Part 5 ;)
“Is STEIN still running with VICKI?” I asked her, and Anthony shushed me.
The entire movie, all I could think about was Pat lying behind me. How would I explain this to my family? How would this work at school? Would we go back to how we were before? Or change?
I turned around and closed my eyes shortly after seeing three girls jump out of a third story window. I opened them, and was greeted by a warm black shirt, the smell of cologne, and the soft sounds of several people breathing.
After trying to wiggle out of Pat’s seeming Death Grip around me, I felt something cold on the back of my neck and jumped into Pat, who rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him.
“No escaping that…” A familiar voice said.
“Why would he want to?” I heard Kelly say.
“Cause I gotta use the bathroom.” I said quickly, looking into Pat’s face as I did so.
“You’d better not pee on me.” He said once again, his chest vibrating.
“Then let go.” I said grinning, and instead of letting go, he held onto me tighter. “I really gotta go Pat.” I said, wiggling a bit.
“Then go.” He said, then pulled my face in close to his, and kissed me, holding my lips against his for a moment afterward, before pushing me off the couch.
“If you want to take a shower you can use my bathroom Seth.” Kelly said as I went up the stairs.
“So, what’s up with you two, Pat?” Anthony asked.
“What do you mean?” He responded.
“Seth and I have known Pat for a while.” Kelly said.
“I always had a small crush on him.” Pat said blushing.
“We thought you had a crush on me!” Kelly said giggling.
“No, that’s me.” Anthony responded.
Meanwhile upstairs, Seth was in the bathroom, standing in front of the sink, giving himself a pep talk. “It’s Patty, why didn’t I recognize him. Did he recognize me?” Seth kept saying over and over again. As he was about to leave the bathroom, he heard a soft knock on the door.
“Seth? Are you okay in there?” Anthony said.
“What? Yeah.” Seth said in reply, wondering why Anthony was checking up on him.
“Pat is down in the basement with Kelly thinking that you were mad at him about last night.” Anthony said. Straight guys are always right to the point.
“What? No. Why would he think that?” I asked.
“Because both times you woke up, you threatened to pee on him, and ran to the bathroom.” Anthony said, I heard a thunk shortly after, and realized Anthony sat down against the other side of the door.
“Oh, no I’m not mad.” I said.
“Kelly’s trying to tell Pat that. The big guy doesn’t get it.” Anthony responded, and I opened the door. He stood up, and locked on to my eyes with his deep blue eyes. Anthony was much taller than me. “If you hurt him, I will come after you.” He said very sternly.
“O-oh?” I responded, and he stepped out of my way. I quickly hurried back downstairs and saw Kelly sitting on one couch, Pat sitting on the other, staring at the TV like he saw a ghost. “STEIN, what’s playing?” I said out loud, and the TV responded “Home Videos, Kelly’s seventh birthday.”
“Look at how tiny Pat was!” Kelly said giggling.
“You were so much bigger than I was at the time.” Pat said, and started chuckling. “Look at us all now.”
“Why wasn’t I invited to the party?” Anthony said from behind me, making me nearly jump out of my skin.
“Didn’t you move here like two years ago Anthony?” Pat said, and I sat down. Shortly after, Pat pulled me onto his lap.
“Yeah. Uh Kelly, my mom just texted me, I need to go home, mind walking me home?” Anthony said with a wink.
“Sure.” Kelly said smiling, and they left.
For a moment, I just sat there, on Pat’s lap. Listening to his heart beat. I felt his arms wrap around me, and looked up. The lazy bum was asleep. I laughed a bit, and looked him over. My body fit his perfectly, while sitting on his lap, he could wrap his arms around me, and my head rested nicely on his chest. I felt so small compared to him, yet I felt safe in his arms.
I heard a low moan come from Pat, and looked up, he was starting to wake up. “Want to head back to my place?” I asked, knowing my mom wouldn’t be home all weekend.
“What about Kelly?”
“Anthony kidnapped her.” I said.
“How are we going to get there?” He asked me.
“I just live down the street silly.”
“Oh that’s right..” he said, and begun to stretch. “I slept like a rock last night.”
“I slept like there was a rock on top of me.” I said giggling.
“Sorry about that.” Pat said blushing.
“Nothing to worry about, I enjoyed it.” I responded.
The walk to my house was unusually tense. Pat became very shy, and was constantly looking over his shoulder. I didn’t think much of it, but when we got inside, he scooped me up into his arms, and carried me upstairs.
“Which room’s yours, fair prince?” He said before kissing my lips gently. For a big guy, he has really soft lips.
“On the right.” I said smiling. Ever so gently he set me down on my bed, then looked around at my room. “Care to join me?” I said with a grin, and he climbed over me, to lay next to me on the bed. A full sized bed, and I take up about one fourth of it. Pat takes up the other three-fourths. I rolled on my side and felt the bed shaking, as Pat was getting undressed. I just sat and stared as the tight black shirt came off, then I felt him kick me in the leg as he was apparently taking his pants off as well. I couldn’t tell if he took his underwear off too, but I did the same, leaving my underwear on. I turned around to look at him, and he pulled me on top of him, chest to chest, softly kissed my lips, and-

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