My story about a slut at Northwestern University
This story is dedicated to all the sluts, hidden or otherwise, at Northwestern University.

Isabella pursed her lips as she slowly applied lipstick, looking at her reflection in a small mirror. She turned her head slightly, admiring the perfect red lines of lipstick. With a small smile at her reflection, she turned away from the mirror, her skirt twirling slightly around her legs. Isabella was dressed in a semi-transparent white blouse with a short black skirt. Her two inch heels provided a slight emphasis on her long, tanned legs.

On her way out of her dorm room, she grabbed a thin black sweater. Standing outside were her two best friends. They continued their lively conversation as Isabella put on the sweater, placing her keys and phone in separate pockets.

"It took you long enough," Katie said. "But no, you look great! Ready to head out?"

"Hell yeah!" Jessica said, a little too loudly. The three of them had been pregaming for the last hour, so they were already slightly tipsy. "Let's go party!"

They walked out of the dorm, waving at a couple cute boys as they left. As they stepped outside, Isabella pulled her sweater tightly around herself.

"It's a little cold out," Isabella said, shivering slightly.

"What do you expect? It's fucking Chicago!" Jessica yelled.

The walk to the frat houses took longer than Isabella remembered. When they finally got inside, she let out a sigh, allowing her arms to drop to her side.

"The party is upstairs on the left," one of the frat guys told them.

Katie gave him a little wink as they turned to go walk up the stairs. Isabella shook her head, smiling. Her friends could be such flirts when they wanted to be.

The hallway leading to the dance floor was filled with people. There were two rooms open, one giving out shots and mixed drinks, the other giving out beers. Isabella and her friends walked to the front, asking for three vodka sprites.

Drinks in hand, they slowly danced their way toward the music. The room was filled with sweaty bodies, jumping up and down and dancing. Isabella toasted with her friends, and Jessica yelled out "Fuck it, it's college! Let's have some fun!"

They danced away an hour. Isabella, tired and thirsty, left to get another drink. When she came back, she had trouble finding her friends. Craning her neck, she spotted Katie and Jessica dancing with two different guys. Katie wasn't that into it, but Jessica was fully bent over, hands on the wall, grinding against a large black guy. Isabella slowly started walking over to rescue Katie from her partner.

Just then, Isabella heard one of her favorite songs come on. Everyone started cheering, jumping up and down to the beat, with Isabella caught in the middle of it all. It was about halfway through the song that she felt someone behind her, jumping up and down at the same time, and grinding on her during the slower parts of the song. Isabella smiled, knowing that so many guys loved her ass (and breasts, for that matter).

Another song started playing, and Isabella turned to see who was behind her. He was strong, tall, and white; Isabella almost lost herself in his deep blue eyes. She gave him a coy smile. He smiled back, putting a hand on her waist and pulling her over to a corner of the room. Isabella loved it when guys were forceful.

Isabella put her hands against the wall, giving the stranger full access to grind on her ass. As he did, she could feel his strong hands moving up her torso and down the side of her legs. This sent shivers through her body, and she whipped her hair to the other side of her body.

The stranger leaned in close, whispering into her ear, "You look beautiful."

Isabella reached one of her hands back, running it through his hair. She turned around, facing him, and getting a good look at his body. The stranger was wearing jeans and a white button down shirt with three buttons undone. She could see a faint glisten on his muscular chest. She could see the outline of his cock through his pants. It looked huge.

Isabella's hands reached out, grabbing at the stranger's sides and pulling him closer. He forcefully kissed her on the lips and slowly slid his hands down her back. He continued kissing as he ran his hands up and down Isabella's back, getting closer and closer to her ass. She gave a small intake of breath as he cupped her ass in his hands, but offered no protest.

They continued to dance like this for quite some time. Every once in a while, they spoke; she learned that is name was Jacob and that he lived in the same building as her. But most of their interaction was pure lust. Isabella's pussy was practically throbbing, begging her for the cock of this stranger. She slowly began to slide her hand up his thigh, reaching for his cock. Just then he broke away from her kisses and whispered in her ear, "Do you want to go somewhere more private?"

He offered his hand, and she took it, biting her lip seductively. He lead her out of the frat house and out into the cold. As Isabella shivered, Jacob took off his coat and handed it to her. "Come on, put it on."

Isabella took it, smiling at him. He led her by the hand back to the dorm.

Jacob barely had time to close the door before Isabella was kissing him passionately. She dropped his coat onto the ground, with her sweater following soon after. She jumped up, wrapping her legs around Jacob as he was leaning back against the door. Isabella could feel his hard cock in his pants as she had her legs around him. Her arms were crossed behind his head, and her lips were firmly locked against his.

