Sean's Journey with Denise Continues

I was home by 4:20. I would have been there ten minutes earlier had I not stopped at the town limits to test my collar opener. It worked perfectly. I had used the time on the drive home to plan my invasion of the Mitchell residence now that Jeff had acquired the warrant. I knew that the Bureau would tap their phones, even their cells, within 48 hours at most. I would need some way to get the Mitchells away for an hour so I could set up the internal surveillance measures. I thought I had just the way.

Denise was extremely stern with me when I got home, chiding me for being late and irresponsible. I was led to the bedroom where I was secured quickly to the bed. I noticed a small note on the pillow—SEAN, I AM SO SORRY FOR DOING THIS TO YOU. CAN’T WE JUST QUIT AND LEAVE? WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR WHAT’S UP TOMORROW.”

“ Mistress Denise I know I deserve this punishment because of my lack of consideration. I think you should give me double so I will learn better and faster.”
Denise shook her head. I could see a small tear in her eye as she fastened my feet tightly. She rubbed my ass with the cane several times, telling me that I would have several enemas tonight to prepare me for tomorrow’s lesson. “If you give me any problems I will cane you again and I WILL double your punishment. Now I owe you ten.” I gritted my teeth in anticipation of the pain I knew I would feel shortly. Fortunately, she finished in less than two minutes. I was bawling when she was done. She sat on the bed to recite all my shortcomings as she massaged a healing salve into my butt cheeks. They felt as though they were on fire. I crawled away when I was released to begin the dinner. Once again I was required to eat like a dog. I could easily see how this could break someone’s spirit. She even required me to lick the plate clean before I was allowed to tidy up the kitchen.

Mistress Denise led me to the bathroom. “I think I’ll want a shower tonight, Sean. Undress me and place my clothes in the hamper. Tomorrow I’ll show you how to do the laundry once you’ve finished your lesson. But first you’ll need some enemas so you’ll be clean inside and out.” Denise was in tears as she stood over me.

I whispered, “Don’t worry, everything will be okay.” She looked at me as though I was crazy, but prepared the enema and shoved the lubed nozzle into my bowel. She made me hold the two quarts for fifteen minutes. Those were the instructions she had been given. I was in agony when she finally allowed me to release it. She prepared the second enema while I was on the toilet. This one I was allowed to expel immediately. The discharge was clear after the third. I was done—thank God. Though exhausted and in incredible pain from the abdominal cramping I rose to begin the shower and led my Mistress in once the water was warmed.

“What’s going on, Sean?” Denise spoke aloud; the sound was drowned out by the cascading water.

“I wasn’t able to tell you earlier—orders. I’m on a job, sort of, but not quite, undercover. I had to bring you into it because Ted Lyons knows me and he knows you, too from some of our past encounters. Jeff sent me here because of something we learned from a former resident. He was transferred to L.A. and bought some cheap porn when his wife went to visit her mother. It turned out he was the unwitting star of the video so he contacted the local Bureau office. All the scenes were either in the Mitchells’ house or in his former home. The matter was bumped all the way up to Washington. Jeff knew that I had been transferred here so he asked me to look into it. I never dreamed the investigation would turn out like this. Mitchell—not his real name—is not a real minister.”

“That comes as no surprise.”

“Yeah, and after we left there was an interesting conversation in which he and Ethel talked about running this whole church thing as a con and using the images they capture for porn DVD’s. I knew there was a lot of money in it, but not this much. They’ve cleared millions over the past few years. I’m supposed to be the star in three or four.”

“Yes, and I’m sure I’ll be co-star. Your training will be here tomorrow. Ethel is bringing a strap-on and I’m supposed to fuck you with it. She praised the job I’m doing with you.”

“I agree—you are doing a great job. I almost believe it myself. I’m going out around three in the morning to bug their house. Jeff sent me a text. He got a warrant based on the video I sent him. The next step will be to identify them. Don’t worry, they won’t be there. I think our part of it will be done in a couple of weeks. You’ll get a visit tomorrow from your favorite cousin Sue and her husband Mike.”


“Two agents posing as your cousin and her hubby.” She nodded her acceptance as I began to wash her hurriedly. We were done in five minutes. She led me to bed where she unlocked my cock cage. “I’m leaving the lights on. I want to see what you are doing. Sometimes you are just terrible. You can begin by adoring my pussy—the source of my authority over you. Do a good job and I’ll consider allowing you to jerk off. If you don’t I think it might be a week before I allow it again.”

“Yes, Mistress--thank you, Mistress Denise,” I said submissively. I dove into her, loving the delicate nectar of her cunt and the soft tender tissues of her labia. I kept at it for almost five minutes before her next command, “Enough of that for now. Lift my legs and get that tongue down to my ass. Run your tongue over my sphincter. I’ll want you to stick it in and if you hesitate I’ll triple what I gave you earlier. Now get to it.”

Denise and I had talked about anal play when we were dating. I knew she had absolutely no interest so I was certain this was another “church requirement.” Having just washed her I knew she was clean on the outside, but I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the inside. I noticed that she turned her head away from the smoke detector as she whispered, “Just pretend to do the inside. I’ll pretend you’re in there. I just pray they never make you do it to anyone else.” My tongue made contact with her puckered sphincter. The texture was interesting—different from anything I’d ever tasted, but not unpleasant. I could tell from her moans that she wasn’t faking it. My formerly staid wife was getting off on my tongue on her ass. Slowly I pushed forward, my tongue forcing its way through the strong muscle. Denise’s reaction was as loud as it was sudden, “Oh, fuck! That feels so good. Push it in farther. Rub my bowel wall with that tongue. Rub my clit with your fingers. I need to cum. Harder! Harder! Oh, God!!!” She shook as her body convulsed over and over as spasm after spasm wracked her body. She was a sweaty wreck when it was over. She lay quietly on the bed panting as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

“I’m glad I said you could jerk off, slave. I’m too wasted to fuck. Come here and get to it. I want to watch you. Don’t cum until I give you permission or I’ll have to punish you again.” I thanked her and laid my hand to my hardening cock. I could see and understand the psychological impact of the cage. I felt as though I was in a prison even though I was getting out for sex with Denise virtually every single day.

I lay on the blanket as my stroking began in earnest. Denise leaned over me to pinch my nipple with one hand while she bit the other. The pain was intense, but I came hard, spraying semen all over my chest and abdomen. In the old days I would have wiped it off with a hankie, but now that I was “submissive” Denise scooped it up with her fingers and fed it to me. She kissed me good night; I rose to turn out the light. We lay in bed together for several minutes before she rolled onto me. “You were supposed to fake it, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, but you know how much I love your ass.”

“Umm, hmm—I know now, don’t I? It was incredible, but I doubt I’d want to do it again. The thought disgusts me. Now, kiss me, but keep your mouth closed. It’s bad enough you had to taste it.” I reached up to kiss her cheek. She went right to sleep as I remained awake for another three hours before rising to go to work.

I removed my collar and quickly refastened it. I had no idea if they could tell if it opened—probably not, but why take unnecessary chances? I tried to slip quietly out of bed and was almost there when I felt Denise’s hand on my arm. “Please, darling…be careful and don’t get caught.” She pulled my head to her and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my still dirty mouth.

