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another story not too sexual author unknown enjoy
"The Bank Robbers"

Part 1

The bank teller smiled warmly as he watched the pretty young
woman walk towards his window. She looked to be about nineteen
years old and was wearing tight riding jeans and boots. Her golden
hair was cut short and boyish and her blue eyes sparkled as she
returned the teller's smile.
"What can I do for you today, Miss?"
"I've come to make a withdrawal" she drawled in a sweet Western
"I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember seeing you before,
"Sorry, M'am. Do you have your account number and some
Jane Barrett calmly raised a small handgun and pointed it
straight at the teller's face. "How about this?" She smiled as she
watched his expression turn from shock to amusement.
"You don't really think you're gonna rob this bank with that
little ladies' gun, do you? If you shoot me with that it'll more
than likely make me real mad!"
"Well, after I make you real mad with my little ladies gun, my
boyfriend over there is gonna make you real dead with his Colt 45."
The teller's face froze as he looked across the room and saw a
young cowboy standing with his gun drawn. There were a few
customers in the bank and an old woman shouted "Oh my God! It's a
bank robbery!" A panic-stricken mother clutched her young daughter
to her side.
"That's right!" The young man hollered out. "Everybody stay calm
and nobody will get hurt! You heard the young lady, Mister. She
wants to make a withdrawal. Empty your cashbox into that sack she's
got and don't try anything funny."
Will Fullerton and Jane Barrett had been passing through this
sleepy little town on the edge of the prairie and Jane couldn't
resist the lure of an easy job. Not a whole lot of money to be had
here, but then again, not real hard to take either.
The teller glared at Jane as he began filling her sack with cash
from his box. Just as he was finishing, the sheriff burst into the
"Just put that gun down, Miss. I wouldn't want to have to hurt a
sweet little thing like you." The sheriff had a shotgun pointing
towards Jane. He was so shocked at having a bank robbery in his
tiny little town that he didn't notice Will standing behind the
door. He heard the click of his 45, though, and felt the cool
barrel of it against his temple.
"You better drop that, Sheriff, or I'll blow your head clean off
your shoulders..."
The sheriff froze. He let his eyes flick sideways but didn't move
his head. He lowered his shotgun. Will grabbed it from him and kept
his gun pointed at the sheriff's head.
Jane grabbed the money sack and turned to face the sheriff. "So,
you're the law around here, huh?" She laughed and swayed her hips
as she walked towards the sheriff, who had his hands raised. The
little girl began crying softly as her mother hugged her tighter to
her side. Jane looked at them for a moment, looked back at the
sheriff, and smiled evilly...
"I don't like the law much, mister sheriff. I particularly don't
like sheriffs who point shotguns at me..." She stuck her tongue in
her cheek mischievously for a moment, then said "Drop your pants,
sheriff." She had a wry smile on her face.
The sheriff looked at her, stunned. He thought he misunderstood
"Hurry up. I ain't got all day!" She pointed her gun at the
sheriff's groin menacingly. "I ain't kidding!"
The women in the bank gasped as they saw the sheriff undo his
belt and begin unbuttoning his pants. He let his pants fall around
his ankles and stood there in his longjohns.
"Kick off your boots.... get those pants right off. That's right.
Now the shirt too..."
The sheriff unbuttoned his shirt. When he removed it he stood
there in only his longjohns and hat, glaring at the young woman
with the gun. Jane reached forward and knocked his hat off his
head. She pointed her gun directly at the sheriff's crotch, looked
him in the eye, and very slowly said with a smile:
"Now the longjohns..."
"What!" The sheriff gasped. "You can't be serious. There's women
and children here! What kind of person are you?"
"The kind of person who will blow your balls off in exactly five
seconds if you ain't out of them longjohns... One..... Two....."
In a panic the sheriff tore open the buttons on his longjohns. He
pulled his arms out of the sleeves and pushed them down below his
knees. As Jane was counting five he just managed to step out of
them completely. This left him standing in the bank completely
naked. Jane and Will were laughing as he tried covering his groin
with his hands. The other customers stared in disbelief.
The teller chose that moment to bring a gun up from behind his
window. Will noticed him out of the corner of his eye and in a
flash so fast you couldn't see his hand move he shifted and put a
bullet right through the teller's chest. As he slumped over the
counter, dead, the women in the bank began screaming.
