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Lust and Horny
Since becoming my mistress three months ago Marci is slowly adjusting to living in New York. Working for ABC News earning an excellent salary and benefits. She also is enjoying the perks for being my mistress, such has a 7,000 sq. ft. loft with a small exercise room, 24/7 security, 24/7 limo service, access to private jet 24/7 and many more perks

The music ended. A sigh of relief from Marci filled the room. Marci is looking forward to taking a shower. Marci bent over to pick up the step to put it away.
Suddenly. " Nice ass!" A voice from behind caught her attention. She spun, surmising, leaning in the doorway leering at her is her new lover. " You here to help?" She asks, returning to her task: giving me an even better view than before. " Myself to a quick lay. Before I fly back to Dallas." I replied. Again, she spun. " What?!"

Before she can stop me, I grab her around the waist tossing her on top of a stack of gymnastic mats. Before she can protest, I had removed her shorts and panties. Before she can think of anything clever to say, I shed my shorts and jock strap. " On your knees. I want to take you doggy style." I said, " What? No fore play?" She said with a schoolgirl's giggle, as she got into position.

" No." I said, pulling her closer to the edge of the mats. She rested her right cheek on the mat looking back at my swaying cock. Reality struck. " Wait!" She screamed at a whisper. " What?!" I 'screamed' back. " How do I put this; delicately." She begins, " I'm a little dry? Down there?" " Is that all!" I laughed, " Don't worry. I got you covered."

From my shirt pocket, I removed a tube of k-y warming jelly, and shot a sizable amount inside her pussy. With my index and middle fingers, I hurriedly coated her inner walls. " Ready; now?" I asked, feigning annoyance. " I suppose." She replied, feigning . . . I'm not sure what.

I smiled, grasping her hips impaling her in one forceful stroke. " Oh god!" She groans. I withdraw all but the tip of my cock, then slamming inside her once again. The k-y begins working its magic. She reachs back and starts rubbing her mons: using only her fingertips. Vigorously, she shook her clit side to side against my cock.

I withdraw again. Slamming in again. My balls slapping against her busy fingers.
She switches directions; manipulating the hood forward and back. Another lazy stroke. Another. Her juices begin to flow. My pace increases. As does hers.
Each thrust faster than the last and deeper too. She changes her tact. Using the heel of her hand, she presses hard into her mons.

A series of quick; deep thrusts. Matching my intensity, she digs-in and grinds her clit hard against my cock. Another series of quick; deep thrusts. On the last, I tighten my grip on her hips pulling her hard against me as I impaled her. " Ugh!" She groans. " Say something?" I laugh.

" Yes. Quit teasing, and fuck me like you mean it!" Wrong thing to say.
Like an unbridled stallion, I begin slamming her hard fast and deep. With each stroke, her breasts strains against the confines of her sports bra.

"Yes. Yes. Yes." She coos. My ravishing assault reaches a fevered pitch. With each stoke, the sound of my groin impacting her hips fill the room, and echos.
" Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!" Sweat dripping from her nose and onto the mat. Puddled. My pace quickens even more. " Oh god!" She groans as the first wave of orgasms hit.

Three more quick deep strokes. I pull her to me. Hard. Grunted loudly as my own release fills her. I ease myself from her, I then turn her to face me and I place my arm around her waist pulling her towards me. " I hope you like to kiss," I told her. She opens her mouth, I slid my tongue into her mouth. We kiss our tongues intertwined for a few moments. My semi - hard cock pressed against her chest.

I spin her round shoving her back towards the mats, one hand on her ass, one on her tits. " You can't just grab me and use me. I'm busy. I'm hot and tired."
With my knee against her inner thigh I shove her legs apart thrusting my crotch up so it presses against her crotch. Her cunt feeling my hot hard cock again.
"Just give me some space!" She pushes me away but I held her arm and pushed it above her head, pinning her back on the mats. I'm ready to help myself again, to gorge my hard cock on her any way I want.

" You're so pushy. It's not fair!" The tip is wet with anticipation. My cock again noses the lips of her cunt. " Oh God..Just... get on with it then." she said. " Be quick". " Ha! I'll do it again however I want." I shove in hard. "Oh God!"
She lays back. " Oh! God!" I thrust hard, pressing my full weight down inside her, thrusting rhythmically. Slamming inside her increasingly wet cunt. Twenty, thirty hard and deep thrusts inside her.

" Oh yes..." she whispers, the lips of her mouth parted like the lips of her cunt. Marci raises her knees letting me drive into her to the hilt. Ten more thrusts. She opens her cunt wide to suck in as much of my thick cock as possible. I thrust again. Her breathing faster now. " Don't stop! Don't! Stop!"

