He gets to fuck his girl and her little sister.
Robert turned the corner, driving towards the bus stop where he was to meet his girlfriend, Kate. He saw her standing by the shelter looking out for him. As always she was a sight for sore eyes. Average height, with long flowing dark hair. As well as a figure to die for. Her top clung to her full, shapely breasts. The short skirt she was wearing showed off her lovely perfect legs, not bad for a girl of eighteen. As he got closer however he saw a look on her face that did not bode well, she was pissed. Robert was unsure why as he was on time, in fact he was five minutes early. When he pulled up and saw the young girl sat in the shelter he began to have an inkling of why she was pissed.

“Hi babe, how are you?” He asked as he climbed out of his car. She did not answer straight away, instead walking to meet him at the back of his car and kissing him hard. Not that Robert complained, kissing Kate was one of his favourite past times. When she pulled back he could see that her eyes were flashing in a mix of desire and fury.

“I’m pissed off that how I am.” She said in a low hiss.


“Cause I’ve been dumped with my little sister to look after.” She nodded to the girl sat in the shelter. “Mom’s got some people coming round and insisted that I bring Veronica with me when I came out.” Robert looked over at Veronica, he had only met her once a year ago when he and Kate had first hooked up. You could easily see the family resemblance. She had the same long flowing dark hair, along with her sisters dark eyes and full lips. However Veronica had a small button nose where as Kate’s nose was straight. Figure wise Veronica was a smaller, younger version of her sister. With small, but kind of nice looking breasts as well as long shapely leg that were just a bit thinner that her sisters. Robert knew she was two years younger than Kate.

“I was all ready for a good time this afternoon with you, but now that’s out the window.” Kate said.

“Hey I told you just drop me off at the park and I’ll be ok.” Veronica said.

“And when mom finds out I’ll be dead, fuck that idea.” Yes Kate was angry, she only swore when she was angry, or turned on.

“I won’t tell her, come on do you think I wanted to be dumped on you.” Veronica muttered angrily. “I don’t want to be the one who stops you two from fucking.”

“I don’t know what you…” Kate started to say, Veronica interrupted her.

“Oh come on, I know exactly what you and lover boy here get up to. Like I know you’re on the pill without mom and dad knowing. I’m neither stupid or blind sis.” Kate looked at her in surprise, Robert stifled a smile at the shock on his girlfriends face. “And I can see why you like it, his fit.” Veronica continued which quickly wiped the smile from Robert’s face.

“Yeah he is isn’t her.” Kate agreed, kissing Robert softly on the lips.

“So what we going to do about this.” Robert said, starting to feel a bit disappointed himself. Fucking Kate was one of his other favourite past times, and it was always good. Kate shrugged with a resigned look on her face.

“I said drop me at the park.” Veronica said, Kate shook her head.

“To many chances of mom finding out, I’d rather not be grounded for weeks.” Kate said, Robert agreed. That had happened once before, it had been hell not seeing her for two weeks.

“That means I’ll have to come with you then.” Kate nodded, muttering a sharp curse under her breath.

“She can sit in the living room of the flat, there’s a TV and radio for her.” Robert offered.

“But she’ll be in the next room, she’ll hear.” Kate said.

“Only because you’re so loud.” Robert said teasingly, Kate slapped his arm as Veronica giggled.

“I’ll turn the TV up and ignore you if you want sis.” Veronica said between giggling, Kate glared at her.

“Come on babe, I’ve been looking forwards to spending time with you all day.” Robert said, he pulled her into him. “And I’m sure you’ve been doing the same.” He kissed her softly, her response hard and immediate. Pressing her lips against his she melted into him. Their kiss growing deeper and more passionate. He pushed his tongue against her lips, felt her open them to allow him access. He twisted his tongue around hers, softly probing her mouth with it. Her lips were as always soft and yielding against his. For a moment he lost himself in the kiss, in her. Only when Veronica coughed from beside them did he come back to his senses.

“Can’t you wait till you get back to his flat Kate.” She said in a slightly sarcastic voice. Kate looked at her with a fake snarl. Veronica laughed as she climbed into the back of Roberts’ car. Reluctantly Robert released Kate so she could get into the passenger seat. Fortunately the trip to his flat was not far. Once inside he quickly showed Veronica the TV and radio, plus where the fridge was to get herself a drink. Then Kate was dragging him into his bedroom.

Inside they kissed deeply, passionately. Her mouth moulding to his, open to his probing tongue. Their hands running over each other’s bodies. Kate sliding her fingers down his chest, round to squeeze his buttocks. Robert slid his hands along her back, then ran the round to cup her breast. Curling his fingers over them, feeling their familiar shape and firmness under his fingers. As they moved towards his bed Kate pulled at his T shirt, dragging it up over his head. She ran her fingers along his chest and stomach.

“One thing Veronica got right babe, you’re so fit.” She murmured into his lips.

“Back at you babe.” Robert moaned pulling her top up. She lifted her arms allowing him to remove the top. He glanced down at her breasts, as always when she came round his she was not wearing a bra. Which was fine by Robert as he took in the firm shape of her breasts. Two large pale mounds of flesh topped by large pink nipples. He reached up to cup them as he kissed her hard. She wrapped her fingers in his hair kissing him back. He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, heard her soft gasp of feeling. Softly kneading her breasts with his hands he kissed her hard.

Then he broke from the kiss, breathing hard. He kissed her cheek, then the side of her chin. Moving lower to kiss the side of her neck, just under her ear. Where he knew it drove her wild. She groaned softly, leaning into his kiss. He moved down, kissing her shoulder. Her breathing grew deeper as she realised where he was heading. He planted a kiss just between her breasts. When he took one breast into his mouth she let out a sharp breath like she had been holding her breath. Robert sucked softly on her breast, reminding himself how she felt. How round her breasts were, the feel of their weight, the feel of her hard nipple on his tongue. He moved to suck the other breast, licking his tongue over it.

As he sucked on her breasts he turned her towards the bed. Gently lowering her so she sat on the edge as he continued to suck and lick her breasts. Kate murmured softly, little sounds of pleasure as his mouth moved from breast to breast. He sucked hard on one nipple, drawing it out, licking his tongue over it. Softly biting down with his teeth and pulling it. Kate gasped hard, moaning gently in pleasure. He moved to her other breast, giving that nipple the same treatment.

As he did he rested his hands on her leg, sliding them up the top of her thighs. Pushing them higher until he reached the waist band of her skirt. Quickly he undid the zip on the side, hooked his fingers into the top of both her skirt and panties and pulled down. He felt her lift herself up making it easier for him to remove her skirt. Even with her sister in the other room Robert had known Kate would be horny, she always was ready for him. He pulled her skirt and panties off, letting them pool on the floor under her feet. Running his hands back up her legs he felt her soft skin under his fingers. As he ran his hands higher she parted her thighs, inviting him in. Sucking and licking her breasts he willingly began to rub his fingers over her pussy. First sliding them just against her lips, before pushing his fingers deeper between her soft folds. Kate hissed through clenched teeth as his fingers probed deeper against her pussy. Looking up Robert saw she had her mouth clamped closed to stifle her cries, that was never going to last.

