I haven't proof Read this so have a look and let me know what you think. I honestly only wrote this one for self entertainment.
I was looking through shaded vision. It was as if i was floating over the scene and as if it was playing out below me.
A ring of men wearing robes kneeling around a circle that seemed to be painted with blood. Behind them were slab stone.
Stone covered with the bodies of several sacrifices. All of the mages moved in unison.

A young man knelt in the circle. He was willing, not a captive. He had a strong build and a story carved into his body.
Hundreds of scars littered his back.
The cultists spoke in unison cutting deep cuts into their hands. Blood poured into the circle and i felt my consciousness pulled from the air above into the man kneeling in the center of the circle. I saw from his vision as the blood moved to him like snakes sailing eagerly away from a threat. Once it touched his flesh they followed with yet another chant.
The blood rooted into his skin and started spreading upwards in the form of additional veins. I could feel his pain. The agony as his skin was stretched as the blood formed new cavities. I wanted to scream but he wouldn’t he simply slammed his fists against the floor and let the pain seep over him.
Suddenly the cultists shrieked in agony. The agony was silenced one by one as their systems drained of all its fluids. Out of the 10 only one remained.
Their blood covered us in what could only be explained as a cocoon.
The cocoon started glowing and the last cultist unsheathed a special dagger from within his cloak.
The dagger sunk into his abdomen, and he chanted still even as the life drained from his body.
Then the cocoon started to crack. We had changed into something else… something more than just man. The horrors I had witnessed was about to bear fruit.
The cocoon broke open but I wasn’t part of him anymore… I was adrift above him again.
He looked up directly at me and turned to light – a beam of blinding light hit me in what felt like my chest. Searing pain overwhelmed me and then I awoke.
The word “Unus” echoed through the room.
“What the fuck!” it was still early morning and dark so a reached for my phone and turned on its light. Shining it from one end of the room to the other – to my relief it seemed I was still caught up in my dream. Hearing things that weren’t real. So I slammed my head down on the pillow and tried to sleep… I kept seeing images of the world around me burning when I closed my eyes. Voices echoed in my mind, “they will come” – “You must fight” – “Prepare” The voices had me so startled that I rolled from side to side holding my ears shut. Before I realized it a light shock wave lifted everything in my room… including me and my bed. I looked around cautiously as I levitated in the air starring at everything around me as if we were suspended in zero gravity.
Startled I yelped and everything fell to the floor… including me – my head hit the side of the bedside cupboard and I was forced to listen to the voices as I lay unconscious half on the bed half off.
Hours passed in what seemed to be like days… the sunlight falling on my face ripped me from my slumber though. My head was ringing with pain so I moved to hold the place I had hit my head – I felt a sticky substance and turned to look at my palm. Blood – the sight of the legionnaire popped into my head. I made an old man’s attempt at getting up. I was only 17 but staying in that mangled position for hours put my body in a bad shape, I was a tall skinny lad. Back problems were plaguing me since I hit puberty. I could feel the vertebrae in my back crackling as I straightened up. And then the pain was gone... it was peculiar, even with a good night’s rest my back always killed me in the mornings.
I looked around searching for my phone in my room that seemed to have been hit by a tornado. I saw it in the far corner of the room; how it arrived at that destination I couldn’t know. I started in its direction and reached out. Then as if from a comic book it flew straight at me and rested firmly in my palm. More startled than pleased, I threw it aside jumping back and hitting my back against the wall – I heared the mirror crack. Then spun around to see what I had done. The mirror had hundreds of fresh cracks littering its surface and it contained my reflection… but something was amiss… even with the picture distorted as it was I could see I looked differently. My torso was bulky and strong, my arms bulged at the bi - and triceps and even my thighs looked like those of an athlete.
I stood paralyzed by shock - that’s when someone banged at the door angrily and entered without waiting for permission. My sister entered… well technically not my sister. See when I was 9 my parents died in a terrorist attack in Manhattan - I was thrown into the system and eventually ended up here in Arizona. I haven’t seen or heard from my real sister in almost 5 years. The angry girl in the room was the daughter of the couple who adopted me. She was the queen of snobs and quite sadistic at that. And she always hated me. She used to be an only child after all.
