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I was about six when my mother died. It was a car crash; she and the driver didn't survive. My father disappeared after that and his personal assistant, Margaret, raised me. She was a sweet woman, about forty years old now. She was around 5'11 and weighed no more than 150. She had wide hips to go along with her long legs and though her breast were small, they still seemed to shake about when she walked. Her bright red hair was always in a tight bun atop her head. Her green eyes always sparkled.

I was 17 now, well build like my father. My name is Alexander I’m 6’2 and about 190. I had dark black hair and blue eyes. I was home schooled and could count all of my friends on one hand. Half of them weren't even friends just the kids of clients that Margaret sent down to entertain me. The only plus to that was I got to fuck plenty of them. I rolled off my bed and walked to the other side of my room. Looking out the window and out onto the estate. My father was a very wealthy person as was my mother. Their combined wealth built a small empire.

I walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen. I saw Margaret she was curled up on one of the chairs surrounded by a nest of tissues softly weeping. Most people took one look at me and thought I was an asshole, I even carried myself in a way that was well beyond my years. However, seeing Margaret upset set my eyes ablaze. This was the woman that I could proudly call my mother and someone had made her upset; there would be hell to pay. I walked over to her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked placing a hand on her shoulder.

She looked up at me her eyes glassed over.
“It’s your father.” She replied.

The word hit me like a slap in the face; I hadn't seen my father in years. In addition, I knew very little about him, other than the fact that he had abandoned me. Thrown me off on his secretary.

“What did he do?” I asked a little colder than intended did.

She stood up and took me into a hug, burying her face in my shoulder.

“He’s dying” she sobbed.

Now this took me by surprise. I wasn't fond of my father but that didn't mean that I wanted him dead.

“Where is he?” I asked.

“He’s on a small island east of Taiwan, another estate he owns.” she said drying her tears on the sleeve of my sweater.

“He owns an island. And they never thought to look for him there.” I scoffed.

“It’s not on file, he was given it in exchange for something’s…” she trailed off, now standing.

That was strange I thought. I had been told that Orbit Enterprises (the company that my parents own) was a company that used satellites for imaging.

“What kind of things?” I questioned.

She sighed and let out a chuckle. “As curious as ever I see.”

I smiled her laughter as it lightened the mood.

“Of course.” Smiling and kissing her on the cheek.

“Pack your bag; I’m scheduling the jet to pick us up in three hours. Your father will explain everything.” She said already walking to her room to pack a bag.
The plane ride was long and when I stepped off, I was more than happy to feel solid land. Despite the fact that we were surrounded by water. A very beautiful woman was there to greet us. And I mean very. She was shorter than me and Margaret, about 5’6. She was Taiwanese her skin was pale and her long auburn hair was parted and framed her cleavage. She had very large breast at least D’s. She wasn't wearing a bra. Or pants for that matter. She was naked except for a piece of cloth that wrapped itself across her nipples. She smiled and waved for us to follow her. The entire time my eyes were glued to her ass. Hard-on raging in my shorts.

I felt an arm tap me. “Some might say it's rude to stare.” Scolded Margaret.

I felt my face flare, “Sorry it’s just err why isn't she wearing clothes?” I asked in a hushed voice.

She laughed as she explained obviously enjoying my embarrassment. “She’s not allowed to wear any clothes unless she’s told to. Not that she would want to anyway.” she finished as we reached the main house.

I realize now that I was so focused on the “assets” of our guide that I hadn't realized how beautiful the island was. Tall trees towered over us as we had walked from the sandy beaches along a stone path through a jungle until we reached a mansion. It wasn't as large as the estate but much larger than a normal mansion. Its modern design was made of a lot of glass. (Which I was later assured was bulletproof). We reached the house and the woman held the door open for us. We walked in, I looked to the woman floor more instructions. Only to see that she was removing the cloth that covered her nipples. My mouth dropped not only because her breast were amazing but also because they were tattooed. The number 2 on the left breast and 3 on the right.

“Twenty three” I read aloud.

The woman was on her knees in a flash. “How may i service you master?” She asked.

