A husband thinks he's doing his wife a favor by getting his friends to drop off some bud for her while he's at work.
"Hey babe, I've got a surprise." My husband said as I answered the phone.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I got Chaska to come over and drop some bud off while I'm at work!" He exclaimed, knowing how rough my day had been this was a huge sigh of relief to me. Him working night shift really bummed me out sometimes, but as long as someone was willing to bring some out for me, it'd be alright.

"That's awesome babe! How'd you get him to drive out so far?" I wondered out loud.

"Who knows, hey I gotta get going now, I've already run over on break a little. Love you, and ENJOY your night. I'll see you around 3." We ended the phone call and I went back to my Facebook chat for another 20 minutes or so until there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door surprised to see not only Chaska, but our old friend Allex as well. "Hey guys! Come on in, try to keep it down, the kiddo is sleeping down the hall." They were full of smiles and greeted me with hugs, then followed me into the kitchen to get down to "business", weighing it out and setting mine aside for me. "Thanks again for coming out guys."

"No problem, it's good to see you again, and you guys have a sweet set up now. Too bad we missed your 21st last week." Allex replied. I smiled and grabbed my bowl, "Wanna smoke a belated birthday bowl?" I asked while packing it. Chaska was his usual quiet self, with an occasional smile and nod. As I lit up, Allex explained how he'd been drinking since the morning time, it was now around 9pm... I noticed at that moment how very tall they both were. My husband was only an inch or so taller than me so their height was very apparent to me. At 5'6" I was no shorty, and they still towered over me. Allex with his sky blue eyes set against porcelain skin, and chin length shiny brown hair, and his hands were seriously enormous! And Chaska standing next to him a stark contrast with his caramel colored perfect Native American skin tone, long dark hair and a short goatee.

"Wanna hit this?" Chaska and Allex looked at each other and nodded slightly, Allex extending his hand towards me replies, "Of course, that's why we're here right?" I stepped towards him reaching out to hand it to him, when I found my wrist being grabbed instead of the bowl.

"What are you--" He spun me quickly around and into him, my tightly back against his abdomen, as he grabbed both of my wrists and pinned them behind me as well. "Allex stop!!" I said in a panic, struggling against his strong grasp, but remembering that my 2 year old was just down the hall asleep. "Chaska get 'er shorts off." He slammed his left hand over my mouth, "And shut your fuckin mouth Sephira." I watched as Chaska came over, having no idea what to do. Screaming wouldn't help. His hand touched my shorts and I instinctively started kicking. "You may want to stop that," he said calmly, reaching in his pocket and retrieving a decent sized black switchblade. "You might regret moving around too much." He bent down and effortlessly sliced my thin shorts off. Then looking me in the eyes, he placed it between my small breasts and severed my tank top. Being so close to bedtime, I had already showered and not bothered wearing any underwear. So when they dropped to the floor I was bare. Tears sprang to my eyes, and I began to say "no" loudly into Allex's hand. Realizing that against these two men, I was no match. Chaska stepped back out of the way as Allex ushered me to the kitchen table where he painfully bent me over and ran his fingers through my short hair, grabbing tightly and then slamming my head down. I cried out, no longer muffled.

"Allex don't do this, please God don't hurt me." I begged him, my voice trembling beyond control. "You should have been mine when I offered the first time." He replied. I heard his belt buckle and zipper from behind me, as Chaska came over and took my wrists, pinning them firmly to the the tabletop. "I wasn't good enough for you?" He asked sarcastically. I was confused, I hadn't remembered him asking me out, or anything of that nature. "I don't understand..Please don't do this, Micah will know!" Tears streamed down my face. I felt the hot head of his cock rubbing against me, completely ignoring my pleas."Good. I want him to fucking know. I want him to regret ever being with you." I heard him spit, then replace his cock, putting his forearm against the back of my neck, and then tearing into me deeply. The width felt impossibly large, I couldn't believe the pain. I screamed out but my mouth was quickly covered by Chaska's hand. I hazily watched him undo his pants with the other.

I cried out into his hand again as Allex pulled in and out of me, slowly trying to adjust me to his size. "A little bit of blood never killed anybody eh?" He chuckled, and buried himself into me up to my cervix, painfully smashing into it. Then laid on top of me with an uncomfortable amount of pressure. "Let's let Chaskie have some fun eh Seph?" He whispered into my ear as he bent completely over me. I could smell the alcohol on him and began crying and struggling again, completely impaled on him, and knowing there was still more to come.