She was a pretty girl too she had long black hair that stopped just below her shoulder blades, an hour glass figure and eyes the color of the sky burning down.
“What is this mess?” she walked up to me and raised a hand as if to hit me, but when I turned to her she saw I had changed. I was still the same old me in my mind- used to her abuse. I close my eyes to await the impact I had come to know as my teacher.
“C…Clean up your damn room!” she stormed out the door. The door slammed shut with such force I could hear a portrait in the hall crash to the ground.
I sighed knowing I would get the heat for that later on as well. I grabbed a fresh set of clothes and started towards the bathroom to go take my morning shower, as confused as I was by all that was happening it suited me quite well.
I always seemed to move through life even amidst the chaos, I had learned that routines are the best way of getting through things you can’t process. Throw them on the back burner and focus on the things you can understand and resolve. Soon I was in the shower washing the blood out of my light brown hair. I couldn’t feel a wound on my head though, as if it had healed already. Then I heard the door open softly I turned around and through the mist of the shower I saw Stacy grabbing my towel and the fresh dress of clothes I had set aside.
“The bus will be here in a minute… ciao!” Then she vanished from the room. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world… we were at home so I could still get fresh clothes but if her parents saw me walking around the house naked they’d be a pain in my ass forever.
I finished my shower and stepped out, taking a moment to way out my options. Then I heard the buss’s pistons screech as the driver slammed on the breaks. I was going to be late for school and Miss Perchan already gave me a warning… this would mean detention.
I cursed to no one in particular then decided to make a dash for my room. I opened the door and started running immediately. It felt like an instant and I was in my room, then I donned some shorts a t-shirt and some sandals. I was down the stairs, into the study and out the door in two minutes flat. But the bus was long gone.
All I could think of was how much I hated that girl. I wanted to hurt her for all the torment she’s caused me since I arrived here. A deep pain like what she had done to me. I started running hoping to catch up with the buss at the next stop.
I felt this electrical surge over my body I couldn’t explain the purpose or the origin all I know is that it made me feel stronger, braver… faster. My feet were moving so fast I thought I would fall… but I didn’t I simply rushed over lawn after lawn passing by each in a blink. Then I saw the bus, the school was about four miles from our home and the bus was motoring along a long road which would go right by the school now. There were no more stops and the driver ignored me as I managed to catch up with them. He looked right at me and shook his head from side to side as if to say “You should have been on time!”
Then Stacy opened a tiny window next to her seat and taunted “Enjoy detention, loser!” a few of her friends laughed with her and then I had a thought, I had had enough of her constant harassment. I had been keeping pace with the bus moving at full speed so if I put all my efforts in I might be able to keep up the entire trip.
“Hey Stacy, fuck you!” I added a hand gesture to make sure she understood what I was saying her friends laughed and she started blushing.
“You’re dead Peter!” She warned throwing herself down on her seat. Then I set my determination to the road ahead, I could feel that electricity building in me again. I threw one foot down after the other making that my ultimate goal. Each step I took was a victory. I heard the people in the bus gasping; I didn’t care why I just kept running. Their gasps and the beat of the engine faded away carried on the wind, I assumed. Then I saw the school in front of me and I slowed down… It took a few seconds to come to a standstill. I wasn’t even that tired. I looked back and the bus was nowhere in sight. My feet were aching and my sandals were missing – I could feel this was going to be a day filled with ridicule. Then as I started towards the main entrance of the school a football hit me square in the face. I looked up to see the quarterback and a few of his mates laughing it off…. So I grabbed the ball and threw it off into the distance. I saw their expressions change.
Before I knew it he had my shirt in his hands pulling me towards him.
“You want a piece of me, dawg? I’ll end you! I’ll fucking end you, Peter!” He shoved me backwards.
I smiled and tried to walk past him but his friends cut me off.
