Tyler catches his best friend naked and jacking off
Tyler and Kyle – Part 1

Tyler was sitting in math class – not paying attention. He was thinking about gym class earlier in the day – and secretly thinking of how much he liked seeing his classmates in the showers after gym. Tyler was a very cute, popular boy in his 7th grade class – he was 12 years old, a bit on the smaller side, with a nice tan and shaggy hair. He was very popular with everyone – the girls went crazy over him, and the other boys in class really liked him. He had a girlfriend, but nobody knew that deep down inside he was more attracted to the boys, something he thought about quite often.

As Tyler sat there daydreaming about the showers, he felt his cock growing hard in his shorts. It was getting close to the summer break, and the weather was warm – Tyler was wearing a pair of black gym shorts, a loose-fitting muscle shirt, boxers, and his hi-top Nikes, without socks of course. Tyler never wore socks, and loved to go barefoot as often as possible. As he sat in his seat daydreaming, he had his legs crossed under his desk, and was dangling one of his hi-tops off of his right foot, his bare sole in plain view.

Two rows behind Tyler was his best friend Kyle. Kyle and Tyler had been friends since kindergarten. Kyle was shy and quiet, and basically the opposite of Tyler who was very outgoing with lots of friends. But Kyle was also a very attractive boy, tall and skinny, with dazzling blue eyes, and shaggy blonde hair. As he sat in his seat, his eyes were drawn towards Tyler, and focused on Tyler’s bare sole and dangling shoe. Kyle felt his cock growing hard in his shorts staring at his friend and Tyler’s exposed, smooth, small foot – Kyle was secretly gay, with a foot fetish. He masturbated a couple times a day thinking about Tyler, and playing with Tyler’s smooth, size 6 bare feet. In fact, when Tyler had slept over a few weeks back, Kyle had snuck one of Tyler’s shoes into the bathroom, and masturbated into it – loving the thrill and feeling of cumming into his best friend’s Nike. As he stared at Tyler’s foot, his cock became rock-hard, and Kyle had to adjust himself so his hardon would not be seen by the other kids.

The bell rang, and school was over for the day. Everyone got up and rushed to the door, and Tyler waited for Kyle in the hall. “That was soooooooo boring!” Tyler said as Kyle walked up to him.

“I know, tell me about it!!” Kyle said as he began walking with Tyler towards the exit. “Want to come over and play some games on the computer?”

“Ok” Tyler said, smiling at his friend. “I’ll meet you at your house in a few minutes, I got to run home and let the dog out first”

“Ok, see you in a bit” Kyle said, thinking he would have just enough time to jack off quickly before Tyler came over. If he didn’t, he knew that he would be too horny to concentrate on anything, and would be constantly thinking of Tyler the whole time he was over. He turned and waved to Tyler as he ran home.

As soon as Kyle was in the door, he dropped his backpack and ran to his room. Kyle quickly kicked off his sneakers, pulled off his socks, his shirt, and dropped his shorts and boxers, then jumped on to his bed naked. His small hardon stood straight up from his hairless balls, and he began stroking himself as he thought about Tyler – he could not get the image of Tyler’s bare foot out of his mind as he frantically masturbated.

“OOOH I want to lick Tyler’s bare soles and suck his toes soooo bad” Kyle whispered, as he stroked his cock. “And then work my way up to his cock and suck him – I want to suck my best friend off and have him cum in my mouth!” Kyle continued, enjoying the feeling of stroking his hard cock.

Kyle lay on his bed, fantasizing about Tyler. As he thought about all the things he wanted to do to Tyler, he got more into masturbating, and soon he had placed his feet flat on the bed, arching his back up high as he jerked his young cock even harder.

As Kyle continued to play with himself and fantasize about Tyler, he started to feel an orgasm approaching. Kyle began moaning quietly as he masturbated, completely naked, on his bed, his back arched high.

Suddenly, he heard the front door open, and Tyler yell out “Hey Kyle, I’m here! Mom got home early, so I came right over”. As Tyler closed the door behind him, he quickly kicked off his Nikes, and began padding barefoot towards the kitchen.

“Where are you Kyle?” Tyler said, as he looked around the empty kitchen.

“Shit” Kyle said as he stroked his cock. He was so close to cumming, that he couldn’t stop himself. He knew he needed to stop, because he was about to be caught by Tyler – but he was so close to cumming, he knew no matter what he did he would cum and just couldn’t stop.

Tyler turned and started to walk down the hallway towards Kyle’s bedroom. He saw the door was open, and Kyle’s clothes lying in a pile on the floor. As he walked towards Kyle’s room, he could hear quiet moaning – and a slapping sound – coming from Kyle’s open door.

