This story is not real. All of the characters are created in my imagination.
Lars lead Laney back to his room. It was time to collect. He watched her walk around as men stared at her. Knowing she was naked beneath the short dress drove him insane. Several times tonight, he’d reached beneath the short skirt and cupped her pussy. She was hot. He was certain he was not the only man to touch her; he noticed many men crowding her at times. Not to mention, he get a chance to fuck the one woman he despised. He’d humiliate her. But there wasn’t too much he could do to her. She was a whore, and apparently a very popular one.

Lars chuckled to himself, “The way she acts, you’d never think she spreads her legs for money.” Laney entered his room. Hating herself, but knowing she had to see this job through.

“Undress” he demanded. She complied, removing her short dress slowly, exposing her neatly-trimmed pussy to his view. She enjoyed the attention at the party. So many men fingered her, and made her cum. However, Lars wasn’t one of them. He was a slow learner. He wanted her to know it was him using her. The next week in class, when they talked to the professor, she’d know that for tonight, he owned her ass.

Laney stood before him naked, but she was too proud, He wanted her broken, humiliated. “I’ve paid for the whole night. Tonight, you are my bitch. I will fuck you, spank you, do any and everything I want to you. You can’t say no. If you refuse, I am not paying. Understand, Bitch.” He hissed.

Laney nodded. “Answer me, whore.” He demanded.

“Yes sir.” She answered assuming the submissive roll.

Lars laughed, “Crawl for me. Beg to suck my cock.” He demanded.

Laney went down on her hands and knees. She crawled over to Lars. “Please, Sir, let me suck your cock.” She asked sweetly.

He laughed, “No bitch. I don’t like the way you asked. His stomach grumbled, “Man, I have to shit. Come bitch. I need you to clean me.”He stood and Laney crawled and followed him to the toilet. Lars swatted over the toilet and pushed the first big brown turd from his ass hole. He made Laney watch as his anus stretched to release the turgid feces.

When he finished he reached for tissue, but changed his mind. “Bitch, lick my ass hole clean. He bent before her, shoving his shit stained rectum in her face. Laney was about to refuse when he reminded her that if she refused, she didn’t get paid. Swallowing her pride, she extended her tongue and licked his ass hole. The taste of his bile made her gag. She cleaned all of the sticky brown residue from him.

“Swallow bitch,” he demanded. She had no choice. “Now clean me dome more. Lars loved the feel of Laney’s tongue cleaning his hole. “Lick my balls, Whore.” His cock was rock hard and he stroked himself as she continued to clean him. Soon she finished. He stood and glared at her. “Laney, you are one nansty whore.” He shoved her to the floor. “Your breath smells like shit. Brush your teeth.” He left her in the bathroom and went to lay in the bed.

He recalled how she pleased him before the banquet and wanted more.

Laney came out of the bathroom and he reminded her that he didn’t say she could walk. She crawled across the floor to him. Lars stood and examined her pussy. It was just as he like it. Neatly trimmed and hot. “Bitch, who told you your pussy could be hot. That’s some licks.” He spanked her soft white globes with his hand turning them bright red with each hard blow.. Laney moaned. This skinny fucker was making her hot. Her pussy was dripping down her thighs. Feeling her pussy, Lars wanted to fuck. He stuck three fingers inside of her, and Laney could not help but moan. He had enough, and he needed to fuck. Now he’d pound her with his cock.

Lars stood and removed his pants. He kneeled behind her. She wasn’t as wet as he’d like, so he spit on his hand and rubbed her cunt hole. Laney gritted her teeth. She hated this man, but she needed the money. Positioning his cock, he slammed into her. Pumping as hard as he could, Lars fucked Laney. Her pussy felt fantastic. He’d masturbated, but nothing felt as good as a real pussy. Laney knew he was not experienced and she could push him over the edge easily. She tighten her vaginal muscles on his cock and Lars screamed. He pumped her even harder.

He looked at his cock sliding in and out of her plump pussy lips. Picking up his phone, he started recording. He had to video him fucking this bitch. So erotic was the sight of his pale cock inside her brown furry hole, that Lars came. He came hard, shooting seven, eight, nine spurts of cum inside of her.