The three of them circled me like a pack of wolfs circling a lost hiker. Only the lost hiker had a tough day so far and was sick of everyone’s constant pestering. The quarterback, Len Johnson, threw the first punch. I ducked under it and shoved him away. I didn’t want to fight I just wanted to get out of there. The next blow I didn’t expect. Benjamin, a bulky African American, landed a round house punch on me from behind.
I fell to the floor winded, my ribs aching, and my mind blurry.
“You can’t even fucking fight fair!?” I spun up from below landing a fist solidly on his groin. As he bent holding himself I landed a knee on his face. He collapsed to the floor unconscious. Len wouldn’t stand for that so he took attacked me from behind, but to his dismay, that electrical feeling was surging through me again. I twisted around as fist was about to make contact with me and I grabbed his arm in a lock. Then pushed upwards, his body twisted and his face cringed.
His friend approached but I threatened to keep pushing upwards “I could break his arm you know… or I could rip it off and beat you to death with it!” the third guy backed off and I let go of Len’s arm and I grabbed onto his jugular instead.
“Now Len, Make sure your friend is okay… will you?” He slowly nodded and I let go throwing him to the floor out of breath.
AS I was heading into the school building I hear the bus stop I glanced back over my shoulder and saw Stacy running up to her boyfriend. She had a brief chat with Len then started in my direction throwing her feet down in adamant stomps as she charged at me. But I kept going and she got lost in the crowd as the bell rang.
First period was Physics but I wasn’t paying attention… I was waiting for the principle to call me… or my guardians. Second period Chemistry was a little different, I started thinking that I got away with what I did. By lunch all my fear had left me… until I entered the cafeteria and saw her. Stacy was standing with the football team and when she saw me she tugged on Len’s shirt.
He turned around and pointed at me. The football team started in my direction slowly. A few of them headed to cover the exits. Miss Perchan was on cafeteria duty and she was also the schools master of discipline. “Surely they wouldn’t try something with her in the room” I thought.
Miss Perchan was a strong willed woman, and cruel at times but she wasn’t bad looking. Not at all in fact, she had brown hair in a pony most of the times and a short figure with and ample bosom. Her features were sharp and she had elegant glasses perpetually resting on her nose, which was sharp and slightly hooked. She must have been, at a maximum, 27. I was looking at her and didn’t notice Stacy approaching me. A slap stung my face and she shrieked “You Creep!”
The event had Miss Perchan with us in a second, pulling us by our wrists out of the cafeteria and into her office.
“Miss he…” Stacy was silenced by the lift of a finger. Miss Perchan was going through her files and pulled my file along with Stacy’s out of the cabinet.
“Brother and sister…” she said to herself.
“Adopted, late coming…” she closed the files after scanning through them.
“Okay you two, what is the meaning of this. I want facts – straight to the point” She looked at Stacy first.
“The creep took photos of me in the shower this morning and sent them around school!”
“What the fuck? You’re lying!” I felt for my phone and realized I had left it at home in a hurry.
“Len received a message from him after Peter attacked him this morning. Mocking our relationship…” she started sulking and took her phone out of her handbag to show Miss Perchan. Her handbag was still open and I saw that she had somehow gotten a hold of my cellphone.
“I didn’t attack him he and three of his cronies cornered me!” I had a panicked expression on my face by now.
“Very well, I have no choice but to phone your parents Peter…” Stacy smiled at the thought. As Miss Perchan reached for the phone I reacted on instinct and placed my hand over hers so that she couldn’t lift the phone.
“My ‘father’ is a cold man he would throw me back into the system for something like this! And I didn’t do it!”
“PETER LET GO OF MY HAND” She tugged away starting to dial angrily.
The electrical feeling was over me again, and then I felt the light… the light from my dream. Miss Perchan froze as I stretched my hand out to her Stacy had stood up to go when she saw Miss Perchan was going to phone my parents – but know I had her pinned to the wall with the invisible force I was starting to understand.
I moved my hands and in an instant I had them both in the corner of the room. They were silent… frozen by my power. My heart was racing and my mind went static.
“I didn’t want to fucking do this! Tell her I’m innocent” Stacy flinched as I spoke; still shocked by the gravity of the situation she remained silent.