I dressed quickly in my dark grey camo outfit. Most people think of black when they want to hide at night, but black stands out even more than white. You can typically see a black outline as clear as can be. I filled my backpack with my equipment and moved my racing bike through the door from the garage to the back yard. I typically rode regularly, often doing twenty miles or more. The ride to the church would be a breeze. My only concern would be to avoid detection. I pedaled away quickly, hesitating for a minute at the intersection before turning right and accelerating down the slight grade. Studies have shown that three o’clock is the hour when most people are either asleep or most tired and sluggish. I was praying the studies were accurate.

Keeping to the shadows I made my way to the church in less than thirty minutes, averaging only fifteen miles an hour—a relatively slow speed for me. I hid my bike in a small copse of trees about a quarter mile away. I walked quickly to the rear of the church, pulling a small incendiary from my bag. This device, unlike most, was made of materials that would be completely consumed in the ensuing fire. I found the electrical junction box and identified two wires on opposite sides of the box, connecting the device between them. Once the magnesium ignited it would burn away the cardboard casing and create a short circuit. If done in the right place the short circuit would fuse the wires together creating incredible heat and fire. The key was to put it before the current reached the circuit breakers. I lit the fuse; it would ignite in exactly five minutes. The FBI lab does some interesting work and this device was one of the results. I was behind a clump of trees in the Mitchells’ back yard when it blew. The fire was growing wildly ten minutes later when I first heard the sirens and saw the lights go on in the house. It wouldn’t damage the brick building, but the electrical box would be completely destroyed. Research had shown that the fire would last for at least forty-five minutes; I thought that would give me more than enough time to do my work. Rev. Mitchell and Mistress Ethel ran out, completely ignoring their security. I strolled in, pulling the stocking down over my head, when they were fifty yards away.

I figured tit for tat would be perfect so I had a number of smoke alarm covers in my pack. I replaced every one with mine, each complete with video and audio, but with much higher definition than the ones they were using. I was almost done when I entered the final room on the second floor. I stopped at the doorway, shocked by what I saw. There were more than a hundred monitors, each of which had four separate pictures on the screen. At this hour virtually, but not quite all of them were dark. I affixed the final smoke alarm and headed for the door. I ran into the good Rev. Mitchell half way down the stairs. They were dark so he didn’t get a good look at me. The stocking would have distorted my features even if he had. I lashed out with the heel of my hand, catching his jaw with the vicious blow. My second blow brought the side of my hand against his temple, knocking him unconscious. I allowed him to fall down the five stairs to the floor. Hearing Mistress Ethel entering the back door, I left through the front and was hidden in the shrubs by the time she found her husband. I hid the new relay under the front stairs, retrieving the one I had placed earlier in the day. I snuck away in the shadows to my bike. I was safely home by 4:20. Denise was still awake as I slipped into bed. “Thank God you’re safe.” She kissed me and pulled me to her crotch. I knew what to do. I sucked on her hot cunt for almost twenty minutes before she came. I noticed she was crying when I moved up her body. I held her tightly until we fell asleep.


I noticed a text on my phone when I woke the following morning. It was still only 8:00, but I had to hurry to make sure everything would be ready for Mistress Ethel’s arrival at ten. The message was simple and straightforward. There was a photo of Rev. Mitchell with the name Vernon Daly below it. The photo of Mistress Ethel was of Ethel Daly. Following were a list of charges the duo faced in Utah and Colorado. They included numerous counts of fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, grand larceny, and even a count of assault for the good Reverend. There was a brief message below advising me that Sue and Mike had arrived. What time did I want them? I replied—10:05 a.m. With Mistress Ethel arriving at ten I’d be able to avoid being ass-fucked, for the time being, anyway. I’d probably have Denise do it to me later in case she was asked and I wanted to be prepared for tomorrow night’s party. I had no idea what might happen then.
I walked to the kitchen where I began the day’s breakfast. Mistress Denise wandered in a few minutes later. I dropped to the floor to kiss her feet. She ran her fingers through my hair. “I think you’d better come into the shower. I’m supposed to pee in your mouth. Why I have no idea. Come along now—crawl behind me.” She continued once she was in the bathroom and I had closed the door, “I have no idea why they want you to do all these things.”

“I think I do, Mistress Denise. I heard Mistress Ethel say something about blackmailing Ted Lyons. I’m pretty sure they plan on doing it to me, too.”

“Oh, Sean—what will we do?”

“Nothing—I was sent here by Jeff to investigate a possible illegal porn ring. Everything I’m doing is part of the role I’m playing. I sent Jeff the video from yesterday. He already knows everything. Oh—your cousin Sue will arrive promptly at 10:05 this morning.”

“Good, then you won’t have to get fucked.”

“Yes…unfortunately, I will. You’ll have to do it later tonight when we are alone. I don’t want you to have to lie. You’re terrible at it, besides we don’t yet know what will happen at the party tomorrow night. I’ll be naked, of course, but you’ll tell me to run and dress as quickly as I can.”

“You have a lot to say for a slave.” Her eyes twinkled and she broke out into a grin. “Oh God, Sean I hate this. I wish we could just leave and get back to our regular lives.”

I held her chin gently and kissed her. “Soon—now that we have reinforcements the investigation will move forward quickly. Jeff identified the Mitchells. They’re wanted for about a dozen felonies in Utah and Colorado. I think you were about to piss in my mouth. Go ahead, I won’t swallow it.” Denise was crying when she stepped into the shower, straddling my body with her long slender legs. I looked up, holding her butt in my hands as she let go. I closed my eyes and sealed my lips. If asked she could say honestly that she peed, but I refused to receive it. I’d bear the responsibility and any punishment that would occur. I rose once she was done and started the shower, shielding her until the water was warm. We hugged and kissed each other as I washed her body.

I dried Mistress Denise once we were done and followed her to the closet. I dressed her and fed her. We were done about fifteen minutes before Mistress Ethel arrived. She was grinning ear to ear as she pulled the strap-on from a small suitcase. I looked with dread at the dildo—it was big--bigger than any real cock I’d ever seen. Mistress Denise was just about to tighten the straps around her waist and hips when the doorbell rang. She walked forward and peeked out the window. “Oh shit, it’s my cousin. Sean, get your ass into the bedroom and get dressed. This will have to wait, but don’t think you’re not going to do it. There’s still tonight.” I ran down the hallway. My shirt and shorts were sitting in my closet ready for me. I slipped into a pair of sandals and returned to Denise—no “Mistress” for now.

I hugged Sue and shook Mike’s hand. We asked them about their trip from Virginia where we had all lived and about old friends. We had only spoken for a few minutes when Mistress Ethel took her leave. I walked her to the door, holding it for her and wishing her a wonderful day. “Thanks for stopping by, Ethel. Let’s do it again soon.” I waved as she drove away. I stood under the smoke alarm holding up a small sign—INVITE US TO CITY WITH YOU. Sue picked up on it immediately, suggesting that we go sightseeing; they’d treat to lunch. I grabbed my backpack on the way out of the house.

