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Natalie rents a cabin to get her life back on track after a brake up with her boy friend. She gets more then a peaceful day as she takes a walk down the road by her rented cabin.
The Rape Of Natalie

Author; Williamburns465

Codes. Rape, forced sex, MMMF, piss, cum swallowing Very rough sex.

The story of a young twenty nine year old woman taking time away from her work and social friends to recoup after a long sexless relationship with her boyfriend. Natalie a shapely woman long legs with long flowing brown hair. She likes to dress sexy at times and loves sex. This is what caused her break up with her boy friend. She rented a cabin from a friend. Her friend told her it was off the beaten path almost deserted. That's what Natalie wanted, to have peace and quite while she made decisions on her new life with out a man in her life. Natalie would find there are men even in remote areas that just want sex anyway they can, even forcing themselves on a person. Nate was targeted by several men one afternoon in a very sadistic and violent way, raped repeatedly then left helplessly alone in a field.

After settling in her rented cabin and enjoying the peace and quite. She began to take walks along the road in front of her cabin, she noticed it was very lightly traveled like her friend said it was. Natalie was taking an afternoon walk down the lightly travel road in front of the cabin that she had rented. Not thinking about anything, just to be free for moment was gratifying. As she walk she heard a vehicle coming from behind her. She stopped to watch as it approached her, she saw two men in the vehicle. Now slowing down as it approached her. She could see it was van with no side windows. It stopped next to her and the man seated in the passenger seat began to talk to her.

First he tried to get her in the van wanting her to go for a ride with them. She thought about but, refused. Nate dressed in very short shorts and only a halter top with no bra and only sandals for shoes. The day being very warm and mid afternoon dressed very casual, she didn't plan on meeting anyone. When she refused his advances the man began to talk very filthy to her. Calling her a fucking whore, a pig slut, cunt, bitch and she should be fucked like a fucking whore. She was just another tight stuck up cunt, a teasing whore.

Then the side door open quickly and two men jump out and grabbed her throwing her in the van violently. There was another man in the van that took her by the arm pulling inside. She wanted to scream.He slap her face pushing her on the floor of the van. Now she realized there were five men.

Screaming and kicking she tried to get free, to no avail, they were stronger then she. The held her legs and arms as they drove a small distance and pull the van off the road. Driving through a field down towards a marsh. The guys in the van were feeling her tits and cunt calling a pig slut, making it known they were going to fuck her in every hole on her body. She was nothing more they piece of shit in the eyes, a chunk of whore meat to be fucked. A pig cunt that needed to be fucked any time any where.

When the van stopped the side door open and they pushed her out on to the ground. Three of the men were already naked when she turned to see them get out of the van. One man quickly sat on her chest moving up and forcing his thick stinky sweaty cock in mouth. One man tore her halter top off exposing her tits.

The man sitting on her chest demanded her. "Suck my fucking cock you pig. I'm going to fill your whore mouth with cum." She began sucking his sweaty cock knowing she wouldn't get away. Another man pulled her shorts and panties off tossing then in the van. Two men one on each side of her spread her legs apart so far it hurt. As she sucked one mans' filthy cock she felt another man forcing his cock in her cunt. One of the men that was free was drinking a beer and laughing. The first man came in her mouth, she tried to swallow his cum but, choked on his thick cock. He had a very massive load of cum. He pulled his cock from her mouth as she spit up cum and saliva. Still laying on her and being fucked from the other man. The first man stoop up placing his foot on her throat holding her to the ground. The man that was drinking his beer step forward with his cock in hand and began pissing in her face. "Drink it you fucking cunt slut whore. Drink my piss like the fucking slut bitch your are. Your nothing but, a fucking tease ass whore, fucking pig."

The man fucking her cunt was slamming his cock hard and deep into her cunt. her cunt was being destroy as he pushed hard into her finally with one last hard push from him he exploded his load of cum deep in her throbbing cunt. Natalie had a hard orgasm something she hadn't felt in months, if it wasn't for self pleasure she would have starved to death waiting for sex with her know ex. The guys didn't even know she had an orgasm.

