Her uncle forces her to orgasm
My uncle had been subtly been touching me for about a week since I turned fourteen. The first time was when I was standing behind the kitchen counter and the rest of the family was watching TV in front of me.

He came around the counter and refilled his wine before rubbing my back. I thought it was family affection, but then he started to rub my bottom squeezing each check. My eyes widened and I looked up at him, but he continued to watch the TV. I moved quickly out of his reach and back to the safety of the family and pretended nothing happened.

The week passed in the same fashion. He would come up behind and start to rub my bum, applying pressure to my bum crack before I would push away and walk off to the safety of witnesses. But I stayed silent through each one as he would blame me for making him touch me. I didn’t want to get into trouble.

As it was summer, I always wore dresses that went up mid thigh or short shorts with a spaghetti singlet. If I was walking up the stairs he would follow closely behind me and rub between my legs causing my stomach to flutter. He would release me once we reached the landing. He would then pinch my thigh and whisper in my ear that it was my fault. I would mumble a sorry before heading off.

My uncle was very smart. I was washing the dishes after lunch one day and my aunt was lounging on the couch watching the TV in front of me. He stood behind me and raised my dress and rubbed in between my legs. Every time I would move or stop washing he would pinch my thighs causing me to bite my lip in pain. But I knew he would rub the pinched area turning it into a tingle, which I seem to like. I knew if I stopped washing, my Aunt would notice and my uncle would punish me more than just pinching my thighs. Once my panties went damp, he would walk away. I would left in a dazed state missing his touch.

His actions became bolder as the days went passed. My cousins, sister and I would be watching a movie. They would be lying on the ground and I was stretched on the recliner. After settling next to me, he would rub his hand along my exposed thigh and pinching it along the way. He could tell it hurt as I was trying to stop his hand and my scrunched up expression trying not to make a sound.

When someone would move he would quickly move his hand to his lap until they were settled again. He would caress the pinched skin making his touch tingle wherever he went. I continued to pretend I was watching the movie as his hand pressed against my panties. He would give it a few strokes until it was wet, before getting up and heading out of the room.

He continued to touch me and rub me and make me wet before leaving me. My mind was screaming this was wrong, but my body longed for his touch. I think he knew because I no longer pushed him away and would even lean into his touch when he would continue to rub against my panties longer than a few strokes. My body would start to heat up in anticipation when I knew he was coming towards me. Without a doubt he would continue with his subtle touches.

Late in the afternoon, I was cutting vegetables helping to prepare for dinner. My cousins and sister were in the backyard going for a swim and my aunt just left the kitchen to water the plants. My uncle had blamed me for not making my bed that morning and so I was punished by staying inside.

My uncle came up behind me and started to massage my shoulders and I immediately tensed up, trying to move away but he reached down and pinched my thigh. I instantly froze and I continued to cut the vegetables. He massaged my upper back and worked his way down making sure not to miss a muscle. As he did this, he leaned down and nibbled on my ear lobe. I whimpered, but could not move. I continued to cut the vegetables. His mouth kissed behind my ear, down my neck and trailed my jaw.
By this stage, his hands were massaging my hips, slowly raising my dress with each movement of his hands. I whimpered again as the dress was tucked into my training bra so I was bare from my stomach down except for my panties.

I tried to move away, but he had one arm caressing my stomach and the other rubbing on the outside of my panties spreading my legs with his knee. He hushed me and told me to concentrate on cutting the vegetables or he would have to punish me.

As I continued to cut the vegetables, his lips continued to assault my ear, neck and shoulder while his other hand continued to rub the outside of my panties. I felt the tingling sensation in between my legs and whimpered once more. He pinched my thigh and I bit my lip to silence the sound.

My uncle must have sensed my body warming up to him whispering in my ear, “Good responsive for your uncle. Just relax.” I continued to cut the vegetables as a finger slipped into the folds of my wet pussy. He kept whispering encouraging words as he rubbed the insides of my folds, pressing one finger in my hole. He stroked his finger in and out moving it from side to side trying to stretch me out. I tried to struggle, but he squeezed my erect nipple causing me to push my chest towards his hand. My nipples sending an electric shot down to my core, my knees starting to tremble.

My breathing picked up and my head fell back on his shoulder as all I could feel was his thumb rub my clit and now two fingers entering my soaking hole. I tried to push away, but his hold was too strong and my body was becoming too weak.

My uncle’s hand sped up and he whispered in my ear. “Come for me kitten” and I started to shake as fireworks erupted in my body. The hand that was holding my stomach earlier was now covering my mouth as my first ever orgasm coursed through my petite frame. I convulsed, but his fingers kept working my pussy and clit lengthening my orgasm.

I sagged against him as he put my panties back on, patting my pussy lightly causing a whimper once more. He kissed my neck as he pulled down my dress making me stand on my own two feet.

“Great job kitten. I plan to do that again.” Looking into his eyes I knew I would be in trouble if I said no so I simply nodded. At that moment, my aunt walked back in. Luckily I had finished cutting all the vegetables.
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