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Part 09: A birthday to remember

The next 2 weeks was pure heaven for me.

Lana was acting like she did before our little encounter, though she was now much more interested in fucking than playing cards.
Stephanie and Jennifer still came to me every night to get fucked, both in the hope of getting pregnant before long.

Lana also joined us a lot, and whenever she did, Stephanie and Jennifer took control, and punished her, in more devious ways than I could ever imagine.
My only orders regarding how they punished her, was that I was going to shoot my cum inside her pussy when they were done.
During these 2 weeks, I watched Lana getting spanked, whipped with belts, strangled until her head turned red, getting tickled with feathers for over 2 hours, and all kinds of oral punishments.

Both Stephanie and Jennifer were turning into a couple of sex maniacs, and I loved it.

As we neared the end of June, we also neared my birthday, which I had forgotten about completely until my mother reminded me one day, asking what I wanted for dinner that day.

“I don’t care mom, just make something that you know I like.” I just answered, not really interested in food.
The thought of my birthday being near, had set the wheels in my head in motion again, and food was not on the list of ideas.

I wanted something to happen at that day.
Something special.
And then, as I was thinking about what it would be, I suddenly got an idea.
Why even know what was going to happen?
After all, surprises are a big part of a birthday.

I found Stephanie and Jennifer at the pool (Lana was not there, as she was lying naked in her room, with a vibrator stuck inside her pussy, as per Stephanie’s doing), and asked them for a favour.

“Look girls, my birthday is coming up in two days, and I want the two of you to think up some fun things to do on this special day.”

They looked at me with interest.
“You mean that we are in charge?” Jennifer asked me.

“Yes Jennifer, you and Stephanie are in charge. There are a few conditions though. First, there will have to be a game or a challenge of some sort, which I am going to try and complete. Second, I want to fuck the two of you in a way we have never fucked before. Three, I will of course, require a present from each of you. Lastly, be creative, I want this to be a day to remember. Are my orders clear?” I asked them.

Both looked at each other, and then looked back at me, with quite unsettling smiles on their faces.
“Yes Trent, we can do that no problem.” Stephanie said with a laugh.
“It will be a day you will never forget.” Jennifer concurred.

I went back inside the house, a bit nervous at the thought of what those two girls might come up with, but also highly excited at the idea.

The next two day days, both Stephanie and Jennifer had some very worrying smiles whenever they looked at me, and it made me worry a bit about what they were planning.

Two days later I awoke, with butterflies in my stomach.

I noticed it was pretty late, around 9 AM.
Then I remembered my phone (which served as my alarm clock) had gone missing the night earlier, and I had not bothered looking for it, so I had slept for longer than I had planned to do.
It didn’t bother me too much though, I had lost my phone several times before and I always found it again.

Besides, I had a lot more important things to worry about.
Like what my 2 little angels had planned for me this day.

As I was watching some TV, waiting for something to happen, I heard a knock on my door, and Stephanie and Jennifer entered, both wearing tight fitting shirts and a pair of short skirts.

“Happy birthday Trent.” They both said in unison.

I smiled at them.
“Hey there girls, pretty late to arrive don’t you think?” I asked with a grin.
“Hey, we were in here at 7 AM, and you were imitating Sleeping Beauty, so we left again.” Jennifer said.
“Well, my phone is gone, so I guess I slept in.” I said with a shrug.

“Your phone? I think I saw it earlier, you will probably find it sooner than you think.” Stephanie laughed.

They both smiled at me, and I could not help but smile back.
I just loved those two girls.

Stephanie started to talk.
“Trent, we have your challenge ready for today. Listen up: Despite all our punishment sessions, Lana still has her anal virginity intact. We saved it for you, for a special occasion. Your challenge for today, is to take her anal virginity during dinner, without mom finding out. There is a price for failing of course. Should you fail, then Lana will be allowed to have her way with you for one hour. One hour, where she can do whatever she wants with you sexually.”

I looked at them both.
“And how will you know I won’t just cheat?” I asked them.

