Part One: How I Fucked A Couch Surfer From Vietnam And That's Not Even The Crazy Part
“What the hell is that?” I asked.

“It’s pretty much where people let other travelers sleep in their home for free,” Patty said.

That’s interesting, I thought.

It was only my second night in Manila. And there I was, in a Reggae club, talking with a “couch surfing” moderator.

I teased her about being a naughty moderator… and… about how she was only doing the “job” to hook up with other guys. She said she was more “traditional”, but I knew all the lies girls like to tell themselves.


She was eating it up and giving me all touchy signals.

She ended up leaving the club early, around 11 PM, and even though she gave me her number I never spoke to her since.

The only reason I was talking to her was because my new friend, JP (short for John Paul), knew the girl Patty was with.

JP was a fellow Californian.

But he’s been living in Manila for the past 5 years.

JP was pretty scrawny. No taller than five feet, five inches. He sounded a bit feminine. And definitely not the most confident guy in the planet.

When I first met him two days ago, he seemed like an okay guy to me.

But Bruno, my Brazilian friend, was already getting annoyed with the guy.

I’ll tell you how I met Bruno another day. It’s a long story.

Anyway, there we were.

Three guys in Manila.

Or as Bruno said, “Six testicles in a condo with no one to fuck.”

Initially, me and Bruno were supposed to meet up in Manila (he flew in from Thailand) so that we can get some work done. We’re business partners.
But even though I’ve been living in the Philippines the past six months the transition was tough.

The first few nights were spent in the club at the highest floor of our condo… and… in the Red Light District nearby. Again, another story.

You can say that the first few nights had nothing to do with business.

Pleasure was the objective.

We spent most of our time gathering “leads” using mobile apps, like Tinder, and online dating sites like OkCupid.

The first time Bruno installed Tinder on his phone he “broke” it.

Girls were liking his profile left and right.

I noticed JP was getting a little jealous, but he’d add in positive comments like, “Filipinas love foreigners man. You’re gonna rock it.”

“Well, let’s see if I close them,” Bruno said.

Two nights later Bruno was able to get three girls over. One for each of us.

“You’re welcome,” he said.

I wasn’t attracted to any of the girls.

One of them, a runner, had the best body. She was dark and had a thin, yet shapely figure. The only time I got aroused was when I saw the outline of her thong as she bent to pick up her purse.

Other than that, I didn’t even bother trying.

We didn’t even close the girls that night. The only thing that happened was that we got them to cook dinner for us.

It sucked.

They were never invited over again.

As for me, I was getting some traction with the online dating sites. I’d get (as Bruno would say) “bangable” girls messaging me on FilipinaCupid. The only problem was that you had to fucking pay to read the messages.


And the shitty thing, too, was that Tinder wasn’t even working on my phone.

It didn’t matter though.

Bruno was “working” overtime to get girls over.

He actually got one girl, a nurse, to stay the night.

He told the girl that he was staying with two gay guys from California so that she’d be comfortable staying over.

It worked.

She was comfortable enough to start feeling up my abs and chest while I walked shirtless around the condo.

Me and Bruno shared a bed, but I slept on the couch that night.

“Good for Bruno,” I thought.

The next morning I saw the two love birds as we ate around the breakfast table.

It wasn’t awkward. I guess the gay thing really works.

After we got her a taxi, me and Bruno walked to 7-11 to get him some cigarettes and beer. While checking out he said, “Can you believe I didn’t close?”

“In Thailand, it’s like that,” he said as he snapped his fingers.

“Maybe it’s because girls here are Catholics and Thai chicks are Buddhists,” I said.

“Maybe,” Bruno said.

At that point, we aimed our focus towards business.

But JP, our new friend that was letting us stay at his place, would soon bring us a surprise.

Two months ago, a couch surfer from Vietnam planned to stay at his place.

In two nights, she’d arrive.

Me and Bruno honestly thought JP was a faggot.

At this point, JP was starting to annoy me, too. His voice, demeanor, and his lack of self-confidence and paranoia had us thinking that there was no way in hell this guy got laid much.

“There’s no way he’s gonna close her bro,” Bruno told me.

“She cute?” I asked.

“Nah bro, she’s fat,” Bruno said.

When it was her arrival day, I was pleasantly surprised.

She wasn’t fat at all.

She had a cute short haircut and had this type of geeky, but cute aura about her.

Her accent wasn’t too bad either.

Anyway, I stood up from the couch and greeted her.

I did notice one annoying thing, though.

When I shook her hand it was like shaking hands with a mannequin.She didn’t close her hand or anything.

Maybe she was shocked that I greeted her half-naked… and she was aroused.

That’s what I like to think.

Anyway, JP just dropped her off so she can get situated and put her things away. After five minutes, JP left and told us he was gonna head down to pick up his laundry.

From there, I told the girl to get comfortable and feel as though she’s at home.

I wish I remembered her name but it was some Vietnamese one that I didn’t bother asking her to repeat.

I asked her things about Vietnam, seeing if it’d be an interesting place to visit. Maybe I’ll have a sex story about it in the future.

After that, she opened up YouTube and showed me a popular song at the moment.

While it was playing, Bruno walked in the living room and gave me a “what the fuck is this shit?” sort of face.

It sounded like background music to one of those Korean dramas.

Not recommended.

