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Soon after my daughter's 16th birthday, I felt it was necessary to make an appointment with a GYN. From our many discussions, I knew that her friends were becoming sexually active. My daughter was now dating on a semi-regular basis and I was well aware of the curiosity would only be a matter of time, until my daughter would eventually find herself having sex. I was concerned for her safety and so, part of the reason for the visit; I wanted to ask the doctor for a birth control preion. She was also experiencing cramps. They way she explained the cramps to me, to include the timing of the cramps; I knew they weren't menstrual related. Again, I became concerned and so, another reason for the visit.

When my daughter and I stepped into the waiting room, I sensed her nervousness. Taking our seats, she sat quietly by my side. The night before, I had explained to her, what the procedure was going to be like. I also told her that I would be by her side, throughout the visit. I was nervous...and so, I decided to thumb through a magazine. At one point, I asked my daughter, "Honey, are you okay?"

"Yeah mom, I'm fine." Still, I could see the concern on my daughter's face.

"Honey, everything will be fine. Dr. Hilliard is really nice. I know you're going to like her." My daughter managed to show me her smile. I placed my hand on her knee and gave it a quick squeeze.

This became one of those moments. Call it...a moment to reflect. Maybe you have to be a mother, in order to appreciate how my mind was reacting. My little girl was growing up. It seemed like it was only yesterday; we were celebrating my daughter's 6th birthday. And now, here were were...sitting together in an GYN waiting room. Like many teenagers, my daughter was dis-satisfied with her looks. Or better yet, she became very conscientious about the size of her breasts...or lack thereof. Because of her small breast size, she considered her figure to be awkward. In reality, my daughter was experiecing a normal growth spurt and truth be known, the growth spurt wasn't doing her any dis-service. She stood 5'3 and couldn't weigh more than 120lbs. In time, I knew that she would come to appreciate her body...and within the far reaches of my mind, I knew that she would come to appreciate her sexuality.

JoLyn and I were very close, our relationship as mother and daughter was very strong. I always encouraged her to speak her mind. No subject was considered to be taboo. As of late, we talked alot about boys and sex. I always found myself breathing a sigh of relief; my daughter was still a virgin. My daughter often drew the comparisons between us. As it was, our physical features were much the same; I too had small breasts. Whenever I stood in front of the mirror, naked...I was reminded of this. Still, I was satisfied with my body. I always tried to convey this to my daughter.

I was in high school when I became pregnant. I was so in love with him. Of course, at the time, I thought he was in love with me. The "him" that I'm referring to? He's my daughter's father. Steve stuck around for a few years and then one day; he was gone. From that moment forward, though I suffered a few set-backs and heart aches; I was determined to succeed. I wanted to provide a good life for my daughter. For many years, I worked in a fast food environment, I also waitressed in some dives and yet, I eventually made something of myself. I enrolled in a computer-based college degree program. Oh to be sure, I paid a small fortune for babysitters, but in the long run, it paid off. I received my Bachelor's degree; I became a nurse. For the past 7 years, I've been working as a nurse in the Emergency Room.

My moment was disturbed when I heard my daughter's name being called out. A young woman in scrubs, was holding a folder in her hand. "JoLyn?" She called.

Both JoLyn and myself stood up. After the formal greeting, the nurse led us out of the waiting area and into a hallway. I stood to the side when JoLyn stepped on the scale. The nurse slid the metal weights back and forth until she found the appropriate arrangement. "Your weight is 114lbs." She smiled and jotted this down on her pad. Next, the nurse took my daughter's heighth. Just as I had guessed, my daughter stood 5'3".

The nurse then led us further down the hallway, until we had reached the examination room. Once we were all inside, the nurse took my daughter's blood pressure and temperature. Once the recordings had been documented, she said. "Okay JoLyn, I need you to undress." She handed my daughter a gown. "Your examination will go alot easier, if you put this gown on." With a sign of uncertaintity, my daughter took the garmet from the nurse. "In a few moments, the doctor will be come by." The nurse then left the room.

Again, I was there for support. "Honey," I said. "Everything is going to be fine. The gown is nothing more than a formality." I quickly picked up a magazine and began to thumb my way through it.

After taking a few deep breaths, my daughter kicked off her shoes. She had worn a pair of jeans with a simple top. This wasn't an everyday occurance; she never undressed in front of me. In a rather quick way, my daughter began to undress...before long, she was standing in her bra and panties. I remained quiet, and yet...I couldn't help myself. I found myself becoming intrigued and so, I was constantly glancing up from the magazine. My daughter's body was firm and tight, being well-defined. I thought it was an appropriate moment to say, "Honey, you have such a beautiful body."

JoLyn was quick with her remark. "Mom, you're supposed to say that." She glanced down her body and said. "I look too much like a boy." Of course, I knew she was referring to her breast size. "They make my body look awkward...different."

"Honey," I said. "Neither one of us were blessed with large breasts. But, there's more to a woman's body than just her breasts. Look further south." I was pointing in the direction of her crotch. Realizing where I was pointing, I then lifted my finger higher. "Your stomach is firm and flat. Your skin is soft and very smooth...every curve to your body is well pro-portioned. Trust me when I say this...there are so many women who would love to switch their bodies with yours." As soon as I said this, I quickly realized...that I was one of those women.

At that specific moment, the temperature in the examination room appeared to get very warm. I had drawn my daughter's attention to the southern most region of her body. She was looking down the length of her body. In a very slow and yet, methodical way, my daughter's fingers began to trace the contour of her body. I remained glued to my seat, my heart was beating a mile a minute; my mouth opened slightly. Her painted red nails were slithering in a downward spiral...starting from her breasts, down to her stomach. They slowly came to a rest on the waistband of her panties. Then, in a graceful way; she passed her hand over her vagina.

My heart skipped another beat. All at once, I came to the realization that my pussy was wet. I quickly regained my composure and said. "Honey, the doctor is going to come soon. I think you better change into the gown." My daughter looked in my direction and simply shrugged her shoulders; she then slightly turned herself away from me.

I tried to absorb myself in the magazine. Yet, I was well aware of my actions; I stole quick glances in my daughter's direction. In a absented minded way, she reached behind her back; my daughter's bra fell to the floor. The smoothness of her back caught my eye. Next, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties...a quick second later, she slid them down her legs. When she bent over at the waist to pick up her bra and panties, I sat attentive. I couldn't help but notice, hust how round and firm her bottom was. Her pubic hair was light brown in color. She wasn't accustomed in trimming her pubic hair. From where I was seated, I found myself wanting to reach out and touch her. My thoughts became suddenly blurred; she had wrapped the gown around her body.