Jennifer looked at me.
“We will go with you to talk to your mother, who you will order to act like she normally would during a dinner. You will order her to say *Test failed* if she sees you fucking Lana during dinner.
That way, we will be sure if she was really unaware of you fucking Lana or not.
And you will order Lana to do whatever she wants with you sexually for one hour, if she hears your mother say *Test failed* during dinner. Should you fail, you will not resist whatever Lana does to you. Are your orders clear Trent?” she asked with a very smug look.

I knew they had done some kinky stuff in the past few weeks, but this was not something I would have ever expected.
The idea of taking Lana’s anal virginity right in front of my mother, without her ever knowing though, was a highly exciting idea.
My cock got hard at the very thought of it.

Stephanie and Jennifer noticed the bulge in my shorts, and laughed.
“It seems that you are fine with that idea I guess.” Jennifer noted with a smile.

“Hell yea, but how the fuck am I going to do that?” I asked them, highly excited now.
“No idea, that is YOUR problem little brother.” Stephanie said with a huge grin.

I decided that I was going to have to think about it in private, but then remembered something as the girls made signs to leave.
“Hey, where are my presents?” I asked with a disappointed voice.

The girls turned around, their smiles even bigger than before.
“Oh they are here. Are you sure you want them now?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, give me my presents!” I demanded.

To my surprise Jennifer sat down on the bed, lifting up her skirt.
She had no panties on.

Even though the sight of a bald pussy was not the worst thing in the world, it made me a bit disappointed.
After all, I have seen both her and Stephanie’s pussies several times before.

I was just about to point this fact out to her, when she suddenly buried three fingers inside her pussy.
I watched as she pushed deeper and deeper, and then slowly started to pull then back out.
To my surprise (evident to the girls seeing my jaw drop down), Jennifer pulled out a pair of boxers from her pussy, soaking wet from all her pussy juice.

“I didn’t really know what to get you Trent, so I decided that a new pair of boxers could always come in handy. You probably should wash them before use though.” She said, and then started laughing hard upon seeing the gaping silly expression on my face.

She got up, and Stephanie took her place.

She also started to push her finger inside her pussy, and seemed to have a bit more trouble getting out whatever was in there.

After about 2 minutes she managed to grab it, and to my amazement she pulled out my own cell phone, inside a plastic bag.
I was stunned. Not only by the fact that my cell phone had been inside her pussy without me having any clue, but why even give me my own cell phone as a present, I was just not getting it.

“Trent, here is your phone. I borrowed it last night to make a little home video for you.” She told me.
“You can watch it and then join us downstairs after that, so you can give mom and Lana their orders for today.” She continued.

As I was still sitting there speechless, the girls both kissed me on the forehead, wished me a happy birthday, and left me stunned behind.

I picked up my phone, and found the video library.

I found a video recorded the night before, and fired it up.

The video showed Lana, bound and gagged on the guest bathroom floor.
Stephanie and Jennifer appeared and asked her if she was ready for a new kind of punishment.

Both girls stripped, and Stephanie placed herself over Lana’s face.
To my amazement (and Lana’s obvious displeasure), Stephanie started to pee on Lana’s face, as she masturbated furiously at the same time, making a mess of the entire bathroom floor, and even more so, of Lana herself.

After Stephanie was done, Jennifer took her place, and told Lana to open her mouth.
Lana denied, but Stephanie grabbed her arm, and twisted it around, making Lana open up her mouth in a pain cry.
As soon as Lana opened her mouth, Jennifer filled it to the brink with fresh piss, and yelled at her to swallow it.

Lana hesitated for a moment, and then closed her mouth, made a sinking movement, and opened her mouth again, completely empty.

After that, all three girls got up, and cleaned up the mess, and took a shower afterwards.
Stephanie and Jennifer left Lana alone to brush her teeth, and promised that she would get a new surprise tomorrow.

There was little doubt, that I was that “surprise”, when I was going to try and take her anal virginity later at dinner.

After watching the video, my cock was hard as a rock.
Stephanie and Jennifer had not let me down, their ideas so far were just awesome, and I was going to wait eagerly for dinner time.

I went downstairs, where I sent both girls a smile.
I gave my mother and Lana their respective orders, as directed by Stephanie and Jennifer.
After that, the girls said it was time for Lana’s daily punishment, and all 3 of them went upstairs.