"Shut up!" Will yelled, pointing his gun in the direction of the
customers. The women were silent but still shook with sobs.
Jane looked at the sheriff and said "That was real stupid of him.
Don't you be stupid like your friend there..." She chewed her lower
lip for a moment, then continued: "I want this whole town to see
what I think of the law... Get down on the floor on your hands and
knees... You heard me, hurry up! Down, dammit!... Now CRAWL out
that door and into the street! Move it!" She fired a shot in the
air and the sheriff turned and hesitantly began crawling towards
the door, and then out onto the wooden sidewalk.
Jane snickered as she pulled her thick leather belt out from her
riding jeans. She folded it double in her right hand and slapped it
across the sheriff's naked ass. "Please!" the sheriff begged. "Not
out in the street! Not like this! There's women and children
Jane slapped the belt across his ass again and told him that the
children should learn early that they can't count on the law for
anything. Her slaps got harder and harder as she drove him out onto
the dusty street.
The shots had caused a crowd of people to gather outside the
bank. They gasped when they saw their sheriff stark naked and
crawling in the dirt! The pretty young woman whipping his ass with
her doubled belt still held her pistol in her left hand. Will
walked behind them, his guns warning everybody not to try anything
"Look mommy! Why is that lady giving Sheriff Porter a tanning?"
"Hush up, Sue Ellen" her mother warned.
"But why did she take all of his clothes away?"
"I said hush up, Sue Ellen! Don't look!" But the eyes of everyone
in the street were focused squarely on the bizarre scene before
them. When the sheriff got to the middle of the street Jane made
him stop and kneel upright. There must have been thirty or forty
townspeople gathered around. They were all staring in disbelief at
the sheriff and the young woman who was giving him orders.
"Now look at all your friends and neighbors, especially
the women and children! They're all watching you!" Jane was
giggling evilly.
Indeed, Miss Simmons, who ran the saloon, was enjoying the show
and tried to catch the sheriff's eye so he'd know she'd seen him.
Most of the children were in awe. The Thompson girls were giggling
and shoving each other.
Jane saw all the people and felt almost intoxicated with her
power. She laughed as she said, "Start jerking off, Sheriff! Do it,
or I'll blow your head off right here! Don't test me!"
There were gasps from the crowd as the sheriff put his trembling
right hand around his semi-hard penis and began slowly pumping.
"Faster!" Jane shouted. "And look up at the people!"
The sheriff looked up and saw the eyes of the town on him. A
couple of them were probably enjoying this, however, most of the
people looked embarrassed to see the sheriff humbled before them.
The sheriff pumped faster. His penis was fully erect in spite of
the great shame he was experiencing. Jane taunted him loudly and
threatened to put him across her knee for a good spanking, which
brought gasps from the women in their bonnets and giggles from the
children. Just then Will rode up on his horse. He had Jane's horse
with him. He handed her the reins as he kept his 45 directed at the
Jane slipped her belt back around her tiny waist then climbed up
onto her horse. She sat there watching the sheriff for another
minute then fired her pistol into several of the storefront windows
on the street, shattering the glass.
"Don't any of you try to follow us or you'll wind up dead like
that teller in the bank! See ya around, Sheriff!"
She and Will whirled around and began galloping down the road.
She looked back and saw the sheriff still on his knees and pumping
while a young man came running out of the bank towards him carrying
his clothes. They spurred their horses and galloped out of town.
They were both laughing heartily as the wind whistled past their
"That was really funny, Jane. What made you do that!"
"I don't know, Will. I guess I was just bored, and seeing him
pointing that shotgun at me kinda made me mad."
They slowed their horses down and continued riding out into the
prairie. Will rode a little bit behind Jane. He liked watching her
tight ass bouncing up and down on the saddle and couldn't wait till
nightfall when they'd count up the money and then make passionate
After a couple of hours they stopped to rest the horses. They
were both getting a bit hungry by this time. As they walked up
along a ridge Will motioned Jane to get down on the ground.
"Look over there!" Jane followed his pointing hand and saw what
looked like a small Indian village. There were a couple of dozen
teepees and a fire burning in the center, being tended by a squaw.
"Looks like the braves are off hunting. I only see one guard down
there, the rest seem to be women and children. Look at that meat on
the spit! Mmmmmmm... sure beats the jerky we've been chewing on."