Sue and Mike joked with me once we were in the car. “Damn, Denise how many orgasms has Sean given you lately? It looks like that’s all you do.”
She was upset, but I reassured her, “They’re only joking, Denise. They’ve seen the videos and they know what we’re up against.” Turning to them, I continued, “Who’s going to run the investigation?”

“Jeff Romeo, and he says you’re done. It’s becoming too dangerous, both physically and psychologically. We’ll meet with him in a few minutes. The Bureau has rented an entire floor in a nearby office building.” Sure enough, Mike pulled into a business complex about ten minutes later. We walked into the building, me with the backpack. I was surprised to see the number of agents once we had entered the large suite. Denise and I were led to Jeff’s office.

He rose and shook my hand. “Looks like you’ve been through hell, Sean. All that crawling around must be messing up your knees. What else have they done?” I knew I had to be truthful. If I wasn’t, Denise most surely would. He cringed when he heard about the butt-fucking I’d narrowly escaped. Then he asked me about setting the electronic surveillance in the Mitchell home.

I recited my adventures of last night. Denise gasped several times and was crying by the time I finished. I opened the backpack, showing him the smoke alarms I had removed. He took one look at them and picked up the phone. He phoned his office in Washington, asking for the call to be forwarded to Indianapolis—to Ted Lyons. I realized then just what a genius Jeff was. “Ted, sorry to pull my boy out before he’s really even started, but I need to send Sean Rogers out to the coast on a special assignment. Why? Because I know and trust him--that’s why--even though I don’t owe you or anyone else an explanation. He’ll be back in a couple of weeks—a month at the most. Okay, do your best without him until he gets back.” He hung up the phone and turned back to Denise and me.

“I want you out—I can see the impact this has had on poor Denise--but you can’t just disappear. That might be suspicious. Now you and Denise have a bona fide reason for leaving. I’ll want you here to interpret everything we pick up from the house. Denise, I’d love to have your input, too. I’ll send the two of you back in a couple of hours for some clothes. You’ll have two agents with you for protection. In the meantime Sean, I’m sure you’re exhausted. There’s a bedroom set up behind this door. Go in there and rest. Denise, I owe you an apology. I had no idea that this investigation would evolve into a mess like this. Are you okay?”

“Yes, but I’ve been so worried about Sean. In the beginning I thought this was real, but learning that they had bugged our house turned me around fast. Thank you for putting an end to it.” She hugged Jeff and kissed his cheek. Even though there was a huge gap between our ranks and ages Jeff and I had been very close when I was assigned to the Hoover Building. I extended my hand and led Denise through the door. I fell asleep in Denise’s arms in seconds.

A knock on the door woke me around one. Denise kissed me again and we retired to the bathroom, Denise to pee—into the toilet, thankfully, and me to wash my face. We rejoined Jeff and the others in time to join in on the take-out from KFC. There were bottles of soda—Coke, Pepsi, ginger ale, and Sprite. We sat and talked quietly until Jeff called me aside. “I want you to see a video clip that came in about twenty minutes ago.” I recognized the Mitchell living room immediately. I was a bit shocked to see Ted Lyons there with Rev. Mitchell.

“Listen, you asshole—find out where Rogers is going. I want him under control, not running around under the radar. That man is dangerous.”

“First of all, Martin I already asked the Deputy Director and he practically shoved the question up my ass. There’s no way I can find out where he’s going. So far as him being dangerous—forget it. All he ever did was suck up to the boss. He’s a fucking wimp—that’s all.”

“You’d better be right because if you aren’t I’ll be fucking your ass myself. That’s a promise…and don’t forget what I can do to your career.”

“I’ll try again, but don’t blame me if I get nowhere. The Bureau can be tighter than a virgin’s cunt.” Jeff stopped the tape.

“I found that interesting. I wonder how much Ted is covering up. I wonder if he’s involved with anything else. He needn’t worry about his career; that’ll be dead very soon, right after you arrest him.”


“Why not? After what they tried to do to you I think it would be poetic justice.” We returned to the group. “Jesse, Steve—I want you to go with Sean and Denise. They need to pick up about two weeks of clothes then bring them back here. There may be some danger so be alert.” We were back at our house twenty minutes later. Denise warned me when she saw one of the neighbors, “That’s Mistress Joyce, my trainer. Be careful with her.”

She walked toward me, “Why are you dressed? Where’s your collar?”

I dropped to my knees to kiss her feet. “I’m sorry, Mistress Joyce. I’ve been temporarily reassigned to the west coast. I have to leave in a few hours. Please excuse me.”

“I guess that can’t be helped. I would have thought that Ted Lyons would have kept you here.”

“The orders came from Washington, Mistress Joyce. I just learned about them from a text to my cell phone. I was told to come straight here to pack a few weeks of casual clothes then go directly to the train station.”

“Train? Why aren’t they sending you by plane?”

“Once again, Mistress Joyce, I don’t know. I was told I would be briefed when I get to my destination. At least Mistress Denise will be able to come with me. I’m sure she will continue my training during our free time. I’ve never been so at peace with myself as I have been this past week. I wish I had come here years ago. I’m sorry, Mistress, but I must go.” I kissed her feet again and ran into the house. Steve and Jesse were there awaiting my return. I joined Denise in packing a few suitcases. Minutes later we were back in the car and on our way out of Chosen.

Jesse began to laugh. He was joined by Steve a minute later. “You missed your calling, Sean. You could have been a big star on Broadway or in the movies. That was some performance.” I just shrugged my shoulders and relaxed in the back seat with Denise.

An inter-agency task force was established. The surveillance indicated that there was extensive child porn in addition to the other allegations. Four State Police detectives and two postal inspectors swelled our ranks to twenty. The value of the postal inspectors became most obvious one day the following week when the Mitchells shipped four large boxes at the Post Office. They were intercepted by the postal inspectors and opened. Inside were hundreds of DVD’s with instructions for duplication and distribution. Almost half of them involved underage children. Local police were dispatched to the distributor once a warrant had been obtained. More illegal porn was discovered there. The owner sang like a bird in an effort to save his own skin. The FBI sought arrest warrants against the Mitchells aka Vernon and Ethel Daly, Ted Lyons, and one Thad Tompkins, the father who had fucked his fifteen year-old daughter in the Mitchells’ living room, among others. I shuddered to think what he did behind closed doors. We served the warrants Sunday morning shortly before Rev. Mitchell was to drive to the tabernacle for Sunday services.

I left Denise in the hotel, returning to Chosen for the first time in more than a month. I exited the car, leaving the other agents behind as I walked up the steps to the door. Ethel answered, took one look at me, and began to scream, “Why aren’t you on your knees? Get down there before I beat your ass bloody, you worthless slave.”

“Shut up, Ethel. Get out of my way. Where’s your husband?”

“The same place he is every Sunday morning—in his den meditating in preparation for the day’s services.”

“Good,“ I said as the female officer began her climb up the steps. “Ethel Daly, you’re under arrest for….” I listed almost forty charges as the female officer cuffed her hands behind her back and led her down the steps to the waiting car. I found Martin/Vernon slugging down Old Turkey from a large glass with a few ice cubes in it. “I’d drink like that, too if I’d done some of the things you’ve done, Vernon.”