When I heard my daughter's voice, I quickly returned to reality. "Mom, can you help me tie these things?" My daughter was referring to the flimsy strands of cloth, that were dangling on the sides of the gown. When I approached my daughter, her back was facing me. The back of the gown had slightly come apart...her small bottom was in perfect view; my heart skipped a beat. I brushed her hair aside and tied the strands of cloth by her neck. The next strand of cloth, that had to be tied, was by her waist. How was I not able to see, or to notice my daughter's bottom. Her skin appeared to be soft and very smooth. A part of me wanted to reach touch, to trace the crack of her ass with my finger. I fought the temptation...I quickly tied the gown around her waist and returned to my seat. I felt flush...warm; I was reminded that my pussy was damp.

"Thanks mom!" With her words being said, my daughter managed to get herself up on the examination table. As for myself, I tried to keep my mind off from my daughter's body. I continued to thumb my way through the magazine. A few quiet moments ensued before there was a light knock on the door. A second later, a woman close to my age...wearing a lab coat, stepped inside. Immediately, I stood up and said. "Hello Dr. Hilliard."

"Hello Janice, it's so nice to see you again." Dr. Hilliard then turned her attention to my daughter and said. "You must be JoLyn? It's very nice to meet you."

It was an awkward moment for my daughter, but she slowly met the doctor's hand and shook it. "Hi Dr. Hilliard, it's nice to meet you."

The doctor stood close to my daughter's side and quickly glanced at the folder in her hands. "JoLyn, I know this is your first visit and so, I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible...okay?"

My daughter smiled and nodded. She was nervous. She knew what to expect. I had given her some insightful information. For the time being, she remained seated on the examination table, her legs...her knees were tightly closed; her hands were on her lap.

The doctor then turned her attention to me and said. "Janet, since your daughter is a new patient, with your permission...I would like to speak to your daughter in private. I just have a few routine questions to ask her. Before the exam're more than welcome to come back."

I was half expecting this and so, I quickly stood up and said, "Not a problem." I placed the magazine back on the magazine rack, picked my handbag up and walked out into the hallway and back to the waiting room. Before leaving, I quickly squeezed my daughter's knee. Again, she appeared nervous. In the long run, I knew she would be alright.

As soon as my daughter and the doctor were alone, my daughter spoke up and said. "Dr. Hilliard. My mother can stay if she wants to."

"Please call me Linda. Again, I just wanted to have a few moments get to know each other. Your mother can come back at any time." A moment went by. "So how have you been feeling?"

"Well, lately I've been having these bad cramps." JoLyn answered.

"Have they been coming around at the same time, as your period?" The doctor asked.

"Yes and no. I mean, I feel crampy when I have my period. But too, they happen alot at school, when I'm not having my period."

"Well, lets start there. How's everything going at school?"

JoLyn gave her normal shrug and said. "I guess everything is going alright."

"JoLyn...high school can be seen, as being a very stressful time.

Another shrug, "I guess...maybe a little."

"What stresses you out? Your friends? Your classes...boys?"

"Well, my classes are harder and I seem to have more homework. But, I'm getting used to it." A seemingly long pause, "Sometimes...friends."

"What stresses you out about your friends?" Dr. Hilliard asked.

"Well, alot of my friends are having sex. So, alot of the conversation centers around boys. I don't feel as close to before. It's like...everyone is playing games, when it comes to dating."

"JoLyn, I hope you can appreciate what I'm about to say to you. I felt the same way, when I was in high school. It just seemed as if everyone was playing mind games. I was always left to feel, as if I had to go along and play the game. When I didn't play along...then yes, I felt as if my friends treated me differently."

"Yeah that's it. It's like...I don't fit in. And really, I don't feel as if I'm ready to have sex yet."

Dr. Hilliard nodded her understanding. "JoLyn...please listen to what I'm about to say to you. When you're ready to have'll know it. Don't rush yourself." A long moment went bye. "Do you feel comfortable in talking to your mother about this?"

"Yeah, she's the only person I can really talk to. She pretty much says the same thing to me."

"Well, do you think your mother understands your point of view...your thoughts and concerns?"

"Yeah, I think so. My mom went through the same stuff that I'm experiencing. She listens to me. You's like, my mom is my best friend. Whenever I'm feeling down, she always tells me how beautiful I am."

"That's great. It sounds like you two have a very special relationship." A moment went by before Dr. Hilliard continued. "So, what can you tell me about your father?"

"I never met him. Well, I guess I did when I was little...but, I don't remember him. He left us when I was two years old. I have a few photo's...but well, it's always been my mom and I."

"It's good that you have someone like your mom."

"Yeah. I think my mom is pretty cool."

"From what it sounds like, I would venture to guess that your cramps have something to do with the stress you're feeling at school. It may also have something to do, with your friends."

"Really?" JoLyn responded, surprised.

"Yes. In fact, it's a very normal thing. A lot of girls your age, experience this kind of thing. Just to be sure, I'm going to give you an examination...okay?" Already knowing the answer, Dr. Hilliard asked. "Have you ever had a pelvic exam before?"

JoLyn shook her head.

"It's very quick procedure. I'm going to ask you to put your feet in these stirups. Then, I'm going to feel inside you, with my fingers." Dr. Hilliard then reached for a speculum. "Then, I'll use this device. It's called a speculum and I'll perform a pap-smear, which checks for cervical cancer."

Dr. Hilliard encouraged my daughter to lay back on the examination table. "Would you like me to bring your mom back in?"

Thinking quickly, JoLyn responded, "It's okay...I kinda want to ask you a few more questions."

"Well JoLyn, feel free to ask me any question. Whatever is said in this room...stays in this room."

As the discussion was unfolding, Dr. Hilliard placed each of my daughter's feet into the metal stirups. A quick second later, she folded the flap of the flimsy gown and exposed my daughter's vulva. JoLyn swallowed the lump in her throat; she felt very vulnerable. Her nervous state was evident...her knees were slightly shaking. Before Dr. Hilliard had slipped on a pair of gloves, she placed her hands along the outer sides of my daughter's thighs. "It's okay JoLyn." She was caressing my daughter's thighs, trying to make her feel more comfortable. "You don't have to worry...there's nothing to be frightened of. Just talk to me and try to relax."