It did not last, as he slid a finger into her pussy she gasped aloud. He pushed his finger into her, rubbing the tip along the roof of her pussy. She gasped again as he moved the finger in and out. All the time he was continuing to suck on her perfect breasts. When he pushed a second finger into her she gave a soft cry of feeling. Her fingers digging into his head where she had them wrapped in his hair. He pushed the two fingers deep into her body, sliding them in and out. Increasing the speed rapidly until he was fucking her pussy with his fingers.

“Fuck Rob, unn yes.” Kate gasped loudly as he continued to fuck her pussy with his fingers. He sucked and chewed softly on her nipples, knowing how she liked that. She gasped and moaned, her volume growing with each second. Robert could feel how wet she was getting, her juices covering his fingers. He pulled them out and licked them clean as she watched, her eyes wide with lust.

“Yum, love that taste.” He said to her, “I’m going to lick you out now babe.” As he spoke he lowered his head down towards her groin. Kate sank back onto the bed, opening her legs for him. He brushed his lips against her outer lips. Then parted her lips with his fingers and licked his tongue up her pussy. She gave a soft moan of pleasure. He pushed his tongue inside her, licking over the walls of her pussy. Lapping up her flavour, musk and an almost cinnamon like flavour was the way he described it. He was not sure if that was correct exactly, he just knew that he could not get enough of her.

He lapped and licked at her pussy, pushing his tongue up into her. Reaching one hand up he cupped one breast. Pawing at it, rubbing her nipple, softly tweaking it with his forefinger and thumb. That incited a sharp moan of feeling. He licked harder, pushing his tongue in and out of her. Licking it along the lips of her pussy, before lapping against the roof of her pussy. Kate’s gasps were now cries of feeling. Shrill sounds of passion that were growing rapidly in volume. Robert had once joked she would have made a good porn actress because of how loud she was. Kate had sulked for a week, he never made that joke again. The thing was he loved how vocal she was during sex. It was great to hear her squeal, moan and cry out when they fucked.

At that moment he knew the perfect way to make her squeal. Without warning he ran his tongue up to rapidly flick it over her clitoris. As he expected Kate gave a sudden squeal of passion. He circled her clit with his tongue, brushing tightly around it. She cried out, deep sounds of feeling. He could hear her need in those cries and focused on her clit. Licking over it, curling his tongue over it. Lapping at it before pressing his tongue against it and licking hard at it.

“Yes, fuck yes Rob babe please oh please.” Kate cried out in passion. He licked harder at her clit, still kneading and tweaking her breast with his hand. His other hand he moved up to push two fingers into her hard. Thrusting them in and out as he licked at her clit. Her cries grew shrill and loud as she reacted to him. He felt her body writhing on the bed, her hands tightly wrapped in his hair. She arched upwards, crying out his name as he licked and fingered her pussy.

“Rob, oh Rob yes, fuck oh fuccckkkk!” She squealed loudly as he felt her body tighten. Then she shattered under him, crying out in passion as her orgasm blasted through her. Robert licked hard at her clit, adding to her sensations. Her pussy tightened around his fingers as he pushed them in and out of her. She squealed wild sounds of passion at the sensations he was causing her. He licked and fingered her until her orgasm died. When it did he pushed himself up to kissed her hard, probing in her mouth with his tongue. Running his hands over her breasts, feeling how hard her nipples had become with her orgasm.

“You weren’t joking about her being loud were you.” Veronica said from behind them.

“Shit!” Robert gasped in shock as he twisted round off Kate. She sat up sharply her eyes wide with horror as she looked at her little sister, who was stood in the doorway.

“What are you doing?” Kate demanded.

“Watching you cum and wishing it was me.” Veronica replied, “it would be nice to have an orgasm that wasn’t DIY for a change.”

“Veronica!” Kate gasped in shock, Robert fought not to laugh at his girlfriends expression but failed. Kate ignored him staring at her sister.

“What you still think I’m all sweet and innocent sis?” Veronica said, after a moment Kate shook her head. “Exactly, and after watching how good he was I really want to let him do that to me.” Now it was Robert’s turn to be shocked.

“No way, Rob’s my boy friend.” Kate said.

“So, we share everything else.” Veronica said, “I’m wearing your top for fucks sake.” She pulled at her top as she spoke.

“That’s different, anyhow who says Rob would be interested in you.”

“Let’s find out.” Veronica turned her head to look at him. “Would you want to have sex with me?” Robert blinked, suddenly finding himself the focus of both their gazes.

“Hey leave me out of this.” He said, not wanting to answer.

“No I want an answer.” Veronica said.

“Yes, answer her Rob.” Kate said looking hard at him. Shit I’m in trouble, Robert thought. Either way he knew he was caught. If he answered truthfully then Kate would be angry, if he lied then her sister would be and that could be trouble. “Well!” Kate demanded when he did not answer immediately.

“Erm, to be honest.” Robert started, still unsure what to say. “I…I would have to say that if you weren’t Kate’s sister and if I wasn’t dating Kate then yes. I would not say no to sex with you.” Glancing over at Kate he winced at the shocked look in her eyes. “But I am dating Kate and she is your sister so…” He shrugged in an attempt to put of Kate’s eruption.

“See Kate, he’s interested. Come on, please I’m kind of desperate sis.” Veronica said before Kate could react.

“You want her.” Kate said slowly to Robert.

“No babe, I’d want her if I wasn’t with you. But I am with you so I’m not interested.” Robert replied in as calm a voice he could manage.

“And what if Kate said it was ok.” Veronica asked into the silence. Both of them turned to look at her.

“What.” They both said in unison.

“Would you have sex with me if Kate said she was ok with it.” She said again.

“As Kate will not say yes that’s a moot point isn’t it.” Robert said, waiting for Kate to agree. She did not say anything. He turned to look at her as saw the look in her eyes. “Fuck me you’re not thinking about this are you.” Veronica sensed her chance.

“Please sis, just one time. I really want to do it with him.” Kate looked over at her sister, who was putting on big puppy dog eyes. The Kate turned back to look at Robert.

“I think that if you were to do it with someone else it would be better if I knew and was ok with it.” She said in a small voice.

“Babe, what makes you think I want to do it with someone else.” He said sharply.

“You’re a guy, don’t men think about sex every seven seconds or something. I don’t want you to get bored or something.”

“I’d never get bored with you babe, you’re so good at it and it’s always great.” She smiled at him, he saw tears in her eyes.

“Thanks, but you can’t tell me you aren’t interest a little in her or other girls.” Robert wanted to deny it, but that would be a lie.

“If by interested you mean if I was single then yes, but I’m with you.”

“So if I were to say you could would you do it with her.” Robert looked deep into Kate’s eyes. Looking for some clue as to what answer she wanted.

“If that’s what you want me to do and only then.” Kate looked over at Veronica who was stood by the door looking nervous and excited at the same time.

“I couldn’t think of any guy better for my sisters first time than you.” Kate said looking back at Robert. He blinked in amazement.