They went back and secured their horses, then they both climbed
stealthily down towards the village and took their positions.
Jane slowly walked out into the open, towards the fire. Her hands
were in the air and she was saying "Hello... I'm a friend. Do you
have something to eat?"
The squaw tending the fire was startled. The brave looked
confused, then wary. He put his hand on the hilt of his knife and
began walking towards her.
Covered by her distraction, Will leaped from behind a teepee and
hit the brave on the head with a rock, knocking him out cold. More
squaws and a few children began coming out of the teepees but Will
and Jane both had their guns drawn by this time.
"You don't mind if a couple of hungry travelers have a bite to
eat, do you?" Jane chuckled as she bent forward and picked the
largest piece of meat out of the fire. In a moment of pure
spitefulness she kicked dirt onto the fire and trampled the rest of
the meat into the ground. The squaws gasped and made gestures to
stop her but Will yelled a warning and pointed his gun at them.
He joined Jane and she pulled off a hunk of meat and handed it to
him. As he chewed a huge mouthful he was looking lustfully at one
of the squaws nearby. He pointed his hand in her direction and said
to Jane:
"Jane, dear. You don't mind if I help myself to one of these
little squaw women, do you? I mean, it wouldn't be like I was
cheating on you or nothin', it's only a squaw. Besides, watching
you back there at the town made me a little ornery, if you catch my
Jane looked at the squaw. She didn't like the idea of Will with
another woman, but he was right, it was only a squaw. Besides, it
might be fun to watch. "No skin off my teeth, Will. Just save
something for me tonight!"
The squaw couldn't speak English but she knew what was going on
when Will began walking towards her. She turned on her heel to run
but Will jumped her and brought her crashing to the ground with him
on top. She shrieked as Will began tearing at her clothes. He
pulled out his knife and cut the laces on her buckskin dress. After
that he just had to pull it off her squirming hips and legs and she
lay naked on the ground, still fighting and trying to bite him. He
gave her a hard slap on the face which quieted her down somewhat.
"Look at these titties, Jane!" He moulded the firm reddish brown
flesh and fingered a large brown nipple and aureole. He squeezed it
hard between his fingers until she yelped in pain. Will laughed
cruelly and squeezed it again, harder. Will reached down with one
hand and unbuttoned the fly of his pants. He forced the squaw's
legs apart and climbed on top of her. The other squaws watched in
horror as he roughly inserted himself into her and began fucking
her hard, pulling her tits as he rode her. Jane was laughing at the
sight and kept her gun pointing at the others to keep them in line.
Just then she heard a twig break behind her. She turned to look
and felt one huge hand placed around her mouth while another
grabbed her arm in a vice grip and removed her gun.
All hell broke loose. The other squaws leapt on Will and began
clawing at him as he humped the poor woman beneath him. Another
brave gave a blood curdling yell and threw himself on Will, pulling
him out from between his victim's legs. The hunting party had
returned! They saw what was happening and crept up on Jane while
she was distracted watching Will.
The brave who had thrown Will to the ground screamed again and
pulled his knife. He lifted his arm above his head and prepared to
drive it into Will's chest when another hand grabbed his arm and
held it. He glared at the brave who had restrained him then calmed
slightly as they exchanged words in their own language.
Will and Jane were hauled to their feet. Will's pants were still
open but his penis had shriveled back within.
The other women helped Will's victim up and wrapped her dress
around her. She glared hatefully at both him and Jane, now being
held in the midst of about two dozen braves.
One of the braves walked towards the captives. He wore more
feathers in his hair and appeared to be a chief of some sort. He
spoke halting English as he addressed them.
"Why you do evil in our home?" He looked at Jane and said "You
steal our food and ruin much. This is wrong."
"We were hungry! We're willing to pay for it. We've got lots of
"No! You not pay. You steal!" He looked at Will and shook his
"You do bad to Little Flowers. You bad people. We should kill
you. Maybe we will. You must be punished for these bad things you
The other Indians shouted their outrage. A few yells went up as
they all gathered around to watch what would happen to the white
man and his woman.