They forced her to turn over on her keens, another man shoved his cock in her mouth face fucking her.
She knew there was a man behind her. "I'm going to fuck this tight whore's asshole, the bitch needs to learn who's boss around these parts." She had no idea who it was and didn't care, her mouth was sore. Her throat was raw from the man's thick cock. One of the men straddle her back, she could feel his hot wet balls on her back. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks. Placing one in each hand he pulled her asshole apart. "Nice fucking brown ass flower she has Bro." The man said to his friend. This was no time to think about the past. A mental picture of what the man just said crossed her mind. Her long ago boyfriend took a picture of her spreading her ass cheeks. She remember exactly how nice her brown rose bud looked. She had to admit she did have a nice asshole, nice, tight and clean until now.

The guy that was behind her spoke. " I'm going to fucking destroy this bitch's asshole, I'm going to fuck her like a dog bitch in heat."

Nothing happened for a minute then she felt something wet being poured on her ass crack with a finger being inserted in her asshole.The liquid ran down her cunt crack, it felt cool . She didn't know what it was but, the coolness it felt good. The man in front was pushing his cock deeper in her mouth making her gag, his balls slapping against her chin. Choking her as he fucked her.

Off to the side she heard pounding of some kind. A constant thudding mixed with laughter. The man behind her stopped pouring what ever it was on her asshole. She knew what it was when man on her back spoke. " Hey that quart of 10W-30 comes in handy sometimes." She knew it was motor oil and now she felt his cock being pushed into her tight asshole.

"I'm going to check the bitch's oil level." She wanted to scream, she couldn't with a cock in her mouth. A hard push and the man's cock enter her asshole. The pain was excruciating as he forced himself in her tight virgin asshole. His cock was thick and he had no mercy for her. Driving his cock deep in her asshole filling her bowels with his thick cock. She felt like ass her was torn and at the same she felt she had to shit. The man on her back continued to hold her asshole stretched wide for his friend.

The man in her mouth finally shot his thick load of cum in her mouth then he bitch slapped her face with is wet dripping cock, telling her she's nothing but a piece of fucking dog shit. Standing to the side watching his friend pound Natalie's asshole laughing.

Cum was in her hair, eyes and all over her face. She felt the man's hands grabbed her hips pulling her backwards on to his cock that was buried deep in her asshole. Nate felt the man unload his massive load of cum in her bowels. "Yeah, I like fucking her like a dog bitch in heat." He commented as he pulled his cock out making a popping sound from the tight suction that was created while he fucked her asshole. She fell forward after being released from her captor. He now came in front of her lifted her head forcing his cock in her mouth. She began to choke from the oil and musty taste of her own bowels.

The pounding stopped that she heard earlier, only to see four stakes had be driven into the ground.

Lifting her to her feet one man pulled Nate by her tits towards the stakes. Pushing her to the ground again the men tied her to the stakes in the hot sun. Arms above her head spread out ward, the same with her legs. After she was tied the men went to their van and began drinking beer they had in the cooler they brought with them. Nate wanted to scream for help but, knew it was futile. Her throat was sore and her lungs hurt from trying to breathe with a cock her mouth, besides, no one would hear her screams in this secluded place. After a half hour pass the men full of beer began relieving their bladders. All five men at one time pissed all over her face, cunt, tits and belly soaking her with their stinky piss laughing as they drench her whore body. Calling her a bitch, piss whore, a cunt fucking pig, every name other filthy name.

There was eerie silence for a minute, then she heard one man ask for the Viagra. From her view point she saw all five men taking blue pills. In twenty minutes they were standing over her. Every man's cock was hard. One man cut the ropes that held her. The bigger of the five lifted her in the air. "Hey horse throw the fucking whore over here I'll catch her." He did, tossing her to another man, "Fuck her asshole she's so tight."