This was going to be the best birthday dinner I ever had, I was sure of it.

But it did pose a problem.
Just how was I going to fuck Lana in the ass during dinner, without my mom finding out?
I could of course just tell my mother to pretend like nothing was happening if she saw me and Lana fuck during dinner, but that would ruin the fun of the challenge, and I really enjoyed trying to figure out a solution.

After thinking for 30 minutes or so, I had figured out a plan.

First I went to see Lana, who was still tied up in her room, with a vibrator stuck in her pussy.
I pulled it out, as I needed her to be focused for a few moments.

“Lana, during dinner you will wear the shortest skirt you have, and no panties. During dinner I will offer you to sit on my lap, and you will accept that suggestion. When you are on my lap I will fuck you in the ass. You will not tell anyone what we are doing when it happens, and you will try to act normal and pretend like nothing You can moan, gasp, pant and stuff like that, but try to put a lid on it. Are my orders clear?”

Lana looked unfocused and drained, so I was not really sure she had heard me.
Then she answered me with a weak voice:
“Yes I understand.”

I was happy, and put back in the vibrator and turned it back on, as it was Stephanie’s job to decide when Lana’s punishment was over.

I then went down to the living room, where I took a screwdriver and loosened one of the legs on one of the chairs.
When someone (Lana) tried to sit on it, the leg would fall of.
I then went into the basement, and hid our reserve chair in a corner behind a blanket, just in case my mom wanted to look for a replacement chair.
My plan was to say that Lana could just eat sitting on my lap, and hoped that we didn’t have any extra chairs.

As dinner approached, I replaced my pants, with a pair of loose fitting shorts, which would allow my cock to slip out with ease.
I found a small jar of Vaseline, which I placed into my pocket.

My heart was beating extremely fast when I heard my mother call out “Dinner time”, and my legs felt like jelly.
But my cock was hard as a rock, and I was thankful for the loose shorts.

As we all sat down, (my mother and Jennifer across from me and Lana with and Stephanie at the head of the table), Lana’s chair broke as planned, and she landed on the floor.
My mother ran over to her, apologising, and telling her she would go get another.
As she went down to the basement, I made a silent thankful prayer that I had been cleaver enough to hide the other chair.

And true enough, my mother soon appeared, looking confused.
“I don’t really know what happened, but the reserve chair is not in the basement. Perhaps we should take one from the kitchen?” My mother didn’t look happy at all, as she knew that the kitchen chairs were much shorter than these, making it hard to reach the table.

I engaged my plan.
“Lana can sit on my lap if she wants to. She is so small, that she practically weighs nothing anyway.” I said, hoping that my mother would accept the idea.

My mother looked a bit uneasy by the suggestion, but then again, I could see that she knew it was the best option.
“Is that okay with you Lana?” She asked.
Lana just shrugged.
“Yeah, I have sat on Trent’s lap before when I was younger, so it is hardly anything new anyway.”

I thanked whatever god was watching over me, as I felt Lana slide onto my lap.

We started eating (homemade hamburgers with homemade steaks, one of my all-time favourites), and while I continued eating with one hand, my other hand slipped under the skirt of Lana and started feeling up her ass.

She had followed my orders, and was indeed not wearing any panties, and my fingers quickly found her virgin anal opening.
I placed the hand in my pocket, and placed the Vaseline jar between my own legs.
I unscrewed the lid, and dipped my fingers in the slippery substance.

After getting them nice and slippery, I placed them back at Lana’s waiting ass, and slowly slipped in the first finger.

Lana made a little whining noise, but quickly pretended like nothing as my mother looked her way.
I continued pushing my finger further inside Lana’s warm bowels, and my cock became increasingly harder, with every inch of finger that went inside her.

After I had buried my entire finger inside her ass, I slipped in another and repeated the process.
Then I slipped in a final third finger, and started to slowly widen her up a bit.

Lana and myself, were having a bit of problems focusing on the *eating* part of dinner, and Stephanie and Jennifer looked at us both with very high interest.

My mother noticed nothing yet, and started to ask Lana if she missed her parents yet.