My daughter gave the doctor her best smile and in the same process, took a deep breath. In a matter of a few minutes, she began to feel more confident and comfortable. Dr. Hilliard placed her palms on JoLyn's stomach and began to lightly press down in specific areas. As she was doing this, she said. "I'm just feeling for any tenderness. Let me know if you feel anything." As she continued with her examination, Dr. Hilliard continued to say, "So, tell me what's on your mind?"

"Well, I think my breasts are small. And well, in PE...I've seen other friends, you know...their privates and well, they don't have their inside lips coming out at all. I've seen some photo's of older women whose stick out a lot. Mine...well, they just stick out a little. I wasn't sure whether is was right for them to do that."

"JoLyn," Dr. Hilliard said. "Your concerns are completely normal and what you've just told me, says a alot. It says, that you're very in tune with your body. Your inner lips are better known, as being your labia. Some girls...some women...their inner labia protrudes slightly and some don't. As you get older, they may change...but again, it's very normal."

Dr. Hilliard then turned her attention to the KY Jelly that was nearby. She placed some of the jelly on her fingers and began to rub them together, to warm up the lubricant. She then placed her hands on the inner side of my daughter's thighs...allowing her thumb to rest on JoLyn's genitals. In a very gentle way, Dr. Hilliard began to run her finger up and down along the barely emerging, inner labia. Dr. Hilliard glanced into my daughter's eyes...she had closed was hard to tell if she was nervous, or at peace with herself.

"Your inner labia," Dr. Hilliard said, "are hardly visible. Often times, it becomes a heredity issue. Have you talked about your concerns with your mom?" As Dr. Hilliard continued to touch my daughter's genitals; she began to breath in a heavier volume.

"JoLyn, are you with me? Did you hear what I said?" Hearing her voice, my daughter came back to earth; she was enjoying the Doctor's touch. As such, Dr. Hilliard had to repeat herself. It was then that my daughter had said. "I think my mom and I are the same way, but I'm not really sure."

Once again, my daughter closed her eyes. Doctor Hilliard slowly began to insert her finger into the depths of my daughter's vagina. With her finger partially inside, she said. "Do you and your mother talk about sex?"

"Sometimes...but not too often."

"Has your mother ever talked to you about the female anatomy?"

"No...not really."

Doctor Hilliard removed her finger and then, slowly re-inserted her finger into JoLyn's vagina. As she continued to do this, more and more, she began to respond. Her breathing became heavy...little by little; she began to relax. "Do you masturbate?" The doctor asked.

Though the question had startled my daughter, she said. "Yeah...sometimes."

"I think it's very healthy for a young woman to masturbate. You're allowing yourself the opportunity to know your it responds to your inner thoughts. Have you discovered your orgasm yet?" As Doctor Hilliard was speaking, her finger continued to slide in and out of my daughter's vagina. It became apparently clear; my daughter's natural juices were inter-mixed with the KY Jelly.

"I...I'm not totally sure. I mean it feels good whenever I touch myself...but, I'm not sure if I've ever had an orgasm."

"JoLyn, do you know where your clitoris is located?"

"I think I do," was my daughter's response.

When Doctor Hilliard removed her finger from my daughter's vagina, she began to massage my daughter's clitoral hood...a moment later; my daughter's clitoris appeared. Using her thumb, she gently began to massage she did, my daughter began to make soft moans. Her muscles tightened up...she raised her hips ever so slightly.

"I wanted you to know where your clitoris is located. Can you feel my thumb?"

Breathing heavily, my daughter responded. "Yes...I feel it."

"I hope that you'll be able to locate it on your own. I think it's important for a young girl to be able to appreciate her body; her sexuality."

As the doctor continued to manipulate my daughter's clit, my daughter said, "Uh huh...that feels so nice." With each passing moment, my daughter became, that much more relaxed. When Doctor Hilliard released my daughter's clitoris, my daughter opened her eyes...her facial expressions showed her disappointment.

In a quiet voice, my daughter asked, "So do I always have to touch my you know, have an orgasm?"

Doctor Hilliard replied by saying, "Some women can also feel alot of pleasure from direct vaginal contact."

"What...what does that mean?"

"Well, have you ever heard of oral sex?"

"Yeah...some of my friends have done it. It kinda sounds grouse. I've never done it...I'm kinda afraid to try it."

"Well, remember becomes a 2-way street. When you love someone, that person should also want to pleasure you in an oral way."

"You mean...someone would lick me...there?"

"Yes. In fact, they should want to lick you...there. Whoever you're sexual with, that person should want to be the sole reason for your pleasure; your orgasm."

Continuing on with the examination, Doctor Hilliard placed her thumb into my daughter's vagina. When she did, my daughter moaned deeply. In the same moment, she slipped her forefinger down to my daughter's anus. "This may feel a little strange, but it will only last a second." With her words being spoken, the doctor slipped her finger past the tight rim of my daughter's anus. Having never experienced this before, JoLyn took a sharp breath and slightly whimpered. Sensing my daughter's discomfort, Doctor Hilliard removed her finger from my daughter's anus. "Does that hurt?" She asked.

My daughter's body was tense. In a soft voice, she said. "It was okay...I just wasn't expecting it."

"I've added a little bit more lubrication to my finger. I'm going to insert my finger back into your bottom...again, just try and relax." The sensation was incredible. Once again, the doctor's thumb slipped into my daughter's vagina. Instead of just resting her thumb inside my daughter's vagina...she began to manipulate her wrist. In fact, in a slow and yet, methodical way, she began to finger fuck my daughter. All the while, her forefinger made it's grand entrance into my daughter's rectum. All at once, she asked, "How do you feel?"

My daughter's body was very tense...she was trying to contain her pleasure, or perhaps, her dis-comfort. Suddenly she blurted out, "I feel like...I have to go to the bathroom!"

All at once, Doctor Hilliard began to work her finger in and out of my daughter's bottom. All the while, her thumb never stopped it's assault; my daughter began to moan deeply. The craziest sensation that my daughter had ever felt...suddenly came to an end. Doctor Hilliard had removed her finger from my daughter's bottom; her thumb released it's hold on her vagina.

In a soft voice, Doctor Hilliard said. "Well JoLyn...many women enjoy anal sex."


"Definately. Your anus is a nerve rich area. Some women prefer only oral sex and then, some women prefer to have their bottom's penetrated." With her words being spoken, the doctor smiled at my daughter. She then removed her gloves and tossed them into the waste basket.

"So...when you say oral. You licking it?"

