An 18 year old girl sets out to snare her 45 year old boss...12 months later
12 months later......

It has been nearly a year since Adam’s acrimonious divorce from Isobel, a divorce that has proved extremely expensive. Despite the advice of his overpaid legal team Adam conceded to every one of Isobel’s many demands, the house, cars and maintenance payments that still make him shudder; but he felt it was better to surrender than risk the photographs of him naked, chained to a hotel bed fitted with a ball gag and a large dildo deposited in his rectum becoming public knowledge.

He is at a table in the exclusive Dabbous restaurant listening to the inane chatter of his most recent clients, a talentless boy band that had found fame in what he considered a ridiculous television programme; his mind was wandering, calculating how much he would charge the quartet for having to listen to their prattle when he heard her laughter; only Laura could make laughter sound so musical. He fights ever urge to turn; even though it was Laura who engineered his divorce he no longer felt any animosity, after all he had escaped from a loveless marriage. His mind wanders back to their last encounter, in that hotel room, Laura dressed in leather, a black leather basque, black leather panties, gloves and a mask. He feels his cock twitch as he forces himself to concentrate on his clients all the time fighting to prevent his erection from growing any larger.

He can smell Salvatore Ferragamo, her distinctive perfume, he wonders if his mind is playing tricks until he hears her soft, wonderful, erotic, arousing voice.

“Oh my God, Adam it is you, I didn’t recognise you at first; you look different, better.

He is unable to control the smile that spreads across his face; he stands; his erection immediately apparent and not unnoticed by Laura. Adam clumsily shakes her hand, when in reality he wanted to grasp her, kiss her deeply; drape her across the table and to take her in front of all the diners. He takes a deep breath in order to control his emotions

“Laura, you look wonderful”. With a start he realises he is still holding her hand, the electricity he felt on their previous encounter again flowing through his body. A cough issued by one of the talentless youths breaking the magical spell.

“You gonna introduce us to the babe Adam”?

Adam bristles at the uncouthness of the adolescent, but it is Laura who issues the retort.

“Sorry but I only play with real men”.

She hands Adam her business card.

“Call me Adam; it would be sooooo good to meet up”.

Adam remains standing as he watches the sway of her wonderful ass in her tight black Vivienne Westwood dress, the five inch heels of her Jimmy Choo’s enhancing the perfect shape of her firm legs. The rest of the meal is a blur, he is barely able to concentrate; he needs to be alone, to examine his emotions.
That night finds him alone in his riverside flat, Laura’s card face up on the coffee table as Adam nurses a very large single malt whisky, his fourth since arriving home. His mind keeps returning to the fateful night and he thinks of the disastrous attempts to recreate the magic. The two failed relationships and the string of internet mistresses advertising dominatrix services; women who proved to be complete frauds, he shudders at the memory of the last one’ who became so violent that he required hospital treatment. He snatches up the business card, his intention being to rip it into tiny pieces, but instead of destroying the card he reaches for his mobile.

Laura answers on the third ring, from the background noise he assumes she is in a bar, a male voice clearly audible. Adam utters her name and then losing his resolve terminates the call. He feels close to tears as he throws the card and mobile on to the table. Less than a minute later his mobile’s ringtone is sounding. Adam instantly recognises the caller’s number; it’s the one he has just dialed.

He answers the call but feels unable to speak; his throat feels constricted, taking a series of deep breaths he eventually stammers “Hello”.

“Oh Adam, I am so pleased you decided to call, it was so good to see you again today; can we meet there is so much to talk about, unfinished business and.....oh I’m doing it again, not giving you a chance to talk”.

Adam takes a large swallow of his whisky; he cannot understand how the young woman can affect him so much.

“Yes Laura I would like that, have you any preference on venue, I’m not much of a club person”.

“Koya, the restaurant you took me to, let’s see if we can pick up from there; oh and don’t worry about a hotel room, my place is nearby. Tomorrow at eight OK for you?

Having mumbled his acceptance and terminated the call Adam looks longingly at the whisky bottle.

“I’m going to have one bitch of a hangover” he mutters to himself as he pours a large measure.