“Tell her or I’ll break you!” my power withdrew from Miss Perchan and the full weight of my capabilities fell on Stacy. Every cubic centimeter of her body was being forced against the wall. Miss Perchan sat on the floor looking up – and Stacy remained silent.
In reality her silence was out of fear but to me in that moment it was a taunt. All I could think of was all the tortures she had made me endure… this was too far. I had to punish her like she punished me. I let her go and closed the distance between us. She wasn’t able to breath for a couple of second because of the shear force I had pushed onto her, so now she was gasping for air. She didn’t have time to catch it though I pulled her by her hair and threw her over Miss Perchan’s desk.
Then in a single brutal motion I tore her shirt off. I could see her skin forming welts where the material was most tough. I smiled at her writhing in pain. By now she had let out a few shrieks of agony and I wasn’t stopping. I stripped her down to her birthday suite. Then as people started ramming at the door I gripped her by her throat and lifter her off the table. She grabbed at my hands in an attempt to protect herself. I felt that unreal electrical surge through my body and the wall exploded outwards the pupil and staff that had been trying to get in through the door was sent flying backwards.
“Take her if you want her.” I said bluntly throwing her bare body into the crowd of spectators who were filming the event on their phones. She made impact with a freshman boy throwing them over. She was exhausted though and only lay on him for a few seconds while the crowd watched me in curios awe. I could see the boy explore as she lay on top of him.
Then I turned around and in a single motion grabbed Miss Perchan and blasted a whole in her wall, which was facing the forest. In a few, supernatural, bounds we were far out of reach of anyone who might have dared pursue us. In fact we were so far into the forest that I wasn’t sure where we were.
“P…please, let me go… I’m sorry, P-P-Peter” Miss Perchan suddenly started to beg. It gave me a warm feeling – it seemed unnatural… and I wanted more.
“I could kill you right now!” I dropped her waving my arms to the sides. Force fields combusted the bark on trees behind me to support my statement.
“Please!” she shrieked crawling backwards.
“Please what?” I said in an annoyed tone.
“Please don’t kill me…” she trailed afterwards.
“And why shouldn’t I… your of no use to me now. Nothing but a liability that slows me down…”
“Then let me go! I won’t slow you down if you let me go!” She pleaded once more.
“And have ANOTHER witness… I don’t think so… I need to make a fresh start and I can’t have you around to tell them about my power…” I pointed my hands at her as if to notion my powers at her, then in an instant of desperation she crawled forwards lashing onto my belt in what seemed like a blink of an eye. She didn’t say a word and I didn’t need her to. She unbuckled my clasps and somewhere in between her undoing my belt buckle and my trousers’ zip, I ended up lying down.
She looked up at me through her glasses and I swear I had never seen anything as sexy. Her rustled hair caressing my member while she gentle stroked me to get me worked up enough for her to begin. Her eyes were a crystal blue and with the addition of tears her eyes seemed almost illuminated.
Her lips caressed my member and as she took the tip into her mouth. Soon her warm tongue started working at my head while she took more and more of me into her mouth. She seemed like an expert the way she stroked me and caressed me then moved her head in off-beat motions to push me closer to the edge while holding back enough to keep me from my release. If her aim was to torture me with pleasure she had reached her goal. At the end I wanted nothing more than to cum, so I grabbed her by the hair and tried to ram my member down her throat, but she resisted. She kept her off beat pace and then stopped… leaving me just a touch short of an orgasm. She painted on a fake smile and let her hands intertwine around my erection. Her mouth was dry and warm but her hands were petite, soft and now cold to the touch. The contrast pushed me onto a brink upon a brink.
Then with a tone as innocence as it was deviant she said “Spare me… Please”
I gave her a nod of confirmation and she lowered her torso back down to between my knees. She lifted her sweater to reveal the bottom of her ample bosom. She pulled the bra strap forward and guided my member in between her breasts. Then, as if to reward my choice, she started massaging me with her breasts. I was already at my limit, so the majestic feeling of her soft and ample breast enveloping me was but a short stay in paradise. I came, spilling warm squirts of cum onto her neck and chin. She milked me to the last drop then took my semi-limp cock into her mouth to clean it off.
