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My niece removes my doubts.
If you have a problem with underage or incest... Please just leave the page now! If you are looking for a quick jerk, I totally understand, been there myself, but you might want to look somewhere else first. However PLEASE come back you may enjoy this story.

I wanted to explain the feelings and emotions that led up to the events I'm writing about, so it may be a little long. Please leave me feedback and comments, even negative as long as they are constructive.

I thank you all for the wonderful responses you have left for Chapter 1! Reading them has given me the confidence to continue with my tale. Writing this has been more fun than expected and we have realized there may be more chapters than originally planned.

I have changed the age of my Niece to be compliant with the rules. This also throws off all future timelines. I apologize for any confusion, however I hope you will understand.

Chapter 2

My name is Ben, and when the following took place I was 39 years old.

The previous weekend I had an unexpected and incredible sexual encounter with my 16 year old niece Kaylee. She had asked me to teach her to kiss and it ended with me giving her her first orgasm and me getting a great hand job. It was nothing I had ever planed or thought about before. It just sort of happened, and for days now I have thought of nothing else. I spend half my time remembering how great it was and walking around with a silly grin on my face, daydreaming like a love struck teenager. The rest of the time I keep telling myself how wrong it is and that I better put a stop to it before it goes too far.

I have not spoken to Kaylee since last Saturday night. I am supposed to be having dinner tonight at my sisters house and I am torn between wanting to see my beautiful niece and worried she might be upset about what happened. To be honest she seemed like she really enjoyed the things we had done, but what if she changed her mind? If I hurt that little girl I would never forgive myself. Well dinner is about an hour away so guess I'll find out one way or another.

I pulled in my sisters driveway and got out of the truck. My sister opened the door as I walked up the steps.

"Hello Benjamin! Hope you are hungry."

"Hey Patty! How is everything?" We exchanged pleasantries as we walked inside.

Kaylee came out of her room and ran up to hug me "Uncle Benny!" This was her normal greeting so I felt a little better. I don't think she would hug me if she felt I had molested her.

"Hey cutie! How's school?"

"BORING" she said with a great big sigh.

We all walked into the kitchen and each of us helped get dinner ready. We talked and laughed, while my sister, the fancy chef, did most of the work. Everything was just like it always was. I can't say how relived I was.
When dinner was ready we went to the table and had a great meal. Kaylee laughed and talked, like there was nothing different between us so I relaxed greatly. We finished dinner and I made my sister and I some after dinner drinks, as the three of us sat in the living room and just chatted. I have always loved the closeness of my family and how nice it is to just visit and enjoy their company. Before I knew it, 10 o'clock had come and gone. "Oh!" My sister said "Kaylee! You need to get to bed. You know it's a school night!."

"Mom! Who has to wake up who every morning?" She teased her mother. "You always sleep through your alarm."

"Well I know I need to get out of here so you both can get your beauty sleep." I stood up with both of them. Gave my niece a hug and said "I'll see you after school tomorrow. About 4:00 in front of the library?"

"Yep! See you then" She hugged her mom and headed to the bathroom.

I hugged my sister and she walked with me to the door. "Thanks for the grub Sis! Next week my house. Let me know what night is good."

"Hey Benjamin, hold on a sec." She glanced back to make sure Kaylee wasn't around. "Are you sure that Kaylee isn't a bother? She is in your hair every weekend and I know you haven't been on a date in months. She can stay here this weekend and be okay on her own till I get home. You can go out and have a wild bachelor weekend."

"Patty. How many times do I have to tell you? It's great with her there! If I had plans I'd let you know. We like our weekends together! Unless you WANT her to stay here on weekends, our arrangement is fine."

"No" my sister said. "I don't want to make her to stay home alone. You know I don't even leave work till 3 am some nights. I love that she has you to look out for her. I just worry I'm making your life awful." A picture of my naked niece flashed into my mind and I smiled. Awful huh?

"Everything is fine Patty. We have fun together. Now give it a rest, I don't want you to worry about it again. Now let me leave so I can get some sleep too tonight."

"Benjamin... Thank you for everything! I Love you big brother!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm a saint alright! Goodnight."

I got in my truck for the half hour drive to my house. Well, I thought that went well. However I still had no idea what I was going to do when Kaylee and I were alone tomorrow. I decided I wouldn't worry and just see what she would do.