The chief pointed to Will and said "First you. Your woman will
watch you..." He said something else in his language and the others
nodded their heads and began laughing. The women came forth and
grabbed Will. The one who he had raped held a knife to his throat,
pressing it hard against him and nearly breaking the skin. The
other squaws worked quickly and began stripping him. They removed
his boots and then, using their knives, they simply cut all of his
clothes away. In less than a minute he stood completely naked as
his clothes lay in shreds on the ground around him. The men and the
children sat on the ground and hooted, encouraging the squaws.
"W-what are you doing? Leave me alone!" Will cried. The squaws
overpowered him by their sheer numbers. Little Flowers kept the
knife near his throat as they forced him down onto the ground on
his back. Jane didn't like what she was seeing. It didn't bode well
for her, but she was powerless to do anything to help Will as he
lay there on the ground.
Another squaw brought out a long coil of rope. She used her knife
to cut a small length. With the others holding Will down, she
managed to use the short piece of rope to tie his right wrist to
the inside of his right ankle. She had to bend his knee outward to
do this. She then took the long coil of rope and looped one end
around and around his left ankle, then tied a tight knot. With a
hoot the women began hauling on the rope and dragging Will around
on the ground by his left ankle. His left arm was free but the way
his right wrist and ankle were tied, his genitals were wide open
and exposed, along with his ass. Jane watched in horror as Will
wimpered in disbelief and fear.
The other squaws picked up branches and began switching him
wherever they could as he was dragged around by his leg.
"No! Please!" he begged, but they continued thrashing him while
the whole village joined in the laughter. Jane was feeling even
more uneasy after seeing what they were doing to poor Will.
Little Flowers yelled something to the others and they all headed
off towards a small clump of trees about a hundred yards away. Will
was dragged and switched the whole way. The rest of the village
followed, taking Jane along with them.
The squaws stopped at a medium sized tree. There was a horizontal
branch about eight or nine feet up. A couple of feet away from it,
hanging from an adjoining branch, was a large hornets nest.
The squaws threw the free end of the rope up and over the first
branch, careful not to disturb the nest. They began hauling on the
rope and eventually hoisted Will upside down in the air till his
left foot was only a few inches from the branch. He squirmed as he
dangled there. His left hand was still free but he couldn't do
anything with it. His right wrist and ankle were still tied, which
forced his right thigh down nearly level with his shoulder. In this
manner he was obscenely spread as he dangled before the whole
Will was crying now. He was scared witless and twisted as he
begged the laughing women to let him down. They answered him by
continuing to thrash his helpless body with the switches. Finally
they stopped and one of them reached up and began pulling on his
penis. In spite of his fear, he began to respond to the stimulation
and soon he had a raging hard-on. The squaw backed away and watched
him hanging there helplessly with a stiff dick. The others had all
moved back about twenty yards and were crouching and watching from
a gully behind a fallen tree. Little Flowers stood halfway between
them and the tree and hefted a rock. She tossed it at the hornets
nest but missed. When Will saw what she did he yelled: "NO!
Little Flowers picked up another rock and hurled it. This time
she hit the hornets nest squarely. It was lodged pretty well and
didn't fall, but the hornets came rushing out angrily to defend
their nest. Little Flowers ran back to join the others as they
watched the honets swarm over the dangling nude body of Will
Oh, how he screamed! His free hand swung wildly but served only
to anger the hornets even more as his body twisted wildly under the
onslaught, shaking the tree and bringing out the rest of the
hornets. In his exposed position they stung him all over,
especially around his spread thighs, buttocks and groin. They were
even stinging his asshole!
Jane knelt behind the fallen tree with the others. The difference
was that while they were all laughing and yelling, her face was
white with shock. She heard the tormented screams of Will; the
pitiful pleading as he futilely fought off the stinging horde that
swarmed over him like a black cloud. The branch he hung from
creaked as he bounced and swung. For nearly five minutes they stung
him over and over. His agony was extreme. Finally the struggling
stopped. Will hung motionless from the limb. After a minute of this
the hornets finally gave up on him and began retreating back to
their shaken but undamaged nest.