I was shocked. Not only because the woman had just spoken in perfect English but because she was so close to my crotch I could feel her breath through my clothes tickling my balls. I was about to rip off my shorts right then and there. But I realized Margaret was still standing there. I looked to her, expecting her to be disgusted. But all she did was nod.

“I’m going to go find your father, enjoy.” she chirped.

“Ok” was all I managed.

She walked down the hall, turning until she was out of sight.

I looked back down at “23”. She simply smiled as if waiting for something.

“Umm, suck my dick?” I questioned wondering if she would turn away in disgust.

“Yes sir” she exclaimed as she pulled my shorts and boxers down.

My cock sprung up harder than ever. All 8 inches threatening to explode any minute. She stroked its length a few times her small hand making my dick look even bigger. Then she started licking my length her small tongue flicking around the head making me moan. Though she really surprised me when she swallowed my whole dick. It glided effortlessly into her throat. Her soft brown eyes looked up at me as her head bobbed on my dick. I grabbed her hair and pulled her of my dick a little harder than intended. She fell on the floor. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs right in the middle of the floor.

“Please fuck this slut’s pussy.” She begged.

I was starting to understand what my father’s unseen merchandise was. I looked around and noticed a short hallway that lead to a living room area. I rubbed the length of my dick turned and grabbed a bunch of her hair, dragging her across the hardwood floor. When the floor switched to carpet I let go of her long hair and pointed to the couch.

“Up!” I commanded hoping I was reading the situation correctly.

She rolled onto her knees and crawled onto the couch presenting her glistening pussy to me.

“Please fuck this slut’s pussy,” She repeated again, lust dripping from her voice.

This time I wasted no time slamming my full length into her snatch. She let loose a high-pitched stereotypical Asian girl squeal. She was tighter than a vice; her cunt immediately started milking my cock. It was obvious this woman was meant to serve. I started slamming into her fucking her with all of the primal lust I could muster. I reached my hands underneath her and grabbed her tits tweaking her nipples. She let out another whimper.

“Please, sir can this slut cum!?!” She begged.

I groped her breast harder.

“No!” I grunted back.

I felt her pussy tighten and her body quiver. She cried out as she came. I pulled out of her immediately.

“This slut is sorry sir. It’s just she couldn't hold it!” She stammered.

I flipped her onto her back. And let loose two hard slaps on her breast. She cried out.

“I'm going to punish you now” Was all I said.

I jammed my dick into her pussy to lubricate it. She let out a squeal as I pulled out; I then drove my entire dick into her nether hole. She let out a scream. I ignored her and kept fucking her ass building up a great orgasm. I grunted in pain, her ass was nearly crushing my dick. But it felt too good to stop so I pounded harder. I grabbed a bundle of her hair and brought her face to mine.

“Tell me if you like it bitch!” I yelled at her. Spitting in her face.

“This slut loves it sir. She wants your dick to cum in her ass so bad!” She moaned.

That was enough for me. My balls boiled and I slammed into her ass balls deep as i came. Rope after rope of my hot seed shot into her ass, so much it started to seep out past my dick. I let out a primal roar as I emptied my balls. I pulled out and offered her my cum covered dick. She got down on her knees and greedily licked it clean swallowing every drop of my cum that was left.

My knees buckled and i looked down at number 23.

“Shit!” I had completely forgotten that i had a dying father in the next room. I looked down in a blind panic.

“Can you take me to my father?” I asked urgently.

“Of course sir, this way sir.” As she got up and began walking in the same direction as Margaret had.

She led me to a large room. There were six women in the room two appeared to be doctors and the rest were house cleaners. Their job was only identifiable by the by the tools they carried. The doctors monitored my father with paper and pen while the maids scurried about dusting and wiping down surfaces. They were wearing clothes unlike, number 23. There was a big T.V on the wall and an even larger bed. And in it laid my father, hooked up to more machines than i could count. And right then and there, he smiled tears pooling in his eyes.

I thought to myself. ”I can't say that this is the man that abandoned me as a child. But I can say that this is a man that was more broken by my mother’s death than anyone.”