"That's exactly what I meant. It's very important to be clean."

"I'm confused...I don't understand. How you can clean it?"

"When a woman is going to have any type of anal sex...beforehand, they'll give themselves an enema. It cleans out your system. It becomes a very special moment...if your lover gives you the enema. It's called forplay."

Perhaps my daughter was trying not to show her naivety, she just nodded in acknowledgment. Sensing my daughter's confusion, Doctor Hilliard said. "JoLyn, just so you can always finger your anus youself, while you masturbate."

"You mean...I would have to insert my finger, into my own bottom?" A somewhat horrified expression grew on my daughter's face.

"It's important to remember, that you sould always use lubrication. Make sure your anus is well lubricated, and too, it's important to lubricate your finger. If you ever use a toy, make sure that well lubricated."

My daughter was over-come with curiosity. Without thinking, my daughter asked. "Have know, every tried it?"

"Yes, I have. Sometimes, I welcome the sensation. It depends on my mood."

My daughter was deep in thought. Finally she said. "'ve had anal sex?"

"Well, yes and no. I don't want to confuse you. You see JoLyn, I'm a lesbian. So, I've never had anal sex with a man before. But, I have received anal sex, from another woman."

"Really?!" My daughter was at a loss of words. "I...I didn't know."

"It's okay JoLyn. I don't normally tell my patients that I'm a lesbian." With that being said, Doctor Hilliard removed the speculum from the wrapping.

"I think you're really pretty."

"Well thank you for the compliment. By the way, I think you're a very beautiful young lady."

Doctor Hilliard was all business after having spoken those words. She placed the instrument into my daughter's opening. Upon feeling the speculum, my daughter took a deep breath and tried to relax. "Sometime's when my mother and I go shopping and I try something on...I guess at the time, it makes me feel beautiful."

Dr. Hilliard grabbed a cotton swab and ran it around my daughter's cervix before removing it and placing it in a plastic tube. She then removed the gloves and tossed them in the waste basket. As she began to lower my daughter's legs from the stirrups, she said. "JoLyn, I think you're being very hard on yourself. I'm not preaching to you...more to the point, I'm telling you the truth. In time, you're going to see and feel...just how beautiful you really are."

Doctor Hilliards hands were resting on the top of my daughter's thighs. "We're all done. Just as I suspected, you look just fine."

"Thank you Doctor...I mean Linda."

"You're welcome. Did you have any more questions?"

"Should I be concerned with my breast size?"

It was apparently clear to the doctor, that my daughter's chest size was small. "If you wouldn't mind taking off your top, I'd be more than happy to examine your breasts?"

My daughter quickly began to analyze the doctor's offer. In a quick moment, she reached behind her neck and undid the knot that was holding the gown in place. A moment later, my daughter's breasts were exposed. "JoLyn, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Relax for a quick moment, while I take your measurements."

Sitting forward, Doctor Hilliard began to take one measurement after another. Finally, she said, "Let me guess, your bra size is a 34B?"

"Yeah, it is. How did you know?"

"Just sit back and relax. I'm going to apply a little pressure to your breasts." All at once, Doctor Hilliard reached out and began to gently massage my daughter's breasts. She made sure that my daughter's nipples were stroked just right...just enough, where her nipples became erect. In a matter of moments, my daughter became relaxed...the pleasure she was feeling, was slowly mounting.

Throughout the examination, Doctor Hilliard had tried ever so hard, not to become aroused by my daughter's body. But, she had a weakness when it came to breasts. She finally stopped massaging my daughter's breasts, when she felt a slight tingle between her legs. All my daughter could say was, "That was amazing."

All at once, Doctor Hilliard had helped my daughter off from the examination table. "JoLyn...your a very healthy young lady. Your breasts are normal...very healthy, in fact...quite beautiful. One day, you're going to discover love and when you share yourself with that person...I hope they're able to appreciate your inner beauty, as well as your physical beauty."

Doctor Hilliard held out her hand, expecting my daughter to shake it. Instead, my daughter leaned forward and the two embraced. "It was nice to have met you Linda." My daughter said.

"JoLyn, it was a pleasure, meeting you." When they dis-entangled themselves from each other, Doctor Hilliard then said. "I'm going to finish my report. While I do, you can change back into your street clothes."

Doctor Hilliard was trying her best to stay focused on my daughter's chart, but as my daughter began to remove the gown; she found herself glancing at my daughter. Before my daughter was able to put her bra and panties on, Doctor Hilliard was able to see, to admire my daughter's naked form. When my daughter was dressed, Doctor Hilliard said. "Remember, if you ever have any questions or concerns...feel free to contact me."

"Okay, I will." And just like that, my daughter left the examination room and returned to the waiting area. Once there, I almost jumped up from my seat. "Well?" I said. "Did everything go alright?"

"Yeah, it was okay. I really like, I mean Doctor Hilliard." Knowing that my daughter was healthy; my heart sang a happy tune. On the way home, we stopped at a local pizza joint. This was the moment, when I started to ask her questions about her examination. I was a bit surprised that my daughter was so candid with her answers.

"So, tell me something...what did you like about Doctor Hilliard?"

"Well," JoLyn said. "She made me feel really comfortable. You she talked to me on my level. I don't why...but, after awhile...I just felt comfortable."

Between bites, JoLyn continued, "I'm glad that nothing is wrong with me. Those cramps? Well, Doctor Hilliard told me that they could be the result of stress. You know from school."

Our time together was going along very smoothly. I was very interested in everything that my daughter had to say. "Mom, did you know that Linda...I mean Doctor Hilliard is a lesbian?"

I had known and I felt that this wasn't the time to lie, to my daughter. "Yes, I knew."

"How come you didn't tell me?"

"I took you to see Doctor Hilliard because of your cramps. JoLyn, when it comes to your health and well-being, do you think it's important to know, whether or not your doctor is a lesbian?"

"Well...I was a little surprised when she told me. If I had known beforehand? I don't know might have made me feel a little uncomfortable. Is it think that way?"

"Well honey, let's look at it this way. Did you like Doctor Hilliard?"

"Yes...I liked her alot!"

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, her personality...the way she talked to me; I felt as if she cared about me." A momet of silence and then my daughter said. "You know mom, I guess it doesn't matter."

"Did you and Doctor Hilliard know...did the subject of sex come up?"

"Yeah, I told her that I'm not in a hurry. We talked about oral sex. A few things about anal sex."

"Really?!" I was a little taken back.