"I'm fucking this whores cunt who wants a piece of this bitch's cunt with me." She knew was going to happen, they were going to DP her.Two cock's in one of her holes she knew this by the way they talked. Two men took her by the legs, one on each side while one man held her around her waist, lifting her in the air while another man poured the remaining motor oil on her cunt and asshole. When they were done pouring oil on her body they began fucking her. One man forced his cock up her asshole then leaned her back, awkward as it was, two men got there cock's in her cunt forcing them in deep. Her cunt stretched open accepting their cock's. The pain shot waves through her body, her belly ached and she felt nauseous. Showing no mercy they continued fucking her extremely hard. Their hard cocks hard from the Viagra were not going to relax very soon.

They fuck Nate like a rag doll, two men in her cunt one in her asshole, another man turned her head side ways shoving his cock in her mouth. Natalie's body was on fire with pain, every hole was hurting. Some how with all the torture they were putting her through a wave of pleasure took over. She began to feel her body reacting to the fucking she was getting from them. Her cunt began secrete her own juices, her cunt loosened and the pain subsided. Natalie at the moment was enjoying herself, being gang fucked with all these cock's in her holes she felt just like the whore they wanted her to be. What seemed like hours only lasted fifteen minutes.

Natalie was worn out from being abused so roughly. Four men had fucked her violently, her fuck holes were stretched and sore. Where was the fifth man she wondered? The last man, the big guy they called horse. Suddenly she felt the man grabbed a hand full of her hair lifting her off the ground, he took Nate by the hair and roughly walked her down towards the marsh. At the edge of the marsh was a small pool of water, before pushing her in he grabbed a tit in each hand squeezing them as if he was going to ripped them off her chest. Twisting them, pinching her nipples, telling her she was fucking pig. Roughly pushing her backwards into the pool or water he jumped in next to her. He pushed Nate down in the mud.

"I'm going to fuck you like a pig in the mud. On your hands and knees you fucking pig. You cock sucking worthless piece of shit, open your asshole you fucking cunt." Nate obeyed his commands there was nothing she could do. leaning forward her head on the edge of the muddy pool of water she pulled her ass cheeks apart. Biting her lip anticipating the pain she was going to endure from his thick long cock. She saw earlier he had the biggest cock of all the men. Grabbing her hips with his large hands and with one hard shove he was deep in her still oiled filthy asshole. He pulled her hair bringing her head back as he fucked her. Pulling his long cock out ward almost to the point of exciting her ass. Then coming forward fast and hard. Nate fell forward in the mud several times. Only to be pulled back up for more abuse.

Finally he unloaded his massive load of cum deep in her bowels, her asshole was sore gaped and full of cum and mud. Ten minutes of solid fucking by a man that was hung like a horse. When he released Nate he gave her a final push in the mud. Leaving her looking like a pig in a pig sty, full of muddy slime. She thought he was done with her, only to grabbed by the hair again lifting her head he forced his cock in her mouth.

She gaged a little on his cock but, sucked him for a few minutes, then he let her go. The other men stood by laughing and enjoying the scene. Nate thinking they were through with her just laid in the mud hoping they would leave. They didn't. They came back and got her. Forcing her back to the place were the stakes were in the ground. They tied her up again all spread out as before. She watched as the men got dressed, even the filthy guy that was in the mud. They all got in the van to leave. Just before they drove off one man came back cut her right hand free of the rope that was holding her. He gave her tits one last hard squeeze along with a hard cunt slap that shot pain though re body. Getting back in the van they sped off leaving her naked in the hot sun smelling like a urinal, filthy and cum drenched. Her body ached, her cunt sore, her tits bruised and her asshole felt like a log was still in her.

After over an hour Nate finally got free. She had no clothes, they took her clothes with them. She didn't know how far it was back to the cabin. So naked, sore and bare foot she walk through the field towards the road. As she walked she wonder why they let her go. Was it because she didn't fight or threaten to call the police or did she satisfy their needs by bring a fucking pig whore like they wanted. The sun had gone down making her walk difficult though the field. Even in the darkness she found the road. Naked, sore and barefoot she walked slowly back to her cabin watching for headlights in case they returned. No one came through and soon she was back at her cabin.