Cautiously the others abandoned their shelter and crept back
towards the tree. What Jane saw made her gasp! Will's right wrist
and ankle were still tied together and hung down, fully exposing
his genitals and ass. His thighs and buttocks were swollen with
welts. There had to have been over a hundred stings, most of them
around his ass. She could see that not even the soles of his feet
had been spared, but what made her shiver was the cluster of welts
right around his gaping asshole! He even had welts on his penis and
ball sac. Poor Will! The agony he must have suffered! The squaws
lowered him to the ground. Little Flowers felt the side of his neck
and nodded in approval. Two braves picked Will up and carried him
back to the camp. They untied his wrist and ankle and began
smearing him all over with mud. Another squaw began mixing up some
foul smelling concoction and used a wooden spoon to spread it all
over the worst welts. Could he possibly still be alive? How could
he? Yet, even as she watched she saw an almost imperceptible
stirring and a little spittle escaped the corner of his mouth. His
body was swollen and he began shivering. They put him close to the
fire and covered him with a buffalo hide.
The chief turned to Jane and said: "He strong. He may die, he may
live. Me think he will live. Medicine help take poison from him."
Jane was relieved, and horrified. "What will happen if he lives?
Will you let us go?"
"He bad man. He given to Little Flowers as slave. He get well.
Two, three days, poison all gone. Then Little Flowers hang him same
way from tree again and wake shashumis with rock. Next time poison
not so bad. Shashumis still sting but poison not so bad for him.
Two, three more days she hang him from tree again... and again...
and again... same way each time."
"Oh, my God!" Jane gasped. "You can't do that!"
"He bad man. He belong to Little Flowers now. Little Flowers say
he to be punished for his bad things. He to be kept bare, tied on
knees with head to ground. The young will tease him. Squaws will
laugh at him. He eat only what others not. Every two, three days
Little Flowers will hang him from tree same way and wake shashumis
with rock. Whole village watch. Bad punishment for bad man. He stay
alive many moons, many years. Little Flowers punish him long time."
Jane felt her legs trembling. "My God!" she whispered. She looked
at Will. He was shivering by the fire, wrapped in the buffalo hide.
Poor Will! A knife in the heart would have been better than this!
She gulped and suddenly wondered in panic what her own fate would
be. The chief was looking at her sadly.
"You bad woman. You steal food. You destroy what you don't eat.
You help bad man. You bad too."
"No, chief! He made me do those things!"
"No! You lie! You must be punished too."
The chief spoke at length to his own people. Jane expected the
men, but it turned out to be the women, once again, who approached
her. She struggled and kicked as they grabbed her. Just as they did
with Will, they used their knives to cut her clothes away. In a
minute she was left wearing only her thick leather belt. It
contrasted with her smooth white skin. The women stared in awe at
her pink nipples and short blonde hair. Jane only weighed around
110 pounds so they had no trouble forcing her to the ground on her
hands and knees. A squaw held each of her hands to the ground and
two others held her knees apart. With nothing on but the dark belt
her creamy ass looked like a smooth round globe, bisected in the
middle. Her asshole was in clear view and her downy pouch peeked
out from behind.
There was much laughter now as one of the older women picked up
a switch and touched it to her ass. She reached up and swung down
with a snap. <Crack!> A red stripe appeared across both white
cheeks. Jane yeowled in pain and shock and the rest of the
villagers laughed. The old squaw gave her a dozen more swipes then
sat down. A young girl, barely of age, replaced her. Jane howled
and twisted shamelessly as the young girl switched her over and
over, criscrossing her ass and leaving a pattern of stripes. She
then said something to the squaws holding Jane's legs. They each
grabbed one of Jane's asscheeks and pulled them wide apart. The
young girl changed her angle and resumed slashing away at Jane,
this time making the tip of the switch hit right against Jane's
asshole! She was stretched so wide that her asshole was opened. A
tiny bit of hair could be seen around the rim and sweat glistened
as it was switched.
Jane howled and begged but the young squaw was relentless.
Eventually she stopped and was replaced by yet another squaw. The
switching went on and on. Jane's legs kicked and she howled like a
coyote as the rest of the village watched and cheered on the women.
When they finally stopped, Jane's backside was a mass of
crisscrossed weals. Her shoulders heaved as she sobbed. The women
pulled her up and roughly sat her back on a small log they had
placed there. The log had a hole in it and a large wooden phallus
had been carved and stuck into it so it protruded upright.
Jane was lowered into place so that the phallus passed between
her swollen cunt lips. It completely filled her up and held her
pinned to the log. The bark was rough against her sore backside.