"Yeah...and you know mom, when my friends talk about sex. Well, it sounds kinda dirty and nasty. When Doctor Hilliard explained herself to me...well, it didn't sound so dirty? Does that make sense to you?"

I could only smile and nod my understanding. "Honey, I understand everything you just said. Your sexuality is a very special thing to share with someone that you like, that you care for...someone you love."

"Yeah, that's pretty much what Doctor Hilliard said."

With dinner over, we set out for our home. Once we were in the car and driving, I said. "When we get home, you might want to look under your bed. I bought you something special." No matter how hard my daughter tried...I wasn't going to tell her what I had bought. In fact, I didn't even give her a clue. When we stepped into the house, she ran upstairs to her bedroom. I quickly followed her.

When I arrived at my daughter's bedroom, she was already in the process of opening up the box. It was a special little something from Victoria's Secret. JoLyn looked in my direction and said, "Mom, it's beautiful!"

"Well, I think it's important...every woman deserves to feel sexy."

JoLyn held the small pair of black satin panties and the matching bra. Her eyes widen and suddenly, she giggled, as if in a nervous state. When she unfolded the panties, it became quite obvious to her...they were of the g-string type. In truth, the garment barely looked like anything. As for the matching bra? I wanted my daughter to accept her breasts as they were and so, I made sure the bra was perfectly fitted for her breast size.

The panties were dangling on her fingers when my daughter said. "When am I supposed to wear them? It's not like...I'm dating anyone."

"Honey, I'm going to take a hot shower and get into my pajamas. Why don't you take a shower...and then afterwards, you can model your new outfit for me."

About 20 minutes went by. I had taken my shower and changed into my pajama's. I then went downstairs and made a cup of hot tea. I then went back upstairs. I lightly knocked on my daughter's bedroom door. "Yeah mom...I guess you can come in."

When I entered her bedroom, she was standing in front of the mirror. I almost dropped my cup of tea; she was so beautiful. She turned to face me...the smallest of straps, were holding the panties in place against my daughter's waistline. A small patch of fabric was protecting me...the world, from seeing her vagina. Sprouting from the protective was a clear indication that my daughter was in need of some personal self-grooming; her pubic hairs were quite visible. The petite bra was in place, the delicate fabric held her breasts in check.

"Mom, I can't believe that you bought this for me! It' beautiful! I feel so...I don't know...different."

"Well, let me have the grand tour. Turn around."

I couldn't believe my eyes. When JoLyn turned around, my daughter's bottom came into view. A tiny triangle of cloth gave way to a single, small strap that ran between my daughter's tight ass cheeks. When she turned back around, I'm sure she noticed the shock on my face. Before our eyes met, she ran her hands over her breasts...a moment later; my daughter's nipples stood erect.

"You look a little surprised mom. you like it?" My daughter's voice had been quiet...a sort of careful tone of voice.

I walked the few steps and took my daughter in my arms. Holding her close, I whispered, "I love it." JoLyn hugged me tight and for that moment, my heart was singing a happy tune. When we broke from the hug, I said. "Since you're old enough to go to a GYN...well, I thought it was time for you to appreciate"

Standing back in front of the mirror, my daughter said. "I just can't believe you bought me something that is so revealing." JoLyn then faced me and said. "What...what do you wear mom, when you're feeling sexy?"

"Well, I keep everything concealed under my clothes. Seeing your ol' mom in pajama's might seem boring...but again, you've never seen what I wear under them."

"Well...I'm curious mom. Can you show me?"

" you really want to see me in my underwear?" I asked?

"I do mom. Please...can you take your pajama's off."

I set my tea down on my daughter's bureau. Without hesitating, I removed my pajama top. I looked into my daughter's eyes as I pulled my pajama bottoms to my ankles. I wasn't wearing a bra and panties were shear, pastel blue in color and they made me feel incredibly sexy. Looking into my daughter's direction...she started to look me up and down. "Wow mom!" She said. "You look great!"

I was well aware that my nipples were hard. The crotch of my panties just barely covered my mound...the night before, I had trimmed my pubic hair. "Do you really think so?" I asked.

"Mom, I've always thought you were beautiful. And now...I can't believe that I'm actually seeing know, without hardly having any clothes on."

Hearing my daughter say those words...I held out my arms and she quickly bounced into them. It was a very special moment...there wasn't any light between our bodies; my daughter held me close to her. I was able to feel my hands on my daughter's back...and my daughter's hands were felt on my lower back. I inhaled the scent of her hair...I felt her bare skin on my stomach; I ran my hands, my fingernails along her back. When my hand came in touch with the waistband of those new panties....I shivered and still, I allowed my hand to stray further down until I was cupping her right buttock in my hand. Breaking from the hug, being only inches away from each other; I looked into my daughter's eyes. I kissed her.

The kiss was quick and yet, our lips lingered together. My tongue slipped out from my mouth and I knew, I had touched my daughter's lips. She never opened her mouth...but the flavor of my daughter's lips caused my pussy to become damp. For a very long moment, we didn't say a word to each other. Remaining in each other's grasp, we just stared at each other. "Mom...why did you kiss me like that?"

"I...I'm sorry honey. Seeing you in this way...sharing this conversation with you...well, I just got carried away. I...I just think you're so beautiful."

"Mom...Do you really think, that I'm beautiful?"

I brought my hand to my daughter's face. "Honey, I know you're my daughter. I know you think that I say those make you feel better about yourself. But the truth is...yes, I think you're very beautiful." I stood back...and allowed my eyes to capture my daughter's figure. "I'm looking at my pride and joy and yet, I can't help but notice your body."

I then sat on the side of my daughter's bed. "I have something that I need to tell you. I'm not sure how you'll respond to what I'm about to say...but, I hope you'll have an open mind."

"What is it mom?"

"Doctor Hilliard...or rather Linda. She and I...well, we've been seeing each other. I guess you could say...we've been dating each other."

My daughter's mouth opened...she stared at me in complete shock. "Mom...are...are you saying that you're a lesbian?" She asked.

I smiled and looked up into my daughter's eyes and said. "I guess I am."

There was no question, I had caught my daughter off guard. She wasn't expecting this type of announcement. She managed to stumble over to her bed. She carefully sat next to me. "Where...when, did you meet her?"

I turned to face my daughter and said. "About four months ago, I bumped into her at the grocery store. We knew each other in high school. After graduation...well, we lost track of each other. What started out as a simple conversation...well, we decided to go out and have a cup of coffee. That's when she told me about her sexual preferrence. I don't know how to say it...but well, I found myself being attracted to her."