I could see that she didn’t hold back – she tried showing me that she was worth keeping around. She succeeded, she started working at my trousers and my belt and soon I was buckled up again.
“You won’t be sorry…” she said ashamed as she started straightening out her clothes. She motioned to swiping cum from her chest and neck.
“Stop” my hand reached out freezing her arm in place.
“Leave it there… I like that look of shame you have right now…” My power let go of her arm and I realized that in the moment I had gained almost complete control of my abilities.
“So what now?” She asked without making eye contact.
“Well I need to run… get to a place I can figure this out… figure out what this power is…”
“Is it… new?” She asked forgetting her shame for a moment.
“Less than a day old…” I could see the surprise on her face. It was a look that told me she thought I couldn’t control it yet, I might have a lapse of power and she might be able to over throw me. And when she saw me looking at her she knew I had seen through her.
“Maybe I won’t keep you…” She turned away leaning against a nearby tree.
“I don’t be such a baby… I didn’t say I was going to kill you, did I?” She looked at me from over her shoulder.
“But your body betrayed you; it told me you weren’t someone I could trust. So now I’ll punish you” I lifted my arms and opened my hands and in an instant she was suspended in midair.
“You think I can’t control it yet? Well let’s see” My arms tensed and my finger twitched as I focused my power on finer pinpoints. Then the electric feeling surged over my body again. It was as if I had weaved my power, like string into and around her and now it was being pulled away.
Her clothes tore off and fell in shreds to the ground, she yelped and I could see welts forming on parts of her skin. The whole scene excited me.
“You earned your life, are you ready to earn your freedom?” I asked and she remained silent closing her eyes to hold back tears. Then I dropped her and she fell onto all fours. I stood over her awaiting a response. There were a few moments that passed in silence then she nodded. I helped her up and told her to start walking in the direction of the closest hiking trail. I had seen it a few meters back when we were fleeing the school.
“I’m naked... what if someone sees me” She said blushing as she walked.
“These paths are abandoned this time of day… if we come across someone I’d be more worried for what you’d need to do for them than them just seeing you naked” my voice was frank and cruel, her reaction was to simply add more red to the blushing mess she already was.
Despite her fears we made it almost all the way off the trial without an incident. That’s when a police officer walked over the trial in front of us; she saw the situation and drew her handgun.
“Sir put your hands in the air!” She commanded. I raised my hands with a smirk on my face. She took a few steps forward and grabbed Miss Perchan by the hand. The officer then told me to get down on my knees. Just as she was about to approach me to cuff me she attempted to holster her gun. In an instant I forced her backwards after latching onto her sidearm. By the time she recovered I was standing over her with a gun pointed at her head.
“Thanks… I needed these” The cuffs floated from the ground up into my off hand. She was speechless.
“Why are you here, a cop – in the middle of the woods? We’re you patrolling or looking for me?”
She again remained silent. Then I decided she piqued my interest, her police hat was hiding most of her face and her uniform was dull and formal.
“Stand up…” At first she was reluctant but pressing the barrel of the gun against her cheek got her moving. Once she was upright I removed her hat, she had emerald green eyes and a look that confused me painted on her face. She had soft features; her lips were lush and her cheeks speckled with sun spots. Her red hair was brought together at the back of her head in a ponytail. Even that hair style wasn’t enough to tame her natural curls though.
She had her back against a tree so I took a step closer. I knew she was a trained officer and could probably immobilize me with that small space between us, but there was something in her eyes and I had to see what the outcome would be.
I took another step forcing her to close the inch or two there was between her and the tree. She was tense, I could see the muscles in her neck strain and her palms ball into fists.
“Aren’t you going to try something?” I asked only to be answered by silence.
“Turn around…” I jested with the barrel of the gun for her to turn. She complied, her hands still above her head. As soon as she had turned I slammed the length of my body against her, I could hear her gasp as she was not expecting me. Her face was pressed against the rugged tree bark and I could imagine the annoying pinches on parts of her skin that were exposed to its touch. I pressed my face into her neck to smell her scent, she had been walking quite a distance and the smell of her warm hair mixed with the smell of her cheap perfume and the faint trace of sweat made my wild with lust.