The next day found me sitting outside the school library right on time. Kaylee came out walking and laughing with her best friend Brittni. When Kaylee saw me she grabbed her friends arm and they came hurrying over. Her smile was huge as she screamed "Hi Uncle Benny!" while still quite a ways from the truck. Brittni also gave me a big smile. "Hi Uncle B!" she called out too. The girls have been best friends since the first grade and have come out to my place to ride horses together many times.

"Hey Britt!" I called back. "When are you coming back out to go riding with us?"

They were now at the side of the truck. Brittni looked exited at the thought. "Soon I hope! I miss the big black and white paint horse. He's such a sweetie pie!" Kaylee had thrown her bag in back and jumped into the passenger seat.

"Yeah, for you maybe! That dumb horse won't let a male get anywhere near him but will be as gentle as a kitten for you girls. Well, you know you can come out whenever you want. Just set it up with Kaylee."

"Thanks Uncle B! See you Sunday K."

"Well how was school today?" I asked Kaylee as we pulled away.

"I aced my algebra test! Other than that I just couldn't wait till the day was over. I'm so glad it's Friday!"

"So what do you wanna do tonight? Want to catch a movie and eat here in town, or pick up a DVD and cook at home?"

She looked at me with her head turned and her big green eyes all soft. "Would it be too late to ask for your chicken enchiladas?" She held her hands together in front of her chest and batted her eyelids.

"Is that supposed to be your puppy dog look?" I asked.

"PLEASE? I'll even help you make them, and let you pick the movie!"

"Oh yeah right! Your idea of helping is to eat the last one so you don't have to wrap it up and then sit around happily farting the rest of the night!"

She folded her arms over her chest and huffed out her breath."I never fart! And quite frankly I'm offended at the notion!" It was these silly times that made me enjoy our time together so much.

"Well I guess a night watching movies on the couch with a gassy girl is better than sitting home alone." She huffed again and slapped my arm. "Let's go rent a movie before we hit the store so the groceries don't get warm. Gee! I work all day then have to make dinner for you. Does it ever end?"

"That's what makes you the best uncle in the whole wide world." She smiled at me.


After dinner I asked Kaylee to clean up the mess and I was going to go up to shower. "There better be a cold beer waiting by the couch when I come down, and don't think I don't notice when you steal the first sip young lady!"

"OK. I'll finish the dishes, put the movie in and change my clothes before you are even done."

In the shower I had time to think. Kaylee still hadn't made any remarks about last Saturday. Maybe it was just a one time deal. We were having a great night so that was probably for the best.

I came downstairs and Kaylee came out with my beer. "See? Cap still on so you know I wasn't sipping!" She handed me the bottle and gave me a quick, sweet, totally acceptable niece like kiss on the cheek. "Yeah, last weekend WAS fun, but this was how we should behave." I thought to myself.

When the credits came up we started talking about the movie. She didn't like it much, I thought it had some good plot twists. "And you have to admit that chase scene through the rooftops was really cool."

"Ehhhh. That scene was good but I just thought it was a dumb movie." She got up from her side of the couch. "I think I'm heading up now. I'll call you when I'm ready for bed."

"Bed??? It's only 8:45!" We normally stayed up much later than that. "You feeling OK?"

She smiled over at me and gave a shrug. "Guess I'm just tired tonight. Plus I promised to help you wash and groom the horses tomorrow."

"OK then. I'll be up when you call." She turned around and headed upstairs. For some reason I felt a little lonely. The thought of sitting here alone till bed time on what was usually our fun Friday night seemed wrong. Well, a good book, a few beers, and an early night wouldn't be the worst thing I guess.

"Ready for bed!" Came from the upstairs about 15 minutes later. I finished off my beer and headed up to tuck Kaylee in.

I walked into her room and up to her bed. Like always I said goodnight, tucked her blanket around her and leaned down to give her our traditional three kiss goodnight. Before I did, I looked down at her, something seemed wrong. "Kaylee? Whats wrong? You look like you are about to cry."

"I just feel like a stupid little girl, that's all."

"What? Why? What happened? I thought we were having a good time?