“Who? What are you doing here? Where’s your collar? Why are you dressed?”

“First of all, I know you’re really Vernon Daly. Second, I have a warrant here for your arrest. I’m just hoping you’ll struggle…maybe try to fight me. I’ve already taken you down once, Vernon.”

“So, that was you.”

“Yeah, I was acting on a warrant to install surveillance in your home. The FBI has recorded everything that’s happened here for more than a month. Kind of poetic justice, wouldn’t you say? How many homes did you bug? Now…on your feet; turn around and place your hands against the wall. I’m sure you’ve done this before.” I grabbed his shirt and pulled him up. He took a swing, but missed as I blocked the blow with my arm. I kneed him in the groin and pinned him against the wall in response. He turned, offering no resistance. We both knew he was beaten. I snapped the cuffs tightly around his wrists before patting him down. How interesting—he had a .32 caliber revolver in a holster on his right ankle. That would be another charge—we learned later that the gun was not registered. Another agent took him down to the car. I led Jesse and a couple of technicians up the stairs. They couldn’t believe the number of computers and monitors in the loft. All were active at this time of day. We left the techs to their work; we drove to our next location.

Mrs. Lyons answered the door. I recalled her name—Ellen, if I remembered correctly. She, too, inquired about my collar. I asked for Ted. He crawled into the room naked and collared. “I’ll have your pistol and your badge, Ted. I suggest you dress. I have a warrant for your arrest. Don’t try anything stupid. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You…hurt me? You’ve got to be kidding.” He stood and charged; I sidestepped, hammering a right uppercut to his gut. He fell to the ground, balled up in pain. There’s a big difference between an active field agent like me and someone who only sits around on his ass all day.

“Okay, Ted—have it your way.” My knee on his neck, I pulled his right arm behind him, tightening the bracelet around it. His left followed seconds later. I removed his collar just before his loving wife tried to shock the crap out of him. She was even more disgusted than I was. He was led naked with his cock encaged to the waiting SUV. One more stop to make.

Jesse joined me for my last arrest. He had a fifteen year old daughter and he was infuriated when he saw the video of this man forcing his young daughters to have sex with him. I only hoped he wouldn’t kill Tompkins before we arrested him. Kelly opened the door. We recognized each other immediately. I used my opener to remove the collar from her neck. She told me that it was the first time she’d been free of it in more than two years. Her father had used it repeatedly to rape her. The episode in the Mitchells’ living room was only one such example. She led us to her parents’ bedroom. Thad was getting a blowjob from his slave wife and his younger daughter. We learned later that she was twelve. I wasn’t about to give this asshole an opportunity to dress. I read the charges while Jesse handcuffed him, much more tightly than I thought possible. We began to lead him out when Kelly intercepted us. She spit into his face then slapped his face. “I hate you, you bastard. You’ve destroyed my childhood. I hate you. I hope you die.” She broke down crying as we led her father away. We left two female officers to comfort them and take their statements. I left one of my collar openers behind for them, as well.

I leaned against the car with Jesse. He spoke, echoing my sentiments exactly, “Too bad I’m a law abiding citizen. I’d like to beat that man senseless then I think I’d cut off his cock and balls while I made him watch. I hope there is a God, a Heaven and a Hell. That man deserves to rot for eternity.”

“Amen, brother; c’mon, let’s go to church. You’ve got to see this.” We walked to the main doors and were challenged immediately by two Masters. “We’re here on official business. Get out of our way unless you want to be arrested. The way we’re feeling now we’d love a challenge—like breaking a few arms. Move…now!” Jesse and I showed our credentials and they stepped back. Inside the church—a mammoth Y-shaped building--were row after row of thickly upholstered chairs, each holding a well dressed Master or Mistress. Next to each chair sat at least one naked slave--men, women, and even children. All those over the age of ten were in some form of chastity; all, regardless of age, wore collars. Jesse couldn’t believe his eyes as I walked to the pulpit.

I stepped up, turned on the mike and addressed the curious crowd. “I’m Sean Rogers, a Special Agent for the FBI and an ex-slave. There will be no services this morning or any other morning. Reverend Mitchell and his wife have been arrested. Martin Mitchell is not his real name. He is really Vernon Daly, a con artist who is wanted for a number of felonies in Utah and Colorado. There will be a lot of information in the news over the next few weeks. I suggest everyone dress and go home. If anyone wants out of his or her collar, please see me or Special Agent Jesse O’Neill. Thank you for your attention.” I stepped away from the mike. Jesse and I stood in the church’s center for almost twenty minutes, but we only opened seven collars. The building was deserted when we left.
Denise and I moved back into our home the same afternoon. It felt good to be out of the hotel room. Initially, Denise had been upset that I hadn’t told her about my assignment, but after a long chat with Jeff she forgave me. I had kept her in the dark because of my concern for her safety. That was also why I went along with all the slavery stuff. At least, that’s what I told myself and everyone else who would listen.

The United States of America vs. Ted Lyons was the first case to be resolved. He was fired from the Bureau and pled guilty to three counts of child pornography. He knew what was going on, but did nothing, afraid that his embarrassing slave activities would be publicized. Apparently, he never bought the argument that slaves had no responsibility for what they were ordered to do. I couldn’t blame him for that.

Thad Tompkins came to an unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on one’s point of view) end in the shower at the County Jail. His penis and testicles were sawed off and fed to him by an unknown number of inmate assailants. It was hard to tell whether he died from bleeding out or from suffocation. His bloody cock was shoved down his throat. Of course, nobody saw a thing and worse the Sheriff saw no reason use his limited resources to pursue the issue. Even as a law enforcement officer I found it difficult to argue.

The matter of Vernon and Ethel Daly went on for almost a year before a plea bargain was reached. Vernon pled guilty to several counts of fraud, child pornography, income tax evasion, and sexual deviancy. He was sentenced to forty years with parole a possibility after twenty in a federal penitentiary and fined ten million dollars. Ethel was also granted a plea bargain. She too would be branded as a sex offender after serving her thirty year sentence with parole possible after fifteen.

Jeff Romeo was firm in his demand that a plea bargain be reached. He did that to protect me—to prevent my slave training activities from becoming public knowledge even though what I did was part of my undercover work. I thought it odd—I was known to be an FBI agent, but nobody other than Jeff Romeo and me had any idea that I was investigating the Mitchells. Despite my relative youth—I was thirty at the time—I was promoted and placed in charge of the local FBI office.

The Church of the Chosen had been built and paid for with money best described as “ill gotten gains.” It was seized by the federal government then donated to the state of Indiana and given to the county. Part of it was sectioned off to form a senior citizens center, the large center area that had once housed the altar and pulpit was transformed into a gymnasium and exercise room and classrooms for arts and crafts for local youth. The rest was used for storage or “future considerations.”


