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Part 08: A visit from Lana

The next week was the most fun I could ever recall having.

One day I awoke to Jennifer giving me a blowjob, and the next I found myself being practically raped by my mother after giving Stephanie a quick kiss. which of course set in motion her orders to get extremely horny, and the need to feel my seed inside her pussy.

I started to make a greater effort to make Stephanie and mom pregnant, and often fucked both of them several times every day.
I still wanted to make Jennifer pregnant as well, but a part of me still hoped that she would approach me herself, and ask to impregnated, so I was kind of ignoring her a bit on purpose, hoping to force a reaction from her before long.
I still fucked her daily obviously, but since I had no idea if she was still on the pill or not, I was not really as excited fucking her, as I was fucking the other 2.

I had decided that she would have 14 days from the time of me confronting my mother, till I would force her to let me knock her up, so she still had about a week left.

In the aforementioned week, I probably shot enough sperm inside the 3 girls to make the entire female population in town pregnant.
Every time I delivered a load inside one of the girls (Jennifer excepted) I ordered them to lie back for 30 minutes with their ass high in the air, making sure my seed stayed inside until it had done its job.

I felt like a proud old male lion, that was breeding the bitches of his pack, making sure his bloodline was secured.
But I also knew I would protect them all at every cost.
They were mine, and I had to take care of them and watch out for them.
That is also the job of a male lion: To protect his pack.

About a week after confronting my mother, I found myself at the pool once more.
All of us were there, and I had made a *no clothing allowed* rule, and was sitting in a chair with a rock-hard cock, enjoying the view of the 3 naked bodies to admire.

I watched Stephanie as she turned her back on me, bent over, wriggled her ass at me, and the dived head first into the pool.
They seemed to enjoy teasing me, and I was certainly not complaining either.

Even mom had started to flash little smiles whenever they teased me, and that was even more exciting to me.
My mom had stopped fighting the situation, and that made everything easier.

As I watched Stephanie climb out of the pool, I caught a nice view of her smooth belly, and suddenly I could see what seemed to be a small bulge on her belly.
It might have been the light, or the way she was standing, but the idea of Stephanie’s belly growing with my child was more than I could bear.

I flashed a huge smile at her.
“You look fucking stunning Steph. If you get pregnant then I hope our child will inherit your looks.”
She just laughed, and went over and gave me a big kiss.

“You are not that bad looking yourself bro.” She said, as she broke away.
Her tits were dangling in my face, and I could not help but suck on one of her nipples, which quickly turned hard in the process.

As I sucked and played with my sister’s tits, I suddenly felt a pair of lips close around my cock, and looked down at my mother’s face, as she started to suck me off.

I laughed, as I realised that kissing Stephanie had of course gotten my mother’s juices flowing, as per her orders.

After a while, I found a blanket, and laid it under me as I lied back on the ground.
My mother mounted my cock, while Stephanie mounted my face.

I could feel the warm tightness of my mother’s pussy as she slid up and down on my cock, and I could smell and taste the fresh taste of my sister, as I kept licking at her pussy.
I could feel her pussy juice starting to run down my chin, and felt her body shake.
She soon moaned and collapsed on top of me in a intense orgasm, and nearly suffocated me in the process.

The inability to breathe, combined with the sensation of my own mother riding my cock, made me shoot my cum inside my mother’s pussy, adding to the ever-increasing odds of knocking her up.
Stephanie removed her pussy from my face, making me gasp for air.

“Sorry Trent, I lost control there for a moment. Are you alright?” She bit her lip, indicating that she was concerned.
“Yeah, I am fine.” I gasped.
“And if I had died, then I would have died a happy death, you can be sure of that.” I continued, as I managed to laugh.

We sat down and relaxed for a few minutes.
Then we could hear a phone ringing.

I really didn’t feel like moving right now, as I was still lying on the floor with 2 hot women right next to me.
“Jennifer, would you get the phone please, we are exhausted over here?” I asked, looking at Jennifer who had been watching out little fuck-session with interest from a pool chair.

“What, you think I am your personal slave or something?” She asked with a smile.
“Perhaps.” I grinned back.

She got up, and went over to me.
“I will go, but there is a price to pay.” She said with a teasing voice.
“What price?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

Without a word she leaned down and kissed me.
“A kiss? That was a pretty pleasant price.” I told her.
“The kiss is not the price, it is what it leads to.” She noted, and turned around with a laugh, as I felt my mother starting to suck my cock again, aroused by Jennifer’s kiss.