Jacob slowly began walking toward his bed. As the got closer to it, Isabella moved her kisses across his face, over to Jacob's ear. "Mmmmmmm," she moaned out. "Do you want to fuck me?"

He lifted Isabella off his body, tossing her onto his bed. She bounced once, keeping her legs spread, and her skirt slid up her thighs, revealing her red lacy panties. Jacob quickly unbuttoned his shirt, tossing it onto the ground.

Climbing between her legs, Jacob continued kissing Isabella. She wrapped her legs back around him, and she could feel his every movement through her throbbing pussy. Jacob kissed down to her neck. Isabella pulled his body even closer with her legs, moaning out, as Jacob kissed her neck. She loves it when guys kiss her neck.

Jacob separated himself from Isabella's embrace. His hands slid down her body, finding the waistline of her skirt, and slowly pulled it off her long legs. Isabella lifted her arms up as Jacob took off her blouse, leaving Isabella in her matching red bra and panties. Jacob let his own pants fall to the ground, causing his cock to push against his boxers. Isabella couldn't help but stare; he had to be at least eight inches long.

Jacob smiled at her as he slowly slid his boxers down, revealing his cock inch by glorious inch. Suddenly, it sprang up, freed from his boxers, which fell directly to the floor. It was the largest cock that Isabella had ever seen.

He climbed back in bed with her, and Isabella could feel his cock rubbing against her pussy through her thin panties as Jacob kissed her on the lips. Jacob moved his kisses to her neck, causing Isabella to moan out again, as his hands slid behind her back, unclasping her bra. This was tossed onto the floor, revealing Isabella's perfect c-cup breasts. Jacob's hands continued downward. As they reached her panties, Jacob started to move his kisses down Isabella's body. They went down the middle of her chest, all the way down to her waistline. From there, Isabella's panties were slowly pulled off, tossed onto the floor.

Jacob's hand slowly began rubbing Isabella's pussy. She was practically dripping as his fingers made small circles over her clitoris. Isabella gasped out as Jacob lid two fingers into her, and started thrusting them in and out. He returned his kisses to her neck, causing Isabella to squirm with pleasure.

After a couple minutes, Isabella could feel her orgasm approaching. She started to press her hips against Jacob's hand, wanting to cum so badly. But, just as she was about to orgasm, Jacob pulled his hand away. He kissed up to Isabella's ear and whispered, "I think someone's ready to get fucked."

"Oh, yes, please!" Isabella replied. "I'm on the pill. You don't need a condom."

Isabella felt the bed move as Jacob climbed on, and she spread her legs wide, welcoming him in. He lined up his huge cock with her pussy. "Now, this might hurt a little bit," he warned.

"Fucking, just do it!" Isabella growled. "I can fucking take it."

Jacob began to thrust into her wet pussy. Isabella closed her eyes, tilting her head back as her pussy was stretched to accommodate his girth. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer with each thrust, making his cock go deeper and deeper into her pussy. After what seemed like minutes, she finally was able to fit his whole length into her pussy.

Isabella pulled Jacob on top of her, kissing him passionately. "Fuck me," she said. "Fuck me like a dirty slut."

Jacob complied, thrusting his dick faster and faster in and out of Isabella's pussy. She moaned out, "Come on. You can be rougher than that." The rougher the sex, the more Isabella enjoyed it.

Jacob used one of his large hands to hold both of Isabella's over her head. She moaned out as he used the other one to grab the back of her neck and pull her head closer to his. "You like this now, slut?" he whispered into her ear.

"Mmmmmm," she whispered back. "Make me your dirty slut."

Jacob's hand moved down her body to start roughly playing with Isabella's breasts. She struggled slightly, attempting to move her hands, but they were firmly held above her head and out of the way. She enjoyed the feeling of helplessness and being at the complete mercy of this stranger.

Jacob's breathing became more labored as he continued thrusting deeply into Isabella's pussy. She could feel her own orgasm approaching, and she gripped his torso harder with her legs. Jacob leaned in, kissing Isabella's neck, which sent her over the edge.

Isabella cried out, spasming on Jacob's cock. Her arms tried to flail, but they were still firmly anchored over her head. Jacob exhaled suddenly, and Isabella could feel his hot cum deep within her pussy.

Jacob collapsed onto the bed, and they both lay there, panting, as their bodies calmed down. Jacob leaned in and kissed Isabella on the lips.

"You are my Northwestern slut."

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so many sluts at nu. i had a great time.

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so many sluts at nu. i had a great time.

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so many sluts at nu. i had a great time.

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