Had I thought that the community of Chosen would welcome the demise of the church, I would have been terribly disappointed. Very few Dominant/submissive couples—probably fewer than five percent-- reverted to a normal relationship. Denise and I were shunned by almost all of the community, although Denise did maintain a decent relationship with our neighbor Mistress Joyce who had been her trainer.

Once the arrests, bookings, and media fascination had passed I hoped that Denise and I would be able to return to our normal lives. Unfortunately, we didn’t and I knew it was entirely my fault. I was short-tempered and edgy. I started arguments over nothing and resisted doing my fair share of the household chores. When I did them I usually swore a blue streak as though I was being persecuted. I yelled and screamed, often belittling Denise, when I should have been quiet and considerate. I was a miserable husband, and—worse—I was a miserable human being. I had no internal peace—peace I had only experienced once in my life.

I knew the problem—I just couldn’t come to grips with it. Then one day I realized that wasn’t true. I could come to grips—I just wouldn’t. Then I asked myself why. I almost laughed when I found the solution. It was so simple. All I had to do was place my trust in Denise. I went to my work bench in the garage one Saturday morning and removed the insulating material on my collar with a few swipes of mineral spirits before returning to the house.

Once in the bedroom I removed my clothes and found the other implements I would need. Holding the collar, remote, and removal tool in my right hand and the stainless cock cage and key in the other I crawled to Denise in the living room. I knelt before her, my head down, my hands holding the implements out to her.

“Well, Sean it took you long enough, didn’t it? No—you hold them for a minute. If we go this route I’m going to take you all the way. It will take us a while, but even if it takes the rest of our lives, you’ll be a real slave once I’m done with you. You’ll accept direction from every Master and Mistress. I’ll fuck your ass whenever I feel like it. No, I won’t use that giant one, at least not at first. That was just to scare you. We’ll build up to that and when you can handle it you’ll accept real cocks, too.

“You’ll obey completely, even to the point of sucking a Master’s cock to completion and swallowing. If I can do it, you can, too. You’ll eat my pussy daily—several times daily—but I won’t forget about you. We’ll also have real sex almost every day, too. It will be difficult—sometimes you’ll think impossible-- but always remember that I love you. I love you very much and I will until the day I die, but I will also be your Mistress—your lord and master, your owner.

“In time you’ll do all the work around here and you’ll do it without complaint. You’ll get a great deal of personal satisfaction just by pleasing me. That will be your reason for living. And, here’s something else to consider—once you are completely trained I’ll be ready to conceive. Yes, darling I’d like to start a family. However, I may have liaisons with other Masters. If I do, it will be here in front of you and you’ll clean both of us after. Yes, I may or I may not. The decision like all others will be mine.

“Now, having heard all that, if you are still interested you can lock the collar around your neck and hand me the remote and removal tool.” I did as requested, still kneeling with my head lowered in submission and respect. “I remember all too well how this thing hurt you, Sean so I’m not going to use it unless you force me. I hope that will be rarely. However, I am going to whip you starting today for thirty straight days. Do you know why?”

“Because you can, Mistress.”

“Well, that too, but mostly because you did not trust me enough to share your feelings sooner. We’ve had a miserable three months together because you didn’t trust me. I’m going to give you ten and one more every day until the month is up. Now put that cock cage on while I make a phone call.” I placed my balls into the ring and pushed my cock through before trapping it within the cylinder and locking it tight. I handed Mistress Denise the key. She ran her hand through my hair while the phone rang. It was answered almost immediately.

“David, this is Mistress Denise. I wish to speak with your Mistress. Oh, hello Joyce. You were right! Yes, he’s kneeling here before me as we speak. How’d you like to come over to witness his first punishment and his first ass fucking? I’d appreciate it greatly if you would consider having sex with your slave so he can clean both of you. Yes, I know he’ll hate having David’s cock in his mouth, but he’ll do it. It will be a major step forward for him. After that I’ll appreciate your help in fucking him. Yes, I have all the implements Mistress Ethel left here. Okay, see you in ten.”

“Mistress Joyce and her slave David will be here shortly. Be sure to demonstrate the proper respect to her. You’re a bit out of practice. I like Joyce. She and I have a lot in common; we are both in love with our slaves. Some of the Masters and Mistresses mistreat their slaves like that guy you arrested. What was his name again?”

“Thad Tompkins, Mistress.”

“Yes, that’s the one. I read in the newspaper that his wife and the two daughters are in therapy. All three have attempted suicide. Now listen carefully, Sean. I am going to push your limits, but I don’t want to push too much or too hard. I love you and I want us to stay married. That’s why I’m doing all this. You need it, don’t you? However, I need to know if I’m pushing you too hard. I will cause you pain when I punish you, but I don’t want to harm you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mistress Denise—I understand and I will obey you. You are right—I do need this. I have tried to deny it, but I was never happier than when you were dominating and controlling me.” She reached out to stroke my cheek then she kissed me. It was the sweetest kiss we’d ever shared. I thought it might go on forever, but the doorbell rang. Mistress Denise pointed and I crawled quickly to the door. It was Mistress Joyce and her husband slave David. My head went to the floor immediately to kiss her sandals.

“How nice of you, Sean; it is a pleasure to know that you learned something during your brief training. Come along now.” She strode purposefully into the living room where she greeted Mistress Denise warmly. David sat silently at his wife’s feet; I followed suit with my Mistress. We were there until Mistress Joyce spoke to me, “I knew you’d come around, Sean. You’re in a high-powered stressful job just like David. He’s CFO for a major bank in this area. He gets all the stress he needs and then some at work. When he comes home he serves me. His only concern is to make me happy. I handle all the problems we have, and do you know why? It’s a matter of trust. David trusts me completely. In time you, too will have that trust in your Mistress Denise. I have continued her training in anticipation of this day. Denise has told me that she will not use the collar unless absolutely necessary, however I know that she plans to punish you for not trusting her. David, accompany Sean to the bedroom. Secure him to the bed. I don’t want a sound—not a word between you. Go!”

David rose and kissed his Mistress’s feet and then those of Mistress Denise. I did the same, but in the opposite order. “Sean, you will crawl until your punishment period is completed. Then you will be permitted to walk just as David does.” I said nothing in reply, afraid of offending Mistress Joyce. I followed David down the hallway. I placed my body in the center of the bed, spreading my arms and legs for David. I was prepared for my punishment, both physically and mentally.

The Mistresses strolled in a few minutes later. “No, no—this will never do, Denise. If you leave his legs spread like that you may do him severe harm. David, you should know better. Fasten his legs together and tie them off to the footboard.” David retied me as Mistress Denise prepared herself. She was dressed in a full dominatrix outfit when she returned from her closet. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her torso was covered in a shiny black leather corset. Her breasts stood proudly above. I noticed for the first time that her abdomen had been completely shaved. She wore thigh high black boots with very high heels to finish her outfit.

“Yes, slave—I’ve been shopping. Like it? Actually, it really doesn’t matter what you think although I know that you do. You can tell me later; you’ll have permission to speak then. Now, on with today’s punishment.” She pulled the cane from behind her back. Mercifully, she wasted no time, repeatedly striping my ass as I cried and cried. She was done in a minute’s time. She sat next to me, stroking my face and kissing me as I recovered. In no time David had come back from the kitchen with a bag of ice. He placed it gently on my burning cheeks.