“Seriously, she’s a virgin and you would be ok with me being her first?” He asked, Kate nodded. “Oh well I suppose I took your virginity so I might as well take your sisters.” He said after a moment. Veronica squealed in joy and flung herself across the room at him. He caught her as she hugged him tightly.

“Oh thank you, please yes please, thank you, thank you.” She said repeatedly as she hugged him. He pushed her back and looked at her firmly.

“You’re sure you want this?” He asked, she nodded hard. “Right then, we first have to get you naked.” He lifted his hand up to bottom button on her blouse. Veronica took a deep breath in, then nodded to him. Slowly he undid the buttons on her blouse. Moving up, giving her plenty of time to stop him if she wanted. She did nothing to stop him and he soon had her blouse undone. He slipped it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor behind her. He found himself at eye height to her nice little breasts. Held in a small bra, white with little pink bows stitched into it. He sucked in a breath as he reached behind her to the clasp on her bra. Gently he released it, sliding his hands up her back to pushed the straps off her shoulders. She shrugged the bra off, and Robert was looking at her naked breasts.

They were almost a perfect replica of her sisters, just smaller. The same round shape, the same pale skin, and the same large pink nipples. Robert gave a groan deep in his throat at the sight of her perfect breasts. As he stared at them he saw her nipples tighten under his gaze. He could not resist, had to taste them. Leaning forwards he took one breast in his mouth, taking the whole of it inside. Slowly he pulled his lips back, sucking firmly on the soft flesh.

“Oh!” Veronica gasped, drawing out the syllable in a long gasp. Robert held her nipple in his mouth and licked his tongue over it. “Ummm.” Veronica moaned, he sucked on the nipple for a few seconds. Reaching his hand up to cup her other breast. Rubbing his fingers over it, flicking his thumb over the nipple. Then he sucked her breast back into his mouth, licking all over it. Veronica gasped softly as he did, soft sounds of pleasure. He switched breasts, sucking on the other. Taking all of it in his mouth, then just the nipple. Flicking his tongue over the hard nub as he sucked on it. He moved between her breasts, softly sucking and licking each one. Using his hands to knead and rub the other breast as he sucked on it’s partner. After a few minutes he pulled back to look up at her.

Her face was slightly flushed and she was breathing hard. Umm just like her sister, very sensitive. He could not wait to see how she reacted to him licking her out. Running his hands down her stomach he undid the button on her trousers, pulling open the zip. He hooked his hands in the waistband and pulled her trousers down. She stepped out of them now only wearing a small pair of white panties with a single pink bow sewn into the front. He ran his hand up her legs, feeling the soft skin under his fingers. Another groan of pleasure slipped from deep in his throat. He quickly pulled her panties down, smiling at the sight of her pussy covered by a soft down of black hair. Leaning forwards he kissed her softly on the lips.

“I want to lick you here.” He said, pressing the fingers of his right hand against her pussy and rubbing softly. She gasped hard and her eyes flashed wide, then she gave a quick nod. Smiling he turned her round to lay her on the bed. Leaning up he kissed her hard on the mouth, she opened her lips to his probing tongue. He slid inside and played with her tongue. From the hesitant way she attempted to match his movements he guessed that she was not experienced at kissing. Breaking away from the kiss he smiled down at her. Before moving down her body, kissing her soft skin every couple of inches. Pressing his lips to her flesh, stopping to suck on each breasts before moving down over her stomach. He felt it fluttering as she drew in breath, anticipating him reaching her pussy.

As he pressed his lips just above her pussy he ran his hands along her thighs, pushing her legs apart. Lowering his face between them he sucked in her scent with his nose. Then kissed the outer lips of her pussy. Licked his tongue along it, before pushing those lips aside and licking against the very brink of her pussy. She gave a soft hiss of feeling. Oh yes, just like her sister, he was so going to enjoy this. Probing deeper he pushed his tongue into her, tasting her on his tongue. He could not help compare her flavour to Kate’s. Veronica was sweeter, fresh but Kate was always deep and rich. He licked inside Veronica, lapping at her juices. Licking his tongue over her pussy walls. She moaned softly, deep in her chest. Glancing up he could see her watching him. Her eyes half closed, biting softly on her bottom lip. He pushed his tongue as deep into her as he could, licking deep and fast inside her. She moaned again, a deep guttural sound that he felt in his stomach.

Sliding his hand up to rest it on her lower stomach he softly pressed his thumb against the top of her clitoris. She gasped hard, then moaned deeply as he softly rubbed at her clit. Continuing to lick inside her with his tongue. He felt her moving, uncontrollable reactions to his ministrations. Her moans growing deeper and harder as he licked and fingered her. This was something he did with Kate, using his thumb on her clit to make her cum while he licked inside her. He rubbed firmly against Veronica’s clit, licking in her as he felt her juices flowing. She began to shift under him, her body rocking from side to side. Glancing up he saw she had one hand in her hair, the other squeezing her breast tightly. He increased his movements, rubbing around her clit with his thumb. Licking harder at her with his tongue.

“Oh yes, fuck me oh shit I’m going to, fuck going to cum.” Veronica gasped in a low voice filled with passion. Robert pressed his thumb against her clit and rubbed hard. Pushing his tongue into her pussy to lick against her.

“Let go sis, cum for him.” He heard Kate say, a very moments later Veronica did just that. With a sound that was like an animal growling she arched upwards. Then her body was shuddering under him as she came. She gasped hard clawing at her hair and breast as she came. Robert licked at her, tasting her orgasm on his tongue. Rubbing at her clit with his thumb as he did. She gasped and moaned sharply, he felt her grabbing his hand.

“Fuck stop please.” She gasped, he lifted his head and looked down at her as her orgasm died slowly. She looked up at him with eyes glinting with lust. “Sorry I’ve never, god is it always like that.” She gasped to him and Kate. Robert smiled in reply.

“With him yes, he’s very good at that.” Kate said, not that she had much experience with anyone else Robert knew. He had been her first lover.

“Fuck I never knew that would feel so good.” Veronica said in a breathless voice. Robert looked at her for a moment.

“Has no one ever licked you out before.” She shook her head, “not even you boyfriend.” Again she shook her head.

“He would finger me a bit after I sucked him off but he never made me cum.” She explained.

“Well his loss, you taste nice, sweet like sugar.” Robert said, “and I’d love to lick you out again if Kate was fine with it.” Veronica smiled up at him.

“You’d suck your boyfriend off.” Kate said, Veronica nodded.

“Oh yes, I loved to do it.”

“Really.” Kate said in amazement, Robert knew that giving blow jobs was not one of Kate’s favourite things.

“Yes, I love the taste of a guys cock in my mouth.” Kate shuddered softly, Robert smiled at her reaction. “Why don’t you sis?” Kate shook her head.

“Not really, prefer the feel of a cock in me” She said, then had a quick thought. “If you like sucking guys off why not give Rob a blow job. I’m sure he won’t mind.” Veronica turned to look at Robert with a questioning expression. He nodded quickly to her unspoken question. He stood up and she quickly slid off the bed to crouch in front of him. Reaching up she undid his jeans and pulled them down along with his underwear. When she saw his cock she blinked quickly.

“Jesus you’re big.” She said with a gasp.