Taking a hot shower to relieve her pain and clean her abused fuck holes. Her cunt was sore and red as was her asshole. Her tits showed signs of bruising from being pulled hard and squeezed relentlessly. Over a half hour she showered and stood under the hot spray of the shower head cleaning her sore body. Natalie step from the shower, softly patting her body with a plush soft towel to dry herself. Her thoughts were to get in bed and rest tomorrow was another day. She didn't even think about calling the authorities. When she open the door and walk out naked heading towards her bedroom she was greeted by two men sitting at her kitchen table drinking beer.

They turned and looked. "There's the fucking pig slut we were told about. Your a good fucking whore so we been told. Your a fucking party girl aren't you, love hard big cocks we hear." Nate knew want was going to happen. The guys had told their friends about her. Two sore and tired to fight she looked at both men standing now with pants off and hard cocks stroking them moving towards her. One man grabbed her arm pressed his hard cock against her belly the other grabbed a handful of her tit as they moved her to the couch. Laying on the couch one man forced his cock in her mouth and the other pushed his cock up her cunt. She was being raped again. Natalie wasn't going to fight she hadn't the strength to so.

Letting man fuck her cunt she felt her own juices began to flow. The cock in her mouth was clean and hard,she began to enjoy the fullness of it in her mouth sucking him now like she enjoyed it. After few minutes they switched places. Not satisfied yet with there fucking. She was impaled on one man's cock taking it up her very sore asshole. Leaning her back on the man's chest her legs out side of the man in her asshole the other laid on her finding her wet cunt hole he began fucking her hard and fast. As they fuck Nate, they related to their friends she met earlier in the day.

"Yep she's a good fucking whore. A cunt so smooth and asshole tight she might even be good for dog fucking. You would like to get fucked by a dog? Right. Baby your a fucking whore, or maybe just like being a pig?"

They continued fucking Nate until they unloaded their thick cum in her cunt and asshole. The didn't release her. They waited for some time holding her captive. She tried to plead with them to leave, her pleas fell on deaf ears. After few more beers that they brought with them they decided fucking her again would be the proper thing to do. "She's a whore lets fuck her like one."

They laughed slapping each other high fives. Their cock's went from hole to hole. Her mouth and jaws hurt from sucking cock. Her cunt bright red and sore. The one man wanted to fuck her asshole one more time, his cock was still hard but, was sore. She thought he may have taken Viagra. He went and searched the cabinets, found a bottle of cooking oil. Returning to fulfill his urge to fuck Nate's asshole, he had her get on her hands and knees then filed her asshole with cooking oil. with any warning he slammed his cock deep into her ass. This time she let out a scream as it took her breathe away. They only laugh and the man continued fucking her deep until he unloaded his remaining load of cum. After couple of hours of fucking they finally tired and decided to leave.

The two men gather together talking quietly, the one man spoke. "Honey we'll leave you with something to remember us by. Taking ropes from a chair in the kitchen she hadn't seen but, had brought with them they tied her to the kitchen table. Again spread out like she was this afternoon. The empty bottle of cooking oil was shoved in her cunt. They searched the drawers, finding marking pens they wrote on her body.

On her for head was written pig slut, crossed her chest pig whore, cunt on each of her tits and fucking slut on her thighs, shit face whore on her inner thighs. Party whore on her belly just above her cunt crack. For a final reminder they pissed in her face, on her tits and cunt drenching her once again with piss as their friends did earlier. Then they left turning out all the lights, leaving her in the dark.

They didn't tie her real tight so she was able to free herself in about a half hour. Back to the shower Nate took a quick shower to wash the piss off her body. She left all the filthy remarks written on her body, toweled herself lightly dry, she climb into bed naked. Leaving the door unlocked. Thinking some of their friends would be making a calling later. She would be ready for them this time. Thinking of how many times she got fucked today and as sore and hurting her body felt. The thought brought a smile to her face. Cupping a tit in her left hand her right hand with to her now moist cunt folds, gently she began finger her cunt thinking of hard cock fucking her again.

The end.


Wet and sweet all the time

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