He looked at me and tried to sit up; in this action, his eyes bulged. I stepped forward to help but it was too late, one after one-machine bells rang signaling the death of my father. I didn't cry, I didn't flail around weeping for my loss it didn't even register that now i was an orphan. Nevertheless, what I did feel was glad.Glad that i could live my life with i better image of my dad. I sighed and walked over to his body. I clasped his hand and wiped the tears from his eyes. I took in the rest of my surroundings observing the room. In addition, on a couch facing away from the bed sat Margaret.

I walked over to the couch and sat down next to her. I didn’t say anything for a while. I just sat as we both stared at the wall. It felt like hours we sat.

Then Margaret said something. “You know he wanted to tell you about his life right him and your mother.”

I looked at her. “I’m sorry I wasn't there in time.”

She grabbed my hand and looked at me. “I doesn't matter Alex, he was rendered mute by surgery. You wouldn't have been able to speak to him if you had made it.”

I wasn’t going to lie I felt a little bit better knowing that I hadn't given up the opportunity to speak to my father for sex with a beautiful women. I let out a sigh.

She got up and moved to the side of my father’s deathbed (the body had been long since removed). She produced a letter and handed it to me.

“Read it; come find me when you're ready to start.” That was all she said.

I found another woman that worked at the compound and asked her if there was a room, I could stay in. she directed me to a fully furnished bedroom and then she left. I got undressed and pulled on some more comfortable clothes. I sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Alright” I said to myself. “No more mourning, It’s not what anyone wants or needs.”

I grabbed the letter and opened it. In short it simply read “I love you Alexander, ask Margaret.”

I read it over a few times. At first i was angry this was all he had to say to me after all
I had went through because of him? I stopped myself, he’s gone and there is nothing I can do. Focus on what he wanted ad move from there. I looked at my watch it was only 6:00 in the afternoon. I stood up and decided to find Margaret.

I found her in the living room watching T.V. She was wearing a white blouse that was barely buttoned a pencil skirt with a pair of fishnets and heels to match. I came in and got straight to the point.

"I'm ready to find out the truth about my father." My voice was confident and firm.

She looked at me with a smile. "Ok we can start with what we have at this facility and then move from there"

She stood and began walking down a hallway.

"As you already know your parents were very wealthy. " She explained as she walked.

I nodded confirming her explanation.

We reached a dead end ending with a elevator door. "What you may not know is how they obtained majority of that wealth."

She punched in a quick code and the doors opened with a beep in response. We both stepped into the elevator. It immediately began to go down.
"Ok so how did they do it?" I asked.

The doors opened again and I followed her into a room the size of a gymnasium. The walls were lined by crates almost six feet tall and six feet long. About thirty naked woman walked about looking inside crates checking notes taped onto the crate doors. And inside the crates, were girls at least two hundred in this room alone.

"Sex trafficking. " Was all she said waving her arms in an opening gesture.

My mouth hung open I was shocked, all of these girls just waiting to be sold for sex. The ones in these room alone had to be worth at least five-hundred million dollars.

Margaret looked at me a smile on her face. "So what do you think?"

I looked at her and couldn't help but hug her. "I think its amazing. How many girls are here?"

She started walking down the middle of their room. "Six-hundred and eighty seven. Ranging from the ages of fifteen to eighteen. And nearly all of them enjoy what they do. "

I saw a girl that caught my eye. She had jet-black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She had light skin and she seemed to be more curious than afraid. I walked up to her crate and pulled her papers from the door. Flicking through pages, I read about her profile. Race: Caucasian. Age: Sixteen. Birth name: Grace Reynolds. Breast size: 36 DD. In addition, how she was retrieved. What I read shocked me even more. She had come willingly.

Margaret must have noticed my curiosity. "Do you want her?" She asked.

I looked at her in shock. "I'm allowed to collect from these crates?"

I noticed a smile flash across Graces face though I pretended not to see.

"Of course you can silly! You can take one or two from here or any other facility but three you must collect on your own." She answered. The whole process lightning her mood.

