A woman uses her charms to part rich men from their money, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. That is, until a group of her victims unite to stop her… and make her pay. This is the first in a series of erotic thrillers and the beginning of The Gold Digger’s Demise.
Gold Digger’s Demise – The Club

Chapter 1

Steve and Matt looked across the big conference table at each other patiently waiting. The flat screen TV that took up almost half the wall at the end of the boardroom hummed quietly while its blue screen tried to lull them to sleep.

“Always late,” said Steve. He was Matt’s lawyer and friend of almost 15 years, and they both knew before arriving that Kimberly would be late. It was her way of controlling the situation.

The blue screen flickered and then gave way to the image of an identical boardroom save the different people around the table.

“Hello,” a man at the head of the table waved at us through cyberspace. “I’m Greg Lawrence, the lead counsel on this case. I will be representing Miss Cross in these proceedings.” He indicated a forty-something woman to his right, and she turned to face the screen.

Kimberly Cross’ blue eyes seemed to pierce the screen, and Matt had to take a second to recover. She had been a turning point in his life, and now all the horrible things she had done flooded back to him in an instant. The feeling didn’t last though as he was a different person than he had been so many years ago.

She sat comfortably in her chair, and Matt was surprised how the years had crept up on her. Gone was the youthful beauty of the past, replaced by a graceful, refined woman in her mid-forties. Her hair and clothes were immaculate, and she exuded an air of confidence. Kim’s eyes were a different story. Though a dazzling deep blue, he could see the same cold, calculating hardness of the person he had know so long ago.

“I am Steve Frought,” his friend said, bringing him back to reality, “I will be representing Mr. Daniels.” Kimberly’s eyes flashed in recognition, and she sat up a bit straighter in her chair.

“Steve,” she smiled, “So good to see you again.” Her lawyer did a surprised double take at the comment.

“You know him?” Greg asked in a voice that denoted more than a professional relationship. Kimberly glanced back at him and then returned her gaze to the screen.

“Oh yes,” she replied, “Steve and I were an item a long time ago.” The lawyer sat back in his chair, and his true feelings surfaced in his expression before quickly being quelled.

“Well, ok. Let’s get down to business, shall we?” He opened a file and began to concentrate on his notes. “Ms. Cross is seeking her share of the hydraulic velocity fuse that was designed by Mr. Daniels. She feels that a settlement of half the total profit from this invention and a percentage of any future profits will be equitable.”

“We would like to know what claim Miss Cross feels she has on this particular device,” Steve replied, “Especially since she and Mr. Daniels have been divorced for over 12 years.”

“My client made several phone calls during the time the fuse was being developed,” the lawyer said, “And they discussed the project at that time.”

It was a complete lie although Matt couldn’t tell if the counselor knew it or was just repeating Kimberly. The only phone calls she made to him after the divorce were to try to get him to pay the taxes on the house that she had received in the settlement. Matt had never talked to her, but he guessed she figured no one could prove it.

“That’s interesting,” Steve mused, “She called Mr. Daniels, and they talked about the development of his design?”

“That is correct,” the lawyer said straight-faced.

“If you don’t mind Miss Cross, can you tell me what the part is actually called?”

“It is the DFHVF246.” She rattled off the numbers as if she had rehearsed it.

“No,” Steve corrected, “not the name it is called now. Tell me the name of the fuse the night before it was sent to patent. Matt changed it to the current name a few minutes before it was submitted.” Kimberly blanched and struggled to keep her composure. Her lawyer looked to her expectantly, and it was obvious he had thought she was filing a legitimate lawsuit.

When she didn’t answer, he quickly turned back to the screen. “Give us a few minutes please.” He reached for the remote lying on the desk and pushed a button leaving the monitor a familiar blank blue.

“He’s doing her,” Steve said flatly.

“He doesn’t even know what she is yet,” Matt agreed. They chatted for a few minutes before the screen changed, and the two reappeared.

“Mr. Daniels,” the lawyer started slowly as if he were dreading the next step. “We would like to make an offer in compromise for the amount of…”

“No,” Matt interrupted him. The attorney seemed shocked, as did Kimberly.

“But you haven’t heard our offer.”

“I don’t need to,” Matt said, “You have it figured out by now so don’t bother. If she can’t even tell us the original name of the fuse, then there is no point in going any further.”

“She says you discussed it with her and she offered advice,” he said feebly, “That means she was instrumental in helping with the development…”

“No it doesn’t,” Steve broke in, “It just means she is a liar and doesn’t have a clue. The reason she can’t tell us the name before the final change is because she never talked to anyone about it. She won’t be able to find it anywhere either since the only copy of the original documents is in my office where they have been the day the patent paperwork was submitted.”

“In your office?” Kimberly’s attorney was completely frustrated now. “You can’t act as his attorney in this case if you can be called as a witness!”

“I know,” Steve replied calmly, “But it doesn’t matter since there is no case. Of course if you decide to pursue this frivolous lawsuit, my client is prepared to countersue.”

Greg's face tightened as he processed what was happening and tried to think of an angle to make this work. He had obviously been lied to, and now he appeared to be looking for a way out.

“Do something idiot!” Kimberly shrieked at him suddenly. The outburst caught her lawyer completely off guard, and he looked up to see Steve and Matt smiling at him. Flushing red in embarrassment, the anger began to seep into his voice.

“I need to speak with my client,” he snapped.

“Take all the time you need,” Matt piped up. “We’re done. See you around Kimmy.” Her face darkened at being called the name she despised. Before she could say anything more, Matt hit the power button on the remote, killing the feed.

Steve was rolling with laughter so hard it was contagious, and Matt ended up joining in. “The look on her face was perfect!” he said when he had calmed down enough to talk.

“She won’t quit,” Matt told him as they caught their breath and got up to leave the boardroom.

“I wonder how many guys she’s done this to,” Steve mused. Matt wondered that as well, and the thought stayed with him as they went to have a celebratory lunch.

By the time Matt made it to the gym that evening, he had made a decision. He would try to find out just how many men Kim had taken advantage of.

“Hey you,” Denise said as he increased the speed of the treadmill. They had met a few months earlier, and it seemed their cardio schedule was about the same so every few days they would end up talking as we ran.

“Hey yourself,” Matt said over the noise of the treadmill as it picked up speed. She quickly jumped onto the machine next to him and within a few seconds was matching his pace.

Denise had moved to the town months ago, but Matt got the feeling that he was the only person she had met so far. She was about his age and in good shape from the time she put in at the gym. Her smile was infectious, she was easy to get along with, and it appeared they had a lot in common.

They had gone on a few dates since then, dinner or a movie, but nothing serious. If their schedules hadn’t been so hectic, he felt they would see more of each other. The two chatted about their day for a few minutes while warming up and then increased the speed until they were too breathless to talk. By the time they reached the thirty minute mark, Matt was beginning to suck air and he was glad when she started punching buttons on the treadmill to slow down. It took a few more minutes to catch their breath to be able to talk again.

“I have the evening off,” she said suddenly while looking hopeful that he would take the hint.

“Really? Maybe we should get dinner together.” She smiled brightly and nodded. They agreed on a time, and he headed home to clean up. Matt checked the computer as soon as he got out of the shower and on a whim decided to do a quick search for private investigators.

There were hundreds listed, so he sent an email to Steve asking if he could recommend anyone and a few seconds later my phone rang.

“What do you need a PI for?” he demanded as if Matt had withheld critical information.

“I want to see what Kim has been up to,” Matt told him, “We may not have been the only ones she screwed over.” There was a long pause before Steve answered.

“Actually, I have been thinking the same thing, so I already found someone to check her out. We may find something we can use in case she tries to come at you again,” he said, “I’ll go in half with you on this since I think it may be worthwhile to find some dirt that will make her squirm.”

“Vindictive much?” Matt laughed. There was no love lost between Steve and Kim. It seemed her reappearance had quite an effect on him.

“I just have the feeling she has been screwing over people for a long time,” he replied, “If there are a few more guys out there she fucked over, maybe we can figure out a way to keep her from doing it again.”

They had been thinking along the same lines, and Matt was glad he wasn’t the only one that held a grudge. He would have been happy to let it go if she hadn’t tried to steal part of his company. He hung up with Steve and began concentrating on his upcoming date with Denise.


Matt knocked on the door of the apartment and waited for Denise to answer. The complex was new and very nice. The smell of fresh paint was still in the air competing with the aroma of the flowers in the well manicured beds beside the building. The door opened and Denise smiled at him.

She was wearing a black dress that hugged her curves and accented her full breasts. The bottom of the fabric came to just above the knees and wrapped around her thighs in way that showed the work she had put in at the gym. Matt was in awe and moved to her as she greeted him through the doorway.

“I’m ready,” she said as Matt approached. He was still feeling confident after the meeting with his ex, and he had a sudden urge to kiss Denise. In the past, he would have been polite and let the feeling pass, but today he felt different.

Matt stepped up directly in front of her and without hesitation kissed her full on the lips. She seemed surprised, but in a split second, she returned the kiss and they stood in the doorway with her arms around his neck. She pulled him backwards into the room and kicked at the door with one foot without releasing him. The latch clicked shut, and she suddenly broke the kiss.

“Wait here,” she smiled and quickly vanished into a room off the hallway behind her. He stood just inside the room without moving and took in his surroundings. The new furniture and expensive-looking art around the large living room was an indication of her success in the real estate business. He didn’t know if she had decorated or hired someone, but the room was tasteful and elegant.

“Matt.” He glanced down the hallway to find Denise beckoning him. She was still dressed the same way with the exception of her hair. Where before it had been pulled tightly back and pinned, it was now loose and flowing. He moved to her quickly, and they met at the bedroom door and kissed again, more feverishly this time.

She pulled away, taking his hand and leading him towards the bed. She stopped at the foot of it and began unbuttoning his shirt. He reached out to pull at her dress, but she gently pushed his hand away.

“Let me,” she said seductively as she leaned in and kissed him on the neck while pushing the shirt off his shoulders. He complied as she kissed her way down his body, stopping for a moment longer at his crotch and then continued downward until she was kneeling at his feet. She undid his shoe laces, and he lifted one foot and then the other as she undressed him one article of clothing at a time.

When he was completely naked, she stayed kneeling in front of him and eye level with his now hard cock. She leaned forward and tentatively licked the head before smiling up at him. Without loosing eye contact, she pushed forward, and his cock disappeared into her mouth. She closed her eyes and began to work in earnest back and forth, building momentum as he groaned and swayed above her.

After a few minutes, she stood to face him and wrapped her arms around his nude body. She pulled him close and nuzzled her head into his shoulder, simply holding him for a long moment as his hard member jutted out against her thigh. She released him and took a small step back.

“Now do me,” she said.

Matt moved forward and tried to decide where to begin. He wanted to rip her clothes off and slam her onto the bed, but it was obvious she wanted him to take his time. She lifted one foot off the floor to let him know what she wanted, and he knelt down to take her foot in his hand. The high-heeled shoe was new and shiny and he couldn’t resist a quick kiss to the polished toe. He slid the strap off the back of her heel and then moved to the other foot. Before long, all her clothes were in a heap on the floor next to his.

He could smell the light scent of her perfume and feel her soft breasts against his chest as he pushed insistently against her while they kissed. Eventually, the backs of Denise’s legs bumped against the bed, and they broke their embrace just long enough to fall onto the mattress. Matt moved to kiss her neck as she settled onto her back and, with his right hand, began to explore her body.

He moved his lips across her throat, peppering her with soft kisses as his hands caressed her flat stomach. He was rewarded with a moan as he caught a nipple in his mouth and sucked at it gently. He found the top of her mound with his hand and then the small button that caused her to move and gyrate her hips when he flicked his finger across it.

A few more strokes and her legs were spread wide, and her breathing was rapid and shallow. He sucked a bit harder at the now stiff nipple before rolling onto her and aligning his cock. He pushed forward and slid in easily as she wrapped her legs around his back to spur him on. Matt tried to start slowly and build momentum, but the excitement was too much and within seconds he was thrusting full force as fast as he could.

Denise pulled at his back with one hand, and the fingers of the other tangled in his hair as she cooed and moaned. She squeezed tightly with her legs and ground against him as he pounded her hard and fast. With her head back and panting heavily, she felt the first wave of climax reach her, and her body tensed rigidly before shuddering in orgasm.

Pushed over the edge by her movements, Matt quickly followed. He slammed into her and held his groin against hers, fully inside and connected as he came. The intensity was incredible and he actually felt lightheaded from his release.

They stayed in that position as the sensations began to wane, and he slid off and lay beside her. He could see her breathing was returning to normal although her nipples were still erect and there were goose bumps on her body. He lay close to her and ran his hand along her stomach feeling her tight muscles just below the soft skin. She caught his hand in hers and rolled onto her side, pulling him against her back in the process.

“This was the best dinner date I’ve had in a while,” she mused. Matt chuckled, cupped her breast in his hand, and squeezed it playfully.

“Maybe we can do it again sometime,” he laughed. She giggled and put her hand over his pressing it firmly onto her.

“Maybe,” she replied as she pushed her ass against him and rubbed it against his cock, “We can do it again now.”

Chapter 2

Steve was using a laser pointer to highlight a specific area of the large screen. Matt glanced around the room and was happy to see that everyone was deeply engrossed in the subject and that all of the men were taking notes.

It had been 3 months since the meeting with Kimberly and her attorney, and Steve had developed a new mission. He found several other men that had been duped by her and brought them together to figure out a way to bring her down. The group formed quickly and easily with their common denominator being that each had fallen under Kim’s spell at one time or another. They were hand picked by Steve for the skills they could lend to the undertaking, and those skills were impressive.

All of the men were wealthy, but David Johnson was by far the man with the largest portfolio. At thirty, he had sold off his first company and used that profit as leverage to buy into and rebuild several other companies over the years. Now, he was pushing fifty, and the contacts he had made over the last twenty years put him at the top of the list of candidates to help with this project.

Larry Miller had been chosen for his ability with computers. It was more of a gift really, as he was able to interact with a line of code more easily than people. He had been reluctant but Steve could be persuasive, and over the last few months, a friendship had developed. It was easy to see why Larry had been such an easy target for Kimberly, and the first program that he had sold belonged partly to her. Not because she had helped him in any way, but because he had been so naive.

Jerry Mass was a rotund man. He was the youngest of the group at thirty eight and seemed to be in a perpetually good mood. That is, until the conversation turned to Kimberly. Then he became somber and almost withdrawn. He owned a real estate company two states away, but he was on the next plane when Steve called him. There was obviously more to his story than just the loss of money, and it showed in his hatred for Kim.

“So we have everything in place now, and everything is on track.” Steve was saying, “All we need is a location to set the plan in motion. Mr. Stout, can you give us an update?”

“Sure,” replied the burly man. Gary Stout strode easily to the front of the room. He exuded confidence for good reason as he was very capable of getting things done. It was the reason the group had hired him.

Gary picked up the remote and clicked a button to change the screen. A photo of Kim appeared in front of a large house. She had just gotten out of the back seat of a large black sedan as the driver held the door for her. “She is currently in Miami and has resided in this house for over a year.” He clicked the button, and the picture changed again.

This time it was of Kim at her pool behind the house. She was wearing a bikini and lounging quietly while looking at her phone. “This appears to be her base of operation, and no one comes to visit her here. She has three other houses around the city.” He clicked the button, and the images of the houses came up.

These houses were not as nice as the one she lived in, but they were not rundown either. “She uses these houses to ‘entertain’ her guests,” Stout continued, “It appears she uses the Internet to locate her marks and then meets them at one of these houses. Most of the men are middle-aged with a good amount of money and either a public profile or a wife. She gets photos of them engaged in sex with her and then blackmails them.” He paused for a second in case anyone had a question. No one said anything, so he clicked the remote.

“She has two scams that are in play. The quickest one is to find a mark that has something to lose and blackmail him with sex photos. She hits them once and walks away without any more contact. The average take is about $50,000.” None of the men in the room flinched at the number. They all had lost more than that to her.

“I checked all the houses,” he informed them. “She has some high tech equipment installed in each room of the houses. Whatever photos or videos she gets, it’s going to be very clear, and there are also separate microphones so the voices are going to be easy to determine as well. She has this scam going on in three states at any time and poses as an insurance agent for commercial property. She actually has a business setup and is licensed. This gives her the base for the second scam she has been running.”

He glanced around the room and then moved to the next slide. It was a list of names for what Stout called the long con. Kimberly developed relationships with men over a period of time and had an ongoing stream of income from them. The names on the list had all developed a product of some type that was being sold, and she was getting a percentage of the profit. Four of the names on the list were in the room at that moment.

“She spends a lot of time setting these cons up. She is careful and does a lot of planning that has paid off for her. She has help, but I haven’t found out if they are partners or hired hands. My guess is the help is hired because she is extremely controlling and I doubt anyone as selfish as her would share in the profits.” He paused again but only briefly as this group had a good grasp of what was going on, and it was unlikely there would be questions.

“As of last week, she just finished a long con and she may end up with a 10% cut of a new type of paper that is being developed. She has been working on this one for over a year, and based on her past, I think she will start over with another long con. First, she will move to a leased home in the city she is going to work in. She will set up one or two short cons to keep up cash flow and work on a long con at the same time.”

“My suggestion is to find someone that fits the profile she is looking for and turn the short con into a long con,” Stout said. “If she thinks she is has found a long-term mark, she will probably focus on him, at least until she feels he is hooked.”

“How does she pick her marks?” Steve asked.

“She uses the Internet to find them,” Stout replied. “She searches for middle-aged men with a good portfolio and maybe some media attention for their work. Ms. Cross has done a lot of research lately, and, thanks to Mr. Miller, we have everything she has accessed in the past month.” He nodded to Larry and the computer expert looked away, embarrassed by the compliment.