"Are you and Doctor Hilliard...lovers?"

"Yes honey...we are. I'm in love with her...and I haven't felt this way, in a very long time."

My daughter was lost in thought. The silence was finally broken when my daughter said. "Is that why you took me to see her?"

"Well, yes and no. I wanted you to meet her. I was trying to think of ways, that I could introduce you to her. But, your health was more of a concern to me. I guess you could say, I was solving two issues at once."

"Do you know what we talked about?"

"No honey...whatever you said to Linda...that's between the two of you. I wouldn't expect her to say anything to me." In a careful sort of way, I said. " did say, that you talked about oral sex...and anal sex?"

"Have you and Linda?"

"Yes honey, Linda and I have made love to each other. In fact, I enjoy making love to her. She's introduced me to a whole new outlook on life. And part of my life...includes, my sexuality."

I held out my hands and when JoLyn placed her hands in mine; I smiled. I felt as if my daughter was trying to some degree, I had shocked her with my news. The bedroom became very quiet. I decided to break the silence by asking, "So, what else did you and Linda talk about? You can tell me...only if you feel comfortable in sharing it with me."

"Well, we talked about school stuff. She asked me, how you and I got along." My daughter looked into my eyes and said. "I told her, that we were really close."

Another smile appeared on my face. In a soft voice, JoLyn then said. "And well...we talked a little bit about my body."

"You did? Well...Do you feel comfortable in telling me about your conversation?" I said.

"Well...we talked about how girls know...when we get stimulated by certain things. That's kinda the time, when Doctor Hilliard asked me if I had ever masturbated before."

"Really? What was your answer."

"I told her that I had...maybe, a few times." JoLyn became quiet and then, she continued to say, "She told me that some women can reach an orgasm with just regular sex."

I was quick to say, "That's true. But many women enjoy and need, other types of stimulation."

"Yeah, that's what Doctor Hilliard said. That's when she mentioned oral sex...and you know...anal sex." It was a special moment, when my daughter looked up into my eyes and said, "Did you know that some women like to have their bottoms touched and licked?"

In a very soft voice, I answered my daughter by saying, "Yes honey...I'm very much aware that some women do like those things. And if we're going to be precise in how we're talking...instead of a bottom being licked, the're actually licking each other's anus'."

I had just revealed alot of information to my daughter. She was sitting quietly by my side. All at once, she looked at me...her eyes were wide open. "Are you saying mom...that you like having your bottom touched? I mean...your anus licked?"

"Yes Honey...I do. In fact, Linda introduced me to that type of pleasure. At first, I thought it was kinda naughty. You know...touching someone down there. But now, I think it's a beautiful way, that I can show Linda...just how much I care and love her. I want to be the sole reason for her pleasure; her orgasm'."

"On my gosh!" Something had startled my daughter. "Doctor Hilliard said, that she's had anal sex with another woman! I that...I mean, are you the woman, that's she's talking about?"

Again, not wanting to lie, I said. "Yes honey...Linda and I have explored many sexual activities. One being...anal sex."

"Wow mom! You mean...I mean...she's licked you down there?"

"Honey...yes she has. In fact, I've licked her down there. It was a sensation that I've never experienced before...but, I hope to do it over and over again."

"In the examination room, she mentioned a finger...going inside. Do you do that, too?"

"Yes honey...we've pleasured each other with our tongues, our fingers and too, we've used a few toys."

"What kind of toys?"

"Well...have you ever heard of a strap-on?"

"I've seen pictures of one...but, I've never like...seen one."

"Well, Linda owns one and we've used it on each other. I told Linda that I would like to have one of my, we were planning to buy one this weekend."

Sitting on my daughters bed, holding each other's hands...I could see that she was deep in thought. Yet, my daughter never gave me the impression, that she wanted to run away. She could have asked me to leave her room...but, she didn't. My daughter seemed to be as ease in talking to me and well...this made my heart, sing a happy tune.

"I asked her know...down there." My daughter said. She was pointing in the direction of her crotch.

"Honey, I don't understand. Is there anything wrong...done there?"

"Well...I asked Doctor Hilliard about my inner lips coming out a little from the outside ones and she said, that it was a normal thing."

"I've said that to you before...but, it was okay for you to ask Linda. You should be able to ask your doctor any question."

"Yeah mom, she said that it could be a hereditary thing and that might have the same thing, as me."

I had to smile at what my daughter had said. "JoLyn, I do actually." For whatever reason, I heard myself say, "Do you want me to look at yours?"

Before my daughter could utter a word, I let go of her hands and I reached towards her a simple movement, I pulled back the shear fabric of her panties. My heart skipped a beat...before my very eyes, was my daughter's tight little pussy. I looked up at JoLyn; her eyes were opened wide. Instantly, I began to trace the small rim of flesh that protruded from her outer labia.

In a quiet voice, my daughter said. "Does yours look like that?"

"Yes honey...they do." I became acutely aware of my daughter's wetness. On impulse, I heard myself say, "If you want to check for yourself...well, you can."

My daughter was staring at my crotch. Ever so slightly, I parted my legs. I wanted her to do this on her own free will. Her hand was resting itself on my thigh. I could tell that she was considering on doing it...her hand began to caress my inner thigh. With each passing second, she seemed to gain her confidence; her hand was inching closer and closer to my crotch. Her delicate fingers began to lift the fabric that covered my pussy...she looked up into my eyes and I nodded, in encouragement. At long last, I felt her gaze...and then she reached out and touched my outer lips, followed by my inner lips.

Whispering, JoLyn said. "Mom...your pussy is so pretty. How come you don't have as much hair, as I do?"

I had to catch my breath. In a soft voice, I said. "I keep my pussy trimmed. Before I met Linda...I never trimmed my pubic hair." My daughter had let go of the fabric to my panties...the bedroom grew very silent. I kept looking into my daughter's eyes...when she looked up into my eyes, I reached out and caressed her cheek. I then brought her lips to mine. This kiss lasted longer and I was pleasantly surprised when my daughter allowed my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues danced a happy tune...and all the while, JoLyn had left her hand on my thigh.

When we broke free from our kiss, JoLyn said. "I love you mom."

I whispered in return, "I love you to honey."

