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Rhona gets mistreated on her adventures
The Deep woods where as dark as ever this night. Trees where large and thick, and a mist lay over the ground. A nature that was pristine yet foreboding. In the distance a light burned in a small clearing. A woman, tall and slender, spat a nasty mixture of liquids at the fire which in turn burned brighter and now multiple colors “we haven't got all night you stupid whore! The moon will disappear behind the clouds again!” the tall slender woman swore at her sister, a shorter but equally slender Witch. “orc teeth set, boiled eyeballs, hair of a banshee, essence of specter” the short one paced back and forth, her ingredients set at an altar of stone infront of her “ shit what am i forgetting, WHY ISNT IT WORKING!?” the taller of the witch had now made her way behind her short sister, and with a flash she conjured a dagger, “blood of kin is needed” she stated coldly and drove the dagger thru her sisters back. The short witch gasped and her eyes widened at the cold steel that had been driven thru her heart, and with a final exhale of breath she fell upon the altar. “good riddance you dumb cunt” the tall witch snarled “ you didnt think i would leave it to you to control such a powerful demon? Hah, laughable excuse for a summoner.” The altar started to rumble, the short corpse ontop of it had bled out an impossible amount of blood now. Blood and teeth and other ingredients started to vibrate, the tall witch stood back with wide eyes and readied her mind for the demon to come. She would need all her wits and strength to bind it. With a sudden violent movements the corpse shattered and ripped, everything on the altar suddenly swirled into the air and exploded “BOOM”.

“what was that?” A templar named Rhona thought to herself. She had been traveling these woods for a few days now tracking two sisters wanted for the murder of a reagents shop keeper. She stood up at her campfire. Rarely did she take off her armor while traveling, but she had been preparing to sleep so this time was an exception. Flickering light dancing on her gorgeous athletic body, her majestic ample breasts covered only in tightly fit cloth. Her dark brown wavy hair spilled over her shoulders, her brown eyes stared into the distance where she thought she had heard a great noise.
Her clumsy horse had heard it aswell, it trotted nervously in her direction. “shh baby, its ok” she patted the horse on the nose and smiled, revealing her cute dimples. “Give me a moment to suit up, and we will be off”