“Do we know where she is going next or who she is targeting?” Steve asked.

“She’s coming to us,” Stout smiled, “And she’s coming at you.” His big arm stretched forward and he pointed directly at Matt.


Kimberley Cross checked her makeup one last time before the car pulled up to the large house. She had spent hours making sure her dress gave her the look she wanted. Alluring but not sluttish was how she envisioned the night going, and she needed to be able to play the part.

She pushed her breasts up as the driver opened the door, and she stepped into the humid Miami night. It had been dark for hours but it was still hot, and Kim had taken that into account when buying the dress. The material was light, but the design was elegant and hugged her figure that she worked so hard to maintain. She was aware that someone might be watching, so she moved toward the door as gracefully as possible.

The house was huge. It would have been a mansion in any other part of the country, but it was just a house by Miami elite standards. It sat on twenty acres of real estate about thirty minutes from the city, and the grounds were immaculately kept. It was only two stories but seemed to spread endlessly in either direction from the entrance.

The door opened before she could reach for the handle, and a large black man in a butler suit greeted her. He simply stepped back and motioned with his hand in a sweeping gesture to invite her in. As Kim stepped through the doorway, she could see there were many small groups of people chatting with each other.

The main room just through the door was massive and rivaled the size of many hotel ballrooms she had been in. The highly polished granite floor bounced the sound of the many voices toward the lofty, vaulted ceiling as the different groups laughed and talked. Several clusters had broken off and stood huddled to one side of the room. It was obvious business was being discussed by the expressions their expensively dressed dates had on their faces. They looked bored, and one was pecking away at her cell phone; probably updating her social media status so friends would be jealous that she was invited to a private party and they were not. It didn’t matter that her ‘date’ was 35 years older than her and not much to look at.

Kim recognized many of the faces as she moved across the room. Some she would need to avoid, but others nodded in greeting or spoke to her. By design, she was one of the last to arrive, and she had just gotten a drink when an announcement was being made. A large, well-built, white man in a butler suit similar to the one the doorman had greeted her in broadcast in a loud, booming voice that the party was moving to the pool area. The crowd dutifully shuffled toward the rear of the house and out into the muggy night to find a stage had been erected in the backyard.

The platform was about twenty feet across at the front and rounded so the people could gather around it. It was almost four feet off the ground so it would be easy for everyone to see what was happening even from the back of the yard, and the raised floor extended to an unknown point behind a curtain some thirty feet away. There were professional stage lights with a bundle of cables that disappeared off to one side, creating a trail to a point beyond where the crowd was gathering, terminating at a table with expensive looking sound equipment. Two young men with headphones were punching buttons and sliding controls as the lights on the center stage began to brighten.

Kim stayed toward the back of the crowd, and as she took in the scene, she caught the gaze of a well-dressed man staring at her. She had seen him before at parties and a club but now a shiver ran down her spine making her involuntarily look away. She cursed herself for the action and reminded herself that she was a successful, confident woman. Nevertheless, she moved behind a group of people so he could not see her.

The owner of the house stepped onstage and introduced himself. He appeared very professional and was at ease with the microphone in front of a crowd as if it were something he did every day. He thanked everyone for coming and relayed his hope that his guests would enjoy the entertainment before giving over the stage to the white butler.

The man appeared larger now than he had in the ballroom. His chest bulged and the elevation revealed his thighs were so massive even the tailored butler suit could not hide it. He had no microphone and as he began to speak it was obvious why. His loud, thunderous voice echoed across the crowd, penetrating every corner of the yard.

“Tonight,” he said as he dramatically swept his hand across the crowd, “We bring you the sensuality of submission!” No one spoke, and it was if he had entranced the entire audience.

“This performance is not for the faint of heart,” he continued, “Everything you see is real.” He smiled broadly and looked around the large crowd without really seeing anyone in particular.

“We encourage you to leave if you are sensitive to intense sexual acts or…” he paused dramatically, “Pain.” Several women gasped, but no one moved. Whatever was about to happen had their full attention, and they weren’t going to miss it.

The butler paused again for effect, and when it was obvious no one would leave, he took a few steps to one side and a spotlight suddenly lit up the curtains behind him. Music began to play at the same time and a woman in a ball gown appeared from the curtain. She began to dance, and it was obvious this was a well-choreographed and rehearsed performance.

She was tall and graceful with long red hair that billowed out behind her as she moved. Her dress clung to her upper body while the skirt flowed neatly around her legs. She was exotic and radiated sexual energy to the point the crowd had unconsciously pressed against the stage to be closer to her.

Without breaking time to the music or losing a step, she somehow managed to discard the dress in something more akin to a magic trick than dance. She held the material for only a second before flinging it toward the back of the stage, and it fluttered to the floor. The dancer once again faced the crowd and twirled before them in a set of shiny black panties and bra with nothing else except her matching ballerina shoes.

As she continued her performance at the edge of the platform near the guests, the black butler appeared in a spotlight in the center of the stage. He was wearing only a leather belt and arm bands that accentuated his large muscles and next to him was a bar stool.
The woman moved toward him, no longer dancing but with her head bowed and hands behind her back. As the man waited for her, he moved his hands slightly at his side and a thin cane could be seen. The redhead moved into place with her back to the audience and slowly bent over the stool resting her stomach on the seat.

Music was still playing, but now it had blended and morphed into something else. The beat was becoming stronger, and the tempo had changed to a faster more intense tune. The butler unceremoniously raised the cane and brought it down hard across the woman’s butt. The sound overpowered the music, and the loud “THWAK!” could be heard by everyone.

On the white skin of her ass, where the panties did not cover, there was now an angry red line that showed exactly where the cane had landed. It was soon joined by another and then another as the man rained down blows onto her stroke after stroke without slowing his speed or force.

The big man kept pace with the music as it became louder and the tempo increased. The cane was a blur now, and the swish and crack of it hitting her ass could still be heard above everything as he increased the blows to full force. The music crescendo was reached, and the woman lay panting on the stool. Even from behind, it was easy to see the rise and fall of her back caused by her labored breathing.

The black man dropped the cane, and the lighting changed, illuminating his large swollen cock. He grasped the woman’s panties and ripped them from her body, revealing the mass of welts across her inflamed ass. Tossing the torn cloth to the crowd, he stepped behind her, and in one motion, sank his cock to the hilt. He began to pump into her as the music and lighting changed again. The small section of the stage with the stool began to rotate, and the two turned slowly so everyone in the audience would get a view.

The man never slowed his pace or changed positions. He rammed into the dancer almost angrily with no sign of becoming tired. The music began to speed up again, and the hard beat was intoxicating as the crowd stood mesmerized by the lewd display before them. A few of the guests began to fondle and caress the person next to them and others unconsciously began to touch themselves, but no one looked away as the two on the stage coupled.

The music was very loud now, and it was obvious the man was getting close to cumming. His large muscles flexed, and he increased his pace even more as the redhead was tossed about like a rag doll beneath him. She opened her mouth as if the scream but no sound came out, and her face contorted in what could have been either pain or orgasmic bliss. Her captor pulled back letting his member pop out of her and into his hand. He stroked his cock a few times before becoming rigid and shooting long white streams of cum across her back.

Kim glanced around the stage to find clothes being pulled away from bodies of the guests at an alarming rate. There were men and women all around her engaged in one form or another of sex. The woman next to her suddenly dropped to her knees and began sucking the cock of her date… or maybe it wasn’t. Kim couldn’t tell who was with whom as the party devolved into a drunken orgy.

She looked across the stage and directly in front of her was the man. He was staring at her, trying to pierce her soul with his eyes. She looked down and turned to walk away. A hand grasped at her breast as she headed toward the door, but she brushed it away and moved quickly around the bodies both standing and already prone on the ground in various sexual positions.

Kim made it to the backdoor of the house and turned to see the undulating crowd that had turned flesh colored, accented with a sheen of sweat from the Florida heat. The next act was being wheeled onto the stage, and it appeared to be a shapely young woman tied tightly in an upright position inside a heavy metal framework. The contraption was pushed to the middle of the stage by the white butler who was now nude.

His bulging muscles, now unhampered by clothing, looked impressive as he flexed to push the trapped girl into position. Satisfied he had the stage set correctly, he stepped back and unfurled a whip which he cracked once over his head in a loud bang that momentarily stopped everyone cold. The lights came up and shined brightly on the captive.

Kim could see clearly that it was the bored girl whom earlier that night had been texting on her phone. She had a ball gag in her mouth and drool escaped around it as her body was held tightly in place, stretched by hand and foot toward each corner of the unyielding metal stand. The whip cracked again and then, in a wide arc, made its way toward her. The girl’s eyes widened as the leather snapped against her skin, and then she howled in pain so loudly the agonizing cry could be heard above the music.

Once again the crowd was enthralled, but this time only for a few strokes before they went back to whatever sexual act they had been performing. The sound of the whip striking flesh pushed them on, and the moans of pleasure mixed with that of the girl’s pain. She was completely immobile except for her head which shook violently side to side each time the man landed a blow.

“At least she’s not bored,” Kim said to no one in particular as she turned to leave the party. She did not see him, but she knew he was watching her as she walked toward the front door. The party had been a success and was the cultivation of over a year of planning to get him interested without making it obvious.

“It won’t be long now,” she thought to herself, “A few more times, and he will be all over me.” She smiled as she moved past the driver holding her door and slid into the back seat. The wait for the final score was almost over. Now, it was time to disappear for a while and make the final preparations. She already knew where she would be going and what she would be doing during that time.

Chapter 3

Chip floored the accelerator and swerved around the slow moving cars in front of him. They were actually driving over the speed limit, but Chip was in a hurry and cursed at them as he jockeyed around the line of drivers only to find he was almost to his exit. He jerked the wheel hard to the right, narrowly missing a car, and barely making the turn. The tires of the BMW made a thump, thump, thump sound as they bounced over the lane indicators to let a driver know he was off the road. Chip accelerated down the ramp and followed the in-dash GPS to the location he had been given.

The electronic map led him to a small shopping center with a half dozen flourishing shops of different types. He slowed enough to read the addresses until he reached a store front with a large sign claiming it was for rent. He checked the address again and groaned.

“Fucking cloak and dagger bullshit!” he spat. Sliding out of the car, he walked to the entrance of the abandoned store and tugged at the door. It was unlocked, so he stepped inside the building and let his eyes adjust to the dimness.

“Good morning, Mr. Wendt!” a voiced boomed from the back of the empty room. Chip could see the shadow of the large man, and he moved in his direction.

“What the fuck is this?” Chip whined, “You want to play spy, get someone else to do your shit for you!”

“That’s fine with my employers,” said the man, “But I’ll need the initial payment back.” Chip was only a few feet away now, and he could see the man was bigger than he first thought.

“I don’t have it,” Chip’s voice dropped off, “Fucking divorce is about to put me under.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wendt. My employers will live up to their end of the deal as long as you do as you are told.” Chip’s eyes flashed in anger.

“Do as I’m told?” he screamed, “I’ll…” His words were cut off as the bigger man grasped his throat and slammed him up against a nearby wall.

“Yes,” the brute said calmly, “You’ll do as you’re told. Exactly as you are told, every time, or I will be back to have another meeting with you. Only next time, I will not be so gentle.” He released his grip allowing the lawyer to sink back to his heels.

“Ok, ok,” Chip coughed, “What do you want me to do?”

“Sometime in the next few weeks, you’ll be approached by a woman,” the man said, “Do whatever you want with her, but don’t go to her home or any place she suggests.”

“That’s it?” Chip asked puzzled, “Don’t go a bitch’s house? What the fuck is going on?”

“She lures men to a location and her films them in awkward positions for blackmail.”

“So you’re some sort of cop?”

“Something like that,” the man said dismissively, “We have reason to believe she will target you next.”

“Why me?” Chip was whining again.

“Because you fit the profile,” the mystery man said patiently, “She’ll probably offer sex to lure you in.” Chip was surprised at this but quickly composed himself.

“You want me to avoid her?”

“No. Do whatever you want with her, but make sure it’s at a place of your choosing.”

Chip stood quietly now, taking in what the man was saying, “You want me to fuck this broad any way I want but not at her place?”

“Not at any place she suggests,” the man replied flatly. Chip shrugged as he accepted this without further question. It was obvious this man wasn’t a cop, but he also wasn’t a joke either.

“Who am I looking for?” Chip asked, “Do you have a picture? What is her name?”

“I’ll get you all the information you need when it is necessary,” he said, “Any other questions?”

“What do I call you?” Chip asked suddenly.

“Mr. Stout,” The man said as he turned to leave, “We’ll be in touch, Mr. Wendt.” He left through the back door, and Chip resisted the urge to peek out and see where he had gone.

“What a fucking day!” Chip whined. He walked quickly through the front door and got into his car without hesitating. He felt like he was being watched, and it made him paranoid. Slamming the car into gear, he headed out of the shopping center and directly to his favorite bar. He needed a drink.


Matt and Steve listened intently to Stout’s report via a speaker phone system. They sat in a boardroom one floor above Steve’s firm in a set of offices that had been vacant. It was really David’s idea, and since he had the money to bankroll the operation, they all agreed. It was a good setup, and it allowed Larry to spend as much time as he wanted in a separate office with all his computers well into the night.

“He’s good to go,” Stout was saying after relaying the play-by-play of the meeting with Chip, “He’s a real squirrel, but he should be easy to keep on a leash.” They ended the call and Matt sat back in his chair. He was concerned about the new addition to the plan and worried that Chip would tip off their prey.

“He may be an idiot, but he knows how to keep the woman in check,” Steve said as if reading Matt’s thoughts. “He is an asshole and won’t let her get close to him. He’ll treat her like shit and make it difficult to get anything out of him.”

Steve was confident of how Chip would act. He was aware of the divorce and the issues of domestic abuse. If Chip’s ex-wife was to be believed, Kim was in for a hell of a ride.

“Are we sure Chip is the one she’ll pick?” Matt asked suddenly. They had been over the data Larry had compiled dozens of times, and it always came out that Chip was the most likely target. They had also warned a few others to watch out for her to narrow the possibilities.

“We’ve done all we can,” Steve shrugged, “Larry knows his stuff, and based on what we know about Chip, he looks like an easy target. It all fits and Larry thinks she will make her move in the next two weeks, so we should be in good shape.”

“I’m not sure about the car,” Matt said, “I don’t want to be involved with a stolen car.”

“Stout already took care of it,” Steve said and he dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “We can’t be traced to it, and it’s a good insurance policy.”

The car was Stout’s idea. They would ‘acquire’ an identical model to that of Chip’s and switch the license plates. Kim was shrewd and would know a lot about her target before proceeding so it was important to keep everything the same. She always asked to borrow a car in order to keep the contact with the men she conned. It was a clever way to ensure she had his attention. If he was willing to give up his car for her, she knew he would do anything she asked.

Larry’s system was proving to be very accurate when it came to predicting how Kim would act. The men had pooled their experiences, and Larry had written a program to help track variables and determine probabilities. It wasn’t foolproof, but the men had a put a lot of faith in it, enough to steal a car to use as a backup plan. If it all went wrong, they could call the license plates in as stolen, and the Kim would be arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

“I agree with having a backup plan,” said Matt, “If she picks Chip, and if she asks for the car, and if, if, if…” He trailed off and slouched in his chair. He had more to lose than the others because his company was on the line. They were using his livelihood as bait to work a con on Kim, and if it went wrong… he didn’t want to think about it.

“Chill out,” Steve said, “According to Larry’s calculations, it will be within the next few weeks that she makes a move and then you’ll be fine. It’s all this waiting around that has you worked up.” He didn’t know if he was trying to calm Matt’s nerves or his own.


Chip sat glumly at the bar and sipped at his drink. It burned slightly as it went down and warmed him up. The meeting with Stout had been nerve-racking to say the least, and he was finally calming down.

He would have liked to tell the big man to fuck off, but he needed the money. He had already lost the house and car. HIS car. It was a seven series top-of-the-line BMW, and he missed it. The three series replacement was ok but had only half the horsepower and was a lot smaller. He really missed his old car, and it burned him up that his ex was driving it now.

The house wasn’t a big deal except it had doubled in value since he bought it. He thought in the divorce we would get some equity but the judge didn’t see it that way. The domestic violence and the revelation of his affairs over the years had finally caught up with him.

“Fuck the bitch,” he mumbled to himself as he nodded to the bartender to bring another round. He glanced about the dimly lit room and took in the scene. The air hung heavy with cigarette smoke, and the bar smelled of cheap whiskey and cheaper perfume. It was a dive by any standard, and he felt at home.

He was calmer now, and he began to check out the crowd. He had a few regular hookups, but it was the middle of the week and he didn’t see them. There was a couple sitting close and flirting at a corner table and a woman he had seen occasionally the last few months at the end of the bar. A few other men lounged around the room. One was in a cheap suit and drinking alone while others were drinking together and telling lies about how much they had accomplished in life.

He looked at the solitary woman again. She sat quietly at the bar and seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. Her hair was pulled back, and she was dressed conservatively, like a secretary or real estate agent in the suburbs. She was attractive, but not a model and he noticed her tits weren’t that big. They were probably just a C cup or maybe a bit larger, but nothing to get too excited about.

Chip picked up his drink and walked over to her. She didn’t look up or acknowledge him, so he sat on the next stool. He didn’t feel like playing the cat and mouse game tonight. He just wanted to fuck, and he had a feeling she was here for the same thing.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

The woman looked up and smiled weakly. “I’m fine, just had a rough day.”