Mistress Joyce stroked my cheek and ran her fingers through my hair. “You took that relatively well, Sean. In time you’ll be able to take it as well as David. Mistress Denise, I see he is wearing his chastity cage. That is okay for wear at home, but I think he should go without when he goes to work. Sean works in a potentially dangerous job. If he was injured and taken to the hospital his relationship with you would be discovered. It will be perfectly all right for those of us in Chosen to know, but outsiders….”

“I see your point, Joyce. I will expect your best behavior, Sean. You may answer.”

“Mistress Denise, I trust you. You can trust me. I promise.”

“Very well—David, please release Sean. Sean, you can kneel by the bed while Mistress Joyce rides David’s cock.” Mistress Joyce whispered with Mistress Denise for almost a minute. I could see Denise grin and then nod enthusiastically. Mistress Joyce placed the naked David on the bed and made him hard in seconds. I was surprised to see her use her mouth on him.

Mistress Joyce noticed my expression. “I told you that I loved my slave, Sean. Just because he is my slave doesn’t mean that I ignore his needs. I know that Denise has similar plans for you. Now, I’d like to get down to business. David, I give you carte blanche to do as you wish with my body, but first move over. Sean, lie next to David. Just leave enough room for my legs.” I was confused, but did as I was instructed. Mistress Joyce mounted David’s cock. She was clearly older than Denise; I guessed mid-thirties. Her breasts were smallish, perhaps B-cups and her hips were wide. She was shorter than Denise, but her total package was quite appealing especially when she began to rock and grind her clit into David. He took advantage of his freedom to reach up and engage her in a torrid passionate kiss while he rolled her nipples and mauled her breasts. It had an effect on her—it drove her wild. It was much better sex than Denise and I had experienced in at least four months.

I became an unwitting participant when Mistress Joyce pushed two fingers into my mouth for me to suck. She looked down at me, her eyes glazed over in her lust. I felt privileged to witness such an intimate and passionate act. I was so caught up in their actions that I barely noticed Mistress Denise remove my cock cage. I was so stimulated that her fingers teased me to hardness in mere seconds. She moved her mouth over mine, engaging me in a deep kiss—her tongue wrestling with mine. I heard rather than saw Mistress Joyce and David reach their climax. Our kiss broken, Mistress Denise pulled away to whisper, “Be a good boy,” in my ear. She wrapped my cock in a condom, giving me a wicked smile. Now I was really confused, but that passed when Mistress Joyce slid over my hips.

“Sean, keep your hands at your sides. I’d hate to punish you so don’t make me.” Her gooey cunt enveloped me in a second. She rode me like a woman possessed. I stole a glance at David. He merely lay next to me resting, his eyes closed as though having his wife fuck another man in his presence was an everyday occurrence. I stayed totally still, unsure of what to do until I was told, “You can move with me, Sean. It is only your hands that must stay where they are.” She leaned down to kiss me. She used her tongue, but the kiss lacked the passion that Mistress Denise had shown earlier. All the same I lifted my hips to drive my cock deep into her core. “That’s good, Sean,” she growled. “Keep it up. You’re much stronger than David and he has a very bad back. I miss being fucked forcefully. I may borrow you again when I need it hard. Oh God, that’s so good. You may cum whenever, Sean. I’ve had three with David so far today.”
I completely lost it. I drove into her with all my strength, lifting her almost two feet off the bed as my first rope of semen exploded into the condom. Again and again I blew until I was spent. I knew, however, that I was far from done. Mistress Joyce moved off my cock, up my body until her cunt was directly over my mouth. I licked her thighs clean first then the exterior of her cunt until her labia were sparkling. Meanwhile I could feel and taste globs of David’s semen drop into my mouth. My tongue explored her canal, scooping up whatever I found. I dreaded what would happen once she pulled off me. That happened minutes later.

“Talk to him, David. Help him through it.” David nodded to his Mistress.

“Sean, this has nothing to do with sex. You’re not gay and neither am I, however, we are both committed to obey. That’s what this is all about. It’s hard to overcome all the homophobic lessons we’ve received over the years from our parents, our friends, and from society, but, as I said, this has nothing to do with gay sex. Mistress Ethel was right in some respects, that we are nothing but trained animals. This is part of your training as it was a part of mine. Don’t worry, I’m not going to hump your mouth. I suggest you take it from the side the first time. I found it easier.” He patted my shoulder and lay back. I closed my eyes and moved forward toward his organ. My tongue touched his cock; all I could taste was Mistress Joyce’s juice. That made things easier for me. I began to lick actively as I removed her secretions from his body. My tongue made him hard, but all that did was make the cleaning that much easier. Five minutes later I was told to stop. I leaned back and took a deep breath of relief. It was easier than I had thought, but still disgusting.

I was given a bottle of water by Mistress Denise and allowed to rest for ten minutes before she told me to lie on the bed, my legs hanging over the edge. Mistress Joyce placed a pillow under my hips. I cringed when I saw the strap-on. I started to hyperventilate. Again, David came to my rescue, “Deep breaths, Sean. Relax and take deep breaths. Tensing up will only make it hurt more and I promise you that your Mistress will still push it in. The difference is that she will force it and you will be hurt. Just relax. It will hurt less and may actually be pleasurable.”

I felt something cold on my ass. Mistress Joyce rubbed it into my sphincter then pushed a finger into me. She massaged my anus for several minutes before pushing a second digit into me. I was terrified, but I was also powerless to stop it. A third and a fourth finger were pushed in, spreading my sphincter wide. Suddenly they were removed and Mistress Denise pushed her dildo firmly into my ass. I expected to see a look of determination, but when I looked into her eyes I saw instead a look of love. Her hands caressed my abdomen and my chest as she proceeded to fuck me. There was pain; initially it was horrible, but over time it abated and when Mistress Denise leaned forward to kiss me she exploded in a powerful orgasm. She sagged onto my chest, mercifully pulling the dildo from my ass. Mistress Joyce held my legs up while David washed me with a hot wash cloth. They put me to bed for a long nap. I slept like a baby.

Mistress Denise woke me around two. She leaned down to kiss me. “I don’t know what to do. I want to grab you and hold you. Can I? Is it allowed?”

“Not quite yet,” she replied. “Initially, I will require perfect compliance and obedience. That means that I must have total authority. You will do only what you are told to do. I’ll let you know when and how you can hold me. I am very pleased with how you have done so far today. More importantly, Mistress Joyce is also impressed. However, you still have at least one more major trial today. You licked your first cock today, tomorrow you will have another. Don’t worry, these men have been tested negative for any STD’s. One of my responsibilities as your owner is to care for and protect you. You’ll understand that more as you begin to trust me.”

“But, I do trust you.”