“And how many cocks have you seen.” Kate said to her.

“One before, ok his bigger than my ex, by a lot.” She reached her hand up to curl her fingers around Robert’s cock. “And thicker, I might not be able to take all of him like I could my ex.” Robert looked down in surprise.

“You could take all of him in your mouth.” She nodded slowly, before softly kissing the tip of his cock. Robert watched as she licked her tongue over him. Using her hand she pulled his foreskin back and ran her tongue over the exposed head. Robert drew in a sharp breath, she gave a soft murmur of pleasure.

“Umm tastes nice.” She said to him then popped her mouth over him. Drawing him into her mouth and sucking softly on him. She pulled her lips back then moved down slowly, taking more of him into her mouth. Robert watched as she pulled back, sucking hard on him. Before sliding down taking even more of him. She did the same again, this time pushing her mouth as far down on him as she could. Robert felt his eyes go wide as his cock pushed into her mouth. He could feel it pressing against the back of her mouth. Veronica’s eyes widened and he heard her gagging on him. Quickly he pulled back, sliding out of her mouth. She swallowed and took in a sharp breath.

“Damn it, I can’t take it all.” She muttered angrily.

“You don’t have to do that, and I really don’t get off hearing you gagging on me.” Robert said to her.

“But I want to, I know guys like that.”

“Hey I was liking it up till the moment you made yourself gag on me. Just do the rest I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.”

“But be warned if you aren’t careful he’ll cum in your mouth.” Kate said, Veronica glanced up at her.

“If he doesn’t then I’m doing something wrong.” She said, Kate looked shocked.

“You’ll let him do that.”

“Yes, why else would you suck him off if not to taste his cum at the end.” Kate was obviously surprised by her comment. Her mouth opened and closed a couple of times. Veronica turned back to Robert and slid her lips back over him. She slid down him, taking him into her mouth. Stopping before he made her gag. Still Robert was amazed to see how much of him she was taking. She ran her mouth back up him, then sucked hard pulling him back into her mouth. She held him deep in her mouth, licking her tongue over him. Then began to slide her lips along him. Moving up as down in slow movements. Sucking hard on him as she did. Robert groaned deep in his throat at the feel of her small mouth sucking on him.

She pulled her mouth back to run her tongue over the head of his cock. Licking it all over, then running her tongue along the underside of him. He gasped as her tongue sent shivers of pleasure through him. She took him in her mouth again, drawing him deeper. Sliding along him with deliberate movements. She might have been inexperienced at kissing, but she was obviously experienced at this. Her movement grew quicker, she pushed her mouth along him with faster strokes. Sliding down him, sucking on him each time she took him in her mouth. Robert took a few moments to realise that she was taking more of him each time she slide her lips down him. Drawing his cock further and further into her mouth each time. He considered stopping her but decided not too at the look in her eyes. She obviously so wanted to do this. As long as she did not gag on him then he was ok with it.

He felt Kate climbing onto the bed behind him. She ran her hands around his waist. Hooking her fingers around his top she pulled it up over his head. Then began to run her hands over his chest. Kissing his neck and shoulders as she did. Robert lent back against her. Feeling her naked flesh press against his back. Her nipples felt hard against his skin.

“Are you enjoying my sister sucking you off?” Kate whispered into his ear. He nodded not sure he could speak properly. “Good, is she going to make you cum.”

“Soon.” He gasped as Veronica slid her mouth down on him. She pushed right down to curl her lips around the base of his cock. Taking all of him in her mouth, she pulled back and did the same again, and then again. “Very soon,” Robert groaned as she continued to suck on him. Taking all of his cock into her warm wet mouth. Kate ran her hands over his chest and down his back, rubbing her body against him. Robert groaned and gasped as Veronica sucked hard on him. He could feel his cock sliding deep into her mouth. He curled both hands in her dark hair just before he felt himself rising towards his orgasm. Groaning deeply he rushed towards his peak. Then he was cumming, pumping his sperm into her pretty young mouth. Veronica gave a small squeal of pleasure before her mouth was filled. He watched her swallowing, her eyes wide open looking up at him with deep pleasure. She held him in her mouth, sucking his cum out of him. Once he had emptied himself in her she lent back on her ankles looking up at him.

“I knew I could take all of you. Just had to work up to it. I’ll remember that for next time.” She said to him with a gleeful smile.

“Next time.” Robert gasped, before he could say anything else Kate was turning him to face her. She planted her lips on his kissing him hard.

“Now I want to fuck you babe.” She whispered into his lips. “I want to feel your cock in me.” Then she kissed him again, pressing her lips against his. He felt her tongue probing his lips, opening his mouth he let her inside. She curled her tongue around his, kissing his passionately, possessing his mouth with hers. As she kissed him her hands ran over his body. Over his chest and down his back. One hand curling in his hair, the other reaching down to his ass. Pulling him into her as she rubbed her body against him. Running her pussy over his cock, which instantly grew hard again. Reaching down she curled her fingers over him, rubbing along his length.

“I’m going to ride your cock hard babe.” She said pulling back and twisting him round and sitting him on the bed. Quickly she climbed onto the bed, straddling his legs. Reaching down she guided him to her pussy and sank down on in. Lowering herself onto him with a long slow movement.

“Oh god.” Robert gasped reverently as he felt himself sliding into her warm pussy. As always she was so ready for him, wet, warm and tight around his cock. Kate chewed her bottom lip as she sat down on him, taking all of him inside her. Slowly she pushed up then sank back down. Robert breathed out hard as she slid along him. She began to move along him slowly, sliding up then sinking right down on him. Robert watched her as she rode him, soaking in how hot she looked. Her firm ample breasts, their nipples hard with desire. The look in her half closed eyes, one of sheer lust and need for him. The way her stomach muscles moved as she rose and fell on him. Running his hands up her thighs he felt the ripple of movement of her muscles.

Her movements grew faster, sliding up and down on him harder. Her fingers resting on his chest as she rode him. Sliding her pussy along his cock with deep movement, growing faster and faster. Robert reached up to cup her breasts. Pawing at the firm flesh, rubbing his fingers over her nipples. Kate groaned softly, chewing still on her bottom lip. Leaning forwards he took one breast in his mouth, sucking hard on it.

“Oh yes.” Kate gasped as he sucked and licked her breast. Running his tongue over the firm soft flesh. Then curling it around her hard nipple. He moved to the other breast giving it the same treatment. As he did Kate’s movements on him grew stronger, harder. She began to slid hard along him, slamming herself down onto his cock. Holding her tight he began to thrust up in time with her movements. Driving himself into her warm, wet pussy. Kate groaned hard, a low gravely noise from deep in her throat. She dug her fingers into his back as he thrust into her. Matching her movements so he was driving into her hard as she dropped down onto him.

“Fuck, Rob babe fuck me yes.” Kate gasped loudly riding him hard. He kissed her breasts, burying his face in them. Sucking and licking each of them as they fucked. Kate slamming down into each thrust. Her moans loud and insistent. Her movements wild, desperate with need for him and for her release. Robert knew from experience that she came quickly riding him. This time was no different.