She called over one of the women that walked about. She came over and used a key to unlock the crate that she was in. Grace stood up in her crate breast swaying as she stood. Her sea blue eyes sparkled and a smile played at her lips. She looked at me expectantly. I waved my hand beckoning her to come out of her cage. She came out, crawled over to my side, and sat on her knees a soft smile on her face. I felt my cock begin to swell in my pants. I wanted to throw her on the floor and fuck her right there. I looked at Margaret; she was looking at Grace as if she wanted to do the same thing. That surprised me.

The sound of Margaret's voice brought me out of my thoughts. “Do you see any others you like?”

“Nope!” I called, already walking back to the elevator door. (Grace crawling after me.)

She had a look of confusion on her face. She shrugged it off and hurried to the elevator typing in the code.
On the ride up I turned to her a grin on my face. I didn’t say anything I just looked at her.
Margaret stifled a laugh still facing forward. “I bet I can guess what you're thinking.” She teased as we stepped of the elevator.

I trusted my gut and played along. “You get one try!”

She walked into the living room and sat down. “You want to know if you can fuck me.”

I felt guilty as soon as she said it. This woman was practically my mother. And here I was thinking the most filthy of thoughts. “I’m sorry, that was uncalled for.” I said walking away Grace in toe.

“Come and sit down Alex.” She called patting the cushion next to her.

I did as she asked and sat down while Grace heeled awkwardly beside me.

“I just want to let you know that I think you misunderstand my role in your life.” she began.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“Let me finish. I, technically speaking “own” Orbit Enterprises.” She said with a sigh. “But its not like I was first in line to inherit it. You see, I used to be just like Grace over there.” She said with a gesture.

“But over time your mother and father began to use me more and more. That eventually came along with more privileges until I wasn’t even treated like a slave any more. Yes, your father and mother still fucked the shit out of me. Almost every day in fact. But I had free range of the estate, and I could leave as long as your mother knew where i was going. After that your father “released” me and I was sent to college. I began to help with the business side of Orbit. And, here I am now. So to answer your question yes, yes you can fuck me. But only because I want you to.” She finished with a sigh.
I sat their for a second, taking everything she just said in. Then I grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled them down. My cock was harder than ever and stuck out from my body. I stroked its length a few times before looking at Margaret. Her eyes were glued to my shaft.

“Its big.” Was all she said.

I reached over and grabbed her chin pulling her face towards mine. I started kissing her on the lips full on only pulling away so we could both breathe. Then, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I met her full on, our tongues wrestling as they wrapped around each other. I pulled my face from hers kissing her neck. She moaned softly.

She whispered to me. “I can't take it any more I need you inside me.”

I wanted to tease her a little more. I grabbed her breast through her blouse, softly groping them. I pulled my hands away and grabbed the neck of the blouse ripping it open. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were as hard as my cock. I moved my mouth over to her nipple and took it into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it softly and then I bit down, hard.

“Ohhh.” She cried out. Pressing my face harder into her breast.

I slid my hand down her thigh. Then I forced my hand under her tight skirt. Feeling for her pussy. I felt her shift under me. I watched as she scooted back and unzipped her skirt. She was only wearing a garter belt that just barely covered her snatch, it looked even better attached to a pair her sexy fishnet stockings. All of this hugging her small frame. It didn't look like it was going to take long for me to cum. Then she spread her legs. Her clit was swollen and her pussy lips were covered in juice, already parted inviting me in. She had a small tuft of hair atop her mound. I always thought that I liked completely shaven pussy. But that little bit of hair was turning me on at a new level. I blew a little on her clit.

Causing her to moan. “Ohhh, please Alexander, eat my sloppy cunt!”

I immediately attached my face to her pussy. She groaned and wrapped her legs around my neck. She tasted amazing. I shoved my tongue into her velvety hole exploring her insides. She tried to move away so I grabbed her hips and started fucking her pussy with my tongue. Her juices were spreading all over my face as I continued my assault. I moved my mouth up and started sucking on her clit. That drove her over the edge, she squirted on my face with such force I could barely drink half of it. Now was the perfect time, I got onto my knees and forced all eight inches of my rock hard dick into her pussy.

