in her ass before she could say anything.
Rachel was in so much pain that she could barely feel the cock in her ass. But as the pain in her shoulder subsided, she started feeling Will’s cock pushing deep inside her. “Oh fuck. My ass is starting to get sore, do you think you could fix that for me?”
Will bit her other shoulder to distract her from the cock in her ass, and picked up the pace of his thrusting. As tight as Rachel’s pussy had been, her ass was squeezing his cock like a vice and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.
“Hurry up and cum in my ass, Will. I want you to fill my ass with cum.”
“OH FUCK RACHEL! I’M CUMMING!” Rachel couldn’t tell how big of a load Will shot in her ass, but she was overwhelmed by the unique sensation. She wasn’t sure she would ever want to feel this sensation again, but at least Will had pulled out of her ass.


Will walked over to the shower and turned it on: he needed to wash his cock again after what he had just done to Rachel. When the water warmed up, Rachel entered the shower behind him. Will stood in the back of the shower, under the water. He washed himself off and cleaned the large amounts of dried cum from his cock.
“You done, Will?” asked Rachel playfully as she leaned over and kissed Will, cupping his balls to emphasize the double entendre.
“Are you humble yet?”
“I think so. Let’s see,” said Rachel, counting on her fingers, “I’ve licked your cock and balls, licked your ass, massaged your prostate until you came, let you fuck my pussy, been marked up by your various abuses, taken your cock in my ass, and let you fill my ass with cum. Pretty humble, I’d say.”
“Well if you’d say that, then that’s not pretty humble. You have a ways to go. Get down on your knees.”
“Are you serious? You can’t possibly have more left in the tank.” Still, Rachel got down on her knees in front of Will.
“Do you trust me?”
“Good. Close your eyes.” Rachel complied.
Will let out a stream of piss onto Rachel’s tits. When she put her hands up, he stopped.
“Open your eyes.” Rachel opened her eyes and looked up at Will with a look of total devotion.
“Do you have any more for me?
“Maybe. Do you want it?”
“Yes. I want all of it. Unload your bladder, I want you to pee all over me.”
“I’ve been drinking Gatorade for the last three hours. You want all of that?”
“Oh God, yes. Cover me in your hot piss. I want to be the girl who gets dirty for you.”
“You asked for it.” Will unloaded all over her. He covered Rachel’s tits and moved down over her stomach. He flipped her around and covered her back, down to her ass. She put her hand on his hip, encouraging him to give her everything. Finally, the stream stopped.
“Get yourself cleaned off, young lady.” Rachel stepped into the water, and washed her face. Will turned her around and gave her a long, passionate kiss. He left the shower, got dressed, and saw himself out before Rachel finished her shower.
Rachel never did manage to get an interview out of Will, but she wasn’t complaining: she got just about everything she could have wanted.
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