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The young college students who are the lucky beneficiaries of my wife June's generous offer of free room and board sometimes act as childlike as June treats them.

For example, in the middle of the night soon after he joined us, our first tenant, Joey, knocked lightly on our bedroom door. "What is it, sweetie?" June asked. Joey said, "I had a bad dream." Joey was the quarterback of the football team. Here is a guy who faced defensive linemen trying to take his head off. It amazed me to see him in the privacy of our bedroom acting like a scared little boy.

"Poor baby," said my wife. "Come to Mama June." Joey slipped into our bed, on June's other side. There I was on one side of the bed, my wife in the middle, a young, 19-year-old on her other side. June turned toward him and took him in her arms, saying, "Let Mama cuddle you." I rose on one elbow watching as she held him spoon fashion, cooing in his ear, pressing her cushiony breasts against his bare skin. Joey, I should add, as with most of our young house guests, has responded positively to June's suggestion that he wear minimal clothing around the house, and in fact came into our bedroom stark naked.

Another trait which Joey shares with all our subsequent live-ins is that he is very well hung. As I mentioned, it is quite a coincidence that all the boys who stay with us have exceptionally long and full cocks. I suppose it is just proportional with their tall, muscular frames, but I admit it makes me a bit self conscious, since I have quite undeveloped muscles and am only 5'7" tall.

But what makes me most self conscious is that my penis when erect is barely 4" and when not aroused seems to disappear completely. But I digress. June was cooing in Joey's ear, "No more bad dreams. Just think sweet thoughts. Think of Mama June holding you, all warm and soft. Think of Mama June's sweet aroma and the soft touch of Mama June's fingers."

Quietly, tentatively, I pressed my naked body against June on the other side, allowing my penis to swell to its full 4" and fit itself into the delicious cleft of her bottom. I could tell that June was running her free hand up and down Joey's torso, trying to comfort him. I started rocking quietly against June's bottom, not wanting Joey to find out that I was doing something so naughty while he, almost our surrogate child, shared our bed. June must have sensed that I was about to spill my seed on her buttocks, so said, "Let's
everyone turn over." Now suddenly I had my back to June, and my erect, throbbing penis was no longer pressed against her. She held me close, but my poor penis was left with no relief. Joey, in turn, snuggled up behind June spoon fashion.

We stayed like that for a little while, but I guess I must have had more of an effect on June than I had realized, because she started breathing heavily in my ear, holding me tighter, and began rocking against me. I felt her pubic mound pressing and giving way against my buttocks, rocking back and forth. It made me long that June actually could penetrate me, as perverse as that might sound. I hope Joey hadn't noticed how excited I must have gotten her, but since my back was turned to him and he was on the other side of June, I couldn't tell if he had fallen asleep or not.

After a while, I guess June couldn't resist me any longer. She turned around again, and once again we were three spoons going in the other direction, with me now back holding June, and my penis pressing against June's lovely round bottom. Now, I was in for a delightful surprise. I was ready to come by rubbing against the cleavage of her ass, but June's hand reached between her legs and grabbed my penis. She guided me into her incredibly warm and wet pussy. Usually, I have to warm her up orally and manually before she is ready to take my little guy, but this night her pussy was as warm and slippery as I had ever felt it. In fact her inner thighs were soaking wet. I was in seventh heaven. As much as I wanted to last longer for her sake, I came right away. Usually that upsets June, and she punishes me, but that night
she was very forgiving (I think she didn't want to make a scene in front of Joey), and we all just went to sleep. No more bad dreams for any of us that night.

After a few more nights of "bad dreams," Joey changed his cause of insomnia, and one night stood naked in our doorway in the wee hours of the night, saying, "Mama June, I'm cold." June purred, "Come to Mama, sweetie, Mama will warm you up." She then lifted the cover on her side of the bed, I moved over to the edge of my side to make room. Despite play-acting that way, Joey was not a "little boy." In fact, he was considerably larger than me, a leading varsity athlete in several sports.

That night, and only that night, I made the mistake of mumbling grumpily, "If you're so cold, why don't you just wear flannel pajamas, put on a quilt, and go back to your own bed," June, despite her loving qualities, can also be vindictive and a bit mean if I say something to anger or annoy her. She became quite angry at me, calling me selfish and rude to poor little Joey. She then ordered me out of bed, told me to stand naked in the cold on the patio off our master bedroom. I stood outside, looking through the sliding glass door, and saw June snuggle up all warm and cuddly with Joey. I know I shouldn't feel jealousy toward a boy, but
I really did feel like the odd man out that night, as a stood shivering, naked in the cold night air.