“No, I don’t miss them that much yet. I hope they are having fun, because I know I am!” She said the last a bit louder than intended, as I buried all my 3 fingers inside her at that very moment.

My mother looked at her with concern.
“Are you sure you are alright Lana? You seem a bit… anxious.”
“Yes everything is fine. I just had to hide a sneeze that is all.” Lana brushed her of.

My mother didn’t really look like she knew what to think, but didn’t say anything more.

At this moment though, I pulled out my fingers from her ass, and coated my cock in Vaseline.
As I presented my cock to her Anus, I could hear her breathing pick up.
I pushed, and thanks to the plentiful amount of Vaseline, my cockhead slipped inside right away.

This apparently came as a surprise to Lana, as she almost choked on the bite of steak she had in her mouth.
As she coughed though, I was able to push my cock about 3 more inches inside her without anyone noticing.

My mom looked concerned.
“Lana, you are too eager to eat quickly I think. Remember to chew the food first.”

Lana’s eyes were watering, as she tried to wave my mother of.
“I know, it was my own fault. I will be more careful next time.”

I smiled, and reached around Lana to continue eating a bit more, to avoid my mother getting suspicious.
As I was eating though, I kept trying to work my cock further inside her ass, and now I was nearly bottomed out.
My cock was not moving any further though, and I still needed about 2 more inches inside.

Luck stroke once again, as my mother’s phone alarm suddenly went of.
“Oh, that is the cake in the oven. I need to get it out, I will be back in one minute.” And she quickly headed towards the kitchen.

As soon as she was out of sight, I grabbed Lana’s shoulders, and pulled her down onto my cock as hard as I could, which made another inch of cock go inside her.
I whispered at her to wrap her legs around the seat of the chair, and pull herself down.
With our combined efforts my cock vanished completely inside Lana’s ass, just as my mother returned from the kitchen.

Lana whimpered, and before my mother could ask, she just gasped:
“I bit myself in the tongue!”

My mother sat back down, not having noticed that her son had his cock buried inside the ass of her sister’s daughter.
Stephanie and Jennifer though, were looking at us whenever they could, and sent us both very sly smiles.

I asked my mother what kind of cake she had made, as I started to very slowly move my cock in and out of Lana’s ass.

“It’s a chocolate cake, with coconut topping, just the way you always preferred it.” She answered, still completely unaware of the fucking that was happening in front of her.

Stephanie started laughing.

“I think we might have to wait with the cake mom, Lana looks pretty full right now.”
“Yeah, she looks like she is pretty much filled up to the brink.” Jennifer agreed, with a smile.

My mother looked at Lana.
“Should we wait a bit with the cake Lana?” she asked her.
“Yes, I would appreciate that. I don’t think I could take anything more right now, even if I wanted.” Her breathing was rapid, and her ass had started gripping my cock like Stephanie’s ass usually did when she was close to an orgasm.

I decided to play risky, and picked up my speed a bit, sliding faster in and out of Lana’s now-well-lubricated ass.

Lana moaned softly, and my mother looked at her again.
“Yeah I think we will wait a bit, since you do look a bit ill. You want me to find something to help settle your stomach Lana?” She asked, looking at Lana with concern.

“Yes please!” Lana gasped, barely able to keep up appearance, as my cock brought her closer to an orgasm.
“Alright, I will find something for you, give me a minute.” And she quickly left the living room.

“Come on Trent, finish it!” Stephanie cheered on in a silent voice.
“Yes cum inside the bitch’s ass.” Jennifer cheered.

I could not control myself anymore.
I got up, and bent Lana over the chair, and pounded her ass with all my might.
After about 10 seconds, I came in the biggest orgasm I remembered having in days.
Lana moaned loudly as she had an orgasm of her own.

I heard my mother’s steps approaching, and quickly pulled my cock out of Lana’s ass, and showed it back into my shorts, still covered in shit.

Lana just managed to pull down her skirt, as my mother appeared with 2 pills, and a glass of water.
“Here drink this, and then you will be ready for cake in no time at all.” She promised.

I excused myself, as I said I needed a bathroom break, and quickly went into the guest bathroom, to clean my cock of Lana’s shit.