"We were! I love hanging out with you! But... after last Saturday I thought we might do some..." She looked embarrassed and like she couldn't find the right words. "You know... other stuff too, but you didn't seem to even think about it. So I just feel like a dumb little girl who thought a grown up guy would want to...well...Oh! Forget it!

"Kaylee. I think we should have talked before this and I am really sorry we didn't." I sat down on the edge of her bed. "Of course I thought about it! I couldn't stop thinking about it all week long!"

She looked up at me with just a small trace of a smile. "Really?"

"Yes. The other day I was thinking about what happened between us and I walked right in front of a bulldozer. Almost got flattened. The guy yelled at me for awhile, and all I could do is stand there and grin like a moron."

"So... you liked what we did? You didn't think I was too young to enjoy doing it with me?" She looked like she could smile or cry at the smallest thing I said.

"I enjoyed it very much! I thought you knew that from the T-shirt I got all dirty." I smiled and winked at her, and she smiled a little wider. "However. I DO think you are very young and that is why we should talk now."

She now looked like she was past the crying stage and sat up and looked me in the eyes "OK, what's up?" and she gave me the million watt smile that I love to see.

"I have thought about us all week long. Sometimes I would think that we should do it again," She gave me a huge goofy grin and bobbed her head up and down. "and sometimes would think that we should stop and never do it again." She stuck out her lower lip in a pout and shook her head from side to side.

"Kaylee! I'm trying to be serious here! What we did last weekend... almost everyone would say it was wrong." She wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue. "It was also Illegal!" She opened her eyes wide and covered her mouth in fake shock. "But what really scares me is losing you!"

"WHAT?" She looked confused.

"What if I do something and you feel guilty about it? What if I go too far and you think I molested you. What if a few years from now you look back and hate me for the things I did to you?" She rolled her eyes at me and I snapped. "Damn it Kaylee, can't you be serious?"

The smile left her face and she returned my stare."You want me to be serious, OK. But I want you to stop treating me like I'm stupid! I AM a smart girl!"

"Fine then act like it!"

She kind of glared at me then said. "Fine. It's my turn to talk. I'm not stupid. I know what we did was serious. I know that people would say what we did was wrong." She took a breath to collect her thoughts.

"I know what incest is, and I know what statutory rape is. They are illegal, and I'm pretty sure we committed both on Saturday."

"I know if anyone found out about it that probably, nothing would happen to me, and you would be in serious trouble. That's not fair!"

"What I don't understand is how other people can tell me it's wrong, or illegal to let you do something that I wanted you to do. That I STILL want you to do! It is MY body! So I don't care what they say! If you want to stop so you don't get in trouble then fine. I understand that. I would hate if you got in trouble because of me, but I would never tell people what we do! They don't know us! Only WE know how we feel!." I had never seen her like this. Angry, passionate, but most of all a very smart young lady.

Her look softened and she reached out and took my hands. "Uncle Benny. You haven't done anything that I didn't want you to. Worrying about it is stupid. I trust you more than anybody in the whole world. I know that besides my mom, no one loves me more than you! You would protect me from anything. I know you would never hurt me. If I wanted you to stop, you would! Without hesitation. If you start to do something that I don't want, I'll say stop, and you WILL. Nothing to feel bad about."

"If you think that I am going to regret things in a few years you are wrong!" She was looking me right in the eye. Totally sincere. "If you said we have to stop and last Saturday was our only time, it WOULD make me sad, but I will always remember it forever and it will ALWAYS make me happy."

I looked into her eyes. " You don't know that for sure."

"Yes I do! Because my First Kiss was from a great guy who was sweet, gentle and pretty darn sexy too!." She smiled real big and leaned over and kissed me very softly on the lips. Still within acceptable niece boundaries, but pushing it.

"If what we did makes you feel guilty we can stop, cause I only want to have fun with you if you want it too. If you feel bad then that makes it wrong for both of us. But it didn't feel wrong did it?" She leaned in still holding my hands. "I don't think this would keep you out of trouble but it might help you decide... Uncle Benny... I give you my permission... To look at me... to kiss me... and to touch me whenever and wherever you want to."

Damn, if that was not the best speech, and by far the best offer I had ever received! I leaned in and gave a very inappropriate kiss to my niece. It was short, but I think it was enough to let her know my answer. I pulled away and was happy to see the smile back on her face.. "How the hell did a 16 year old get so smart?" I asked.