“Oh fuck yes, babe, oh fuccckkk! Kate screamed as he felt her body exploding around him. Her orgasm ripping through her, making her body shudder hard. Robert held her tight letting her orgasm run its course, feeling her body shaking with the waves of pleasure. As he felt it dying it rolled them over so Kate was on her back.

“My turn.” Robert whispered to her and thrust into her hard. Driving himself deep into her body.

“Robert fuck!” Kate squealed as he entered her. He watched her body rock with the impact of his thrust. He rammed in again and again, driving himself hard into her. “Oh god babe, harder fuck me hard babe.” Kate gasped, wrapping her legs tight around him. He did as she asked, driving in and out with deep hard thrusts. Slamming into her body, pushing as deep into her as he could. He felt her shuddering under him with each thrust. Her cries were wild, deep, full of need and pleasure. He knew how much she liked it when he took her hard like this.

She clung to him, her legs tight around his waist her fingers claws in his back. He had one hand in her hair, gripping it tight. The other clawed at her breast, digging deep into the flesh. He rammed in and out hard. Driving into her tight wet pussy with all his strength. Kate squealed and cried out with each thrust, taking him deep into her. Robert grunted as he thrust in and out, feeling his control slipping rapidly. His thrusts growing wilder, harder into her. Kate knew him as well as he knew her. She pushed up into him taking him into her.

“Oh babe, cum babe, cum in me.” She urged with a shrill cry as she felt him rushing to his peak. Robert rammed in hard, once, twice. On the third thrust he fell into his orgasm. Grunting hard as he emptied himself into her body. Kate groaned with pleasure as she felt him cumming inside her. She tightened her thighs against him, pumping her pelvic muscles around him as if to suck all the cum out of him. Robert held himself deep into her, grunting as he pumped his cum into her. His orgasms with Kate always seemed to last longer and be stronger than with his previous girlfriends. Finally he sank onto her, hugging her tight to him. Gasping for breath from his exertions. Beneath him he felt her drawing in gulps of air. The pair holding each other tightly as the recovered from their love making.

“Christ no wonder Kate smiles all the time.” Veronica said from behind them. Robert jumped, he had totally forgotten her. From Kate’s gasp of surprise she had done the same. “I’d be smiling if I got that every time.” Veronica continued seemingly not noticing their surprise at her words. Robert slowly pulled out of Kate and rolled off her.

“If you give me a few minutes to recover you can find out how it feels for yourself.” He told her, her face lit up and she almost bounced on the spot. Kate climbed off the bed and headed towards the bathroom. Robert pushed up to sitting, breathing hard and flicking his gaze from the two girls. How he had managed to find himself with two hot sisters who were willing to share him he had no idea. As Kate returned from the bathroom Robert was able to compare them. It was obvious looking at them that they were sisters. Veronica was a smaller copy of her big sister. Her breasts were not as big but had the same shape and were well on their way to matching her sisters for size. She had the same shape to her figure the same long legs, Kate’s were just more mature and shapely than Veronica’s. Not that Veronica’s legs were not nice, just thinner and less pronounced in shape than her sisters. Robert suddenly wanted to feel those young legs wrapped around him. He pushed up off the bed and moved towards her. As he did he saw the first signs of anxiety in her expression. He stopped in front of her, reaching up to softly stroke her arms.

“You’re certain you want this?” He said to her.

“Oh yes, I’m just worried I won’t be as good as Kate.” Veronica answer, Robert smiled.

“You’re giving me your virginity, trust me it’ll be good for me. I’m not expecting a porn star show just enjoy it and that’ll be fine.” He told her as he turned to face the bed, guiding her towards it. At that moment Kate stop him and handed something to him. Looking down Robert saw it was a condom, he looked up at Kate.

“As I’m fairly sure Veronica isn’t on the pill you’ll need this.” She said to him, he nodded.

“But it’s the first time, you can’t get pregnant the first time.” Veronica said, which made both Robert and Kate laugh.

“Veronica you can get pregnant anytime you have sex if you don’t take protection.” Kate said to her, Veronica mouth opened in a silent O. Robert nodded as he guided her to the bed. Watching as she climbed onto it. He stood for a few moments looking down at her young body. Her sweet firm breasts and flat stomach. The long lithe legs and her little pussy covered by the soft down of hair.

“I must have done something right in a previous life to be able to fuck both of you, you’re both so hot.” He said slowly, looking back at Kate as he spoke. She smiled as did Veronica, who also blushed slightly. The tinge of colour on her skin was even hotter. Quickly Robert opened the condom and sheathed himself. Climbing onto the bed he kissed Veronica, reaching down to run a finger along her pussy. She still felt wet, but he carefully pushed his finger into her to make certain. God was she wet, he had wondered if he might need to lick her out first but she was turned on. With a soft smile for her he positioned himself against her pussy. She looked up at him, breathing hard, her eyes wide as she felt him pressing against her. With a slow firm movement he pushed forwards. Sliding himself into her body. As he felt her tight young pussy opening around him Robert could not help but groan in pleasure. Veronica’s eyes widened further and she gasped sharply as he entered her. Pushing forwards Robert slid into her until he was buried totally inside her.

“Oh shit that’s oh god you feel like you filling me.” Veronica gasped sharply as he held himself totally inside her.

“It’s good though isn’t it.” Kate said, Veronica nodded.

“Very good, what now.” She replied.

“This.” Robert said pulling back then pushing into her again.

“Shit!” She gasped, swallowing hard. “Oh that is unn, do that again.” Robert did, pulling back and pushing in as deep as he could. “Oh fuck that feels so weird but so good.” Veronica gasped as Robert slowly pushing in and out of her. He groaned slightly at the feel of her tight pussy wrapped around him. She was so warm and wet, clinging to him each time he entered her. He increased his speed, pushing in and out faster and harder. “Oh god unn fuck me this feels so unn good.” Veronica gasped again, dragging her fingers along the bed.

“I want to go faster if that’s ok.” Robert said, Veronica swallowed hard then nodded. Robert thrust into her with deep long thrusts. Pushing himself hard into her young body.

“Oh god, oh fuck, unn shit.” Veronica gasped under him with each thrust.

“You ok.” Robert said.

“God yes, please don’t stop. This feels so good.” She replied, Robert was all to happy to keep going. Her pussy was so tight and warm around him. He drove himself into her with deep thrusts, his speed and force growing as she responded under him. He felt her curl one leg around his thigh. She wrapped her arm around his neck, holding him softly. Robert thrust harder into her, driving in and out of her.

“Is it good sis?” Kate asked from behind them.

“Yes, it’s unn oh more than good.” Veronica gasped between his thrusts. “Oh so good, unn, please oh fuck me hard please.” She said to Robert. He sharply increased his speed. Ramming into her body with fast strong thrusts. Driving himself into her tight pussy. “Oh god, oh, oh, shit fuck me unnn yes.” Veronica squealed at the increase in his thrusts. She clung to him, her arms and legs now wrapped tight around him. Robert reached down to grip her thigh with his one hand. His other clawing at her small breast. Digging his fingers into the firm flesh. He groaned deep in his chest as he slammed in and out of her body. Feeling how tight her pussy was wrapped around him. Veronica began to buck under him, rocking with his thrusts. Attempting to match his movements, in her inexperience she was missing more than she hit but the attempt was valiant and hot.