“We got something in common then,” Chip said and held up his glass in a toast. The woman looked at him inquisitively for a second, and then a ‘what the hell’ expression crossed her face. She picked up her glass and clinked it against his before downing the contents completely.

Chip spent the next hour plying her with drinks and pretending to listen to Dena’s sad story. There was something about her car being in the shop and her boss being on her ass. It really wasn’t that interesting so he passed the time by thinking of different ways to fuck her. When she was sufficiently drunk, he offered her a ride and wasn’t surprised when she accepted. He could be quite charming when he was horny.

A fifteen minute ride got them to his house outside the suburbs. He had chosen it because it was out of the way and surrounded by a bit of land. It was in the company name but he was the only one that used it, him and his conquests that is. It was the only thing he had gotten in the divorce because his ex said she didn’t want any place he had taken his whores.

Chip had to help his new friend out of the car and into the house. He kicked the door closed behind him and took her straight to the bedroom. She lay motionless on the mattress and at first he thought she was asleep.

“This is not my house,” Dena slurred, “Where are we?”

“I don’t know where you live,” Chip said, “I brought you here so you can rest.” He tugged at the buttons on the blouse and pulled it aside. He had guessed right about the tits, but he wasn’t too disappointed. She had a good body and wasn’t fighting him off so he continued with the skirt.

“I’m losing my clothes,” the woman giggled, “Are you planning to fuck me?” Her voice was thick from the alcohol, and she giggled again at her sentence.

“Fuck me?” Dena said again loudly, and she burst into a drunken fit of laughter. Chip smiled and slid the panties from her legs, admiring how toned they were. It was obvious she spent a lot of time in the gym.

She lay quietly while he undressed and climbed onto the bed, but then she sat up and surprised him with a passionate kiss. He kissed her back, and her hand grasped his hard cock and began stroking it. He pushed her back flat on the sheets and settled between her legs. Grasping both her wrists in his hands he pushed them above her head and held them tightly.

“OHHH,” she smiled, “I like a man in charge.” Chip grinned and suddenly plunged into her in one violent motion. She gasped from the force and then groaned as he began to pound into her. The sound of slapping flesh and moans filled the room as he roughly fucked her. She spread her legs wide, and he pummeled into her pussy with all his force, not caring if it hurt or if she was enjoying it.

The smell of alcohol was heavy as he held himself above her and he kept the pace hard and fast. She groaned again but never asked him to stop. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was labored. He released her arms and moved his hands beside her to give himself better leverage. She didn’t move positions but began to shudder in climax as he dropped his mouth to her breast and grasped a nipple between his teeth.

He bit down lightly, and she squealed but didn’t try to push him away. He bit down harder now, and she moaned loudly before bucking in orgasm. Her gyrations pushed him over the edge as well, and he came deep inside her before dropping onto the bed flat on his back. She stayed where she was with her hands above her head while her breathing returned to normal.

“She likes a man in charge,” Chip thought to himself. He watched her closely and even though she was free to move any way she wanted her hands stayed above her head and her legs were still spread.

“Suck my cock,” he said forcefully. She immediately obeyed and quickly positioned herself on her hands and knees between his legs. She greedily sucked their combined juices off his cock, and it began to harden rapidly due to her attention. Chip began to wonder how far he could take her.

“Get off the bed and stand with your hands over your head,” he barked. She complied without hesitation, and he stared at her for a few seconds. His gaze met her eyes and she looked down. She was embarrassed, and it excited him to see her like this. She was his to do whatever he wanted, and the possibilities suddenly flooded him.

“Turn around and bend over,” he demanded. She did as he asked and stood with her ass facing him. “Reach back and spread your ass.” She hesitated for a second before grasping her cheeks and spreading them for him to reveal her puckered anus and dripping pussy.

“Nice,” he muttered to himself. He got off the bed and stood behind her. Without thinking he slapped her ass forcefully, and she yelped but did not move. His cock was rock hard now, and he moved close so he could fuck her again. Grasping her hips in his hands he plunged into her pussy again and short stroked into her for a few seconds. Her hands remained in place, pulling her ass apart as if inviting him to sodomize her.

Chips cock was dripping with her juices so he put the head against her tight asshole and pushed hard. She rocked forward but her hands never moved as his cock slowly disappeared into her ass. She groaned loudly and then cried out as he began to fuck her in earnest. First, he used short punishing strokes, and as his second orgasm built, he began to pump all the way in before pulling back until the head of his cock almost popped out of her. Once to this point, he slammed back in hard, repeating the process over and over again. He slowed down as he felt his release coming and tried to prolong the feeling of power he had over her. His balls ached, and he could feel the blood in his cock pounding in rapid concert with his heartbeat.

He lasted only a few more strokes, and when she begin to buck and thrash in her own orgasm, he could hold out no more and came in wave after wave of muscle clenching spasms that he could feel from head to toe. He finally pulled out of her with a loud ‘pop’ and fell backwards onto the bed exhausted.

“Come here,” he said breathing heavily. She released her ass cheeks and on wobbly legs turned to find him motioning her to him. Staggering forward from both the alcohol and exertion, she dropped to her knees and, before he could tell her what to do, began sucking his slime covered cock clean.

Chip lay back and let her finish without saying anything. He was lost in thought, already planning their next rendezvous. He realized she was no longer licking him and looked down to find her kneeling between his legs. Dena was looking down with her hands behind her back.

Chip smiled broadly. This was going to be fun.

Chapter 4

The standard ding sounded to let Matt know the elevator had reached its destination. The doors labored open slowly, allowing him to step out to the underground parking lot. He made it to his car and was unlocking the door when someone pushed against him from behind, pressing him tightly against the vehicle.

“You got a name that I want,” a deep voice told him. Matt could feel from the close contact that his attacker was big, very big. The man’s mouth was inches from his ear and he was whispering menacingly, “You have 5 seconds before I break your arm.”

“Name?” Matt cried, “What name? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“The pet name for your little project,” the man growled, “Tell me now and I’ll let you go.” He emphasized the sentence by squeezing Matt’s wrist and twisting his arm further behind his back. The pressure caused him to wince in pain and cry out.

“Holy shit!” Matt exclaimed, “She sent you to force it out of me?” He couldn’t believe Kim would be this brazen in trying to get the information. He didn’t want a broken arm and it occurred to him that he had more than one bone that this hired thug could break.

“Fine!” Matt started, “The name is…” The man suddenly groaned loudly and released Matt’s wrist. The attacker fell to his knees, and Matt spun around to find Stout impassively looking down at the big assailant. Stout grabbed the fallen man by the collar and swung his huge balled fist hard and fast, landing it square on the jaw with a sickening crack. He let go of the shirt, and the now unconscious brute fell to the ground.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me!” Matt was hysterical now, “If you hadn’t been here… if I had told him… I think he might have killed me!” He paced back and forth next to his car and then kicked the now unconscious man in the stomach as hard as he could.

“Bastard!” he spat at the downed assailant.

Stout watched patiently and when he gauged Matt had calmed down he spoke in a level and calm voice, “You need to go back up to the office. She’s obviously in town and I need to brief our men on what to expect.” He looked expectantly at his nervous employer and waited for a response.

Matt seemed to snap out of his trance after a second and his head began to clear, “Umm, yeah. I’ll go back upstairs and let the guys know.” He took a step back and then looked in the direction of the elevator. “I’ll go let them know.” He moved slowly toward the elevator, but Stout stopped him.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Stout pointed at the car where the door key was still embedded and the heavy ring of various sized keys hung against the vehicle. Matt simply nodded and walked back to retrieve them before making a hasty retreat to the safety of the elevator.

He glanced back toward Stout as the doors were closing and could see the thug was slung carelessly over the shoulder of his rescuer as easily as one might carry a coat on an unseasonably warm day. Stout was not someone to be messed with, and Matt was glad the man was on his side.

The elevator moaned in protest and finally made it to the office where he had been only a few minutes earlier. Jerry was in his office pecking away at two keyboards at once and didn’t notice when he walked past and straight to the liquor cabinet that David had insisted on installing. At this particular moment, it seemed silly that the rest of the group had protested. He poured the expensive bourbon into a glass almost to the rim and slumped into one of the comfortable chairs.

David had been right. There were going to be some tense moments in a plan such as this, so they may as well be comfortable while dealing with it. He made a mental note to thank him for his foresight the next time he saw him.

“What happened?”

Matt looked up to find Steve standing in front of him.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Matt took a long sip of the whiskey before relaying what had happened. He was still a bit shaken but the bourbon was working its magic and he was calming down quickly. Steve called for Jerry to come in and the story was told once again for his benefit. Jerry listened quietly and nodded without comment until Matt was finished.

“She’s here,” Jerry said simply. He turned on his heels and strode back to his office without another word.

“He means he’s glad you’re ok, and he’ll get busy on the next part of the plan,” Steve smiled as he pretended to translate.

“I can’t believe she would do that. It wouldn’t hold up in court, would it?”

Steve sat down across from him and was quiet for a few minutes while he thought about it. The use of information that had been coerced wasn’t going to be used in court. It would be used to take away the advantage they had over her. It was the one thing that countered the claim that she was involved in designing the fuse.

He and Matt were the only ones that knew what he called the fuse while designing it and neither had told anyone else. There may be a few emails from years ago, but even then it was only between them and no one else was part of their communication. He was sure of that because at the time neither of them had employees.

“We need to secure the original documents for the patent,” Steve said, “I see how she plans to get to you, and it hinges on the original name of the fuse. With that information out in the open, she can sue you until you finally just pay her to go away.” He stopped for a second and then a smiled crossed his face.

“What?” Matt asked.

“I think I know what she’s going to do next,” Steve replied, “We need to alter our plan a bit.”

They talked for another hour about what to do. It was obvious the nickname was a major piece in the puzzle. The original plans for the fuse and all the hand written notes that Matt had put together to prove he had developed the part were kept together. It was insurance in case someone decided to sue for infringement, and it had only been used a few times for bogus lawsuits.

The name had never been an issue since they had documented the progression of the invention quite well. Steve had talked Matt into changing it to a more industrial name to help with the marketing later on and now that decision was going to keep Kim at bay.

Matt finally calmed down enough to go home. Steve took the elevator down with him to the parking garage this time. The vacant cars and the lack of noise made it an eerie place to be in after what had happened, and the new threat wasn’t lost on Steve. A conference call to David had everyone in agreement that more security was needed, and by tomorrow, there would be two more men on the team to help keep everything going smoothly.

Matt smiled wanly at Steve as he pulled the car out of the garage and onto the street. It was only a five-minute drive to his house, but he was still nervous and paranoid that someone might be following him. He was glad Denise was coming over as he didn’t want to be alone tonight. He had just gotten out of the car when she pulled up.
“Late day?” she said getting out of her car. They met at the front of the hood, and he kissed her deeply. They finally broke the embrace, and she stepped back.

“Ohhh,” she cooed, “Someone’s happy to see me. Let’s get inside.” She took his hand and led him to the front door where he fumbled with the keys a few seconds. The door was still swinging open when he was attached for the second time that day… only this assault was welcome.

Denise wrapped her arms around him from behind, and one hand found the bulge in his trousers. She squeezed it gently and then released it so she could tug at is shirt to let him know that she wanted him to take it off now. They had been together for months and developed a rhythm of how the evening usually went with dinner out or a movie and then back to one of their homes for sex. Tonight, it was going to be different.

He wasn’t difficult to convince and only slowed for a second to close the door behind them. They shed their clothes standing in the foyer, and Matt took in the naked beauty before him. She was tanned and toned with a neatly trimmed bush and firm breasts. He moved closer and touched her soft skin and began kissing her in concert with caressing her body.

She returned the kiss passionately and began pushing him back toward the living room. He hugged her to him, and his hands roamed over her shapely ass. Squeezing her butt elicited a giggle, and she forced him past the couch and to his favorite recliner. The back of his legs bumped against the chair, and he fell backwards into it while Denise dropped to her knees in front of him and caught his hardened cock between her lips.

She engulfed it as far as she could before moving back and letting it pop from her mouth. Matt groaned and looked down to see her smiling up at him while licking the tip seductively. He groaned again and leaned back with his eyes closed as she alternately sucked him completely into her mouth only to back away and tease the tip of his cock with her tongue.

It only took a few minutes of this treatment before Matt could stand no more and he pulled at her shoulders to bring her into his lap. She giggled again and straddled the big chair with her legs spread wide on either side of the padded arm rests. Grasping his cock, she slowly slid it into her slick pussy and then wrapped her arms around his neck.

Matt loved the feel of her pussy as she pressed down into his lap and presented her hardened nipples to his face at the same time. He opened his mouth and sucked in one of her buds and was rewarded with a long sigh as she began to bounce up and down on his cock. They moved together and the intensity of their lovemaking increased as they fucked on the overstuffed chair that creaked beneath them.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Denise cried as her orgasm neared. Matt did his best to hold back but he did not last long. Her writhing and moaning pushed him nearer and nearer until he could resist no longer, and he finally shot load after load of cum into her clenching pussy. She responded in kind and shuddered in release before collapsing onto him without moving. Matt could feel her chest rise and fall against him as she lay there, and he held her closely for what seemed like a long time as they came down from their sexual high.

After she had caught her breath she pushed back far enough so she could see his face. “That was fun,” she smiled, “I like relaxing in the recliner.” Matt laughed and pulled her to him so he could kiss her again.

He reached down and pulled the lever on the side of the chair causing it suddenly fall backward with them. Denise squealed and then shifted so she was half on him with her head on his shoulder. They were still contently in that position when they drifted off to sleep a few minutes later.


“Fucking cloak and dagger bullshit!” Chip mumbled under his breath. He pulled up to the high chain link gate and rolled down his window. He continued to curse quietly to himself as he checked his phone for the gate code. He had saved it rather than try to remember the digits as Stout had told him. He reached out to punch numbers into the security keypad, and the heavy gate lurched once before moving slowly to one side to let him pass.

He checked the phone again for the number of the storage building. G32 was at the back of the complex, and he passed several rows until he turned down the correct one to find Stout in the middle of the isle. He resisted the urge to slam on the gas and mow him down like a cur dog, but instead, he pulled up meekly and stopped, waiting for the big man to let him know what to do.

Stout stepped to one of the storage rollup doors and grasped to the handle. With a simple flick of the wrist, it shot up revealing the empty space. He motioned for Chip to back the car into the opening.

Once it was parked, Chip shut off the engine and jumped out. He was about to launch into a well-rehearsed tirade, but Stout lifted his and touched one finger to his lips. The lawyer immediately got quiet and then turned bright red from anger. He wasn’t used to being pushed around.

The big man motioned with one hand to his ear to indicate a phone and the other extended palm up toward Chip. It was obvious he wanted Chip’s phone and he reluctantly relinquished it. Stout immediately pulled the back cover off the device and removed the battery and sim card. He then dropped it to the ground and smashed it with the heel of his boot.

“Mother fucker!” Chip exclaimed, unable to contain himself any longer. He took a step toward the bigger man but stopped when he saw the look of amusement on his face. Stout pulled an identical phone out of his pocket and placed the SIM card into it. He pushed a few buttons and then handed it back.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” Chip asked. He wasn’t as aggressive as he wanted to be but at least he posed the question.

“Just a precaution,” Stout replied, “the new phone can’t be hijacked or tracked.” Chip looked down at the phone and then shrugged as if it wasn't worth arguing about.

“Are you going to let me in on when this bitch is going to show up?” Chip asked, “I’ve got some other stuff going on, and I don’t want to fuck it up.” Stout raised an eyebrow at this and smiled.

“When she shows up,” Stout said sarcastically, “You’ll need to be careful what you say and do, especially around other people. She will try to get you to go specific places without pushing, and they will be rigged with surveillance cameras. Never go to her house and never go to the same place twice.”

“What the fuck difference does it make if I bang some chick?” Chip asked exasperated, “I’m single now, and it doesn’t matter any more.”

“We both know your propensity toward violence,” Stout said evenly, “At least when it comes to women.” The lawyer looked down and said nothing so the big man continued.

“She’ll try to bring out those tendencies and record them with her as the victim. Then she will claim you forced her. How would that look to some of your clients if it got out?”

Chip stood quietly contemplating what Stout had said. It wouldn’t make a difference in the divorce since that was over, but some of his do-gooder clients wouldn’t like it. He could also be brought in front of the legal board of ethics for those kinds of charges. He’d need to be careful.

“What do I need to do?” he asked, “I don’t think there’s a bitch alive that can play me like you’re talking about, but I’m listening.”

“You’re going to give her your car when she asks for it,” Stout said simply.

“FUCK THAT!” shouted Chip, “I’m not giving up another car to some bitch!” He took a few steps further back into the building and shouted for a few more minutes about how it would never happen and that he would pay them back before Stout finally raised a hand. Again, Chip quieted down although he was red faced and breathing hard.

“You’ll give it to her because it’s not really yours,” Stout explained. He motioned for Chip to follow out of the storage building and to the next door. The big man flipped it open to reveal the exact model BMW sitting inside.

“We’ll change the plates and if something goes wrong you’ll call them in as stolen.”

Chip suddenly realized he was in over his head. He stood staring at the car and the possibilities ran wild through his head. Was he mixed up with the mob? Had some undercover federal agency tapped him to be a patsy?

“Don’t worry,” Stout said as if reading his mind, “This woman has pissed off a few very wealthy individuals. I assure you they are legitimate and above board.” Chip pointed to the stolen car and then dropped his hand without looking at the other man.

“They wouldn’t do such a thing as steal a car,” Stout said, “But I never said I wouldn’t.” He walked to the passenger door and pulled out a file folder and a screw driver.