"Probably my mom, cause sometimes my uncle can be pretty dense." She laughed at me and me and gave me another short kiss. "So, are we good now?"

"Just one more thing. I really do want to keep kissing you and all the other fun stuff too, but..." This was important to me. "Kaylee I can't be the one who takes your virginity." I knew I wanted to be with her but I couldn't let myself go that far.

She thought for a second or two."I don't think I'm nearly ready for that anyway Uncle Benny. But... why not?"

"That is something I want you to keep for the right guy. Your first real boyfriend. Someone you love and know you want to be with. Someone who loves you too. That is your special gift to give to the man you love OK? Promise me."

Kaylee looked at me for a moment with a thoughtful expression. I wasn't sure if I had said something wrong to make her think so hard. Then she smiled at me. "I promise you that I will only give my virginity to the man I love, and only when I know the time is right."

"Now, are you going to kiss me? I have been wanting to since I had to leave on Sunday!"

"Well I guess, but only because you kept from farting during the movie."

"ARGH!" She yelled and grabbed me by the shoulders pulling me down onto the bed. "You're lucky you can kiss so good!" and with that we were kissing deeply. Her lips parted and our tongues met. Just like the other night there seemed to be bursts of light behind my eyes. Her full lips were firmly against mine, her petite body pressing down on me from above, her hands pulling strongly against the back of my head. My left hand was gently rubbing her back while my right was caressing her hip. She pulled back enough to ask "Doesn't this feel right?"

I remember long make out sessions in high school that were sure fun. I remember my Ex-fiance and I kissing quite often. I can think of a dozen girls I have kissed, as a younger man, up till now. They were all wonderful, but I never remember kissing anyone that made me feel so right. When we kissed there was nothing else in the universe, just the two of us in each others arms. I realized this is what I had been smiling about all week, and worrying about too. "YES! I was afraid that this wouldn't happen again."

"You can kiss me forever." And her lips met mine again. We continued kissing while I let my hand move over her back. My right hand moved around and discovered her incredible butt. I grabbed her with my full hand and massaged her cheek. "Mmmm. I like that." She said so sexy. I held her tight and kept rubbing as we kissed for awhile longer. I slightly pushed her away so I could sit up, then pulled her into a sitting position in front of me. I reached out and grabbed the bottom of her shirt while at the same time looking in her eyes for any sign of consent. She smiled at me and raised her arms. I lifted her shirt up over her head revealing her perfect breasts.

"You too." She pulled up on my shirt and she took it over my head, then pulled me back into her arms. We kissed like this for a bit till she giggled. "I like the feel of your chest hair against my nipples. It kind or tickles." Damn! She is so cute!

I smiled at her "Good, I wasn't planning on waxing."

She laughed out loud and I took advantage of the pause to lower her back against her pillows. I kissed her lips, then trailed kisses down her cheek to her neck where I alternated between soft nibbles and licking. I slowly worked my way down till I was kissing and using my tongue around her small firm breasts.

I finally took one of her nipples into my mouth. I slowly circled my tongue around her areola then suckled her nipple. She took a sharp intake of breath, "OH God Uncle Benny!" she moaned quite loudly. Her hands were in my hair pulling me tighter against her breast. "That feels incredible! Please don't stop."

I had no intention of stopping. I kissed, I nibbled softly, I suckled her breast while I massaged and toyed with the other breast with my hand. Then I reversed and used my hand on the first while my mouth was busy with the second. Her hands were running through my hair again and again. After this had gone on for awhile I kissed my way back up to her lips. "You like that huh?"

"Oh yeah!" She smiled up at me "A LOT!"

"What else would you like me to do?"

She blushed a little but didn't look away. " I almost went crazy the other night when you played with my muffin."

I tried hard not to laugh but couldn't help it. "Your what?" I laughed. She was so sexy, but also so young and cute. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings
She pouted her lip out and blushed a deeper red. "Don't laugh at me." She looked down. "That's just what I call it. Everything else sounds kind of dirty. What should I call it?"

I grabbed her chin and lifted her eyes back up to mine. "That is the cutest name I have ever heard a girl call it. You say what you want, but I am going to call it your "muffin" from now on" Then I kissed her till I felt her relax again.