Robert let go of his last vestiges of control. He began to ram in with all his strength. Driving himself into her, pounding her into the bed. He felt her small body rocking hard with each thrust. She squealed sharply, gripping him tightly with her arms and legs. Her face buried in his shoulder. He reached up to grab her hair, pulling her head back, wanting to see her face. Her eyes were screwed tightly closed, she gasped and squealed with his thrusts. Her body shuddering each time he rammed into her. He felt her pussy stretching around him, tight and wet. Groaning hard Robert knew he was close to cumming.

“Oh fuck, oh Robert, fuck so unn so hard. Oh don’t stop oh fuck don’t stop.” Veronica squealed her head arched back, his hand gripping her long black hair. He had no intention of stopping, now he was acting on pure instinct. The feel of her young body under him driving all thought from his mind apart from the feel of her pussy around his cock. Each thrust driving him as deep into her as he could go. He felt her hands digging into his back, claws dragging up his spine. He gasped and groaned. Her legs slid down the back of his thighs as her body writhed under him. Then he was suddenly on the verge of cumming.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” He gasped loudly as he felt himself peaking. Ramming himself as hard into her as possible he came. Emptying himself into her as she clung to him, both of them gasping hard. Robert moaned deeply as his orgasm ran its course. Blasting him with its strength. After he had finished cumming it took him several seconds to be able to even move. Veronica lay under him, still clinging to him. Then, slowly he pulled out of her sliding to one side off her, gasping hard for breath and fighting to recover from a third massive orgasm. He felt Veronica shift beside him, pushing herself up to sitting.

“Well, was it what you hoped.” Kate asked her.

“Yes it was, it was so… well so, I can’t say but it was good.” Veronica answered.

“I knew it would be, my first time with him was good as well. Rob’s a good lover.”

“It was kind of overwhelming I felt like every part of me was being fucked, I’ve never felt like that. But was it good for Robert?” Kate laughed softly in reply.

“From how long it’s taking him to recover I’d say yes. It looked like he came hard there.”

“Really!” Veronica said in a surprised voice.

“Really.” Kate replied

“Oh, well now I definitely know why you come home smiling after being with him.”

“Wait until you do it next time, if you’re like me you’ll cum with him in you. Trust me that is worth smiling about.”

“What, you came the second time you had sex.” Veronica said in an even more surprised tone.

“Yes she did.” Robert interrupted to say, finally recovered enough to join their conversation. “As I remember we did it three times in quick succession babe, and you came on during the last two times.” Kate simply smiled in reply, the look in her eyes showing how well she remembered the day.

“I’d like to cum with you in me.” Veronica said.

“If Kate lets me I’m happy to see if we can make that happen.”

“Maybe, but not right now.” Kate answered climbing onto the bed to kneel over him. She lowered her lips to hiss, kissing him hard. As she did he felt her push something into his hand, a small tube. When she pulled away from the kiss he glanced down to see he was holding a half used tube of sexual lube. He felt his eyes widen.

“You want me to..?” He asked, Kate nodded.

“Watching you with my sis has got me hot.” She said.

“Ok, but you’ve not needed lube for a while.”

“It’s not for me, you might need it later.” Kate said, glancing back to where Veronica was sat.

“Oh!” Robert said as he got what she meant. Kate kissed him hard, rubbing her pussy over his cock. He felt himself harden rapidly. As she pushed off him Kate was grinning wildly. Robert knew why, she loved it when he fucked her ass. Quickly he got rid of the condom and dropped the lube on the table by his bed. As he did Kate moved to one of her favourite positions to get her ass fucked, or to just fuck. Knelt on the floor, leaning forwards over the bed. She said that because there was almost no give in the bed it meant his thrusts into her held more impact. Robert had no idea if that was true, but Kate seemed to love it when he bent her over the bed and fucked her.

He moved across the bed, sliding down to kneel behind Kate on the floor. Veronica watched them closely, knowing they were about to have sex again. Boy was she in for a surprise when she saw how they were going to fuck. Robert ran his hands up the back of Kate’s thighs. Sliding his fingers along the soft skin of her legs. Up over her firm shapely ass then along her back. It was at times like this he was so grateful Kate came into his life. She was so perfect, so sexy, so loving. As well as being as dirty as hell. Running his hands back down her body he guided his cock between her thighs. Not to her ass, while she did not need him to lube up to fuck her ass he still did not want to take her totally dry. Knowing how turned on she was it was easy to get himself covered in a little liquid. He pushed into her pussy, sliding as deep into her as he could. He felt her juices covering his cock, two quick thrusts later and he was ready.

So was Kate from the soft gasps as he had entered her. She looked back at him as she felt him pull out of her. Her eyes glinted with lust and anticipation. He positioned his cock against her anus, pushing forwards. Entering her with a quick hard thrust. Kate gasped deeply, half closing her eyes as he entered her. Robert hissed in feeling at the tight feel of her ass around his cock as he buried it fully in her. He began to move, sliding out then in to bury his cock totally in her ass. Short, sharp thrusts that pushed into her.

“Yes fuck Rob oh babe yes.” Kate gasped to him, arching her head back as he pumped in and out of her. Veronica watched mesmerised as he thrust into her sister. She shifted her position to watch closer and Robert heard her gasp as she saw what he was doing.

“Christ Kate, his fucking you in the ass.” She said.

“Boy is he fucking me in the ass.” Kate told her.

“Is that good, doesn’t it hurt?” Kate shook her head.

“It definitely doesn’t hurt, in fact it’s the opposite it feels wonderful. If you thought he felt big in your pussy he feels so much bigger in your ass.” Kate said to her, gasping between Robert’s thrusts.

“Really!” Veronica said in a shocked tone.

“Really!” Kate gasped as Robert thrust in harder. “Oh so really, unn babe do me hard babe.” Robert smiled knowing how Kate loved it when he took her ass hard. Wrapping his hands around her hips he began to thrust in harder. Pounding her tight ass with quick piston like thrusts. Driving himself deep into her. Kate’s cries grew rapidly shrill as she began to squeal in passion with each thrust. Robert drove himself into her harder and harder. Until he was slamming his cock in and out of her ass.

“Fuck, fuck oh god babe you feel so good.” He gasped as he fucked her. Her ass tight, warm around him. Gripping his cock in a tight embrace.

“Shit, babe, oh yes. Fuck my ass hard babe.” Kate squealed back at him, pushing her ass back into his thrusts. He groaned at the feel of his cock buried totally inside her. Her body rocked hard with each thrust, pushing her into the unyielding side of the bed. Kate arched her back up, moaning deeply with each thrust. Her squeals and gasps coming harder and faster. He could see her fingers curled into the sheets of the bed. He thrust in hard, fast, pushing himself into her. He knew what was coming, knew she was close. The first time Kate has cum while he fucked her ass had caught him so much by surprise he had cum at the same time. He had done anal sex with two other girls before Kate and neither of them had ever cum during it. Kate on the other hand came on a regular basis, not always but often.