For Adam it feels that time has stood still, the constant pounding inside his head is not helping, but a constant supply of coffee and Aspirin supplied by his PA allows him to function. Irene raises an eyebrow when Adam asks her to book the restaurant and arrange for flowers, it’s so out of character for her boss.
Adam arrives at Koya early; he dresses for the occasion, nothing formal, Brioni white silk shirt, Armani Jeans and Brunello Cucinelli jacket. He is nursing doubts, is Laura toying with him, although she did phone to thank him for the ‘beautiful roses’. He is shown to his table and deliberately sits with his back to the door; he does not want to appear over anxious. His senses tell him she is there, he feels like a rabbit being stalked by a predator, a feeling he surprisingly likes. The maître d makes a great fuss of showing Laura to the table, pulling out her chair and nodding his approval when Adam stands to greet her. Adam is speechless; Laura has dressed as she did on their only previous visit to the restaurant, the short red dress and 4 inch heels, if anything she looks more stunning than ever.

The wine is perfect, the food delicious, but all Adam has eyes for is Laura, he drinks in her fragrance, feasts on her conversation; his thoughts wander, on the last occasion she didn’t wear panties, his face flushes when she looks into his eyes.

“No Adam I am not wearing panties”.

“Are you a mind reader, or am I so transparent”.

“Oh I understand you so well”.

The meal finally over they leave the restaurant and take a taxi; Adam is surprised by the address Laura gives the driver, wondering how she can afford an apartment on the edge of Docklands. Laura sits facing Adam, her back to the driver, lifting her dress and spreading her legs she allows Adam to gaze on her shaved pussy, her excitement clearly showing in the escaping juices. As Adam watches, Laura slowly strokes her intimate lips before slipping two fingers inside, her soft moans indicating her level of arousal.

Adam manages to extract himself from the taxi, his erect state clearly visible to the driver and walking is positively painful. Once in the apartment they fall on each other like animals on heat, their primeval urges taking over, their deep passionate kisses finally broken by Laura.
“I’m going to change into something more appropriate for your desires; when I come back I want you on your knees and naked with your hands clasped behind your neck. If you need some courage there is brandy in the decanter”.

Adam manages a large measure as he strips off, the plush carpet feels soft against his knees as he kneels facing the bed room door, his cock fully erect in expectation of the joy to come and his hands in the required position; Adam is not disappointed when the door opens.
Her long hair tied back elongating her beautiful face, a red and black leather bustier pushing her firm titties up making her even more appealing; the matching leather suspender belt and tie side panties have Adam positively drooling. The sheer black stockings and knee length leather stiletto boots nearly cause him to ejaculate. Adam watches as she seductively walks towards him, his eyes drawn to the goodies she is carrying in her hands. The sight of the leather collar, nipple clamps and riding crop are almost too much and Adam has to mentally fight the urge to cum. She stands immediately in front of him; his face level with her pantie encased pussy, the exotic aroma of Salvatore Ferragamo assails his senses. He physically shudders when Laura fits the nipple clamps, the sensation when she pinches each nipple to arouse it driving him wild; the chain attached to the clamps bringing promises of future excitement. He acquiesces when Laura tells him that if her moves his hands the session will end and she will expect him to leave.

Laura uses her riding crop to lift Adam’s chin making him look into her eyes, she leans forward and kisses him deeply, her titties heaving, she waits for Adam to respond before stepping back and striking him across the chest with her riding crop, a deep red mark instantly appearing. Adams howl serving to further arouse her.

Laura moves seductively in front of Adam gyrating to show him her firm ass and shapely thighs, she finds herself strongly attracted to Adam, an emotion which she has seldom experienced. After all she had punished Adam for his treatment of her friend Karen, he may have sacked Karen, but she had fucked his marriage. She releases the ties on her panties and discards them offering Adam her totally shaved pussy expecting him to worship her with his lips and tongue; she stands there making him pleasure her until her orgasm rips through her body. Still shaking she grasps and pulls the chain attached to the nipple clamps forcing Adam to his feet leading him to her bedroom, to her lair.

Adam again finds himself on his knees with his hands behind his head. He watches his tormenter selects toys from her bedside cabinet; she holds her double headed dildo in front of Adam, he feels the excitement building, she has previously used a similar phallus on him, a pleasurable experience that has been to the forefront of his mind for the past year. He watches as she lubes the bulbous end; His excitement building as she raises one elegant leg to show him her perfect pussy, his breath catches in his throat as she holds the end of the phallus against her desirable opening before fully inserting it, her moans of pleasure driving Adam wild. The sight of her fastening the leather harness between her thighs and round her waist cause Adam’s penis to emit drops of pre-cum. Turning to Adam she confronts him with twelve inches of hard black plastic cock.

