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first story hope you enjoy! i do plan on a part 2
My name is Marshall and I'm a teen who is about to get luckier then I ever imagined.

My girlfriend Alexis was home alone with her friend Sam for the night alone and wanted me to come over. With out much thought I had gone over. "Hey babe, hey Sam." I greeted them as I came in as Alexis told me to sit in between them. Alexis was amazing looking. She had short dirty blond hair and light brown eyes. She was short but had great tits they weren't huge but were a handful. She had such a nice ass. her soft feet were fantastic. I look over at Sam not much taller. Her breast were just as big, but her ass was bigger. She had medium blond hair. We sat back and Alexis cuddled into me. This was kinda normal for us to do, but when sam tried I got nervous but Alexis lifted my arm up for her so I guess it was fine with her. They whispered for a while as we watched TV when suddenly they both pulled away and Alexis asked for a foot massage. I told her yes when Sam asked for one too. I hesitatantly said yes because I never touched her feet.

After about twenty minutes Alexis put her foot to my lips and commanded me to kiss it. I stared at her confused as to why when Sams around. She told me it was a order so I didn't disobey. Sam giggled "So you weren't liying about him." She said putting her toe to my lips to be kissed. After I giving both feet attention Alexis pulled away and told Sam to keep making me suck her toes. Alexis giving a seductive grin slide down and undid my pants kissing my happy trail. When my underwear fell my cock sprung up smacking Alexis's face with a loud slap sound marking her moan. Sam looked down and her jaw dropped at my size. I was 12" long and pretty thick. "Sam do that thing I told you about." And Sam slide her feet around my cock rubbing it up and down as Alexis took the head in flicking it with her tongue. When Sam's feet got towards my top Alexis would kiss those soft little feet and attack me more. Sam took her shirt and bra off to reveal those beautiful breast which Sam commanded me to suck. I started licking her nipple to tease her then I started sucking. Alexis giggled spitting me out and started attacking her other nipple. After a minute Alexis pulled me back a bit and started frenching me well our tounges danced on Sam's nipple. Sam kept rubbing the whole time and I was ready. "I'm gonna blow" I moan and they both put their feet over my head so I would cum allover them. Alexis then commanded me to lick the cum off their feet.
Sam bent over and started sucking me clean as Alexis made out with me. Alexis kept slamming her ass onto Sam's head making her deep throat me. When she lifted Sam took down Alexis's pants down licking her clit well beating me off. After 10 or 11 minutes I was ready again and Sam knew it. She covered Alexis's pussy with her hand and let me blow all over her ass, licking what ever got onto her hand.
Alexis giggled and shoved her ass in my face making me lick it all off her soft tight ass. Sam pushed her back and I had access to her pussy and I attacked it. Sam softly held my hands joining me as we frenched it Alexis's pussy. When she came I ate it all up as I felt something slide onto my cock. Alexis sat up and fit it in. They had only put the condom onto my tip which confused me. Alexis slide down and on the way up Sam was licking her juices off of my bare cock.

This went on for a hour with them alternating twice before I had to cum. "I'm gonna blow again" I moaned. The second I said it they hoped off and pulled the condom off and beat me off until I shot a facial on both the girls. I fell back exhausted as they made out trying to swallow the most cum licking and frenching each other for it.
We went to the bedroom and Sam began to cuddle me when Alexis yelled "oh your not cuddling him that easily" grabbing her sliding my limp cock into her mouth. "Suck it until he falls asleep." She ordered then started cuddling me we kissed. "I love you Alexis..." I whispered and she replayed "I love you too Marshall." And I dozed off. I awoke to Sam between us and Alexis waking up too. I kissed her and grinned. She knew exactly what I was thinking. We held each others hand extending are middle fingers and shoved them into her pussy as we bit licked and kissed her neck.
Alexis's phone went off and the room went silent. "Hey mom," she answered after a minute or so "OK. Love you too bye" and she hung up grinning. "My moms going to be gone all week." And we all laughed until I side my finger deep into Sam and she moaned. "I'm hungry."I said as I got out bed and went to the fridge and grabbed a slice of pizza from yesterdays lunch. "Thank god I couldn't take more." Sam sighed fighting to stand. We all ate and cuddled watching movies for the day. I thought to myself how I now have two girls all week. And when the sun goes down they are mine.

I kissed both of them as the snuggled close to me waiting for me to command them. We watched shows like dexter and skins and played a little bit of call of duty zombies on the xbox. Around 8 we made some pasta for dinner. We laughed about the night before as we ate and cleaned the dishes. I couldn't wait until we got back to the bed but then I heard the shower turn on and Sam walked in. " we are taking showers tonight me and Alexis are taking sperate ones. Your taking 2 showers." Winking as she walked away. Wow solo with both girls in the shower. This was going to be the best week ever.

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