I was thrilled at the fact, that less than 24 hours earlier, Lana had been lying on this very floor, covered in urine, and probably still had some of Jennifer’s urine in her stomach.

I went down into the basement, and found the spare chair, much to my mother’s apparent happiness, and we all got cake about an hour later.

After we were done with the cake, my mother declared it was time for bed.

I headed to my room, excited over the day so far.
However, I still needed to fuck Stephanie and Jennifer, and I was excited to see how they were going to pull it off, as I had ordered them to fuck me in a way we had never fucked before.

As I was about to enter my room, Stephanie and Jennifer appeared.
“Hey Trent, are you enjoying your birthday so far?” Jennifer asked in a happy voice.

“I sure am, you girls are fucking geniuses. There is still one task left though, I hope you haven’t forgotten about that.” I answered them.

“Don’t worry bro, we have forgotten nothing, but we thought you might want a glass of orange juice before we get into the action. Trust me, you will need all your strength.” Stephanie teased, holding the glass of orange juice in front of me.

“Alright, I never was one to resist temptation.” I laughed, as I grabbed the glass, and drank the entire thing in less than 5 seconds.

“So, what are the plans?” I asked them, really pumped to see what else they had planned.
“The plan is that you go inside your room, and wait for us. We will be there shortly.” Stephanie answered in a mysterious voice.

Surprised, but not any less excited, I went inside my room, and sat down on my bed.
It had been a fantastic but also very demanding day.
Actually I started to feel very tired, and hoped I the girls would arrive quickly, in order to keep me awake.
Then, everything went blank.

I awoke suddenly, at the feeling of someone slapping me.

My eyes flew up, and I immediately noticed that I was bound on hands and feet, tied to my own bed, as well as gagged with a cloth or something, which had been secured with duct tape.
I could neither move nor speak.

As I looked around confused, I heard a voice from the corner.
“So our little man-whore is awake finally I see?” Stephanie’s voice sounded a lot darker than it used to.

I turned my head, and my eyes almost bulged out, as I saw both Stephanie and Jennifer were both dressed in costumes.

Stephanie was wearing a white latex nurse uniform, which hugged every curve she had.
Jennifer however, was wearing a completely black, and just as tight fitting leather outfit, which showed of her curves very nicely as well.

I felt like I would be the happiest man on the planet if they would just let me stare at them for the rest of my life.

They didn’t plan on letting me do that however.
Stephanie went over to me, and ran her hand through my hair.
Just as I enjoyed the sensation, she slapped me on the cheek.

I tried to protest, but I was effectively prevented from talking due to the gag.
My tongue also felt weird, as if it was swollen.

Stephanie stared intensely at me.
“Well, look at that. It appears that Trent is OUR little whore for the night. What do you think Jennifer?” She asked, as she looked at her friend.
“I think he looks completely helpless, and doesn’t have a choice in the matter.” Jennifer stated, as she smiled at me with a cruel smile.

They were right.
I could not stop them even if I wanted to, since I had no way of giving them any commands.
For the first time in nearly a month, someone else had complete control over ME.
And I liked it.

The thought that I was helpless, made me rock hard, and the girls noticed.
“I think he wants to fuck us already Stephanie, at least by judging his cock.” Jennifer noticed with a grin.
“Well, that is not going to happen until he has pleased the both of us first.” Stephanie stated.

Stephanie went over to me.

“I am going to tie this gag up now Trent, but don’t dare try to speak, or we will slap the shit out of you. You would not be able to speak anyway, as the drug we gave you have sedated your tongue. Are we clear?” She had an intense look in her eyes, and I didn’t dare to deny her anything, and just nodded.

As she removed my gag, I could feel she was right. My tongue was swollen and I could not really control it, making speech impossible.

Jennifer came over.
“Slave, you are going to eat my pussy, and you will NOT stop until I give you permission. Do you understand my orders?” She looked at me, hands at her sides.
I nodded.

Jennifer stripped out of her outfit, and placed her pussy over my mouth.
“Now LICK!” She exclaimed.