I closed my mouth tight as Chaska's long cock came throbbing out of his pants and next to my face. He yanked my hair, causing me to open my mouth in pain, and shoved his dick into the back of my throat making me gag immediately, my body tightening unconsciously. Allex let out a moan in my ear simultaneously. He took most of his weight off of my upper body. Chaska readjusted and Allex took over my weak, desperately fighting arms, holding them tightly against my back as he began to fuck me. My hips hit the edge of the table again and again as he earnestly pumped in and out of me.

At the same time Chaska held my hair and fucked my throat roughly, moaning as I choked on him. They both groped at my small breasts as I cried. Chaska pulled out of my mouth and stepped away. I gasped for air, my mind was going a million miles a second, my "trusted" friend was inside of me, tearing me open, and I just hoped for a second it was over.

Allex pulled out as well, the two grabbed my arms and legs and carried me fighting them all the way into the bedroom. There, they threw me on the bed, and Chaska quickly got on top of me, pinning my legs down with his knees. Allex grabbed my arms and held them down with one hand, and covered my mouth again with the other. I literally couldn't budge a muscle in this position. I felt Chaska's thick head pushing into my already sore and swollen pussy, I whimpered in pain, but only to their pleasure. "Holy fuck who knew someone with a kid could be so tight...." He said, pushing further into me. Not as large as Allex, he was able to completely fill me down to his base. I lay there crying as they began to sit me up on my knees, still inside of him, and bent me over on top of his chest. My face buried in his hair, inhaling his scent. I burst into tears even more and started begging for Micah, for help.

Allex shoved my head into Chaska's collarbone as he began doing the unimaginable, rubbing himself against my butthole. I sobbed on Chaska, feeling him unable to control himself from rocking in and out of me. "Please Allex....." It felt on deaf ears as his hand slid over my mouth yet again, and his cock ripped into me without any type of lubrication. I screamed into his hand, feeling Chaska continuing to pump in and out of me slightly as Allex brutally shoved his cock in the other hole. The two fucked me for a few minutes this way, my body cramped up and to my displeasure, they were only turned on by my moans of pain. Allex laughing at me several times for begging for my husband. I was beginning to wonder if the torture was going to end.

Chaska began to breathe heavily, my naked body pressed hard against his heaving chest, "Fuck, where do I cum Allex?" He asked frantically. Grunting, Allex angrily replied "Who the fuck cares, just come inside her and get the fuck out of her, because *I* AM going to cum in her soon."

The thought was too much for me to bear, my pussy accidentally grasping tightly around Chaska, trying to counterbalance the pain of Allex rubbing right next to him. I feel Chaska tighten up and unload into me, hot cum dribbling out from the pressure of his cock inside of me. "Move, Allex." He said, quickly getting out from underneath me. As I was only stuck on Allex's huge penis now, I felt Chaska's cum pouring out of me, running down my thighs. I cried in shame. "I hope you get pregnant you fucking bitch." Allex said through gritted teeth, still shoving himself roughly in and out of me, "Here it comes baby..." He quickly ripped out of my butthole, leaving me gasping for breath, before shoving himself back into my torn, abused little pussy to the hilt, and squirting out stream after stream of hot cum as deeply into me as he could. This time I was too swollen, and he was too big, to let any of cum drip out. He stayed there, letting me bask in my shame, sweaty, bloody, covered with cum inside and out, with my pussy completely swollen shut onto his cock. "You're mine. You're never going to forget that. You can't ever get it back." He yanked out of me, making me cry out. I grabbed the nearest pillow and clung to it for dear life, as Allex opened my legs up forcefully one more time to watch his cum ooze out of me, then letting go finally and climbing off the bed, stuffing himself back in his pants readjusting all of his clothes. "Be a doll and tell Micah we aren't doing business with him anymore." He climbs back on the bed next to me, I was shaking too hard to even think about moving. His crystal blue eyes come close to mine. "Sorry." He kissed my cheek, and I burst into tears again. "GET OUT!!!" I screamed. "PLEASE ALLEX GO!!!!!!!!!!!" He backed away and followed Chaska out. I heard the front door shut momentarily and I just lied on the bed in complete shock for the next several hours, weaving in and out of consciousness and waiting for Micah to come home.

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I hope she called the cops because from the opening I doubt little hubby can do anything about this.

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