“Hmmmm” Tyler thought to himself, a grin on his cute, young face. “Sounds like somebody is wacking off”. The thought of catching Kyle jacking off made Tyler feel excited and dirty – and he liked the feeling. Tyler quietly crept down the hall towards Kyle’s bedroom, walking on his tip-toes and listening as he neared Kyle’s room.

Kyle could hear Tyler coming down the hall, and he just couldn’t stop. He knew he was about to get caught by his hot best friend, the one he was fantasizing about as he masturbated – and though he felt scared and worried, he also felt more turned on as his orgasm approached. Kyle arched his back higher and stroked his cock faster, his balls now bouncing hard with each stroke.

As Tyler edged towards Kyle’s open door, he slowed down for a second and listened – he heard that rhythmic slapping sound – and knew without a doubt Kyle was jacking off. “Oh man, this is going to be fun catching him” Tyler thought to himself. Now he was standing at the edge of the door, and could just see the edge of Kyle’s bed, and Kyle’s bare feet and legs.

“HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Tyler suddenly yelled, as he leapt into Kyle’s room. Tyler’s eyes widened as he looked over at Kyle – and couldn’t believe his eyes! Tyler took in the scene – there was his best friend Kyle, completely naked and in plain view, his back arched, his cute bare butt in the air, and his hand stroking his cock fast while his hairless balls bounced around.

Kyle jumped when he heard Tyler yell and come into his room. “Fuck, I’m caught” he thought to himself as he started to cum – there was no way he could stop now – and he really didn’t want too, he felt so dirty and turned on by being caught.

“You’re jacking off !!!!! “ Tyler said, his eyes wide as he watched Kyle stroke – and he felt his own young cock begin to get hard in his shorts. He slowly walked towards Kyle’s bed, giggling.

Kyle looked over at Tyler as he walked toward the bed, and their eyes locked for a second. Kyle tried desperately to hold his cum in, but all he was managing to do was make his orgasm even more intense. Pleasure wracked his young, naked body as he began to cum.

Tyler stared wide-eyed at Kyle’s cock as cum began spurting out of it, and Kyle kept stroking. The first shot of cum hit Kyle in the face as Kyle groaned. The second spurt landed on Kyle’s neck and chest, and the forth, fifth, and sixth spurts landed on Kyle’s chest and stomach, with Kyle groaning with each long shot of cum.

“DAMN!” Tyler whispered, watching the huge spurts of cum shoot out on his friend. Kyle continued to stare at Tyler as he came, feeling the most intense pleasure he had ever felt from an orgasm ever. As the last shot of cum spurted out of his cock, he slowly unarched his back, and dropped back on to the bed, feeling his cum run down his face and chest.

“Holy shit, you little fag, I caught you” Tyler said with a giggle, as he watched Kyle lay down, panting hard. Kyle dropped his hands to his sides, his body still tingling from the orgasms, panting hard.

As the tingling in his young, naked body subsided, a very deep feeling of humiliation and embarrassment suddenly ran through his body – but he felt himself unable to move for the time. He stared at Tyler, as Tyler walked up to the bed. Kyle lay there, covered in cum, panting, staring at Tyler’s cute face, a deep blush now creeping up his own.

“Damn, I caught you jacking!!!!!!” Tyler said, feeling excited inside seeing his friend naked, hard and covered with cum – his eyes greedily ran up and down Kyle’s naked body, and he felt his own cock grow even harder in his shorts.

“Nooooo” Kyle whispered, a deep blush turning his face red, as he felt the cum drip down the sides of his face and body.

“Oh Yeah, you were jacking Kyle – look at all that cum!” Tyler giggled.

Kyle sat up in bed, and desperately looked for something to cover himself with – his body wracked with embarrassment, worry, and humiliation. “What have I done????” he cried inside his head, feeling tears began to run down his face.

Kyle grabbed his pillow, and used it to cover his privates as he sit up. “Tyler, please please please don’t tell anyone” Kyle pleaded, as more tears ran down his face.

“I caught you red-handed jacking Kyle” Tyler giggled again.

“Tyler, please please please don’t say anything” Kyle begged, feeling his cock shrink and his balls shrivel up with embarrassment. Suddenly, his eyes grew huge as he saw that Tyler had taken out his cell phone and snapped a couple quick pics of him sitting there, obviously naked, with cum on his face and chest.

“Oh no oh no” Kyle cried with fear.

“Got you good” Tyler giggled, holding up the cell phone.

“Tyler, please no, anything you want” Kyle begged, more tears running down his face as he stared at his best friend.

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