“Oh fuck, fuck Rob, babe I’m…OHGOD I’M…!” Kate screamed as she tipped into her orgasm. Squealing hard her body shuddering with the waves of pleasure flashing through her. Robert groaned at the feel of her ass tightening around him with her orgasm. Her orgasm was his signal to fully let go. He reach under her to grab her large breasts. Clawing at them as he began to ram into her with hard wild thrust. Smashing himself into her with ever ounce of his strength. Pounding her tight ass with rapid thrusts. Kate squealed loudly, arching upwards at the increase in power.

“FUCK YES!” She screamed as he rammed in and out. Driving himself harder into her. His fingers dug into her breasts, pulling at them, clawing their flesh. He lent forwards, pressing his face into her back between her shoulder blades. Grunting hard with each thrust into her. His power and speed driving him towards his own release.

“Fuck, fuck yes oh fuck KATE!!!” Robert shouted as he thrust harder into her, driving himself as deep as possible into her ass just before he came. Kate squealed at the force of his thrust, then groaned deeply as she felt him cumming in her. Robert clung to her, digging his fingers into her breasts. Moaning his pleasure into her back as he emptied his cum into her ass. He held himself buried as deep in her as possible until he had cum totally. Then he slowly released her, letting her sink onto the bed as he pulled out of her. Kate gave a soft gasp as he pulled back. She looked back at him smiling deeply. Her face flushed from the sex, she looked so hot. Robert smiled back, she slid down turning to face him. Pressing her lips to his she kissed him hard, deep. Then broke from the kiss.

“That was fantastic as always babe.” She whispered before kissing him again. Probing his mouth with her tongue, showing how much she had enjoyed it. Robert kissed her back with equal passion. Both of them holding each other tightly as they kissed. Finally their mutual need to breath split them and they sank back gasping for breath and smiling at each other.

“Man watching you to fucking is so hot, and tiring.” Veronica said, which made the pair of them laugh. Veronica looked between them as they laughed, confused as to why they were laughing. Which just made them laugh even more. After a few minutes they recovered. “Well it wasn’t that funny.” Veronica said to them, which threatened to set them both off again.

“That did look kind of hot though” Veronica said before they could start laughing again. “Would you want to do that with me?” She asked Robert, he blinked and fought to control himself.

“Not like that I wouldn’t” He said, her face fell. “But if you want me to fuck you in ass I will.” Her face lit up and she nodded.

“I want to try it all.” She said quickly.

“God she’s as dirty as you are babe.” Robert said to Kate, who laughed softly.

“Must run in the family.” She replied between giggles. Robert pushed himself up climbing onto the bed. He knelt in front of Veronica looking her in the eyes.

“You certain you want me to fuck your ass, it’s not easy the first time. I might hurt you.” She took a moment to answer then she nodded quickly. “Ok well first lay down on the bed, face down.” She looked confused but did as he said. Robert moved over to grab the lube before sliding back to kneel beside her. She looked up at him, her dark eyes showing her confusion. “I’m not going to just go straight to doing it. First I’m going to use just my fingers along with this lube. If you can take that then I’ll move on to fucking you proper.” She nodded, anxiety flashing across her face. Kate moved to sit on the other side of her, softly running her one hand over Veronica’s shoulder and arm.

“It’s ok sis, this is how I started. Rob wouldn’t fuck me in the ass unless I could take his fingers first. Luckily that was no problem as I really wanted him in me.” She said to Veronica, who turned her face to look up at her sister.

“I really want him in me as well.” She said in a desperate shaky voice. Robert had opened the lube and squirted a small lump out onto his finger. Kate glanced up as he lowered his hand down to Veronica’s small tight ass.

“Ok sis relax and breath deeply for me.” She said resting her hand on Veronica’s head, softly stroking her cheek. Robert heard Veronica take in a couple of deep breaths. Then he rubbed his finger against her anus. Pressing the tip against the puckered knob of skin. Slowly he pushed down, opening her anus and inserting just the tip of his finger. Veronica gasped softly, Robert waited a few moments then pushed further into her. Sliding the finger in, to it’s first knuckle, then the second, then finally all the way in. Veronica gasped hard, breathing in short gulps.

“Deep breaths sis, deep breaths.” Kate said, still stroking her sisters cheek. Veronica nodded and breathed deeply, slowly. Robert held his finger inside her for several seconds. Then pulled it out slowly. He had felt how tight she was around him, part of him was not certain she could take his cock in her. But she seemed determined and he was willing to try and give her that opportunity.

“Right, that was just one finger ok. Now I’m going to push it in and out so you feel that.” Robert said to her, she nodded flicking her gaze between him and Kate. Robert squeezed a little more lube onto his finger and pressed it against the tight anus. He pushed into her, sliding his finger fully inside her. Then slowly began to move it in and out. Her ass was so tight around his finger. Veronica gasped and fought to keep her breathing slow and deep. Robert pushed in and out slowly, giving her time to get used to the feeling. When her breathing calmed and he felt her relaxing he increased the speed of his movements by slow increments. Getting faster and harder, letting her get used to the feel of his finger pushing in and out of her. She gasped softly, breathing hard.

“Relax Veronica, relax.” Kate said leaning down to hold her face close to her sisters. “Come on, you can do this sis.” She said in a low whisper. Veronica bit her bottom lip and sucked in deep breaths through her nose, forcing herself to relax. Robert felt the tightness ease around his finger. Maybe she could do this, she was certainly determined enough. He sped up his movements, pushing his finger in and out harder. For a moment she tensed up, then she made herself relax. Soon he was fingering her deep and hard. Pushing his finger in and out with rapid movements. God her ass felt so tight and appealing. Robert felt his breathing increasing at the prospect of burying himself in her young ass. With a force of will he stopped fingering her, pulling his finger out. Veronica gave a soft moan as he pulled out.

“That’s my girl.” Kate whispered to her and softly kissed her on the cheek. Robert squeezed more lube, this time onto two fingers.

“Right, last test for you. I’m going to use two fingers now. If you are ok with that I’ll try and do it properly ok.” He said, Veronica looked round at him. Her eyes wide and fearful, but she nodded and made herself breath slowly and deeply. Nodding Robert pressed his fingers against her little ass. Pushing them into her slowly, opening her ass until he popped both fingers into her.

“Oh fuck!” Veronica gasped sharply, forgetting to breath for a few moments.

“Calmly, relax sis.” Kate said stroking her face. Veronica sucked in air making herself breath slowly. Robert waited with his fingers inside her. He heard her drawing in deep breaths, felt her body relaxing slowly. Once she was relaxed enough for him to move his fingers he slid them back out of her.

“Are you up to trying again?” He said after a few seconds, Veronica nodded quickly. Slowly he re-inserted his fingers into her ass. This time she remembered to breath and it was easier. Slowly he began to fuck her ass with his fingers. Sliding them in and out of her tight entrance. He was still not sure if she would be able to take him but she was now taking two fingers. Robert looked over at Kate, letting her see his uncertainty about this. She smiled at him, nodding softly and stroking Veronica’s face.