I stood and watched as June warmed up Joey under the covers. I could tell they weren't sleeping, because the blankets kept moving, and I could see their heads and arms, and even at one point, June's leg curling out from under the covers.

After what seemed like an hour, Joey got out of my bed, came to the sliding glass door, and let me in. He stood there naked, and I couldn't help but admire the banana like cock hanging between his legs that glistened in the moonlight. It had this oily sort of sheen. I heard June's voice from the bed. "Willie, get down on your knees in front of Joey, and tell him you're sorry, and beg for his forgiveness." I was cold as ice, and dying to get back into the warmth of June's bed. I also couldn't help but be aware that in
the cold my little penis had almost shrunk away to nothing. I wanted to hide myself under the covers as soon as possible. So I got down on my knees face-to-cock with Joey, and begged him to forgive me. I stuttered and sputtered, saying, "Joey, I'm s-s-s-so s-s-s-orry, p-p-p-p-lease forgive m-m-me." June kept telling me what to say, and I dutifully repeated the words she wanted me to say.

Joey looked down at me, his cock swinging gently in front of my face. June directed Joey to "pat Uncle Willie's head." Then with Joey's hand on my head, June said, "Joey, whip Uncle Willie's face." Joey swiveled his hips back and forth, and his big, wet, sloppy cock smacked my face back and forth, leaving streaks of slimy goo running down my cheeks. My eyes were stinging, probably from a combination of Joey's pistol whipping and my tears. When June decided that I had had enough punishment, she asked Joey to leave. I remained curled up on the floor whimpering and crying.

At this point, June took pity on me. She cooed, "Poor little Willie. Poor baby. Come to Mama." She opened up the covers, and I crawled toward her. "Are you going to be a good, obedient little baby from now on?" she purred. "Y-y-es m--m-ommy," I stammered. Her body was soft and warm. But she pushed me away. "Oh, you're cold as ice," she said. It must have been an instinctive reaction to my cold body against her warm skin, but she yanked me by the hair, again bringing tears to my eyes, and pulled me down and between her legs. This way my body was mostly on the bed, not her, but I was able to warm my frozen ears against the incredible heat of her inner thighs and I plunged my ice cold nose into the squishy wet warmth of her oozing pussy. I nuzzled and burrowed into her for all I was worth and June responded by wrapping her legs around my head and squeezing me as tight as she could. I went instantly from misery to ecstasy, slurping at June like a little puppy dog, and warming up by the second. June bucked with intense excitement. I was pushing my tongue as deep inside her as it would go. With one motion,
with my tongue still embedded in her cunny, June twisted from being on her back to being on top of me. She reared up and pressed down. I was now nearly smothering in her womanhood.

Boosting herself on her arms and moving her knees up, June bucked down on my face. I felt her public bone pressed against the bridge of my nose until I thought it would break, and I gasped for breath, although it seemed that the oxygen had been sucked out.

She continued to grind my face with her pussy until spent, she rolled off. She was hot and sweaty, spread eagled on the bed. I was gasping for breath, exhausted but proud that after all that had happened this evening, I had still brought such satisfaction to my wife and was redeemed as a good lover after all.

I slipped off the bed and knelt at the foot of the bed where I could look up and see June's exposed glistening pussy and inner thighs. I found some hand lotion and got my full proud 4 inches hard as a rock. At one point, I tried kissing June's foot, but as a reflex action, because she was fast asleep, she kicked me in the face. As my eye was closing up with a real shiner, and my other eye filled with tears, I still focused sufficiently on majesty of her body to bring myself to fulfillment.

What seemed like a few hours later, June shoved my sore and battered body out of the bed, telling me to make a nice big hot breakfast in bed for Joey and her. I stumbled to the kitchen, put on my apron, and went to work. When everything was ready, I brought a spectacularly laid out breakfast on a tray and called for Joey to come into the bedroom. Joey stumbled in, typical college kid, gruff, bleary eyed, messy hair, and stark naked, his pubic hair matted, and making his swinging dick look even more impressive. Without missing a beat, he plopped down next to June and began eating like a horse. And there June sat next to him on the bed, disheveled but elegant, beautiful in a silken robe tied loosely at the waist. The robe opened up exposing those bounteous breasts and gorgeous legs. I sat there grinning through my sore jaw and admiring them through my one open eye, proud that I had prepared such a nice breakfast and had succeeded in making a happy little home despite not having children of our own.

Proudly signed,

Willing Wimp
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