She screamed out. “Shit, that’s big. Oh yeah fuck that pussy!”

I started driving into her cunt. Each thrust let a moan escape her lips. Her pussy was extremely tight gripping me like a vice. I tried to angle myself aiming for her g-spot. As soon as I changed positions she arched her back.

“Fuuck! Please don't stop fucking me!” She cried.

I couldn't resist the temptation to get her say something filthy.

“Tell me how much you want it!” I grunted, my dick still sliding into her.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, bringing herself closer to my ear. “I want you to fuck my cunt with that thick piece of meat.”

I slammed into her harder, the sound of our flesh slapping together echoed through the room.

“Oh yeah, tell me more slut!” I grunted back in her ear.

She drove her hips into mine fucking me harder. I moved my fingers to her mouth. She greedily sucked them in. Not missing a beat, I moved my spit covered fingers from her mouth and shoved two of them right into her ass. Her pussy instantly clamped down on me like a vice. She started shaking as her cunt forced her hot juices right onto my balls. She writhed and moaned as her orgasm peaked. Her pussy milking my cock.
That was enough for me.

“Fuck!” I grunted.

My balls contracted as I forced buckets of cum into her pussy. String after string painted her insides until I couldn't jizz anymore. I pulled out exhausted. Within an instant Grace moved in front of me and took me into her mouth. Shit I thought, I had forgotten that she was even here. She glided her tongue over my softening member. Cleaning off the remnants of my sexual experience. When she was finished she pulled herself off and sat down next to me. I looked up at Margaret. She had a dreamy smile on her face. My jizz still leaking from her cunt.

In about a months’ time I had plowed both Margaret and Grace a few times. We had moved ourselves back to the estate and I had gotten quite comfortably. (Margret made it very clear that she did not want to be treated as a slave anymore, this was of course no problem now that I had Grace with me.)
I smiled running my fingers through Graces raven hair as she lay her head in my lap. She flicked through the channels.

“Alex.” She said grabbing my attention. (I asked her to act as she would normally unless we were having sex)

“What’s up?” I replied still playing with her hair.

“I was wondering if you still wanted to go about collecting other sex slaves?” She said sitting up so I could see her face.

“Why, did you have something in mind?” I questioned.

She put on a smile that I had grown to love her blue eyes twinkling. “ I was wondering if we could go to a school to get some?”

I chuckled. “Why a school?” I asked.

“There's just something about teenagers and cheerleaders that make this slut wet.” She giggled her cheeks beginning to blush.

I leaned over and kissed her neck, making her gasp. “ Would it make you happy, if your master took you to go find some sluts for you and me to fuck?” I whispered.

“It would Sir.” She answered quickly.

I moved my hand over to her breast groping them through her tight t-shirt. Her soft mews turned into quiet moans. As I slipped her shirt off. She was wearing a black lace bra. I slid my hands around her back and undid the clasp. Her large breast didn't sag a bit as I removed her bra and brushed a hand across her nipples. They were just as hard as my dick.

“For me?” I asked as I pinched her nipples.

“Always Sir!” She gasped.

I smiled and took her tit into my mouth. She moaned and squirmed as I bit down on her nipple sucking on her tit as hard as I could. She moved so much I had to pin her arms to her side.

“PLEASE Sir can this slut cum?!” She begged.

Even Margaret was surprised when we discovered that Grace could have an orgasms if you played with her nipples enough. Her tits were just as sensitive as her clit.

I moved my mouth off for a second. “You may cum slut.”

As soon as my mouth returned Grace broke out into a fit. Shaking and moaning rocking her hips as if she was being fucked in that moment. When her orgasm ended she let out a soft sigh.

“Im not done with you yet slut!” I said as I flipped her onto her stomach her ass presented to me.

I slapped her ass. Watching it bounce through her tight jeans. She let out a soft yelp. I let out several sharp slaps on her ass, each time her butt bounced and quaked. Grace’s ass wasn't huge but she had a meaty little bubble butt. She moaned into the couch.