“That little devious….” I mumbled, as I prepared to fuck my mother once more in my weakened state.
Jennifer returned just as I pushed my cock inside her pussy again.
“Your sister Emilie would like to speak with you.” She grinned, as she handed my mother the phone.

The idea of fucking my own mother, as she was talking with her sister gave me renewed strength, and I started to pick up speed, as my mother started to talk with Emilie.

“Hi Em, h…how are things going?” She panted, as I kept ramming her pussy.
I could hear a faint voice from her phone, but I could not make out what it said.
My mother started to look worried though.

“I am s…s…SORRY to hear that sweetie, what are you going to do now?” She was really heated up now, and I enjoyed it.
“Well, I am sure we can FIGURE something out, I j…just need to talk with my kids first.” She panted heavily now, and was obviously having problems concentrating on her phone call.

Her sister seemed to notice that my mother was not acting quite like herself.
“What Em? I sound w..WEIRD? That must be because Trent is giving me a massage. You know that my neck is sometimes killing me, and Trent is really working me good. He is giving me all I c..can TAKE!” She shouted the last part, which made me smile.

Yeah, I was giving her all she could take, but in a very different way than what Emilie now thought.

My mother kept panting as she continued.
“I will a..ask them sweetie, but I have to go now. I will call…back later okayy?” She stuttered, as she hung up the phone.

Our eyes met.
“You are a really naughty boy Trent.” She said, as she gave me a smile.
I laughed and came inside her once more.

As I pulled out, my mother looked a bit more nervous though.

She took a deep breath and then spoke.
“Trent, Emilie asked if Lana could stay with us for the next month.”

My happy-hour was instantly ruined.

Emilie was my mother’s younger sister, but they did not have much contact, since Emilie lived in Europe and we lived in America.

Lana was Emilie’s daughter, and she would be about 15-16 years old now as far as I could calculate.
Lana had always been a pest when they had visited earlier.
She would run around like my personal shadow all day long sometimes, and ask a bazillion questions, ranging from my favourite colour, to what is the meaning of life.
Other times she would just run around, and make a lot of noise, while making a mess of both me and Stephanie’s rooms in the process.

All these things considered, I was not really in the mood to have Lana over, especially for a month.
The last time Emilie stayed with Lana for just 2 days, and I thought I was going to lose my mind.

I addressed my mother, who seemed to know what I was thinking.

“Mom, I don’t really feel like having Lana over. I was bad enough the last time, and besides, Jennifer has just moved in a week ago. Don’t you think it is a bit weird for her if we are to have a guest staying for that long already?”

My mother kept arguing.

“Trent, this a important. Emilie and John are going on a second honeymoon, which they have had planned for years. The friend Lana was going to stay with suddenly had to cancel due to a death in the family, and Emilie don’t have anyone else to ask for help.”

I felt a bit bad.
I liked my aunt Emilie, and her husband John was a really nice guy as well.
The thought of ruining their second honeymoon was not appealing, but neither was the prospect of having Lana over for an entire month.

It would not only be frustrating, but also limit my time with my 3 angels.

As I continued to stay silent, my mother tried to further her case.

“Trent, I know that Lana have been a handful earlier, but it has been 7 years now. Lana is almost 16 now, and she has matured a lot.
I think you would get along just fine.

I sighed, cursing myself for the decision I was about to make.

“Fine, she can come. But I don’t like it. If she starts to piss me of, then we will have a problem.” I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

My mother looked relieved.
“She won’t be a problem Trent, I just know it. She has even told Emilie how much she looks forward to seeing you and Stephanie again.”

I just shrugged.
“Yeah, likewise I am sure.”

My mother told me that Lana would arrive late the next day, as the flights were a bit hard to match with our schedule.

And with that I went to my room, cursing myself for becoming such a weakling.

When I had first found the drug I had been ruthless and merciless.
I had forced my sister to give me her virginity and had watched the horror in her eyes as I told her I wanted to impregnate her.
I had fucked my own mother, and not cared the least about her feelings.

But somewhere along the lines I had gone soft.
The last few days had focused a lot more on making people happy, or how they felt.

