All I could hear were our feet pounding heavily on the forest undergrowth as we ran, the iron like taste of my spit mixed with drops of sweat as they rolled into my mouth. Xavier was fast but I kept up. He'd just broken a sweat me, I was dripping.

Swerving off down into a gully Xavier suddenly tried to break away but with determination and a laugh I was soon close on his heels. I'm sure he felt the anticipation of what might be coming, running to win and running to some privacy was a thought he must have also had.

For three days we'd been on this University Orientation camping trip, the idea was to get to know all the other first year economics students and try and break us out of the restricting attitude of the high schools and colleges we'd all just come from. From the moment me and everyone else chose their seat on the bus it was obvious we were all sticking with who and what we knew.

But last night, for me anyway, it changed. Five of us had gone into the local country town to get more bottled water and that's when I got to know Xavier, his family was from Madagascar (which is not a resort island near Spain) but he'd grown up here. Like me he was late teens but whereas I'm fairly pale his skin was dark, I guess you wouldn't call him black but he wasn't white. He had those easy good looks that dark skin gives, I'd almost say he was too pretty but not in a real feminine way. Me, I'm not that bad looking but I can tend to look over eager and anxious. Anyway, we were sitting in a booth in a cafe when we saw something that held both our interest.

At an opposite table was a few young guys talking loud and throwing food. From their bags I could see they were about to go camping or had just packed up. I noticed Xavier looking out the corner of his eye at them and when he caught me doing the same we both went red and tried to concentrate on the lousy coffee's we'd ordered.

But I couldn't and he was the same. When the guys went quite we noticed and glanced across. Xavier saw it first. I cropped haired young guy was slouched down in his booth and in the front of his track pants was a definite boner. We both looked, looked at each other, blushed and looked back. The guy then slid his hand casually down the front of his track pants, adjusted his dick but still the tenting was there. Both me and Xavier moved our bodies to subtly adjust our own growing erections. We'd both figured each other out on that level anyway. We just started to have another unabashed look at the rise when the young guys mate glanced across at us, I'm only 18 but I can kinda tell if a guys maybe gay but this guys face narrowed into a tight pissed off look of aggression. He wasn't gay, not abit. Me and Xavier both began to stir our coffee's and exchange quick glances - the young guy wasn't an option but him and me could go OK.

Last night was a no go when we got back to the camp. The shower block had other guys in it, the tents we were staying in were three man and occupied so reluctantly and horny I feel asleep early. But this morning I was determined to get privacy. Despite the forecast hot weather, despite the camp activities Xavier and me both quietly and quickly changed into shorts, runners and t-shirts and before anyone really noticed we'd shot off into the forest for a run.

We started at a steady jog, pounding in time along the vague but thin track, not knowing how private a place could be we kept on jogging. As the sweat on our bodies began to slowly soak our clothes a sudden turn clung the wet fabric to our skin, the breeze from each others bodies sent quick waves of pungent sweat to our noses. Grins of anticipation flashed across our faces. Excitement got us running. Cracking dead leaves and branches underfoot we soon both looked for possible places, when I saw a clump of bushes and a white sunshine on the side of a tree I knew we'd found a place. Overtaking and with a quick gasping "c'mon" I tore through the scratching undergrowth and finally dropped with a dirt flying skid to the ground. Straight behind me was Xavier. Dropping onto our backs we gulped the warm forest air, the thumping of my heart and the whirring in my brain slowly began to subside.

The sweat began to cool against my body and reaching up the leg of my shorts I began to push at my clammy balls whilst leaning across to Xavier and feeling and growing stiffness down the front of his shorts. Reaching under my waistband I grabbed my damp almost fully erect shaft and pushed my shorts down expertly with my wrist exposing my pink cut cock to the wild open air. Xavier lifted his hips and slid his moist shorts down below to his thighs, he had his soaking briefs just below his balls, he wasn't cut but the stiffness had pulled the foreskin flat against his shaft. Leaning into his crotch I inhaled the smell of sweat and arse that lingered from his crack and slid the clammy shaft into my mouth.

Xavier reached and began to grope and slide his dark fingers under my arse, lifting my lips and then raising my legs in the air he was able to peel my shorts down over my arse until I felt the cool air drying my crack as his fingers kneaded and pushed at my upturned arse cheeks.

My head was now filling with the thumping roar of arousal as the taste of sweat and pre cum began to ooze from Xavier piss slit. Pushing the cock onto the back of my throat before rising up to clasp the cock between my lips I felt Xavier jump, his cock head scraped against my teeth as he violently tore it from my mouth. Lifting my head I saw shocked fear in his face, the crack of undergrowth in an instant told me we weren't alone. I turned and there they were - five of them, I couldn't place them but then I saw him, wearing the same track pants as the night before was the young guy from the cafe. Glancing quickly I couldn't see his agro mate.

"Boring as all fuck this campin' game ay boys" A tall, heavily built, dark haired guy looked down at us. He wore long shorts, a baggy Guinness t-shirt and rubbed firmly at his crotch.

We didn't say anything.