“Read this while we change everything over,” he said and began taking the license plate off the legally acquired car. Chip opened the folder and began looking through the information.

“Mother fucker…” his voice trailed off as he found a picture of the woman he would be watching out for. In the file in front of him were four 8x10 photos of Dena.

Chapter 5

Larry sat uncomfortably in his chair while scanning the 5 monitors in front of him. The blue screen on the center one held most of his attention as it did for the rest of the group that gathered around him painfully close. They weren’t touching him, but they were in his office and that was enough.

“Is it going to work?” Jerry asked wringing his hands nervously. His real estate background had been helpful in securing locations for anonymous meetings with Chip, but he was very tense to say the least. He had to be kept out of Larry’s office most of the time because the two personalities didn’t match well.

“It will work,” David said calmly. He sipped at his glass of bourbon and stared at the screen, which suddenly began to flicker. The image became clearer, and within seconds, they were looking at a security feed with twelve screens. Larry tapped furiously at the keyboard and one of the small windows expanded to fit the entire monitor. Stout’s big frame standing in Chip’s living room filled the display.

“You should have a visual,” Stout’s voice came loudly through the computer speakers and Larry answered through the Bluetooth he was wearing.

“It’s working,” Larry answered, “I need you to check the other rooms for video and sound.” The big man moved out of camera shot, and Larry changed the view with a few taps of the keyboard. They checked each of the cameras before everyone relaxed and moved from the office.

“What about the car?” David asked. He had stayed behind to talk with Larry since he had been gone for most of the week on business. “Is everything working?”

Larry moved to the keyboard on his left and typed in a quick command. The computer screen revealed a quad security feed from the inside of the stolen car. There was no one in the vehicle at the moment, but they could see clearly that it was parked on a street and the sound of a passing car verified that the sound was working too.

“We got the feeds working yesterday,” the tech said, “Anything that happens is being recorded, and we can use the burner phone to contact Chip if we need to. I put one of my security apps in it so we don’t have to worry about it being cloned.”

“What about Kim’s phone?” Johnson asked.

“She doesn’t carry it when she is with Chip,” Larry replied. “She’s either very careful or very smart, probably both. Mr. Stout is working on that for us.” David nodded as he watched their employee move through Chip’s house to the kitchen, where he dropped several pieces of unopened mail on the table.

“Looks like he’s got everything covered,” Johnson said as he took another sip of alcohol, “It should be a good show tonight.” Larry didn’t respond so David left his office to give him space.

The other three men were staring intently at two big screen TVs. Matt and Steve each had a remote and from a distance, it almost looked like they were playing video games. Steve managed to get his programmed first, and the images of Chip’s house were now easy to see on the huge screen. Matt figured the other one out and the car video popped up.

Larry had taken the time to set it up for them under the guise that they would be more comfortable while watching the feeds. They all knew it was his way of keeping them out of his office, but no one said anything about it. If leaving Larry alone was all that was needed to let him continue his high level of work, then they would leave him alone.

“There’s Chip,” Jerry said pointing to the screen with video from the car. They focused their attention on his movements for a moment as they watched him get in and drive away. It was odd to be able to see the inside of the car as well as over the hood and the street beyond while he drove.

“I feel like we need some popcorn,” Steve quipped. There was nervous laughter as they settled in to watch the show.


Chip picked up Dena, who he now knew was really Kim, in front of the insurance office she claimed to work for. She had called and asked him to pick her up since her car was still in the shop. He agreed, and decided to keep his knowledge of her real identity secret. Chip considered himself good at keeping a straight face, and he had plenty of experience at lying; he was a lawyer after all. They made it to his house in only a few minutes, and as soon as they stepped into the house, he was ready to take control.

“Get those clothes off slut!” he barked as she closed the door behind her. He walked off without looking and a few envelopes on the table caught his eye. He didn’t get mail at his home so he picked them up and flipped through them. They were addressed to his office and two of them were regular bills. The third was from a company he didn’t recognize.

He opened the envelope to find a check for $80,000 with the memo reading ‘monthly commission’. Chip froze for a few seconds before realizing it was a plant for Kim’s benefit.

“Fucking cloak and dagger bullshit!” He muttered under his breath. He was aware that the now naked Kim had come into the room so he shrugged nonchalantly, returned the check to the envelope, and dropped it back onto the table.

“I’m going to take a shower,” he said, “There’s food in the fridge. Make us dinner.” He walked off without another word and smiled as he knew she would take the bait and look at the check. Stout and his group was clever, there was no doubt about that. No matter how much research she had done on him she wouldn’t know about the commission check. Hell, he hadn’t known about it until a few minutes ago. She would do whatever he wanted until she could verify the check and the company.

If Stout was as good as he thought, both the check and the company would be real. It would take Kim a week to figure out it was bogus and by then he would have broken her. His cock began to stir thinking about how he would use this power.

By the time he finished his shower, he had a few good ideas of where to start. He walked to the kitchen in his robe and sat at the table. There were two places set and Kim was bringing dinner to him. She served him first and made sure she stood close enough to rub her breasts against him.

The salad wasn’t fancy but it was good enough, and Chip immediately began to eat. As Kim went to fill her plate, he stopped her.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he asked her, “Who said you could eat?”

“I just thought…” the words died in her mouth, and she put the salad bowl down on the table.

“If you’re hungry you can work for your dinner,” he said menacingly. He pushed his chair back slightly from the table and spread his legs, letting the robe fall open.

“Here it is,” he said indicating his semi hard dick, “Get busy.” She slid past his knee and settled between his legs before taking him into her mouth. She worked slowly and methodically, using her hand to stroke the length as she slowly began increasing the pace.

Above her she could hear the fork tapping against the bowl as he ate. He was obviously enjoying the meal even though it had been very simple. She was getting hungry thinking about it so she started moving a bit faster, hoping to get him off. Her actions were having an effect because he had stopped eating and was beginning to breathe harder. She could feel his leg beginning to twitch and knew he was about to cum so she moved even faster.

“Let’s go!” he said suddenly as he stood up. He moved quickly toward the bedroom so she scampered to her feet and followed him. He didn’t stop at the room they had used the night before, but continued past it and to the end of the hall. He ducked out of sight and she hurried to catch him.

Kim turned to walk through the door but balked when she saw the room. There was no bed, but instead it was filled with all kinds of kinky equipment. There was a metal frame with a sex swing, a wall of whips and paddles, a Saint Andrew's Cross, and all manner of leather and chain restraints scattered across the floor.

“Welcome to the ‘Master’ bedroom,” Chip said menacingly. She instinctively took a step back, and he could tell she was thinking of running. Then a look of resignation passed over her face, probably as she thought about the check lying on the table. Chip smiled as he knew she was his, at least for a little while, and he intended to make the most of it.

He motioned her over to him, and he moved from in front of what looked to be a sawhorse. The top rail was padded, and he positioned her stomach on it as he bent her over. He attached leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles before restraining her to the wooden legs.

Chip dropped his robe and moved behind her silently. He stepped between her spread legs and without warning sank his cock into her pussy from behind in one sharp thrust. Kim squealed in surprise and he pulled back out immediately only to spit on his cock and shove it back in. He humped her hard and fast, making her hair fly in all directions as her head bobbed in time with his thrusts.

When his climax began to build to the breaking point, he pulled out and walked around in front of her. Grabbing a handful of blond hair, he shoved his cock into her mouth and skull fucked her for a few minutes. His balls slapped against her chin, and he could feel the head of his dick popping into her throat as he bottomed out. He banged into her face again and again before pulling out and releasing her head.

Her face was red with lack of oxygen, and her hair hung to the floor as she gasped for air. Large amounts of drool escaped her mouth and ran down her face to her blond locks. She had only a few seconds to recover before Chip was pounding her from behind again. This time, it didn’t take as long to reach the edge, and as soon as he did, he was in front of her, grasping her wet hair in his hand, and shoving his cock down her throat.

She composed herself and tried desperately to make him cum thinking this was stop the onslaught, but whenever he got close, Chip pulled out and moved away from her. He used her non-stop for almost an hour, banging first her pussy and then forcing his hardon into her mouth, but not allowing himself to cum. By the time he tired of this game, Kim was a mess.

Her head drooped in exhaustion and she coughed as her throat was bruised from his cock banging into it repeatedly. Some of her hair was matted at wild angles with dried spit and while other parts were still wet. Chip released her leather cuffs and pulled her from the sawhorse.

“On your knees,” he demanded. She complied and he stepped forward to allow her to suck him. He was shaking in anticipation so it only took a few minutes before he was ready to cum. He surprised her by pulling out at the last second and using his hand to stroke the length of his cock a couple of times. He grabbed her hair with his other hand and began shooting stream after stream of the white goo onto her face and into her already messy blonde mane. He moaned loudly with his release and then wiped his spent cock on her face.

Letting go of her hair, he staggered back a few steps and looked at his handiwork. Kim raised her hand to wipe the cum off, but he stopped her. “Leave it,” he smiled, “It’s good for your complexion.” She lowered her hand and some of it dripped from her face onto her breasts as he watched.

“I need a drink,” he said suddenly, “Let’s go to Jack’s and get something.” She looked surprised but he ignored her and headed to the other bedroom where he kept his clothes. She followed slowly, finding it difficult to keep her balance after being upside down for so long.

“I’ll go get my clothes,” she said when they reached the room.

“No, you won’t,” he replied flatly, “You stand there with your hands behind your back while I get dressed, and then we’ll find you something to wear.” She nodded meekly and resisted the urge to try to straighten her hair.

Chip dressed casually and then led Kim to the back of the house and into the laundry room. There he dug through the dirty clothes hamper to find the shirt he had worn during his morning jog the day before. It was still damp from his sweat and smelled worse than it looked.

“Put this on,” he said as he tossed the faded grey t-shirt to her. She hesitated for a second but then reluctantly complied. Her nose turned up at the odor, and she looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Looks good,” was his only response. He took her arm and guided her out of the house only stopping long enough to have her put on the high heels she had left at the front door. With her hair matted and tangled, so she looked more like a homeless person than the gorgeous woman she considered herself to be.

The got into the car and pulled away without noticing that a four-door sedan started up and discreetly followed them. Chip went only a few blocks before pulling into a liquor store. He gave Kim $10 and instructions on what to buy before sending her inside.

She tugged at the t-shirt as she walked to keep it in place since it showed her ass if she moved too fast. Pulling at the back only made the front slide up to expose her bare pussy, so she gave up and let it fall in place without touching it.

Chip watched from the car as Kim made her way to the back of the store to find what he requested. He dialed his phone and he could see the clerk answering inside the store.

“Jack’s Liquor,” a man’s voice boomed on car speakers via the Bluetooth connection.

“Jackie Boy!” Chip greeted his friend, “I just sent you some entertainment.”

“Yeah,” came the reply, “I’m looking at it now. You always get the fucking hot ones don’t you.”

“You know it buddy,” Chip chuckled, “This one is different though. You can have a piece if you want it.” Jack was quiet for a few seconds while he checked her out.

“Maybe,” he said, “Looks like you already fucked the shit out of her.” Chip could see that she had found the bottle he had sent her for and was heading for the counter.

“She’s going to be a few dollars short,” he said from the car, “Get your money's worth any way you like, but leave the speaker on.”

“You got it,” Jack said. The sound changed as the speaker was turned on and there was a thumping noise as Jack set the phone down. She resisted the impulse to tug at the bottom of the shirt hem as she approached the clerk and put the bottle on the counter.

“That’ll be $13.23,” Jack said. Kim froze for a second and looked at the bill in her hand.

“I’m a little short,” she said shyly, “Can I catch you on the next one?” She smiled at him brightly, hoping he would show mercy.

“No,” he said emphatically, “We both know I would never see you again. Ain’t you got a credit card or something?” He leered at her knowing the answer and she looked down embarrassed.

“No,” she said quietly.

“Then pick something cheaper.”

“No!” her eyes shot up and she glanced outside. She realized she had been set up, and there was no telling what Chip had planned if she didn’t pass his little test. “Can’t we work something out?”

“Maybe,” Jack grinned, “What did you have in mind?”

“If I show you my tits, would that be enough?” she asked tentatively.

“Really?” he said as he threw his hands up in disgust, “That’s what you think would do it?” She turned red again and glanced back out the door to the waiting car.

“How about a quick hand job?” she said hopefully. He simply stared and her shoulders slumped in defeat. “Ok, ok. I’ll blow you,” she said dejectedly, “But it’s got to be fast. My ride is waiting.”

Jack was quick. He had his dick out in half a second, and she had barely wrapped her lips around it before he was shooting his load down her throat. He drew his cock out of her mouth and grasped the collar of her shirt to wipe it with. Then he took the ten dollar bill and rang up the transaction before handing her the bottle.

“Best $3.23 blowjob I ever had,” he grinned. Kim’s eyes widened and he could tell the realization of what she had just done hit her. Chip had truly made her a cheap whore. She quickly made her way out to the car and got in without saying anything.

“That looked like fun,” he said as he backed out of the parking space, “Jack seems to like you.” He smiled at her obvious discomfort and headed back to the house. He still didn’t see the car that was parked across the street.


Tina had been following the two since Chip had picked up Kim in front of the insurance office. She liked this job, and Kim paid her well so it didn’t really bother her to fly in from Miami to work a few days. She was always reliable, and she always got the shots they needed. It had been tougher on this job since the house was closed up. Weird actually, since a few days earlier the curtains had been open at the house and she would have thought it was going to be an easy job.

She liked it better when it was quick and easy but when she had arrived yesterday the curtains had be drawn and the blinds pulled too. She had tried to get pictures by finding a crack in the curtains, but even pressing her face against the window glass did not reveal an opening. Usually she could find some angle to get her shots, but not this time.

It didn’t matter now. She had photos of them leaving with Kim dressed in only a t-shirt and high heels. A closeup of her face left no doubt in Tina’s mind about what had been going on inside the house, and the fact that her employer's hair was a mess was also a clue.

“What kind of kinky bastard did you get mixed up with this time?” Tina wondered as she saw Kim get into the car at the liquor store. She clicked off a few more shots as the BMW backed away and then checked what she had so far. It was slim at the moment, but if she could add some more pics over the next few days they would have what they needed.

Suddenly a large hand came in through the open window and grasped her collar. With a quick jerk she was bodily pulled from the car and into the street. She bounced to her feet, but the man was on her in an instant and a big arm wrapped around her throat from behind. She lashed out to gouge his eyes, but his head was just out of reach so she immediately kicked at his shin with her heel.

It made contact and the man released her long enough to let her turn around to face him. He was a big guy, and he didn’t seem fazed that she had gotten away from him for the moment or that she was squared off and ready to fight. He actually looked amused.

Standing in a classic karate stance she moved on her toes and lashed a kick at his head. He moved easily out of range and avoided the next two as well. Tina tried a roundhouse to get more distance, but he was ready for it and moved quickly up behind her as she threw it. Her back was to him and she was pushed off balance as her thigh contacted harmlessly with his. The massive arm was around her neck again, and this time, he squeezed tightly without hesitation.

Tina flailed a few more seconds and tried to kick his shin again to no avail. He was not choking her, but cutting off the blood supply to her brain. She grabbed at him in a weak panic as she became dizzy, and then dropped into unconsciousness.

Chapter 6

Stout sat patiently in an old office chair and waited. The unconscious Tina Sims hung before him in the sparse office that had once been a factory of some kind. After knocking the woman out, he had injected her with a mild sedative to keep her sleeping while transporting her. He had just given her a stimulant that would kick in soon.

He looked around the room to make sure there was no way that she could identify where she was. Jerry had found the building for them, and it was perfect. The old manufacturing facility was miles from the nearest town and no one had considered leasing or buying it for years. The large building was off the main roads and difficult to find even if a person were looking for it, which was probably the main reason it had never sold.

Stout had cleared out an inner office for his hostage. The room was empty except the chair he was sitting in and a small table he had found. A tall single lamp with an extension cord that disappeared under the closed door was the only other thing occupying the room. He had set up a generator at the back of the building several hundred feet away and even when he strained to hear, there was no noise. Sitting in the shadows, he watched as Tina began to stir.

She was breathing deeply and her head lolled from side to side. Her eyes flickered half open, and then she was looking around the room, trying to see where she was. The air was stale and musty from the years of neglect and the dust was thick in the room, so it had to appear to her that no one was there.

Stout continued to watch in silence from the shadows as his captive slowly took in her situation. She tugged at the ropes that held her upright and then tried to move her tied legs to no avail. As her vision cleared, she could see the ropes that held her arms actually went through the ceiling and were attached to something solid beyond her view. The ropes on her legs were tight, and she could see they were attached to D-rings anchored with recently installed concrete bolts.

The big man shifted slightly in his chair as he watched her become more aware. She suddenly stopped struggling and looked down again, this time at her body. She was completely naked, and the look on her face as it dawned on her was priceless.

“Welcome back Tina,” Stout said from the shadows. She strained to see who was there, but the light was blinding when she looked in his direction, purposefully so.

“What the fuck do you want?” she snapped. There was obvious fear in her voice, and she was trying desperately to cover it.

“Just some information,” Stout replied nonchalantly, “I want to know about your employer.”

“Fuck you!” she spat angrily, “I ain’t telling you shit, you fucking pervert!” She struggled against her bonds again but they held firm.

“Ok.” The chair creaked as Stout got up and stepped out of the shadows and into the light a few feet from where Tina hung spread eagle. He moved behind her and undid his pants to allow his cock to pop free. She couldn’t see what he was doing but she heard his zipper.

“Oh, I get it now. You’re going to intimidate me with your little dick?” She taunted, “Good luck with that, I’m not going to…” Her words died in her mouth as she sucked air and tried to scream. Her ass was being stretched as he shoved something very large into it!