I was staring to feel my more devious side awake once more.
Now I just needed the time and place to unleash it.

Late the next evening, I heard a taxi pull up, and a few minutes later my mother called us all down into the living room.

Lana was sitting on the couch, but it was certainly not the Lana I remembered.
Gone was the little brat that had annoyed me so many times, and in her place was a rapidly developing teenager.

Lana was about 5.3 ft tall, and looked to be around 105-110 lbs.
She still only had a pair of 32B tits, but her ass looked to be amazingly firm, and her legs were pretty long for such a short girl.
Her hair was shoulder length, and bright red.

She was wearing a pair of very tight fitting jeans, and a leather jacket.
Lana might be was older and more sexy than I remembered her, but her appearance still screamed *trouble*.

As Lana saw us arrive, she immediately got up from the couch, and gave first Stephanie, and then myself a big hug.
As she hugged me, I could smell her perfume.
It smelled like roses and strawberries at once, and I just loved strawberries.
The fact that she was even using perfume now, really made it dawn on me that she was no longer a child.

Perhaps this month would not be so bad after all.

As Lana finished hugging us, she started talking about how much she had missed us all, and how she hoped that we were all going to have a fun month together.
As she spoke, her eyes turned towards Jennifer.

“Excuse me, but I don’t think I know who you are?” She asked in a curious tone.

Jennifer said nothing, and just stared into the ground.

My mother told her.
“This is Jennifer, she a good friend of Stephanie. She moved in here with us a few days ago.”

Lana looked at Jennifer with interest.
“Moved in here? But why, don’t you have a home or something, or parents who miss you?”

Jennifer’s smile and the sparkles that had been present in her eyes for the past week, vanished in a second, and she left the room.
Stephanie quickly ran after her.

There was silent for a few seconds, and Lana looked very surprised at the sudden reaction from Jennifer.
“Did I say something wrong?”

My mother looked very concerned for Jennifer, as she spoke.
“It is a long story. Jennifer’s mother died a long time ago, and she has had a lot of…. problems, with her father. They didn’t get along very well. We offered her to move in with us, and she did.”

My mother looked at the door where Jennifer had run out.
“I better go check on her. Trent I hope you and Lana can entertain yourselves for a moment.”
And with that, she also quickly left the room.

Lana sat back down in the couch, and looked at me.
“I really didn’t know that, I hope she doesn’t hate me now.”
“Well, you had no way of knowing that, so there is not much to do.” I just said with a shrug.

She looked into her hands which were folded in her lap, and then said:
“I always mess things up.”

I didn’t know what to say.

We just sat in silence, until my mother came back a few minutes later.
“She is fine, she just needs a bit of time alone. All of this is still so new for her. Anyway, I better get started on making dinner. Trent, will you show Lana the guestroom so she can unpack her things?”

I went up the stairs with Lana in tow.
As we passed Jennifer’s room, sobbing noises were clear, as well as Stephanie’s silent voice, as she comforted her best friend.

We reached the guestroom, and I showed Lana inside.
As she put down her bags, she bent over to open them up.

I was transfixed on her ass.
After fucking both my sister, Jennifer and my mother, I could recognise a hot piece of ass, and Lana was certainly in their league with that ass.
It looked so fucking firm, and I was sure that her jeans could burst at any moment.
For a moment I was sure that Lana was wriggling her ass a bit at me, but I brushed the thought aside.

Lana got back up, and I just managed to look innocent before she turned around.
“Thanks Trent, I think I am okay from here. I will see you a dinner right?” She asked, and I thought I could see a hint of a smile from her.
“Sure thing.” I answered, and left her to unpack.

Dinner itself was pretty awkward though.
Jennifer’s eyes were still red and swollen when she and Stephanie came down.
Lana looked sad, and tried to avoid eye contact with Jennifer.
Instead her eyes fell on Stephanie, who was wearing a purple bikini today, as per my orders.

“Stephanie, why are you wearing a bikini at dinner? It must be pretty chilly.”
“I don’t know. I always wear a bikini at dinner, I just like it that way.” Stephanie answered with a shrug.

My mother tried to make some conversation going, but they all ended pretty fast, and we ended up eating in silence.

I slept alone that night, as Stephanie had asked me if she could sleep in Jennifer’s room.
Jennifer had looked very depressed, so I had said yes, although my raging boner had argued with my brain as I gave her that permission.