Laney was glad he finished. She wanted to get her money and go. Mr. Kim was waiting, and she loved the way that man ate out her pussy. However, Lars was not finished. “Bitch, lick me clean.” He demanded. Laney licked his cock and ball. She swirled her tongue around his cock head, then sucked it deep into her mouth. Then she took her time and licked his shaft. Lars was in heaven. Soon he was hard again and wanted to fuck some more.

Laney complied. He demanded that she lay back on the floor and lift her legs. She laid back and spread them. Lars crawled between her thighs and entered her again. He fucked her as hard as he could. Laney, began to moan. She had to make him think that he was the best she’d ever had. Soon, Lars came once more. The last time tired him out and he was sleepy.

“Pay me,” she demanded. Lars gave her an envelop filled with cash. She counted the money and placed it in the company cash bag that they collected.

As soon as he fell asleep, Laney dressed and heated to the hotel Mr. Kim promised to pay her if she let him clean her pussy with his tongue. She loved being eaten out. She snuck into the hotel to Mr. Kim’s room. His wife was asleep. They left that room and went into a smaller cheaper one.

“Laney, let me see.” Kim demanded. She lifted her skirt exposing her cum-filled pussy and thighs to his view. Mr. Kim came in his pants. Within seconds he’d buried his face between her legs, sucking on her pussy, he drove the girl wild. He dipped his tongue into her hole and lapped her juices like nectar. Laney loved it.

Then he licked and sucked her pussy lips. Soon he found her clit. For the next few minutes the only sound her was him sucking her clit and her moaning his name. Laney came on his mouth several times. Kim soiled his pants, as he drank her sweet juices. Both satisfied and content, Mr. Kim game Laney an envelop. It contained the money he promised her. Since this was not a date through agency, the money was hers to keep and she would.

“Laney, quit the agency. Let me take care of you.” Mr. Kim offered.

Laney was tempted, but this man was married. She had to be able to take care of herself. Soon she’d have a second degree and she could start her career. One that did not involve laying under some man.

“Baby, your wife.” She reminded him. ”She might find out.” Mr. Kim sighed and nodded. She was right. If his wife knew, she’d leave him. He loved his wife. He could not imagine living without her. He needed to stop hiring whores and be faithful. She might wake and miss him, so he needed to get back to his room, so he hugged Laney and waited for her to go. Once again Laney dressed and snuck out of a second hotel room for the night. She walked from the back of the hotel to the main street, where she hailed a cab. She thought of her night. She’d made over three thousand dollars in one night. But she was alone. She thought of Lars. She knew he’d try and use his new found knowledge against her., maybe get her put on some sort of probation. She’d have to deal with him. She thought of the men at the party. None of them asked her name as they groped her. Only one cared, and he loved his wife. Soon the cab pulled up to her building, she paid the man and went inside.

Lars Pollack woke up the next morning. His cum dried on his cock, spots all over the floor and his whore missing. This was the best gift his parents ever could have gotten him. He’d call and thank them after breakfast. He couldn’t wait to get to class and see one Miss Laney Benson.

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2014-03-25 00:31:44
Cont...Address as many senses as you can and really focus on smell as that tends to pull your reader into the story rather than just being an observer!! I agree with the last guy if you are going to include scat it should involve both people. How about letting Laneys bush and ass hair grow? That sets the scene nicely for those who have smell fetishes which usually includes watersports, analingus, and a love for a woman's scent catching pubic hair, and for those that just like a womans pubic hair. This opens a lot of different scenarios for future chapters. You are doing a great job just need more practice. So start writing the next chapter. I can't wait. Thank you for sharing this!!!

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2014-03-25 00:28:01
Overall I really like the story thus far. Concentrate on spelling and grammar as there were mistakes. I am gonna give you the advice I give all new authors. Descriptive language is your friend when writing sex scenes. Think of the five senses, smell,taste,touch, sight, and sound. For example, what does butt smell like, how does her pussy taste? Realism is what you should strive for, avoid clichés like her pussy smelled and tasted like a ripe peach. Unless she pumped peach preserves up there we all know that's not what pussy tastes like lol.


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WOW! That was very good, and I love the poo part, but I would like him to swallow hers as well.

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