At first, she though he had gotten part of his fist inside, but then realized both of his hands were on her shoulder. It had taken quite a bit of initial force, but he had managed to pop the head of his very large cock into her ass. She screamed loudly and then gasped for breath from the assault.

“Holy fucking…” she cried as he pressed against her slowly, “Oh, oh, oh SHIT!” He pushed another inch inside and then stopped. Tina began to shudder in her bonds and waited for the inevitable, but it did not come. The cock was pulled out of her ass just as quickly as it had been shoved in, and she heard him zip up his pants.

“I have a few things to do,” Stout told her, “But we can continue this conversation later.” Tina said nothing in response and waited to see what would happen next. She watched as he strode to the door and stepped outside for a few seconds. When he returned, there was a small plastic box in his hand. Stepping into the shadows he retrieved the table and set it in front of her.

He placed the box on the table and arranged it so a small opening faced her crotch. She looked at it curiously and then realized it was some type of air freshener dispenser. Tina had seen them in bathrooms and remembered hearing them go off ever so often to release a scent and keep a room from smelling stale. This room could definitely use one but she didn’t think that was the purpose of this device.

Stout fiddle with a few dials on the back and suddenly a cold spray hit her pussy. It didn’t hurt, but the cold was shocking, and after a few seconds her pussy began to tingle.
Leaning down, he grasped her clit and tugged at it. Already sensitive from the spray, and much to her dismay, Tina’s little bud quickly became erect. He took a small clamp with an attached bell and fastened it directly on the nub.

She shuddered again and the little bell rang, sending shockwaves through her entire body. Tina was appalled by her reaction but rationalized it had something to do with the spray that Stout had dowsed her with. She tried to stay still but even the tiniest movement caused the bell to vibrate, and then it was a chain reaction. The movement wasn’t enough to give her a climax, but it would definitely keep her on edge for a long time. Her only hope was for the spray to wear off.

She heard the sound of the spray immediately followed by the cold and then the tingle in her now wet pussy. She raised her head to find him looking directly in her eyes. He could see that she was contemplating her situation and how she could get out of it. He silently opened a bottle of water and offered her a drink, which she took without hesitation.

She started to say something but thought better of it. Stout knew she was tough so there was no reason to stick around. He figured she would soften up in a few hours, and then it would be easier to get any information he wanted.

He stepped out into the hall and closed the door before pulling his phone from a pocket. Stout stood next to the door as he dialed the number and waited for the answer on the other end of the line.

“I’m going to need the plane,” he said clearly to the other person that picked up. He gave the details and then walked away sure that Tina had heard everything he said. It wasn’t the first time he had interrogated someone, and he knew how to size people up. Tina was tough and smart so it would take a while to break her. The next few hours she would resist, but eventually she would start to wonder where the plane would be going, what information he wanted, and most importantly, was it worth it to be loyal to the bitch she worked for.

Stout figured Kim was just at underhanded with her employees as she was with the men in her life. It probably wouldn’t take much to turn Tina against her, but he didn’t have time to sit and chat just now. He would go to Tina’s apartment in Miami and find out for himself exactly who she was firsthand. The group couldn’t let Tina go at this point in the mission, and Stout liked to practice his interrogation techniques anyways.

It was too bad he had to leave, but there was a lot to do and he was getting paid to get information. He would have liked to been there when the tiny vibrator in the bell came on, but that wouldn’t be for another hour. The look on her face would be priceless.

He reached the end of the building and stepped outside, making sure to lock the door behind him. The generator purred quietly and he hit the kill switch, plunging Tina into total darkness.

Stout smiled. He loved the cloak and dagger bullshit.


Sandra sat nervously in the private plane as she waited for David Johnson to arrive. The trip from Ohio had taken its toll on her physically and mentally. The bus ride had been bad enough but the only hotel she could afford was downright scary. She knew this would be her last chance to make her business idea work, and she was determined to see it through.

She looked at her reflection in the window and ran her fingers through her brunette colored hair. Sandra had always looked younger than she was, and even now at twenty eight, she sometimes got carded at stores when she bought alcohol. Glancing about the cabin she saw caught the eye of the stewardess and motioned her over.

“Any idea when he will arrive?” she smiled as if it was no big deal but her nervousness showed.

“Shouldn’t be long,” the woman replied, “We have word to start preflight now. Do you want another drink?” Sandra politely declined since two was her limit, especially with a big deal on the line.

Mr. Johnson had called her last week to discuss a possible joint venture with her line of lawn sprinklers. The sprinklers were different than anything on the market because when they popped up to water the lawn, the heads were shaped like little gophers. She had gotten the idea from watching an old movie that featured a gopher running loose on a golf course.

She had made a few by hand and tried them in her yard with great response from the neighbors so she began working to manufacture them. Her ex-husband said it was a stupid idea, and she had almost begun to believe him. That was until she got the call from Mr. Johnson.

The stewardess reappeared and moved to open the door of the plane. David Johnson stepped inside followed by a big man carrying what looked like a gym bag. Sandra stood up as David approached and stuck out her hand.

“Mr. Johnson,” she tried to be very professional, “I am Sandra Day. I just wanted to thank you…” She stopped as David raised a hand.

“It’s a long flight,” he smiled, “We have plenty of time to talk, but first, I need to catch up on a few things.” He stepped past her and disappeared through a door toward the back of the plane leaving her standing there awkwardly.

“Gary Stout,” said the big man as he extended his hand toward her. She happily took it and smiled before they settled into their seats facing each other. The plane rumbled and then began to move slowly toward the runway.

Stout and Sandra spoke for a few minutes about nothing in particular. The weather seemed to be a good topic, and Stout commented that it was predicted to be rather warm in Miami.

“Miami?” Sandra asked. Stout nodded and was about to say something when David reappeared.

“Sorry about that Sandra,” he smiled at her, “Pressing business I had to take care of. I hope Gary has been keeping you busy.”

“Oh yes,” Sandra said happily, “He was telling me we are going to Miami.”

“I’m sorry,” David feigned surprise, “I thought you received the itinerary. No matter, we’re here now and as you can see,” he gestured around the small plane, “You have my full attention.”

Sandra took this as her queue and launched into her well-rehearsed sales pitch. She recited market outlooks, projected sales, and estimated costs, among many other facts and figures she thought would be important to an investor. The men listened patiently and intently, nodding occasionally, but never offering a comment or question. It was just as well, because Sandra was so nervous if she had to stop for a moment, she might have lost her nerve.

“Any questions,” she finally asked. The men sat back in their chairs, and David smiled broadly. He called for the stewardess and asked her to bring drinks as he looked over the paperwork that Sandra had given him.

“Very impressive, Ms. Day,” Johnson started, “I’ve looked over the numbers and I think you might have a winner here.” Sandra beamed with pride as she took the drink the stewardess offered.

“In fact,” he continued, “You remind me of Ms. Polson.” He indicated the stewardess and a blank expression suddenly clouded Sandra’s face. “Ms. Polson came to me with an idea not so long ago and it has worked out quite well for her. Tell Sandra about it Nancy.” The stewardess turned to the younger woman and addressed her directly.

“Three years ago, I came to Mr. Johnson for the startup funds for my business, Polson Aviation,” Nancy said. “The company buys private jets and leases them to companies for the tax benefits. We buy the planes used and refurbish them, including custom builds much like this one.” She looked to David, and he nodded for her to continue.

“Since then, we have purchased seven private jets for a little more than $47 million. The company made over $17 million last year and will do even better this year,” she was obviously proud of this accomplishment, and it showed in how enthusiastically she talked about it.

“Don’t be coy,” David chided her good naturedly, “Tell her how much you made last year.”

“Last year, I personally made $960,000,” she grinned broadly at this revelation. Sandra’s mouth fell open in shock, and it took a second to recover.

“So you see Ms. Day,” David said smoothly, “When I commit to a project, I go all in. Private jets are not cheap, and there were times we stayed the course even when it seemed it wasn’t going to work out. You can see how deeply I am committed so I have to ask… how committed are you?”

“I will do anything to make this work,” Sandra blurted out. She immediately regretted it, but she felt it was true. David smiled and took a sip of his drink.

“Ms. Polson,” David said, “Undress please.” Without hesitation the business woman began to quickly strip out of her clothes in front of the group. She didn’t stop until she was completely naked and standing at attention with her hands behind her back.

It was obvious to Sandra this was not the first time the naked woman had preformed this task. She silently weighed her options and tried to decide what to do. Running from the room was not an option. On the other hand, the idea of a mentor that knew how to make things work and the amount of money they were talking about sounded good but…

“How long?” she asked matter-of-factly. David smiled. Mr. Stout had been correct in his assessment again and he made a mental note to thank him personally.

“Ms. Polson’s contract is for five years after the company is in the black,” he answered, “That five-year term began after the first year for her so she is almost ready to go out on her own.”

“What does that mean, ‘go out on her own’?” David grinned at the question. She was smart, and he liked that she asked about the relevant things.

“She gets the business with no strings,” David said, “Less any money I invested and the percentage of the profit for the five years the business is in the black.”

Sandra didn’t bother to ask what happened if the business failed. She knew it wasn’t an option, and she would make sure that wouldn’t happen. She stood up and began to undress without being told. She understood she was going to be his private whore, but it couldn’t be any worse than putting up with her asshole ex-husband.

She dropped her clothes into the seat she had been sitting in and assumed the same rigid position that Nancy was in. David looked her over and noticed the bush of hair between her legs. It could wait though.

“Let’s see how well you can take instruction,” he said, “I would like to start with a blow job.” Sandra hesitated for only a second before dropping to her knees between his legs. She pulled open his fly and fished out his cock before swallowing it as deeply as she could. David motioned to Nancy and she assumed the same position between Stout’s legs.

“Your bonus,” he said simply. Stout grinned and allowed Nancy to get to work on his pants. She popped open the button holding them closed and released the zipper. Tugging his pants down revealed his huge cock and she gasped. Nance recovered quickly and grabbed hold of it so she could stroke its length. She was mesmerized by its size and began trying to fit the head into her mouth.

Sandra was having better luck with David. She had already decided to go all in, and if this blow job would get her project financed, she was determined to make it the best of his life. She feverishly sucked and licked at the head of his cock while stroking it with one hand and massaging his balls with the other.

It seemed to be working quite well because it was only a few minutes before David was shooting load after load of cum into her mouth. Sandra swallowed all of it and continued her efforts until he reached down to push her away. She sat on her heels and waited to see what he wanted to do.

“Nancy,” he called as an idea struck him. “Sit in that chair,” he said pointing to the seat directly across from him. She immediately released Stout’s dick and it made a popping sound as it dropped past her lips. She sat in the chair and leaned back, hiking her legs over the armrests.

“It’s time for her bonus,” David said to Sandra. She looked confused for a few seconds, but it soon dawned on her what was expected. There was no hesitation this time and she turned and planted her face directly into the other woman’s pussy. The first lick at Nancy’s clit elicited a squeal and then a low moan of pleasure as the Midwest girl lapped away.

There was plenty of room between the two seats, so Stout knelt behind Sandra and rubbed his cock up and down her slit. She was already wet, and it made it easier as he leaned forward, impaling her on his thick shaft. It was her turn to squeal, but she was the only one that knew if it was from pain or pleasure. Stout worked slowly forward and Sandra pulled up her head to take a breath, only to be yanked forcefully back into place by a now thrashing Nancy.

They continued this way for a while with Stout banging the full length of his cock into Sandra, which caused her face to bump against Nancy’s splayed pussy. The effect ton Nancy was obvious as she alternately cooed and squealed in time with Stout’s thrusts. He began to pick up the tempo as his balls tightened and then Sandra screamed as his cock swelled even larger.

The vibration of the woman’s shrieking against her clit was too much for Nancy, and she began to buck and spasm in climax. Both Stout and Sandra came only seconds apart with Stout shooting heavy loads of cum into Sandra’s pussy as she practically convulsed from the intensity of her orgasm.

The three collapsed in a pile where they stayed for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow. Their breathing began to return to normal, and Stout was the first to regain his composure. He stood up and moved back to his seat to retrieve his pants and noticed David was slowly stroking his cock.

“Sandra,” David said, “I think it’s time to show you the rest of the plane.” He took her hand and helped her up on wobbly legs, and they made their way toward the back where David’s bedroom was. He had watched her tight ass bounce around while Stout fucked her and now he was ready to try it out.

David grinned as he opened the door for the naked woman, “I fucking love the mile high club.”

Chapter 7

Chip downshifted the Porsche and whipped out to pass as soon as the oncoming traffic had cleared. The 911’s motor roared to life for a few seconds of acceleration, jumping the double yellow line to get around the slower car, and then he was heavy on the brakes making the nose dip in an effort to avoid hitting the next bumper in the endless line of cars. Chip knew it didn’t make sense to pass in this much traffic. Everyone was going 45 miles per hour and passing only accomplished one thing. It made him feel better.

He was frustrated about giving up his regular car that was now parked safely in a storage building behind a locked door even though it gave him an excuse to drive his toy. The black Porsche 911 all-wheel drive was the one thing he had been able to hide from his ex. He kept the car in a parking garage with armed security a few blocks from his office building, and he only drove it a few times each month.

To him, the car was a thing of beauty, a piece of art to be enjoyed occasionally and then put away under a thin canvas cover. It was the one thing he loved and would have never let his ex have no matter what, and he had gone to great lengths to keep it hidden. Not just because it was valued at over $80,000, but because when he drove, it he felt powerful.

Chip clutched it again and prepared to make another pass, but his exit was coming up so he cut off the person in the right lane and swerved onto the ramp. He was anxious to get home because he had plans tonight. Dena…Kim…whatever the slut’s name, was in for a real treat tonight. He slammed the gas hard and accelerated down the residential street that was a short cut to his house. A woman with a kid in the front yard screamed at the speeding car as he blasted past them.

“Fuck the bitch,” he muttered. “Fuck them all.”

Kim was parked in the drive when he arrived. She got out of the borrowed BMW and walked over to the Porsche. Chip could see the wheels turning as he got out of his prized possession.

“It’s a rental,” he lied, “I always wanted to drive one.” Kim nodded but didn’t say anything, so Chip led the way to the door and unlocked it. Once inside, Kim immediately began to undress. She was wearing a nice white blouse and a modest black skirt. It was simple but professional and accented her curves very well.

“Wait,” Chip stopped her, “We are going out as soon as I get changed. Turn around and face the door.” She did as he asked without question, and he stepped up behind her. Taking a wrist in each hand, he pulled them together and made her clasp them. He didn’t tie her, but he made it clear he wanted her to stay in that position. Then he went to get dressed.

He didn’t hurry, and it was over an hour when he came back to the front door to find her in the same position. She was shifting from foot to foot, and it was obvious she was getting tired of standing for so long without moving.

“Good girl,” Chip said condescendingly as he patted her on the head like a dog. Kim blushed but didn’t say anything. She allowed herself to be led outside, and they got into the BMW. Chip didn’t make any demands on the drive to the restaurant, and she was surprised when he pulled into the parking lot of a country buffet. There more trucks and SUV’s in the lot than cars and most of them looked beaten and well-used.

They walked inside and immediately the country music overpowered them. The dull roar of the packed house and the clattering of plates were reminiscent of a road house movie come to life.

“Sit anywhere you like, Hon,” said an older woman with big hair and a southern drawl. Chip nodded politely and led Kim to a table near the center of the room. There was no table cloth, and the wooden chairs were hard and worn.

The room was filled with a blue-collared crowd just off work and on their way home. Most were already paying their check and leaving while a few others were coming in. Most of the men were in uniforms from various companies with the sweat and dirt of the day’s activities decorating the clothing.

Kim turned her nose up at the smell as a few mechanics passed by on their way to pay the check and head home. Chip noticed the gesture and smiled. He didn’t think she had ever eaten in a place like this, but he had grown up around this type of environment.

“Go get us some food,” he said indicating the long rows of steam tables. There were four of them with a line at each and people filling plates of different kinds of foods.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Surprise me,” he grinned. Kim shrugged and moved to pick up a plate at the end of the steam table and began filling it. Chip watched as she loaded up the plate with fried food and other non-tempting items. She didn’t seem to think he liked vegetables at all, and it became apparent that she was being a bitch about serving him in public.

She returned with a plate heaping with greasy fried foods and smiled sweetly when she put it in front of him. He smiled back in the same ‘shit eating grin’ sort of way and motioned for her to sit. He then pushed the plate across the table and in front of her.

“You picked it,” he said, “So you eat it.” A look of horror crossed Kim’s face as she looked at the food. Chip didn’t think she had ever seen this type of food, much less eaten it. It was doubtful she had been to a restaurant that had paper napkins instead of linens.

“I’m not really hungry,” she said meekly.

“You’re going to need your strength for tonight,” he replied calmly, “Eat it all while I go get something for myself.” He stood up and walked over to get a plate and choose his dinner. There was actually a good selection of vegetables and the salad bar was well stock and seemed to be basically deserted in favor of the steam tables. He even found a grilled chicken breast that appeared to be expertly cooked.

“You haven’t eaten much,” he said when he returned. Kim was holding a fork and poking at her pile of food.

“I’m really not hungry,” she whined without looking at him, “And they don’t even have cloth napkins.”

“I didn’t ask if you were hungry,” he said as his voice grew demanding, “I said eat, and you will do what I tell you.” Kim’s eyes got wide, and she looked around the room as if to find a way out.

“Give me your panties,” Chip said suddenly. Her faced snapped forward to look at him, and she wondered if she had heard correctly.