In the middle of the night, I was awoken by a hand shaking me.
I turned on the light, and it was Lana, wearing a large t-shirt that acted as a nightgown.

“I can’t sleep, you want to play cards or something?” she asked in a cheery voice.

I looked at the clock.
“Lana, its 1 AM. You really want me to play cards now?” I asked in a semi-awake voice.
“Please Trent, I promise I will leave if you play one game with me.” She looked at me with puppy eyes.

She may be older, but she could certainly still annoy me.
“Really Lana, I really don’t feel like playing cards right now. We can play tomorrow.”

She didn’t give up.
“Come on Trent, don’t be such a boring old man. This is a great way to spend some time together.”
I could feel that she would not give up until I agreed to play cards.

“Fine then, but you better let go back to sleep after we are finished.” I said in a less-than-thrilled voice.

I got up, and found a deck of cards in my desk.

We played blackjack for about 10 minutes, where I lost twice as many hands as I should have, as I kept hitting even when I knew it was a bad idea, but I just wanted this over with quickly and go back to sleep.

After hitting when I had 17 on the hand, giving me a queen of hearts and making me go over again, Lana laughed at me.
“Jesus, you really should play a bit more carefully sometimes Trent.”
I could not care less, I just wanted to sleep.

But then I noticed something.
While laughing, Lana had shifted her position, and she was now sitting cross-legged.
Even though hard to make out, I was pretty certain Lana was not wearing any panties.
Lana caught my stare, and shifted her position once more, making her t-shirt cover her up again.

“I think we better call it a night Trent, you seem a bit unfocused.” She said, and left the room.

I went back to bed, and tried to fall asleep, but it was hard, as visions of Lana’s tight ass, and un-covered pussy flashed through my mind.

I had to remind myself that she was only 15 years old, as desires to pound her ass started to swell inside me.
But then again, I was only 15 myself as well, so it would be pretty fair in a way.
And the need to dominate someone started to enter my mind again.
Everything started to scream at me, that Lana was the perfect candidate for my next fuck.

I liked the idea, but decided to get some sleep and worry about it in the morning.

The next day I was starting to think about the prospect of raping Lana.
In a way it would be the perfect revenge for all the times she had bugged me over the years, including last night.

I decided that I wanted to do it.
Now I just needed to figure out how to do it, but I decided to wait a few days, and get to know Lana
a bit better in order to easier trick her into getting mind controlled.
Or rather mind-FUCKED I guessed.

This day the mood was way better than last night, and both Stephanie and Jennifer were laughing and having fun.

Sometime during noon, when we were all by the pool, I even got to see Lana in a bikini as well.
Her bikini was covering just a little more than Stephanie and Jennifer’s did, but it still allowed me to confirm that she really did have an amazing ass.
Her legs were also pretty nicely shaped, and her tits, even though a bit small, excited me very much.

I could also swear that Lana was wriggling her ass a bit more whenever I looked at her.
She often dove under the water and attacked me, trying to pull me under.
During one of these “attacks” she accidently pulled my swimming trunks a bit down, and her hand brushed against my cock, which was semi-erect at the time.
I blushed and apologised, but Lana just smiled and told me that she didn’t mind.

At dinner she also wore her bikini, just like Stephanie, and often looked at me for some reason.

Later that night though, all hell would break loose.
And it was a fun hell.

After dinner, Lana had said she was going to watch a movie in her room, while Stephanie, Jennifer and me, all went to my room to watch a movie as well.

About halfway through the movie though, Stephanie suddenly asked something weird.
“Trent, have you fucked Lana?”

I don’t know what surprised me more:
The question, or the calm tone in which she asked.
She might as well had asked me if I had enjoyed the weather today.

I got a hold of myself.
“No I haven’t Steph, and why do you even ask?”
“Well, she can’t keep her eyes of you, and she constantly wriggles her ass and all sorts of stuff whenever she thinks you are looking.
Are you sure that there is nothing going on here?”

I answered with ease, since I was not telling a lie.
“Steph, I have not fucked Lana ever. She is pretty much still a child, and besides: Why would I want her, when I have 3 stunning girls already?”

Both Stephanie and Jennifer gave me a smile.