I started to lick away the best I had learned, enjoying the sensation of being helpless for once.
“Oh fuck yeah, that’s it. Keep going like that slave.” Jennifer moaned.

As I licked away Stephanie moved in behind me, and I suddenly felt something pressing against my anus.
I stopped licking, and looked down at Stephanie, who was presenting a rather large dildo at the entrance of my ass.
I was about to try and make her stop, but a hard slap on the side of my head made me see stars in front of my eyes.

“Did I tell you to stop yet? BACK TO WORK WHORE!” Jennifer yelled in anger.
As I resumed licking Jennifer’s pussy, I could feel the dildo trying to force its way into my ass.
I clenched my ass as tightly as I could, and after a few minutes Stephanie removed the dildo, making me sigh in relief through Jennifer’s dripping pussy.

My fear returned though, as I saw Stephanie get the Vaseline, and coat the dildo in it.
She then coated her finger in it, and forced her finger inside my ass.

I could not help but gasp, as I felt her finger enter my bowels.

Stephanie caught my eyes and smiled at me.
“Now the nurse is going to take your temperature, and I have a special device for the job.”

She presented the dildo to my ass once more, and this time I could not prevent it from entering me.
I made a gasp as I felt my ass being invaded by this thing, and got another slap from Jennifer for forgetting to lick.

I whimpered as I felt the dildo bottom out inside my ass.

Stephanie laughed at me.
“Don’t worry Trent, I am a nurse, and I know what is good for you. Besides, if Lana can handle your cock in her little ass, then you can handle this one inside yours. Or perhaps Lana is more of a man than you?” She said in a teasing voice.

I stopped whimpering and moaning, and tried to focus solely on eating out Jennifer’s pussy.
It was not easy though, as Stephanie was now sliding the dildo in and out of my ass.

After being fucked by the dildo for about 5 minutes, I felt Jennifer’s body spasm, as she came down on my face in a massive orgasm.
“Oh, that was better little man.” She sighed, as she slid down from me.

The girls now switched positions, as Jennifer took over the dildo, and Stephanie stripped and mounted my face.
“You know the drill!” Stephanie said in a stern voice.

I started to lick away at her pussy, even though my jaw was starting to ache.
Jennifer was ramming the dildo into me, with even more force than Stephanie had.

As the minutes passed, Stephanie’s moans increased as her orgasm neared.
I started to feel funny though.

The sensation of the dildo ramming my ass, started to make my cock stir, and soon it was hard.
As Jennifer continued ramming me, I felt my nuts boil, and I shot a load of cum onto my belly, as I had in intense orgasm from the dildo fucking.

Stephanie joined me, with an orgasm of her own seconds later.

As we were panting, I heard Jennifer’s devious voice.
“Would you look at that, I guess our little whore likes to be fucked in the ass.”
I blushed and look away as both the girls laughed at my predicament.

“That will make his job a bit harder I think.” Stephanie said.

I looked at her, confused. How would my job get harder?

Stephanie looked at me.
“You will now fuck us both, and come inside our pussies. For every minute you take to complete the job, you will get whipped with this belt.” Stephanie showed me a solid leather belt.

Stephanie mounted me.
“Let us begin.” She said with a grin, and impaled herself on my semi-hard cock.

It felt like 10 seconds before the first whip fell on my thigh.

I made a noise of pain, but kept fucking away at Stephanie’s pussy.
After 10 minutes I finally managed to shoot my load inside Stephanie, and my entire body had been marked by the belt in that time.

I looked in horror at Jennifer though, as she took Stephanie’s place and handed her the belt.

It took several minutes before my cock became even remotely hard, and the belt kept whipping without mercy.
After 20 minutes I was hard, but still was not able to cum inside Jennifer, and my body was numb from the whippings.

After 30 minutes I was on the brink of going mad, when I managed to shoot a minimal load inside Jennifer’s pussy.

“That was a nice job Trent. Now we are almost done.” Jennifer told me.

She slid of me, and then said:
“Stephanie has a last request for you, and when you have done that we will release you.”

I looked at Stephanie, as she straddled my face again.

I was just about to start licking, when she told me to open up my mouth.
I looked at Jennifer in disbelief.
Surely they were not thinking what I thought they were thinking.