Jane sat there on the phallus, her knees were pressed against the
side of the trunk an inch or two from the ground and her feet
pulled backwards. They pulled her hands behind her back and tied
them and her ankles to a branch behind her. Jane was impaled in a
sitting position with her hands and feet tied behind her. Her tits
were thrust out straight and her belly was sucked in. No doubt
every brave's dick was hard as stone at the sight but they wouldn't
touch her, leaving her punishment to the women whom she had stolen
from. This, however, did not prevent them from watching and
enjoying the sight. The young braves were especially interested and
Jane could see their hard-ons poking their loincloths up as they
crouched nearby.
When she was securely fastened, the women began taunting her.
Little Flowers pinched her nipples over and over while Jane pleaded
with her to stop. Now that the tables were turned Jane didn't think
much of nipple pulling!
Night was wearing on. Most of the day's food had been ruined and
the people went to bed hungry. One of the squaws stayed by the fire
watching Will as he shivered and slept. She occasionally would look
across at Jane and snicker. Jane felt embarrassed to be so helpless
before her and the wooden phallus in her cunt was beginning to
itch. All in all it was to be a most uncomfortable night.
Will stirred a few times during the night and the squaw put a
damp cloth on his forehead to ease the fever. After he had settled
down she got up and walked over to Jane. She reached out a hand and
hesitantly touched her smooth skin. Much smoother than her own
Indian skin. The squaw let her hand trace down along Jane's belly
till she came to the downy patch of pubic hair. This was very
interesting to her! It was blond and light and the pink folds of
her cunt could be seen right through the strands. The Squaw felt
the softness of the hair and let her fingers accidentally brush
against Jane's clitoris, which was poking out between the soft
folds of flesh. Jane shuddered and involuntarily moaned. The Squaw
pulled her hand back then giggled and looked around to see that
nobody else was around. She was about Jane's age and had never seen
a white woman up close before. She put her hand back down and used
her middle finger to lightly brush Jane's clit again. More moaning
from Jane encouraged her to do even more. The squaw knelt down,
staring directly into Jane's half-closed eyes and began rubbing
faster and faster. When Jane's moans got louder the squaw took a
piece of Jane's shredded clothes and stuffed them into her mouth.
She tied a gag to keep them in place then spent the next hour
mischievously rubbing Jane's clit, almost to orgasm, but backing
off each time before she could climax. Jane had tears in her eyes
as she squirmed and tried fucking the wooden phallus. The Indian
girl was enjoying herself immensely! With her other hand she pulled
and tweaked Jane's nipples and felt the softness of her hair.
Jane was nearly convulsing with desire when the squaw abruptly
got up. Another squaw had come to relieve her watch. Thankfully the
second squaw only changed the wet cloths on Will's forehead and
left her alone to squirm on the log. She cried her frustration into
her gag. Eventually Jane fell into a fitfull sleep.
Jane awoke to the sounds of morning movement. Most of the Indians
were already up and about. Little Flowers pulled the hide back from
Will's sleeping form. His fever had broken during the night and he
began to slowly move his limbs. The swelling had already started to
abate somewhat but he still looked puffy and could not move except
in pain. Jane was still tied to the tree trunk and was being
largely ignored as she watched the activities around her. Off to
the right at the edge of the clearing she saw a squaw pounding a
short stake deep into the ground. Will was rousted and some food
was placed by his head. He pushed it away and the brave who put it
there casually picked it back up and walked away.
Little Flowers tied a rawhide collar around Will's neck and
attached a short rope to it. Tugging on it she managed to get Will
up on his hands and knees. She made him crawl over to the stake.
She tied the rope around the middle of the stake and then pounded
it all the way into the ground. Will's head could move no more than
a couple of inches up or down. Another squaw helped her to spread
his knees apart and these too were eventually tied and staked in
place. This left Will kneeling in an extremely vulnerable position.
What he didn't know then was that this was to be his permanent
position from now on!
Little Flowers seemed satisfied with his exposure. The young
braves and squaws congregated around him and giggled as they
touched his ass. Little Flowers laughed and pulled a long feather
from her sleeve. They all watched in fascination as she taught them
how to torment his ass and penis with the feather. They giggled as
they watched him moan and squirm. He was begging them to stop but
they couldn't understand his words. Little Flowers left them with
the feather and went about her morning work. They each vied for
turns with the teasing feather as Will begged and shook his ass in
a vain attempt to avoid it. One of the girls found that by
inserting her finger a little ways into his asshole and wiggling it
she could make him gasp and jump!