“Thanks Trent, I just needed to ask.” Stephanie said, looking a bit angry for asking such a question.
“Just keep your eyes open, cause she really wants your attention, and I bet I know what she wants from you.”
“Well, whatever she wants, she will have to wait, because right now I see something that I want.” I laughed.

Before she could do anything, I leaned forward, and gave her a kiss.
She kissed me back, and before any of us knew what happened, all 3 of us were naked, and my cock slipped inside Stephanie, while Jennifer French kissed her, and played with her own pussy.

As I started to fuck Stephanie’s pussy, the door suddenly opened.
“Hey guys, what are you… WHAT THE HELL?!” Lana stood in the door, wearing her tight jeans once more, and a just as tight fitting t-shirt.

Lana looked at the scene.
Me, Stephanie and Jennifer, all naked, while I had my cock buried inside my own sister’s pussy.

Lana found the use of her voice again.
“What the fuck you guys?! Stephanie, you are really fucking your own brother? What a freaking slut are you? This is just so fucking gross.
And Trent, I actually thought that you seemed like a nice guy, but you are just like any other male: Fucking anything that has a pair of tits.” She breathed quickly now, her eyes shooting lightning.

She continued, clearly angered by what she saw.
“I have noticed the way you look at me as well, so I guess my ass were the next on your list right?
Trent, you are a fucking PERVERT!

Lana was suddenly cut off, as Stephanie quickly got to her feet, ran over to her, and planted her fist directly in her gut.
Lana collapsed with a whimper, and Stephanie looked at her with eyes filled with a rage that I had never seen before.

“DON’T YOU EVER CALL ME OR MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS FREAKS YOU FUCKING SLUT!” She screamed, her eyes were filled with an intense spark, which actually made my feel chills running down my back.

Stephanie continued, no longer screaming but her voice threatened to break.
“You call us freaks and sluts Lana, but I have noticed you as well. You dress like a fucking slut, and put on shows whenever you think Trent are looking your way. I dare say you wanted his attention all along, and I think that the reason for your anger is that you are JEALOUS!”

I looked from Stephanie to Lana.
Stephanie standing with a fist ready, and Lana lying on the floor holding her gut.
But both had a very intense look in their eyes.

Lana regained her voice.
“You are fucking making things up you goddamn slut. Why would I ever want to tease my own cousin? He already seems happy with fucking his little bitch sister, and her whore of a friend, who has some sort of fucked up childhood.”

Lana turned towards Jennifer.
“Yeah, Trent told me about you Jennifer, and I bet you fucked your own father didn’t you? You took his big fat daddy cock right inside your whore pussy didn’t you? You really make me si…. ARGH!”

Lana didn’t get to say anything more. Stephanie had balled up her fist again, but this time Jennifer beat her to it, kicking Lana straight in her belly with all the force she could muster.

Lana curled up into a ball, and started sobbing.

Jennifer spoke in a calm, but furious voice.
“You fucking bitch. Don’t EVER speak about something you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA ABOUT! You know nothing about what I have been through. You have had a perfect little childhood, while my last 10 years have been a NIGHTMARE!”

I heard steps, and seconds later the door flew open, and my mother appeared.

She looked stunned by the entire scene.

Me naked on the floor, with a semi-erect cock, Stephanie standing naked with a fist ready, Jennifer looking like she had just seen the worlds ugliest bug, and Lana, curled up into a ball on the floor sobbing.

After a few moments my mother also found her voice.

“What is going on here? What happened to Lana?”

Lana started to speak.
“I came in here, and your son and daughter were fucking like rabbits, while the other slut watched them. Guess he was going to fuck that little bitch as well, after he was done with…. ARGH!”

Lana was again cut of, as both Stephanie and Jennifer threw themselves at her, punching and kicking her.

My mother looked horrified by the entire scene.

I stepped in, as this was too good an opportunity to let my mother ruin it.
“MOM SHUT UP!” I yelled at her.
She closed her mouth and just watched the scene.

The girls were still fighting, so I decided to stop it.
“Alright, stop it now you two!” I said with a stern voice.
Both Stephanie and Jennifer got up from the floor, panting and looking at Lana with hate.

Lana looked at my mother, who was still standing silently and watching us.
“Are you just going to stand there and FUCKING WATCH? Do something!” She pleaded with her.

Stephanie took charge.
“No she is not, just watch this.” She said, as she went over and kissed me quickly on the lips.