Hearing my daughter say those words to me...having said those words to my daughter; I drew her mouth to mine. I felt my hands touching my daughter's body...and suddenly, I was aware that we fell back onto her bed. We were on our sides...we were facing each other, touching each other...and I knew, that I wanted more. I had felt JoLyn's hand...she had cupped my breast...her hand traveled across my stomach. I was aware of my wetness. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I shuddered in pleasure and I knew...that I wanted more of my daughter.

Breaking the kiss, I said. "Honey...we need to be careful. Maybe we should stop. This...this isn't something that mothers and daughters should be doing."

I could have gotten up. I could have ended that moment...but, I didn't. I remained on my daughter's bed. JoLyn caressed my face...her finger traced my lips. I took one of her fingers into my mouth...then another. I watched as she moved her hand towards my breast...a moment later; she held my breast in her hand. Once again, our lips touched; our tongues became active. My mind was swirling in desire. Something, that should have ended...had continued. I being the adult, the responsible party...allowed the moment at hand, to continue. In celebration...I brought my hand to my daughter's breast. Feeling the fabric of her bra wasn't enough and so, I pushed my hand under the cup of her bra; her breast was in my hand.

We removed our bras and tossed them aside. My daughter's nipples became hard, when I took one and then the other, into my mouth. When JoLyn had closed her lips around my nipples...I discovered that I didn't have to say a word of instruction. Instinctively, she swirled her tongue around each of my nipples until they were hard. When she began to suck my nipples, I became lost in passion...aside from watching her; my moans of pleasure came to life. When I began to work my daughter's panties off from her body...she emulated my actions, by trying to remove mine from my body.

It became an amazing moment...our panties were discarded, tossed off in the distance of my daughter's bedroom...I instantly became aware of my daughter's hand. She was cupping my crotch; my pussy. I reached my hand down between my daughter's legs and discovered her wetness. My daughter wanted me. Instantly, our lips locked onto each other's lips; our tongues were in constant motion.

When JoLyn started to use her she began to explore my pussy, she said. "Did I cause this mom?"

I knew she was speaking of my wetness. "Yes honey...I'm wet because of you."

In a very deliberate way, I slid my middle finger into my daughter's pussy. My daughter's moans were immediately heard...and very slowly, I began to finger fuck my little baby girl. I whispered in her ear, "Can you tell me why your wet?"

Amidst my daughter's moans, she whispered, "It's you mom...I'm wet, because of you."

I removed my finger from my daughter's pussy and brought it up to my face. Her eyes grew wide and she watched me, as I placed my finger in my mouth. I made sure that she was able to see my I began to clean her juices from my finger. Looking into my daughter's eyes, I said. "You taste wonderful."

Whispering, JoLyn said. "Can I do that mom?"

I took her hand in my hand and guided it down past my stomach. Releasing her hand, my daughter found the courage; her finger went deep into my canal. I moaned in pleasure and before long, my precious daughter began to finger fuck my pussy. When she removed her finger, it was coated with my juices. I shivered in pleasure as I watched my daughter; she licked her finger clean.

It felt so nice to be laying with my daughter...naked on her bed; our bodies entangled together. "Honey," I said. "Stick your tongue out."

"My tongue?" My daughter asked.

"Yes, stick your tongue far as you can."

I could see the confused look on my daughter's face. Yet, she complied with my request. When her tongue came into view...I stuck my tongue out and began to lick her entire tongue. I then sucked her tongue into my mouth...a subtle reminder was tasted; I was able to taste my pussy. While I was enjoying the flavor of my daughter's mouth; my finger found her clit. I then brought my body on top of was such an erotic and sensual moment; out breasts were touching; our nipples remained hard.

In a very loving way, I began to tease and torment my daughter's pussy. My finger circled around; I carefully caressed her small clit. Her moans were very soft and yet, deep. She appeared to be relaxed; she was enjoying herself. Whenever I slid my finger into the depths of her pussy; her moans became more prominent...deeper. I began to alternate; From stimulating her finger would delve into my daughter's pussy. Very slowly, in a very careful way...I began to finger fuck my daughter. When I removed my finger, I could feel her juices...I would then marry her juices with her clit; my daughter was truly enjoying the moment. While finger fucking my daughter, I discovered that my daughter's hymen was intact. My daughter was a virgin; my heart sang a happy tune.

My hand never left my daughter's pussy...I was kissing her ear lobes, her tongue traveled to her nipples. I licked and kissed her mouth formed a seal over each nipple; she moaned in divine pleasure. I lovingly bit down on one of her nipples...she opened her eyes, the sensation seemed to paralyze her; she then continued to moan and her eyes closed. She would learn in time...just how precious, her breasts were.

There was no point in questioning myself. I wanted to taste my daughter's pussy. My daughter was in a state of extreme pleasure. But, I wanted to hear her voice...I wanted to sense her hunger. Amidst her moans, as her body moved in rhythm to my finger, I asked her. "Honey, do you want mommy to lick your pussy?"

She nodded her head. Her mouth was open...but I didn't hear her voice. Her body was experiencing a new sensation, an overwhelming sensation of passion and was hard for her to hear my voice. I repeated myself. I wanted to hear her voice. A moment later, her eyes opened...she looked down her body; our eyes were fized on each other. In a very clear voice, my daughter said. "Please mom...please...lick my pussy." From her voice...her eyes; I saw her hunger; I felt her passion.

"Just relax honey...mommy's going to make you feel so good."

My tongue then slithered down my daughter's body. Instinctively...without any assistance; my daughter opened her legs for me. My face was only a few inches away from my daughter's pussy. At that moment, I inhaled the fragrance of her body. In a delicate way, I spread my daugter's pussy apart...she moaned deeply. I took a moment to look, I was able to notice the various shades of pink; my daughter's pussy was so beautiful. There before my very eyes...was my daughter's clit. Carefully, I brought my finger to that very sensitive organ; my daughter moaned in extreme pleasure. When I began to circle her clit with my finger; she raised her hips slightly, in the air. I watched my finger, as it made it's way into the depths of my daughter's pussy. Removing my finger...once again, I was able to enjoy the flavor of my daughter's pussy; I licked my finger clean.

I watched my arm was in constant motion; I became fascinated in how my daughter's body was reacting to being finger fucked. Her body language was alive, her moans were constant...I wondered how close she was to her orgasm. Removing my finger...I then placed two of my fingers at the entrance to her pussy. My daughter's pussy was tight, but I felt it could be stretched. Her body contracted, a deep growl came from her throat...but at long last, I was able to push my finger's into her sweet pussy. Her arms flailed and then she grasped the bed spread; I brought my mouth to her pussy.