“Relax…” I said after collecting myself. My left hand fell on her side caressing her body from her ass to her underarm while my right slid her gun back into its holster on her hip.
“Here’s your gun back… so RELAX” my hands had snaked their way around her body to her breasts and with that final word I pulled at the fabric, sending buttons flying free from her uniform.
She yelped but didn’t reach for her gun. My hands traced her figure all the way down to her ass, then I hooked my thumbs into the crack of her ass and pushed down, her uniform was a little loose so with a small amount of force, her pants were freed and fell to the ground making a dull “thud” as her gun made contact with the earth.
“Why aren’t you fighting me?” I whispered in her ear as I pressed my member in between her ass cheeks. She remained silent and I responded with a follow up question; “Can it be that you’re enjoying this? Is it some sick fantasy you’ve always had… or an attraction to power?”
She started shaking as she cried.
“Fear or shame, which is it?” I said one last time.
She remained silent for a few seconds as she composed herself, “Shame”. I reached around her body and started moving my fingers in between her lips, she was wet with lust. I groped her folds and after a second or two I brought my hand back to her ass, rubbing the juices around and into her ass.
I could feel her pressing herself into my hand, wanting me to do more.
“Then tell me you want me to rape you. Give me consent to fuck you here and now!” I demanded as I pressed her even harder against the tree, she moaned out of frustration.
“I won’t…” Her words annoyed me so I pressed harder, dipping into my supernatural strength, I could feel her struggling to breath.
“It’s a power game to you and I have the power, now concede so you may find your release”
She remained silent trying to catch her breath.
Then she managed to stammer out a single word, “No”.
I smiled annoyed, yet satisfied. I threw her to the side then took the cuffs out of my pocket. I used my telekinetic capabilities to pull her closer and found a strange turn on in the way she clawed at the ground until I had her at the tree, legs spread wide. I turned her on her back then pulled her so that I could cuff her ankles together on the other side of the tree. The tree had a radius of about half a meter.
The positions she was in was uncomfortable, her legs barely made it around the tree so she could lower her body, and I had put about a meter between her ass and the ground.
Next I stripped her torso revealing her full breasts. I took time to pinch and pull at her nipples in spite before getting her body upright. A minute or two passed as I tied her wrists together around the tree. Her arms couldn’t reach around so I used her shirt as a conduit.
“Concede, or I’ll punish you further” She turned her face away from me. I kneeled at her pants, which was lying in a bundle on the ground, then loosened her belt. I stood behind her for a few seconds before letting the first lash fall on the small of her back.
Truth be told, I wasn’t sure why I was doing this. It wasn’t like me, I was a kind soul. Scarred sure, but not someone who would feel so much pleasure from another’s pain… and here I was beating a helpless woman to prove a point.
After several lashings I stopped. Then walked up to her and started forcing myself into her backdoor which was easily accessible because of the way I had her bound. I started humping her, each piston movement was followed by a yelp, I wasn’t too experienced but I assumed that she wasn’t used to anal. I was hurting her – and I loved it. Soon she started to moan though, she didn’t want to but she was enjoying the filthy barbaric way in which she was being taken. She started moaning the shivered as she came to an early climax. I wasn’t done yet though my movements became faster, more urgent as I felt a climax building. I forced myself into her one final time and held the position, jerking slightly as I released my load into her cavities. Then I withdrew and kneeled behind her, I felt my power drain, after the climax and I became tired.
“Let’s move…” I instructed to Miss Perchan who had been watching the whole scene unfold.
“We can’t just leave her like that!” She said without watching her words.
“Excuse me?” I said aggravated, again not sure why I was so self-righteous all of the sudden. Even though I knew, I couldn’t stop myself.
“I’m sorry!” she exclaimed looking the other way to avoid eye contact. I walked up to the bound woman and cut her arms loose.
Her body fell backwards and I saw a look of terror on Miss Perchan’s face.
“Fine, you know how this goes… convince me then!” I jested toward the officer’s naked and exposed body.

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