All of us turned our heads towards my mother, who was now looking at me with a smile.
“No Lana, I am not going to watch this anymore.” She said with a firm tone.
The look of relief on Lana’s face only lasted for about 2 seconds, as my mother slid of her skirt and panties, and lied down on the bed.
“Trent, your mother needs her load of love juice, GET TO WORK YOUNG MAN!” She said in a stern voice.

I looked at Lana.
She had a face full of disbelief, as she had just seen her last hope vanish before her eyes.

I didn’t answer, and just went over and slid my cock inside her waiting pussy.
Lana’s eyes almost bulged out of her head as she watched us fuck, but not as much as when she heard my mother’s panting voice.

“Oh yes Trent, give me your baby-making seed. I want to feel your child grow inside my belly. Give it all to me!”
She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her, as I grunted and came deep inside her.

As I pulled out, I made sure to give Lana a good view of my seed dripping out of my mother’s pussy.
“Alright mom, get back to bed, and make sure to keep that ass in the air, or all your little grandchildren will just seep out again.” I said, and then we all burst into laughter at the sight of Lana’s shocked face.

My mother kissed me, and then left us alone.

Lana looked at us like we were all completely insane, which was probably true to a mild degree.
“You are all goddamn crazy. Even serial-killers are not this messed up in their heads!”
She started to back away from us, which was not easy since we had surrounded her.

I addressed Stephanie and Jennifer.
“Well girls. It seems that Lana here has a bad attitude. I think she needs to be punished, what do you guys think?” I looked at them, both were still staring at Lana.

“Fuck that bitch, punish her however you want. I will make it a lot worse after that I promise!” Jennifer said, with an ice-cold look.
“Yeah, I agree. This fucking whore needs to be taught a lesson.” Stephanie concurred.

I knelt beside Lana.
“Lana, you have been a bad girl and need to be punished.” I told her in a matter-of-fact voice.

Lana, who was still curled up on the floor, just muttered:
“Fuck you Trent, I am not the fucking person doing anything wrong here!”

I looked at the girls.
“Strip this little bitch.” I ordered them.

Stephanie and Jennifer quickly started to remove Lana’s shirt, but Lana was resisting with surprising force.
“Fuck all of you, GET AWAY FROM ME!” She screamed as she thrashed to keep Jennifer from tearing of her shirt.

Stephanie vanished from my sight for a moment, and then returned with a pair of scissors.
She quickly cut open Lana’s shirt, and after a few more cuts, the entire thing fell to the floor in a pile of ruined fabric.
She then handed Jennifer the scissors, and held down Lana, as Jennifer cut away her jeans.

Lana was now lying on the floor, totally naked.
Her young pussy was bald like Stephanie and Jennifer, but the slit was a lot smaller.

“Ha, I knew you were a little slut yourself, you are not even wearing a bra or panties.” Stephanie said confidently.

I looked at Jennifer.
“Jennifer, help Stephanie turn this bitch over on her belly.” I commanded her.
They quickly turned her, and I pushed a couple of pillows under her belly, lifting her ass in the air.

“Now hold the bitch tight, while I punish her.” I ordered.

Lana was still struggling, but to no avail.

I just grinned at her.
“I really don’t see that happening Lana, but sure be my guest if you think you can do it.”

And with that I quickly moved in behind her, and pushed my cock inside her young pussy.
“You fucking PERVERT!” Lana screamed, as I slid my cock even further inside her.

I was a bit surprised.
Lana was tight as hell, but I could not find her hymen.
“Lana, I almost dare say you are not a virgin. Who popped your cherry?” I asked in true curiosity.

Lana just snapped at me.
“None of your business! You had your fun, NOW GET OF ME!”
I just laughed.
“You will tell me Lana, or I will make you tell me.”

No answer, just defying silence.

I pulled out my cock, and turned Lana on her back again.

I looked at Stephanie.
“Sis, sit on Lana’s face until she decides to tell me who popped her cherry.”

Stephanie did as told without hesitation.
My cock grew harder as I watched Lana’s face disappear under my sister’s pussy.
Some muffled screams were heard, but Stephanie’s moans were louder, as she grinded her pussy back and forth over Lana’s face, in order to please herself.

I pushed my cock back inside Lana’s waiting pussy, and we fucked her like that for a few minutes, until I told Stephanie to get down.
Lana’s entire face and a lot of her hair was covered in pussy juice, and I had to laugh at the sight.