Stephanie grabbed my hair and yanked, making me open my mouth in a silent cry of pain.
I closed my eyes in fear of what was about to happen.
I knew what was coming, even before she did it, and true enough, I felt liquid running into my mouth, as the strong smell of urine hit my nostrils.

I opened my eyes, and saw the piss flowing from Stephanie’s pussy, and directly into my waiting mouth.
As she finished, she looked at me.
“Swallow it.” She demanded.

I couldn’t.
I simply couldn’t do that.

Jennifer grabbed my balls and started to squeeze them hard.
The pain was immense, and after 20 seconds I closed my eyes, and swallowed my sister’s load of piss.

Stephanie smiled at me, and leaned forward to kiss me on the mouth.

She pulled away after the kiss, with a smile on her face.
“Thanks Trent.” She simply said, and started to undo my ties.
Jennifer also undid the ties holding my feet, and soon I was free, but could still not speak due to my tongue still being sedated.
Furthermore my entire body felt like a wreck.

Well, I had gotten my wish.
I had wanted Stephanie and Jennifer to fuck me in a way we had never done before, and they had certainly taken me up on my word.
Never before this event, had I been the helpless or pathetic one.
Never had I thought it possible that the girls would ever plan something like this.

I must admit I enjoyed most of it, although I could have done without being whipped over 50 times, and drinking my own sister’s urine.

Still, I had wanted a birthday which I would never forget, and I certainly had gotten that wish granted.
I don’t think there was any chance of ever forgetting this.

After being released the girls asked me if I was mad at them.
I could not speak, so I just shook my head, and went to take a shower.

I brushed my teeth first, and then went into the shower.

As I was standing under the hot water, I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.
I turned around quickly, and looked directly into Stephanie’s tearful eyes.

“I…. I am sorry Trent, we went too far, and now you are angry. We only tried to do as you told us to do. We just got carried away a bit.”

I looked at Stephanie, surprised by this sudden change in her.
She was still naked as well, and I pulled her under the shower with me, and hugged her tightly.
She sobbed for several minutes, and I just held her in my arms.

After a while she looked at me.
“Are you very mad at us?” Her lip was trembling, and the tears were still visible in her eyes.

I shook my head again.
I tried to say something, but my tongue would not work with me yet.
Instead, I placed my hand on her chest over her heart, and then placed her hand over my own heart.

She understood.
“I love you too Trent.” She whispered.
I pulled her back in for a hug, and we stood like that until all the hot water had been used.
After that we dried up, and I kissed Stephanie once more, and then went back to my room.

I fell asleep quickly, exhausted by the trials the day had presented.
Hours later, I awoke at the feeling of someone slipping into my bed.

I recognized Stephanie’s scent before I even turned around.
I turned on the light, and turned to face her.

She was watching me intensely, her eyes sparkling.
We looked at each other for several minutes without either of us speaking.

Then she whispered:
“Trent, I have another present I wanted to give to you, at a time when we were alone.”

I looked at her, waiting.
She watched my every move, as she placed something in my hand.

It was a pregnancy test.

I looked at it, and could see 2 lines.
I had no idea what it meant.

I looked back at Stephanie.
“Happy birthday daddy.” She said in a nervous voice.

It could not be true.
Even though I had worked so hard to hear those words, it still felt like an impossible dream.

But it was no longer a dream.
Stephanie was pregnant with my child.

Then, slowly, a smile formed on my face.
Stephanie leaned in and kissed me deeply.
I kissed her back, and pulled her in tight towards me.

“Please don’t ever leave me Trent. Please stay with me.” She whispered in my ear.

With my sedated tongue, I could only utter one word:

This truly was the best birthday I had ever had.
We fell asleep in each others arms, both feeling the enormous love we shared.

Only one part left. Perhaps I should just leave the ending open to imagination? ^^

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2015-04-13 01:11:20
Great series, could do without the impregnation though.

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2014-10-23 20:10:54
You Piece of shit prick post part 10

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Plz post ten we need an ending

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Part 10 please I am dying to know how this story is going to end

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Part 10 please I am dying to know how this story is going to end

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