Jane watched helplessly from her perch on the log. What a horrid
fate! To spend the rest of his days wiggling at the end of a
mischievous girl's finger!
As she watched them working Will over, her own unsatisfied needs
caused her to involuntarily begin humping the phallus she was tied
to. The other squaws noticed this and smiled knowingly. They pulled
her hard nipples whenever they walked by or tugged on her pubic
hair. For the next hour Will wiggled and pleaded and Jane squirmed
till finally the chief came over and stood in front of Jane. He
motioned for the squaws to untie her and remove her gag. Jane
immediately reached for her pussy to bring herself the climax she
had been denied so long but they grabbed her hands and held them
while she shivered.
"You go home now. Bad man stay."
"You can't leave him like that!" Jane sobbed.
"You go home, but all who see you will know that you are thief!"
The squaws bent her over the tree trunk face down with her ass up
in the air. A brave walked towards them carrying a glowing red
brazier! Jane immediately recognized the symbol on it. It was the
Indian symbol for `thief'. Her eyes were wide with fear and she
pleaded but the squaws held her tight. The brave pressed the
glowing hot brazier into the left cheek of her ass and held it
there for three seconds. Jane shrieked in agony as she was branded.
When the brave lifted the smoking brazier away from her she slumped
over, spittle coming from her lips.
The Indians were not quite through with her yet. They intended to
send her back in style! They tied each of her ankles to the
opposite ends of a stick to keep them about three feet apart. They
clasped her hands together, interlocking her fingers, and wrapped
loop after loop of rawhide around them, tying it off in a series of
tight knots she'd never be able to loosen. A rope was then tied
between her bound hands and the middle of the stick separating her
legs. It passed between her knees. This made it impossible for Jane
to stand. If she were to make it back to town she wouldn't be
walking, she'd have to crawl the whole way, with her legs spread
and her branded ass up in the air.
As they were preparing to let her go, Little Flowers halted them
and spoke to the chief. She appeared to be asking his permission
and he nodded his head in approval. She then took two thin sticks
about a foot long each. She placed one above and one below Jane's
tits, clamping them together at the aureole so that the nipples
stood out and the flesh behind them was squeezed tight between the
sticks. She used rawhide at each end to lash the sticks together.
She then took water from a cup and soaked the rawhide thoroughly.
When the sun dried the rawhide out the clamps would tighten even
more! But Little Flowers was still not through! Jane's ass was
already widely parted but she used her fingers to pry Jane's
asshole open. The others gasped as they saw her take a small burr,
about a half inch in diameter, and insert it right into her gaping
anus! It was lodged right at the rim so that it could not come out.
As Jane crawled, the burr would be a constant irritant to her.
Finally, Little Flowers took a small pottery jug and knelt in front
of Jane. She scooped her finger in and lifted out a sticky amber
fluid. She tasted it then held her fingers to Jane's lips. Honey!
With a smirk, Little Flowers put a dab of honey on each nipple then
knelt behind Jane's widely parted legs and rubbed more of it in her
cunt and directly on her clitoris. The myriad of biting insects
would have no difficulty finding Jane's most tender places and the
itching would be unbearable!
Jane took one look back through tear-stained eyes at Will. Poor
Will! Most of the young braves and squaws had gathered around her
to watch her being prepared, but that one mischievous girl was
still behind him, causing him to gasp and plead as his ass squirmed
under her relentless touch. "Ahhhh... Please, help me!" he cried.
Nobody was listening. The girl grinned wickedly...
The chief pointed back towards the town Jane and Will had just
robbed. It was the only town for over a hundred miles in any
direction. If Jane were to survive dehydration she'd have to crawl
all day and all night to reach it. The blazing sun would redden her
white ass and squeeze her bound nipples. The burr in her asshole
and the insects would torment her the whole way. When she got to
town... if she got to town, she would be on display to everyone
there and at their mercy. What would they do to her! They'd surely
recognize her by her short blonde hair and blue eyes. The Indian
brand identifying her as a thief would surely remind them who she
was. Of one thing she was absolutely certain... the sheriff would
remember her!

The End

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