“Open your mouth bitch” she commands. “Suck it like the cock sucking whore you really are”.

Adam is unsure what to do; he has never sucked cock before and is not sure he is prepared for this.

The whip is raised.

“I said suck it, suck my big black cock”.

Her words cause his penis to harden; he tries to recollect a good blow job he has received. He tentatively licks the hard end of the phallus around the head, his closer examination allowing him to see the veins, he marvels at how lifelike to looks and feels. He runs his tongue down the shaft, he can see where it has entered Laura’s pussy, and he can smell her arousal. He slowly licks back to the top before opening his mouth wide and lowering his head takes the tip inside. This is the moment Laura has been waiting for, longing for. She places her hand on Adams head grabbing his hair and pulling him towards her as she thrusts her hips forward. Adam is totally unprepared and with his hands behind his head he is unable to react. The thick black cock slides to the back of his throat partially blocking the airway and causing him to gasp and gag.

“Ready for your first face fuck bitch”.

Laura pushes her cock forward, feeling the pleasure as the part inside her pussy rubs her clitty with each forward thrust; she starts a steady motion continuing to fuck until she is engulfed by her orgasm.

Adam’s erect cock betrays the excitement he is feeling, something that is not missed by his tormentor. Pulling the plastic phallus from Adam’s willing mouth Laura circles him stopping behind him. Adam tenses as Laura draws out the moment, he know he must not turn, must not move his hands. The feel of her stiletto on his upper back thrills Adam, and when Laura applies pressure he initially resists revelling in the pain. As greater pressure is applied he has to capitulate resulting in his face resting on the plush carpet and his ass in the air.

He nearly jumps when he feels the cool lubricant being smeared over his anus.

“This is why you are here bitch, to feel my hard dick in your slutty ass”.

No words are necessary; both know it is the truth.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you slut, tell me how much you want my big hard cock in your ass”.

“Fuck me Laura”.

Laura tightly grabs Adams hair pulling his head up so that his face is next to hers.

“Tell me how much you want it, beg me to fuck you”.

“Please Laura, please, please fuck my ass, I need it so much”.

Pushing his head away Laura presses the head of her plastic cock against Adam’s anus, with slow relentless pressure she allows her weapon to penetrate. Adam gasps in pain as the thick phallus invades his most intimate of places a pain that intensifies when the head makes contact with the sphincter; but Laura is remorseless; slightly pulling back she continues her invasion not stopping until the sphincter is conquered and the full length of her cock is buried inside Adam pressing against his prostate. Adam feels every wonderful inch of the dildo as it fills him, every nodule and every raised plastic vein. It hurts, like nothing has ever hurt before, yet it is a marvellous pain that is quickly replaced by wave after wave of pleasure. He feels that his ass was being stretched like never before, yet it feels so wonderful. The sensations manifest in the most glorious of erections, it is as if his cock is about to explode, he needs release, he needs too masturbate, he reaches down needing to ejaculate so badly, he is about to take hold of his cock when the riding crop lashes down landing across his fingers causing an instant stinging pain that only serves to further inflame his desires.

“I warned you bitch, keep your hands behind your head or we stop”.

Adam quickly replaces his hands in the required position as Laura begins a slow steady fuck; pushing deep inside then pulling back until only the tip of the phallus was engaged then plunging even deeper. It only takes a few thrusts before Adam lets out a low groan as thick stands of cum erupt from his cock to spray across the carpet, the intensity of his orgasm totally surprising him, an orgasm that seems to go on forever as Laura continues to ride him. It is only in romantic novels that couples jointly orgasm and Adam endures several more minutes of pain and pleasure before Laura is finally satisfied.

They spend the night side by side in her large bed, kissing, touching, exploring until sleep overcomes them; both knowing that this is just the start of their relationship and that many wonderful adventures lay ahead of them.

With thanks to two hot guys who helped me to develop the story.

Want Part 4 – then tell me -

Love Amy xx

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