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Continuation of my story.....
Michelle and I returned to our own bed after fucking her mother.
We climbed back naked into our own bed, where we laid together, cuddling close our hands exploring each others bodies. Michelle kissed me on the lips, slowly sliding her tongue into my mouth.
"Taste that, that's my mother on my tongue" Michelle whispered in my ear " Do you like it"
" Yes" I replied " She tastes as good on your tongue as she did when I tasted her, did you like eating her pussy"
" Yes i loved it, especially after her came in her cunt" said Michelle as she plunged her tongue back in my mouth.
While we were kissing, my hands started playing with her tits, squeezing the nipples making them stand to attention, as she started playing with my cock.
I rolled her on top of me and started sucking on her tits, while my hands roved down to her gorgeous arse. I spread the cheeks of her arse and started rubbing along the crack of her arse while I continued to suck on her tits, occasionly applying a bit of pressure against her arsehole. This was really turning her on, my cock was rock hard by this time, Michelle was on top off me, rubbing her pussy against my cock, she was dripping wet.
" If you like the taste Hun's pussy, I know where you can taste some more if you want another taste" I whispered in her ear.
"Yeah and were would that be" she said, with a hint of a smile on her lips.
"On my cock, if you want another taste of your mother, all you have to do is suck my cock"
" Im sure I could manage that" she replied as she slid her body down mine, kissing me as she went down towards my cock. She kissed my cock all over.
"Like the taste?" I asked
" uhuh" she answered as she began to lick my cock, slowly licking it from top to bottom and back again, she was driving me wild with her tongue on my cock, then she started sucking on my balls stroking my cock while she did it. She was driving me wild doing this and then she returned to my cock, taking it slowly, bit by bit in her mouth until she had all of my cock in her mouth.
"Oh God that feels great" I moaned " Get your pussy up here on my face, I want to taste your cunt"
Without another word, Michelle turned herself around and straddled my face while she continued to suck my cock. I spread her pussy lips wide and drove my tongue deep into her snatch, tasting her sweetness, rubbing my face all over her pussy, coating my face with her juices. I could hear her moaning as I ate her pussy, her moans making my cock as hard as it had ever been. She slowly took more of my cock in her mouth as she sucked on my cock until she had the entire length of my cock in her mouth. It felt fantastic, the way she sucked my cock, she opened her legs as wide as she could, my fingers spreading both her pussy and arse cheeks apart. I continued to lick her out, my tongue starting at her clit and running all the way along her pussy and continuing on to her arse, running my tongue around her puckered arse-hole, this drove her wild and she pushed her arse back onto my face and started licking her arse, this started driving her wild and she sat up and started humping my face, moaning
"Ohh God that feels good, i'm gonna cum, i'm gonna cum all over your face."
and with that she started cumming over my face which I greedily ate all up, covering my face with her juices.
" I want you to fuck me now" Michelle said, as she got off my face and rolled on her back, eagerly spreading her legs for me. I rolled on top off her and rammed my hard cock straight up her sopping wet pussy as far in her as I could get it.
" Ohh God your cock is so hard and so big, it feels so good in my cunt, I'm so wet for your cock"
"I can feel how wet you are, it feels so good fucking you, you make my cock so hard, I want to stick my cock up you as far as it can go, I want to nail your arse to this bed." I reply and then start really pounding my cock into her pussy harder and harder. Michelle matches me thrust for thrust, getting louder and louder, until she cums all over my cock.
"Roll over darlin', I want to fuck you from behind"
With that I slip out of her as Michelle rolls over and gets on her hands and knees ready to be fucked doggy style.
Michelle buried her head in the pillows and stuck her luscious arse up in the air, as I crawled up behind her, my still rock hard cock in my hand. I started rubbing my cock along her arse, between her arse cheeks, which was covered in her pussy juices from the fucking she had just got. Michelle started pushing back, moaning all the time.
"You like that? My cock rubbing against your arse?" I asked her
"Yes it feels really good, your cock is so hard" she replied " I want you to fuck me now"
With that I took my cock in my hand again and rubbed it against her wet pussy lips, as Michelle reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips for me. I slid my cock into her wet pussy from behind as far up her as I could get, I felt that I was further up her pussy than I had ever been before. I grabbed her hips and started really fucking her hard, driving her head into the pillows, pounding into her as hard as I could. I moved my hand around from her hip and ran it down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit, as I fucked her doggy style. Michelle began to moan louder as I worked on her clit and fucked her at the same time, and I knew she was going to cum again.
" ohh God, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum all over your hard cock, God your a great fuck, I'm cumming baby, all over your cock"
With that I rammed my cock as far up her pussy and grabbed her hips, holding her on the entire length of my cock as she came over my cock.
After Michelle had come down from her orgasm, I slid my cock out off her, laying beside her as she rolled over, again presenting her arse to me. She moved back towards me, her entire body fitting nicely against me, my cock again rubbing against her arse. It felt so good rubbing my cock against her arse, her juices still on my cock and her arse.
"Mmmmm your cock feels good against my arse." Michelle murmured
" It feels good rubbing it against your arse, you have a great arse."
" Mmmm, you like my arse do you?, ever fucked anybody uo the arse?" Michelle asked
"No I haven't, but I'd love to fuck you up the arse." and with that I started massaging her breast with one hand as the other made its way down to her pussy, she opened her legs, as my hand started gently rubbing her clit again, hooking her top leg over my legs. My cock was rock hard again at the thought of taking my wife up the arse. Michelle spread her arse cheeks as I started pressing my cock against her arsehole, and I felt the head off my cock press against her arse, slowly pushing up her arse. Michelle let out a little gasp as I enetered her arse.
" you ok ?" I ask.
"Yes, just hurts a little bit"
"That's ok, you wanta stop?"
"No, just wait a bit, and keep rubbing my pussy"
With that I kept rubbing her clit, and after a short while she started pushing her arse back at me again, and with that I started pushing my cock up her arse, slowly sliding my cock further and further up her arse with every stroke. Michelle reached back with her arm and grabbed my arse, pushing me further into her, with that I started to speed up my strokes, fucking her arse harder and harder, my cock got harder and harder with every thrust up her tight arse. Michelle began moaning again.
"That feels so good up my arse, I'm gonna cum, fuck me harder"
So I began to fuck her hard, still rubbing her clit, until I feel that familiar feeling in my cock.
"I'm gonna cum, Oh God I'm going to fill your arse with my cum" I moan, and then I begin to explode up her arse,filling her full of my cum.
After we had both cum, we laid there, in each others arms until we feel asleep and my cock slowly slipped out off her arse as it got softer.

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2012-02-12 11:24:23
Nbd4z0 Every time I come back here again and don`t get disappointed..!


2008-09-27 22:34:55
good story. Keep fucking wife and mother-in-law. Get them both pregnant. I fucked my mother and sister for over 12 years. Most of the time singely but some times we had three way get togethers. Between my mother, sster and my miother's best friend I had 12 children, 4 with my mother, 4 with my sster and 4 with my mother's best friend.


2007-06-16 23:29:32
good story but ya got ot get mom and daughter back in together and do both of there ass's make them scream i give it a 10/10


2006-07-26 22:21:21
willie t gave you a good score because i like the story thought it was very hot an sexy keep writting


2005-12-09 23:49:22
Nice you keep doin ya thing homey you got a good mark from magic

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