“Yes, but you have not really been challenged yet. I will push you to your limits and beyond. I have to be careful, though. I don’t want to lose you. That has happened here in the community before. In one case the male slave actually beat his mistress to death. That happened years ago. Since then a new approach has been developed—one which is slower and more considerate of the slave’s needs, but not his feelings. Your feelings must be killed and reborn. You took a step in that direction when you put your mouth on David’s cock. That will never happen again. Joyce and I are close friends and soon the four of us will also be friends. I don’t think it will be healthy to have David involved in your training any more. Joyce agrees with me. Now, I want you to get up and we’ll tackle your final challenge of the day. I will piss and you will endeavor to swallow it. This is one thing that we will do every day—several times a day. It is a test of your obedience. Don’t worry. You won’t have to anything with my other wastes. Urine is almost always devoid of any bacteria, whereas feces are loaded with dangerous germs, not to mention that eating shit is disgusting. Aren’t you glad you married a science teacher?

“Now that we are both working your training will have to be intense—every evening and every weekend. I know that you sometimes have to work late. You must tell me in advance or I will be extremely upset and you will receive additional punishments. Okay, get into the shower and kneel.” I crawled away, my butt still sore from the caning. I sat on the shower floor while Mistress Denise stood over me. I sealed my mouth against her cunt and waited. Soon enough her flow began. It was slow enough that I could handle it even though the taste was disgusting—hot and acrid—worse than disgusting. Eventually she stopped, pulled me up and turned on the shower. She handed me the soap and I washed her delectable body. “You have my permission to touch me, Sean. In fact, I want you to, but don’t get too excited. We’re going out for dinner. We’re invited to Mistress Joyce’s for a cook out.”

I ran my hands up and down her back, pausing frequently to caress her ass. I lowered my mouth to her breasts to suckle and massage them. Finally, I looked into her eyes and pulled her into a long kiss in which our tongues danced and dueled. We were breathless when she broke it. “I love you, Mistress.”

“I know, Sean. You showed it more today than on any other day since we’ve been married and you’ll show it again tomorrow and every day for the rest of your life, but I’ll also show you how much I love you and I’ll do it every day, also. Isn’t that what it’s all about?” She turned off the water and I led her out to dry her. I dried myself and set about doing her hair. I must admit—I was terrible. I had no idea what to do, but she taught me, showing more patience than I’d ever have. It took me more than an hour to get it done. She walked me into the bedroom where she reattached the cock cage to my abdomen. “You know, I think tomorrow I’ll shave this. Then you and I will match. Worried about the gym? I know you have to work out regularly, but I also know that quite a few men shave there. Just tell anyone who asks that I promised you more head if you shaved it.” Even I had to laugh at my Mistress’s ingenuity. She was right.

She walked into my closet and picked out an outfit for me. “From now on, I’ll select your clothes. Sometimes you look like you dressed in the dark. It will be just another responsibility for me.” She selected a cranberry golf shirt and tan khaki slacks with matching socks and cordovan loafers.

“Uh, Mistress, won’t I make a mess of these crawling around?”

“No, because you will be walking; Mistress Joyce makes the rules in her house and she said you are to walk. The dinner will be much more informal than a training session. You will call me Denise and her Joyce. You will be fine so long as you are respectful and polite. Oh…absolutely no swearing. Now help me dress then you can join me. We’re due there in twenty minutes.”

We walked across the lawns to their front door. David answered. Like me he was fully dressed. I asked if it was okay to leave my pistol on a table by the door. I needed to have it nearby, but I’d feel much more comfortable if it wasn’t on my person. I thought Joyce and David would agree. We walked into their well-appointed living room. It was obvious that they had money—lots of it. David sat in an arm chair. Joyce and Denise were on a couch. I sat on the floor at her feet.

“Would you like to sit on the other chair, Sean?”

“No thank you, Mis…er…Joyce. I prefer it here.”

“Very well, perhaps we could all use a drink. David, would you do the honors?”

“Certainly, Joyce; what can I get you, Denise?

“White wine, please.”

“And you, Sean?”

I looked to my Mistress who commented, “I don’t think one or two beers would hurt you, Sean.” I knew then that I had been granted permission to drink as many as two beers—nothing else and no more!

“Beer would be great.” David walked directly to the kitchen, returning with white wine for Denise and Joyce and a can of Bud for me. I thanked him and took a long drink. We talked amiably for more than thirty minutes until Joyce spoke to me directly. I could tell by her tone of voice that my training was about to resume.
“Sean, stand up and remove your clothes.” I responded immediately. Already I was being conditioned to obey. I placed my pants in a neatly folded pile on top of my shoes. My shirt followed and I faced Mistress Joyce, my hands at my sides. “Turn and face your Mistress; hands behind your head.” In ten seconds my cock and balls were free, the cage sitting clearly on the adjacent cushion.

“You’re doing very well, Sean, but now we come to the hard part. Lie on the floor and spread your legs apart. Good boy. Take your cock in your hand and masturbate. Aim your cock so the discharge lands on your abdomen and chest.” I was terribly embarrassed, but I knew better than to complain. I stroked myself to hardness, surprised that I could do so in less than a minute. I closed my eyes to concentrate, but Mistress Joyce stopped me. “Keep your eyes open, Sean, and look at me as you jerk off.” My pace accelerated and try as I might I could not take my eyes from Mistress Joyce. I was mortified, but I was also incredibly excited. It was only minutes before my cock erupted, semen raining onto my stomach.

Mistress Joyce moved down from her chair to kneel next to me. She moved my hand to my mouth. No instructions were needed—I opened and sucked the salty semen from my hand. Mistress Joyce used her fingers to scoop the remaining cum from my body. I sucked them clean every time. When I was done David handed her a warm cloth to wash my body, my cock, and my hand. She leaned down to kiss me. Her sweet lips ground into mine for some time as her strong tongue pushed its way into my mouth. “Mistress Ethel was right, Sean. You are good enough to eat. You’ve been very good. Now get dressed—training is over for now.” She kissed my cheek and retreated to her chair. Denise had a smirk on her face when I rose from the floor. I knew I had been set up, but I didn’t care. I had made Denise happy. I understood better now what it was all about.

The rest of the dinner was great. Joyce and David were excellent hosts, but when he offered me a third beer I politely declined, opting instead for a glass of ginger ale. We returned home around ten. I remembered at the last second to remove my clothes, fold them neatly, and drop to my knees. I kissed my Mistress’s feet as she took my clothes from me. I crawled behind her to the bedroom. She sat on the bed while she explained what would happen tomorrow. “You will set your alarm for seven. Without waking me you will begin the breakfast and bring me juice, coffee, and English muffins with butter and jam to eat here in bed. Once I am done you will take my morning urine. We’ll do that in the shower until you feel comfortable enough to take it without spilling. Then you will bathe me. If I am in the mood you will also lick me to an orgasm. You may eat a light breakfast before you serve me. You will have to walk to handle the tray, but you will crawl at all other times. You will make the bed after you dress me and take your position for your punishment. Mistress Joyce will oversee the process to insure that you are not injured. The rest of the day will be spent either serving us or working around the house at chores we select for you. I also suggest you use the toilet before waking me so we don’t have to interrupt either your work schedule or your punishment.