I licked every crevice of her pussy...I teased her clit endlessly. When I thought she was close to reaching her orgasm...I suppressed my efforts. Her body began to sweat...her lips were quivering; her body was in rhythm with my fingers.

"JoLyn...honey...Look at me," I said.

JoLyn raised her head...our eyes locked locked onto each other. I wanted her to see me; I wanted her to see, to feel my tongue as it graced over her clit. The muscles in her legs contracted, she fell back to the bed; her eyes closed. "Mmmmmmuuuuhhhhh!" Was the only sound that I heard from my daughter's throat. She began to bite her lip, her hips began to flow in a free way...once again, I knew her orgasm was approaching.

My mouth formed a seal over my daughter's clit; my tongue became active. I was trying to hold my daughter still...I was trying to keep her legs spread apart; her hips began to bounce up off the bed. I wanted to savor this moment...not wanting to use my fingers; I began to fuck my daughter's pussy with my tongue. Alternating from fucking her with my tongue, to licking and sucking her clit...I knew her orgasm was fast approaching.

All at once, I heard a muffled scream. I glanced up and noticed that my daughter had raised her head, her eyes were opened wide...her lips were quivering with excitement; her orgasm had come to life. She bounced back on the bed, her hips were tongue stayed in perfect contact; a beautiful warm liquid began to ooze from her slit...every precious drop of my daughter's orgasm was savored..

After her body settled down...I slithered myself to where we were facing each other. Before we could say a word to each other...I held her in my arms; I kissed her. When our lips parted, my daughter said. "I...I've never felt anything like that before."

"Honey, you tasted so good. I'm so happy that I could be a part, the reason for your orgasm." My smile came to life. Looking into my daughter's eyes, I then said. Would you like mommy to lick your anus?"

"Mom, would you do that for me?"

"Honey, of course I would." Again, I needed to hear my daughter's voice. "Just tell me what you would like me to do."

I saw the apprehension, but at long daughter said. "Mom, will you lick my ass?"

"Mmmmm, honey...I'm going to enjoy your asshole." I then positioned my daughter so that her bottom was on the side of the bed. I knelt down on the floor...once again, on her own; my daughter had spread her legs wide apart. Like before, I began to run my tongue down the crevice of my daughter's labia. As quickly as I did, my daughter began to whimper and moan. My daughter's pussy was creating it's own juices. I added my saliva, my spit to her natural juices...aside from pushing my tongue into my daughter's pussy; I sucked my daughter's clit.

JoLyn was in a state of frenzy. I was able to manipulate her knees...I raised my daughter's pelvis...and spread her legs even wider apart. My saliva, along with my daughter's natural juices...they were running their tongue followed the warm stream over a small ridge of flesh until it flowed between her ass cheeks. I purposely had placed my daughter in this position...I knew that her ass cheeks would be slightly apart. I kissed both of her ass cheeks. I ran my tongue up and down, along the crack of her ass. I pushed my face into the direction of my daughter's tongue darted between her ass cheeks; my tongue came into contact with her anus. As I began to circle her daughter bellowed out a loud moan.

"Mom...that feels sooooo good!"

The first time that Linda had licked my asshole? Well, those were the same words that I had mentioned. I just didn't say the word, "mom." I couldn't believe, that I was actually licking and tasting my daughter's asshole.

I looked up between my daughter's outstretched legs...her eyes were closed; her body was rigid. She was squeezing her breasts; her finger's were toying with her nipples. I wasn't satisfied in just tasting my daughter's anus...I knew within my heart; I wanted to "taste" her asshole. I released the grip that I had on my daughter's legs. Call it instincts...a moment later, my daughter was holding her legs apart; her knees remained bent. Using my hands, I was able to spread her ass cheeks apart. Once again, I coated my daughter's anus with my saliva. Though I tried, I wasn't able to push my tongue into her ass. The attempts that I made; I did enjoy.

I slowly began to lick my daughter's tongue traveled from her asshole, to her pussy and then back to her asshole. I focused my attention on my daughter's clit...creating a seal with my mouth, I sucked and swirled my tongue; she moaned deeply. Whenever my tongue traveled to my daughter's was my intent, to produce as much saliva as I could. I coated her darkened hold with my spit...with the juices from her pussy; I wanted to push my finger into the far reaches of her rectum.

My middle finger remained in constant contact with my daughter's anus. The more she was able to feel my finger at her back entrance...the more relaxed she became. A decision had to be made...and so, while I sucked on my daughter's clit; I pushed my finger forward. My daughter's entire body seemed to convulse, her entire body strained...there was little doubt in my mind; she had felt my finger. I wasn't backing down...I wasn't going to withdraw my finger; I pushed my arm, my finger forward.

I moved my head to my daughter's ass...I watched in total awe, as my finger slowly made it's way into my daughter's rectum. She squirmed in a frantic way and yet, she kept her legs opened...I sensed that she wanted to feel this sensation. With my finger in her asshole, I directed my spit in that same area. When I slowly started to remove my finger from my daughter's bottom...once again, I spit and coated her asshole with my saliva. When my finger began to move freely and without resistance...I was able to feel the soft tissue of my daughter's rectum.

As I continued to finger fuck my daughter's rear end...once again, I focused my attention on her pinkish genitals. I was enjoying every moment. Little by little, I was bringing my daughter to that plateau...where her body would convulse, where her voice would be heard and when her orgasm would come to life.

At long last, my daughter cried out; her body convulsed. Her orgasm flowed freely onto my tongue. It had been an incredible journey. With her orgasm in full swing...I held her legs apart...I kept licking and savoring my daughter's juices. When her orgasm seemed to subside, I pushed my finger deep into her rectumm and held it there...I sealed my mouth around her clit; I sucked in earnest. Finger fucking my daughter in a frantic my tongue continued it's assault on her clit...her body tensed and shuddered. There was a long silent moment and then, "Aaauuuggghhhhhh!!" My daughter reached another orgasm and I was blessed with more of her natural juices. I retracted my finger from my daughter's ass. She fell into the bed, exhausted. I licked the remaining juices until my daughter's pussy was dry.

I then crept up to my daughter; not a word was spoken; we just held each other. At long last, our lips touched. It was my daughter who broke the silence. "Mom...will you teach me. You to pleasure you."

Our faces were only inches away from each other. I caressed my daughter's face and said. "Do you want to taste mommy's pussy?"

I smile when my daughter said. "Yes...more than anything." A moment went by and then, my daughter said. "I...I want to taste your bottom too."

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