“So Lana, do you want to tell me now, or do I have to let Jennifer take a turn as well?”
Lana looked as if she was asked to decide between being burned alive, or getting her arm chopped off.

“It was John! Are you happy?” She almost cried out, her eyes watering.

I was taken a bit by surprise at this answer.
“Your mean your father?” I asked in a smug tone.
“Yes. One year ago. He was drunk, and I was coming home late from a party. We got into an argument, which turned into a fight, which then turned into a rape. He said I needed to learn to respect him. He has only done it that one time, and he was really sorry the next day.” Lana started to cry.

“Well, well. Look at that. Here this little bitch is calling us freaks, and it turns out that she already fucked her own father a year ago.” I looked at Lana who was now sobbing.

Why did you tease me Lana, if you didn’t want me to fuck you?” I asked her.

I looked at Jennifer.
“Jennifer, will you make her quiet down please?”
And with that Jennifer straddled Lana’s face, effectively shutting her up.

I kept on fucking Lana’s pussy, while Jennifer kept riding her face.

“Alright Lana.” I said after a while.
“Either you talk, or I cum inside your pussy right now.”

I could hear some muffled words, and I ordered Jennifer down from her face.

Lana looked furious.
“Alright, I teased you. Ever since my father took my virginity I have wanted to have sex with a guy my own age, and there is no guys at my age who I like at home. You have changed a lot since the last time I was here, and you are pretty descent looking.” She admitted.

“But I am your cousin. I thought you said that fucking your own family was gross?” I asked her.
“It is gross, but it is also kind of exciting. I enjoyed the idea that what I was doing was wrong.”
She now looked directly into my eyes.

“So, you are probably enjoying this more than you want to admit I guess.” I said.

She looked at me with a stern look in her eyes.

“Fuck you Trent, I don’t like this!”

I looked at the girls again.
“Twist her nipples until she admits that she is a fucking whore, who is longing for me to fuck her.” I ordered them.

They both grabbed a nipple, and twisted it hard, making Lana scream out in pain.

“Alright, I like idea of my cousin fucking me. I am just as big a whore as you guys. Are you happy now?” She asked, sounding a bit desperate.

“Not yet, but I will be once I shoot a nice big load of cum inside that little tummy of yours.” I said with an evil grin on my face.

Lana resumed her struggles.
“HELL NO, I AM NOT ON THE PILL OR ANYTHING. I COULD GET PREGNANT YOU IDIOT!” She thrashed wildly and tried to kick me of.

“Stephanie, Jennifer, come hold the bitch down while I complete her punishment.” I ordered.

They did as told, and soon Lana was unable to fight, and could only plead.

“Please Trent, don’t do this. I am sorry for calling you freaks. I am not on the pill, and I don’t want to get pregnant. I had my period last week, and if you come inside me know, I will get pregnant for sure.” Her voice was desperate.

Little did she know that she was only adding fuel to the fire, and the thought that Lana was a pretty much guaranteed to end up carrying my kid in her tummy, only made me that much more eager to come inside her.

I soon felt my cum shooting through my cock, and getting pumped into Lana’s waiting pussy, as Lana herself was thrashing and kicking.

I made sure to hold my cock far inside her, until every drop was drained from my balls.
Then I slowly pulled out, enjoying the horrified look on Lana’s face, as she saw my cum start to seep out from her fertile pussy.

“FUCK YOU TRENT! I WILL GET AN ABORTION AND CALL THE POLICE!” She was clearly not happy with my actions.

I was not scared by her threats.
“You will do none of those things. I promise you. You will give birth to my child, and you will love it.”
“IN YOUR FUCKING DREAMS TRENT!” She yelled out again.

I went over to my desk, and found a Hypnocil pill I had hidden in the drawer.
I also grabbed the flashlight, and went back to Lana.

“Eat this.” I ordered her, as I presented the Hypnocil pill to her mouth.
She didn’t answer, and just shook her head, afraid to open her mouth.

I reached back and yanked her hair, making her mouth fly open in a cry of pain.
Quickly I forced the pill inside.
“Swallow it!” I ordered her.

She spat it out instead.

“I swear, I will let Stephanie and Jennifer punch your teeth out if you do not swallow it!”