“If you’re not going to eat, we will play a little game,” he said wickedly, “Take off your panties NOW!” He glared at her menacingly, and she realized she had been lured into a trap. Her shoulders sagged, and she began to get up.

“What are you doing?” Chip snapped. She settled back into her seat and looked at him quizzically.

“I… I’m going to the bathroom to do what you asked,” she said.

“I didn’t say go to the bathroom,” he replied, “I said take your panties off.” Her eyes darted around the room in a panic. She was sitting in the open and would be completely exposed for everyone to see what she was doing.

Kim scooted her chair as far as she could under the table and took a deep breathe to steady her nerves. She tugged the hem of the skirt up in the front on grasped the waistline of the panties. They were small and easily slid under her thighs when she lifted her butt a few inches off the chair. She stopped for a few seconds with the small cloth reached her knees and tried to decide how to proceed.

She glanced around the room to see if anyone had noticed what she was doing and found a man in a baseball cap looking at her curiously. He had a piece of bread halfway between his plate and mouth, and he looked frozen in place. When their eyes met, he realized he was staring and simply smiled before looking away.

Kim decided she had two options. She could let go of the panties and pretend to have dropped something so she could pick them up, or she could pick one leg up at a time and get them off. Picking her leg up would be difficult with the table in the way so she released them and they fell in a heap around her ankles.

Chip ate silently and pretended not to notice what was going on across the table, but several other people had taken an interest. Kim was sitting with her panties at her feet, but she hadn’t tried to pick them up yet. He stopped eating for a second and looked at her without compassion as she tried to gain her composure and finish the task. A look of relief swept across her face, and she smiled as if she had just figured out an impossible puzzle.

Kim stepped out of the panties with one foot and then pulled the other up across her knee. She quickly snagged the dangling panties off her foot and hid them in her lap. Pleased with herself, she smirked at Chip.

“You wanted a cloth napkin,” he said flatly, “Now you have one.” The smile disappeared from her face as she realized what he wanted. He nodded at her plate and she began eating again, but this time, she used the balled up panties to wipe her lips as she downed the food.

The few people had noticed what was going on, and before long, the whispers and pointing started. Kim sat red-faced and ate as she became the center of attention. The food was beginning to hurt her stomach as she wasn’t used to eating anything fried, and she felt ill.

Chip, on the other hand, had enjoyed his dinner and was considering dessert. The fact that Kim had become a spectacle of sorts had put him in a very good mood, and he reveled in her discomfort and embarrassment. He got up to check the dessert bar, and when he returned with a piece of pie, he saw that Kim had a visitor.

There was an elderly, heavy-set woman, wearing an apron, shaking a finger in Kim’s face and telling her exactly what she thought of her customer’s actions. The woman grabbed the wadded panties from Kim’s hand and looked at them in disgust as the room broke out in laughter. Chip laughed too as Kim sat beet red and totally humiliated. He walked back to the table, and the woman squared off to give him a piece of her mind to him as well.

“And who do you think you are brining this whore in…” she stopped mid sentence as she recognized Chip. He smiled at her and she flung her arms around his neck as if trying to squeeze the life out of him.

“Hi, Aunt Glenda,” he said as she pulled back and gave him a kiss on the check.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming!” she exclaimed.

”I wanted to play a little joke,” he smiled, and Glenda looked back down at the cowering woman she had been berating.

“I should have known it was you,” she grinned, “Once you got rid of that tramp Jenny, I knew you would be back to picking up tramps.” She glared at Kim as she said it, daring her to object. The smaller woman stayed quiet.

“If I had known you were coming, I would have fixed your favorite,” she looked down at Kim’s plate, “Looks like today’s slut likes my cooking at least.” Glenda realized she still had the other woman’s panties in her hand and dropped them onto the table.

“Why did she take off her drawers in my restaurant?” she asked in a confused voice.

“She likes cloth napkins and you only put out paper towels,” Chip smirked, “So I came up with a solution.” Kim shrank back into the chair and tried to disappear.

“Well, la de da,” Glenda mused, “We got us a fancy bitch in here tonight.” She looked around the room and saw no families. It was mostly regulars, and these were hard men that weren’t put off by little things such as bad manners. She moved to the front door and locked it before turning the sign so the closed message faced outward.

“With a mouth as big as yours, maybe you need something larger to wipe it with,” she said as she ambled back to the table. Chip stood aside and forked another piece of pie into his mouth as he watched.

“This shirt might work for you,” Glenda reached out with her large flour covered hand and grasped the front of the garment, jerking hard. The buttons flew across the room as the material tore and Kim banged forward against the table. The blouse gave way and in one motion Glenda had it in her hand, leaving the seated woman in only her bra and skirt.

Kim immediately covered herself with her hands as the men in the restaurant whooped and cat whistled. Chip was laughing hysterically and had to set is pie down before he dropped it. He calmed down and moved to the table where the half naked woman sat.

“You need to eat everything you put on your plate,” he smiled, “It's not nice to waste food.” Kim saw the pointlessness of arguing so she took one hand that she was using to cover up and picked up the fork. Chip shook his head disapprovingly.

“You aren’t showing much enthusiasm,” he said, “Maybe we can at least make this more interesting for the rest of us.” He grabbed Kim by the nape of the neck with one hand and reached down her back with the other. The bra clasp was easy enough to undo and the cups sagged away from her breasts until she caught it and press it back on with the arm.

“Give it to me,” Chip said. Kim hesitated for a few seconds and looked around the room. There were no kind eyes in the crowd, rather a pack of hungry wolves waiting to devour their prey. She grasped the bra and pulled it away from her body, letting her breast come into view for everyone to see.

While the men clapped and shouted, Chip tied her hands behind her back with the bra. He let her sit upright when he was finished, and her tits were now proudly on display. Kim sat without moving, and he walked around the table so he could face her.

“You need to finish your meal,” he smiled, “You wouldn’t want to insult Aunt Glenda, believe me.” Glenda stepped forward and pulled a large wooden spoon from her apron pocket. Without warning, she swung it like she was chopping wood, and it landed with a sickening thud on Kim’s left breast.

Kim screamed as a red mark appeared in the shape of the instrument. There was a loud chorus of oh’s and ah’s from the crowd and Kim, no longer needing motivation, dove face first into the plate of food before her. She came up once for breath only to have a matching red mark applied to the other breast and from then on she focused on eating. Chip stood to one side and greeted old friends that he obviously hadn’t seen in years as they finished eating and headed to the register to pay.

By the time Kim had finished all the food, her face was a mess and her stomach was cramping. The last few regulars had stayed back to jeer the woman and catch up with Chip. Glenda stood close by with the spoon at the ready and was hoping she would have a reason to use it again. The plate was finally licked clean and Chip untied her hands to allow her to stand.

Glenda had taken the paper towels from the table and instead, handed her the torn shirt to use as a napkin. Kim took the material and got as much of the sticky food off her face as she could before putting the soiled shirt back on. The missing buttons forced her to tie it just under her breasts making it show almost as much as it covered.

Chapter 8

They left the restaurant and headed further into the old part of town. More than half the buildings were deserted and Chip had not been here in some time, but when he rounded the corner, he was happy to see the adult bookstore was still open.

The sign above the solid door was dimly lit with the few remaining working bulbs in their yellowed fixtures. The outside plaster walls were cracked and, in some places, completely gone revealing the outdated red brick behind it. They got out of the car, and Chip grabbed her by the upper arm.

“Do exactly what I tell you or there will be hell to pay,” he threatened. Kim dared not guess what was behind the door, and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because a few seconds later, she was being pushed into the seedy establishment. She took a few steps forward before her eyes grew accustomed to the dim light and suddenly she realized there were twenty or more pairs of eyes on her. She took a step back, but Chip blocked her way and leaned forward to whisper in her ear.

“Get on your knees and beg for cock like the slut you are. I’ll stay here and protect you as long as you do a good job.” She was frozen in terror at what he wanted her to do, and now the men were moving toward her. There was nowhere to go except down, so she dropped to the floor.

“May I please suck your cock?” she said timidly. The first brute stepped up and pulled his already hard cock out of his pants. He smelled of grease and sweat making Kim even more nauseous than she had been at the restaurant. She swallowed hard and opened her mouth, allowing him access.

The first man didn’t take too long and, within a few strokes, he was cumming down her throat in thick streams that made her gag. The second was about the same, and then the trouble started. There seemed to be a disagreement about who was next, and a fight broke out.

One of the men grabbed Kim by the head and shoved his cock down her throat while another one pulled at her from behind. Chip intervened by popping one in the mouth with an elbow, but he didn’t see the fist coming at him from his blind spot. He took it solidly on the temple and crumbled to the ground next to Kim. She was now completely naked and being ridden by one large tattooed man while another skull fucked her against the dirty floor. It had turned into a free for all, and the dazed Chip could do nothing to stop it.

The man on top of Kim finished and stood up, leaving her with a vicious slap to the tit as something to remember him by. The next man was on top of her before the handprint could be seen and a fresh load of cum already was also being deposited into her mouth.

This happened twice more before Chip had regained his senses. He stumbled to his feet, but a large Hispanic man covered with tattoos stepped in front of him. He was wearing a leather motorcycle jacket and his face was a maze of scars. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to. Chip was out of the game.

Then another fight broke out. A man at the back of the crowd screamed in pain, and then there was the sound of something heavy being launched against the wall. The biker moved away from Chip, and two more men appeared with the same leather jackets. The crowd parted from the back forward and an aisle bordered by customers appeared.

At one end of the aisle was a tall black man. He was well-dressed and well-built. He didn’t seem fazed by the three tough looking bikers headed his way, and, in fact, he moved to meet them. The bikers favored a direct attack while their target was more agile and quick. The first punch thrown by the leather clad trio was easily slipped as the black man stepped to one side and landed a wicked punch to the solar plexus, followed by a hard rabbit punch to the temple. The biker grunted and would have gone down but his assailant was holding him up by the collar.

The two remaining men lunged at the intruder, but their friend was being used as a shield to keep them off. The big man timed his moves and heaved the unconscious biker at one of the attackers while swinging a big right fist at the other. It landed flush on the jaw with a crack, and the second man hit the ground and lay still. Without stopping, he turned to face the last of the group only to find he had dropped the first biker and retreated. With all his opponents dispatched, he calmly straightened his shirt before approaching Chip.

“I’m going to borrow this one for the night,” he said pointing at Kim, “I got a few friends coming in, and she’ll be better entertainment than the video I was picking out.” Chip stood nervously looking up at the man but didn’t say anything.

“Name's Bull,” the black man said extending his hand. Chip took it without thinking and his own hand disappeared into the monsters grip. It was obvious that Bull could take Kim if he wanted, and Chip wasn’t sure he could get out of here alive even if he left Kim with the bikers and ran.

“Yeah sure,” Chip agreed warily, “But I’m going to need her back.”

“No problem,” the big man smiled, “Why don’t we get out of here before that biker brings back some friends.” Chip made a beeline for the door while the aisle was still open. He didn’t notice that Bull had picked up the naked Kim and practically carried her out on one arm. They stepped outside and Chip was halfway to the car before he remembered what was going on.

“Um, Bull,” he said tentatively, “I need to know where you’re taking her.”

“Of course,” he said as he dumped Kim into the passenger seat of his Mercedes and fished a business card out of his pocket. Bull handed it over, and the shaken lawyer took it without comment.

“My cell number is on there,” Bull said, “You won’t need to call me though. I’ll have her back to you by tomorrow night about this time.”

“Oh, ok,” Chip said, “Can you do me a favor?” The big man nodded.

“Don’t leave any permanent marks and don’t let her clean up when you’re done. If you can take a few pics, that would be great too.”

Bull looked surprised but agreed. “No problem. I’m sure she at least knows were she needs to be dropped off, right?”

“Yeah,” Chip said as he relaxed a bit, “She drove over to my place tonight.” They separated and got into their respective cars before driving off in different directions.

For the first time in over an hour, Chip felt calm. He wasn’t sure if it was a good move to let her go with Bull, but he was positive that leaving her in a biker-infested book store was worse. It was done now so there was no reason to worry about it. He headed back to the better side of town and stopped at his favorite bar. Maybe he could still get lucky tonight.


Matt slowly roused out of a deep sleep and checked the clock by looking over Denise’s shoulder. It was still early so he let his head fall back against the pillow and snuggled closer to her naked body. It had become somewhat of a routine that they would spend a few nights each week together over the last few months. In the past two weeks, her overnight visits to his house had become more frequent.

It was a welcome change in Matt’s life, and the days she wasn’t with him, the mornings were painfully lonely. He was happy that she had started bringing a change of clothes and getting dressed for work at his house. This gave them more time together, and he enjoyed every minute of it.

They were spooning now as the morning light was just beginning to fill the room. He felt his cock stir and he pushed forward to let it slip between her legs, and she began to wake. Denise stretched a bit and felt his cock so she teased him by pushing her butt back against him.

He kissed her neck softly, and as his member stiffened, he slid it back and forth in the folds of her pussy. When it was completely hard, the head began to rub against her clit, eliciting a soft moan. She began to move her hips in a more exaggerated motion as he continued to gently rub against her sensitive clit until she could take it no more.

Denise reached between her legs and grasped his cock so she could guide it into her. Quickly getting it into position, she humped back and allowed him to penetrate her fully. Matt held her against him tightly and one hand grasped her breast as he began to move in and out in slow rhythmic thrusts. She cooed and moaned as the pace increased and before long they were banging against each other in a feverish rut.

Matt’s balls tightened and he came hard as Denise thrashed in front of him with her hands convulsively clenching her pillow. They finished together, and he wrapped his arms around her possessively as she cuddled against his chest.

It was time to get dressed for work before they were ready to get up. They agreed that tonight would be date night and threw out ideas about what to do for their evening as they prepared for the day. Denise had an early appointment, so she grabbed a cup of coffee promising to get breakfast on the way and left Matt cooking his morning eggs.

She walked at a fast pace towards her car and was mentally checking off things she needed to do when suddenly a hooded figure stepped in front of her. She stopped short and almost dropped her coffee as the man began walking toward her at a fast pace and closed the distance before she could react.

The first blow came without warning, the fist slamming into her temple and knocking her to the ground. Her computer went flying and the sound of breaking plastic accompanied its crash as it bounced across the driveway. Then the assailant was on top of her flailing with quick punches to the ribs as he settled onto her stomach.

“What is the name?” he growled as he choked her with one hand and threatened to punch her with the other.

“What… What name?” she cried and covered her face from the pending blow. The man didn’t seem to know how to respond, so he just repeated the same question.

“What is the name?” he asked again. He didn’t seem too sure of what information he was trying to get. He was agitated that she didn’t understand the question, so he squeezed her throat tightly as if that would convince her.

Denise’s eyes were wide in terror as she tried to breath. She used both hands to try prying the attackers grip from her windpipe, but he was too strong. Her vision began to blur, and then there was darkness.


Steve did his best to calm Matt as he paced up and down the corridor while wringing his hands. The hospital staff had been very gracious, and Denise was now recovering in a private room. She was awake now, and the police were still questioning her about the attack.

“I can’t believe this,” Matt said for the hundredth time, “No one has ever gotten mugged in our neighborhood.”

“It can happen anywhere,” Steve said quietly, “It’s not your fault.” Matt continued pacing as if he hadn’t heard anything his friend had said. The door to the room opened and two police officers stepped out.

“Matt Daniels?” one of the officers asked. Matt gave a weak wave, and the policeman walked over to him and smiled.

“Mr. Daniels, I’m Office Don Jones, and I’ll be investigating this event,” he flipped open a small notebook and found a blank page where he scribbled the date and Matt’s name before looking up again.

“How do you know Ms. Spears?” he asked in an official sounding voice.

“She’s… we, she’s my girlfriend,” Matt said hesitantly. They had never really labeled it, but he felt confident she would say the same.

“Do you know if she has any enemies?” the office asked.

“No, she has been here for less than a year. She hasn’t mentioned any issues with clients.”

“Ok,” Officer Jones smiled reassuringly and then turned to go. He had only taken a few steps before spinning back to face Matt.

“One more thing,” he said, “Can you think of any reason that someone would ask her for a name?” Matt and Steve both stiffened at the question, and the officer was quick to notice it.

“No,” Matt lied, “It doesn’t mean anything to me.” The officer smiled again and nodded.

“Thanks again for your time,” he said, “Be sure to call me if you think of anything else.” He walked away with the other officer, and they disappeared around the corner.

“That fucking bitch!” Matt exclaimed. He was mad now, and he paced faster up and down the hall. Kim had been the cause of all this, and he was going to make sure she paid for it. He looked at Steve, and he could see they were thinking along the same lines.

“Time to step it up,” Steve said flatly. The door opened again, but this time it was an older man in a white coat.

“Mr. Daniels,” the doctor said, “She’s going to be fine. She had two bruised ribs and one is cracked. The contusion on her head is not serious, although she does have a slight concussion. She’ll need bed rest for a few days, but she should be fully recovered in a month or so.” He flipped open a chart and scanned it quickly to see if he had missed anything. Satisfied that he had covered it all, he snapped the cover closed and smiled warmly at Matt.

“She just needs time to heal,” he said offering his hand, which Matt shook gratefully.

“She’s asking to see you.”

Matt’s eyes lit up. “When can she go home?”

“She can go now,” the doctor said, “The nurse can help you check out.” He moved off down the hallway, and Matt went in to see Denise.

She had a needle attached to a tube in her arm, and there was a tall machine with squiggly lines moving in time with her heartbeat. A nurse appeared to be unhooking her from a few other wires.

“The doctor says you can go home,” Matt said softly, “You can stay at my place. I already called to take the rest of the week off.” Denise smiled in relief as he took her hand.