“Now I want you to bathe me and then it’s to bed for the two of us.” I crawled behind her into the bathroom. I washed her and dried her before attending to my own needs. I crawled to the bed awaiting permission to join her. “I will want you to sleep here with me most nights, but if you receive an additional punishment you will sleep on the floor. Okay, enough for now; come up and kiss me. I want to make love with you. You have permission to touch me as you see fit, but you are not to cum until I give permission.” She pulled me up into the bed, threw her arms around me and kissed me madly. I kissed her back, plunging my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues danced with each other as our bodies pressed together. She pulled me to her with a strength I had never known before, a strength matched only by mine. We rolled around that bed back and forth until it was a mess, the blankets and sheets curled up beneath us. I lowered my head to her nipple, sucking and nibbling until she arched her back in ecstasy.

I continued for several minutes before continuing my way down her body, stopping to lick her navel and abdomen before arriving at her tasty cunt. I went to crawl between her legs until she stopped me with a single word, “NO! Turn around, lie on the bed.” She climbed atop my body and as I reached up for her womanhood she reached down to wipe my cock head, licking off the oozing pre-cum. I dove into her cunt, attacking it like a man possessed. When I did Denise reciprocated, taking my cock into her throat. My tongue plunged into her tunnel. We fucked each other orally, driving each other crazy with lust. I knew Denise was ready for her orgasm. I was also ready for mine, but I had never ejaculated in her mouth before. I tried to warn her, “Mistress Denise, I’m going to….”

“I know, go ahead. You have my permission.” That was all I needed; I had just sucked her clit between my teeth when I came. I continued to gnaw and lick her until she squirted onto my face. She collapsed onto me until I turned her around and pulled her into a long deep kiss. She broke it with a laugh, “You’re a mess, Sean. Did I do that to you?”

“Yes, Mistress and I loved every second.”

“I’m glad, because you’ll be doing that every single day, even when I have my period. Remember, I told you that I would push you.” She rose and pulled me up with her, pulling the blanket over our bodies. “This is how we’ll sleep from now on—naked so we can feel each other’s skin. I’ll leave your cage off if you promise me you won’t play with it.” I nodded. I wanted to obey. Mistress Denise turned off the light and kissed my cheek. She spooned in front of me and five minutes later i was sound asleep.

I had forgotten to set my alarm, but I always awoke early. I slid out of bed at 6:30 and crawled to the kitchen. I probably could have walked because Denise was asleep and would never know. However, I would know. I had submitted to her; I had agreed to follow her rules and her leadership. I would do that even if she was not present—even if she was thousands of miles away. My morning went relatively well, even my punishment, but I was faced with a major challenge that afternoon.

I was kneeling at my Mistress’s feet when the doorbell rang. I rose to answer it when Mistress Denise stopped me. She welcomed two Masters to our house. Master Phil and Master George strode into the room. I demonstrated my respect by kissing their feet. I knew what was happening here and, truthfully, I was terrified and disgusted. At the same time I was also determined to obey my Mistress. She sat in her chair, a huge smirk on her face, as she told me, “Sean, you know what to do.”

I took a deep breath as I crawled forward to the first man. I unzipped his fly and reached inside for his penis. It hardened in my hand. Fuck—it was huge, much longer and thicker than mine. I’d never get it into my mouth—or so I thought. Placing my hand on the base I opened my mouth to take in the head. That was when I heard my Mistress, “No hands, Sean.” I gulped and inhaled as much as I could into my mouth. I was crying when he ejaculated into my mouth. I couldn’t swallow all of it; semen ran down onto my chest. He stepped aside for the next master. Thankfully, his cock was small. However, that did nothing for my humiliation. I sucked and licked, hating myself for being so weak. Instead of cumming in my mouth he pulled out and came all over my face. The masters left, laughing at my plight. I remained where I was my tears mingling with the semen on my cheeks. Mistress Denise crossed the room and gasped when she saw my face.

“Get up, Sean and take a shower. Then I’ll want to speak with you.” I was so upset that I forgot all about kissing her feet and crawling. I ran into the bathroom. I allowed the hot water to wash away the stain of my sin. My outside may have been clean, but internally I felt slime and filth. I crawled back to my Mistress.

“I can see how upset you are, Sean. I wanted to push you. I only hope I didn’t go too far.” She allowed me time to respond, but I remained silent. “Okay, Sean I need to know how you feel. What are you experiencing right now?”

“Truthfully, Mistress?”

“Of course—I need the truth from you or I would never ask.”

“I…feel self loathing. I’m disgusted with myself for allowing myself to be a part of that. I hated every second. I’m closer now to suicide than I’ve ever dreamed I could be.” I could see her reaction clearly. She was appalled at my comments. “You asked for the truth, Mistress and I have given it to you. I am sorry if I have upset you.”

“It’s not your comments that have upset me, Sean. I did ask you for the truth. I am sorry that I put you through that. It was obviously too much for you. Perhaps later in your training.” I broke down again until she sat next to me and held my head to her shoulder. “I know it’s hard, Sean. It has to be in order to receive your complete obedience. That’s the only way you will obtain the inner peace you need so badly. That’s right—I’m doing all this for you. You are the one who needs it, not me. I looked up at her, my eyes telling her how sorry I was.

“I could see how much you hated it, Sean yet you did it. Why?”

“For you, Mistress; I did it because you wanted me to.”

“That’s the best reason, Sean. I know that you’ll do it in the future if I want it. You’ll hate it every bit as much, but you’ll do it, won’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll hate myself for doing it, but I will.”

The rest of my training was every bit as challenging. Only once was I let off the hook. Mistress Joyce often attended my punishment sessions. As my month passed and the canings increased my ass took on the color of an eggplant. I was tied down on my 22nd day of punishment when Mistress Denise brought Mistress Joyce into the bedroom. She took one look at my cheeks and told her friend that I could take no more. “Are you able to sit, Sean? I expect a truthful answer.”

“I can, Mistress Joyce—barely. I did not sit all day at work. Luckily, I spent almost all of the day at meetings where I was able to walk around. Driving home this afternoon was agony. However, if Mistress Denise wishes to whip me I will accept it.”

“No, Sean you have taken my punishment well, but I can see now that I have pushed you too far…again. Lie there for a few minutes while I get something to soothe that. I’m giving you the rest of the day off so you can rest.” A few minutes later she rubbed an ointment over my tortured rear. I learned later that she had obtained it from one of the two masters I had entertained that horrible Sunday afternoon. I had paid for it with my blowjob. I spent the rest of the day either on my stomach or standing. I offered to prepare the dinner, but Mistress Denise and Mistress Joyce would hear nothing of it. Instead, David brought two bags of take-out from a nearby Mexican restaurant. I waited on them, bringing drinks and napkins, and I cleaned up the mess, taking the trash to the curb naked.

Both Mistresses awaited me the following afternoon when I returned from work. In lieu of a whipping I was required to stand naked out on the lawn, my hands clasped behind my head and my legs apart, my collar in place and my cock in its cage for everyone to see. I stood stock still for thirty minutes until Mistress Denise told me to turn around. She gave me a kiss and a drink from a bottle of water. Now everyone could see my badly bruised ass. It was humiliating, but I did it—I did it to make my Mistress happy.
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