“Fuck!” the tall witch said and she tried to not lose consciousness. The explosion had knocked her yards from where she had stood infront of the altar. The fire that had been burning so bright before was now in tatters, the slightly burning cinders providing little to no visibility. She managed to stand and maintain equilibrium. Not sure if her summoning had worked her eyes darted nervously around her surroundings, her hands ready to cast a spell of binding. Darkness, smoke, and mist covered the clearing. Suddenly a great flash! With that she was blinded and thrown back, still to stunned to mutter a spell in her defense she attempted to regain her stance and rubbed her pained eyes. Squinting she could barely make out a figure in the dark “A.....a boy?” hovering off the ground a few feet from her a dark figure emerged from the mist, its eyes glowing bright blue. Little by little her sight adjusted, soon she was able to see it clearly. Some sort of being with body that resembled a lean and muscular boy floating in mid air hands stretched to his sides. “What the fuck is this? Where is the demon of hellfire I was to tame?!” the mist parted more from the figure. She noticed that it was very toned for a boy, abs and muscles altho not big, where very defined. Also that it had dark grey skin, she could not yet see its face for the brightness in its eyes kept it hidden. She postured herself cautiously, deciding not to strike out in anger simply because she needed answers. “look boy, kid... Whatever you are” she squaked “the ritual was supposed to bring a powerful demon of flame, I nee-” a small but sudden flash of blue startled the witch and she threw a ball of flame at the figure “Well fuck you then!” she screeched as she maintained a flame throwing affect on the boy. “You like flashes do ya!? Ive had quite enough of that for one night, now roast you little shit!” she cackled maniacally for a few moments as she continued to maintain her spell. When she finally stopped fire had spread to nearby wood and grass and they burned lightly, but to her surprise the figure seemed to remain. She took a few paces backwards as the smoke settled yet again. “impossible” she muttered as the figure seemed to be completely unscathed. The figures eyes slowly got brighter. Again she prepared a spell and posture. “you want to go little man? Come on bitch im ready.” but it did not move. Blue light had started to travel from its eyes. Two glowing blue lines traced down from its eyes down its face, neck, then shoulders to its hands. Runes on the top of his hands went bright blue, but the line continued from its shoulders. Down its pectoral muscles and outlining its abs. She gasped as she observed their path. Bright blue lines finally connected to the rune encircling something she hadnt noticed earlier. Its dick. The witch had been so busy trying to read its face that she had ignored the large limp dick and balls it had, now illuminated by they bright blue rune that seemed as if it was tattooed around the thing. “” She seemed to be at a loss for words, nowhere had she seen such a long, thick, and albeit attractive dick. Narrowing her eyes a bit she noticed it twitch “the fuck?” the dicks forskin that half-covered the head started to ride up, the whole penis had started to stiffen a little. “you have got to be kidding me?” The figure was rapidly getting a hardon. Snapping out of her trance she realized that she was the only female in within a large radius “What is it you expect to happen here you little shit? Ill make you cut that thing off once im done with you” she rasied her hands and started chanting her spell of binding, soon the figure would bend to her will. Infront of her the figure started to loosen up. Where before it had been completely stiff like a statue, it was now showing some animation. Its glowing eyes fixed directly to hers. She suddenly got very intimidated and she sped up her incantation “the stones of the Gould gate and spirals of vixar! My, I mean your... SHIT!” the figure, still floating, started to hover closer. Her eyes now fixated on the fully erect large penis it had, slowly bobbing up and down. “Stones of Gould gate!! Spirals of vixar?! Your soul is mine to con-oooo! AUU! UNGF!?” her jaw locked, her mouth agape. The boy figure's hands had come out and seemed to be telepathically controlling her face. She panicked and attempted to struggle backwards. It was no use, the figure was upon her, its waist hovered infront of her face. “NOOOO-Uck!” was the only thing she was able to mutter as the thick dickhead slid into her mouth. The Figure looked down at his prize, slowly he manipulated her mouth, her tongue. His body came closer at a snails pace now. The wide eyed witch couldnt beleive what was happening as the cock slowly slid further into her mouth. She wasnt incontrol anymore, only thing she should do was flail her hands at the figures waste. But soon she could not even do that, the figure assumed control of her entire body. Her hands suddenly and painfully shot forwards, then quickly grabbed the figures tight buttocks. Her eyes still wide and mind racing. Half of its penis now in her mouth it stopped advancing forward and instead left it to her to do the rest, wether she liked it or not. She felt the muscles in her body tense as she unlwillingly gripped the figures ass firmly, and began her deepthroat of the figures thick cock. Her gags and coughs where painfully suppressed by the powerful being. Its fat dick slid down her throat “It must be a demon, because this is torture” she thought to herself as she reached the dicks hilt. A great pain in her neck as her head shot backwards like a punch in the face. The head of the dick rested on her tongue, tears in her eyes “pwease, no mor...” all she managed to say before her muscles tensed again. And in such an unnatural way her head slowly started to advance, faster this time, to the hilt, then retreat “oh gods, kill me now” she pleaded in her head. Her head started to gain speed now, the strain on her neck unbearable. The figure hovered, emotionless stare on her head now jackhammering on its large dick. The figures muscles started to tense, its lean body resonating energy. It made fists with its hands and gritted its teeth. Slowly his gaze turned to the moon and he inhaled deeply. The witch could feel her neck about to give in, she couldnt breath as her face was being fucked so violently and at such an unnatural angle. “UUUUUAAAAAAAA” the figure moaned as it forced her head to swallow his cock completely. She felt the cock churn in her throat the figure started the shake as it climaxed. Abrubtly she was forced to swallow what seemed a gallon of cum. Endless spurt after spurt. To long had the dick been inside her now, blocking her airway. The witch fainted.