“I was hoping it would be ok to stay with you for a while,” she replied, “I don’t want to be alone right now. You don’t need to take any time off work though, I’ll be fine.” She sat up and tugged at the hospital gown. He offered his arm, and now that that everything was unhooked, she stood up and grabbed her clothes.

“I’ll be outside if you need me,” the nurse said and walked out into the hall. Denise stripped off the gown to reveal several deep bruises on her ribs that were already turning a nasty shade of purple. She bent down to get her pants but immediately straightened up in pain, falling back against the bed and grasping at her side.

“I’ll get it,” Matt said quickly as he retrieved the pants and began to gently put them on her. He dressed her carefully and then checked the room to make sure nothing was left behind.

“Matt,” she seemed to suddenly remember something, “My client!” She put her hand to her mouth.

“Don’t worry about it,” Matt said, “I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“I need to call him but the… That man took my phone and laptop,” she sat back onto the bed with her hands in her face and sobbed.

“Do you have your computer backed up online?” Matt asked as he stroked her back. She nodded affirmative but didn’t look up, seemingly embarrassed by her breakdown.

“It’s not a problem then,” he said, “You can use my computer to get his contact info and call when we get to the house. I’ll pick up another laptop today, and you will be back in business by tonight.” He lifted her chin and she looked up at him with tear filled eyes.

“Everything will be fine,” he reassured her as he kissed her forehead. She wrapped her arms around him, and they stayed that way for a long minute before breaking the embrace. He helped her to her feet and offered his arm, which she took and the shuffled slowly out into the hall where Steve was waiting.

“I’ll meet you at the office in a few hours,” Matt told him gravely, “We need to get everyone together and have a meeting tonight.”

Chapter 9

Bull had allowed Kim to take a shower and sleep since it would be late evening when his guests arrived. He spent the time arranging the garage to make it a party room and made a beer run to fill the refrigerator. At 9 p.m., he woke Kim and told her to get her hair and makeup done. By 10 p.m., the guests were coming through the door.

It wasn’t a big party in numbers as only four of Bull’s friends showed up, but what they lacked in numbers, they made up in size. These were big men with the smallest being well over 200 pounds and the largest closer to 300. They were all tall and carried the size easily, and compared to them, Kim was a midget.

They sat in the living room and watched a recording of an MMA fight that featured Bull knocking out his opponent in the second round with a vicious head kick. Then they switched to a live broadcast of the same sport and gave their commentary while Kim served them as a naked waitress.

As the fights went well into the night, the men became more amorous. She didn’t object or pull away and that spurred them on. At one point between fights, Bull had her stand close to him and spread her legs wide. He slid a long finger into her pussy and pumped it and out, making Kim shake in excitement. He increased the tempo, and a long moan escaped her lips causing the men to hoot and holler over her reaction. Her eyes snapped open, and she turned red remembering that she was being watched by a room full of people.

Bull set her to picking up the spent bottles, and she quickly complied. When she bent over to pick up the empties her ass proved to be too good a target to pass up, and within a few minutes, it was covered with large red handprints. From there, it was downhill for Kim as she was groped, squeezed, spanked, and prodded through the remainder of the matches. By the time the event was over, it was obvious what they all had on their mind.

Bull led them to the garage where there were four chains hanging from the ceiling with leather cuffs attached to each of them. Kim saw the chains and tried to run back into the house, but her path was blocked by one of the beefy men. Several of them grabbed and held her in position face up while the cuffs were attached to her wrists and ankles. When they let her go, she hung limply in the bonds with her head and pussy at crotch level.

If the men were shy, the alcohol must have suppressed it because it only took a few minutes before they were undressed and deep inside her at both ends. They were friends of Bull’s from his MMA days, and all of them were in good shape. The first entered her pussy and used her legs to swing her back and forth, slamming her onto his cock without really moving his body. The second man slapped her face a few times with his enormous hardon before lining up and letting her swinging momentum drive it down her throat.

There was nothing she could do but try to catch her breath whenever the cock wasn’t in her mouth. The man in her pussy soon began to groan, and he pumped her onto his member with shorter, faster strokes until he grasped her thighs tightly and howled like a timber wolf. The men burst into laughter, and he stepped back letting his shrinking cock pop free and allowing the semen he had deposited to pour out.

Another man was quickly in his place, and he picked up where the other had left off. Her hair swung under her as she was slammed between the two hard cocks that were being cheered on by the men watching from the side. Although Kim was getting dizzy she distinctly noticed a camera flash going off several times and remembered that Chip had asked for souvenirs.

The next few hours she was used between two men without rest. Her throat was sore and her pussy would have been raw if it had not been for all the semen. On the other end, she had swallowed so much cum, her stomach felt bloated, and her tits sported a crisscross of welts from being slapped repeatedly. Her hair caught most of the cum her mouth had missed, and it was a dripping mess.

The last man came in her pussy and stumbled half drunk to get yet another beer when Bull called for their attention.

“Ok, now that the preliminaries are out of the way, we start with the betting,” he held up a cigar box, “$1000 ante, double elimination.”

“Let’s do this,” one of the men said and they all dug into their discarded pants for the money. Bull adjusted the chains a few links at her feet while the money was being put into the box. When he was finished he grabbed a coffee can and held it out to the nearest man who reached inside and pulled out a golf ball. He immediately covered it with his hands and waited for the rest of them to get theirs. Then on Bull’s command they revealed the balls that had brightly painted numbers on them.

There was a mixture of groans and whoops as they figured out the order in which they would take turns. The man with the number one stepped up and pushed his golf ball into Kim’s mouth.

“Hold that for me baby,” he said continuing toward her feet. Before he could get there, Bull hefted the woman under the arms and pulled her back and up like a child on a swing. He held her in place while the other man adjusted his height to match where he thought her pussy would end up when she was dropped.

Kim’s eyes widened in terror as the first contestant found what he consider the ‘sweet spot’ and nodded his head. There was only a split second to make any adjustments and he did so smoothly. As Kim came crashing down, his cock parted the lips of her pussy perfectly and she slammed full force into his groin. He raised his hands in victory, and the other men laughed and gave him high fives. He moved out from between her legs and put his hand at Kim’s mouth.

She didn’t see him because she had the wind knocked out of her and her eyes were clamped shut. The man slapped her and she opened her eyes before realizing what he wanted. She meekly spit the ball into his hand, and he walked back to the others on the sideline to let the next one have his turn.

One of the men was so drunk that he was eliminated in the first round. The force of Kim slamming into him knocked him backwards, and he fell on his bare ass. This caused the room to burst into a raucous laughter that was so infectious that even Kim began to giggle.

Bull adjusted the chain links, and for the second round, she was pulled higher, causing her to slam onto the cocks even harder. No one got into her the first try, but they adjusted and two of them succeeded. The third missed to one side, and Kim’s tailbone crushed his nuts as she came down. He fell to the floor holding his jewels and retching in pain.

The third round was a tie but on the fourth round the first man missed, and he was eliminated. Knowing the game and the box full of money depended on his aim, the last contestant took a little extra time to line up before nodding his head.

Bull released and Kim swung towards the hard cock that she was to be impaled upon. The man was convinced that he was lined up and didn’t move. He was stoic up until his hard cock hit the hole dead on the mark. It was too bad for both of them that it was her asshole instead of her pussy.

She screamed in pain as the head popped into her rectum causing her to instantly clench. This reaction, and the fact that there was no lubrication, stopped the forward progress of the man’s cock but not that of the falling woman. His cock bent back double and he joined Kim in screaming, mixed with high pitched vulgarity, and cries to a higher power. He started falling backward as the first man had only to be momentarily stopped when Kim reached the end of her trajectory.

They both renewed their screams as, in slow motion, his trapped cock was forcefully straightened back to full length, and then with a loud audible ‘pop’, it was released by Kim’s distended asshole. She swung back toward Bull expecting to be caught, but he was no where to be found. She continued to coast back and forth until the shock of the incident began to wear off and she stopped screaming.

That was when she realized Bull and the other three men were literally rolling on the floor as they laughed at their friend. The poor injured man was curled up in the fetal position and trying to relieve the pain by gently stroking his now flaccid cock. He was still cursing and trying not to cry while the other men’s tears flowed freely from the laughter. Bull finally composed himself long enough to speak.

“You want to go another round?” he chuckled wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Hell fuckin’ NO!” came the reply, and the men began laughing hysterically again. It took almost twenty minutes to compose themselves, and then they got dressed. The winner took his money while accepting the congratulations from his friends.

Bull walked the first two men to the door when they were finished getting dressed and talked a few more minutes on the front porch before the last two guests headed out with them. He went back to the garage to find Kim with half full beer bottles in her ass and pussy. They were slowly emptying into her, and he took out his phone to snap a few more shots. It was then he noticed they had shoved a golf ball in her mouth and put a piece of clear tape to hold it in.

She turned to him with a pleading look on her face, and he laughed again as he took the picture. Her hair was wet and stringy with makeup running from her eyes across her cheeks. The bottle that had been shoved in her ass fell out and shattered on the floor followed by a flow of alcohol that mixed with the broken glass. The thing that made the picture humorous was that they had positioned the ball so the number was visible.

The ball indicated that she was number 1.

Chapter 10

Tina stood in the darkness and waited. It seemed like hours, but in reality, only a few minutes had passed since the light had come back on. It was the sign that Stout was on his way to her room.

The first time he had left her for almost twelve hours, strung up in an upright spread eagle position with the devious little bell. Even five days later, her clit was still sensitive and raw from the stimulation that almost drove her mad the first day… or night. She couldn’t tell since there was no sun to gauge what time it was.

When Stout had returned, she had told him everything she knew and then some. The pain in her arms was unbearable and to cum again after so many times made her feel as if she would die. The entire process of being manhandled and using her sexuality against her will was humiliating to say the least. He had even promised to let her go if she begged for his cock. At first she had refused, but there was another setting on the little bell that made it ring continuously. Two hours later she was pleading with him to fuck her. And he did.

He fucked her harder and faster than any man in her life ever had. He didn’t apologize for how rough he was, and she came over and over again as her pussy stretched to accommodate his huge cock. Stout was strong enough to put her where he wanted, and he kept her there until he was done. It wasn’t that she was being physically overpowered that upset her. What pissed her off was that she liked it.

The following day had been the same except she was kept chained by the collar to one of the d-rings set in the floor. She tried to get the bolt out of the concrete, but that proved futile. The collar seemed like a good bet, but after what seemed like days, she finally manages to tear some of the leather away to reveal a metal band hidden in the center. Then she tried to reach the table hoping there would be something on it to pick the lock, but it was just out of reach. The tasks were made even more difficult by the total darkness of the room.

Finally, she was able to hook the chair with her foot and roll it within reach. She had arranged herself on her side and stretched her body as far as it would go with her neck puling against the chain on one end and the chair on its side between her feet. She used the base of the chair that held the rollers as a hook and snag the table. Inch by inch she pulled it back to her until she was able to reach it with her hands.

She had no idea how long it took to get the table to her. All she remembered was how disappointed she was when there was nothing on it. She had actually lain flat out and cried at that point. She felt a hopelessness that she had never felt at even the lowest time in her existence.

After a while, she had calmed down and began to feel all over the table and chair in the dark. The first pass revealed nothing but she was determined to find something, and on the third pass, she did. At the bottom of each of the four table legs was a small piece of metal that she presumed was decoration. One of them was loose enough to pry off with her fingers and she had used the chain to beat it into shape. Finally she had a tool that could undo the padlock on the collar.

She had bounced up overjoyed and bolted for the door… to find it locked from the outside. It wasn’t just a double sided deadbolt as she had managed to pick that with her crude tool. It was some kind of padlock on the outside that had her trapped.

Based on the time she had been left alone, Tina figured it would only be a few more hours at the most before he came back. She would have to attack him as the door opened and make it count. She had prepared the room by placing the chair and table in their original position, hoping to make him think nothing was wrong until he saw she was gone. She tried to guess where the shadows would be when he opened the door and pulled the collar, still attached to the chain, to the place that would be the darkest. She would unplug the light, and when he stepped into the door, his eyes would follow the chain to see where she was. It would take a second to adjust to the darkness in the room and that would be the time she would pounce.

The lamp had come on and she was instantly nervous but sprung into action. She unplugged the light and moved to the door. She pressed her back against the wall so that when he opened the door she would be behind it. Then she waited. After what felt like an eternity, she heard footsteps get closer and then the lock was being turned. The sound of a key sliding into position, probably the padlock, and the click of the metal releasing as it opened. She tensed and prepared to lunge as he stepped in.

What happened next caught her totally by surprise. The door opened with a bang and hit her head with such force it stunned her. By the time she recovered, the door was slammed shut and locked automatically. At first, she thought he had stayed outside, but then the light came on.

“Took you long enough,” he said. She shielded her eyes as they became accustomed to the light. When Tina could finally see again she was shocked to see Stout sitting in the office chair as if nothing had happened.

“What the fuck do you mean by that,” she snapped.

“It took you long enough to get loose,” he said matter-of-factly, “I was beginning to wonder if you were going to figure it out.” Tina turned bright red as the anger welled up within her. She had been held in a dark room, dirty, hungry, and naked for who knew how long and now he was going to berate her ability to get free?

“Maybe so,” she quipped, “But I’m free now, and I’m gonna cut you a new asshole.” She started forward but balked as Stout began to roll with laughter. Tina was bewildered by his reaction of her coming at him with the crude blade she had fashioned.

“Oh shit, that’s funny,” Stout was practically in tears. He laughed some more and then composed himself, “Tell you what, if I have to get out of the chair, I’ll let you go.” If it was possible to say something to enrage the woman further, he had found it. She lunged forward with the full intent of stabbing him in the heart.

Stout simply kicked at the floor with one foot, and he glided out of the way as Tina’s momentum shot her past him. She stopped a within a few feet and spun around to lunge again with the same result. Stout glided to a stop and smiled at her.

“Give up yet?” he smirked. Tina almost attacked him again but composed herself. She looked around the room and tried to come up with a solution. She knew a punch wouldn’t faze him but a kick might. She had spent a lot time practicing her moves, and she knew she could land a hard blow.

She circled left to give her a good angle with her right leg, and Stout rolled back to the middle of the room while watching her closely. Tina began to set up a roundhouse kick but then stopped as she remembered how easily he had countered it and knocked her out. She faked a left hand and quickly unleashed a hard front kick with her left leg aimed at his chin.

He caught it with both hands and pushed straight up making Tina flail her arms wildly for balance. He placed the toe of his right foot at the back of her knee and used it to keep her off balance in a standing split. Her open crotch was directly in front of him, and he held the extended leg tightly in his left hand thumped her already sore clit with his right forefinger.

She yelped in surprise and tried to grab onto to pull free but her efforts were easily thwarted when he moved her legs around to keep her from getting her foot firmly set. He thumped her clit again, and she cried out even louder.

“Are you ready to give up?” he asked condescendingly. She reevaluated her position but couldn’t see a way to get free. There was nothing to grab onto and he was keeping her from moving with just one hand and the toe on one foot. Suddenly she felt tired.

“Thought so,” Stout said. He lowered her leg and let her crumble to the ground in a beaten heap. Without getting up, he pushed the chair over to the table and pulled out a cigar from his inner jacket pocket. He lit the tobacco and took a few puffs while waiting to see how she would respond to being beaten.

She stirred after a few minutes and began to look around the room. He could tell she had her eye on the chain that was still attached to the collar and smiled.

“I’ve been thinking of taking on an assistant,” Stout said between puffs on his cigar, “Maybe you would be interested.” Tina froze as she considered what she had just heard.

The man had kidnapped and held her against her will, sexually abused, and tortured her, and now he wanted an assistant? She was confused, and she immediately thought it was a trick.

“You want to hire me?” she asked incredulously, “After all you put me through?”

“I don’t want to hire you,” Stout said, “I own you now, and we both know it. I’m giving you the chance to learn a few things.” He took another puff on the cigar and waited for her to answer. He could see she was struggling with herself, and it killed her to admit he was right.

“Fucking, fuck!” she exclaimed. There was no doubt that he knew how to push her buttons, both the good and bad ones. “What would I be doing?”

“Anything I want,” he replied, “And you already know what I want right now.” He spread his legs and she understood. She crawled to him and unzipped his fly to find his massive cock hard. She grasped it in her hand and pulled it to her mouth before engulfing as much as she could.

Tina suddenly realized her pussy was very, very wet.


It had been several days since Bull had dropped off Kim at Chip’s house. She had arrived nude and literally dripping with semen and sweat. Her hair was matted, and she was so exhausted she had to be helped to the door. Chip wasn’t home yet so Bull left her on the front porch and she curled up behind a shrub to wait.

When Chip arrived he was shocked to see how bad she looked. She had been well-used to say the least, and he almost felt sorry for her. He unlocked the door and as soon as she was inside she handed him a digital flash drive. He had let her go take a shower because she reeked of sex and alcohol from her night with Bull.

On the disk were photos and video of what she had been put through. There appeared to be at least four very large drunken black men that took turns using her in every way imaginable, and Chip immediately copied the contents onto his computer and hid the file in a password protected location. He would have plenty of time to view them over and over again.

Today, Kim was wearing a colorful summer dress and stood in the kitchen awaiting Chip’s orders. She was unaware that five pairs of eyes were watching her through the hidden cameras that we being monitored in an office building downtown.

The men sat in the lounge area of their converted office. The big screens had revealed Chip’s antics over the past few days, but now it was time for payback. David was enjoying a cigar from the humidor that had arrived the day before, and Steve seemed content to sip the expensive Brandy. Larry still hid in his office and Jerry paced quietly behind the overstuffed couch with a half-empty beer bottle in his hand.