"Brian here tells me you was checkin' im' last night" With a nod of his head he indicated the guy from the cafe. "We was chattin' about girls and Brian here...well, it doesn't take much ay Brian." Brian and the others laughed at some in joke.

"Anyways enough of the formalities..." the big Guinness bloke then began to undress, chucking his clothes in a loose pile in the dirt he then lent back onto a tree and began to jerk his cock into even harder erection.

"C'mon lets fuck em' now" A red headed guy peeled his black t-shirt up behind his head pulled down the front of his shorts and briefs and stood there with a steel hard pale erection, red pubic hair shone in the sun as he looked down at his cock and the leered into Xaviers face.

"Show em' what we got for em'" a dark haired Italian looking guy they called Tone said. Throwing his t-shirt over his shoulders he undid the belt on his khaki's and lifted out a hard jutting cock, the glint of pre-cum already on the tip.

Guinness looked at a pale skinned slim guy, "con Gavin, you saw his arse first, go for it" Gavin had stripped down to nothing but his runners and now dropped between my legs. Pumping at his cock the cut heads piss slit drooled in anticipation. "Wet ya hole man" he told me. Spitting onto my hand I then rubbed my saliva dripping fingers down into my arse crack. It obviously wasn't fast enough. "Jesus man get it goin' will ya'" Roughly sliding his hands under each cheek before swilling around his mouth to work up spit he then hucked up whatever he could get and shot it straight onto my hole. Pushing his cock hard against my ring he bucked his hips hard into me, I thought it wasn't going to give, I pushed out to open my arse lips and with a sigh that filled the clearing he sunk his cock up me. My ring burned with searing hot pain as he slammed and pushed his shaft into my body.

"Gav do this un' for me" the red head was between Xaviers thighs and had pushed his whole body up so his dark brown hairy arse crack parted revealing a pink jumping hole. Not loosing the rhythm as he drove into my arse Gavin leant across, swished and then hucked another spit right down onto Xavier's hole.

The red head told Xavier to "work it in" which he did. His fingers had barely left his arse when the red head violently ripped up his chute. Xavier bucked back in either pain or shock. As the slight flab of red heads arse shook with every drive into the dark skinned body.

The rawness of this fuck was beginning to scare me, I like it up the arse occasionally but this was too much too soon. Just as the fear began to peak in my body Gavin wrenched his shaft from my body and pumped a load a boiling white cum onto the dirt. On his knee's he then dropped his head onto the ground and pumped the last drops onto the dirt.

Despite the size of his body Guinness's cut cock was an OK 7 inches. Slapping against it both my thighs he then hucked his own spit deep between my arse cheeks, horny and desperate he worked it in himself with stubby sharp nailed fingers. Prizing my ring open a little with thumb and forefinger. He leered into my face as he sunk his cock into me. The sensitive rawness shot through my body, when the pain in my hamstring muscles sent my head bucking back as he raised and pulled my legs too wide apart.

"Take em' like a bitch" I heard Brian say to someone.

With an audible 'pop' red head pulled his cock from Xaviers hole and pushed him onto all fours until the shining arse stuck into the air. Red head was scraping his knee's in the dirt to try and get back between Xaviers legs when the Italian guy Tone aimed his steel boner at the hairy hole and with a lunge sunk it half way down into Xaviers body. Puffs of dirt and dust shot into the air as Xavier gasped into the ground.

Guinness and Brian with a grip of clammy hands soon flipped me over, my knee's scraped raw on a twig with pain disappeared as I felt first a pumping finger then the wider head of a cock push into me. I thought for a second it was Guinness but it must've been Brian as I suddenly looked up to see Guinness holding his cock in front of my face. "Suck it clean" Pushing his clammy cock against my lips I smelt my own arse as I opened and took in what he'd just fucked me with. The taste was sweet pungent but pretty clean as I began to suck despite myself on the shaft he humped into my face.

With a lunge he fell back pulling his cock from my mouth he didn't get up but scooted on his knee's to Xavier and pulling hard down on Xaviers chin got his mouth open and slid the spit covered shaft up into the back of this throat. Seconds later cum started to spill and bubble from the corner of Xaviers mouth, pooling in the dirt I watched his eyes close in a grimace.

Tony then dropped down in front of me having tore his shaft from Xaviers chute. Again the faint smell of arse spun my brain as I watched the clammy dark Italian shaft sink between my lips. The pungent sharpness of Xaviers arse swum in the spit in my mouth, gulping hard to get rid of the taste I soon had Tony holding my ears and humping into my face, the soothing hot jizz from his cock soon slathered and soothed my tongue as he let go his load.

Gasping and drooling strings of cum into the dirt below my mouth I then felt the warm splash of Brian's ribbons of cum as they splattered across my raw and sweating back.

Staying on our knee's, our raw and used arse holes still raised in the air me and Xavier gasped and grunted into the ground. Dust and dirt turning to a muddy paste on our lips as it mixed with the cum and spit from our mouths. We heard the others dress, then a couple of small light slaps on our arses a grunted 'thanks' and the forest fell silent again. Not moving, not looking at each other and not making a sound we both tugged at our own pricks before blowing a load each and dropping heavily into the semen soaked dirt.

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