I slowly reached down and started running my hands over her underwear. Her breathing immediately sped up. "Can I take these off?" I asked plucking at her waistband.

"MmmHmm" She hummed in assent. I leaned over and slid her panties down her thighs. Then I leaned back up to kiss her. My fingers trailed through the downy soft hair above her slit, then dove down further. I had only touched her though her panties before, now I was touching her skin to skin. It felt so incredible! My finger slid down her warm, moist crevice. It was as soft as silk. I did not need to worry about lubrication as she was wet as could be. My finger slid smoothly from the top to the bottom, then back up again to lightly brush over her clit. As I kissed her I would slide my finger down then back, each time spending a few more moments on her button than the last. She continued kissing, but also almost purring into my mouth.

I circled her clit more and more and could feel her heart beating against my chest. I let my finger go down between her lips and and just toy with her opening, then increase the pressure and bring it back up to circle again. She was now almost panting into my mouth. "Honey, I want you to roll over on your stomach." With no hesitation she rolled over.

I scooted to the end of the bed. I ran both of my hands firmly over her ass. Then I slid my right hand under her still playing with her "muffin", while my left hand kept rubbing that fantastic ass. It looked incredible, and felt even better. Her skin was so soft and smooth, while the muscles below were firm and taut but yielding as I kneaded her cheeks. I wanted to see more. I used my hand under her to pull her up to her hands and knees. I admit part of me was thinking of her pleasure, but another selfish, animal part of me just wanted to see her and what I was doing to her.

While I have both touched her down there and seen her nude, till now I had seen nothing but glances of her muffin. I looked below her beautiful ass to see her pussy. Like everything else about her it was damn near perfect. Her slit was dark pink and glistening with her wetness. I could just see her small opening near the bottom. Her lips were a lighter pink and were like half teardrops, thin at the top and filling out to full on the bottom. Each labia at their fullest were only about the size of the pad of my little finger. They were small like the rest of her and cute as can be. At the top her lips met in a small bunch with a little pearl just barely poking out from the middle.

"Oh Kaylee! You are so beautiful." I half whispered. I reached up and put my thumb at the base of her slit and moistened it. I then began running my thumb toward the front while bringing my index finger in front and gently pinching her clit between the two. Soon my hand was so wet and slick that I could use a little more pressure. My thumb would press almost into her opening then slide firmly down to meet her pearl and give a small pinch and twirl with my thumb. She was nearly gasping for air. "OH God that feels so good! Oh yes! Yes! Yes!"

I started paying a little closer attention to her clit and with my other hand reached under her and cupped one of her breasts. I ran my finger over her nipple at the same pace as my thumb on her button. She was almost dripping she was so wet. Her little pearl was pressing it's way out a bit farther and so, was getting more friction. My thumb dipped down one more time, I actually entered her just a little, then slipped back up and ran her clit between now sopping wet finger and thumb. I pinched down with my thumb and made circular motions, while doing the same with her nipple
"AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOHHHH!" Her arms gave out and she collapsed onto her chest. Her ass and hips were still up in the air giving me an amazing view of the action. She was moaning continuously into her pillow, and her body was trembling all over. Her hips started lowering then bucking back up into my hand about 5 times. It was so sexual and so erotic that I couldn't take my eyes off her. With my now free other hand I reached up and was firmly grabbing her ass cheek again, while still pinching and rubbing her her little nub. "OHHHHHHHH" She screamed and fell all the way forward out of my grasp.

As she was panting face down I ran my hands up her back in little circular rubs and came to kneel beside her arms. "Oh Man!" She was panting down into her pillow as I gave her a back rub "That was even better than the last one!"

She rolled over and I was now rubbing her small breasts. "Oh! After that, everything is so sensitive! Everything you touch sends little shocks down my body to explode inside me. The way you are touching my nipples, I feel it down there." She grabbed my hand from her chest.

"Take off your pants." She told me.

This was not the request of a little girl who didn't know what she was doing. Right then she was all woman.

I stood quickly and lowered my pants. She leaned over to the bedside table and took a little lotion in her hand and laid back on her back. I started to sit next to her and she shook her head. "Sit across me."

