I loved to please my Daddy the same way Mommy did...
As a young girl I loved to please my Daddy the same way that Mommy did, and really, I loved to please him more so I did everything he asked me to do, yes, everything. There were no restrictions on my doing as he asked me and there were of course no limits. I was 14 and he asked me to go on a business trip with him to California. He was looking at a new contract and so had to go for a series of meetings. I was packing for the trip and he came into my room with a package from an adult store.

"Here, pack this too sweetheart." he said and gave me the package. I opened it and took it to the bed and laid out two things from it. One was the smallest bikini I have ever seen. I held the top to my tits and the material just did cover my nipples. The small triangle of material on the bottom was kust to cover the pussy lips but neither would stay in place long. I picked up the other and it was a very sheer dress that was from my shoulders with a plunging neck line and that went to the floor. I took off my shorts and top and tried it on and stepped in front of the mirror and it was beautiful. My dark nipples especially were visible and really it hid nothing at all. "I love it Daddy but where would I wear it?" I asked him as he hugged me. "Oh, I have some meetings that you can wear it to." he said smiling. "Okay Daddy." I said and kissed him. The next day Mommy took us to the airport and we started for California. We landed at LAX and went to the hotel. It was not far from Disney and he told me to go for a couple hours and enjoy it. He had to check in and get the meeting schedule.

I had lunch and walked around some and finally returned to the hotel and laid on the bed watching a movie. Daddy came in and laid down next to me. "Well, got a good schedule for the meetings starting this evening, do you mind?" he said. "Sure Daddy, I can stay here and eat and relax till you get back." I said as he was taking my shorts off and my thong. Then his hands began working my pussy lps and I was soon soaking wet. I took off my top and he began on my nipples that got hard as rocks and swelled. I was soon grabbing his cock and guiding him into my pussy and he was taking me to wonderful pleasures like he always did when we had time to play. We made love for an hour or so and then he said that the meeting was soon and that it was in a suite in the hotel. We showered and he got dressed casual and then told me to put on the dress he had bought. I did and since there was nothing but the dress it did not take long and I fixed my hair that was shoulder length at that time.

We got on the elevator and the few people that got on stared at me and then I reached over and kissed Daddy and they blushed and got off. We got to the floor that had the meeting rooms/suites and got off. It was ready with a bar and several tables and chairs for about 20 or so. "Now Dear, I want you to be my greeter and show the guys in. Tell them that they can sit where their name plates are and that the bar is open." Daddy told me. "Okay, ah, Daddy?" I said. "Yes Dear." "Can I get a couple drinks?" I asked him. "Of course, it will help you get ready to take care of our guests." he said and I smiled, "I was hoping so." I said and had several vodka on the rocks and a lemons and felt the buzz starting and knew that was all I needed. Daddy told me, "Okay, they should be here soon, stand by the door and keep it cracked some to see out." he told me. I walked to the door and as soon as I had opened it some a tall man stepped in, "Is this the meeting?" he said and looked me up and down and smiled. "Yes, it is, I am Susan." I said in my best grown up voice. I hugged him and he hugged me back and I told him that the name places on the table would show him his seat and that the bar was open. He went and got hmself a couple drinks and stared at me and shook Daddy's hand. "Impressive staff." he said. "Yes, I chose her myself." Daddy smiled.

Men came to the door and I told them each the same thing and hugged each one making sure it was a really nice hugg. My nipples were hard and erect and at that time I had a nice tan and so my skin had a nice luster to it making the nipples darker than normal. THey all sat down and most were looking at me more than Daddy. He smiled at me, "Well, the meetings are going to be a lot of work so I thought that we would start by relaxing some. Now Susan is here to take care of us and supply whatever we need. She enjoys being around men and so she will be ready to take care of anything at all that you want." he said and came back to me at the back of the room and led me to the front that had a short platform. He mounted three cameras and then went into a side room and brought a mat that was a mattress that was foam and 4 inches thick or so. It was laid on the platform and some of the men had bulges in their pants already and I was drooling over what I was seeing. Dady stepped to me and kissed me deep and his hands were all over my body and then he was down on his knees and he brought the dress up over my head and of it came. That left me totally naked with a clean shaved pussy and hard nipples and my pussy was already soaking wet.

"Well, what can I do for everyone?" I asked and a couple men stepped up taking my tits in the hands and sucking the nipples. Another was in front of me kissing my tummy and making me legs weak. I think that I had better lay down, my knees are so weak." I said and laid on my back grabbing a couple cocks in my hands. I laid down and spread my legs and said, "Well, who wants to be first" and a man stepped up and undressed and his half hard cock was huge. "Oh good, streach me out for the rest." I said and he was naked on his knees and I took his cock in my hands and guided him to my pussy. It swelled in my hands and at the entrance of my pussy it was so thick I could not put my hand around it anymore. "Let me know if it hurts." he said and I wrapped my legs around him, "I hope it does." and pulled him into me and he moaned as I had an orgasm that sprayed a couple feet away around his hard cock. "Damn little lady, guess you want to get fucked." he said. "Yes, I do, so get it going." I said and he began ramming me hard. After two more orgasms he filled my pussy with his load and another man was on me and he too filled me with a nice sized cock and his load. I reached for a couple for my mouth and began sucking them off and feeling there hot cum down my throat and orgasms shcking my whole body. I looked up and Daddy was naked in me and plunging hard making me cry out. He was the last of the group and after he filled me we were all laying around having drinks and I was sucking on cocks cleaning cum from them and enjoying some that put me on my knees to take me doggie style. More orgasms consumed my body and finally, about mid-night, Daddy stood up and told everyone the meetings began at 10 A. M. the next day. I felt strange and turned to Daddy and said loud so everyone could hear me, "So that does not give much time for sleep." and he said, "Well, we all need to get some sleep." and I hugged him as his cock came back to life, "Well Daddy, you are going to fuck your little girl for a while longer." The men all looked at us. "Yes guys, this is my daughter Susan and she will be here providing entertainment all weekend." They all stood open mouthed.


2014-03-21 13:38:26
Hey it was great I love all your stories keep up sue

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This story sucked. Do us all a favor and never attempt to write this fucking garbage again.

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