Rhona the Templar was now fully armored and riding thru the trees. Looking at her now, in such bulking armor, you would not have guessed she had such a riveting body. Her magnificent breasts so well hidden, you might be fooled to think she was average underneath it all. But her face still stunning as ever. Her eyes norrowed and shield ready in one hand, gripping the reins of her clumsy horse in the other. She rode now in the direction of the great noise she heard ealier. Early she swore she could have seen flashes and heard shouting from that area aswell. She could only imagine what the two wanted women could be doing with the reagents the stole, the possiblities where disturbing to say the least. As a knight rank in the Templar order it was her duty to find out. Keep the peace and help those in need, that is what her job entailed. To be of service. She could see the flickering light beyond the trees ahead now. “shhh hey now girl” she cautiously slowed her horse, and silently dismounted. She unsheathed her sword and murmured a short prayer of courage. Inhaling deeply she advanced. As she came closer to the small clearing she could make out what looked to be an altar of some sort. The source of light was small patches of grass and firewood that had somehow caught fire. “courage girl” she whispered to herself and stepped further past the altar now. She heard something and raised her shield. She happened upon a very odd site. A boy with grey skin lay sleeping infront of one of the woman she had been tracking, the woman seemed to be unconscious and having some trouble breathing. Upon further inspection the noise she had heard was from the woman. After inspecting the witch she had noticed the extensive bruising of her neck, but when faced with the apprehension of a magic user there is safety protocol to be followed. She reached into her satchel and pulled out a stone gag. No ordenary gag, this was an enchanted templar restraint designed to completely nuetralize a beings ability to speak or chant spells. Having secured the witch's mouth and bound her hands she turned her attention to the sleeping boy. “how peculiar” she thought, the grey skinned boy now completely devoid of the blue light that shown brightly from his markings earlier. Infact his markings and runes had now simply turned into black tattoos, and the line connecting them no longer visible. She knelt infront of the boy as she observed him closer. “He could be 15, he could be 18” she thought to herself, somewhat admiring his incredibly lean figure and defined musculature. Her jaw dropped “oh my” escaped her lips as she noticed the boys impressively large, but now limp, penis. Her eyes lingered on it a bit longer than she would like to think. She noticed the black rune tattoo encircling its base, the thickness of it and its impressive length. “snap out of it” she thought as she peeled her eyes from his dick. The templar stood up and composed herself, quickly noticing something with he corner of her eye. It was what where the only visible remains of the other, less fortunate, sister. Her head. Rhone gave a grimaced look at the dismembered head and called over her horse, “come here girl, cmon” the horse trotted over to her nervously as she grabbed a black sack from her pack that was fastened to the horses side. She flung the sack over the unfortunate head and tied it up. “best bring this back so i can get a positive identification” she thought to herself as she fastened the sack to her horses saddle. Looking over the clearing she let out a sigh of exhaustion. Having been tracking these sisters relentlessly the past few days had taken a toll on her, and she was in dire need of rest. “doesnt seem like that witch will wake up any time soon” she told herself “but this boy...” she looked at the boy with an intrigued stare, unknowingly her gaze travelled down his from his boyish face to his chest, then toned stomach “oh come now!” she tore her stare away once again “wake him and find out what it was that happened here!” she convinced herself. And with that she took a few paces until she was stood directly infront of the boy and knelt once more.

“Hello?” Rhona's voice rang dully in his ears “Hello! Hey wake up!” she poked at his shoulder, this caused the boy to reposition himself. He slid further down to the ground, stretched with one arm and scratched his chest with the other. “uuuuunng” he groaned as he unknowingly opened his legs, he long dick and sizable balls swung freely. Rhona couldnt help but notice and blushed “This is ridiculous. Wake up!” she grabbed his knee and shook hard. That is until she noticed she was causing his manhood to jiggle around harshly. She quickly pulled her hand to her mouth and blushed even harder. “dammit” she thought “oooooooummmmmm” the boy let out with a smile on his face, still sleeping. Her shaking seemed to have aroused him, as his cock started to stiffen slightly “oh gods” she whispered as she noticed the boys big attractive penis was becoming slowly erect “hey....not so.... oh thats it....” suddenly escaped the boys sleeping lips. At this point Rhona was wide eyed “what a stupid situation to be in” she thought, still glaring at the slowly hardening cock infront of her.