She took one of my legs and put it over her so I was kneeling above her belly. "I want to look at you, looking at me." She started to rub my dick with her right hand, while looking me in the eye. I gasped out loud at the feel. It took her a couple of seconds to get the angle and rhythm right, but then it was like she was an old pro. She would stroke me up towards my chest for a few minutes, then reverse her grip and stroke me down towards her. She repeated the process again and again. Each time adding something different, a twist, a squeeze, running her thumb along the base of the head. The whole time never leaving my eyes with her own. I was breathing hard, and could feel the pressure building in my balls. The look of her just staring up at me with a little smile just half formed on her lips, was almost as exciting as the feel of her hand.

I reached down with one hand and cupped one of her breasts. For the first time she closed her eyes for a just a minute and moaned lightly. It was so incredibly sexy! My gorgeous niece, stroking me off on her chest, sighing in pleasure. It took me right over the edge.

"OH Kaylee! I'm cumming!" She kept her eyes on me without ever changing her pace. I felt like I had just grabbed a live wire while standing in water. My hips bucked and my back arched, but I tried to continue looking in Kaylee's eyes. The first load came out and went all over her chest. I jerked a little and the next round went onto her neck, chin, and some onto her face and lips. She didn't shy away or flinch. Her eyes never left mine. One more big jet came out and went mostly on her chin and face. There was my cum on her chin, on her cheeks, and even some on her lips. I'm not going to tell a lie, it was an incredibly sexy sight. I hadn't meant to do that but she didn't seem to mind.

Without my needing to say stop she slowed her rhythm. She was now smiling up at me, and teasing out the last bit of my cum. I was trembling from head to toe. Kaylee had stopped stroking but was still holding my cock. She would give it a little squeeze now and then and sort of giggle when I jerked again and again.

"I'm going to lay down before I fall down and crush you." I panted. I fell next to her looking over at her. She reached up and wiped her finger over her lips. I was afraid it would gross her out but she just gave a little "Mmmm". I know that she had no idea how great that little move looked to me.

"Oh Uncle Benny! That was great! I could tell you liked it by the look on your face." She giggled. Then she reached for her nightshirt that was still on the bed next to her. She started to clean up my mess.

I took the bottom half of her shirt and started to clean her face. "Oh honey, I didn't mean to get it all over your face. I'm sorry.

She looked at me puzzled. "Why? Is that not normal? Did I do it wrong?" She started to look worried.

"Oh No! Not at all. It's just a lot of girls don't like that. Some do I guess, but more probably think it's gross, or degrading."

"Well... did you like it?" She looked scared she might have done something wrong. I wanted to make sure she knew she hadn't.

I looked into her eyes. "Kaylee, that was one of the most sexy things I have ever seen."

"Cool... Then I guess it's good I didn't know it was gross." She giggled. "Cause I liked it too!" She threw her now soiled shirt to the bedside.

She giggled again. "Maybe next time I should bring a towel in here. I'm running out of nightshirts!"

I took her in my arms and we just laid there for awhile. Each giving each other little caresses. Not really sexual, just two people enjoying the after affects of a great time. After some time had passed she whispered "Uncle Benny. I think I'm ready for bed." She yawned hugely to emphasize her point. "I'm too tired to get up. Can you just tuck me in naked?"

At times she seems like a woman and at others she seems sooo young. "Yeah sweetie. I don't see anything wrong with that." I got up, quickly pulled on my pants and tucked the covers around her petite body.

"Thanks Uncle Benny. I mean, you know, for everything."

"It was my pleasure, and thank you too. I enjoyed it. Now get some sleep! We still have horses to take care of tomorrow. Goodnight!" I kissed her right cheek, and she said "I", left cheek "Love", and forehead "YOU". Then to follow her new tradition she pulled me down into a warm, soft, wet kiss. She rolled over smiling to herself, and cuddled up.

I went to the door, and turned out the light. Man I was dead on my feet too. I went to the bathroom did my business and looked into the mirror.

"Don't EVER hurt that little girl in there!" I said out loud to the image looking back at me. Then as I thought of her smile and her cute giggle, I smiled a little my self. "I promise I won't" Then I turned and walked to my bed.

To be continued:

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2015-06-27 10:48:30 - was me. Story is soooo good. At times I regret not following through; but I hope that I did the right thing. I wish that it could have progressed like this story & it might have except they moved away
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