The next few hours were a blur as me and Bruno were working on generating more leads for our business and setting up the sales funnel.

In the meantime, JP and the Vietnamese chick were gone for hours… touring Manila.

When they came back the girl was soaking wet.

Turns out they dropped by the apartment when me and Bruno grabbed dinner… and… they decided to go swimming on the floor below us.

We chatted for a bit while JP was showering.

While talking, I’d drop my eyes and check out her cleavage. I always thought Asian chicks to be flat-chested. I’m no expert in bra sizes but, in her bikini, her breasts were easily a healthy handful.

I know she noticed me checking her out.

She tried to pretend like she didn’t notice. But I could tell she was getting a bit intimidated.

When I was younger, I used to think making women intimidated was a bad thing. But years later, I realize how wet their pussies get when you express your masculinity.

When I knew she was getting intimidated…. and shy even… I’d lower my voice. I’d make it sound deeper, a bit more forceful, and slow it down.

Since Bruno was in the other room and JP was in the shower I decided to be a little more X-rated.

“Your pussy is getting wet isn’t it?” I said.

She just stood there...shocked... and didn’t know how to respond.

I decided to just keep going with it.

“I know you’re thinking about me fucking that little Vietnamese pussy of yours,” I said.

This time she looked up at me with eyes that look of deer caught in headlights, but yet had this look of wanting to be physically guided into the act.

When she turned to me with that look and body language I instinctively grabbed her both of her arms right above elbows. I then immediately forced my lips upon hers.

She pushed me away.

And she started whispering something in Vietnamese. I don’t know what she said, but from her body language it seemed like she was having some sort of guilt for this fast encounter.

Last minute resistance.

Common shit.

I wasn’t fazed.

Her back was turned to me. So I decided to just untie her top.

Her bikini flew to the floor before she even realized what happened.

When she turned to me, I immediately grabbed her left breast with my right hand. And I threw my mouth over her right nipple.

Her whines died after a few seconds of sucking on her nipple.

Then her whining turned into short breaths.

God, her tits were great.

They were bigger than the handful that I first estimated.

From this point she dropped any resistance she had left. I was thinking how easy this was compared to the other Filipina chicks the past few days.

While still sucking on her nipples, I decided to drop my right hand between her legs.

I immediately started rubbing her pussy over her panties. My middle finger was rubbing over her clit and slit, while my index and ring finger were over her outer lips.

At this point she was moaning… a little too loud.

I could tell she was getting wet, but I didn’t know how much of it was her or from her swimming in the pool earlier.

I didn’t really care.

All I know was that she was into it… and… my buddy was about to get out of the shower soon.

That was the trigger for me to speed things up.

At this point, I quickly turned her body around so that her back was facing me.

I then grabbed both of her hands as if I was arresting her. I bent her over forcefully. Then I quickly slid her panties to her left inner thigh so I could get into her Vietnamese pussy.

At this point, I haven’t been laid in a while.

I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t even think twice about putting on a condom.

Before I stuck it in, I slid my tip up and down her slit. Then I quickly went balls deep into her wet pussy as I fucked her forcefully.

She expressed a quick shiver... and... a moan of pain and pleasure.

I pushed her head down onto the dining table with one hand, while I held her wrists together with another.

“Tell me how much you love it when my rock hard cock is fucking that naughty Vietnamese pussy,” I whispered into her ear.

She tried to reply.

But I’d just fuck her harder and harder making it difficult for her to get any recognizable words out of her mouth.

All she could get out of her mouth was quick, shallow breaths and moans.

I gave her a little break and said, “Who does this pussy belong to?”

“This pussy is yours,” she said.

“You’re a bad girl,” I said.

“Punish my pussy, “ she replied.

That caught me a bit of guard as she seemed more submissive and quiet.

But it turned me on more.

At this point I was going balls deep... thrusting as hard as I possibly could.

I bent her head nearly down to her toes. I grabbed both of her wrists and held them near my shoulders. She was totally vulnerable.

I fucked her pussy harder and harder to the point where her moans were becoming screams.

Bruno for sure was masturbating to this in the other room, I thought.

JP probably heard something.

I knew he wanted to bang this chick. So when he turned off the shower, I immediately lifted her and had her face me. From there I put my hand over her mouth and tried to muffle any sound as best I could.

I placed her in a sitting position on the table.

And I kept fucking her and until I could feel the vibrations and sounds of her moans escape my hand.

I knew JP was coming out of the shower soon, though.

And I knew if he caught us he’d get so pissed that me and Bruno will get kicked out. After all, me and Bruno were right about JP hardly ever getting laid, if ever.

At this point, the muscle near my asshole was pulsating. I knew I was close to cumming.

If I pulled out and finished over her face, JP would surely catch the final scene.

I was pissed, but I knew I had to stop this quick.

From there I just threw her onto the bed of JP’s room.

Immediately after I did that, JP got out of the shower.

“Why is your cock out?” he said as looked at me with disgust.

“Just masturbating to your naked girlfriend,” I said.

“What?” JP said. He looked even more confused because it looked like I just finished a workout.

When he walked into this bedroom he saw the Viet chick topless on his bed.

He was confused… as I’m sure he is with many women.

And I had no clue what would happen next.

That’s when the Vietnamese chick said, “I want you both right now.”

I was shocked with JP’s response, but I’d be even more surprised at would happen next.

To be continued...

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