She had decided to not interfere with the boy anymore at this particular time. She was exhausted, and the boy that lay a few feet from her was having a very interesting erotic dream that she dared not disturb. Over the past few minutes she had set up camp, always weary of the unconscious witch and the horny dreamer in her immediate vicinity. Allowing her eyes to drift occasionally to the now fully erect penis of the boy, allowing a longer time to pass with each look before she tore away with burning cheeks. “shit” she thought “i need to eat if i am to have energy to wait for this kid to wake.” she gave one last glance at the boy, his cock now decently hard and seemed to be leaking a bit. “keep an eye on him girl, im going to get some fire wood” she winked at her horse, who in turn stared back at her quizzically. Minutes passed and Rhona returned to the camp with enough firewood to last through the night. She maneuvered to where he fire was going to be with the heavy bundle of wood, distracted by her footing she failed to realize what her horse was doing. “OOOO im close now baby keep going!” she heard, quickly turning her head she noticed to her horror that her clumsy horse seemed to be suckling on the sleeping boys massive prick. “Bella!” she exclaimed, dropping the wood, she ran towards the horse shooing it away with her hands “bad horse! What the hell!?” she yelled “MMM IM GONNA CUM SOON!” the boy seemed to be awakening. Bella the clumsy horse was successfully startled, and with a pop, the boys cock slipped from its mouth. Then the unthinkable happened. Rhona lost her balance and fell, face first, directly into the boys lap “UNGH!” the boy grunted and his eyes shot open as his massive cock spurted out thick ropes of semen. Rhona could only stare down the barrel of the gun(so to speak) in horror as the large phallus erupted directly into her face. The first and thickest cum spurt landing in her mouth. Rhona in to much of a shock, could only shut her eyes quickly enough to take spurt after spurt of cum onto her face. “oooh, oooh honey, that was wonderful” he said, his orgasm finally subsiding a little bit. The boy was breathing very heavily now, regaining his thoughts he looked down to see a beautiful womans shocked expression covered in cum. He raised an eyebrow “actually, i think there might be some more” he said as he noticed his cock was perfectly positioned to enter her mouth, still agape in shock. With that the boy scooted forward a bit and at the same time brought his hand around to the back of Rhona's head, pushing her forward gently. His cockhead slid into her open mouth “ooh yea i think im nearly done now” he said as he humped her face slightly. Rhona was starting to regain her wits “mmff!” was the only thing she managed to mumble before his sudden and final eruption. “Oooooooooooo” the boy chuckled as he shot one last powerful glob of cum directly down Rhona's reluctant throat. Rhona pushed herself back from the boy and landed on her side “uuuh ack! Cough” she sputtered and spat semen from her mouth, that last wave had gone directly to her stomach. The boy had renewed vigor after such a wonderfully fulfilling dream and jumped upright and stretched his hands to the sky, arching his back “ive never been awakened so enthusiastically before” he said with a cocky grin “you must be one naughty girl if you couldnt even wait for me to wake up before blowing me” his grin grew wider. Rhona attempted to retort but instead heaved and coughed a bit harder. “my name is Esephtosept, i prefer the name Dong” he said as he bent over and reached out to Rhona for a handshake. Rhona looked up in Disbelief.

The fire burned bright in the night. Dong was up close, laying against a log and propped up on his elbow. He awaited the Templar Rhona, after he came all over her they had an awkward exchange and she had decided to wash up at a nearby stream before continuing. Dong had spent this time building a fire and examining the familiar but unconscious woman, gagged and bound, next to the templars tent. He wondered briefly if he would end up this way. Rhona walked back into the clearing. “i was starting to worry i may have overdone it earlier, what took you so long” rhona stared at the ground, to ashamed to look him in the eyes. Truth be told she had spent the last five minutes behind a nearby tree rehearsing stern interrogating questions, as she had been taught to do in the templar academy. But her earlier embarrasing encounter was preventing her from being able to be authoritative. She stopped at campfire and forced herself to look directly into his eyes. They where a striking light ice blue color. “Dong is handsome in a boyish sort of way, but seems genuinely confused” she thought. She pointed her finger at him sternly, as she had been taught to do “maintain a dominant posture dammit” she thought to herself. “what- i mean why- you have. I...” she quickly lost her train of thought. Her line of questions fumbled around in her mind. “are you alright?” Dong asked. Rhona huffed and adjusted her chestpeice “look dammit!” she said strictly “ive been tracking two sisters for 6 days now. And now ive found both of them, one unconscious and one decapitated! What the hell went one here?!” she blurted out, deciding not to mention their little accident that happened earlier.
“im not sure” Dong shrugged.
“What do you mean!? You couldnt possibly have been asleep while they cut eachothers heads off!” Rhona was getting agitated now, she tried to keep her composure.
“I mean, it happens sometimes when i go to long without release... i sort of... just phase out, i dont remember. And then i wake up and i usually feel fine and i have been relieved. I guess i never really thought about what happens”.
Rhona looked confused “what do you mean to long without release?” she asked. Dong grabbed the base of his limp cock and jiggled it about “i cant release myself, if you know what i mean. After a while i need to get someone to suck, or fuck, or anything. Just another beings affection... for lack of a better word” Dong had continued to jiggle his dick. “and after a while of no release. If noone will give me affection... i phase out, shit happens, then i wake up feeling fine.” Dong stopped jiggling his cock, much to the releif of Rhona who had a very hard time not looking at it. “and thats sort of what i felt when i woke up. I was horny for too long and phased out. I came back around when you sucked my needs away.” Rhona whole face was catching fire with embarrassment “first of all” she started, trying to mask he redness “it was my horse who sucke-” she stopped herself realizing how perverted the whole situation was. Dong looked on curiously. “you where sleeping like a baby before i got here. This woman-” Rhona pointed at the still unconscious witch “-was laying in front of you, bruising on her neck and respiratory issues...” she said.
“i guess i must of fucked her face pretty hard then. Look, i dont even remember that. One moment i was in Netherzel, looking for some tail, then i hear an explosion and next thing i know your suckling on my penis like a nursing calf.” he said, shrugging off the whole situation.
“my horse. My horse sucked your dick, i was getting firewoo-...look it doesnt matter who sucked who!” she said with a flustered look. “these woman are wanted for the crime of murder and thievery. If you have no recollection of how one ended up dead and one unconscious i have no choice but to take you to the Tower for interrogation.” by the Tower she meant the closest Templar headquarters. “are you arresting me?” Dong asked, a bit bewildered “I am requesting your cooperation. If you refuse i will arrest you.” Rhona stated bluntly. Dong thought about his current options. Either he could make a run for it, but these woods are deep and unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Or he could cooperate with the beautiful templar, who might possibly want to suck his dick again. But more importantly find out why he was summoned to this plain. “alright” he said “ill come. But next time you want some, try to wake me first” he grinned and grabbed his thick cock. “i...” she got distracted by him flopping his limp dick around “I am happy to hear you will be cooperative” she chose to ignore what he said about “wanting some” and adjusted her posture “I will get ready for sleep now, i suggest you do the same.” she was trying to be as discreet and blunt as possible while avoiding looking at his long dick flop about. She wanted this escort to be over with so she could put this embarrassing encounter behind her. Dong grinned and watched the templar enter her tent, she was unaware that the candle inside cast her shadow as a silhouette against the tents side, and he was preparing to watch her undress.