“Please fuck this slut’s pussy Sir!” She called.

I pulled her jeans to her knees not bothering to take them off. She was wearing a black thong that matched her bra. I pulled off my own pants and whipped out my cock. I grabbed her hair and pulled her. Making her arch her back.

“Beg for my dick!” I growled.

“Please Sir shove your hard dick into this slut’s pussy. Fuck her until you cum!” She begged her voice dripping with lust.
I ripped off her thong and shoved my dick into her dripping pussy in one motion.

“YES!” She screamed.

I started fucking her as hard as i could, tearing into her with brutal thrust. It wasn't long before he was fucking my back our skin slapping together. I grabbed a fist full of her beautiful hair in one hand and one of her tits in the other. I wanted to make her cum again. She grunted and moaned as I punished her body. She loved it. I pounded into her glistening cunt hard enough to force her forward each time our skin met. I groped her breast as I fucked her. Her other tit smacking into my hand as I drove into her. Her pussy milked me as I plowed her.

“Does my slut want to cum?” I growled at her. Never stopping my assault.

She cried out. “Sir this slut is very close!”

She was still driving back into me. I felt myself get close to cuming. I didn't think I was going to make it. I smacked both of her tits as hard as I could. She screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Fuck! This filthy slut is squirting all over your cock Sir!” She cried out.

Her cunt pulled me into her as she forced her juices over my balls. She thrashed and bucked as she came. I couldn't take it anymore. I bellowed as I released a torrent of cum into her pussy. I grunted as each blast filled her womb. Her snatch vacuumed the cum out of me. She flopped forward exhausted. I pulled out my dick covered in juices. Grace moved to clean my cock. I put a hand on her shoulder.

“I’ll be alright Grace. You take a break.” I said afraid she would over do it.

I pressed a small button next to the intercom, within a minute #23 from my father’s island walked into the room naked as always. (Margaret insisted that she come with us. I didn't ask why.) I waved her over. And pointed to my softening cock.

“Clean me and then clean Grace.” I commanded.

She responded with a nod and quickly got on her knees taking my cock into her mouth. She devoured the remnants of Grace and I’s juices. When my cock was clean I slapped 23’s ass and shoved a finger into her pussy causing her to jolt up looking into my eyes.

“When you clean Graces cunt, make sure she squeals before she cums!” I commanded removing my finger from her pussy and popping it into my mouth savoring her juices.

As I walked from the room I could hear Grace crying out in ecstasy. I spent the next few hours relaxing in my room. Mostly thinking about that idea Grace put into my head. Going to a public school seemed like a rather good way to collect sex slaves. Maybe go out to a different state and look for a nice public school. Convince a girl or two to come home with me bag them and get the hell out of dodge. I smiled playing the idea over in my head.

I heard a knock at my door. “Come in I called” Expecting Grace.

Just then Margaret walked in. “Hey Alex!”

We talked for a bit going over the details of the company and how I didn't have to worry about taking over until I felt like it. We also talked about the collection of my four personal slaves. I decided to spring Graces idea on her. She looked concerned for a moment and then she started to nod her head as if she understood my plan.

Finally she said. “Alright.”

I was happy beyond belief. “Really?” I asked.

She smiled and patted my leg. “Really.”

I pulled her into a hug and kissed her soft lips. “Thank you Margaret.”

“Ok, If you plan on doing this pack a bag for you and Grace we’ll leave as soon as possible.” She answered as she stood and walked from the room.

As she was leaving, I heard her say hello to Grace. I leaned to look out my door just quick enough to see them share a passionate kiss as they crossed paths. The two seemed to get along better than anyone did.

I explained the plan to Grace and we all boarded the jet. I fell asleep with Grace lying next to me her breast in my hand.
This was going to be quite the adventure.
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2014-03-17 06:05:34
Good story but for one fact most Asians don't have large breasts. I know that it's a tendency of writers of sex stories to use the classic large breast monster cock but it gets kinda old after awhile. I also recommend using a redhead or twins for the new slaves.

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Great story! Can't wait for the sequel!

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