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It seems we just do not connect too often anymore! So we set up a time and you arrive at my office
It seems we just do not connect too often anymore! So we set up a time and you arrive at my office and make use of the key I had mailed you to let yourself in. (It was after hours) You see a light on in the back room and come back there to see what I am doing. I heard you coming in the door so I am all ready for you when you peek around the corner!! You get the surprise of your life, there I am, sitting in an office chair totally nude with my hard cock pointing straight at you!!! We smile at each other and you come over to me and we embrace and kiss hungrily, and as we kiss I start to caress your sexy body and to slip my hands up to your beautiful breasts lightly caressing them through the material of your very thin and very sexy halter top. I can feel and see your nipples harden as I play with them, teasing them, watching your eyes fill with desire as I drive you crazy! You reach down and undo the buttons and tell me in a lust-filled, sexy voice,” please, Dale, touch them! Lick them! Suck them!” I don’t need to be invited twice and my tongue starts to slide around the bottom side, circling all the way around getting closer and closer to your nipples on first one then the other breast. I finally take your nipples in my mouth, first one then the other, and then push your breasts together so I can suck on both at once. My tongue plays up and down the valley of your cleavage as my hands begin to explore your sexy thighs and that cute ass!
I slowly lowered you down on a desktop (I had a soft quilt for you) and I kept kissing you and slowly worked my way down over your stomach flicking my tongue in and out of your belly button for a little and leaving a trail of kisses as I worked my way down between your thighs! You spread your legs wide for me and I slid my tongue right along the edge of your sexy thong and sucked on your inner thighs right beside your pussy area... As I licked and sucked, I flicked my tongue under the leg band of your thong, just touching the edge of your sweet cunt lips! I worked my way down one side of your sweet pussy and up the other side almost touching your cunt and your clit but not quite... just teasing you!!! I rolled you over and using my teeth, started to take you thong off working it over your sexy ass cheeks... I just had to suck and lick your cheeks just a little and teasing you between your legs, I finally got your thong down as far as it would go from the back and rolling you back over, I finally exposed your sweet womanhood!!! By this time, you wanted more than just a tease and you were begging me to give you something you could cum from! So I started to lick and flick my tongue lightly over your clit and your cunt-lips and as you pulled my head deeper between your legs, I started licking and sucking harder and faster!!! I could feel you start to cum and I loved to taste your sweet pussy as you got wetter and wetter and your juices were flowing so much and I lapped then up, savoring every drop!!! By now I was plunging my tongue in and out of you and you were bucking and Cumming so very hard!! "Faster, Dale, Fuck me with your tongue!!! Harder, Sweetheart AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you’re so gggooooooooooodddddddd, Baby", you moaned out as your body shook with sweet orgasms!!! Just hearing you and tasting you and feeling the intensity of your orgasms, made me very hard and after I had lapped up every drop of your sweet nectar, I was so very hard and you wanted me inside your hot cunt so very bad!!!!! "Please fuck me, Dale", you whispered in my ear as you kissed me deeply, enjoying the taste of your pussy on my lips and face!!! I lay down and invited you to get on top!!!!!! As I mount your hard pulsing cock, you grab my arms and push me hard onto it. I feel it penetrate my hot pussy as if I was a virgin all over again. It hurts a bit but oh the pleasure...mmm..........I begin to ride you.........Oh my God Dale..........mmmmm.......oooooooooooh......I can feel your rod hardening even more......I get off ....with sheer enthusiasm, I push your rod between my lips and my tongue and I begin to devour it...every inch............tasting my hot sex at the same time and I begin to play with myself also.......As I suck your hot shaven pussy begins to ooze uncontrollably, my fingers wet...I lean forward to reach your mouth and let you taste begin to hump my mouth very hard and I taste your drops of cum. I remove my mouth just for a minute to wet my lips with your juice. Like lipstick, I carefully design my lips with your hot cum...Mmmmmmmm tastes sooo good....... You sit up and reach to feel my hair and slowly bring your hand down to caress my jaw line just to touch my lips over your pulsing cock. You watch for a while and then you remove yourself from my mouth. As you begin to kiss my moistened lips, you taste your sex. You push me back onto your desk; you feel the need to go down on me once more. You kiss and caress my breasts, my stomach, my navel, my clean-shaven pussy. You gently fondle the inside of my thighs with your hot tongue and slowly move towards my soft lips and swollen with lust. Again using your tongue you lick them as you would your favorite ice cream with passion and hunger and desire. You can surly taste an orgasm coming. You wet your fingers with your mouth and slowly insert them into my hot pussy. You can hear the juices, smell it, and you taste it once feels so good. My hips begin to thrust and my sex is too hot. My clit is burning; my nipples are hard I am hot for you!.....Dale!..........please! You’re not ready; you want me hotter then hell! You get off the desk and take my hand. You guide me to a filing cabinet and bend me over. You kiss my ass cheeks, then my thighs back to my hot throbbing clit and can taste my sex hotter now than before. You wet your ring finger and begin to play with my anus. You slowly insert your ring finger into my hot tight ass and begin to finger fuck my ass. You realize that I am enjoying this...You look down on your hard cock, smile then without a second thought you salivate and let it drop from your mouth. You spread it over your cock and push yourself into my wet tight ass! I moan with slight pain but mostly with the thrill of knowing an entity has entered the "forbidden" zone of my body. Oh my god how it good...mmmmmmmmm...every time you pump I feel it and its ssssssssssssoooooooooooo good! Damn! Mmmmmmmmm...oooooooooo........ohhhhhhh pump me harder....................mmmmmmmm.... As you pump me I can feel the sweat dripping from your drips all over me...oh baby!!!!!!!!!!! You are so hard cant don't want to feel like you want to don't know if I will let you cum in my don't want to we are groaning at the same time you decide you want to fuck my hot wet pussy...................You lead me over to a leather chair tucked away in the corner of your office. It has soft leather arms and a tilted back. The more you pushed on the back it became to resemble a dentist's chair. You lay me down and passionately kiss me... Oh my God! The desire in your lips the heat....I cant take much slowly spread my legs open and insert that hard throbbing erect now oozing cock between my soft wet lips then you thrust......I can feel your whole rod inside of me....oooooooooo push...........hard...........harder.....................very steady, repeatedly.......oooooooooooh pick me up off the chair and lay me on the pump me place my arms over my head and hold my hands and you make love to me. Our hot sweaty body's entwined......loving caressing go deeper in me and I can feel every inch of your hot hard love inside of me...................With every thrust, bump and grind.....we climb ecstasy's peak and cum together..................

To be continued...


2006-08-07 10:40:56
Your story could have been better!!! You paused the story to many times!!! Other than then good job.

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