It took Rhona a long time to fall asleep that night. Thoughts of her embarrassing accident with Dong wouldnt let her be. But it was morning now. Rhona stretched her arms. Sitting up she pondered how she would go about fitting three people onto her horse. She heard bustling outside her tent and let out a sigh “alright, here we go” she muttered. Opening the tent flap and stepping outside she saw where the noise was coming from. Dong had fallen asleep next to the witch that night and his hand seemed to be carressing her ass. Ontop of that the witch seemed to be very awake now and extremely displeased with her current predicament. With her hands and feet bound, and mouth gagged, there wasnt much she could do but attempt to wiggle away from Dongs invading fingers. “Dong!” Rhona shouted “Dong stop that!” she wasnt about to make the same mistake waking him again, this time she simply picked up a water container and threw it at the sleeping pervert. It hit his stomach with a thud “OW jeez!” his eyes shot open as he winced in pain. “the fuck was that for!?”
“you where fondling my prisoner!” Rhona stated, Dong looked over at the witch who had now stopped wiggling. Her expression was that of resentment “oh sorry gorgeous, im a horny sleeper hehe” he winked at her. If the enchanted Templar gag wasnt neutralizing her voice box she would have cursed him out something fierce. “you should consider keeping that look more often” Dong said suddenly, scratching his balls. Rhona noticed he was admiring her body, now scantily covered tight fitting cloth. She blushed and covered herself quickly as she jumped back into her tent “fuck” she thought, she wasnt used to camping with company.

It was now late morning and Rhona had packed away hear camping gear, Dong on the other hand was doing some bizzare yoga/stretch routine. Rhona had spent much of her effort diverting her eyes from Dongs very noticeable penis. Latching the last rolled up pack to the side of her horse Rhona turned and looked over the campsite for things she may have forgotten. The witch had been sat up to a tree stump by the templar earlier and dong continued his ridiculous stretching excersizes. He was currently standing on his hands, feet way in the air whilst swaying his hips back and forth. His cock slapped his thighs noisely. “oh come now!” Rhona blurted out “thats just ridiculous! Stop that and help me get this witch onto the horse!” she didnt want to admit it, but she was had been admiring his body in his earlier stretch routine. “such lean defined musculature” she thought. But now she was just concentrating on not noticing the massive swinging cock he possessed. Dong stood upright “alright then, i was done anyway.” he smiled.

The witch kicked and headbutted at the duo trying to hoist her up. The witchs hands bound behind her back. Obviously she dissagreed with the choice to take her to the Tower. Murder and dark summoning magics are offenses that are both punishable by death in most cases.
“easy now witch! Watch what your doing!” Rhona said hooking one arm undereath the witches own. Dong had her by the other side, both Rhona and he guiding the unwilling prisoner to the horse. “you expect the 3 of us up on that thing?” Dong inquired
“My horse is strong” Rhona said as her horse, Bella, neighed softly “but we will have to seat her properly, between the me and yourself” she looked at Dong and raised one eyebrow “that is if you are willing to take her from behind while i steer the horse”
“id love to take her from behind!” the witches eyes widened, she struggled harder
“thats not what i me... restrain her from behind! Keep her in place! Thats what i meant!” Rhona blurted out all flustered now.
“I was joking” Dong chcukled lightly to himself, he loved the way she blushed. And they started on their way.

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