“It’ll be ok Rob.” She said, “Veronica is a tough girl aren’t you sis.” Veronica nodded, drawing in deep breaths as he continued to fuck her ass with his fingers. With a shrug Robert accepted Kate’s statement. He withdrew his fingers and lay down next to Veronica. As he did Kate kissed her sister on the lips. A quick kiss, but one that was in no way chaste. Robert was surprised, it look as if watching had seriously turned Kate on.

“Well done sis.” Kate told Veronica after the kiss. Robert slowly rolled the younger sister onto her side. He rubbed some lube onto his cock then moved to press it against Veronica’s little ass. She took in a deep breath and he entered her. Pushing up into her ass as slowly and carefully as he could. Which turned out to be not that slow or careful as she was so tight. He had to use a lot more power than he wanted to enter her. Suddenly he was buried deep in her ass, right to the base of his cock.

Veronica squealed harshly as he entered her. Robert stopped cursing softly at the power he had needed to use. Kate hushed her sister, running her fingers over her cheeks. Veronica gasped hard, sucking in air. Robert held himself still, deep inside her waiting for her to recover. Roughly thirty seconds later she had calmed herself down and relaxed enough for him to pull back. He began to roll away but she quickly reached round to grab him and stop him.

“No please I’m sorry it was sharper than I expected. I want this please.” She said begging him. Kate looked over at him with a commanding stare. Robert looked at them both and nodded reluctantly. He moved back behind her and positioned himself against her ass again. With as gently a thrust as possible he entered her a second time. Veronica sucked in air with a long gasp. Robert held himself in her for several moments before moving. Pulling back then pushing back in her. She grunted sharply, sucking air into her body.

“Oh god it’s so hard.” She gasped loudly as he moved in and out of her ass.

“I can stop anytime.” Robert said to her.

“No keep going.” Kate ordered, “she can take it can’t you sis.” Veronica nodded softly as Kate continued to stroke her face. Robert moved in and out with slow long thrusts. Pushing into her with as little force as he could managed. Still she grunted with each thrust into her. Robert breathed hard, it was not easy going at the slow pace. Her ass was so tight it clung to him. Made it harder to move slowly, either he had to go faster or he had to pull out. He chose faster, moving in and out with increasing speed and power.

“Oh, oh unn god, oh god.” Veronica squealed as he built up his speed.

“Relax baby.” Kate said to her. “Finger yourself it helps.” She added, Veronica looked blankly at her. Kate grabbed her sisters hand and pushed it between Veronica’s thighs. “Finger your clit sis.” She said again, guiding her sister’s hand against the young girls clit. Robert watched, looking over Veronica’s shoulder in amazement as Kate all but fingered her sister. She was moving Veronica’s fingers along the younger girls pussy and around her clit. In a few moments Robert felt the young girl’s body relaxing slightly. Now it was not as hard to push into her ass. “That’s it baby, finger your pussy while Rob fucks your little ass.” Kate whispered softly into Veronica’s ear before softly kissing her sister on the cheek. God, she was getting off on this. Getting off on watching her sister getting fucked in the ass, and getting off on fingering her. Robert blinked and for a few moments lost control. He thrust harder than he meant into Veronica. To his surprise she did not scream in pain, instead she groaned softly in almost pleasure.

Robert kept up the movement, thrusting harder into the tight ass wrapped around him. Veronica groaned and gasped with each thrust. No screaming, no grunting in pain. Gripping her hip tightly he continued to thrust in and out. Driving himself deep into her. She lent back, resting her head against his chest. He could see Kate still guiding Veronica in fingering herself. Reaching up Robert cupped the young girl’s breasts. Squeezing it firmly, twisting her nipple softly with his thumb and forefinger. She gasped and pushed her chest into his hand. He felt her body moving next to him, reacting to the fingering she was giving/getting. It was not certain which was happening now. Kate was kissing Veronica on the cheek and neck. Whispering softly how well her sister was doing.

“Oh god, unn oh fuck I’m oh shit it feels so, so.” Veronica gasped as Robert fucked her ass and Kate fingered her pussy. This was hot as hell and as twisted as could be. Robert moved harder into Veronica. Fucking her ass fully, deeply. Thrusting hard up into the teenage girl’s tight little ass.

“God Veronica, yes oh yes take it girl, take my cock in your ass.” He grunted as he rammed in and out of her. Veronica squealed softly, her voice a mix of pleasure and pain. Robert kneaded at her breast with his fingers. Rubbing it all over as he thrust in and out of her.

“Oh, oh fuck unn god Robert it’s so hard in me.” Veronica groaned deeply, pushing back against him. “Shit I’m close oh shit Kate going to…” She began to gasp hard and fast, her voice growing higher and sharper. “OH FUCK!” She cried in in a shrill squeal as Robert felt her cumming around him. Her young body jolting on the bed between him and Kate as her orgasm flashed through her. Robert began to take her totally. One hand gripping her hair, the other digging into her breast as he slammed into her ass hard and fast. Fucking it fully, ramming his cock as hard and deep as possible into her.

“Oh god Robert, shit please.” Veronica squealed sharply, her one hand reaching round to grip his hip her nails digging into his.

“Do her hard babe, fuck her little ass for her.” Kate gasped now watching as he fucked her sister’s ass. Robert rammed in and out, driving up into Veronica’s body with all his strength. He grunted with each thrust, pushing himself on. Driving towards his own orgasm.

“God, please, please.” Veronica begged, what she wanted Robert was not certain. At that moment he was too far gone to stop. His orgasm was almost on him. With wild hard thrusts he slammed in and out of her small body. Driving himself into her hard.

“Veronica fuck yes!” He cried as he reached his peak. Burying himself in her to the base he began to empty his cum into her body. Pumping his orgasm inside her. Veronica gasped then moaned as she felt his cum in her.

“Oh yes, cum in me Robert.” She said shuddering slightly as she felt his cum pumping into her. Robert held her tight, emptying himself in her ass. Shuddering himself at the force of his orgasm. Fucking Veronica seemed to have the same effect on him as fucking Kate. His orgasm was stronger, deeper than any other time. Even after he had emptied himself into her he held her tight, almost unable to release her. He heard Kate whispering softly to Veronica.

“Oh baby sis, you did it, well done little one.” Each statement was punctuated by Kate kissing Veronica on the face. Robert blinked and slowly released Veronica, rolling onto his back and drawing in hard breaths of air. Veronica gasped as he pulled back then collapsed next to him. Kate looked at them both.

“You both look shattered.” She said with a soft laugh.

“That’s because we are.” Robert said

“Oh so no chance of any more.” Kate said with a fake sulk.

“More, you’ve cum five times between you. I’ve fucked you both twice. I can’t do any more, it’ll kill me.” Kate laughed hard, Veronica joined in after a few moments.

“Oh well it’ll have to wait for next time.” Kate gasped between laughing.

“Um next time sounds good.” Veronica agreed between her laughs. Robert looked at the pair and groaned, which just sent them off into more peals of laughter. But deep down he was looking forwards to it. Something told him it was going to be even hotter than this time.

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Great story, I really enjoyed the sex scenes. I hope your going to write another part. Maybe next time tell the ages of each sister.

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