The one they all worried about was Matt. He sat on the couch without a drink and stared at the image of Kim on the screen with a hatred that dripped off him. They all knew he would need to be watched closely, and the others had considered postponing the night’s events because of his attitude. The last thing they needed was the problem of disposing of a dead body.

They watched as Chip followed their instructions and stripped Kim before tying her hands behind her back. He used the blindfold and headphones they had provided and then pushed her onto the bed. Her feet were tied to her hands and he stood back to check his work. Glancing at his watch he left her on the bad and left the house. The men watching the monitors could hear the throaty growl of the Porsche as it was started up and then driven away. Moments later two more figures appeared on the screen.

One was obviously Stout, but the woman with him was unfamiliar to everyone but David. He immediately recognized Tina from the photos that Stout had shown him after the abduction. It hadn’t taken long to turn her to their side, but it wasn’t a surprise either. Stout could be very persuasive.

The two worked quickly in preparing the woman on the bed. They discarded the ropes around her wrists and used handcuffs before her feet were untied. Stout held Kim down while the headphones were taken off and earplugs inserted. Tina opened a bag that she had carried with her and pulled out a different set of very slim headphones that she clamped tightly against woman’s head. She adjusted some dials on the side before moving to the blindfold.

The men in the office watched without comment as Kim’s eyes were covered with duct tape and then her entire head was covered with a leather hood. It left her mouth open but her eyes and ears were definitely immobilized. Stout then hefted her over his shoulder, and the trio disappeared from the screen. Thirty minutes later, they arrived at the office.

The plan had been to bring her to the building around midnight to avoid the possibility of anyone seeing them. Larry had disabled the security cameras for the five minutes it took them to get up the stairs, and then she was in front of them. Deaf, blind, and wrapped up like a present, she stood in front of them naked with her hands cuffed behind her back.

Matt was the first to move. He walked up to her and punched her in the stomach as hard as he could. Kim had no idea the blow was coming and crumbled to the floor as Matt reared back to kick her in the head. Stout was already on him though, and he was pulled to one side, safely away from their captive.

“Fuck you bitch!” he yelled as he struggled futilely with Stout, “Fuck you!” He didn’t seem to have any other way to express himself at the moment, so he just hurled the insult a few more times. Finally, the built up frustration had been completely released, and he fell quiet and stopped fighting. The one punch had been cathartic, and he felt better because of it.

“Sorry guys,” he apologized. They all nodded in understanding, and Stout released him. Matt immediately went to the liquor cabinet and poured himself a drink as the focus returned to Kim. She was still on the floor and gasping for breath.

“Chip?” She coughed, “What the fuck Chip? Let me go!” There was both anger and fear mixed in her voice. Tina grabbed a ring on the top of the hood and hauled the woman to her feet before perp walking her to the back of the couch. She was then pushed forward and allowed to fall face down on the couch in front of her. The position made her ass jut into the air in a very inviting way.

Stout and Tina made short work of securing her hands and feet to the legs of the couch, and when they were finished, David stepped up behind the helpless woman. He dropped his pants without hesitation and sank his hard cock into her pussy without warning. He grasped her hips and began to bang away as the other watched on in lurid fascination. The reality of their plan coming to fruition was a bit shocking to the others, but David was used to getting his way and intended to use her to the fullest.

He pounded her from behind in short punishing strokes as Jerry stepped to the front of the couch. He slipped a finger into the ring on top of the hood and jerked her head up and back before slapping her leather clad face. He then let go while dropping his pants only to regain his hold on her when his cock was free. Jerry put the head of his member against her lips and when she refused to open her mouth he slapped her again, harder this time. She got the message and opened to allow him access.

The two men built a rhythm between them and violently fucked her over the couch. She bounced around like a rag doll while the men used her hard and fast. She felt Jerry cum first and had no other option but to swallow since his cock was buried in her throat. David was still hammering into her like a teenager, and she could feel his cock swelling as she coughed and gagged on Jerry’s cum.

Finally, David’s body tensed, and he began to climax. He punctuated his ejaculation with several hard smacks to her upturned ass that left bright red hand prints. He staggered back a few steps and pulled up his pants, allowing Steve to take his turn. The night continued this way for several hours until everyone had used her twice. Even Matt had grudge fucked her in the ass under the watchful eye of Stout and his new assistant.

The only one that hadn’t touched Kim was the very shy Larry. He stood at the far end of the room and watched but he didn’t join in. When it was obvious everyone was finished, Steve went over to Larry and spoke to him away from the rest of the group.

“Let’s give Larry some privacy,” Steve said when he returned, “He deserves a shot at her too.” They all readily agreed and moved to one of the bigger offices that Matt had been using to keep up with his work. When they heard the sound of the couch leather creaking, they relaxed and waited for him to finish.

“Did you bring the stuff?” Jerry directed his question at Stout. The big man nodded and Tina opened the bag of tricks she had been carrying with her. She pulled out a leather case and passed it over to her new boss. He opened it to reveal what they assumed was a tattoo gun.

“AHHHH!” Kim was screaming in obvious pain and they all piled out of the office and into the lounge to see what had happened.

Larry was standing behind the couch completely naked with a belt in his hand. He was bringing it down hard and fast as it contacted in sickening wet slapping noises against her ass. Kim was screaming in pain and thrashing as much as her bonds would let her but it was not enough to avoid the blows that were raining down. Stout reacted immediately, closely followed by Tina, and they quickly crossed the room to tackle the tech geek. The rest of them stood dumbstruck and surveyed the scene.

Kim’s hood was on the floor and scattered around it was half of her hair. It appeared that Larry had hacked off the locks with a set of scissors, and they too lay off to one side of the couch. Kim still could not see or hear and it was probably a good thing since Larry obviously had no training as a hairdresser. There were chunks missing in different places and the scalp was showing, while other parts had not been touched and were still long and flowing.

“It’s the quiet ones you have to watch,” quipped David.

Chapter 11

Steve and Matt sat in the boardroom waiting for Kim. It had been two weeks since they had fucked her silly in their offices and then had her dumped a few blocks from Chip’s house. Stout and Tina had simply unlocked her hands and dumped her on the deserted sidewalk at 4 a.m. By the time she removed the hood and tape over her eyes, the car was long gone.

It irked Matt that she was late for the meeting but not as much as before. He took great satisfaction in knowing under her blouse and across her stomach there was a large tattoo that said WHORE in block letters. Any man she tried to seduce in the future would think twice before giving her access to anything. Steve called it truth in advertising.

The door opened, and Kim walked in followed by her new lawyer. She was wearing a head scarf to cover her newly close cropped haircut and very expensive designer clothes rather than the simpler garments she had worn to fool Chip. There was a scowl on her face, and she didn’t make eye contact with either of them. The men exchanged pleasantries, but she brooded in her chair without comment.

“What’s this all about?” asked Steve when they had settled down.

“Ms. Cross has a claim that she is owed compensation for the design of the velocity fuse being sold by Mr. Daniel’s company,” the attorney opened a file and started to continue but Steve stopped him.

“You’re not the first person to represent her in this matter,” Steve said, “We know all about her claims. We also know it’s a lie, and she can’t prove it.”

“On the contrary,” the lawyer retorted, “We have very good evidence that shows she was involved. In fact, she knows the original name of the valve that no one else had access to except for Mr. Daniels, and you of course.”

“Really,” Steve said, “If that is true, then you must have an offer.”

“Well yes,” the attorney seemed surprised that there wasn’t more debate, “We will accept a settlement of $700,000 in lieu of going to court. I think you will agree that is more than fair.”

“I don’t agree,” Steve retorted, “But this claim keeps coming back over and over with no facts to back it up. We want this gone or we will file a harassment suit, for say… $750,000” The lawyer blinked and even winced at the suggestion, but said nothing.

“Why don’t we just settle this here and now,” Steve continued, “If she can give use the name on record in the confidential files pertaining to the patent, then she can have a check for $750,000. If she has the wrong information she pays us $750,000 in damages for frivolous lawsuit or however you want to write it up. Either way, this case stops here, now!” He sat back and the opposing attorney turned white.

“I see, well,” he stumbled over what to say next and decided to retreat, “I need a few minutes with my client.”

“Take all the time you need.” He and Matt got up to leave the room, and they noticed Kim had still not looked at them. They went down the hall to Steve’s office and closed the door.

“Do you think she will go for it?” Matt asked.

“I’m not sure. I know they have copies of the files we planted in my home office. She should be confident she has the correct name.” Steve leaned back in his chair and pondered the situation for a few minutes. They anticipated she would break into his office or try to find the information at his home. While they were having their fun with her in the office that night, someone had broken into Steve’s house. Nothing was missing but the files with the misinformation had been disturbed.

Kim was smart, but everything had gone as planned so far and now they were at the breaking point. If she said yes, they would not only make her go away, they would have a good payday to boot. There was a knock at the door, and Matt opened it.

“They’re ready for you,” the aide told them. The two headed back down the hall and took their seats in the boardroom.

“My client has another offer for you.” Her attorney slid a document across the table which Steve picked up and began to read. It was a handwritten agreement, basically what they had talked about but with one major change. Instead of the lump sum of $750,000, she now wanted $500,000 and 10% of any ongoing profits for the rest of the invention’s life.

“We’ll need a minute,” Steve said. The other lawyer nodded, and they left the boardroom before he turned to Matt.

“She wants $500,000 and 10% against her payoff of $500,000. I don’t think she is positive that she has the right name, and she is hedging her bets. She may not have enough to cover the loss in case she is wrong, and it’s a gamble either way.”

“Let’s do it,” Matt said, “I don’t care about the money except to hurt her. It’s more important that she’s gone.” Steve nodded and hit the intercom to let the aide know they were ready. The next half hour was nothing but paperwork. The two attorneys typed and retyped the agreement a dozen times while haggling over which words to use. Finally, the draft was complete, and the document was printed out to be signed.

Kim signed the indicated place, and then the agreement was slid over to Matt. When everyone was satisfied that the legalities were taken care of, all eyes turned to Kim. For the first time since she had entered the room, she looked up and her eyes met Matt’s. They were full of rage as she stared directly at him and spat out the name.

“Trixie,” she growled, “Because you saw a bisexual porn star and said that she went both ways, just like the valve.” Matt’s eyes grew wide, and he fell back into his chair. Steve sat open mouthed and couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Kim was correct.

“I’ll need my money by the close of business today,” she said getting up from the table, “And I’ll need the promised information about the business as stated in the contract.” She turned abruptly and started out the door. Matt leapt to his feet and pushed his way around the table to catch her as she stepped into the hall. He grabbed her by the arm and spun her around.

“You fucking bitch,” he screamed, “How did you know?” Kim smiled evilly and was about to answer when she was interrupted.

“Matt?” Denise was standing about five feet away, “What’s going on?” Matt released Kim’s arm and stepped back.

“Nothing,” he stammered, “Just taking care of some business.”

“Oh,” she said sweetly as she walked up to Kim, “I thought maybe you were trying to take advantage of my friend.” Matt froze in place for a second trying to make sense of what she was saying.

Seeing he needed some help in understanding the situation, Denise took Kim’s face in her hands and kissed her deeply. Kim returned the kiss, and her lips parted to allow Denise’s tongue to slip between them.

“What the fuck!” Steve exclaimed as he looked over Matt’s shoulder. Steve grabbed his friend around the neck to keep him from attacking the two. The friends wrestled in the hall with Matt shouting one obscenity after another until the women disappeared, arm in arm, down the hall and into the elevator.


Kim lay back on the lounge chair with the Miami sun beating down against her skin. Her breathing was returning to normal, and she looked down at Denise who was smiling up from between her naked thighs. Her lover flicked Kim’s sensitive clit one last time, sending shivers up her body before climbing up beside her in the chair.

Denise was not only sexy but clever as well. It had only taken her twenty minutes to find the email with the information they needed once Matt had let her use his computer. She had even found the explanation of why he called it Trixie in a separate message to Steve. The payday was good but screwing them over was even better.

“Ladies,” Bull called to them as he opened the pool gate and strode over to a nearby table. He dropped a few legal sized envelopes onto it and sat down heavily in one of the chairs that creaked in complaint against holding his bulk. He glanced appraising at the two naked women and unconsciously licked his lips.

“Chip’s Porsche just sold for $65,000,” he said reaching into a nearby cooler and retrieving a beer, “We could have gotten more, but it’s better to just move on to the next gig.”

“That’s fine,” Kim said, “I would have given it away to see the look on his face in person when he found out we switched the cars.” The girls giggled and Bull smiled.

“It was actually a smart move to boost the stolen one from long-term parking,” Bull replied, “If we hadn’t checked the serial number, it could have been a problem.” They had figured it out when the ever so cautious Bull had checked to make sure it wasn’t tangled up in the divorce. It was registered to a different name, so Kim had checked Chip’s phone while he was in the shower and found the information about the storage building where the original car was hidden.

The two vehicles had been switched back immediately, and Kim had been driving Chip’s real car most of the time. The day the lawyers went into conference, an anonymous tip of the stolen car’s whereabouts and Chip’s involvement had been made.

Bull had hidden nearby and taken video for them to see. They couldn’t hear Chip, but the way he was gesturing wildly and pointing to the car it was easy to see he was trying to convince the police he was the rightful owner. He was arrested on the spot.

They had traced the stolen car back to long-term parking in the same city, and the lot owner immediately wanted to make a deal when confronted. He hadn’t realized the car was gone until they pointed it out. A bribe on their part had him say he loaned it to his girlfriend, played by Denise. Better to get the car back and everything kept quiet than to have his high-end customers desert him when they found out his security was lax.

Kim had met with Chip in the jail and, after a few insults and accusations were thrown, came to an agreement. Chip would sign over the titles to both the Porsche and the BMW in exchange for Denise’s statement that she had borrowed the car and let Chip store it for her until she returned from a business trip. Everything was labeled a misunderstanding, and the stolen car was returned unharmed. Chip was a little more traumatized.

“How are the ribs?” Bull asked Denise, pointing to where the bruises had all but faded.

“Better now,” she smiled, “That kid hit hard. I like it better if you do it so it heals faster.”

“Couldn’t be helped,” the big man said as he took a sip of the beer, “I was indisposed with your girl and a few bikers. Looks like you have a few more sessions before your scar goes away this time.” He indicated Kim’s stomach and her hand involuntarily went to the faint outline of the word WHORE.

The laser was working well since the tattoo wasn’t that old, but it was a longer process to make it go away completely. She trusted the doctor that did the work, and she knew from past experience that it would be barely noticeable in a few months.

“We still don’t know what happened to Tina,” Kim mused, “She had always been reliable before.” It was true. Tina was good at what she did, but maybe Kim had been too hard on her in the past. It would be difficult to replace her.

“I checked her apartment,” Bull said, “It’s cleaned out and the last three months of the lease was paid in cash. Wherever she went, she didn’t want us to know about it.” The two women nodded in agreement.

Kim got up and padded over to the table where a laptop was sitting. She opened it up, found the email program she was looking for, and turned it so Bull could see the attachment. There was picture of a fully dressed woman with a naked man kneeling before her. He was holding her right foot in his hand and kissing the toe of her shoe while his erect cock jutted out from his body. The picture was cropped just below the head of the woman so she would not be recognized, but Bull knew instantly that it was Denise. Matt’s face was not hidden at all but, in fact, was very clear in the photo.

He pushed the computer back to Kim and shrugged. “What do you need that for?” he asked. Kim and Denise giggled at the same time and then broke into a fit of laughter.

“We don’t need it,” she said still laughing, “But as a part owner in this company, I think the other investors should know what kinky things the person in charge is up to. I have access to all the email addresses of every employee and customer that Matt deals with, including all his personal contacts. I think they should get a copy, don’t you?”

Bull took another long swig of beer and stood up. He looked at the two smiling women and shook his head.

“You guys won,” he said in a fatigued voice, “You got the money and played them for fools. Why rub it in? This is the shit that is going to come back and kick your ass one day.” He turned and walked back in the direction he had appeared but hesitated as if to say something. Then he shook his head again, shrugged, and pushed through the gate letting it slam shut behind him.

The women looked at each other and laughed, and then Kim pushed the send button…

…and it was the beginning of the end.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the beginning of the Gold Digger's Demise. The Club is actually the first few chapters of the full length novel that I edited to be able to post on this site. It is an introduction to Kim and a few other characters but in no way is this the full story. The second part of the novel, Miami, is twice as long and now available through my website,

It took over a year to write this story and I am very proud of the result. Based on the reviews for this series, I have to agree with my readers that it is the best story I have written so far. As many of you know, I had not intended to post any more stories on XNXX but several messages and emails changed my mind. I am very grateful to the readers that follow my work and appreciate the time and effort that it takes to develop something unique, that hopefully, sets this series apart from other stories in this genre.


The Gold Digger's Demise - Miami

Kimberly Cross loves her job and is good at it. She has spent years developing her skills to seduce men and find ways to take their money. Now she has uncovered the big score in Miami that could set her up for life and she intends to make it happen no matter the consequence.

As carefully as she plans, Kim could not have foreseen all the things that seem to work against her as she tries to set up her mark. Is it karma, or is there someone out to get her?

Will Kim be able to figure a way out, or will Miami truly be the Gold Digger’s Demise..

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I have to disagree with the comment below. It's obvious you have never been involved with a scheming bitch. I won't ruin the sequel with a spoiler but I think if you read it more things would become clear.

Great story I hope you write more!

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Decent writing, terrible story. For 500k split two ways she's fine risking death?!? She has several houses, she makes 50k on scams every weekend. It's idiotic that she would be willing to do that for that little money.

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