I stop, sat back looking her over. Marci lets out a gentle whimper, I needed to fuck every inch of her. I move up the mats. I straddle her body, my thighs across her tits and my hard cock pointing to her mouth. " Suck it."
I grab her hair and brought her head forward onto me. Obedient, submissive, pretty Marci opens her mouth wide and I shove my cock in deep. Her lips formed a tight O and she sucks hard. I see her fingers reach down to touch her wet abandoned cunt but my legs keep her pinned beneath me.

" You can wait." I said, " I'm having what I want again." Marci licks and sucks. She works her mouth over my cock, leaving it wet with her saliva, smeared with her red lipstick. She works on my thick hot cock till I knew her jaw must ache. I want to smear her lips and tits with my cum. I gripped her hair tighter and drew her further onto me, deep-throating me until her eyes watered and my spunk is about to surge into her. Then abruptly I tired of the mouth fuck, and pulled back from her, leaving her breathing hard as I swung my leg off her. I flip her over and she groans.

Now Marci is sprawled across the mats, face-down, hair wild, eyes closed. I wedge a rolled up mat under her hips, forcing her ass up into the air. She slumps almost motionless across the mats. I see her fingers stroking inside her sopping crotch, dipping furtively into the folds of her wet cunt.

" Not yet!" I pull her wrists up behind her back. I pull the rope from the floor twisting it round, binding her hands together behind her back. Now she lay tried up, available to my pleasure again. " What are you going to do to me?" she whispers. " Whatever I want." My eyes are falling on her ass. My cock twitching at the sight of my beautiful lover. Marci wiggled, trying to satisfy the yearning of her cunt, desperate for stimulation on her clit. The motion made her buttocks twitch invitingly. I grab some lube smear it up and down the length of my cock, then put a dollop on my fingers smearing more onto Marci's exposed ass.

" Oh not my ass! I want you to fuck my pussy again. I don't enjoy anal fucking"
" I'll fuck you how you need to be fucked." I force her legs further apart guiding the tip of my cock against her slippery puckered anus. Pressing into the pink-brown dimple with the wet intrusiveness of a French kiss. Marci's breath stopped. I push, the tight sphincter muscle eases a little. I see the look of concentration on her face as she feels the pain. I held it there, my cock on the threshold of her asshole. I feel the ring relax and the broad head of my cock slid inside her. I had her ass now, she is so tight.

" Slow Please!" she said. She lay there with her buttocks splayed wide and my thick cock half inside her. The sight is beautiful and filthy. Slow is impossible. With a grunt I thrust the rest of my length inside her. " Oh!" she whimpers.
Now the soft curve of her buttocks presses against my hips while my cock lodges deep in her ass. For a moment I rest, enjoying the tense clenching of her anus on my hard thick cock. Then her body begins to relax and accommodate my length. I begin to slide in and out of her. Ten thrusts, each harder than the last.

" Oh baby, what you do to me!" she moans. I sat back, as my cock slids from her. " Don't stop!" she whines. " What do you need me to do?" " Don't stop. Carry on. I... I want you to use me!" " Use you?" " Do what you were doing..."
" Say it then. Say please fuck my ass." A whisper " Please", and Marci's ass thrust back a little, yearning for contact. " Say it properly. I need to hear you. " I'm your willing slut. Please fuck my ass.""

" Please baby. Please." " Say it!" " I'm your willing slut. Oh... Please fuck my ass. Please. PLEASE." Looking imploring at me over her shoulder Marci shoves her buttocks back, her anus seeking my cock. I thrust home. My right hand find s her clit and begins to rub her, as her cunt twitches so the muscles in her ass tugging on my thick cock, like the dirtiest possible blow job. Now I see my cock back and forth in her tight ass, in an ecstasy of filth and beauty.

Then once more I stop. I slid my cock gently from her. Marci caught her breath. She is shaking. She slids forward and curls up on the mats. I hold her tight, loving her, my cock twitching against her buttocks, my lips kissing her cheek and hair.

" You did so well baby" I whispered. " Fuck me honey? Please please fuck my cunt now? Or... do whatever you want to me." I rolled her onto her back, and then I slid three fingers into her open vulva and place the flat of my tongue onto her hot and delicate clit. Then my fingers find her g spot and begin a rhythmic beckoning.

Marci spreads her legs wide for me. Her fingers rubbing her nipples. Her crotch pressed to my mouth. I suck and finger her gently, and I feel the pressure of her swollen labia on my hands and my tongue.

Then with a groan of release she came, spurt after spurt of sweet nectar pouring over my fingers, onto my chin. She is gushing, groaning, and I'm lapping her up.

Her body shaking and her hips heaving up, and then I lunge forward and slams my cock home inside her dripping, gaping cunt and thrusting deeper and deeper into her, again and again while I kiss her open mouth with my lips wet from her cunt until with a jolt of unbearable pleasure I shoot spurt after spurt deep into her, beautiful her, soaking her gorgeous cunt with my hot white spunk.

Then I slid down the mats and begin to lick her cunt clean. " Oh baby" she moans. My cock stirring... I wasn't finished yet.
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