Lana looked scared, as she looked over at the two naked girls, who were still looking at her with hate in their eyes.
She slowly opened her mouth, and once the pill was inside again, she swallowed it.

“What was that pill, what does it do?” She asked in a clearly scared voice.

“Oh nothing. The pill in itself is harmless. It is what happens when you combine it with this thing that is fun.” I told, and showed her the UV-flashlight.

“I don’t understand.” She said, still nervous.
“Then I guess it is time to show you. Look into this light until I tell you to stop. Or else!” I told her.

She did as told, and her eyes were wide with fear as she looked into the light that would soon rob her of her free will.
And sure enough, after about one minute her face was showing a blank expression, like a senile person, who forgot what they were doing.

I smiled and gave her the usual routine speech about obeying my every command.

As I finished I looked at her.

“Lana, you will be pregnant before you leave this house again. You will not fight it, or try to stop it in any way. You will start to love the idea of me knocking you up, and you will not tell anyone that I am the father of your child. When you get home you will raise our child with love and care, and act like any normal mother would. Are my orders clear?”

“Yes.” She answered.

I smiled.
“Good. Now, when I say *reverse* all 3 of you will forget what has happened after I came inside you, but Lana’s orders will still remain. Are we ready? Reverse.”

Lana looked at me.
“Fuck you Trent, I might be pregnant now.” She didn’t look all that mad this time though.
“Yeah, but it is kind of a thrilling thought isn’t it?” I asked her.
“Yeah, I guess so. But I still don’t think mom and dad would see it that way. If I am pregnant I will have to tell them it was someone else who did it, or else they would kill the both of us.”
She looked at me, and suddenly a deviant smile formed on her face.
“You are a very naughty boy Trent.” She said.

I just smiled back.
“Indeed I am, but I have these two girls to keep me in line.” I laughed, as I pulled Stephanie and Jennifer in for a hug.

Lana got up, picked up the remains of her clothes, and left.

As the rest of us stood with our arms around each other, I suddenly felt a hand stroking my cock.
I looked at the hand, and saw that it was Jennifer who was stroking me.

She looked me in the eyes.
“Trent, will you make a baby inside me as well?” I could hardly believe my ears.
Jennifer had finally said the words I had been waiting to hear for over a week.
“Are you sure?” I asked her.

She gave me a kiss, and then said:
“Totally sure. Stephanie and I have been talking a bit behind your back, and we both think it is a fantastic idea. Stephanie thinks she is pregnant already, and you probably just knocked up Lana.
Your mom is probably also pregnant at this point, and I am starting to feel a tad jealous here.
Why not make a complete set, and make me pregnant as well?” She started to wriggle her hips.

“Ah Jennifer, I have wished to do so ever since I first fucked you. But you are not on any birth control or something like that are you?” I asked her.

“No, I stopped taking them a few days ago. I think I should be good to go. And if not…. Then there is always tomorrow.” She laughed, as she saw the surprise in my eyes.

“You girls will be the end of me someday.” I just laughed, as Jennifer lied down on the bed.

And then I fucked Jennifer long and thoroughly, leaving a nice load of potential babies inside her belly.

I looked at Stephanie, the only girl I had not yet fucked today.
“I am sorry sis, but I think I will need to owe you one here, I am totally drained.” I said, with a legit sad voice.

“It is alright bro, you are only human. But I will sleep in here, and make sure you finish what you started later.” She told me, with a little smile.
And true enough, in the middle of the night I awoke to Stephanie riding my cock, and gave her a pretty nice load.

I fell asleep again, with a smile on my face, and Stephanie’s arm around me.
This *Job* was exhausting, but in a good way.

We are nearing the end here, 2 more chapters to go. Should I release part 09?


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keep writing . would like to see a few more chapters on this.

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This story is moronic at best, pathetic at it's worst, and anyone who seems to like it clearly doesn't know how to read, have a working imagination, or a functioning sex organ. Also this little boy is a cunt!! If I had access to similar pills and therefore similar control, the very first thing I would do is find him, make him go to a very public place, hack off his own cock and balls with a blunt butter knife, make him shove them completely up his own ass, and then get him to shove his own fist down his own throat. The aim here would be to publicly see what would happen first - would he either kill himself by bleeding out or suffocation. So yes, he is a wart on the third testicle of humanity ...... fuckwad!!!!

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